Thursday, June 07, 2018

Cthulhu's Stepchildren, Pt 1: Horrors from the Deep

Those Old Ones were gone now, inside the earth and under the sea; but their dead bodies had told their secrets in dreams to the first men, who formed a cult which had never died. -- HP Lovecraft, "The Call of Cthulhu"

Summer's coming and millions of Americans will be heading to the beach to bathe in the raw sewage and frizzle-fry their skin cells enjoy the surf and sun. But they may find themselves acting as wide-eyed extras in an ongoing horror show, as more and more unholy abominations from the Abyss strange creatures seem to be washing ashore all around the world. 

Some may be exotic animals that are known but rarely-seen and some might be familiar creatures rendered unrecognizable by exposure to the elements. 

Others? Brrr.

Take this example for example: Last year some kind of horrifying carcass washed up onshore in the Philippines. The usual suspects swooped in and claimed it was a dead whale and what are you some kind of Bigfoot weirdo, it's a whale so STFU and mind your business.

Well, maybe it was a whale, maybe it wasn't. I'm not aware of any hairy species of whales but I'm the first to admit I'm not any kind of expert on the topic.

If it was a one-off, that's one thing. The problem is...

...that it happened again a couple of weeks ago. The corpse was seen as that of a legendary sea creature who presaged natural disasters, which is a bit unsettling considering all the seismic action around the Pacific Rim these days.

So maybe there's some kind of unidentified giant creature tooling around the waters in the Philippines area. I mean, the ocean is huge and we really don't know jackshit what might be down in the depths. But here's where we run into another problem...

...sea-monsters are washing ashore all over the planet. And it seems like they're doing so with increasing frequency in the past several months.  

You have this Jurassic Park-looking corpse in Wales...

...and another on the other side of the world in Alaska... well as this pleiasaur-looking beastie in Georgia....

...and I-have-no-idea-what-the-hell-this-thing is in Holland.

And this one. I'm surprised anyone noticed it, TBH. I mean, ever been to Revere?  

And look at this charming space-borne fellow. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn, bitches! Where's Amy Adams when you need them?

It's not just the ocean, either. You have this thing spotted in Lake Michigan...

...and then you have completely unrecognizable creatures such as this penis-headed horror in California...

...and this lemon-pepper-grilled-chicken-breast thing in the UK. All within the past year, incidentally.

So what are we looking at? Is everyone everywhere simply misidentifying common sea creatures? Did all of humanity suddenly forget what this stuff looked like? Has some enormous cosmic hellmouth opened in the Marianas Trench? Is there some kind of time machine beaming in visitors from the Cambrian Age? 

Or are CRISPR Frankensteins creating entirely new species and unleashing them into the wild? All of the above? Hell if I know. 

And of course Australia is at the forefront of oceanic cryptid mania, as you'd expect of a country that's already held two megarituals in honor of the Siren. And it looks as if she's rewarding their devotion with signs and wonders from her queendom.

Human-like creature, you say? An aquatic human-like creature? Why, maybe the Siren herself made an appearance before her new subjects. Anything is possible at this point. In my estimation, at least.

But you know what they say about the Siren; she can be a real bitch when the spirit moves her. You don't kill your consorts-- one after the other-- by accident, you know. In this case I'd say this was more one of her famous pranks. She's got a wicked sense of humor. Just ask Howard Schultz.

Yeah, this story is from Oz, too. Hey, invoking the Siren is a package deal. You'll get the tricks along with the treats. Secret Sun readers understand this basic equation.

Like I was saying; hey Aussies, stick to swimming pools. Is my advice at least. But this madness-inducing, hair-pulling horror reminds me of a post from the late, lamented Rigorous Intuition blog:
Translucent, mutable and iridescent, 98% water and almost entirely not there, a jelly is perhaps as close to a phantom as a creature can be and yet still belong to the material realm. In this respect at least it transcends the material, and gives great metaphor for the ineffable and alien yet familiar Other.   -- Jeff Wells, Rigorous Intuition 


