Friday, January 18, 2019

Entrainment Tonight: Blood on the Moon

Sunday brings us the Super Bloody Castle Wolfenstein Moon (or whatever), so as you would expect lots of different folks are getting ready to ride those moon-waves. Sounds like there are a few more of these bloody moons on the way so hold on to your hemoglobin and surf those gnarly Apocalyptic curls...

Looks like Ambrosia (literally "food of the gods") got their vampire bistro up and running in time for the big lunar event. Well done, Team Edward!

Meanwhile, I'm thinking of starting a petition to change the city's name to Satan Francisco. Who's with me?

Satan Francisco is a sanctuary city, don't forget. And so it shall remain, for everyone except teenage refugees, teenage runaways and teenage homeless. 

Or as the city's movers and shakers refer to them, "lunch."

Speaking of lunch, the mainstream media continues to shill for the Satanic Temple, despite the fact that only douchebags and deviants don't realize that the Satanic Temple is a bottomless motherlode of fine Corinthian cringe.

We're talking Brony-level cringe, only even more interested in schoolchildren.

Even so, I can't tell what kind of meat that is. Filet of Cub Scout, maybe? I don't know.

I don't want to know.

Speaking of cannibal entrainment, Gwen there looks like she's none too happy that just turned out to be a cake. She's shooting someone some serious stinkeye there.

Effin' poseurs, eh Gwendolyn? Have someone buy you a gift certificate to Ambrosia. That'll put a smile on your face.

To absolutely no one's surprise, Auntie Beeb is also trying to push Cringe-ianity (what normies call "Satanism") to the Millennials with a big puff-piece on this nice MI6 shill Satanic vicar. I think evangelizing is a requirement with these folks.

Looks like some British doggers were getting with the spirit of the times as well. 

Seeing this is The Sun we're talking about here this story could well be apocryphal. But not for long; once idiots are finished with their Bird Box Challenges I'm sure they'll go straight to smearing themselves with bird blood and rutting like Yorkshire Terriers at a park near you. Keep those cameras ready!

You know, this has to be a hoax on account of everyone knows witchcraft is all about the female empowerment. 

Well, everyone except people who practice real witchcraft and not the fake New Age witchcraft that brain-donors at intellectual dustbins like Refinery 29 and Elle push to their culturally-illiterate readers, I mean.

People who practice real witchcraft-- and the people who unfortunately get too close to them-- don't really worry all that much about female empowerment.  Sorry to break the news.

The Ides of March? Yeah, good luck with that, Peppers.

"$33 an hour." LOL. 
Funny Freems. Don't ever change.

What's that you say?

No, I have no idea if this just more thoughtless cultural-appropriation and feminist misery-tourism written by some hyperprivileged Canadian academic who can fuck off back to her cushy Toronto flat as soon as things get a little too empowering. And by "empowering," I mean "murdery."

Why do you ask?

Hmm, that doesn't look very empowering to me. Or holy.

Ask for Death and you shall receive.

And receive. And receive. And receive.

And receive.

And receive some more.

Soon to be the fastest-dying popular faith in the Americas.

Maybe someone should reserve a bed for our pal Eleven at Betty Ford now. Maybe in the exclusive Drew Barrymore Wing. Beat the rush.

Bonus Sunnery: Penn Badgley played Jeff Buckley in the Greetings from Tim Buckley biopic.

Man, the Met is really going for the gusto these days. Galatea was a minor sea-goddess some believe was based on Cybele.

Or if you prefer, a Siren.

Note infant male companion, then note Galatea is being displayed next to "The Dream of the Shepherd."

LOL, it never ends. Ever.

Because of course she did. Gotta get those Garlands (and evergreens) in there.

And the Mason. Plus, Stars.

I don't have anything much to say about this nonsense, other than I look forward to trying out my new Schick. It's just more of the same messaging that's being jammed up your urethra everywhere you look these days, just a little more blatant. And stupid.

I'm sick of it, you're sick of it and I think pretty soon enough other folks will be sick of it enough to start really bringing some serious economic pain to these hypocrites.

By that, I mean I don't think this is going to work out too well for Gillette and its parent, Procter & Gamble.

It's tempting to theorize this was all part of some elaborate master plan, but the fact is that I think our corporate elites are perilously brain-sodden with all kinds of toxic delusions, many of which will eventually kill their golden gooses and leave them clinging to the same life-raft that all the other fallen aristocrats in the annals of history ended up on.

Just one man's opinion, is all.

I did happen to notice that P & G quietly reintroduced the crescent moon (often identified with a god's horns in antiquity) to their current logo recently, which reminded me of the controversy in the 80s, when some Christians accused P&G of glorifying Satan with their old logo.

LOL, silly Christians: if you asked me, I'd tell you the logo depicts a figure infinitely more dangerous and deadly than Satan ever dared dream of being. Satan weeps like a whiny little bitch when he surveys the piles of human bodies slain in the Horned God's honor.

And that of course is the god of new world orders from time immemorial, Jupiter Ammon.

The Horned God was the patron of Alexander as he hacked and burned his way across the known world and the patron of Augustus as he built the most powerful empire the world had ever seen atop layers of dismembered corpses. As you'd expect, Jupiter Ammon became the secret god of Caesars and Emperors from that point forward. Even Rome's great nemesis Hannibal bowed to the hidden and horned god of world conquerors.

Speaking of smashing the world to living fuck, you may be interested to know that Jupiter Ammon's holiest shrine was in Libya, where the Libyan Sibyl prophesied to Alexander and other great killers of men.

Anything of any particular significance happen in Libya the past few years or so? My memory ain't what it used to be.

So like I said, that's just my two cents on the matter. I'd say that Alan Moore-looking fellow there is none other than our old pal Jupiter Ammon and that the stars represent the Olympians.

But what do I know, right? I'm dumb. I smoke. I like move stairs.

Seeing how Jupiter Ammon absorbed the roles of Zeus, Amun and Pan, it should be noted as such he was not only the patron of god of world conquerors he was also the patron god of rapists, especially boy-rapers.

Yes, this character was a prodigious raper of kouroi, most famously his young Trojan consort Ganymede, whom was abducted and raped when the god took the form of an eagle.

Ganymede was then taken to Olympus and employed as the catamite of the gods, which is all a nice way of saying he was also murdered when the Horned God tired of him. Ganymede was later placed among the stars and became the constellation of Aquarius, which is still another nice way of saying he was murdered when the Horned God tired of him. 

Apparently, our friends at Budweiser were inspired enough by this grisly tale not only to depict the horror show in old print ads...

...but also on steiners.

That was the old days, though. No corporation filled with secret apostles of the Horned and Hidden God would dare try to push that kind of messaging these days.

Lucky for us, right? I know I sleep better at night.

There are all kinds of weird connections with Roswell and the Horned and Hidden God, not the least of which is the fact that the alleged crash-site is precisely aligned with the legendary temple of Jupiter Ammon at Ba'albek.

Zany coincidence.

Anyway, there's another media push with UFOs and such, not the least of which was a big article in The New York Times by Leslie Kean.  

Watching the original Roswell gave me permanent intellect-damage, so I'm afraid I'll have to sit the remake out. Like everyone else.

Sadly, Project Blue Book jumped some serious shark its second week in. It continues to shit all over history and defame and impugn real people with its mix of plagiarism, ignorance and woke hate-mongering. 

Shame, I was looking forward to a good guilty-pleasure here.

They completely screwed the pooch with the Flatwoods Monster, one of the coolest stories (and creatures) from the Golden Age of Saucers and incorporated some inane and incongruous ripoffs from The Mothman Prophecies into their usual flat-out xeroxing of Taken. (I mean, what the fuck, History? Seriously).

