Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Demonic Idolatry for Fun and Prophet!


Modern public art and architecture is deliberate and malicious psychological warfare, created and bankrolled by power-mad, hate-filled weirdos in order to depress, degrade and demoralize the public. Everyone with more than two braincells to rub together knows that.

But not everyone realizes quite a lot of it is also sorcery. Or more accurately, not everyone realized that. This latest demonic idol in Manhattan seems to be snapping a lot of sleepwalkers out of their stupors.  

I've done quite a lot of analysis on this abomination here and on Twitter (this thread went viral) and have gotten a lot of helpful tips and feedback from all kinds of folks. 

In fact, a follower pointed how the golden idol looks quite a lot like Lavinia, the murderous demon-witch from The Crimson Cult AKA Curse of the Crimson Altar. 

A highly appropriate parallel, when all is said and done.

We've been looking at the trend of public demon-adoration for quite some time now, haven't we? Take Phylax or Talos or whatever-else-the-f*ck this atrocity was called. I understand it was destroyed by vandals and I'll tell you: my heart just bled.

Especially when I discovered that the same "artist" sculpted Lucifer and the Arch of Hysteria.

And then there's this vile atrocity, which was placed atop the Metropolitan Museum of Art in time for the 2018 Met Gala. 

Just look at that thing. There's no wiggle room here: this is explicit demon adoration, pure and simple. Anyone who tells you differently is a fool or a liar.

Now it's stinking up the Mall in Washington, DC. Where it belongs, I suppose.

And then there's the Satanic Pimple's hideous hellbeast. With little kids, of course. Which is what they're all champing at the bit to get their talons on, being a big, smelly mess of freakish pigs.

Then there was the installation of Pazuzu - the demon from The Exorcist - installed at the ICA in BabelLondon.

And Molech, who was installed at the Coliseum in Rome a while back.

And this charming fellow, installed at a museum in Lahore of all places. Weirdly enough, the "artists" who spewed the demons for the Met and the Manhattan Appellate Court are both originally from Pakistan.

Don't ask me what's up with all that.

There are all kinds of demons on display for the public, like this one in Vienna...

...and this abomination, whatever the f*ck it's supposed to be...

... and this priapic, gluttonous, narcissist devil. A perfect avatar for our rapidly-dying civilization, don't you think?  


We've talked a lot about the Watcher=worshipping Event Horizon, which was installed in the same neighborhood as the golden she-demon. 

What the hell is up with Madison Square, I ask you. Seriously.

Folks talk about this Lucifer, which was installed at a London church for a time. But context is important - this depicts ol' Luci being bound and imprisoned, a la Semjaza and his Watcher buddies. So a bit different in the messaging.

Unlike Trans-Phanes here, who's bursting from the Orphic egg to affirm xer/zer new gender identity. 

Here's Phanes in xer un-affirmed incarnation. What's the connection, you may ask?

Here's the connection:
Phanes was a deity of light and goodness, whose name meant "to bring light" or "to shine"; a first-born deity, he emerged from the abyss and gave birth to the universe.
In other words, Phanes is literally Lucifer.

So why would the Jesuit-run Saint Louis University install a TransLucifer at their gates? Somebody's got a lot of explaining to do.

lol jk- they never need to explain anything. Just suck on it, proles.


And there's this alleged Ashurbanipal installed at the San Francisco City Hall. Of course, it's actually Gilgamesh. Who by sheer dint of coincidence...

... is identified with Nimrod, legendary builder of the Tower of Babel. 

Appropriate, given the locale.

Don't forget the Babylon Gate at the Hollywood and Highland Complex. You know, the old Masonic property where the Academy Awards are held.

And then there's this giant Cybele, which was installed in Lower Manhattan. Not exactly sure where.

Notice it has the same triple-head motif as that Met demon. So is it Cybele or Hecate? 

You know my guess.


This gruesome idol also lurks somewhere in the Pig Apple. Damien Hirst has gotten extremely wealthy with this serial-killer-grade type of bullshit, and seeing how this psychotic filth fits in perfectly with the corporate/Globalist anti-natalist crusade, it's no wonder why. 

Man knows how to sing for his supper. Gotta give him that.

Urban sophisticates everywhere hate children more than cancer these days, but especially so in Europe. Which is paradoxical, since if police reports are anything to go by, a frightening number of them are sexually fixated on kids. 

No one ever assumed these psychos of being forward thinkers.


There's been a lot of comment on this obscenity, which manages to desecrate the public sphere and the legacy and memory of MLK. But it's just par for the course these days.


This idol, depicting a masturbating devil, was allegedly unsanctioned by the City of Vancouver. But considering the cabal of demon-adorers running Canada these days, it was probably just a big ol' misunderstanding. 

I thought I heard someone say that Jussie commissioned his own masturbating devil idol and didn't appreciate the competition. 

Maybe I was mistaken.

Yeah. This is not AI art. It actually exists.


A Twitter follower gave me the heads up on these freakish totems, somewhere in Ol' Blighty. The eyes one is almost guaranteed to be a Watcher thing. It's just a given these days, bet on it.

There was also this grotesquerie installed at Rockefeller Center. Where else?

And I have no idea what the hell this stupid thing is supposed to be. Do you?


Finally, there are these charming creatures, installed at the UN and Denver Airport, respectively. But I repeat myself.

If you want to try to understand what all this insanity is all about, come join us Saturday night for an Introduction to Lucifer's Technologies, which will have a lot of new information and fresh connections to pore through. 

Just the start of an action-packed February at the Secret Sun Institute of Advanced Synchromysticism.