Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stations of the Gus

Yesterday, Barack Obama traveled to the state Gus Grissom was born to sell his economic stimulus package to the public, 13 days after the 42nd anniversary of the astronaut's death.

Today's stop? The state where Gus Grissom died. Just a coincidence, surely.

Reminder: The Rock plays an astronaut in Planet 51.

Egypt, Egypt Everywhere Dept.: Coming today to Barack's old neighborhood, "The Life of Meresamun: A Temple Singer in Ancient Egypt," focuses on the life of a priestess-musician in Egypt in about the year 800 BC.

Bonus factoid: Octavian and Mark Antony avenged Caesar's death in 42 BC. Both Caesar and Antony were lovers with the last Pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra.

UPDATE: Reader Jay points out that Obama took 13 questions last night...

UPDATE II: The Flight 1549 saga grinds on when the pilots appear on Larry King tonight. Check out their giant winged sun disk chest-pins. Is that just in case you didn't get the message from the lapel pins?

UPDATE III: Aussies launch Operation Phoenix to hunt down Victoria arsonists.


  1. Hi, Chris...

    No need to publish this, but I said I'd get back to you about what I heard and saw at the MUFON conference held a few weeks ago in Bucks County, PA...

    Seems there is a huge increase in UFO reports in Pennsylvania, particularly the southern part of the state. The Bucks sightings have been lumped in with the Philadelphia ones, which seem less numerous (but perhaps city folk just don't look up as often, or aren't as curious, assuming lights in the sky are due to the nearby airport).

    So I'm still thinking that the 'Obama UFO sighting' that was filmed was merely part of this, not anything to do with Obama specifically...

    John Ventre was one of the speakers at the conference. You can see a video clip of him discussing the increase in PA sightings here...


    BTW, the number of total sightings mentioned at the conference was some 280 in 2008, if my notes are correct. Makes sense since they have continued past the summer and are still being reported....

    I'm no expert, but if there are any questions I can answer about the conference, just yell. You can reach me by email at:



  2. Great work on your blog. Thanks for the time you put in!

    Has anyone following the green sun concept related it to Comet Lulin?
    Surprisingly... so far I haven't found anyone synchromystically evaluating this event. Very interesting also when considered in the context of natal charts and transits of USA, Fed reserve, Obama, etc. Being a novice though I'll leave it to others to hash out more details. Here is a link to the comet:


    It is unique as a million year orbit, and it is green. It also has, what may or may not correctly be referred to as a retrograde orbit. And peaks out next to mighty Saturn!

    "Currently located in the constellation Libra, Comet Lulin will appear to move on a northwest trajectory, crossing over into Virgo on Feb. 11 and passing 3-degrees north of the 1st-magnitude star Spica in Virgo on Feb. 16...

    On the night of Feb. 23, now virtually at its peak brightness, the comet will be sitting just 2-degrees south-southwest of the planet Saturn, which you can use as a benchmark to locate the comet. Moreover, around this time, Comet Lulin will be racing at more than 5-degrees per day -- that's roughly the equivalent of the distance between the stars Dubhe and Merak, the "Pointer Stars" of the Big Dipper; so even a few minutes of watching with a telescope should reveal the comet's slow shift relative to background field stars.

    On Feb. 27, the fading comet will slip just 1-degree south of the 1st-magnitude star, Regulus in Leo. And come the night of March 5, Lulin -- by then probably between magnitudes 6 and 7 and no longer visible without binoculars or a telescope -- will pass to within 2-degrees of the famous Beehive Star Cluster in Cancer.

  3. Obama's first press conference was last night.
    He responded to 13 questions.

  4. imagi-That's is very interesting info and very timely given what we've been looking at here on the blog as of late. Thank you very much for that.

    Anony- thanks for the tip. So, so much happening above our heads lately.

    Jay, I cited your comment on an update.

  5. Thanks Chris!

    Side note from USA TODAY website:
    "By posting a comment, you affirm that you are 13 years of age or older."