And the pussy-hat agenda was in full flower, painting entirely-innocent Flatwoodians as drooling, raving rednecks bent on terrorizing a saintly single mother and her vaguely nonbinary children. This is outright slander and cringey slander at that.

It's also demonstrates an absolute for-shit level of target-audience research, since UFO people tend to be much older and more conservative than the mean.

What's worse, the playful and clever sexual insinuation of the first episode gave way to more overt (and tiresome) demonstrations, though I'm sure the writers of this bilge will get a stern speaking-to (at the very least) for suggesting that the evil Russians are somehow responsible for gay liberation, even unintentionally.


A lot of people have asked me about Fox's Masked Singer show, even though they probably already know what I think about it.

I did notice the premiere episode had someone dolled up in a golden lion costume, which I found quite interesting.

And by interesting, I mean throat-kickingly Mithraic.

I had a long conversation with another researcher the other day, one who is better-read on these things than all of us, probably combined. And we agreed that Mithraism-- an alpha-male religion of drugs, blood, animal masks and torture -- remains much, much more significant than the world dares realize. 

Also note that Mithraism was often twinned with the Mysteries of Cybele, whose priest/esses were the head-bangin', auto-castratin' transgendered Galloi. Wives of Mithraists often joined the Mysteries of Cybele, perhaps on the urging of their husbands who didn't much like getting cuckolded by horny holy men.

This is all part of the Great Restoration, meaning the restoration of the old religions that predate all the current ones by fathomless millennia. And with that the restoration of the old hierarchies and castes that went along with them. All helped along by the mind-warping concentrations of wealth and technology at the tippy-top of the social pyramid.

By the time it's all over, most so-called "neopagans" and "witches" will find themselves pining for the free and easy, loosey-goosey days of Torquemada and Calvin. The world that's coming will make the Dark Ages look like the Summer of Love in comparison, unless something or someone comes about to stop it. Or, more likely, it collapses under the weight of its own innumerable contradictions.

Speaking of masks, Fraserling Emeritus Bjork is like a living paper doll for techno-futurists and trans-humanists so keep an eye on her new tour. Note the title means "Horn of Plenty."

There was also a tribute to the Horned Christ in Los In Our Angeles this past week, where all kinds of people you never, ever wanted to hear sing a Chris Cornell song sang Chris Cornell songs.

Miley Koresh desecrated sang "Say Hello 2 Heaven or Las Vegas," which Cornell wrote for Andy Wood on the Temple of the Dog Star album. Those tremors you heard were just a small earthquake and not in fact Chris Cornell turning in the grave. He was cremated.


  1. That devil dinner topping looks to me like a stinkhorn mushroom, which are eaten in France. From Wikipedia:

    Phallaceae is a family of fungi, commonly known as stinkhorn mushrooms, within the order Phallales. Stinkhorns have a worldwide distribution, but are especially prevalent in tropical regions. They are known for their foul-smelling, sticky spore masses, or gleba, borne on the end of a stalk called the receptaculum. The characteristic fruiting-body structure, a single, unbranched receptaculum with an externally attached gleba on the upper part, distinguishes the Phallaceae from other families in the Phalalles. The spore mass typically smells of carrion or dung, and attracts flies, beetles and other insects to help disperse the spores.

    Many look like phalluses, hence the genus name. One is even called the dog penis mushroom due to its shape. I collected a sample of one some years ago that i dubbed the 'devil dick' (never got around to identifying it at the time). It looked EXACTLY like an erect, circumcized human penis, from the shaft to the shape of the head, even the location of the urethra. So much so that it may even be considered obscene for the purpose of broadcasting. The shaft was red and the head black, hence my nickname. They even distribute their sticky spores (its seed ie sperm) from the same location as an animal. (Fungi are more closely related to animals than plants.)

    Another one of those oddities of nature that look like a creation of a mad god with a twisted sense of humor.

  2. Greetings Chris,
    Couldn’t help but notice the 13 stars on the P&G logo. I haven’t looked into whether many other American bands have played Giza, but of the Grateful Dead did in Sept 1978 during an eclipse.

    1. While they did not play there, Giza was used in the artwork for Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon, and has become a symbol for it, which was one of (or the?) most popular albums of all time. Some of what later became Dark Side was performed and recorded at the ancient Roman amphitheatre at Pompeii.

    2. dan, Live at Pompeii was recorded before any of Dark Side was laid down. Some of the songs in that film were recorded a year later in a Paris studio/sound stage. No songs or music from Dark Side were recorded in Pompeii, though the "fake" footage of them working on Dark Side did get added to the movie before it was released (fake, because when that footage was shot, Dark Side was already completed.....they just were asked to pretend to be working on it so it could be added to the movie).

    3. Good article re: Grateful Dead concert at the pyramids--

      "The big day was the 16th, the final concert enhanced with spectacular astronomical and anti gravity effects. This miraculous final show climaxed during a total lunar eclipse with the synchronicity of the signing of a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. After the show Bill Graham leads a posse of camels and horses deep into the desert night towards a remote shanty nightclub called Sahara City for an after show feast and a spectacular dawn and sunrise. Shortly after sunrise, with the party still simmering, I left this surreal setting to catch a more conventional taxi ride to the airport and a gray damp punky London. I passed the great Jerry Garcia as I left and called out that I didn’t see any Pyramids levitate. He replied suggesting that I wasn’t paying attention, I was busy with my photography."

  3. I'm glad the young blood measure did not pass.

  4. The Temple of Jupiter Ammon is also a bit of a mystery. Rome invested a lot of resources in its construction, which was strange because its location, Baalbek, was an out of the way place. Not a location typical for Roman braggadocio. It may have something to do with the Trilithon, the largest worked stones in the world (i believe around 1500 tons each) that are likely much older and were incorporated into it. Whatever their age, the Trilithon are a mystery of their own, along with another stone in a nearby quarry which is even larger, and though worked, was not separated from its parent stone and still juts out from it. Graham Hancock did his own examination of them several years ago in his Magicians Of The Gods, which is the best i know of to date.

  5. Hi Chris: There's a connection between the blood transfusion story and Jupiter's horns (maybe): Interesting..
    The blood:

    "Wyss-Coray and colleagues paid particular attention to the hippocampus — the region of the brain that is critical for forming certain types of memories, particularly memories involving spatial patterns.... you use your hippocampus when, for example, “try to find your car in a parking lot or navigate around a city without using your GPS system.”...the hippocampus is very responsive to experience and becomes larger as you file away more information. The region, however, is also sensitive to aging. It is among the areas of the brain that shows most deterioration in patients with dementia....After infusing older mice with plasma from the blood of younger mice, the cells in these brain regions of the older mice came back to life. Hippocampal nerve cells from the older mice became better at strengthening the connections between one nerve cell and another — essential to learning and memory."

    The horns:
    "Lying in the middle of the brain is part of the temporal lobe called the Ammon’s horn (Amuns Horn) or the hippocampus....plays one of the most important roles in the consolidation of information from short-term memory to long-term memory and spatial navigation....All humans have Ammon’s horn which is two hippocampi, one in each side of the brain and it is a part of the cerebral cortex, and in primates is located in the medial temporal lobe..." Implications cited of role hippocampus can play in achieving altered states of consciousness...

  6. Miley could have thrown in a Cranberries cover on the night with it being so close to the one year passing of their lead singer.
    And maybe Linkin Park's 'In The End', since 'The Cranberries' next album will be titled 'In The End' also.

