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AstroGnostic: Star Trek and the Alien Archons

“I grew up on Star Trek. I believe in the final frontier.”- Barack Obama

ABSTRACT: As Star Trek makes its grand re-entry into the forefront of pop culture this year, it's a good time to take a look at the Gnostic themes in the franchise's long history, in particular the astro-Gnostic themes. It seems clear that this meme was hard-wired into the concept from the very beginning, and I'm certainly not the first to say so.

The green-skinned Orion (Osiris) slave girl


The show's unaired pilot, “The Cage,” is Gnostic to the bone. The Enterprise (NCC-1701) finds itself orbiting Talos IV, a planet run as a zoo-slash-laboratory by trio of androgynous aliens. The Talosians are telepaths, masters of illusion who use their powers to create alternate realities in order to observe the habits and rituals of primitive species like man (this theme would later be recycled for Dark City and in The Matrix films)

The Gnosticism in "The Cage" is decidely of the Caprocratian variety. The plot revolves around the Talosians' attempts to "interest" Captain Christopher Pike in Vina, a survivor of a downed spaceship called the Columbia played by the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Susan Oliver. Given that Gene Roddenberry was described by former associates as being completely sex-obsessed, we can safely assume that Pike's name is implicitly phallic and that "Vina" is short for "Vagina."

RETURN OF THE ARCHONS (spoilers galore)
Even more explicit Gnostic themes were also tackled in one of Roddenberry’s earliest Star Trek stories. “Return of the Archons” is essentially a Space Age update of the ancient Gnostic text, Hypostasis of the Archons. In this episode, the U.S.S. Enterprise is investigating the situation on Beta III, where the Federation ship the U.S.S. Archon disappeared over 100 years before.

The crew discover that Beta III is a prison planet inhabited by a cult-like population who refer to themselves as "The Body." Strangely, the people of Beta III seem to live in a world remarkably like late-19th Century America. Somewhere in the west, to be exact.

This puts us in the middle of the "Third Great Awakening," which saw the rise of Protestant sects such as the Pentecostals and the Jehovah's Witnesses. As with these sects, The Body preach and practice blissful submission to a totalizing paternal and corporate authority. In this case, the supreme being is called Landru, who uses hooded monks called the "Lawgivers" as his secret police. From the Star Trek wiki Memory Alpha:
The Body of Landru is the name inhabitants of Beta III used to describe all those under the control of Landru. Six thousand years ago, the original Landru built and programmed a mechanical replacement to carry on his work. This machine managed the affairs of the entire planetary population.... meet Landru's goals, his machine was given the ability to control the attitude and conduct of individuals, through a process called absorption. Once absorbed, a living being's individuality and free will were largely subordinated to the instructions and ideas supplied telepathically by Landru.
Landru allows the Body a regular festival called “the Red Hour,” in which they erupt into mayhem and violence (rape seems to be the most popular activity for the menfolk), not unlike the “Two Minute Hate” in George Orwell’s 1984. Or any given Calvinist precinct in the Old West on a Saturday night, for that matter. Interesting how "Return of the Archons" ties all of these various historical strands together.


Given the fact that this story began 6000 years ago, it's safe to assume that Landru and the Lawgivers are stand-ins for the Gnostic demiurge (meaning "creator of the people"), Yaldaboath and the Archons, the earthly rulers of Gnostic theology.

First, Landru as Yaldaboath:
Their chief is blind; because of his power and his ignorance and his arrogance he said, with his power, "It is I who am God; there is none apart from me." When he said this, he sinned against the entirety. And this speech got up to incorruptibility; then there was a voice that came forth from incorruptibility, saying, "You are mistaken, Samael" - which is, "god of the blind."

Hypostasis of the Archons
And the Lawgivers as Yaldaboath's enforcers have their parallel in Gnostic scripture:
"This is the first archon who took a great power from his mother. And he removed himself from her and moved away from the places in which he was born. He became strong and created for himself other aeons with a flame of luminous fire which (still) exists now. And he joined with his arrogance which is in him and begot authorities for himself.

