Monday, January 14, 2019

...But Secret Sunification is Interested in You.

As always, there's way too much going on out there. I've fallen a bit behind on my semiotics and pseudo-science, but here's a small sampling of stories from the World Secret Sunification desk...


Good ol' Scott Waring is at it again. I stopped perusing his spam 'n' malware-sodden site quite a number of years ago but you can always count on The Daily Mirror and its ilk to pimp his, um, wares.

This is hardly a stop-the-presses scoop for readers of this blog, but I was tickled by the undercurrents at work here, given that the Rabbit Moon thing first appears in the Chu Ci, which dates back to the "Warring States" period of China's history (Waring, Warring--get it? Yeah).

There's also the Kenneth Anger synchery (via his short film Rabbit's Moon), which in turn connects to Crowley and Zeppelin and Kinsey and Jean Cocteau and all the rest of it. 

My question is why are these rovers never landed atop some high plateau so we can really get an eyeful of some vast lunar or Martian vistas? 

I guess that question answers itself.


Lots of Twinning in the stars in the days ahead. This story not only connects to the Twinning motif but to the self-cloning motif we've been studying.  This star is called MM 1b, or "13-13: Twins born from one." Note how the lower case b could stand in for a pregnancy sigil. At least I think so.

MM Ib was reportedly spotted from an observatory in the Atacama Desert, which longtime readers are certainly very familiar with. 

In the last celebrity-aversion therapy session (also called "award shows"), we saw some Twinning again with A.dams (aka L.ois L.ane) of Arrival fame and "Song to the Siren" music video star Patricia Arquette. 

This was The C.ritics C.hoice Awards, incidentally. Note Twin stars.

In case you didn't get the point, they Twinned it up again with Glenn Close (raised in a cult, incidentally) and Lady Ga.Ga, the latter of whom won for the latest remake of A Star is Born. I was wondering if there's a Crowley sync here since Close looks so much like a lost Bush sibling.

Note Close's Pearlescent blazer.

Ga.Ga is also rocking the Pearlescence during her current residency in-- wait for it-- Heaven or Las Vegas. 

And because they're relentlessly consuming the entire city, MGM (that M-M again) is hosting Ga.Ga's performances. Note logo's similarity to Ishtar's eight-pointed star.

When you Ish upon a Tar, makes no difference who you are.

Frasejacent fading-stars Orlando Bloom and Katy Perrynormal attended one of Ga.Ga's gigs together. Bloom was cosplaying Leon Trotsky and Katy was cosplaying Miley Cyrus circa 2013. As per usual.


In a related story, keeping pharmacies unlocked at night could give rise to drugs getting stolen.

I recommend the idiots messing around with this stuff stop reading funnybooks and start reading some Michael Crichton. Or watch some Outer Limits.

I had to include this item because this is one of the worst-written headlines I've seen on a major website. Is that "Doctor who" or Doctor Who? Is this about Gene, who edits Doctor Who? Or did Gene edit baby rejects, earning him the death penalty? And so on and so forth. Is this a symptom of cost-cutting at online magazines or of the collapse of literacy? 

Vote in the comments.

I don't know where to start with this except to wonder how many non-biological things have been encoded into DNA. As of now, I'm only aware of The Bible and, y'know, a certain album featuring a certain singer. Yeah.

Anyone who can bring me up to speed, please do so in the comments.

I'm not sure why they are in general, but in this particular case my guess would be silicon.

Is this Gabriel, Raphael or Michael, though? I get so confused these days.


A Twitter pal send me this. It reminded me that "Ariel" is both a masculine and feminine name.

Is there a subtle seahorse theme at work here? Or perhaps a crayfish

Either way, Mermaid Entrainment shows no signs of slowing down.  Taylor Swift already flirted with Frasejacency before, but word on the street is she's going for the gusto now. Oddly enough, Taylor is also a dual-gendered name.

Plus, Charlton Heston. He put his vest on.

Charlize is a feminine form of Karl, which means "The Man." Theron is devilishly close to Therion, or "Master Therion," if you prefer.

Note Twin Twinning above her head there.

And weirdly enough, Lindsay is also a male and female name as well. Very interesting.

I really want a billion dollars and a fleet of platinum-plated hovercraft, Lindsay. Now you know how it feels to want.

RuPaul chipped in on the entrainment effort this past year as well. As you expected.


Not sure which character is meant to be Little Mermaid on steroids. I'm assuming Mera, what with the ginger and all. Still have to see that movie. If you liked it, post a short review in the comments.

I do have to say that Lex Luthor's new lady-love looks buff enough to land a role in a superhero movie. Even if the ex is now looking set to land a good half or more of those billions I'm sure he'll still have the juice to get her a plum movie gig if her heart so desires. 

There's always TV too, to and Ms. Sanchez is certainly no stranger to TV. But maybe she can make the transition from TV to T.inselT.own.  

Speaking of TV, we recently saw Baldo the Caledonian show up on The Sun, so I thought I'd mention this exciting news: The Invisibles has been inked for a possible TV adaption. I know a lot of readers are big fans of the book so let's hope this very complex and challenging work doesn't get lost in translation from the page to the stage.

Readers know that I'm a huge fan of the Watchmen movie and actually prefer it to the comics. Which is probably why Alan Moore doesn't take my calls anymore. 

Anyhow, Watchmen helmsman Zach Snyder was offering this JLA-themed shirt for a charity drive recently and it looks good. 

And by "good," I mean "really, really, really Masonic."

Speaking of really, really, really Masonic, The 3ritics' 3hoice Awards were last night but the more prestigious 7.olden 7.lobes were last week. It was even more TV-kicking-in-worthy than previous ceremonies. Or should I say, previous celebrity-aversion therapy sessions.

And you had (annoying) Twin hosts this year, Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh, seen here rocking the Pearlescence in front of the now-obligatory Blue-and-Gold.

Darren Criss (no relation to the Kiss drummer) posed for these photo-ops in front of the Blue-and-Gold Emmys and Blue-and-Gold GG wallpapers. Note this pose gives the impression that these idols fell to Criss from the Heavens, clearly the intended message.

And just because it wasn't creepy and disturbing enough, there was a "gag" in which a platoon of actors swarmed the audience, pretending to be doctors giving out vaccines. 

The gutter press and the fake Twitter scold accounts (but I repeat myself) got a lot of mileage shaming actors who flinched from what would have been a dangerous, un-hygenic, unethical and most probably illegal move had it been real.

This "gag" was as funny as colon cancer but I was thinking it was kind of similar to the man-faced dog scene in the terrifyingly-prophetic 1978 adaption of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. 

And by "kind of similar," I mean "exactly identical in every single possible way."