  7. On the subject of blood, I saw 'Mary Queen of Scots' at the cinema yesterday (opening day here in Australia) and there is a big emphasis on Mary's blood.
    Menstrual blood on Mary's white dress when her period comes early and getting cleaned off her legs and rinsed into a bowl of water by her servants, and not to mention the birth scene of her son James, the future king of England and Scotland.

  8. The same influence by Archons Parasites is shown throughout our written History.see : Hijacked symbols

  9. While i agree with your take on witchcraft and veganism (i am familiar with The Golden Bough too) there is a minor point i would like to make about what the Hindus call tapas. It means "to heat" and is derived from the idea of sexual heat and its role in creation of life. The association of sex and the power of creation is evident, shades of Crowley. To my point however, it came to be associated with austerities and self-mastery. In some Hindu texts it is seen as a path to acquiring power, and there are many sages who have been said to gain powers through the practice of tapas. It is not the modern fluffy bunny vegan witchcraft you rightly take to task, people who want power without any sacrifice or even difficulties, but it is a path to power nonetheless, self-sacrifice as opposed to offerings. Perhaps it is a different kind of power, as by overcoming yourself, you naturally cannot seek the ends that many seek power as a means to, but there are monks who have reportedly gained supernatural abilities following this path. It is still not something the special snowflakes of our era would or could pursue.

    1. Dan 3:09
      Tapas sounds a lot like serpent fire energy to me; kundalini.
      And I would agree, being a yoga practitioner myself that self sacrifice or overcoming yourself is a way of unlocking hidden aspects and attributes of the self.
      As the body releases and thus remembers it comes to a kind of gnosis, often gained while poised in positions of great struggle and strife; I constantly walk the fine line between advancement in a particular pose and outright injury.
      I just recently recovered from such an injury sustained in an early morning routine.
      Instead of letting the body heal from the injury, I literally broke back through it, forcing myself through the injury until the injury released itself.
      The pain was actually unbearable.
      It took days of doing this repeatedly but it worked.
      The point of this comes down to form just being energy.
      My understanding is that all of existence itself is just energy.
      The dark side practitioner steals energy from their victims instead of learning to harness it for themselves.
      Predatory parasitic will and the action of such will.

    2. You'd be surprised how fluffy people can remain after learning vast amounts of seriously esoteric weird stuff. I still haven't recovered from seeing a website of a woman that was all flowers and cute pictures... and extremely detailed descriptions of a five-generation plan of alien hybridization. If you thought that experiments on impregnating humans with alien spawn and cute plastic unicorn toys with rainbows can't go together, you'd be wrong.

    3. Maria, the premise is that that attitude is not conducive to trafficking for power with supernatural beings. Chris has been banging on about this for a while now. One of the things he has also brought up is that one can easily become food for some entities when you open the some doors. He is very much not alone in this, i have seen it mentioned by many magical practitioners.

      The case you are describing sounds like someone who has already become food. Those entities can put up screen memories that make their victims think they are benevolent, thereby facilitating their predation-- some wolves wear sheep's clothing. Deer were rightly seen by the American Indians as a symbol of innocence and peace, and are typical prey animals. (Mind you, i love deer, and have spent a lot of time with them. I think kittens are the cutest creatures on the planet, but fawns are the sweetest.)

    4. Yes Dan 1:15 I completely agree.
      A year and a half ago a fellow Reverend brought a young man up to me after service because he was being tormented by demons on a daily basis. This happened to me and I speak about the experience.
      The difference was that he got involved in some practices he should have stayed away from and literally brought these 'entities' into his life which I did not do.
      My attacks were horrible but his were grotesque.
      If you go looking for EVIL and you find it, IT also finds YOU!
      BAD IDEA!
      I finally got out of doing this type of work because I was seeing what I call 'partial possession' in most of the attendees at these gatherings.
      As you stated; "Someone who has already become food".

  10. You missed a trick by not titling this "blood sugar sex magic". A very bad trick but still a trick.

    All of these old gods are terrifying and creepy in some way or another. In a way that is what puts them above the sanitized greeting card mythology of modern commercialism.

    Decadent life extension programs and exploiting children for the sake of the old is very much against the "transgenic" cross-breeding agenda of sex magic and the goddess Bastet. Get her involved in that sort of thing and the spiritual consequences might be cataclysmic. She, after all, is patron of all the unwanted Bastards and will both protect children from vampires and will protect hybrids from "conservatives". I suppose that this is what ol' dirty Crowley was into but don't they always say better the devil you know.

  11. As to that Galatea statue, noticed it is in gallery 829. For the past year and a half the number 29 has been on my radar. It has shown up with unusual frequency, particularly in the news. In many stories the age of a perpetrator or victim was 29 years old. I often listen to KYW, a news station, and probably the most popular station in Philly. For a month and a half, maybe a full quarter of the stories matched this pattern (it showed up in many other places too, like the cover of a book that had some other significance). In fact, there was a story that involved a 29 year old. They mentioned it often during the day. Well, i have this book on linear algebra that i noticed had a tag of the previous owner. I had gotten it from Temple U. where i used to work running networks and servers. The name looked like the same as the author of my favorite book on topology, and i recalled that he was a professor at Temple. So i went to verify the name (that book i only had an electronic version of). Just at the exact moment i was sure that i possessed a book once owned by the author of my favorite topology book, that story came on again, and the 29 year old was Christopher Picard. The first name of the first captain of the Enterprise (C. Pike) and the last name of the last captain (John of the light Picard). The time this occured was also my birthdate. Just one major example of 29 showing up significantly. More recently another 29 year old killed some people when he hit them with a car, after he had stabbed himself up to 20 times (underreported on the news but was still the working theory last information i could get on it). I went into the synchrony of that last story in the "Devil's Drought" post. 829 (a prime number) was also a significant form of 29 and have considered it to be significant too. Of note 29 is the 7th Lucas number, a sort of companion series to the Fibonacci.

    Just some of my own lunatic associations.

    1. I'd say the most notable thing about 29 is that it's the number of days between two full moons.

    2. Well, the moon may be significant here on earth, but the Lucas sequence i have mentioned is universal. It is well known, but i discovered it myself by looking for patterns among Fibonacci numbers. There are more, but a couple examples are Fn+F(n+2)=L(n+1) and Fn*Ln=F(2n). And 29 is the *7th* Lucas number as well, 7 being one of the most significant esoteric numbers, and also the 4th Lucas number.

    3. Thinking about it some, i am definitely going to keep the 29/Luna association in mind. I have been noting 365, 1460 and 1461 as representative of the sun when they have appeared, so i should consider that 29 may also be symbolic for the moon.

      Relatedly, i have two tabby sisters, one yellow and one grey who are named Sunshine and Luna. I didn't name them, but they fit their personalities.

      I was also looking into it, and 829 is the 145th=5*29 prime number.

  12. Ah, forgot this. When those 29s were all over the place, my own cousin, who was 29 at the time was jailed and made the news (not in Philly) for a (non-violent) crime spree.

  13. Very intersting about Ammon...Any connection to Mammon besides linguistically, or is that enough? I briefly UTFSE but didn't see anything obvious...
    Just happened to run across this article right before coming here...I'm sure you can come up with a good tagline or whatever but I will fight the urge to make a cheap reptilian joke...

    Prince Philip reportedly said “I’m such a fool” after he crashed while driving his Land Rover near the Queen’s Sandringham estate.
    The 97-year-old royal was in a dramatic car accident with women and a nine-month-old baby in a Kia on Thursday.
    The Duke of Edinburgh exchanged well wishes with the others involved in the collision.
    One of the women said they “always wanted to meet a royal – but not in this way”, it has been reported.
    He told The Sun that Philip, who was left very shocked by the accident, asked if everybody was all right and was overheard telling police he had been 'dazzled by the sun'.