As it happens, Landru neglected to program his computer with the gift of human wisdom (or perhaps, the gift of “Gnosis”) so it became a tyrannical force, ruling not by the spirit, but by a literalistic reading of Landru’s commands. Kirk shows Landru the error of its ways (saying "the fault is yours") and realizing it has harmed its subjects, Landru self-destructs. This closely parallels the fate of Yaldaboath in Gnostic theology.
And Zoe (Life), the daughter of Pistis Sophia, cried out and said to him, "You are mistaken, Sakla!" - for which the alternative name is Yaltabaoth. She breathed into his face, and her breath became a fiery angel for her; and that angel bound Yaldabaoth and cast him down into Tartaros below the abyss.

Hypostasis of the Archons
Spock notes that the Body now has no guidance - in other words, they are now blind.

Pretty heady stuff for TV. For a guy who ran around claiming to be a rationalist and an atheist, Roddenberry certainly toyed with some pretty heavy esoteric concepts (and kept some pretty strange company, as well). Moreover, the Nag Hammadi texts weren't widely circulated until well after Roddenberry wrote the early Trek scripts, so I'm a bit puzzled as to where he would accessed them, if in fact he'd done so.


I've been thinking a lot about Gnosticism and the myth of the Archons and how it may tie into Ancient Astronaut Theory. I'm not alone in that either. Writer John Lash also sees a connection the Archons with ETs, though he seems to reverse my more materialist equation:

The Nag Hammadi material contains reports of visionary experiences of the initiates, including first-hand encounters with inorganic beings called Archons. Gnostic teaching explains that these entities arose in the early stage of formation of the solar system, before the Earth was formed...

Interestingly, this Gnostic insight accords closely with the view of Jacques Vallee, who maintains that ET/cyborgs probably belong to the local planetary realm. Vallee also proposes that the ET/UFO enigma is a “spiritual control system,” a phenomenon that “behaves like a conditioning process.” (Messengers of Deception). This is exactly what Gnostics said about the Archons: they can affect our minds by subliminal conditioning techniques.
You have to admit, Lash's Archon theory certainly explains a lot, especially when you're looking at Synchromysticism and conspiracy theory. The more you look into all of it, the less you are able to assign human agency to it- or at least the familiar definition of human. I just can't shake the feeling that all of the big boys and fat cats are no less puppets than you or I, they just have better retirement plans.

And how funny that Star Trek, with its vision of an interplanetary Masonic empire, should reemerge just as the hypercapitalist binge of the past 25 years is entering its teeth-grinding stage. Or emerge as a young Star Trek fan takes the highest office in the land, thanks in large part to a scandal involving a Star Trek superstar....

It all starts to make such terrible sense, if you're willing to make a leap or two.


  1. Excellent post, Chris.

    It's interesting that you mentioned the crypto-Gnostic Roddenberry claiming to be a rationalist and an atheist. I think what's being shoveled onto us Proles is a form of Neo-Gnosticism wherein the metaphysical has been replaced with the rational; however, it still holds to the deification of knowledge itself--ergo, the deification of those who posses it: the technocratic priesthood.

    This, it seems to me, is the prelude for an inevitable disclosure and/or staged hoax arrival by our "space brothers" who will possess the technology that has been suppressed from us.

    The Joker explained this conditioning process for us: "Nobody freaks out as long as it's part of the plan."


  2. Cheers, Wardie. Yeah, Roddenberry is a lot more complex than some of his partisans would have you believe. I've been reading an old out-of-print book that has some very interesting interview material with the man. I'll be getting to that in the future.

    Fascinating times, surely.

  3. This is fantastic. The USS Archon; too good, man, too good. I grew up son of a Trekkie and have always had a fondness for the mythos, but only recently have I been glimpsing the myriad roots of Roddenberry's space vision. My introduction to the "secret life of Roddenberry" was in Robert Anton Wilson's "Prometheus Rising" wherein he discussed the Enterprise and its crew as analogues of the 8-circuit model of consciousness. Deoxy: [] And not too long ago a guest on Coast to Coast AM mentioned that Roddenberry had been the heir apparent of Alesiter Crowley in the O.T.O., though my googling search has failed to unearth more information.