Some of you may remember the man-faced dog-- which was the severed head of a well-loved local hobo stitched onto the body of his dog using alien science-- was used by the Pod People to smoke out any remaining real humans trying to escape detection.

Like I said.

Here's a good plot-point idea for the producers of the inevitable future remake of Body Snatchers. 

It might be too scary for a PG13 movie, though.


Regina King, literally "Queen King." So I guess there's your 50% in a way. 

Plus, Regulus. Plus, Blue-and-Gold.

However, King's win for If Beale Street Could Talk followed a win for Lady Ga.Ga's "Shallow" from A Star is Born.

Here is Wisdom for the Initiated: "Shallow Than Halo." 


I hadn't realized but the year-end Antarctic hike to Victoria Land was actually undertaken by two men, one an American and the other a Briton.

Some of you might remember that their journey took an odd path and included a dangerous and time-wasting journey across the Hercules Dome. Some of you might also remember that by some random glitch in Time-Space, the trek corresponded to a journey from Boötes, through Hercules and ending up at Lyra.

In other words, from the Shepherd Boy to Heaven or the Vegas off the coast of Victoria Land. On the same day it was revealed that William Little had filed assault charges against Kevin Spacey. Weird. 

What do you think that's about? I'll tell ya, it's a real head-scratcher.

The American was one Colin O'Brady. Incidentally, whelp comes from the Old German welf, meaning "young wolf."

Huh, Wolf and Chest, eh? Whatever could that possibly mean? It's an enigma, I tell you.

I also wonder if Louis Rudd's friends call him "Ruddy." I also wonder if his wife, if he has one, might be named "Ruby" or Penny." Perhaps "Pearl."


The Shimmer just keeps rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin' along. Some new models are showing up and they're wondrous and horrible, sometimes all at once. Here's a small sampling:

The Shimmer is everywhere now, but I think it actually touched down in the Down Under but the filmmakers changed it to Florida, maybe for the tax breaks. But as always, Oz remains Ground Zero for Shimminess and Shimmitude, especially sea-shims washing ashore from the Lovecraftian depths.

Kind of reminds me of the Watchmen fake aliens.

I can't find a striped anemone that looks anything like this. Nor does the sun-bleaching theory explain why this critter has so much black on its tendrils. But Aussies have enough horrors to contend with, they probably don't want the tourists getting scared off.

I'm sure the State Tourist Board have enough headaches on their hands with this deadly giant jellyfish invasion and all.

Of course, jellyShims are a problem all over the world these days, just as Jeff Wells once prophesied.

"Fosters" might be Australian for beer, but "tennis ball-sized, rock-hard missiles of spiky death raining from the clouds" are Australian for hail. Thanks to the Shimmer.

Someone send the Australian tourist board some nice pastries. Or Xanax.

Oh, Lord Jesus protect this wretched sinner, it's Black Philip! 

(Wrong movie, Phil). 


  1. Why is the Mermale wearing a Christian crucifix?!! And it looks like he’s suckling that baby. Creepy.

    1. Why is he wearing a belt?

    2. It's his utility belt. He keeps his Mer-rope, Mer-arang, Mer-shark repellent and so on in it.

    3. I thought mermaids (and mermales, presumably) were allowed to be Christian since Oscar Wilde said so.

  2. Replies
    1. Hear, hear. I haven't turned on the TV in years, except to watch a 1940s film noir DVD.

      TV, social media... They don't even PRETEND to serve up anything thoughtful of witty any more.

      "[The award show's] moving and inspiration moment": Where's a bucket I can hurl into.

  3. I know it's not what you mean but the first four tracks on the album Deadwing by Porcupine Tree are Deadwing/Shallow/Lazarus/Halo.

    If you are interested in tracking the canine theme then Mars Attacks had its own version of the same thing. The novella Diamond Dogs by Alistair Reynolds had a spin on it and, of course, the name is a reference to the famous Bowie album art.

    And name one young "leading man" from film or TV who isn't juicing like crazy these days.

    1. Oh sure- it wouldn't surprise me at all if Wilson harbored strong Shoegazerly tendencies, maybe even Shoefraserly convictions.

  4. Re: "There's also the Kenneth Anger synchery (via his short film Rabbit's Moon), which in turn connects to Crowley and Zeppelin and Kinsey and Jean Cocteau and all the rest of it."

    "Robbie Williams 'mocks neighbour Jimmy Page by dressing up as Led Zeppelin star's bandmate Robert Plant and playing rival rock music through outside loudspeakers' claims local."

    I wonder if Robbie throws in a few covers of Plant's solo work like 'Sea of Love', since Page was worried about the mermaids plastered on his walls and the damage Robbie could do to them a while back?-)

    "Williams was given planning permission for a subterranean extension to build a gym and 30ft swimming pool at his £17.5million Grade II listed property.
    Page, 75, had fought against the ruling and claimed it would damage his own Grade I listed home and mosaics [mermaids on his walls]."

    In a letter to Kensington and Chelsea borough, Johnny claimed Williams had been 'imitating' Led Zeppelin front man Robert Plant by wearing a long wig and stuffing a pillow up his shirt as a mock beer belly."

    "The Angel singer has been playing hits by Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple outside on speakers when he sees Page, according to comments submitted to the council."

    I would imagine the PF songs are from 'The Dark Side of the Moon';-)

    1. Robbie Williams is just desperately trying to remain relevant somehow. Never understood that whole thing, I must admit.

  5. Chris,

    Alan Moore doesn't take your calls anymore because you talked about Grant Morrison without dissing him in a pissy way. Not really sure why, but Beardo Weirdo really hates Baldy Bardo. I think it has something to do with a few Michael Moorcock fans hating on Morrison for making the alter ego of King Mob in the Invisibles something vaguely like Jerry Cornelius, and Alan is tight with Michael, so there? I dunno, like anyone really cares.

    I was/am a huge fan of The Invisibles but why give it the treatment now? It was meant as a story arc for the Millennium, twenty years ago. Still lots of great stuff in there, I admit, but all I can think is that someone wanted to put it out in the wake of American Gods and Preacher - two more two-decades-old properties - and see where it goes. Good luck to them, I know I'll watch it.

    I did see Aquaman, and I liked it a lot. It was an action-adventure movie without the dark, brooding muck that has infected DC properties forever, it seems. There were moments in it that were positively Technicolor. Action was all huge set pieces without feeling like they were setting up for the video game. Leads were likable, villains were not wooden or flat. Now, if we can only get a decent Flash movie out of them, or maybe a team-up of Flash and Cyborg? A buddy movie! Let Supes and the Bat simmer off-camera a while, then reboot them hard.

