Friday, January 18, 2019

Entrainment Tonight: Blood on the Moon

Sunday brings us the Super Bloody Castle Wolfenstein Moon (or whatever), so as you would expect lots of different folks are getting ready to ride those moon-waves. Sounds like there are a few more of these bloody moons on the way so hold on to your hemoglobin and surf those gnarly Apocalyptic curls...

Looks like Ambrosia (literally "food of the gods") got their vampire bistro up and running in time for the big lunar event. Well done, Team Edward!

Meanwhile, I'm thinking of starting a petition to change the city's name to Satan Francisco. Who's with me?

Satan Francisco is a sanctuary city, don't forget. And so it shall remain, for everyone except teenage refugees, teenage runaways and teenage homeless. 

Or as the city's movers and shakers refer to them, "lunch."

Speaking of lunch, the mainstream media continues to shill for the Satanic Temple, despite the fact that only douchebags and deviants don't realize that the Satanic Temple is a bottomless motherlode of fine Corinthian cringe.

We're talking Brony-level cringe, only even more interested in schoolchildren.

Even so, I can't tell what kind of meat that is. Filet of Cub Scout, maybe? I don't know.

I don't want to know.

Speaking of cannibal entrainment, Gwen there looks like she's none too happy that just turned out to be a cake. She's shooting someone some serious stinkeye there.

Effin' poseurs, eh Gwendolyn? Have someone buy you a gift certificate to Ambrosia. That'll put a smile on your face.

To absolutely no one's surprise, Auntie Beeb is also trying to push Cringe-ianity (what normies call "Satanism") to the Millennials with a big puff-piece on this nice MI6 shill Satanic vicar. I think evangelizing is a requirement with these folks.

Looks like some British doggers were getting with the spirit of the times as well. 

Seeing this is The Sun we're talking about here this story could well be apocryphal. But not for long; once idiots are finished with their Bird Box Challenges I'm sure they'll go straight to smearing themselves with bird blood and rutting like Yorkshire Terriers at a park near you. Keep those cameras ready!

You know, this has to be a hoax on account of everyone knows witchcraft is all about the female empowerment. 

Well, everyone except people who practice real witchcraft and not the fake New Age witchcraft that brain-donors at intellectual dustbins like Refinery 29 and Elle push to their culturally-illiterate readers, I mean.

People who practice real witchcraft-- and the people who unfortunately get too close to them-- don't really worry all that much about female empowerment.  Sorry to break the news.

The Ides of March? Yeah, good luck with that, Peppers.

"$33 an hour." LOL. 
Funny Freems. Don't ever change.

What's that you say?

No, I have no idea if this just more thoughtless cultural-appropriation and feminist misery-tourism written by some hyperprivileged Canadian academic who can fuck off back to her cushy Toronto flat as soon as things get a little too empowering. And by "empowering," I mean "murdery."

Why do you ask?

Hmm, that doesn't look very empowering to me. Or holy.

Ask for Death and you shall receive.

And receive. And receive. And receive.

And receive.

And receive some more.

Soon to be the fastest-dying popular faith in the Americas.

Maybe someone should reserve a bed for our pal Eleven at Betty Ford now. Maybe in the exclusive Drew Barrymore Wing. Beat the rush.

Bonus Sunnery: Penn Badgley played Jeff Buckley in the Greetings from Tim Buckley biopic.

Man, the Met is really going for the gusto these days. Galatea was a minor sea-goddess some believe was based on Cybele.

Or if you prefer, a Siren.

Note infant male companion, then note Galatea is being displayed next to "The Dream of the Shepherd."

LOL, it never ends. Ever.

Because of course she did. Gotta get those Garlands (and evergreens) in there.

And the Mason. Plus, Stars.

I don't have anything much to say about this nonsense, other than I look forward to trying out my new Schick. It's just more of the same messaging that's being jammed up your urethra everywhere you look these days, just a little more blatant. And stupid.

I'm sick of it, you're sick of it and I think pretty soon enough other folks will be sick of it enough to start really bringing some serious economic pain to these hypocrites.

By that, I mean I don't think this is going to work out too well for Gillette and its parent, Procter & Gamble.

It's tempting to theorize this was all part of some elaborate master plan, but the fact is that I think our corporate elites are perilously brain-sodden with all kinds of toxic delusions, many of which will eventually kill their golden gooses and leave them clinging to the same life-raft that all the other fallen aristocrats in the annals of history ended up on.

Just one man's opinion, is all.

I did happen to notice that P & G quietly reintroduced the crescent moon (often identified with a god's horns in antiquity) to their current logo recently, which reminded me of the controversy in the 80s, when some Christians accused P&G of glorifying Satan with their old logo.

LOL, silly Christians: if you asked me, I'd tell you the logo depicts a figure infinitely more dangerous and deadly than Satan ever dared dream of being. Satan weeps like a whiny little bitch when he surveys the piles of human bodies slain in the Horned God's honor.

And that of course is the god of new world orders from time immemorial, Jupiter Ammon.