  4. Cheers, Curry- I'll check that link out. And if you haven't, check this out:

  5. Fantastic work, and thanks for the Gnostic "grounding" (pardon the pun) and links to further reading. It really pays to watch these first ST episodes again - also the first TNG episodes and I just realized that the most recent version of the franchise "Enterprise", featured a visit to this same green-skinned slave planet.

    Jerry Ryan - O'ryan?

    Cheers, Michael

  6. Good-goddamn, Michael! Brilliant catch!

  7. Hi CK!

    I think anybody or any being writing the final disclosure document, should give a call!

    I always make reference to actual human activities from Star Trek. To me regular festival called “the Red Hour,” is nothing more then Mardi-Gras or Carnaval.
    Coming from the Caribbean, i can tell you no government would dare mess with it. and sexual fantasies and frustrations evacuation is a must.
    Very good Post! Things are going full speed ahead for disclosure for the mass. Both camps have been doing their story telling, soon we we'll know which was lying?


  8. Thanks Chris for wonderfully rich and delicious post. I've been having fun the last few months telling folks that there would be no President Obama if there were no Seven of Nine - Great way to get folks thinking of connections.
    (did anyone else get serious mind-control sex-slave vibes from the Story Jery Ryan told during that divorce - very creepy, and MIchael - very very green-skinned!!)
    And who is Seven of NIne? - Atum created Shu and Tefnut with the first Cosmic Money Shot . From those two came Geb and Nut. Their children, the first gods, were Osiris and Isis, then Set and Nephthys.
    The seventh deity in that lineage of nine is ISIS - Seven of NIne is Sothis. So of course she cleared the way for Obama - But that's now just a given on this blogspot, isn't it?
    There is a definite Gnostic stream on Galactica as well.. .
    The Cylons take issue with the human's polytheism and come to see their creators as wicked - They seek their version of a One True God but which the series hints will be none but a fallen Lord of Kobol.
    There is an ISIS on BSG as well - Hera, the daughter of Athena and Helo, she is the first Cylon \Human hybrid (the first of the new gods??),and was re-christend Isis by her foster mother Maya.
    Perhaps not so curiously, the writers have avoided naming any of the numbered skin-jobs "Seven" - Ronald Moore likely wanted to avoid comparisons with Voyager - that other lost remnant of humanity sailing the Heavens . . . .

  9. Awesome stuff, David. Thank you!

    I really have enjoyed the BSG eps I've watched, but I have to admit I'm totally lost. I really have to go back to the beginning because it is not a newbie-friendly show at all.

  10. Prison planets are one of those recurring themes. A blogger posting at one of my linked blogs by the name of clan destine, claims to be an insider previously working for the annunaki who he thinks are planning some sort of great escape off Earth. In Isis Unveiled by HPB she discusses the Gnostics from the Basilides school which talks about soul gobblers one and two that are positioned between the earth and the moon. If you get past these two, you encounter a space inhabited by the Holy Spirit and the creator God in yet one more shell. Basilides describes God as no thing.
    Clan Destine said...
    Eric's One

    Old self died and went to hell.
    I found myself in an unholy mess of igloos, spectral aliens, alphabet agency chess, mental-drug pickling, astral portent questing and identity roulette. The office found me and told me to "keep up the good work."
    Inhuman mind fuck.

    I was an unwitting fool who was being "steered" into various attempts to break the Quarantine.
    I didn't know about the Quarantine (by design) so that's why I was so useful.

    Here's a tip... surgically removing a deep tissue microchip is unnecessary. Just get yourself scanned in an MRI device. Then work the area with a high-Gauss rare earth magnet. All that high Gauss throws their tech into a twirl.

    Free your minds - immerse yourself in flux. High density motive flux is like Holy Water to these vampirific devils. At the very least it is like a chalkboard eraser to their chalk.

    A tinfoil hat acts like an antennae, not a shield. Fluoride in the water supply is a doping agent meant to establish metabolism for chemical usage. They are priming the batteries chemically. Chemtrails are part of the mix.
    We are in a test tube beaker and they are mixing and altering our medium to alter US for their biological usage. The entire human race is being finagled into becoming a bio-psychic weapon to breach Quarantine.