    1. Is It true this "Technicolor" Wonder also features a "rainbow bridge" like/but not like The Bifrost as seen in the "Thor" movies?

    2. Wow! This Grant Morrison guy sure sounds like a real badass. A superhero in human form blessing us with his earthly presence. Stoicly weathering the non-stop attacks from this beastly Moore character to protect us from his wrath.

    3. Ironically, Alan Moore stopped taking my calls shortly after the Watchmen adaption was first announced as being in production. I've since lost his number.

      I think you can only truly appreciate a superhero film in the theater. They don't translate well to the small-screen. Or the spy-screen, as the case may be.

    4. The story I heard about Alan Moore and Grant Morrison is that when Alan Moore decided to come out of the magick closet (not that anybody that mattered ever had the slightest doubt that he knew his magick), he realized that Grant Morrison was there already, so he felt it was his obligation to diss him, for marketing reasons. But he LARPed that for so long that he ended up hating the guy for real. No idea if the story is true, just passing it along.

  6. A far-side lander would well be able to take some pretty shots of a Moon-Eye-View of the firmament unobstructed by "light sources".

    & was that "Masonic" as in "Sefirotic"?

    "Spookies Theme":

    "Specialists from Russia's space agency are attempting to fix issues that have blocked control of the country's only orbiting radio telescope, Spektr-R.", "...Spektr-R is still transmitting scientific data but it has not responded to commands from earth since Friday...", "The telescope was launched ... with the primary goal to preform research on the structure and dynamics of radio sources within and beyond our Milky Way galaxy."

    A rogue spectre?

    A red-room spook-back for "the ladies" of San Francisco (debuted 2016):

    A commentator on instagram states:

    "Looks like a scene from the Shining"

    & another:

    "I... corrected her as well."

    & a Louise Bourgeois spider sculpture, one of her "Maman" offspring/clones, splits the loos m/f on the 5th floor.

    The space color of this MillenniuM got more red carpet treatment, as reported by a "Alyssa Bailey":

    Pearlescent / Cerulean tones were the dominant colors of the night, Gaga gave a "hint of pink" ...BUT!!!:

    What is awarding without humiliation? The Article also states:

    "Gaga plays Jackson Maine, who struggles with alcoholism, in the Bradley Cooper directed hit."

    Ooooppsies!.. no need to "rub" It in!

    “I wanted nothing more than to show the truth and the power of this very heartbreaking dynamic. This is the true star of the film, the true star of the film is not me. It’s bravery and perseverance.”

    The horse was called "Arabella": "It has long been associated with Latin orabilis meaning "invokable"".

    There's a photo "Out There" of Gaga & Close ("close" to what though?) posing awards in one hand their other happening to frame "see her" behind them on the award show decor, where's a "transvestigator" when It's needed?


    Take That! Led Zep! Cosmic waring of the would-be Titan Elementals:

    "The musicians, who live in Holland Park, west London, clashed after the ex-Take That singer was granted conditional approval last year to build a basement swimming pool."

    ..."Holland" & a doppelgänger:

    "...Williams has also dressed up to imitate Led Zeppelin’s frontman Robert Plant by “wearing a long hair wig, and stuffing a pillow under his shirt in an attempt to mock or imitate Mr Robert Plant’s beer belly that he has acquired in his older age”"

    Well, as the "Blackstar" once sang:

    "Watch out!"


    1. Nice freestyling there, K. Cheers.

    2. Stream continues:

      “As she closed the first of her 26 dates to a rousing ovation, it was obvious that Gaga was more than comfortable on the Vegas stage where many all-time
      greats cut their teeth. Simply put, she was born to do this.”

      As her 1 time Grammy performing partners, humiliated live on stage by a failed microphone, thrashed:

      "To Live is to Die".

      Bonus: "Pantone", owned by "X-Rite", owned by "Danaher Corp", "Danaher" comes from "Danaher Creek", "Dana" = "The root “Dana” is an ancient Celtic word meaning “swift flowing,” an apt descriptor for the nimble mindset and rapid flow of innovation that have defined Danaher for decades." ("The company had its origins as a real estate investment trust...")


    3. ..."Over the next decade the company established leadership in the markets that define it today, beginning with water in 1998 and followed by product identification (2001), dental (2004), diagnostics (2006) and life sciences (2009).", "With more than 30 operating companies, our globally diverse team of 67,000 associates is united by a shared purpose: to help realize life’s potential."

      ..."potential" eh? What's that "great" for?


    4. Racehorse Owner,Lady Rothschild Dies at 83

  7. I saw 'Aquaman' because it was filmed just down the road from where I live (in those same jellyfish infested waters of late) and I didn't mind it, but found it a bit long.
    The effects are pretty trippy, but it can lull you to sleep in parts if you aren't tanked up on coffee or Red Bull.
    I would recommend a viewing ... but only once for me.
    I don't think I could sit through it for a second time, at least not so soon.

    1. I started reading superhero comics when I was 3 and drifted away for the most part when I was 25. I'm hard to impress, alas.

  8. You've seen this right Christopher? Holy shit.

    1. Is this what "drain cleaner gargler" sounds like?

    2. No. Think more Tom Waits but even older.

    3. ...William Burroughs?

  9. And there is also this :

    Queen guitarist Nasa and ultima thule,of all things

    1. Any hackers out there who can delete that pdf of Magick Without Tears from NASAs intranet server? Thanks in advance.

  10. On gene-editing, this article is about new thinking about evolution, with implications for CRISPR and other gene-editing projects. In particular, these scientists state that organisms often "evolve" rapidly due to the organisms themselves having the ability to gene-edit themselves. This could lead to some interesting repercussions if CRISPR edits appear to the organism as damage to be repaired.

    "Many times, radical innovations commence inside a single cell or organism, leaving Natural Selection little or no immediate role. Such was the case with Barbara McClintock’s surprise discovery of transposition: a single plant, faced with chromosome damage, repaired its DNA in real time and went on to reproduce."

    Following up on the general vegan and hormones theme, if you suspected big money backing this crap, you were right:

    "This is the point where “Big Ag” steps in, having discovered that the “plant-based” lifestyle market generates large profit margins, adding value through the ultra-processing of cheap materials (e.g., protein extracts, starches, and oils). The world’s leading food multinationals are related to the EAT network via FReSH, a bridge to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The WBCSD is a CEO-led organization of over 200 international companies. Unilever, for instance, offers nearly 700 vegan products in Europe and has now also acquired the Dutch Vegetarian Butcher. The latter’s marketing activities, by the way, have been designed by a key politician of the Dutch Party for the Animals and a Seventh-day Adventist."

