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Memestream: Sexy Shapeshifting Socialites (UPDATED 2023 EST)

Well, we've seen a lot of Martin Landau (John the Baptist, X-Files, Ed Wood) recently, and we've also seen an avalanche of space-based stories in the press. So, naturally, that got me thinking about Space: 1999, a British Star Trek knockoff which Landau starred in with fellow Mission: Impossible alum Barbara Bain.* Par for the course, Space: 1999 premiered in the US on October 17, 1975.

Here is a brief synopsis from the wiki:
The underlying storyline of Space: 1999 centered on the plight of the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha following a calamity on 13 September 1999. A huge nuclear waste dump on the far side of the Moon detonates in a massive thermonuclear explosion...(which) causes the Moon to be sent hurtling out of Earth's orbit and into deep space at colossal speed, stranding the 311 crew members, in effect becoming the "spaceship" on which the protagonists travel...
Of course if you take away two days and add two years to that date, the premise of Space:1999 takes on a much higher resonance.

Space:1999 was created Gerry Anderson and his wife Sylvia. We've looked Anderson in relation to The Thunderbirds, the disturbingly-surreal 60s puppetoon that not only foreshadowed 9/11, it also did the old Egypt/aliens routine as well. But Reader PJ also reminded us that Anderson also created The Terrahawks, which resonates one of the titles of the President Obam opus.

The credit sequence for the second season of Space:1999 also features the shape-shifting alien Maya, who appeared on the second season of the show. Of course, Maya is the Buddhist term for "illusion," but was also the name of King Tut's treasurer.

The three forms we see Maya take in the credits are of a dog (corresponding to Sirius), a hawk (corresponding to Horus), and a Tiger (corresponding to Sekhmet). †

Maya was played by Catherine Schell (aka Ka-Hathor-Ein Shell), who was born into the aristocracy of what was once Austria-Hungary, which was ruled by the Hapsburg-Lorraine Dynasty. Read this fascinating passage from her biography:
Born in Budapest, Hungary, her true name is Katherina Freiin Schell von Bauschlott, the scion of a once wealthy German patrician family. Her father, the Baron Paul Schell von Bauschlott, was a well-respected diplomat until the Nazis confiscated their estates during WWII, while her mother was Countess Katharina Maria Etelka Georgina Elisabeth Teleki de Szék. Her family was living in poverty until 1948 when they sought asylum in Vienna and Salzburg as the communist regime began to take hold in Hungary.
Like Heidi Klum, Schell is of German extraction. Like the Hearsts, she is of an aristocratic background.

Tying into the 007 syncs with Klum and the Hearsts, Schell was herself a Bond girl in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Space:1999 was filmed at Pinewood Studios in England, where the Bond movies were filmed (as well as a whole host of other Synchromystic delights).

Bela Lugosi, whom Martin Landau portrayed in Ed Wood, was himself born in Austria-Hungary.

Schell was born on the 17th of July (7/17/44) 17 and 44 add to 8, and 17 is the 7th prime number. She's also 1.70 meters tall.

Schell starred in a British mini-series called The Search for the Nile, which was narrarated by James Mason.

The flag of the Austo-Hungarian Empire featured both the double-cross of Lorraine, but also the double-headed eagle now used by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (among others).

33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason Manly P. Hall believed that the "double-headed eagle, or Phoenix, foreshadows the ultimate androgynous state of the human creature." So yet again we see the rebirth and androgyny memes that run all throughout all of this.

Maya even shape-shifted into a Reptilian!

In that light, note that Maya takes on both male and female forms. Although I've not seen this acknowledged, it seems possible that Goth goddess Siouxsie (who has taken on both male and female lovers) was influenced by Maya's distinctive look.

Bringing it all back to first principles, Siouxsie explored alien and cosmic themes with her former duo with Budgie, The Creatures (particularly on the Boomerang** album). The Creatures also released an album released an album called Anima Animus, based on the Jungian concept of unconscious androgyny (Tool did the same three years prior with AEnima, relased 9/17/96).

So what does all of this mean? Well, it gets to the core of what this blog is about. The Secret Sun is ultimately about the power of symbols and archetypes to break out of the world of Forms and form a latticework of connections in the world in which we live. These particular connections simply point to a microcosm of a greater state, which Jung and others call Numinosity, which essentially describes the psychic connection of the individual to the Transcendent.

I'll let Uncle Carl have the last word:
Archetypes, so far as we can observe and experience them at all, manifest themselves only through their ability to organize images and ideas, and this will always be an unconscious process which cannot be detected until afterward.

Well, no sooner did this lunar-themed post go up than did the DC police announce a suspect in the 2001 slaying of Congressional intern Chandra Levy, who had a relationship with US Rep Gary Condit of Ceres, CA. (kudos to Loren Coleman for the tip)

Ceres is the Roman name of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture whose daughter was taken to the Underworld.

Michelle Obama spoke recently before the Dept. of Agriculture
, urging the spread of community gardens and offering a magnolia tree sprout to employees.