    1. "9" months eh & "dazzled by the sun"!


      "Emma Fairweather", "dazzled by the sun", "Fairweather cast doubt on his explanation, claiming it was cloudy at the time.", "The duke was pictured on Saturday driving a new Land Rover, seemingly without a seatbelt, 48 hours after the crash."


      "“The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh would like to be remembered to you.”"

      "She said she repeatedly screamed: “Get the baby out.”"


    3. More suspect "blue-blood" activity:

      "‘I had the Prince’s blood on my hands’ - TRAUMATIC story of Duke of Edinburgh’s crash", "Another witness said the Royal seemed “distraught” and thought it was a “miracle” he escaped.", "“I rushed to the other car - there was smoke coming out as if it may explode. There was a baby in the back seat screaming.”"

      The soul with the "blood on" Its "hands" will be taken for processing so as to return to "the duke" Its "property"?

      Cooked meat:

      "Two people were killed and 22 injured in a large fire on Sunday at the Courchevel ski resort in the French Alps, which is popular with Britons including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge."

      "Two", "22"...

      "The blaze began on the top floor of the building, which has a Chanel store on the ground floor."

      A "Chanel store" ... "on the ground floor"...

      “In the case of those seriously injured, it’s impossible to specify whether their injuries came from a fall,” Mr Loiseau told the French TV news channel BFM. “There were carbon monoxide emissions, and there were burns.”

      Because injuries gained from "a fall" are indistinguishable from "burns"...

      "Courchevel, which has 11 five-star hotels and is France’s only ski resort with hotels that have the 6-star “palace” rating..."

      "11" "five-star" & "6", just a "9" turned "Upside Down".


  14. JB (Meta-Logic Café)10:16 AM, January 19, 2019

    It should be noted that the all-mighty Zeus was identified as being Satan himself in the New Testament. The "number" of the Beast, the Greek numeral XES, sure, it COULD be 666 or 616 or 676 or whatever, but another interpretation is that they meant the NAME of the Beast, in which case XES simply spells out ZEUS. More interesting and straight-to-the-point however, is what the Apostle John wrote in Revelations chapter 2 verses 12-13, that the city of Pergamum was where Satan's throne could be found. In the city of Pergamum, there was a forty feet tall altar to Zeus.

    In the earliest ancient Greek traditions, Zeus was always portrayed as a wise old SERPENT, keeper of the sacred tree bearing the golden apples. Is Satan/Zeus not the God of the world?

    1. Thanks, JB. XES = Zeus, makes sense.



    "Ammon’s horn had special significance to our ancestors. In Egyptian mythology, the head and the horn of the ram were symbolic of activity and creative energy. This was signified in God’s under such names as Amun-Ba or Ra and Jupiter Ammon. Jupiter equated with the Egyptian deity Amun after the Roman conquest of Egypt. The god Jupiter could assume the form of a ram, in which guise his name was Jupiter-Ammon. Jupiter is the Father of the day and as mentioned above, Ammon is “The Lord of Thrones and “The Hidden One.” Many ancient images depict Jupiter Ammon under the figure of a ram, or on medals and coins he appears in human shape with ram-horns growing out beneath his ears. "

  16. Slightly off topic and I hope this wasn’t already mentioned but apparently a new documentary is coming out on the Smiley Face Killers:

    1. Didn’t see the airing info in that article so here you go:
      Smiley Face Killers: The Hunt for Justice" airs Jan. 19 at 7 p.m. on Oxygen.

  17. Great post, Sir Christopher. Your theme of the reemergence of that real old timey religion nicely dovetails with Our Gordon's interview with Prof. Christopher White. I would think a joint discussion with the twinned Christophers and twinned Whites would be extraordinarily insightful.

  18. Wouldn't you know it.. Christopher Lee, of Saruman and Dracula fame, was posted at Siwa during WWII, as part of the Long Range Desert Group. That is the part of his service about which he said, "We are forbidden – former, present, or future – to discuss any specific operations." As for Mexico, I am based there, and would gladly write a whole article on what is going on, the country is even shaped like a crescent, just like the P & G logo, though the Horned God was not a ram, they being imported, but a deer. Tezcatlipoca in his cave at Chalma was worshiped as one of them, and there is a sacred spring there which remains very popular to this day, the black Christs you see throughout the land are the newer presentations of that age. It is a place where the past is buried, if at all, in a very shallow way, and the churches are conveniently located on top of the previous pyramids. I think Cortez was into it all, as Graham Hancock details in his recent book "War God". It is the 500th anniversary of the Conquest's events this year. And when did he come ashore? Easter, for which more information, see above. Post also made me think, again, about Beauty and the Beast and all those high-walled chateaus. The below is the 'Christ of Poison' (Left-handed Hummingbird) in the Metropolitan Cathedral, off the Zocalo.

  19. The Horns on Moses statue added due to a mistranslation?

    1. Maybe; but not a certainty:

      "It is clear, then, that at least some Jews believed that Moses had
      horns, but is that what Exodus 34:29 originally meant, or is this a
      later interpretation? This turns out to be a difficult question, and
      there are prominent scholars to be found on either side of the
      discussion. Those claiming that Moses was no more than radiant, point
      out that the literal meaning of the Hebrew is “the skin of his face
      was radiant,” and that no one would ever say that someone’s facial
      skin was horned. They also point out that the earliest translations
      understand the word as meaning “radiant.”
      On the other hand, those claiming that the original intent of Exodus
      34 was indeed to say that Moses came down from the mountain with
      horns, point out that elsewhere in the Bible, when “karan” is used as
      a verb, it always relates to horns. They also note that the scene in
      question follows the episode of the Golden Calf, which definitely had
      horns. There may be a great deal of divine bovine symbolism that is
      foreign to our modern conceptions of Moses and of divinity, but that
      may have been clearly understood by readers at the time the story was
      actually written down."

    2. Horns radiate from "the temple".


    3. Pillars of Light (Truth)

    4. & the "Procter and Gamble Corporate Office & Headquarters" incorporates two towers into Its layout.

  20. Programmed:

    "Get outside and look up at the full moon this weekend to catch the last total lunar eclipse until 2021."

    "For thousands of years, lunar eclipses have garnered both awe and fear. But once science had explained the celestial mechanics at play, astronomers could predict when they will occur and where they will be visible."

    "According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, Native Americans and colonial Europeans dubbed the January full moon the wolf moon, because wolves in the region would purportedly start howling in hunger due to midwinter paucity."

    "The January supermoon also happens to kick off a triad of supermoons in 2019, with the next ones arriving on February 19 and March 21."

    "...if the sky is too cloudy or you're in the wrong time zone, you can still take part in the lunar disappearing act online: Astronomers Without Borders will webcast the eclipse..."

    "Fazekas" means "potter" so the author's a crafty sort.

    The Moon's been getting great press recently what with far-side seedings (even if the planter's died), a question that remains unanswered though is are tin foil hats made of the same material that was used to shield Apollo-nauts?

    & offered from the same linking source:

    "Spread over 5.4 million square miles... It contains nearly 90 percent of all ice on our planet... The resident population ... are mostly scientists at research stations like McMurdo Base on Ross Island... Fun fact: No country owns Antarctica. In 1959, a Treaty was signed to ensure, among other provisions, the continent would only ever be used for peaceful purposes... Fun fact: Two kinds of flowering plants – Antarctic hair grass and Antarctic pearlwort – are native to the continent... McMurdo Dry Valleys are among the driest places in the world... it hasn’t rained there in over two million years... Fun fact: The Dry Valleys are also remarkable for lack of snow and ice cover and, according to NASA scientists, this combination of conditions makes it the nearest approximation to the environment of Mars... There are two known active volcanoes on the continent. The highest is Mount Erebus... The other is on Deception Island... Fun fact: In 2017, a research team led by scientists from Edinburgh University, Scotland, found what they described as the largest volcanic region on earth – 1.2 miles (two kilometers) below the ice sheet."

