Monday, October 11, 2021

Memes of War, Memes of Liars: Memes of Dragons' Fire

Ready for some great memes and cringeworthy dad jokes, fellow whistleblowers?

Well, let's get this train rolling...


The Facebook "whistleblower" op seems to be going a bit pear-shaped, as you should expect by now. See, the problem with people who've grown up in cloistered bubbles of absolute comfort and privilege -- like pretty much everyone in our current overclass -- is that they're clueless about how the real world works. So it is that the Biden kids have floated op after op this year and they all seem to have died on the vine. Remember the "Strike Force?" Good times.

Thank God for that, because if these people were even faintly competent we'd all be huddled around trashcan fires in concentration camps right now. 

Think about it: Mark Zuckerberg spent upwards of a billion dollars putting all of these fucking people into power last year and this bullshit is how they repay him. Absolutely no honor or loyalty with that crowd. I mean, not even a shred. Total snakepit.

So ask yourself: what the hell do they have planned for you? 

I'll avoid using pronouns since I am loathe to misgender this person but someone sent me this snapshot, whose authenticity I can neither confirm nor deny. Kind of looks like Tom Brady's younger brother, if he has one.

Anyhow, we found out that this person is on the extreme frontier of the far Fake Left nutcase spectrum, which I'd love to say makes this person an outlier in Silicon Valley in 2021. On the contrary: this person is probably seen as a closet Trumpster.

Here's a sample of one of this person's social media messages, where this person brags about buying pedo-nutcase brainwash for a small child.

For which this person can safely be referred to as "the worst cousin ever."

Also, Michel Foucault literally molested kids barely out of diapers. Find another hero, whistleblower person.

I don't know what the status is on the Congressional show trials, but maybe this person can run the questioning of that person. "Representation" and everything.


Principal Skinner, I'm here to inform you that the Germans have a word for your kind of "anti-establishment" politics: Nationalsozialistische. You should start referring to yourself that way.

Yep, nothing says "anti-fascist" like demanding people who refuse to submit to medical experiments responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people be thrown into concentration camps.

Wait: did I say "anti-fascist?" I'm sorry. I meant doctrinaire fascist.

Unfortunately for the New Authoritarians, the phenotypes of their core constituency are mostly variations on this theme. Tough as nails behind a keyboard and a screen-name, but I'm not sure how she'd/they'd/xe'd/ze'd perform in a donnybrook, fracas or brannigan. 

A major coronary event wouldn't be out of the question once the fists started flying, believe it.

Fear not; the semester ends at Quantico in late May so reinforcements are on the way. 

Wait: late May? Why does that ring a bell? 

Help me out here.



An all-purpose meme, fit for any old bullshit that hits the news these days.


Effective meme, but you might not want to give them any ideas.


Care to tackle this one, Mr. Carlin?

Thank you, sir. That hit the spot.


Where's the lie?

Where's the lie?

A common mistake, for perfectly understandable reasons.


No offense to Mrs. Clooney, I just think alpacas are inherently hilarious.

I think it's safe to say we've all been there once or twice. No? 

What are you, a bunch of sickos?


Thank the Lord. I dare say He speaks for all of us here.

"Over the target," the kids call it.

Is this guy somebody? That face looks familiar to me for some reason and not just because of the meme.

Haven't watched this yet, but if the "critics" hate it, you can tell for sure it's funny af.

The two in the lower left represent the Rotten Tomatoes reviewer community. Also, that's not funny.

The inverse seems to be the case on this documentary. Not that Fauci gives two fucks. 

Why not, you ask?

Oh, just because.

BTW you've probably heard Fauci means "sickle." Which puts this classic Sunnery in a whole new light. 

We can't say we weren't warned, some twenty=five years ago.

Come clutch your pillow tight in the Den of Intrigue.