Monday, May 24, 2021

Say What You Meme, Meme What You Say

Timing is everything.

A broken clock is right twice a day and a circus clown is right, I don't know, occasionally?

I'd say MKULTRA v3.0 is their last chance for total control, though. And I'd say it's working a charm, no pun intended.

More and more actresses and models these days seem to have this problem. Have you noticed? Maybe they should drink more fluids. 

If you get this THEN I LOVE YOU.

At least as long as there are Republicans, I guess. Otherwise, true.

This is what a North Korea-styled one-party state actually looks like. That's not even a nominal Potemkin-type of controlled opposition that you'd see in the old Eastern Bloc countries; the Rockefeller Republicans wearing the flayed skin suit of the old Democratic Party have their boot heel dug into the throat of every single institution in this country, in a way totally unprecedented in our history. 

So congrats to all my Uniparty-supporting friends, but just realize everything that happens from here on in is on you. 

Also realize you are most definitely surplus to their requirements. When the time comes to throw your ass to the wolves, they will not hesitate.


Born to Be Mild.

Truth, Truth and more Truth.

Strughold speaks. Meet your new Wokenfuhrer.

Not recommended. Call me a Siren Karen if you must.

Also, videos. Also, everything else.

Sorry, Elon, no one is going anywhere.  But you already knew that, didn't you?

A look at tomorrow. Except it doesn't picture the guy getting canceled and driven out into poverty and homelessness by the Wokengruppen Sturmabteilung.

From the late, lamented Sharks, Vape, Being Gay and Dragonball meme factory.

Not from the late, lamented Sharks Etc etc page.  

Conan meant to say "Dogs, babies and Cocteau Twins music." Or maybe it was me who meant to say that, since that's my personal formula for a happy home.

This, oddly, is not from Cocteau Twins, Being Non-Binary and Fog Machines. But it gives me faith in the next generation. I believe the children are our future.

Teach them well and let them lead the way in the Den of Intrigue.


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