    The name of the 1st person born in Antarctica = "Emilio Marcos Palma" (rival, war/man), the most recent = María Sol Cosenza (beloved/"sea of bitterness", sun).

    Linking thumbnail image was of a symetrically altered shot of a mountainous ice-flow, also used as the 3rd image, 1st image of the "slideshow" includes penguins whilst another linked article on the msn "frontpage" celebrates "gay penguins".


    1. Having returned from a stroll along the coastal path & catching an occaisonal glimpse of the moon among the clouds, Its light at times reflecting on the sea, I'm calling bunk on this "super moon", 'twas a mere speck of a pearl in the sky to my eyes.

      Scary-Moon = pure hokum to put the willies up urbanite vessels of media entrainment? No, that attributes rooted in pre-industrialised societies find amplified dissemination by medium, the use of which deracinates Humanity due to Its inherent vicariating essence, elicits/grafts tangling - web/net-like - layers of agitation & distraction from within which something predatory can feast.



      "The Moon illusion is an optical illusion which causes the Moon to appear larger near the horizon than it does higher up in the sky. It has been known since ancient times and recorded by various cultures. The explanation of this illusion is still debated."

      Illustrated with an image of a blood-orange "Harvest Moon".

      This illusion heightened when seen from within urban environs?


    3. Aquaman Soleil Red Super Moon's Frye Eclipse?

  21. I honestly don't know what to say anymore. My career thus far has been as a glorified factotum. Them's the breaks. So long as I can pay the rent, I don't really mind. But things in the last few years have taken a surreal turn.

    All of a sudden, I'm meant to weigh in on gender issues. So as the person lowest on the totem pole in most jobs I've had, I'm now being lectured by people who earn at least triple what I can. Just a few examples: "Don't you find this company a bit white male?" Asked while I was serving drinks for him. My response, "oh like you?" Another was a woman I worked with who was asked to fill a water jug for a round table that she was involved with, who whispered conspiratorially with me how sexist that was. What? Bitch, you're saying that to me? I do this shit all day, every day. And guess what, so do a lot of men.

    I can safely say that this has nothing to do with 'sexism' or any 'ism'. It's all about the feels. If there is any divide it's a class divide. Always was, always will be. But please, Mr/Ms $100k+ a year, tell me how people are being oppressed. I'm all ears.

    1. A screw is fashioned so as to tighten.


  22. "Sparkle" = Shimmer.

    A facet of the "multiculturalisation" of Europe is the importation of those with their own heritage of abusing, mix them up (I say mix but enclaves are the order of the day) & there's an increase in horrors resulting in folk seeking escape from Its reportage Often in "dramas" that immerse said viewers in the same subject matter "albeit" in "fictive" form. Sickness abounds & compounds, blight terms the situation mildly.

    Does this incessant agitation & drip-drip-drip of threat/alertness inculcation result in a continual (low-level) production of adrenachrome type chemicals in people, is it a priming of sorts, a way to flavour the meat?

    "11's" svengali "Drake's" been on the exposed the past week for his taking advantage of a fan on stage some years ago (eclipsed from the attention of "#metoo" by the "R. Kelly" show) the joyous audience reaction is the worst aspect though & still fools say "such things cannot happen" & "even if they did people would stop It" = no action "because" no problem.

    Head-Vamp Gaga feigned surprise at being compared to Garland ("The Wizard of Oz" is her "favourite" childhood movie). Mason dies in ASiB1954 by drowning himself in an orange sunset hued sea... & It's curious to note all the female leads in the 4 (so far!) "A Star is Born" movies were established stars.

    Regarding Jupiter's patronage, this goes someway to explain Macron, that's "Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron", & the photo-ops at least. Considering the "best a man can get" juxtaposition he'll be sticking with "Gillette"... "Gillette" / "Gillet Jaunes"...

    Restoration's the Word, the Mithraeum in London, now placed back in It's original position, after years languishing outside exposed to the elements, in what is the public "basement" of the Bloomberg HQ in London says It all.

    Contemporaneity is collapse, hence the "confusion".


    1. Well observed and those pannier pockets of the skirt and slightly pegtop effect are devised to suggest bunchiness of hip. A new purchase at some monster sale for which a gull has been mulcted. Meretricious finery to deceive the eye. Observe the attention to details of dustspecks. Never put on you tomorrow what you can wear today Parallax!

      1984 referenced razor blades. Winston's lack of decent razors went from frustration with personal grooming to frustration caused by the lack of a decent tool for slitting his own wrists. Camus might say that the ultimate expression of existential "will" is the ability to take ones own life if no better alternative can be found but "society" can interfere even here. Who are you to make such a decision when you belong to us and not yourself. The razor represents so much in philosophical terms, a hard dividing line imposed by logic.

      Mithraeum in London. Quatermass and the Pit on the iPlayer. What a gas, gas, gas. It's all post-war stuff, old soldiers never dying, post this war, post that war.

    2. "the Pit" has been hovering on the periphery of my mind the past day or few, for the life of me I cannot think why.


    3. "Professor Bernard Quatermass ... like all science fiction heroes, has to keep running hard if he is not to be overtaken by the world of fact"

      Solution? Stop "making stuff up"/channelling?

      Orange Alert:

      The logo of "Filmnation", the production company behind the 2018 "Suspiria" revivification, involves varying shades of orange & coalescing images of the Manhattan skyline as seen from someway along the Manhattan Bridge, the effect is something of a chimera of a splice, a Shimmer Mandelbulb of a Thing with bonus Saturn storm effects. The 1st shot of the flic is of Chloë Grace Moretz, who plays a neurotic, so no stretch there, star birthing being a humiliating & traumatising process.


      After the promo tour for "Annihilation" wrapped Natlie Portman directly went on to film "Vox Lux" - her own take, of sorts, on "A Star is Born" (ASiBVL?) & although she's not credited so do my ears deceive me or is Portman sampled on the Annihilation soundtrack?

      Also the name of her 1st child, a son = "Aleph", Jorge Luis Borges "Aleph", "a point in space that contains all other points", is a Shimmer-alike:

      "...I saw a small iridescent sphere of almost unbearable brilliance. At first I thought it was revolving; then I realised that this movement was an illusion created by the dizzying world it bounded. The Aleph's diameter was probably little more than an inch, but all space was there, actual and undiminished..."

      The tail opens with this quote:

      "O God! I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a King of infinite space..." Hamlet, II, 2.

      Orane Alert 2:

      ASiB37 = male lead death by drowning, female lead nominated for an Oscar, ASiB54 = male lead death by drowning, both leads nominated for Oscars & Golden Globes & both winning for the latter, ASiB76 = male lead death by car crash (following a scene involving a naked woman in a swinning pool), Oscar for "Best Original Song" (& 2 Grammy wins for It) & Golden Globes for both leads, score & song. The 1976 version ends with Steisand bathed in orange looking up to the heavens singing "Are you watching me now?".

      Gaga's stated that her "Ally" vehicle ASiB18 = "the movie is a very, very strong expression of what it means to become a star & that she, myself, Ally does not really become one until the last frame of the movie", "Coop", an alcoholic pill-popper, dies by hanging himself & so far Gaga's won a few awards this "living coral" hued "Season".