    Clan Destine said...

    I'm going to say this little last thing here and then I am going to stop using this nice gentleman's account and disappear back into my hole.

    I am going off-programming by doing this, as I have taken measures to disengage my "junk dna" from my behavioral matrix stream. By the time I finish this, I hope you will know what I meant by that.

    So, where do I begin? This is complicated and frightening so I will try to stay on point. You aren't supposed to know this consciously, but everyone already knows it subconsciously... so this should be at least "familiar" to everyone. The people that do know it consciously try to work in the system and keep this knowledge between themselves and other known operatives. This will be the first time this knowledge will be so explicitly stated to the (outsider) conscious mind. Of course I may do a really bad job at describing consciously what you already all know subconsciously.... so whether you "grok" this at all will be up to both you and I.

    Here's the scary part. Your lives are completely controlled by alien scientists.
    This isn't just control in the domination sense.... I mean your lives are WRITTEN by alien dna programmers.

    Here's the jist... humans have mapped dna and decided that most of the "important stuff" is understood. The rest they call "junk dna." In other words we have found what we believe to be responsible for "form" and "morphology" in dna... but there's a lot of stuff left over that doesn't appear to be involved with morphology... that we have no idea what its for.

    So here's what it's for... junk dna contains the program of the life-course of the organism. It is "fate" all wrapped up into genetics. You were late for work yesterday because that event resides in your dna's genetic fate program. You were programed to be late. Programed to murder your wife. Programed to fall in love with this one instead of that one. Programmed to rush that machine gun nest and programed to fly that kite on that day after you had that sandwich for lunch.

    Tesla was programed. So was Thomas Edison. So was Genghis Khan.

    This doesn't mean that everything everyone does is programmed in a micromanagement type situation (though this can happen at times). Mostly, everyone (human) is running on a basic program of propensities, abilities and desires. When individual specific actions are required to engage the greater FATE plan, then the organism will do that thing... such as have lunch at 12:03 precisely.... or be standing in the way of a sniper's bullet so that he doesn't take his shot (or does). DNA behavioral programming can be that specific.

    The programming expression occurs through an alien bio-science that we understand in reverse... or a reverse shadow of. We call it Astrology.
    In fact it is a way of using ambient heterodyned frequencies of a cosmic origin to IMPRINT organs with transmissive qualities to convey a residence for behavioral propensities imbedded in the "junk dna." Your heart does more than pump blood. Your brain does more than process senses. These organs are decoders of junk dna behavioral encoding. You get to think and feel the way your dna programming dictates through the pre-doped filter of your processing organs.

    dna doesn't just dictate morphology. It is a much more complex thingy. It dictates not only what the organism will be... but also what it will do, when it will do it, and how it will think and feel about it when it does it (if there is a sentience platform).

    Now imagine alien scientists playing with dna. They understand fully what it is and how it works . In this scenario there is a lot more to it than just planting the garden and watching how it grows. Watching it grow and planting it are the same thing.

    We see the course of dna as linear... they see it holographically. They aren't shaping an organism.... they are shaping events. And the events they are shaping are meant to feedback and shape the greater organism (civilization).... or the group organism... or the society, or the process of humanity.

    So it shapes out like this... Annunaki are SECRETLY programming the "fate" of humans into our (junk) dna. This is being done "behind the back" of their Overlord prison guards... or more accurately... it is being done "hidden in plain sight."

    The Overlords think we are operating on "free will." They do not appear to know that the Annunaki have been running a backdoor program that has us serving as their unwitting robots. We are slave factory workers whose job is to make Annunaki machinations (for prison break) look like normal human progress. Even the City Inspectors don't know what's going on on the actual shop floor. For that matter, neither do the factory workers.

    So how does this play out down here on the third plane?

    Let's look at Abraham Lincoln and John. F Kennedy.

    Everybody has seen the Reader's Digest list of the "similarities" between these two American Presidents.