And wouldn't you just know it, there's a Magnolia FA&AM Lodge in Washington DC.

Chandra is the name of the Hindu moon goddess
and also the name of the X-Ray telescope at Harvard University, Masonic stronghold and Barack Obama's alma mater.

Levy' last-known whereabouts on May 1, 2001 were Grove 17 in Rock Creek Park.

Exactly two years later, Bonesman Bush landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln for the Mission Accomplished fiasco.

UPDATE 2005 EST: This is odd, Strangey points out that CNN is reporting that previous suspect Ingmar Guandique will be charged. Interesting name for an El Salvadoran, derived from Yngvi, a title for Freyr, the Norse equivalent of Osiris.

Furthermore, some believe that the Norse name for the gods (Aesir) is derived from Ausur, or Osiris.

The most famous Ingmar was Ingmar Bergman, who directed the 1960 film Jungfrukällan (Virgin Spring) about a father who brutally avenges the murder of his daughter in a forest. The murdered daughter was played by Birgitta Pettersson born 1/7/39.

Jungfrukällan was remade by Wes Craven as Last House on the Left (in which a girl is murdered on her 17th birthday), which itself is being remade and released on 3/13/09, the same day as Race to Witch Mountain.


†The dog, the cat and the hawk are also represented in a popular votive statue that features Horus, Anubis and Sekhmet.

*Downard saw some significance in the name "Baine" in KingKill 33. See if you can figure it out.

** Boomerang was released 11/6/89 - 11+6 and 8+9 both equal 17. Anima Animus was released 2/15/99 2+15=17
. The Creatures first album feast made it to number 17 in the UK album charts. The Creatures last single, "Godzilla," was released 10/13/03. 10+1+3+0+3=17.


  1. I just went looking for this quote before going on X-Zone, then saw your comment, with book cover of FS:

    “When an inner process can not be integrated it is often projected outward. [T]he notion of a materialized psychism opens a bottomless void beneath our feet.”
    —C. G. Jung, Flying Saucers

  2. OK, this is getting WAY to personal. I was a ferry ride today (crossing the river styx?) to Vashon Island and this Jeep (Jeep/Eagle brand) with a big eagle emblem on the rear window goes by, with a big MAYA hand-painted in dayglo colors on the side rear window, and a yellow star of david sign on the front windshield. and TODAY you choose to talk about the Moon and Maya - illusion.

    Cold hearted orb that rules the night, steals the colors from our sight. Red is gray and yellow, white, but who's to say which is right, and which is an illusion?

    The bumper sticker said "Keep Vashon Weird", and they seem to be doing their part. Why the hell am I always found with my mouth agape, catching flies at this kind of thing?

    Cheers, Michael

  3. Hi CK!

    Don't forget to remind us about the last "Maya" apparition trough Mrs David Bowie, Iman. In Star Trek.

    Good catch

  4. Ah yes. . .Austria. . .

    I've been looking at that country for quite some time - check out this statue outside the parliament building in Vienna:

    Ah, just who you'd expect to find in Ostara:

    and here's Athena's little friend who sometimes appears on Athena's right hand - Victory aka Nike:

    and who was atop that monument where Obamanation made his "famous" ich bin ein false Berlinner speech:

    oh that's right....Victory:

    They're all at it you see...worshipping a pantheon of 'gods' and imho invoking/evoking them too.

    Even the 'criminal du jour' Allen Stanford of the Stanford Bank has an eagle for a logo on his bank:

    It's THEIR show and we're supposed to be taken in by it...

    I picked up Germanica by Tacitus for $1.50 last week - a must read asap.

    Austria and Germany have been underplayed for years. There's a brilliant series on youtube: Nazis, the occult conspiracy pt of 5

    All the world's a stage remember - and now the exits are open...we just have to walk.

    love and peace
    England, my England, how I mourn for what they've done to you...

  5. Doing my best to resist the old Delusions of Grandeur here- that said, C.Schell is precisely 7 years older than the Nedster. I've been watching on IFC the 2004 movie ZEBRAMAN which seems to be a major swipe-source for T.Kring's HEROES. It's closing theme anthem is "Nichiyoubi Yori No Shisha" or, "A Messenger from Sunday", that being MY name and the Seventh Day of the Week. Oh... I see- 'Messenger' being Mercury i.e. Planet Numero Uno. Put that One in front of the Seven and we're all set.

  6. The David Bowie connection can go further than what PJ said, "Don't forget to remind us about the last "Maya" apparition trough Mrs David Bowie, Iman. In Star Trek."
    David Bowie played Nikola Tesla a subject of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, in the Prestige. A "real wizard", he was called in that movie. Tesla was born July 10, during the dog days of summer. He died in 1943, 1+9+4+3=17 current.

    As for Space 1999 being awful close to 2001. Stanley Kubrick thought so, too.
    In the Guardian article.