    1. Vegan is a neologism for "Eloi."

    2. "THEY EAT WE SOY"

    3. & "Unilever's" "U" logo is made up of symbols signing the various pies It has Its probes in including "DNA" & "Wave", "The brand identity was developed around the idea of "adding vitality to life."", the "creative director" of the "brand consultancy" ("Wolff Olins") states: "we used a fluid creative process whereby we thought about how and what Unilever does, whilst drawing icons and the U simultaneously.

      & Jean-Francois Gariépy, Ph. D. in Neuroscience, has published a book "The Revolutionary Phenotype: The amazing story of how life begins and how it ends" "a science book that brings us four billion years into the past, when the first living molecules showed up on Planet Earth. Unlike what was previously thought, we learn that DNA-based life did not emerge from random events in a primordial soup. Indeed, the first molecules of DNA were fabricated by a previous life form. By describing the fascinating events referred to as Phenotypic Revolutions, this book provides a dire warning to humanity: if humans continue to play with their own genes, we will be the next life form to fall to our own creation."


    4. & "Unilever" is the Shimmer harbinger of "Lever Brothers" (UK) & "Margerine Unie" (Dutch) quite a beastly orange of a splice.


    5. Hey on your orange trip check this out.

    6. Mysterious youtube link posters, try describing the contents in ascii next time?

  11. One of my best Christ mass gifts this year was the Beatles White Album 50th anniversary remix... Upon listening to it, for at least the 50th time all time, Julia came up and its lyrics are quite relative upon this here blogoshpere:

    ...Julia, Julia, ocean child, calls me
    So I sing a song of love, Julia
    Julia, seashell eyes, windy smile, calls me
    So I sing a song of love, Julia
    Her hair of floating sky is shimmering, glimmering
    In the sun...

  12. Seems with NWO Gov collapsed! er partial 'shutdown':many people are being forced to Wake Up.The Deep State Entertainment agents telescreen media brainwashing complex may start to panic as very few are still paying attention to celebrity bs. The jinnsborg elite (old ones) are now in die off mode ie. going back to the Sleestak underground city.Fun Time to be semi-aware.

    1. Um, not sure I get your point. Care to translate?

    2. The Prison Wardens are leaving the stage.

    3. That's not a good thing anon. That's not the plan. We want the prison wardens on the stage as we leave. Preferably they will stay on the stage, dead, with bullet holes in their heads. Because it's not a stage at all but a prison and the plan is to get out, not be locked inside torturing each other for their amusement.

    4. I don't think it's a fun time to be semi-aware, it's scary as hell. Do you think that weird shit happens for your entertainment? It's weird because it's not supposed to happen normally.

      Oh, you must have bought the standard brainwashing that revolutions end well with the good-looking heroes sorting everything out just after everything goes to hell. Nope, sorry, it never happens like that. Only in movies. It doesn't matter if the "rebels" or the "status quo" or "hey, who ever saw that one coming from the left field?" wins. This sort of thing never, ever ends well, for anybody.

    5. The long told Prophecy says the power structure will be flipped.As more people stop living in fear of the Archon Parasites and find courage to Revolt.

    6. Epic! Yellow Jackets March Guillotine up to Dallas Texas Courthouse!

  13. last I heard, Lindsay Lohan was busy 'yachting'. But it's all 'gravy', now maybe.

  14. Pre-Glee :)
    Never watched Glee.

    1. Wow, that was despair-inducing. What little I watched.

    2. Yeah... Even I haven't managed to get more than half-way.

  15. "I've fallen a bit behind on my semiotics and pseudo-science."

    On another thread i just said "Will save my criticism of the DSM. It has definite utility, but VERY flawed too." This is a perfect segue since this is one of the things i had in mind. After reading it, i have no doubt of its utility. Many of the disorders listed therein do exist, are precisely as described, and there is no doubt in my mind that people who have them are disturbed and do suffer. There are glaring flaws however. There are hints that people who, for instance, automatically distrust the motivations of others are disordered. There is some obvious bias here. For most humans, being social, they don't automatically have overt distrust. It makes sense because if people were too distrustful, it would be difficult for a society to function. It us LOGICAL to distrust. The flaw exposed here is that non-normalcy is 'disorder'. Many times, what is normal or 'conventional' is the criteria used. However, in many cases, criteria used to diagnose a 'disorder' have the caveat "unless it is part of their culture." This is pretty common throughout. So, you may be crazy for believing something, unless that is, most other people believe it with you. I find it troubling, especially as religious thinking is often considered this way. So much for freedom of conscience/religion, since what you believe must be what is 'conventional' in your society. And in a society where materialism is dominant, any religious thought can be considered suspect. And what if your chosen religion is not of a western variety? It is also philosophically unsound, since we really have no firm basis to believe anything. Even materialism is provably flawed since it is based on the senses which, if we are to believe them, are not reliable!

    In the future many of us may be carted away for 'wrongthink'. After all, the priests of Scientism at the APA have deemed it to be so.

    1. Archonic entities remind me of Bullseye- they can turn anything into a weapon.

  16. Chris,

    You probably already know about this one, but fairly radical transgender activism group in UK is called Mermaids (, and have just been given access to 35 school across the UK to give training (

    1. Wait until you start to see transgenic pressure groups. Coming sooner than you think.

    2. What is the current globalisation movement but the ultimate program of trans propagandisation, inculcation & acquiescence? "Ultimate" until the program's complete & the mergs are fully fleshed-out.

    3. Mr."NWO" George HW Bush dumped six feet under in 2018,Mr."WTC" David Rockefeller and his helper Brzezenski in 2017.The rest are near death: Kissinger,Baron Rothschild,Scowcroft,Ashcroft,Cheney,Bush ect.The others are feverishly building Underground Luxury Bunkers.

    4. *merborgs.

      As for the "faces" of the "NWO" isn't "pappy" larping as Ariana Grande / Cardi B / whoever now? The rest will have vessels awaiting their parasite essence.

  17. JB (Meta-Logic Café)10:11 AM, January 15, 2019

    What freaks me out the most is the picture of the yellow zebra. Look at its eyes. NO, I mean REALLY look at its eyes. They're not just bright blue, they're literally GLOWING, like the white-haired children of "The Village of the Damned". Or the Shimmer. Or Lovecraft's original prophetic "The Colour Out of Space". Or the abysmal starfield eyes of the Great God Pan, now that I think about it.

    1. You mean Father Nature?

    2. Lovecraft had his personal failings but never let it be said he was not a prophet.

  18. IKEA might have just the right storage (and organizing and display) solution for your ever expanding collection, Chris.

    1. Better yet, dump that crap. Don't buy it in the first place.
      Who needs it?!

      You can thank me later.