    Lincoln elected to Congress 1846, JFK 1946
    Lincoln elected President 1860, JFK 1960
    Lincoln and Kennedy both seven letters
    Both elected to Congress in '46
    Both runner up for vice president in '56
    Both had brothers named Edward and Robert
    Both had four children
    Both lost a sister before becoming President
    Both majorly concerned with black civil rights
    Both wives lost children while living in the White House
    Both shot on Friday
    Both shot in the head
    Lincoln's secretary named Kennedy
    Kennedy's secretary named Lincoln
    Both assassinated by Southerners
    Both assassins were patsies for a wider plot
    Both were succeeded by Southerners
    Both Successors were named Johnson
    Andrew Johnson born 1808, Lydon Johnson born 1908
    John Wilkes Booth born 1838, Lee Harvey Oswald born 1939
    Both assassins known by three names
    Both assassins names have 15 letters
    Lincoln shot in theater named Ford
    Kennedy shot in a Ford (car) named Lincoln
    Booth ran from a theater and was caught in a warehouse
    Oswald ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theater.
    Both Oswald and Ford killed before their trials.

    Okay, that is the "short list" from Reader's Digest, Ripley's Believe It Or Not... and other mainstream "mystery" sources.

    The real academic bio on these two men, that is the full similarity bio.... is much, much longer than this and is simply astonishing. Then we notice that the weird and multiple similarity pattern spills over onto their spouses, their vice Presidents, their Families, their careers.

    How can this be explained? Most reasonable people rule out coincidence as an explanation for the short list. But when the complete list is taken in... to cry "coincidence" just seems silly.

    Obviously there is some sort of agency making this happen... other than coincidence.

    We can look at it from a conspiratorial "Illuminati" point of view... there is someone conspiring to line all this stuff up, and somehow make it happen... some logical explanation.... the machinations of social controllers... bloodlines and families setting up a passion play... acting out black magic ritual scenarios.... lining up names and events and dates... scheduling occurrences to happen as per a master plan... juggling archetypes... getting unwitting actors to unwittingly say the lines of an unknown prewritten script.

    All of that is possible... and probably true... as far as an operative force behind the Lincoln-Kennedy Coincidence thing goes. But I submit to you that it is not fully a human agency that is pulling the strings... and the strings that are being pulled are not really strings, but something else far stranger.

    One of the jobs "the human elite" do for the Annunaki is maintain pure bloodlines (or dna strains) and will often mix bloodlines (dna blending through strain intermarriage) so as to provide new palettes for different genetic (behavioral) initiatives. They tune themselves (and the sheep) as a raw product. The dna scientists then use the varying strains available - like colors of paint - to then overlay the junk dna programming.

    Human society is "THE CANVAS".
    Our morphic and propensity dna is "THE PAINT (premixed through "breeding.")
    And finally the junk dna programming that is overlayed is "THE ART."

    So Abraham Lincoln is/was a dna module, tuned through time and brought forward through careful gardening of the dna strain by way of bloodline control and astrological imprinting. So too everyone around him and connected to him. His program was to preside over a genetic Passion Play (Civil War) in a ritually performed archetype platform meant to impress the Prison Guards on one hand while serving a secret (and greater) interest on the other hand, Keep in mind that from above, a War between, about, or because of RACIAL ISSUES is a genetic event.
    DNA does battle with itself over issues based on DNA.
    symbolically, figuratively, metaphorically, and ACTUALLY.

    The American Civil War was one rung in a long term pre-programmed DNA Passion Play.
    Pre-programmed dna-module Abraham Lincoln (and Associates) presided over that rung (steering).
    The American Race Riots of the 1960's were another rung of the same pre-programmed DNA Passion Play. Pre-programmed dna-module John Kennedy (and Associates) presided over that rung (steering).

    We have to be seen to be "killing the king." It's part of the Passion Play.

    When people who are "psychic" have premonitions... what they are seeing is not the future... what they are doing is accessing the PROGRAM. This program may be in themselves, it may be in another person, it may be in a place, living as residual blowback from other dna programs. Our junk dna programs aren't individualized but are instead connected through a holographic matrix. Within certain strains, my programming is familiar with your programing because they each contain the other. Said another way, if we are experientially connected, then it is likely that your junk dna resides in the same hologram as my junk dna and so therefore are accessible to each other, or, they contain each other.
    Our behaviors are intertwined in more ways than experience. Often, the intertwining actually precedes the experience... in fact dictates it.