    In 1975 Kubrick goes after Space 1999 for 'several' sequences in the opening credits he links to outright copying of 2001.
    He also had a thing about 1999.
    "It would appear," Kubrick writes in one, "that Space 1999 may very well become a long-running and important television series. There seems nothing left now but to seek the highest possible damages ... The deliberate choice of a date only two years away from 2001 is not accidental and harms us." This telex was written seven years after the release of 2001." -Kubrick letters.

  7. Was Downard seing 'Baine' as something like the "bane of existence" phrase?

  8. We are ultimately energy beings having a "physical" experience. This energy has BOTH male and female aspects to it. A physical manifestation of this concept would be bodies that are both male and female. Alien genetic scientists (ENKI,Thoth,etc) at some point tampered and split these bodies into seperate sexes (God created man in his own image). This act, while a perversion, opened up new avenues of experience for spirit. If one wants to indentify him/her self as a male or female FINE, but it is strictly physical or "of the body". Spirit (who we really are) is BOTH male and female and therefore ANDROGYNOUS.

  9. Thanks for providing a link to KingKill 33.

  10. Hey y'all, in the side bar when I just now looked, see how many hours ago :-)
    The Solar Satellite
    TekGnostic on Jung and UFOs - Sensei over at TekGnostic delves into Jung's work on UFOs Flying Saucers.And Aeolus taps in Jungian memes as well on his most recent Stormy Weather post. V...
    17 hours ago

  11. Chris,

    we also have

    CE RE S

    See Ree Ess


    and reminds me of
    India's Chandrayaan 1 moon probe

    Chandra = Moon
    Levi = Priest(ess)


  12. Aeolus- Thanks for bringing that up. There are dangers in poking around in this stuff if you aren't prepared for it.

    Michael- You're up there in a power spot. You're bound to run into all sort of interesting things up there!

    Anony- Yes, Martia seems to be a foreshadowing of Maya.

    Suky- Juicy links- thanks for the info!

    Ned- You're up in a power spot too. Nothing you could tell would surprise me!

    Thoth- Tesla- Born 7/10/1866= 17, 9/11 Died 1/7/1943 (1/7, 17)

    And boy that 2001 link tantalizes...

    Justuss- Who knows what Downard was getting at? Not me.

    Integrals- Jung would truly concur.

    Tommy- You bet. Downard's work isn't very impressive, but important historically.

    Anony- My plan is working (muwhahahahaha!)

    Strangeye- Good one! Siren, Syria, Cereal, Serial, Serious- lots to choose from!

  13. Too personal indeed! Yesterday, I just began working on a post regarding Ceres for my own website and today I see all of this! Wow!

    But here's where my head almost exploded...

    Are you familiar with the state of NJ? You know, that place where so many strange things (lights, earthquakes, falling objects) have been happening?

    Guess who we find on their State Seal!?! Ceres.

    Jeff (JRed)
    Look Up Fellowship

  14. Chris,

    just caught that the suspect in the Chandra Levy Case is a SALVADORAN immigrant!

    OK way strange!
    "EL" Salvador!
    (How very ALIEN!)
    Brazil, heading into Carnival has a major city called SALVADOR.

    These hits just keep on coming don't they?!


  15. George Mason University just elected a Drag Queen as Homecoming Queen.

    This ties in with your double-sex theme.

    Also, if you haven't already - you should read Crowley's Book of the Law for it's insights into Horus.


  16. Got that, Thuthie. It was in yesterday's post. Thanks anyway.


    More strange alchemy!
    (God Salt from the Gold of AN)

  18. Yngvi, like Yngwie (ing-vay) Malmsteen? Here is an album cover depicting Yngwie-Osiris fighting a 3-headed Dragon with his guitar.

    Adding Freyr to the long list of Osiris equivalents...

  19. there ARE more important things than
    care about Masons...!:) trust hat

  20. tommy,

    The 3 headed "dragon" is a DOG.


    (From Greek mythology) the three-headed dog guarding the entrance to Hades (afterlife/neter world/netherworld/neverland/wonderland/Home of the Neters/Heaven)

    Cut apart the actual word "CERBERUS" and you find many more secrets.

  21. "The three forms we see Maya take in the credits are of a dog (corresponding to Sirius), a hawk (corresponding to Horus), and a Tiger (corresponding to Sekhmet)."

    You might be interested in this rather bizarre video, where a man (apparently an artist in Seattle known as Wenarto) re-enacts the conclusion from Richard Strauss' Salome. I actually saw it over a year ago, but the potential symbolic value did not register.

    Not only does the video tie in with the androgyny topics of late (though Wenarto doesn't do any cross-dressing), but it features paintings he has done of a dog and a tiger. The Salome recording in the background has a strangely echo-y aspect, probably because the video camera was picking it up as background noise (as opposed to being dubbed). Still, it enhances the rather strange and unsettling atmosphere.

    I'm sure the production was intended as campy humor, but now I'm beginning to wonder...


  22. You're right, Jason- intensely hilarious and vaguely unsettling...