    2. Did you see the IKEA birthday cake meme? Hilarious.

      My favorite IKEA product? Snore™ brand Smag®

    3. All the products for the IKEA cake would have been sourced from the cheapest third world countries IKEA could find and no tax paid on them to boot.

    4. My favorite product is the chest of falling apart drawers and the leaning bookcase

  19. You forget to add this to the World Secret Sunification Series;

    And gets even better;

    I mean, is not the end of the world. Right?

    1. "Mudflood 2.0: 'The Fappening'"?

    2. What is that mudflood thing, with Tartaria and all that? I've seen a bunch of videos and can't figure out what they're talking about.

    3. Folks who are too stoned and haven't traveled enough to understand what they're seeing on Youtube and in old photos online. Mudslides -- cataclysmic ones, even -- are common enough in areas with active volcanism. This was driven home for me when I flew over the town of Armero in Central Columbia around 1991. The entire town was engulfed by volcanic ash-mud after a minor eruption on the glacier-clad Nevado Del Ruiz unleashed a huge avalanche of ice in 1985 -- a lot of which melted due to friction and eruption heat -- and voila 20,000 dead.

      But still, I love the idea that terrible mudflows have happened in my backyard and someone -- "They" -- have suppressed the evidence. It's a delightfully sinister fantasy that makes me feel like "They" are running the world and "I" am onto them!

    4. Richard Simmons' headband is missing.

    5. Vagchandra are you too stoned? A whole lot of words with no substance. Or does anything that goes against the official history lies offend you, which then why are you even here? In short the theory says the earth is not old, enormous electrical discharges expanded/liquefied the ground (see lichtenberg fractal and river/earth comparison), this caused mud floods in most of the world,there was a unified world empire, Tataria, before the cataclysm, a small number of people in Germany/Switzerland survived with the lost technology and now rule the world via fiat currency, lost technology, and knowledge of mass hypnotism/magick. They use architectural anomalies and most convincing significant map changed in regards to cities disappearing as evidence. Like all theories one should not totally believe or disbelieve it. It is however way more convincing than the materialistic reductionist theory of billions of years of evolution, which any Hermetic Gnostic knows nothing can exist outside that of human consciousness.

    6. I don't think you understand what reductionist means.

    7. Well "materialistic" is a very important part of the phrase. Do you know what it means and would you like explain Garmr? Here is a simple PBS link of the definition I was using if it is really that confusing. ht://

    8. He wasn't talking about "reductive materialism" but trying to say that billions of years of history on earth is a "reductionist theory" compared to almost everything being neatly arranged recently by "men".

      Billions of years of history and evolution are both totally compatible with idealism unless you believe that only things you can easily imagine are compatible with idealism.

      Idealism has almost no provable or testable rules compared to "materialistic" scientific rules. Favoring one form of idealism can come down to circular logic like "it's that way because that's the way it is". Or, more honestly, a simple instinct that you would really hate the world if it wasn't just so, so that's the way it has to be for the sake of your sanity.

    9. If I were really going to argue this point -- and I'm not really planning to -- but if I were, I'd argue as a guy who played a lot with earth, water, fire and air in his life -- mostly with earth and water (=mud) as a kid. And who studied geology as an amateur and also, spent 15 years traipsing over ledges and through bluestone quarries in the Catskills' eastern escarpment observing the fossilized remains of mudflows -- some of them very thick, 20-30 feet commonly, others mere inches -- that were deposited along with the rest of the Allegheny bluestone there. It takes a hell of a long time to put down 4000' feet of thick and thin layers -- and the Catskills have their top 5-10K feet rubbed off already, by repeated glaciations. In the end, simple observation of nature can put overly-overarching theories to rest. It's not that I don't agree there is mass hypnosis, etc. etc. And time is an illusion, anyway. One year might as well be one millisecond in the scheme of things.

    10. On the subject of glaciations "44" syncs a hint:

      "Known as the Great Unconformity ... “I think, though, we have extraordinary evidence to support that extraordinary claim,” ... Keller and his team
      carefully unspooled the geochemical evolution of Earth’s crust across 4.4 billion years of time ... Recently, a city-size impact crater was found under the
      ice in Greenland."

      "a city-size impact crater" ...any "city" in particular? (The "Tartarian" capital?)

      Tartaria is considered a kind of continent-sized Atlantis of an empire, perhaps the "mudflood" notion is an iteration of the catastrophe that wiped It out?

      Will future generations, whatever they be (if they be at all), look back on "our time" as an "Atlantean" age of Human possibility whilst they reside uploaded on some DNA encoded quantum harddrive type Uni-Mind chimera-simulacra, unable to feel, feeding back to ultimate insanity/suicide overwhelmed by torrents of e-thot accounts & chatterbating bots?

      ("Trapped Under Ice" = erosion as entropy = extinction?)


    11. Why did they destroy everything they had and trap themselves in data center prisons? I guess we will never really know the truth, or care to look for it. Perhaps it's all meaningless and deranged.

      The mind chimera-simulacra is a model of something in the "real" that was rearranged for some purpose by the blind ones. Supposedly so that they could see something. We are like the dreamer who dreams, and then lives inside the dream. The ancient Slartibartfast developed wonderful processes for simulating mudslides, tectonic plate movement and the like. So there is no reason to think that the underlying concepts are fake, purely based on an analysis of the Simulacrum.

    12. "Living in a World of NPCs | Terrence McKenna" (talks about Materialism)

    13. Iterations bite their tail(s) feedback-looping into a funhouse hall of smoke & mirrors & none see ought but Its own reflection.

  20. This may just be paleontological paranoia, but, whenever I see what the Shimmer is cooking up- not so much the things that are bizarre mutations of recognizable species, but the things that don't look like *anything* we know- I get a sinking feeling that we're seeing something that's happened before...

    Least-geeky-possible narrative: when I was in school, everyone knew that multicellular life had started around 550 million years ago, with the Cambrian Explosion, when the ancestors of all today's life evolved relatively rapidly. It was thought that the evolution had been so rapid because multicellular life was expanding into a relatively empty biosphere that pretty much just contained algae and bacteria.

    And then we discovered the Ediacaran Biota. It turns out that for roughly a hundred million years before the Cambrian Explosion, Earth had had a biosphere full of multicellular life. The Ediacaran Biota looks very alien to our eyes; there's no consensus on which of the species were plants, or animals, or fungi: and a few paleontologists have suggested that the Ediacarae might belong to one or more entirely separate Kingdoms on the tree of life. And the Ediacaran Biota was driven to total extinction by the new Cambrian Biota; not a single Ediacaran species has any descendants today; and most died out very shortly after the Cambrian Biota appeared. It's a vast, but truly underappreciated, mystery in the history of our planet.

