Monday, January 14, 2019

...But Secret Sunification is Interested in You.

As always, there's way too much going on out there. I've fallen a bit behind on my semiotics and pseudo-science, but here's a small sampling of stories from the World Secret Sunification desk...


Good ol' Scott Waring is at it again. I stopped perusing his spam 'n' malware-sodden site quite a number of years ago but you can always count on The Daily Mirror and its ilk to pimp his, um, wares.

This is hardly a stop-the-presses scoop for readers of this blog, but I was tickled by the undercurrents at work here, given that the Rabbit Moon thing first appears in the Chu Ci, which dates back to the "Warring States" period of China's history (Waring, Warring--get it? Yeah).

There's also the Kenneth Anger synchery (via his short film Rabbit's Moon), which in turn connects to Crowley and Zeppelin and Kinsey and Jean Cocteau and all the rest of it. 

My question is why are these rovers never landed atop some high plateau so we can really get an eyeful of some vast lunar or Martian vistas? 

I guess that question answers itself.


Lots of Twinning in the stars in the days ahead. This story not only connects to the Twinning motif but to the self-cloning motif we've been studying.  This star is called MM 1b, or "13-13: Twins born from one." Note how the lower case b could stand in for a pregnancy sigil. At least I think so.

MM Ib was reportedly spotted from an observatory in the Atacama Desert, which longtime readers are certainly very familiar with. 

In the last celebrity-aversion therapy session (also called "award shows"), we saw some Twinning again with A.dams (aka L.ois L.ane) of Arrival fame and "Song to the Siren" music video star Patricia Arquette. 

This was The C.ritics C.hoice Awards, incidentally. Note Twin stars.

In case you didn't get the point, they Twinned it up again with Glenn Close (raised in a cult, incidentally) and Lady Ga.Ga, the latter of whom won for the latest remake of A Star is Born. I was wondering if there's a Crowley sync here since Close looks so much like a lost Bush sibling.

Note Close's Pearlescent blazer.

Ga.Ga is also rocking the Pearlescence during her current residency in-- wait for it-- Heaven or Las Vegas. 

And because they're relentlessly consuming the entire city, MGM (that M-M again) is hosting Ga.Ga's performances. Note logo's similarity to Ishtar's eight-pointed star.

When you Ish upon a Tar, makes no difference who you are.

Frasejacent fading-stars Orlando Bloom and Katy Perrynormal attended one of Ga.Ga's gigs together. Bloom was cosplaying Leon Trotsky and Katy was cosplaying Miley Cyrus circa 2013. As per usual.


In a related story, keeping pharmacies unlocked at night could give rise to drugs getting stolen.

I recommend the idiots messing around with this stuff stop reading funnybooks and start reading some Michael Crichton. Or watch some Outer Limits.

I had to include this item because this is one of the worst-written headlines I've seen on a major website. Is that "Doctor who" or Doctor Who? Is this about Gene, who edits Doctor Who? Or did Gene edit baby rejects, earning him the death penalty? And so on and so forth. Is this a symptom of cost-cutting at online magazines or of the collapse of literacy? 

Vote in the comments.

I don't know where to start with this except to wonder how many non-biological things have been encoded into DNA. As of now, I'm only aware of The Bible and, y'know, a certain album featuring a certain singer. Yeah.

Anyone who can bring me up to speed, please do so in the comments.

I'm not sure why they are in general, but in this particular case my guess would be silicon.

Is this Gabriel, Raphael or Michael, though? I get so confused these days.


A Twitter pal send me this. It reminded me that "Ariel" is both a masculine and feminine name.

Is there a subtle seahorse theme at work here? Or perhaps a crayfish

Either way, Mermaid Entrainment shows no signs of slowing down.  Taylor Swift already flirted with Frasejacency before, but word on the street is she's going for the gusto now. Oddly enough, Taylor is also a dual-gendered name.

Plus, Charlton Heston. He put his vest on.

Charlize is a feminine form of Karl, which means "The Man." Theron is devilishly close to Therion, or "Master Therion," if you prefer.

Note Twin Twinning above her head there.

And weirdly enough, Lindsay is also a male and female name as well. Very interesting.

I really want a billion dollars and a fleet of platinum-plated hovercraft, Lindsay. Now you know how it feels to want.

RuPaul chipped in on the entrainment effort this past year as well. As you expected.


Not sure which character is meant to be Little Mermaid on steroids. I'm assuming Mera, what with the ginger and all. Still have to see that movie. If you liked it, post a short review in the comments.

I do have to say that Lex Luthor's new lady-love looks buff enough to land a role in a superhero movie. Even if the ex is now looking set to land a good half or more of those billions I'm sure he'll still have the juice to get her a plum movie gig if her heart so desires. 