    When people have organ transplants, particularly heart transplants, an amazing thing sometimes happens. A person who hates meat and hates sports will receive the heart of a deceased person who loved meat and was a sports freak. Soon, almost immediately after the transplant recipient recovers, they find that they have an inexplicable craving for meat mixed with a sudden enthusiasm for all things sport. Different variations of this phenomena happen all the time in transplant cases. What could be happening here?

    When a man and woman conceive a child.... what is happening is this (from an Annunaki perspective): two dna modules are following their programing and, through "fate" finding each other to follow through and upload each of their programs onto a new platform. They (parents) will then go on to finish carrying out their program, while simultaneously providing the appropriate support for the new platform. The "new platform" is infused at the moment of conception with its junk-dna life-course program. As the organism develops, this programming is uploaded on the several available buffer platforms to provide for behavioral translation. Your heart gets "charged" with the operative intent of the junk-dna life-course propensity program. So too your brain gets its subroutines. It grows into you like ganglia and dendrite connections on acid. Likewise all of your organs ("YOU" being the new dna platform) become infused with their "end" of making the program operative. The organs are the way that behavioral coding is actually conveyed into activity and purposeful "event making." It's all connected and talks to itself with chakra energies, body ley lines and nervous subzones. The Egyptians were on to this stuff at Luxor.

    So if somebody comes along and rips your heart out of your chest after you are dead... and puts it in another... what you have there is a huge traffic jam of genetically preprogrammed INTENT. The transplanted heart is still carrying the buffer of its programmed origins. All "heartfelt" things in the person's life will now have a different pilot. The person has two operating systems running, It can't be good. This is the kind of thing that got the Annunaki in trouble in the first place. Heart transplants, while probably good for the recipient, are an abomination to the dna Gods.

    Here's another thing, most things that are disrespectful to biology are an abomination to the Overlords. Using organs for things that they were not designed for is an abomination. Sodomy is just not happening. Vaccines are not happening. Any kind of needle is a violation of the pure organism... and henceforth... an abomination. Using semen for anything other than splashing ovaries is right out. Blood stays in the veins... except if you are woman influenced by the Moon. Mismanaging a menstrual cycle is an abomination.
    Actually, doing anything with your genitals that they were not designed for is.... well you know.

    So subsequently, we are putting on a pretty good show for the Overlords to show them that we are a biological abomination.

    See, what's happening is, I think this: the Annunaki are trying to draw the Overlords down here. They are using us as bait. They are making us do all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons and trying to get us in trouble with the Warden. Meanwhile they have been furiously working away to prepare us to meet them (as well as invite them). The REASONS everyone does what they do, are more important than the actions which are done. I think this is an ethic that extends into alien culture and is part of their language. HOW you do things is more important than WHAT you do. I think this extends to Prison Breaks too.

    So, the Illuminati (working for the Annunaki as bloodline and dna sheppards for us) have been laying the groundwork for "the rising son/sun" for millennia. We are the Annunaki's flock, but the Illuminati tend us, and lay the netting upon which the dna programming can express.

    What I'm saying is this, there is going to be some kind of "visitation" soon. I think the cheese in the mousetrap is our third time lucky race war that seems about ready to erupt in the States. You see, Obama is acting just like Lincoln and just like Kennedy. He's carrying the same junk dna subroutine. He's totally blood connected. We are about to witness the third rung of the dna Columbian Passion Play. This, I believe, is designed to be some sort of last straw for the Warden.

    If you kids don't simmer down I'm coming in there!!

    We are a biological atrocity. We shit on nature. I submit that this behavior of ours is not actual "ours." I submit that this "behavior can be characterized as "evil."
    I submit that this evil is simply written in to our junk dna. The devil on your shoulder is an Annunaki platform viral program infused into you unwittingly by your parents.

    Notes on junk dna programming.