    Flash forward to today. We have previously unknown species with no apparent predecessors or relatives appearing out of the blue in an already full biosphere, coupled with an astounding burst of mutation in known species (which also may have happened with the Ediacarae; though the fossil record is too patchy to make a definitive case). If the New Life (to coin a term for the isolated Shimmer-species we're seeing) begin to form communities, and crowd out the Old Life, we may well be seeing a New Cambrian Explosion.

    Which may bode well or ill, but will certainly be interesting. (And, as always, CLK, keep up the stellar work!)

    1. While i believe in evolution (defined as change through time) and that natural selection contributes, there is clearly something more that drives it.

      I a previous post (The Devil's Draught and the Witches' Brew) i went into the lions and hyenas as metaphors for the battle between good and evil written into nature itself. Whether they were created as a metaphor by some greater entity or entities, or such a struggle between the light and darkness are so fundamental to the structure of the universe that they cannot help but be expressed in nature is irrelevant. The facts regarding the hyena are undeniable, particularly as regards the pseudo-penis that females give birth through which often ruptures causing them to bleed to death. How natural selection didn't eliminate such a mutation is a blow against the primacy of natural selection in the formation of life as we know it.

      That is not what prompted this comment though, which is a leaf-like sea slug which is called, as best as i can tell, the emerald green sea slug (Elysia chlorotica). What is interesting about is that it can live off of sunlight. It does not naturally possess the cellular machinery (chloroplasts) to accomplish this, but acquires them by stripping it from the algae it consumes. One good feeding and it can live a full life off of sunlight alone. What is interesting is that it can even maintain the chloroplasts which need other molecules for maintenance and repair. They apparently possess the genes to manufacture them. It is considered a case of 'horizontal gene transfer', and i think is the only case known so far in a multicellular organism. There is no known mechanism to accomplish this (though single celled organisms have something called plasmids which are strands of DNA that can be shared and utilized like nuclear DNA, and which can supposedly be incorporated into the nuclear DNA).

      At the least this disproves random mutation as the only cause of change in organisms. Something to consider with all of these mutants showing up these days.

      Bonus fact: hemoglobin and chlorophyll are essentially the same. The difference is the one has magnesium and the other iron.

  21. Replies
    1. "Wake Up" - PKD

    2. @J: To be honest, I got no clue what the solution would be...but, for that matter, I'm not at all sure that it'd even be a problem. A new Cambrian Explosion could be a huge hurdle for the Race to overcome; or it could be an unexpected boon for the Race. About the only thing I'd be comfortable saying with certainty this early on is that it's bound to be interesting!

    3. What a place, what stories! So glad to have ya'lls input, every single one of you. I am scared kinda shitless all the time but I still feel like this could be the best story yet- all is well and all will be well and all manner of things are well. The mushroom grannies said they can clean up anything. When I think of it now they may have meant any snack is delicious with coffee. Grannies. They think we are silly but funny enough. Read the southern reach trilogy.

    4. Grannie spores are jiggy with space, time, hot, cold, dry. Probs wet. They don't care, don't get caring like I don't get ball chasing sport games. That's my take.

    5. Well... as Alex Jones once said:

      "I was told by a genetic engineer about a project they were on in england once & I never told the story on air because it's so fantastical, oh God... they got humanoids crossed with fish & stuff - I mean we are screwed people - I mean do you understand that - they're in that phantom zone - they're in that 5th dimension of thew Twilight Zone & they're just opening the gates of hell & behind it are mad scientists in the Hall of the mounatin king just doing God knows what!

      Superweapons! Anti-matter bombs! Blackholes! Huge Cyclotrons! Splicing every plant & animal on the known face of the Earth & those are Satanic rituals, detonating hundreds of high-powered hydrogen bombs is so Satanic! Splicing little babies with fish is Satanic!"

    6. Chimeras underfoot & sporing into the very air we breathe:

      "Although commonly included in botany curricula and textbooks, fungi are more closely related to animals than to plants and are placed with the animals in the monophyletic group of opisthokonts. Analyses using molecular phylogenetics support a monophyletic origin of fungi. The taxonomy of fungi is in a state of constant flux, especially due to recent research based on DNA comparisons. These current phylogenetic analyses often overturn classifications based on older and sometimes less discriminative methods based on morphological features and biological species concepts obtained from experimental matings." (wiki)

      Humanity as black mold vector:

      "The past two decades have seen an increasing number of virulent infectious diseases in natural populations and managed landscapes. In both animals and plants, an unprecedented number of fungal and fungal-like diseases have recently caused some of the most severe die-offs and extinctions ever witnessed in wild species, and are jeopardizing food security. Human activity is intensifying fungal disease dispersal by modifying natural environments and thus creating new opportunities for evolution. We argue that nascent fungal infections will cause increasing attrition of biodiversity, with wider implications for human and ecosystem health, unless steps are taken to tighten biosecurity worldwide."

      Annihilation Ahoy!


    7. Maybe that hybrid stuff isn't so crazy after all.

    8. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
      " . . . unless steps are taken to tighten biosecurity worldwide."

      Lessee now, where've I heard this crap rap before?

    9. Superman II and the phantom zone appear to have made a big impression on the young Alex Jones. Transhumanism is naturally a big subject in comics and the like with the heroes rarely ever being "base line" hoomens, although it's not that often put front and center. You could say that humans who are not enhanced with some sort of chimera tech have a severe case of humanitis of which the end result is death in 100 percent of cases.

    10. Anony 5:07

      "Time to die!"

  22. Wow, one year gone already since Dolores drowned -

    "Exactly 12 months after Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan's death, her bandmates have opened up about their "painful year".
    The group were speaking to BBC Radio 2 as they premiered All Over Now, a new song using vocals that O'Riordan recorded before she died.
    A heartbreaking story of domestic abuse, the song captures the band at their emotional best.
    O'Riordan was found dead in a London hotel room on 15 January 2018.
    Eerily, the new song opens with the lyric: "Do you remember that night at a hotel in London?"
    But the song ultimately celebrates a woman who escapes a cycle of violence.
    Her story remains unfinished, however, as O'Riordan only left a single verse and chorus for her band-mates to work with."

    1. And the album is going to be titled 'In The End'.
      Which to me sounds very Linkin Park.

    2. Jesus Christ! Suicide Celebration? What else does a degenerate culture reify but ruin?

  23. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find
    this matter to be actually something that I think I would never
    understand. It seems too complex and extremely broad for
    me. I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

  24. Hi Chris!
    In a "Somewhere in Time"-ish attempt to remove myself from the relentless absurdity of the late twenty-teens, I have been immersed in late 90s early oughts television series for the last two weeks. I just finished Spielberg's "Taken," am struggling through Roddenberry's "Earth Final Conflict," and watched "The Visitor"( which aired alongside "X-Files" and "Millennium."