The Horned God was the patron of Alexander as he hacked and burned his way across the known world and the patron of Augustus as he built the most powerful empire the world had ever seen atop layers of dismembered corpses. As you'd expect, Jupiter Ammon became the secret god of Caesars and Emperors from that point forward. Even Rome's great nemesis Hannibal bowed to the hidden and horned god of world conquerors.

Speaking of smashing the world to living fuck, you may be interested to know that Jupiter Ammon's holiest shrine was in Libya, where the Libyan Sibyl prophesied to Alexander and other great killers of men.

Anything of any particular significance happen in Libya the past few years or so? My memory ain't what it used to be.

So like I said, that's just my two cents on the matter. I'd say that Alan Moore-looking fellow there is none other than our old pal Jupiter Ammon and that the stars represent the Olympians.

But what do I know, right? I'm dumb. I smoke. I like move stairs.

Seeing how Jupiter Ammon absorbed the roles of Zeus, Amun and Pan, it should be noted as such he was not only the patron of god of world conquerors he was also the patron god of rapists, especially boy-rapers.

Yes, this character was a prodigious raper of kouroi, most famously his young Trojan consort Ganymede, whom was abducted and raped when the god took the form of an eagle.

Ganymede was then taken to Olympus and employed as the catamite of the gods, which is all a nice way of saying he was also murdered when the Horned God tired of him. Ganymede was later placed among the stars and became the constellation of Aquarius, which is still another nice way of saying he was murdered when the Horned God tired of him. 

Apparently, our friends at Budweiser were inspired enough by this grisly tale not only to depict the horror show in old print ads...

...but also on steiners.

That was the old days, though. No corporation filled with secret apostles of the Horned and Hidden God would dare try to push that kind of messaging these days.

Lucky for us, right? I know I sleep better at night.

There are all kinds of weird connections with Roswell and the Horned and Hidden God, not the least of which is the fact that the alleged crash-site is precisely aligned with the legendary temple of Jupiter Ammon at Ba'albek.

Zany coincidence.

Anyway, there's another media push with UFOs and such, not the least of which was a big article in The New York Times by Leslie Kean.  

Watching the original Roswell gave me permanent intellect-damage, so I'm afraid I'll have to sit the remake out. Like everyone else.

Sadly, Project Blue Book jumped some serious shark its second week in. It continues to shit all over history and defame and impugn real people with its mix of plagiarism, ignorance and woke hate-mongering. 

Shame, I was looking forward to a good guilty-pleasure here.

They completely screwed the pooch with the Flatwoods Monster, one of the coolest stories (and creatures) from the Golden Age of Saucers and incorporated some inane and incongruous ripoffs from The Mothman Prophecies into their usual flat-out xeroxing of Taken. (I mean, what the fuck, History? Seriously).

And the pussy-hat agenda was in full flower, painting entirely-innocent Flatwoodians as drooling, raving rednecks bent on terrorizing a saintly single mother and her vaguely nonbinary children. This is outright slander and cringey slander at that.

It's also demonstrates an absolute for-shit level of target-audience research, since UFO people tend to be much older and more conservative than the mean.

What's worse, the playful and clever sexual insinuation of the first episode gave way to more overt (and tiresome) demonstrations, though I'm sure the writers of this bilge will get a stern speaking-to (at the very least) for suggesting that the evil Russians are somehow responsible for gay liberation, even unintentionally.


A lot of people have asked me about Fox's Masked Singer show, even though they probably already know what I think about it.

I did notice the premiere episode had someone dolled up in a golden lion costume, which I found quite interesting.

And by interesting, I mean throat-kickingly Mithraic.

I had a long conversation with another researcher the other day, one who is better-read on these things than all of us, probably combined. And we agreed that Mithraism-- an alpha-male religion of drugs, blood, animal masks and torture -- remains much, much more significant than the world dares realize. 

Also note that Mithraism was often twinned with the Mysteries of Cybele, whose priest/esses were the head-bangin', auto-castratin' transgendered Galloi. Wives of Mithraists often joined the Mysteries of Cybele, perhaps on the urging of their husbands who didn't much like getting cuckolded by horny holy men.

This is all part of the Great Restoration, meaning the restoration of the old religions that predate all the current ones by fathomless millennia. And with that the restoration of the old hierarchies and castes that went along with them. All helped along by the mind-warping concentrations of wealth and technology at the tippy-top of the social pyramid.

By the time it's all over, most so-called "neopagans" and "witches" will find themselves pining for the free and easy, loosey-goosey days of Torquemada and Calvin. The world that's coming will make the Dark Ages look like the Summer of Love in comparison, unless something or someone comes about to stop it. Or, more likely, it collapses under the weight of its own innumerable contradictions.

Speaking of masks, Fraserling Emeritus Bjork is like a living paper doll for techno-futurists and trans-humanists so keep an eye on her new tour. Note the title means "Horn of Plenty."

There was also a tribute to the Horned Christ in Los In Our Angeles this past week, where all kinds of people you never, ever wanted to hear sing a Chris Cornell song sang Chris Cornell songs.

Miley Koresh desecrated sang "Say Hello 2 Heaven or Las Vegas," which Cornell wrote for Andy Wood on the Temple of the Dog Star album. Those tremors you heard were just a small earthquake and not in fact Chris Cornell turning in the grave. He was cremated.