Monday, June 25, 2018

NXIVM: Spies, Cylons and Sex Cults

What we were just saying about the inevitable return of public human sacrifice? It looks as if The Telegraph is helping plant those subliminal seeds in the mass mind. 

That's awesome. Because there isn't enough ritual-sacrifice symbolism out there in the media already.

Speaking of dear old Blighty and Druidic revanchism, here's a story for you. Some zany bobbies, having a bit of a Hot Fuzz LARP? Maybe. 

You know what they say about the English police; they can do absolute sweet-FA about systematic child-rape or violent street crime but are always up for cooking up a few yuks for Auntie Beeb.

Or is this some kind of sympathetic magic pointing our eyes towards Cygnus and the expected Twin supernovas in 2022?  You know what I'm talking about; the coming emergence of a ruddy ruby nova, that will be visible for six months?

Before you answer, be aware that that wasn't the only wacky swan story in the Merry Olde. What are we to infer from this coming event?

Remember the Ancient Egyptians saw the Milky Way as a river.

Speaking of death rituals there's this little bit of clickbait, hyping the last episode of Anthony Bourdain's show on CiaNN. It's all a big nothing-pizza, just a bit of obligatory when-in-Rome business on Bourdain and Aronofsky's parts but the symbolism tantalizes all the same. Death.

Sadly, another luminary on the Hampton dinner-party circuit took the Kate Spade Express to Eternity Station, if not the Trans-Bourdain Autobahn. Hey, I'm no one at all to judge. These are dark times, even for the rich and celebrated. 

Mo' money = mo' problems, in case you weren't familiar with that equation.

Even so, I can't help but think of the old Scentless Apprentice initiation, pictured here in the Co-Masonic variant. Not sayin', just sayin'. 

Hey, I never said my mind works right. The synapses connect in odd combinations.

Like this; did you know that the modern clown we're all familiar with is a Masonic creation? 

It's true, not only were the original clowns Freems but the Scottish Rite boys have their own clownly order called the Jesters. Whose symbol is a naked boy dwarf with a crown. 

Look it up if you don't believe me.

Then there's this joker named "William Control", who was/is the head of that most raging of oxymorons, an "emo sex cult."

Hey, it's the effin' Apocalypse, Chad. Things are going to get a lot weirder than that.

Not sure if Gothia McEmocuddy here is a member. 

Not sure if media wunderkind Ali Watkins is either. 

Maybe Watkins was in a different sex cult, the one in which you merrily deep-throat Deep Staters old enough to be your grandfather in exchange for classified information straight from the secret minutes of the Senate Intelligence Committee. 

That particular sex-cult goes by many names, most often the "Washington Press Corps."

And in keeping with our emergent archetypal dominants, this:

Helpful hint: If you're an aging Deep State sugar-daddy looking to groom yourself some barely-legal strange, don't go with the pearls. 

Sure, the Nephilim love them some illicit fuckery but they're not so keen on the profaning of their symbols. 

Save the pearls for that Hungarian countess you're looking to turn for Sith Lord Soros.

Hot sex for hot scoops? Here, take my morality already! 

Now, don't quote me on this but I don't think the Intramural Spy War is going too well for the Swamp Things. Too soon to tell, disclaimer-disclaimer, but the augurs are not promising. Better get those dusty old grimoires out of the storage unit, chaps and chapettes. 

Try using the incantations that dirty old Uncle Al didn't booby-trap with boomerangy sub-spells. He fancied himself a bit of a trickster, you know. Ask Jack Parsons. 

Oh wait, you can't. He died a horrific, protracted death in a lab explosion.

Never mind.

In that same vein, it seems as if the NXIVM sex cult case is heating up and there are rumors that Clare Lee N. Sane-Bronfman is about to end up in Orange. Me, I'll believe it when I see it. 

Especially since the source in question is hawking headlines like this, with Stormy Maniels allegedly engaging in a three-way with "Adorable Ally" Mack and "Skeevy Keith" Raniere. 

Whatever. These people are all insane. I can only imagine the microbe colonies on their taints.

Actually, I think I think I read on ArtVoice that the "mass cabal arrests" are scheduled to go down on June 31st. Mark your calendars.

Speaking of CIA sex-trafficking honey-traps, it looks as if "Dirty" David Berg's Children of God cult were ahead of the curve on the Mermaid thing. 

Did "Dandy Don" Perlin draw that cover? I'll have to check his GCDB page.

And a friendly reminder to all the Crowleyite sex-cultists out there. 

I mean, we're all guilty of this from time to time, but it's still considered bad form.

So apparently not only are there emo sex cults out there but apparently librarians are getting in on the action. Boy howdy, how many of these things are there out there? More than we might imagine. At least in Cylon Francisco, right?

No, this isn't from The Onion. And yes, this story is coming out of Cylon Francisco. Where else?

You can smell the sweat from the genocide-fever wafting out of Cylon Francisco and SiliCylon Valley, so I recommend people not give them any further excuses to annihilate humanity. They've given themselves enough already.


Weren't we just talking about dragonflies? I do believe we were. 

Despite what the photo may lead you to believe, the World Cup was not beset by swarms of locusts. 

It ain't Smitin' Time quite yet. Soon.


Haha, yeah sure. That's what's reviving Tarot. Or at least the tinfoil-chewingly stupid Tarot you see out there in (Do What Thou) Williamsburg and other enclaves where poseurs congregate.

For me, the comforting aspect about all this trendy pseudo-occultism is realizing just how badly the Spirits are going to fuck up the lives of these fake witches as punishment for their insolence and presumption.

Thoughts like that keep me warm at night.

And if you thought Tarot was getting commercialized to stupidity, I do hope you're not a Stranger Things diehard. Theme park rides, comic spinoffs, the sky's the limit. Maybe this is all an aversion therapy program on the part of old MKULTRA hands miffed about how the first series made them look lame and kind of pedo.

And speaking of MKULTRA, looks like Uncle Sidney's Psycho-Circus is back in town. 

LOL; just kidding.

It never left.


Speaking of Moons, don't forget the Strawberry Moon, which of course no one's ever heard of before. But it's apparently a real thing. Its scientific name is Lunus Fullus Fraserius. 

Look it up if you don't believe me.

Bowie isn't Strawberry, however. He's Orange.

As are Ground Control, apparently.


I don't know what the hell this story is about; dividends, derivatives, day-trading, BLA BLA BLA. But it sure suits the zeitgeist.

And right on schedule, Social Engineering Entrainment Solutions LLC (popularly known as "Netflix") picked up the canceled Fox series Lucifer. So now the series can suck in an entirely new format. Winning!

And call your barber, Tom Hanks, there's a new "Da Vinci Code" to decipher. Apparently the Old Master painted a portrait of himself as the Archangel Gabriel, so of course he did in his feted "Leonora Da Fabulous!" drag persona. 

Secret Sun readers understand.

Of course, Beyonce and Jay-Z-- the Odd Couple of Hip-Pop-- are read in so their new video opens with a Fallen Angel. And it's filmed at the Louvre, for bonus pyramid points.

Rose the Pearly Dew Hip-Hop

Speaking of The Da Vinci Code. But why are they called the "Odd Couple of Hip-Pop?" Well, on account of Beyophomet is actually quite lovely and musically-talented and hubby Jay-Z is, um, wearing a very nice aqua-green sport-coat.

But hey, he's a squillionaire and married to a superstar so it just goes to show you, right? Goes to show you that the Demiurge is utterly insane.