    Haha. Who knew their demographics skewed so young?!

  6. Hi Chris,
    any thoughts on 'octo mom'? I'm finding that whole story rather strange. It's like there's something of significance there that I can't quite get a hold of.

    So far, I've got Samuel L Jackson playing the Octopus baddie role in the new film 'The Spirit' just out. And then there's the fired medical technician who suicided his whole family last month who had been working at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in L.A where she had the kids. Could there a connection between the 7 deaths and the 8 births, especially as only 7 babies were expected? And what about the synchs between Octo mom and the Cthulhu resonating Superbowl ad for Hulu?

  7. The Gus Grissom connection just keeps getting more and more valid. Kind of scary, considering what happened to the guy.

    Through the numbers 13 and 42, there's a lot of Sun and Jupiter symbolism making the rounds. Both celestial bodies rule over Fire signs (Leo and Sagittarius). Red for energy to fuel the martyr event?

  8. From Huffington Post:
    Senate Passes Obama's Stimulus Plan With Three Republican Votes: 61-37...

    6+1+3+7 = 17

  9. I agree there's something odd the octomom, but can't seem to figure it out either. That link with the murder/suicide doesn't dissuade me from looking for something.

    But I think one thing that sets the Secret Sun apart from other blogs is that I don't believe all of the symbolism and coincidence we see is the result of conscious human intent. I think the subconscious plays an enormous role in these synchronicities, as well as the collective minds. I also believe that there is an external consciousness outside of us that also plays a huge part in this. There may also be parties as yet unknown involved. I will be writing about this in greater detail in the future.

  10. Thanks as always for the helpful factoids, AH and T. More pieces of the puzzle- the only problem is that the puzzle just keeps getting bigger...

  11. Hoo

    Hu? Lu?


    Lin ? not sure yet

    but certainly is


  12. For sure I feel there's some larger consciousness at work too, though some things also felt manipulated by humans. It's seperating them out that's sometimes been the problem for me.

    Recently I've started to wonder if it's even possible to seperate them. When humans (whether involved in secret societies or not) attempt to manipulate events, couldn't that just as well be an aspect of hidden external consciousness as any spontaneous incident?

  13. Chris said

    "...I don't believe all of the symbolism and coincidence we see is the result of conscious human intent. I think the subconscious plays an enormous role in these synchronicities, as well as the collective minds. I also believe that there is an external consciousness outside of us that also plays a huge part in this..."

    I agree with you on that.

    Although the masses can seem to understand or know what is going on, it seems so easy for us to link what we see and hear around us and find the symbolism. The question though is, how can we synchronicize that into a predictive pathway to the future? How can we use all the symbology to understand the next steps that this external consciousness makes?

  14. If someone asked me if I thought all this symbolism and Synchronicity was the result of mind control/programming, or secret society ritual, or pure coincidence, or subconscious intent, or extraterrestrial/extradimensional interference, or the Collective Un/Conscious or simply just a bunch of trouble makers or nutcases trying to screw with our heads my answer would simply be "Yes."

    All of the above is happening all the time, all around us. The exploration of the World of the Symbols is part of our ongoing psychic evolution. To assign it all to one actor or another is the result of insufficient research. Discernment is our highest ideal in this process.

  15. on market watch . com there is this

    "Through June 6, the U.S. Treasury had sent 66.6 million payments totaling about $56.8 billion. Altogether, an estimated 130 million payments will be made this year."

    i was looking for some info on politics and ran across that...not knowing where to stick it ... i stuck it here ;p

  16. What the deuce?

    Dow closes at 7888.88 today??? 'Nuff said...

  17. nuff said about what? i don't know. i never did. maybe it's not my place to dabble with synchromysticism. for years now, i've been following certain blogs in relation to what is being presented. the more i read into this. the more i lose myself. i'm not expecting an answer to this. just putting my thoughts out into the world. i'm not alone.

    - syncs for dummies