    If you are human, you have at least the first tier programming infused on your dna stock.
    This means that if you are of a specific race... then you are going to think, act and feel about things in the way that is generic to your race... generally. As well, your morphology will hold the same basic platform. From there it breaks down to specific bloodline matrices mixed with different geographic matrices and different social matrices to form a hologram of imprint programing to then apply to individuated dna-moduals. Your parents were preprogrammed to conceive you in a pre-determined place at a pre-determined time to allow for a modulated astrological imprint to take place. That's the second tier of programming. Zodiacal configuration imprint. An Asian is the same as another Asian in that they are both Asian. But an Aquarian Asian is different than a Sagittarian Asian in that they have different second tier Zodiacal imprints... one's propensities, aptitudes, behavioral reactivity. Then third tier programming... largely formulated from second tier considerations. What will be your "circle of friends," your antagonists, your lovers and your acquaintances... your "social network." Most humans have only three tiers of programming each platforming the other. A fourth tier exists and that is for refined, specific adjustments in viral propagation of the master social experiment.

    The way dna programimg routines are "activated" or "steered" is through the use of symbols, sidgils, number magic, proportion triggers, occult usage of light, color and frequency. Iconography. There are sound triggers, emotion triggers, hormonal excreta sub routines. There are MANY pattern-triggers that steer our lives along the path that our programming underwrites. These may be "triggers" that other people have been programmed to present, or they may be events themselves that we are steered to witness and the way we "feel" about the event is the trigger.

    This is my best answer to the big question, "What am I?"
    I would rephrase it actually, to "What the hell is this?"

    Ways of breaking program.

    Everyone does it all the time. It's easy not to be influenced by your junk dna sub routine.
    Avoid ALL Illuminati sidgils... both visual and auditory.
    Know that they have a way of forcing triggers on you.
    Know that your belief system, whatever it is, is probably a program.
    Be aware of what you ingest... both food and drink.

    Know that if you "return to nature" and live a "wholesome" life... you will become immune to the Annunaki programming implanted within you.

    Turn On
    Tune In
    Drop Out

    It's the only way. You take yourself off the chessboard. Deny the Art. Be Nature's Paint.

    The Hopi Indian who can "dream-walk" prior to the hunt so that he can locate the herd and ask for its permission to take meat from its body... THAT guy is so far away from Annunaki "fate" programing that you can't get much further. Totally in tune with the natural dna super organism.

    The Caucasian business man freemason working Wall Street to increase is cache of fiat pretend currency so that he can fuck more expensive French whores on his holiday weekend... THAT guy is totally an expression his junk dna programming.

    For that matter.. anybody subject to "media" is walking through a minefield of "triggers" all intent on activating your behavioral subroutines to provide for the actualization of events.
    The more involved you are in Illuminati influenced activity... the more you are fulfilling your programming. As soon as you start defiling biology in any way, or acting in a anti-natural fashion, you are not only engaging in programed behavior, you are reenforcing it holographically.

    Recognize the programs in your own life (and dna) and consciously resisting them is the only practical way short of moving to the steppes and living like a Cro-magnon. There's a few technological ways but I don't trust them any more because they are technological.

    You can run, or you can hide... but that's ALL you can do. Either that, or go with the flow.
    Either drop out of "civilization" or be part of it. Just be aware what "civilization" really is.

    2/01/2009 12:56:00 AM

    Good blog with synch..

  11. Sex obsession is interesting

    I was briefly working in Hollywood, and met people who had worked with William Shatner and Gene Roddenberry.

    One set worker told me, he was a First Assistant Director, that Shatner was constantly on the prowl for females and his constant touching of them would result in apologies, mainly coming from the man I spoke to. So one of his unofficial jobs was to corral Shatner's set passions.

    Another person, a female writer, who's husband was on the production circuit in Hollyood, told me that Roddenberry was shameless in his pursuit of women to the point of social embarrassment of others present. In other words, he wasn't a closet deviant, he was "in your face" about it.

    Finally it is interesting that the woman playing Janice Rand, after losing her acting job, descended into being a sexual woman for hire. Kinda of a lot of coincidences there, huh?

    As a ten year old I fully grasped the sexuality of Star Trek even down to the soft touchiness of the Uniforms and exposed body parts of the females.

    Now i am on a permanent "sex tour" of the world finding and living in countries where public sex still happens, South America for now, but this has nothing to do with Star Trek, haha.