Monday, February 23, 2009

(Slum)Dog Star, the Reborn Sun and the Scarlet Women (UPDATES)

Beam me up, Horus.

I'm getting a damn laptop. I had the brilliant idea to live-blog the Oscars even though my TV and my computer are in separate parts of the house. Well, even so it was a blast for all involved and I got some much-needed exercise. If you haven't already, please check the Oscar Blog at The Solar Satellite- there's a ton of information on hand from several guests and myself.

One of the breakthrough posts for this blog was the Oscar/Babylon Gate piece, and sure enough we saw the Gate in full view during the red carpet preshow. Or at least with certain people. We saw the Gate with Penelope Cruz, who went on to win Best Supporting Actress...

And also with Ka-Hathor-Te Winslet, who won for The Reader. Was this some kind of signal to us, or just a coincidence? I don't recall seeing it with other interviewees. Whatever.

I won't even try to piece together all of the little symbols and synchs into a coherent narrative, at least not yet. In truth, we're going to be seeing so much more of them as we proceed into this year, that chasing them all will become nearly impossible. Though I must say, hearing Steve Martin and Tina Fey bust out some astronaut theology was pretty interesting.

Speaking of astronaut theology, we recently looked at India and Hindu polytheism in relation to disclosure and AAT, and sure enough, the Ausurs reflected that in quite nicely.

The night belonged to Danny Boyle and Slumdog Millionaire (which stars the impossibly beautiful Freida Pinto). In the endless rising of Sirius, many in the Synchrosphere have noted that the film syncs quite nicely with the Dog Star, and our "mutt" President. Certainly the incredible success of the film is not unrelated to this emerging archetype. Note the point-in-circle pedestal motif we saw in Denver.

The triumph of Slumdog is not only fascinating for the Sirius meme. Danny Boyle directed a film in 2007 called Sunshine, in which a bunch of Calvin Klein underwear models astronauts travel through space in an attempt to reignite the Sun using a nuclear reactor. It's one of those films whose commercial potential seems questionable, but whose symbolic/ritual value is limitless.

And sure enough, he went from that little-seen movie to Slumdog Millionaire. Maybe, certain sun worshippers were grateful for this little resurrection. After Boyle won for Best Director we flashed to the Renaissance Hotel logo. Interesting.

Other memes stood out- there was a overabundance of women in red, reminding us of the "Lady in Red" from The Matrix and the Scarlet Woman from Revelations 17. Beyonce Knowles again played the Lady in Red in an excruciating medley of show tunes that had me wondering if this was the Oscars or the Tonys. At the end, Wolverine shouted out "musicals are back!" Please God, no.

We talked recently about the masculinization of women and sure enough we saw it in the big production number. Men in top hats, bow ties and canes were joined by women in top hats, bow ties and canes. The troupe was composed of perfomers from High School Musical and Mamma Mia!, and included the adorable Vanessa Hudgens and Mr. 17 himself, Zac Efron.

Of course, the descending goddess motif has been in the mix here lately with Rihanna and Leona Lewis, but with male dancers reminding of Freemasons with their top hats, the descending goddesses brought me back to the Stairway to Sirius icon. How's about you?

Finally, Mr. Horus J. Hancock hosted a bunch of presentations for SFX awards. Personally, I would have chosen him over Hugh JackDeMolayMan for host. He seemed a lot more natural and comfortable- and intelligible. Jackman's hyperventilating and Aussie brogue made him indecipherable at times. At other times, he disappeared into the background. Totally awesome at Wolverine, not so awesome at hosting- or singing.

Mr. Hancock wore a strange lapel pin of a cross crosslet, an obscure icon that most people have forgotten. Most people except me, since the crosslet is used in the Knowles family's coat of arms.

So aside from that little personal synch and Beyonce Knowles and Christopher Nolan, I was almost starting to wonder if Smith and the Oscar producers were screwing around to get back at me for the Babylon Gate thing and the Hancock stuff. But when you gaze into the Synch, the Synch often winks back at you.

Now, if you all will excuse me, I need a bit of rest.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out Loren Coleman's site for some more Oscar analysis, including the strange 007 synchs throughout the night.

UPDATE II: At around 2130 EST, we saw Ben Stiller and Natalie ("birth") Portman present. Stiller was riffing on Joaquin Phoenix's meltdown routine and it was another award for Slumdog. Right after this award, we had a MasterCard ad where a Boston Terrier sojourns across the country back to his family (see ads here). MasterCard's logo is a dual, conjoined sun. Strangey reminds us that Portman's next film is 17 Pictures of Isabel. ("Isis-Ba'al") So we have the Phoenix, the Dogstar, the dual sun, birth, Isis and 17 all in the space of a few minutes in the middle of the broadcast. Interesting.

UPDATE III: Speaking of 17, the add for Knowing came on at 2017 EST during the broadcast. And then there's this juxtaposition over at iMDB...

UPDATE IV: Did you catch the "green sun" motif in the new 17" Mac Notebook ad?

UPDATE 1641 EST: Will wonders never cease? The Iraq National Museum reopened today. More on that at midnight.