    I guess I lacked the perspective then to see the agenda, but as I look with older eyes, I can't help but see the repetition of certain themes throughout these series.

    "Taken" tells us that, having evolved to a higher consciousness, the aliens must needs create a hybrid species with humanity for our vitality and our morality/passion, traits they have lost.

    "Earth Final Conflict," (Council of Nine?) shows us that the Taelon alien race is seeking a hybridization program with humanity so they can regain traits that they had lost during their evolution.

    The Visitor had aliens "The Elders," and "The Colony," a breakaway? Civilizayion of alien abductees. One abductee returns with Christ like powers to try to influence a change in humanity's trajectory.

    In fact, alien contact seemed to have, as a consequence, the emergence of superhero like qualities in all three shows.
    Watching all these so close to one another, I felt battered by a not-very-subtle spin campaign. The funny thing is, I had fled back in time to avoid being preached at and bored by what passes for complexity nowadays.

    I needed a break from my ancient history studies where lucky humans comingled with the gods as worship, priestly duties, or just being in the wrong place/wrong time. The resultant hybrid beings also had abilities. I slept through the last episode of "Taken," I guess because it was just the same as reading Herodotus.

    Supernatural's new trailer shows us the quest of Dean(possessed by the Archangel Michael) to kill "God." And it reminded me of the similar agenda writ large throughout the Bible. If we kill the creator, don't we then get a promotion to the status of gods ourselves?

    Thank you for always inserting wry humour into things. A new Secret Sun column always makes my day, and the comment section is always thought provoking.

    1. I believe this seeded notion is summed up by the phrase:

      "Your species has great potential."

      So often conveyed in "sci-fi" post-WW2/Operation Paperclip.


    2. & no-lesser vessel, & "advanced scout" of "The 9", than "The Great Bird of The Galaxy" was instrumental in the promotion & disseminating of this program.


  25. FYI -

  26. Moon river: Cool-looking ice disk forms in rare natural phenomenon (PHOTO,VIDEO)

  27. Question of the day: What if the Archons got really proficient at marketing & running conventions & trade shows? Oh wait, never mind...

    Hey Bro! Self-directed evolution is like, within our grasp or #whatevs. So its like, get chipped or don't...Purchase your tickets now:

    "BDYHAX is the only event bringing together bioartists, startups, first adopters, researchers, and community leaders in self-directed human augmentative technologies.

    Get chipped, or don't.

    Bodily autonomy, access to technologies, and informed consent are critical to forging a brighter future.

    Meet and collaborate with other biohackers, tech enthusiasts, and experimenters throughout the conference and dance at The Wormhole, our Saturday night celebration of cyberpunk and science fiction.

    Enjoy 2 days of talks and workshops from national and international speakers on wearable and implantable tech, brain computer interfaces, prosthetics, gene therapy, bioethics, cyborg art, and the newest research in human body oriented techology. Don't miss The Hub, featuring expo booths, product demos, and other great stuff.

    Early workshop registration will be available to Supporter pass pre-registrations starting in December.
    Find speaker announcements, full schedules and more at our website at"


    1. Come chill with Agent Smith.

    2. Humanity was hacked/disrupted/augmented/chipped, to all intents & purposes, "a long time ago".

    3. Sometime after 1999.

    4. Space: 1999? "Tried to run from my destruction you know I didn't even care"

  28. CLK, Bet you didn't know that you hold the title as Grandmaster of the genre until now unknown as 'CMEH' or Crypo-Masonic Educational Humor!

    ( 'C' as in: Behold & 'MEH' as in WHEN will these apron wearing blokes ever give it a rest!? )

    My favorite form of comedy! Keep up the good work.

  29. amused that you mentioned Stump's greatest micro-hit

  30. Sure its been mentioned but The War Against the Chtorr...

  31. On a semi-light note, did you see the first episode of Wayne yet? Thought of you immediately. Rough kids from Brockton. Any punk from the burbs in the last forty years will find a piece of their missing soul here.

  32. Hey Chris, just ran across this and think you may be interested. From Wikipedia (slightly abridged):

    The Mysterious Stranger is a novel attempted by the American author Mark Twain. He worked on it intermittently from 1897 through 1908. Twain wrote multiple versions of the story; each involves a supernatural character called "Satan" or "No. 44". All the versions remained unfinished (with the debatable exception of the last one, No. 44, the Mysterious Stranger.

    The first substantial version is entitled The Chronicle of Young Satan (also referred to as "Eseldorf" version) and relates the adventures of Satan, the sinless nephew of the biblical Satan.

    The second substantial text Twain attempted to write is known as Schoolhouse Hill (or "Hannibal") version. It is set in the US and involves the familiar characters Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer and their adventures with Satan, referred to in this version as "No. 44, New Series 864962"

    The third text, called No. 44, the Mysterious Stranger: Being an Ancient Tale Found in a Jug and Freely Translated from the Jug, also known as the "Print Shop" version, returns to Austria, this time in the year 1490 (not long after the invention of printing). It tells of No. 44's mysterious appearance at the door of a print shop and his use of heavenly powers to expose the futility of mankind's existence. This version also introduces an idea Twain was toying with at the end of his life involving a duality of the "self", composed of the "Waking Self" and the "Dream Self". Twain explores these ideas through the use of "Duplicates", copies of the print shop workers made by No. 44. This version contains an actual ending; however, the text still has many flaws and it is debatable whether it can be considered finished.

    So, 44, supernatural beings incarnated, waking and dreaming selfs and duplicates (twinning)...

    1. One of my favorite things Twain wrote is Letters From The Earth, where Satan is on earth observing nature and human behavior and relaying everything back to archangels Michael and Gabriel.
      "This is a strange place, and extraordinary place, and interesting. There is nothing resembling it at home. The people are all insane, the other animals are all insane, the earth is insane, Nature itself is insane.”

    2. Intriguing, It has a twin, of sorts, of Its own:

      "Trump, an aristocratically wealthy young man living in Castle Trump, is the protagonist of Lockwood's first two fictional novels, The Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulgar and Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey.", "Lockwood's final novel arrived in 1896, titled The Last President."


    3. @Ike
      Twain is one of the greats on the world stage. His mix of rationality and humor is unparalleled so far as i know. The closest thing to an American Shakespeare particularly for his insights into human nature. I have been meaning to dive into his work for a while now, perhaps this is a sign.

      What you said reminded me of Tool's Maynard in Right In Two:

      Angels on the sideline,
      Puzzled and amused.
      Why did Father give these humans free will?
      Now they're all confused.

