Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Never-Ending Rituals: The 4th A.D.

May 5: After an apparent failure on Imbolc, SpaceX successfully launches "Starship" (sic) on Beltane.

May 6: "Oracle" installed at Rockefeller Center, because every pagan temple needs one. 

Was originally meant to be installed a year after the Sibyl prophesied dark portents of war, strife and pestilence at Radio City Music Hall, right around the corner. Thanks to JB for the reminder.

May 8: Bene Frasserit High Priestess Lady Gressica, consort of Duke Leno Musktreides of the SpaceX Guild, appears with him on SNL and is hospitalized soonafter. Not from the Spice Agony, apparently,

SNL also filmed at Rockefeller Center.

Here is Wisdom for the Initiated.


May 9: Donovan & Fraserfarian Hierophant David Lynch collaborate for a new video for a song to a Siren, clearly yearning to be covered by the Sacred Fire. 

Yon wheeling of great stars has cast a silver web around my heart 

On an Elfin Sea in a Ship of Filigree 

And look upon her prow - a sign upon her brow 

She guides us on our way when hearts they go astray 

Lorelei Lorelei who will dry your pretty eyes 

Lorelei as you fly around those starry skies 

Lorelei why O why why O why O Lorelei

Here is Wisdom for the Initiated.

5/12 Hernando De Soto Bridge in Memphis closed, engineers fear Silver Bridge-type collapse

DeSoto Bridge closed 17 days before the anniversary of Jeff Buckley's drowning death. The Mothman, identified w/ Silver Bridge collapse, first spotted in Point Pleasant Twin days before Buckley's birth in 1966.

Here is Wisdom for the Initiated: "When Mama Was Moth, I took bulb form."

May 13: Samantha Morton turns All-Important 44. Retweets Massive Attack on Gaza relief.

May 14: Netflix initiates the revelation-starved masses into the Mysteries of the Sibyl with full airing of "Pearly Dewdrops' Drop" on season finale of Halston.

Halston was originally a milliner who rose to stardom during the Camelot Era by designing Jackie "Isis" Kennedy's famous "pillbox hat."

Here is Wisdom for the Initiated.

May 16: Fake UFO Disclosure on 60 Minutes with Elizondo-David "Sex" Fravor. 

May 18: 4th anniversaire douloureux of the Horned Christ's martyrdom, as prophesied by Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls.

Implore that her guides may also guide you in the Den of Intrigue.


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