There's always TV too, to and Ms. Sanchez is certainly no stranger to TV. But maybe she can make the transition from TV to T.inselT.own.  

Speaking of TV, we recently saw Baldo the Caledonian show up on The Sun, so I thought I'd mention this exciting news: The Invisibles has been inked for a possible TV adaption. I know a lot of readers are big fans of the book so let's hope this very complex and challenging work doesn't get lost in translation from the page to the stage.

Readers know that I'm a huge fan of the Watchmen movie and actually prefer it to the comics. Which is probably why Alan Moore doesn't take my calls anymore. 

Anyhow, Watchmen helmsman Zach Snyder was offering this JLA-themed shirt for a charity drive recently and it looks good. 

And by "good," I mean "really, really, really Masonic."

Speaking of really, really, really Masonic, The 3ritics' 3hoice Awards were last night but the more prestigious 7.olden 7.lobes were last week. It was even more TV-kicking-in-worthy than previous ceremonies. Or should I say, previous celebrity-aversion therapy sessions.

And you had (annoying) Twin hosts this year, Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh, seen here rocking the Pearlescence in front of the now-obligatory Blue-and-Gold.

Darren Criss (no relation to the Kiss drummer) posed for these photo-ops in front of the Blue-and-Gold Emmys and Blue-and-Gold GG wallpapers. Note this pose gives the impression that these idols fell to Criss from the Heavens, clearly the intended message.

And just because it wasn't creepy and disturbing enough, there was a "gag" in which a platoon of actors swarmed the audience, pretending to be doctors giving out vaccines. 

The gutter press and the fake Twitter scold accounts (but I repeat myself) got a lot of mileage shaming actors who flinched from what would have been a dangerous, un-hygenic, unethical and most probably illegal move had it been real.

This "gag" was as funny as colon cancer but I was thinking it was kind of similar to the man-faced dog scene in the terrifyingly-prophetic 1978 adaption of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. 

And by "kind of similar," I mean "exactly identical in every single possible way."

Some of you may remember the man-faced dog-- which was the severed head of a well-loved local hobo stitched onto the body of his dog using alien science-- was used by the Pod People to smoke out any remaining real humans trying to escape detection.

Like I said.

Here's a good plot-point idea for the producers of the inevitable future remake of Body Snatchers. 

It might be too scary for a PG13 movie, though.


Regina King, literally "Queen King." So I guess there's your 50% in a way. 

Plus, Regulus. Plus, Blue-and-Gold.

However, King's win for If Beale Street Could Talk followed a win for Lady Ga.Ga's "Shallow" from A Star is Born.

Here is Wisdom for the Initiated: "Shallow Than Halo." 


I hadn't realized but the year-end Antarctic hike to Victoria Land was actually undertaken by two men, one an American and the other a Briton.

Some of you might remember that their journey took an odd path and included a dangerous and time-wasting journey across the Hercules Dome. Some of you might also remember that by some random glitch in Time-Space, the trek corresponded to a journey from Bo├Âtes, through Hercules and ending up at Lyra.

In other words, from the Shepherd Boy to Heaven or the Vegas off the coast of Victoria Land. On the same day it was revealed that William Little had filed assault charges against Kevin Spacey. Weird. 

What do you think that's about? I'll tell ya, it's a real head-scratcher.

The American was one Colin O'Brady. Incidentally, whelp comes from the Old German welf, meaning "young wolf."

Huh, Wolf and Chest, eh? Whatever could that possibly mean? It's an enigma, I tell you.

I also wonder if Louis Rudd's friends call him "Ruddy." I also wonder if his wife, if he has one, might be named "Ruby" or Penny." Perhaps "Pearl."


The Shimmer just keeps rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin' along. Some new models are showing up and they're wondrous and horrible, sometimes all at once. Here's a small sampling:

The Shimmer is everywhere now, but I think it actually touched down in the Down Under but the filmmakers changed it to Florida, maybe for the tax breaks. But as always, Oz remains Ground Zero for Shimminess and Shimmitude, especially sea-shims washing ashore from the Lovecraftian depths.

Kind of reminds me of the Watchmen fake aliens.

I can't find a striped anemone that looks anything like this. Nor does the sun-bleaching theory explain why this critter has so much black on its tendrils. But Aussies have enough horrors to contend with, they probably don't want the tourists getting scared off.

I'm sure the State Tourist Board have enough headaches on their hands with this deadly giant jellyfish invasion and all.

Of course, jellyShims are a problem all over the world these days, just as Jeff Wells once prophesied.

"Fosters" might be Australian for beer, but "tennis ball-sized, rock-hard missiles of spiky death raining from the clouds" are Australian for hail. Thanks to the Shimmer.

Someone send the Australian tourist board some nice pastries. Or Xanax.

Oh, Lord Jesus protect this wretched sinner, it's Black Philip! 

(Wrong movie, Phil).