      Don't these talking monkeys know that
      Eden has enough to go around?
      Plenty in this holy garden, silly old monkeys,
      Where there's one you're bound to divide it

      Right in two

      Angels on the sideline,
      Baffled and confused.
      Father blessed them all with reason.
      And this is what they choose.
      (and this is what they choose)

      Monkey, killing monkey, killing monkey
      Over pieces of the ground.
      Silly monkeys give them thumbs,
      They forge a blade,
      And when there's one they're bound to divide it,

      Right in two.
      Right in two.

      Monkey, killing monkey, killing monkey
      Over pieces of the ground.
      Silly monkeys give them thumbs,
      They make a club
      And beat their brother... down.
      How they survived so misguided is a mystery.
      Repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability
      to lift an eye to heaven conscious of his fleeting time here

      Gotta divide it all right in two (x4)

      They fight, till they die
      Over earth, over sky
      They fight, over life,
      Over brawn, over air and light,
      Over love, over sun. Over blood
      They fight till they die over words, polarizing.

      Angels on the sideline again
      Benched along with patience and reason
      Angels on the sideline again
      Wondering when this tug of war will end

      Gotta divide it all right in two (x3)
      Right in two

      Right in two...

      As our host has said, and which is something i have long believed, artists are our modern day oracles. That is pretty striking, like that portrait of Hitler from around that same time (was it Eckhart?). Wonder if there was something in the air in the 1890s.

    4. Franz Stuck's "Wilde Jagd" (The Wild Hunt), painted in 1889, does appear to show an Adolf Hitler (type) visage, quite the channelling curiosity, if this painting acted to influence Jung's notion that Hitler (& the broader movement he has come to symbolise) was an aspect of the Wotan Archetype I don't recall if I know or not.

      Stuck's "Der Wächter des Paradieses" (The Guardian of Paradise), 1889 again, shows an Archangel (Uriel? Michael? William? Kevin?) holding the flaming sword guarding the entry to "The Pearly Gates".

      Speaking of "Michael's" & "flaming swords" the "Newsweek" article also linked to:

      "He captioned the picture: “I knew it way back then and I’m absolutely convinced of it today — you’re one of a kind, @MichelleObama. Happy Birthday!”", "“Feeling so incredibly thankful for my South Side roots, my soul-affirming partner and daughters, and every unimaginable twist and turn over these 55 years,” she captioned the retweet. “Can’t wait to see what becomes of the next one!”", "...the Obamas continue to be extremely open about the difficulties, as well as the enduring affection, in their 27-year marriage.", "The book also details her struggle with infertility, and the subsequent difficulty of being a working mother..."


  33. Chris and Sunners, you may already be aware of this; it's new to me. What caught my eye was most of the victims are found in bodies of water and it's ruled "drowning".

    The Daily Beast reports:

    "Dozens of college-age men dead from ‘accidental’ drownings—but a team of retired detectives say the boys were drugged and killed by a shadowy gang with a sinister symbol."
    (Symbol of the Smiley-Face Killers)

  34. Starvation, I mean "save the world", diet's on the menu:

    "By 2050, there will be about 10 billion of us..."

    For some "meat" won't be off the menu then.

    The brave new "X" making room! making room! will be well entertained in the nutrient deficient future: another "Song to the Siren" to add to the splice to entrain the mass (that must be culled):

    "The weekend will also play host to a diversity of talks, workshops and DJ sets.", "We get to bring subversive music to East Kent, and with the assistance of Arts Council, and other local funds..."

    The "Arts Council" is a state body "assisting" the use of "diversity" as a "subversive" tactic.

    "Folkestone has suffered economically as much as any other provincial coastal town in the UK, and it's vital that there is music to come and experience..."

    A NWO "community festival", like "Veganuary" / "Januhairy" / "Black History Month" / "Movember"... all facets of the corporate provision in place of festivals of actual meaning rooted in the experience of those living in their homes. That these arti-fests now dominate the calendar emphasises the utterly alien origin of contemporaneity.

    The solutions to the consequence of submitting to central rule, 'fuedalism 21st C style', don't involve chimeras of the state, they involve places being themselves, rising (& falling) on their own merits & not being used as a vassal for increased anonymising globalisation resulting in the wish to commune in an ersatz fashion until the illusury joie de vivre runs dry.

    "'s so important that audiences can interact with musicians, and be inspired ... we hope this mix of events will give young people (or old people!) the confidence to start making music, feel that they have something to come and get involved and take ownership in.""

    Folk already own something of real value - themselves, their roots, their heritage that these "community festivals" onl distract from & the consequence of these "community festivals", that fail to connect beyond a vortex of platitudes & "focus on what's strong not on what's wrong" (a real part of the script here in Blighty), will be met by more "inspired" things, offered by would-be Siren of the state, "to take ownership in". "The song" will remain "the same" & dislocation will fester.

    The "Millennium Dome", & Its show, a celebration of defeat, collapse, mutation & erasure, was a sign of this.

    & on the topic of "color revolutions", "Gillet Jaune", Cerulean or "living coral", could the Pantone "Color of the Year/Millennium" be a form of color blindness/color vision deficiency, reverse psychology style? It's oft stated that a good anonymising disguise is to use a day-glow/flourescent work vest as they're so commonly seen, or not, as a soul goes about Its daily business, Its a method of camoflage that Works by not blending in".


    1. Interesting article synched with your observations about "community festivals" here:

      Last year, Middle East Eye reported that RICU was modelled on a British Cold War propaganda unit called the Information Research Department, which produced books, newspaper articles and - with the CIA - covertly funded a literary magazine called Encounter.

      While the extent of RICU’s involvement in the arts remains largely hidden, a number of former and serving government officials have confirmed that the arts have been receiving direction and funding as part of the Prevent programme.

      “This has been going on for some time,” said one person with knowledge of the programme.

    2. War & Empire are 1st put into practice on those believing they act as "agents" & beneficiaries of these changes on the rest of the world.

      "1984", "Brave New World", "The Turing Test", the discovery of "DNA"*, "The Beatles", "Dolly the sheep".... all borne of these currently Blighted isles & all spliced with liberal dose after dose of "public relations".

      *That James Watson, "James Dewey Watson", (on his death-bed), already a pariah for being "an old white dude" in these increasingly Wakandanised times, has been stripped of his awards & excommunicated from the very institutions his (co-)work helped shore & build-up, merely for discussing the truth: that different folk are... DIFFERENT (& these differences SHOCK/HORROR!!! include brain structure & mental aptitude etc.) is another node of the bejewelled virii infecting host Humanity with It's Idiocratising but oh so entertaining Endgame.


  35. CERN has new big plans. If anyone here thinks the LHC was something wait until they crank on the FCC. Buckle up folks!