      "Lady Gaga told The Mirror in 2016 that she has blocked out the memory of rising to fame: “It’s like I’m traumatised,” she said. “I needed time to recalibrate my soul.”"

      "Maggie Rogers distils her personal experiences of anxiety into her new album Heard it in a Past Life, with the song “Back in My Body” describing the moment she “almost ran away” in Paris while on her European tour in 2017."

      "...the cases of burn-out, mental breakdown and even death only seem to add to the superficial allure of lives lived fast and dangerously. It’s not hard to suspect that this perception suits the industry down to the ground when it comes to marketing and sales – but it is hardly likely to help vulnerable stars who strive to meet such unrealistic expectations.”"

      "“The manicness seems to resonate with people, because they know how it feels,”"

      "“I’m so aware of the vocabulary of rock’n’roll, and what’s tired,” he added. “It’s difficult because everything’s so postmodern and self-referential and hyperaware of everything being bulls**t. As I grow as an artist, I just want to be sincere.”"

      A commentor states:

      "We forget, that our world over the last 300 years has seen a technological increase that is, arguably, unprecedented in our species lifetime. However, our brains have not advanced at the same rate. Is it any wonder that we are struggle to keep up with the demands and expectations?"


    5. "Music is good for our health, so why are musicians suffering so much?"

      The article of course offers nothing but channelling toward "helplines", pormotion of "mental health charity" link ups with corporate bodies & a bit of "Gillette" style gaslighting between the lines.

      Nothing delving beyond the narcissistic surface of the hall of smoke & mirrors sporing confusion globally.


    6. Speaking of the narcissistic surface, we can add "bikini hypothermia" to our list of narcissism-related deaths.

    7. Shoulda read 'Becoming the Iceman - Pushing Past Perceived Limits' by Wim Hof?

  23. I'm real late to the Twin Peaks party, but catching up - so, sorry if this is old news. I noted this scene where Windom Earle is clearly "Pan" with Leo under an eagle. At first watch, I assumed the eagle was Lyran (or maybe Scorpio, as its often swapped with an eagle in esoteric circles), Leo was Leo, and pondered the possible meanings... but this seems to more obviously be a reference to Ganymedes, with Jupiter Ammon celebrating his catch. Leo is also opposite Aquarius in the zodiac, which may indicate a reversal, or simply be reversed to hide the meaning. This could be an astrotheological statement, or a 90s TV broadcast wink to "Yes, Windom did fuck Leo." Or, as is so often the case, all of this and more.

    A weak correlation, but Windom also teases Leo about being a lion before stating that he wants to control him. A clue to Jupiter Ammon's relationship to Mithras?

    And our noble freemy G-man is Major GARLAND Briggs, of course.

    I doubt I'll note anything in the 3rd season you haven't already noted, but figured I'd mention these two as they're directly relevant to present threads and from the original releases.

    This blood moon eclipse will be in Leo, coincidentally. The last Leo/Aquarius eclipse for a time.

    All the best!

  24. Come to think of it, season 3 of Twin Peaks started May 21, 2017 - very shortly after the lunar nodes entered Leo/Aquarius, beginning that eclipse cycle, featuring our "great American eclipse" in August of that year.

    And wouldn't you know! The series premiered in April 1990 under the Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycle!


      "Would you like to live inside a dream? Here’s your chance."

      "An official interactive Twin Peaks VR experience covering all three seasons and Fire Walk with Me is in the works! Attendees of the Festival of Disruption in Los Angeles next week will get an exclusive first look inside the virtual reality version of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s dream."

      "Bringing life to the world of TWIN PEAKS like never before, Twin Peaks VR includes iconic moments and settings from 2017’s 18-part limited event series TWIN PEAKS, as well as the original landmark television series. Utilizing lines and sounds from the show itself, players will travel to Glastonbury Grove, only to end up in the puzzling Red Room. Fans of the series will follow in the footsteps of Special Agent Dale Cooper and try to make their way back into the life they left behind."

      "Twin Peaks VR is officially licensed by Showtime and currently being developed for HTC vive and Oculus Rift by Collider Games, an extension of Collider Cryptomedia. The interactive game will not be available on Steam until 2019, but gee whiz, are we ready for this!"

      Twin / Showtime / Oculus Rift / Collider / Cryptomedia / Steam

      Lynch's memoir's titled "Room to Dream" & the 2018 festival was billed as "the most disruptive lineup yet".

      "Twin Peaks last night took home 3 Saturn Awards at the 44th edition organized by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films."

      "David Lynch accepted one for Best Guest Star on Television as Deputy Director Gordon Cole and dedicated half of it to Miguel Ferrer, who was posthumously nominated for Best Supporting Actor on Television himself."

      Titles include "Angels go to Heaven" & "The Woodstrip/There's No Way Out".

      & what I went to the site to find:

      "The director is not implying you have to wait until an 18-hour theatrical release... There’s a simple way to completely immerse yourself."

      "I recommend getting whatever screen* you’re looking at as close to your eyes as you can get, and use headphones. Turn the lights down. And then you have a chance of getting into a new world."

      "*Unless it’s a telephone. Never, ever watch any David Lynch on a telephone."

      Like Coop, once a soul travels to "The Red Room" there's no way out?

      & Laura Dern is on the current cover of "Vanity Fair" draped in cerulean.


    2. Just download some Julee Cruise and take a road trip to Western Washington.All roads lead to Twin Peaks.

    3. Destination "Red Room"? "Laura Palmer" wants to whisper in your ear & laugh/scream.

  25. expect the la rams (horns) to win the super bowl ...

    1. also may be a tie in with the word horns with horus. flip the n. get the u. according to my mind kenneth grant told me that L. A. means "not". just spitballin my fellow compadres!

    2. A Shofar is an ancient musical instrument made from a ram's horn.The 'trumpets' of bibical text describe a different instrument.

    3. Yes ; you were right....a fishy blown call late in game by officials where the Rams committed pass interference.....allowing Rams to tie game in regulation, then win it in overtime...NFL HQ has already admitted the crap officiating occurred...but let's just smile, shrug and move on to Superbowl...little comfort to the Saints.

  26. It's only a matter of time before we all know the word, "parabiosis". Silicon Valley has introduced us to the concept of a "blood boy":

    1. One of the main characters on Silicon Valley is Bertram Gilfoyle, a Satanist. In one episode last season he makes a point of going on record as NOT halting or being against the development of advanced AI, so as not to get on it's bad side in the future. He specifically mentions the Roko's Basilisk thought experiement.

    2. Not a fan of the show "Silicon Valley," but came across this short 'residue' clip in researching the ME google / (G)oogle logo change "lowercase logos funny scene Silicon Valley"

    3. Gilfoyle's girlfriend is named Tara. And Martin Starr and his parents are Buddhists in real life. Ironic. I mean if Gilfoyle's girlfriend were named Lilith, or Jezebel, maybe not so ironic...

  27. A smiling selfie Satan statue.

    Some odd trans-history here I'd never heard of:

    "The exploits of Heliogabalus, the trans woman who became the Emperor of Rome when she was just 14 years old, were a favorite subject of the 19th-century Decadent Movement."

    A look at algo-driven life:

    On the subject of Antarctica, our hideous but hardy little tardigrade "Water Bears" are found in an ancient lake there. But of course.

    As for the Stefani pic, looks like she's ready for a Super High Blood Sugar Moon, what with all that ritual cake handy.

    1. Would not be susprised if one America's major Entertainment "Golems" passes within days of the Eclipse.

  28. Foster Gamble tried to hijack the Awakening Movement with the "Thrive" bs some years ago.Proctor before it changed to Procter.


  29. "Knowledge, authority and power rest with surveillance capital, for which we are merely 'human natural resources'. We are the native peoples now whose claims to self-determination have vanished from the maps of our own experience."

    The rise of the new gods of westworld.

    1. "Larry Page grasped that human experience could be Google’s virgin wood, that it could be extracted at no extra cost online and at very low cost out in the real world."

      Consider conceiving Human Beings & their "experience" as a cheap (& therefore profitable) source of gold, that is an alien conceit - the very foundation of what's thought of as & named "westworld".


  30. More pearly dew drops drip-drip-dripping:

    "Can anyone 'own' the Moon?"

    Illustrated with a photo captioned:

    "Buzz Aldrin was taken by the Moon's emptiness"

    "If humans ever visit Saturn they will have to put up with an asphyxiating atmosphere, crushing pressure and — assuming they survive to hit it — a landing cushioned by liquid helium. But at least in the moments before death they will know what time it is."

    "time"? "Saturn"? LOL!!!

    "How to Serve Man":

    "It’s impossible to have a conversation around food in 2019 without talking about veganism... People are turning to plant-based diets as consciousness grows... a new diet, which has the potential to feed 10 billion people and save 11 million lives every year, has been created by scientists, and doesn’t force you to give up meat, eggs and dairy entirely... It’s called the planetary health diet, and researchers believe it could change the world... “We’re not talking about a deprivation diet here, it is healthy eating that is flexible and enjoyable.”, ...this means the entire world would have to adopt the diet, meaning a monumental shift in how we all eat."

    'We Are What We're Told To Eat.'


    "Priest exorcises 'ghost of Christian monk' for 'terrified' Muslim family", "The parish priest who works in the Welsh borders doubles as a diocesan deliverance minister - or in other words an exorcist - and was recently called to handle the tricky situation mentioned above.", "...his unique duties include dealing with poltergeists and casting out people's demons - though he claims the latter is a rare occurance.", "He concluded that the 'monk' was simply a "low-level poltergeist".", "The priest also revealed that he is called out to encounter alleged "spirits and demons" about six times a year and describes the work as "weird" yet "mundane".", ""It is the hard edge of the spiritual world that priests actually do inhabit".", "Although the term 'exorcism' is commonly used, especially in films and media, to cover a range of actions, in the Church of England it is a specific - and extremely rare - rite which can only be administered with authorisation from a bishop.""


    1. Went to a "Vegan" Concert organized by Mobey.Twin Peak's David Lynch was in attendance, along with Joker and his Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

    2. "extremely rare" = a spook too.

  31. Bratislava, Slovakia: What's that 1880s statue, perched in the middle of a fountain, smack bang in front of the National Theater? Ah, if it isn't our young friend Ganymede! See, the eagle is carrying him to Mount Olympus, so that Ganymede can "serve the gods". Yikes.

    Bratislava, Slovakia: What's that 1880s statue in the middle of a fountain, smack bang in front of the National Theater? Ah, Ganymede! See, the eagle is carrying him to Mount Olympus, so that Ganymede can "serve the gods". Yikes.

    Thanks Chris for brushing past the euphemisms. Europe is so chock-full of statues depicting little boys peeing and catching fish and whatnot, we don't stop to think about the symbols on display.

  32. Looks like The Baphomets will play The Horned Gods in the Super Ba'al. Perfect.

  33. Each planetary being represents both virtue and vice, just like each human soul contains them both. As alchemists we are tasked with refining that ore.

    Sure if hard Gnostics want to they can say ''Jupiter'' is the ''Evil'' God of Empire and Investment banks but then they have to say Mars is the Evil God of Arms dealers, Venus the Evil Goddess of Slut Pop and Mercury the Evil God of hackers and spam. Maybe these Neo-Gnostics only ever see the Gods, all ''Gods'', in these negative lights but most of the time I seem to find them singling out some and letting some off the hook which doesn't seem fair. I am looking at you Hermes.

    In reality the Gods seem to put their weight behind a lot of the ''good things'' on Earth as well, the growth of small business and entrepreneurship, art, science, etc unless they consider all them good things to be evil simply by being manifest? And if, as a hard Gnostic, they are an enemy of all of the Gods, then who is their friend, infinity? Hmmm, well we've talked about the problems with that before so I won't go over it again.

    In continuing to back check the colour theory Chris switched me on to I have just posted up on 2010 for the Unifying Colour Theory and showed how Inception was in White along with various other QBListic details.

    I'd also like to draw your attention to the film ''10'' out on Netflix right now on cue, as it is EXACTLY what I am talking about in this shift of colour and theme for 2019 - The Year of Malkuth (2019, 1 + 9 = 10). Read the associations of Malkuth in Mystical Qabalah, free online and you're good to go. I'll post a brief analysis when I get to it.

    1. Is it worse to enslave yourself to these ancient characters by unnecessarily fearing and despising them or by worshiping them? I don't know.

      Is it better to have one god responsible for everything good and another for everything bad? Or have a different god for every day of the week and each piece of cutlery in your kitchen? Maybe all you need is one god that plays all the roles and is always watching you, like the smartphone of gods.

      The ancient secret is that you have one god for the despot who rules over you and owns your ass. That god is the boss of the boss. Anyone who says otherwise has their head chopped off so that's the only god whose name get's carved into the walls.

  34. So now we know what the muh blood moon garbage was about as the you-know-whos step up their bombings in Damascus. Everyone knows you're not supposed to notice tho because of the six million innocent jews ruthlessly gassed by the evil Russian Tsar and the White Army.

  35. AOC donating/promoting to the “Mermaids Gender” charity for lgbtq youth using Twitch livestreams... As an lgbtq youth that was homeless it would have been cool to see that money in any of the programs I needed to use.

    1. Tragedy is the profitable promised land way beyond the horizon, no way the gravy train is stopping to help those leveraged for more fakenotes.


  36. Happy MLK Day, Chris. I read this years ago, but thought it would make for some interesting holiday reading around here. It's the good Doctor's study on Mithraism:

  37. Glowing white horses in Matera, Italy - the 2019 european cultural capital:

    By chance I caught some of this ceremony live, lots of talk of twins and other weirdness that I can't find online.
    Plus an orb that resembles 'Rover' in the Prisoner (at about the 10min mark)

    looking forward to the new book Chris, "in boca al' lupo" (Italian for best of luck amigo)!

  38. Red Hot may be playing at the Pyramids... whoopdee doo...Killing Joke recorded INSIDE them once. If your going to do magick. DO magick

    1. The US State Dept. / the musical industrial complex using 'Entertainment' diplomacy to promote "democracy" in the middle-east?

    2. It's done on "the west" 1st long before airdrop/vector spread anywhere else, "the west" = the proven globalised "testing ground" - "ground zero" of the antiHuman experiment, & so successful has It been the rest of the world seeks to either be part of the diseased club or to clone It & tweak the program to suit their own inhuman ends (essentially indistinguisable from project "westworld").


  39. “I like move stairs.”
    In 10years if reading the Secret Sun, this is the first sentence that doesn’t make sense to me.
    Is it a play on dialect, saying “movie stars”? A typo? Anyone?
    Ha - it’s bugging me!
    Great stuff as always, Mr. K!

    1. It's a private joke between me and Mrs. Secret. Forgive the indulgence.

    2. Aha! Hey, it’s your blog - indulge away, babe!

  40. Splice:

    "Planet Nine is not real but there's something else strange on the edge of our solar system, scientists say", "But now a new paper suggests an entirely different explanation: there is a disc made up of small icy bodies that put together is as much as ten times as massive as the Earth.", "Scientists plugged that possibility into a model of our solar system and found that it appeared to explain the unusual movement of those distant objects.", "The researchers admit that they have no more direct evidence of the disc than of Planet Nine. But the search is complicated by the fact that it is harder to see the properties of our own solar system, compared with those that we are looking at from the outside."

    An 'ice disc'?

    "Colossal spinning disc of ice suddenly appears in river"



    "...authorities confirmed that a second woman fell pregnant during the experiment.", "The expectant mother and the twin girls from the first pregnancy will be put under medical observation...", "Following the storm sparked by He's announcement, scientists have called for an international treaty on gene-editing."


    1. "Treaty" is a much better weasel-word than "ban".

  41. Narratives crumbling on the Lincoln memorial.

  42. I saw a reference the other day to the people of the Western world as being perhaps the most ill-prepared in human history for what they are about to experience, and that was in the context of the sort of economic consequences that will be served up by year's end.

    1. 2019's really being hammered down on... on to "the west", is some kind of tipping point rapidly manifesting & do the youtubers etc. increasingly(?) prophecising upheaval, in some form or other, have some kenning as to the nearing shape of the (end of the) future? Is the talk of doom simply symptomatic that the doom meme is running amok in service of agitating & increasing stress responses in bodies to be farmed? Will the doom meme inspire a catastrophe? Will it be akin to a self-fulfilling prophecy? Stop talking about It?

      343 days of 366, this being a "leap year" - when "time" is recalibrated no less, left to find out! (If we get that far!).


    2. It's a "Leap Year"? Ooooooohhhh Jesus.


    Cygnus inception.

    Maybe someone can explain this but perhaps it is best not to try.

  44. I think Chris is simply trying to explain that he really enjoys smoking on escalators. Smoking on escalators is a regional form of amusement that predates the larger more expensive parks like Disney World or Six Flags or, closer to Chris' home, Edaville USA or Salem Willows, even. In fact, before the great amusement park boom of the early 1960's, riding escalators and elevators, along with other forms of public transportation was a normal pastime for teenagers and small children who often had only enough money for a candy bar and a pack of Lucky Strikes (TM) after the Kennedy Assassination caused the price of chocolate and tobacco to go through the roof which sent shock waves through the already fractured child economies---which up until then only included nickel's ($US 5 cents) from weird uncles who let you pull their finger, the tooth fairy ($US 25 cents), and the occasional in-house begging and scrapping off parents who were fond of napping after seventeen hour days making steel widgets in the iron factory and left their pants unguarded on the backs of greasy kitchen chairs. "Move Stairs" is a New England short-form term for escalators because that's what the stairs do: They move. Systemically, New Englanders have traditionally hated to fluff up an already despised language with fancy words like 'escalator' or 'elevator' which are Latin derived and would have been beaten and ridiculed normally if caught wandering off peoples tongues without proper supervision in most of their urban neighborhoods, pre-1980's.

    1. This is what I expected was meant, thank you! ;)

  45. Sometimes the truth has a will of its own. Refreshingly honest at least:

    "We are witnessing the birth of a new faith. It is not a theistic religion. Indeed, unlike Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, it replaces a personal relationship with a transcendent God in the context of a body of believers with a fervent and radically individualistic embrace of naked materialistic personal recreation.

    Moreover, in contrast to the orthodox Christian, Judaic, and Islamic certainty that human beings are made up of both material body and immaterial soul – and that both matter – adherents of the new faith understand that we have a body, but what really counts is mind, which is ultimately reducible to mere chemical and electrical exchanges. Indeed, contrary to Christianity’s view of an existing Heaven or, say, Buddhism’s conception of the world as illusion, the new faith insists that the physical is all that has been, is, or ever will be.

    Such thinking leads to nihilism. That’s where the new religion leaves past materialistic philosophies behind, by offering adherents hope. Where traditional theism promises personal salvation, the new faith offers the prospect of rescue via radical life-extension attained by technological applications – a postmodern twist, if you will, on faith’s promise of eternal life. This new religion is known as “transhumanism, ” and it is all the rage among the Silicon Valley nouveau riche, university philosophers, and among bioethicists and futurists seeking the comforts and benefits of faith without the concomitant responsibilities of following dogma, asking for forgiveness, or atoning for sin – a foreign concept to transhumanists. Truly, transhumanism is a religion for our postmodern times."


    "Transhumanists used to repudiate any suggestion that their movement is a form of, or substitute for, religion. But in recent years, that denial has worn increasingly thin. For example, Yuval Harari, a historian and transhumanist from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, told The Telegraph, “I think it is likely in the next 200 years or so Homo sapiens will upgrade themselves into some idea of a divine being, either through biological manipulation or genetic engineering by the creation of cyborgs, part organic, part non-organic.”

    According to Harari, the human inventions of religion and money enabled us to subdue the earth. But with traditional religion waning in the West – and who can deny it? – he believes we need new “fictions” to bind us together. That’s where transhumanism comes in:

    Religion is the most important invention of humans. As long as humans believed they relied more and more on these gods, they were controllable. With religion, it’s easy to understand. You can’t convince a chimpanzee to give you a banana with the promise it will get 20 more bananas in chimpanzee Heaven. It won’t do it. But humans will.

    But what we see in the last few centuries is humans becoming more powerful, and they no longer need the crutches of the gods. Now we are saying, “We do not need God, just technology.”

    Hmmmmm...I seem to recall something about Lucifer & Roswell that was posted here...

    1. the very model of a modern singularitarian

      naturally the need for a "gadget black hole" is blamed on nihilists as they are a favourite virtual enemy of all dirty sophiephiles

      they got that "lust for life" over there in silicon valley alright

    2. The Mandela Effect "Consciousness Movement" is growing much faster than the Big Tech Cylon-borg's dystopian techno babble church of materialism religion.

  46. About concerts & pyramids, I am sure you all remember this;

    1. 20 Years ago,Jean Michael-Jarre put on a New Year's Eve concert at the Egyptian Pyramids to usher in the Millennium.

  47. Michael M Hughes has no empathy towards death threats anymore. He is so inclusive.

  48. All the best sandman with ruddy high cheeks.
    I guess the shiny geometry kind of speaks to the staging whether involved or naught.
    Wonder sometimes if being in charge is negotiable.

  49. So a "meteor" struck the moon during the eclipse. For the first time in history.

    1. And then we see this meteor-related showbiz news:

    2. Someone's gotta say what everyone's thinking:

      Nicolas Cage IS "The Color Out of Space".

  50. The Red Line elevated train in Chicago is ostensibly doing a blood drive thing, labeled the "Blood Line." what timing

    Carl Jung and Mithras:" It began with a deification experience in late 1913 while he was inducing visionary states in himself what he was later to interpret as an initiation into an ancient Hellenistic mystery cult. Mithras... Jung...lived out a wild, intense, mad fantasy life during which he believed he was initiated. He descended into a cave and had all sorts of strange dreams and fantasies... standing with his arms outstretched like the crucified Christ, a big snake wrapped around his body, suddenly turns into a god. He develops a lion head: becoming the lion-headed god of the ancient Mithraic religion – a mixture of Mithraic Kronos (Aion) and Christ....Mithraism was thought to be a direct extension from ancient Persia and therefore probably one of the oldest, if not the oldest, of the mystery cults in the Hellenistic world. And, furthermore, it had a direct link with the old Aryan homeland. Iran and India. Jung was steeped in all this and believed he was an initiate in the most Aryan of all the mystery cults, the most ancient Aryan spiritual experience you could have...He rather self-consciously gathered his community around him as a religious prophet would...."