...for this brief message from Howard P. Lovecraft's ghostwriter, Alice "Batshit" Bailey:
The waters arose. All sank and was submerged. The sacred remnant, in the place appointed, emerged at later date from out the zone of safety. 
The waters dissipated. The solid ground emerged in certain destined places....When the lesser Fifth had midway passed and all the lesser four were peopling the land, the Lords of Dark Intent arose...They constructed other forms. They called for cosmic fire. The seven deep pits of hell belched forth the animating shades.  
The period of destruction extended far on either hand. The work was sadly marred. The Chohans of the highest plane gazed in silence on the work. The Asuras and the Chaitans, the Sons of Cosmic Evil, and the Rishis of the darkest constellations,  gathered their lesser hosts, the darkest spawn of hell. They darkened all the space.  
The early Third produced the monsters, great beasts and evil forms. They prowled upon the surface of the sphere. 
The watery Fourth produced within the watery sphere, reptiles and spawn of evil fame, the product of their karma. The waters came and swept away the progenitors of the fluidic spawn. 
Alice Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

Hmm, maybe not so batshit. Maybe just read-in, if you get my drift.

Mexico seems to be getting its share of Cthulhu's bastard offspring as well. Look at this lovely specimen, one of several to grace the shores of our neighbor to the south. 

I love watching these science types-- who, when they aren't busy falsifying data and publishing bogus papers (you did know that most of the published science out there is fraudulent, right? )-- love to weigh in with their absurd opinions as to what these horrors actually are.

This one is my favorite- Big Science types ran around claiming this charmer was some kind of deep-sea eel. Which sounds all well and good, right? Case closed, right?

Well, except for the fact that it looks absolutely nothing like the eel in question. Hilarious. Don't ever change, Big Science. 

Now, I'm sure there are all kinds of misidentifications going on with some of these beachings. That's the nature of the human beast, But anyone with eyes can see that something else is going on and maybe our Big Science types don't know nearly as much as they claim about the Siren's Queendom, or the lair of the Deep Ones or the Abyss or whatever you care to call it. 

How about "Blue Hell?" I just made that one up.

Looking at some of these creatures you really have to wonder if those old artists weren't just drawing imaginary monsters but in fact were drawing from life. 

But all of this also ties into our ongoing meta-narrative about the stars and horrors in the Heavens such as the Eridanus Supervoid, which borders Cetus.

You see, a lot of folks tend to misinterpret "As Above, So Below" because of Eliphas Levi and Baphomet and all the rest of that floofy, quasi-Masonic Enlightenment drivel. But it's basically just an analog for "On Earth as it is in Heaven." It's based in star magic, like so many of our traditions. 

And both maxims are ultimately based in the practice of stellar alignment and harmonization, no matter what degraded form they take in the vernacular. 

Yeah, the Bible is filled with star magic. Deal with it. 

And I'm not just talking that 1994 USENET-vintage Astrotheistic business. The Sun, the schmun. Don't get caught up in all that sweaty, greasy Mithraic fratboy business; there's a whole universe of luminaries out there.

And Synchronistically, this new wave of visitors from the depths also ties into the overall Apocalyptic exegesis, especially in regards to winding the clock back on the entirety of Western religion and esotericism where it all began...

...namely smack-dab between the Tigris and Euphrates, dating back to the Sumerians and whoever might have been telling their creation myths before them. 

We're talking about the OG Siren, the first and the foremost, the biggest and the baddest, the Kween of Kaos herself, Tiamat:
When on high the heaven had not been named, firm ground below had not been called by name, Naught but primordial Apsu, their begetter, (And) Mummu. Tiamat, she who bore them all... --The Enuma Elish
All of which opens endless kettles of fish, some of which might be better off sealed. But it certainly all takes on a new shine in the context of Mermania and all of the rest of it. 

You see, it's all connected, it's all part of the same Unveiling, it's all coming from and leading to the same places. 

Especially if some of what we're seeing are CRISPR critters, created for God-knows what purpose or end. Or maybe it's just this water-world we're squatting on is sick of our bullshit and our plastic bags and is fixing to put all us shaved apes back in our place. Honestly, everything is possible at this point as far as I'm concerned.

And wouldn't you just know it? This all syncs up with the central uber-myth of our age as well. That there's a still from a music video by The Dambuilders, the band that featured the Agdistis of our little Mystery play, Joan Wasser. Or as I like to call her, "Oannes' Waters."

Oannes-Agdistis here was with the Shepherd Boy when the Siren first called him, to the choppy surf off Gold Coast in-- you guessed it-- Australia. Wasser was teaching our Shepherd Boy how to backstroke when they both nearly came to feel the Deep during a midnight swim after a gig there. 

It's an easy bet this event triggered some of those creepy lyrics written after the event that fans see as foreshadowing as well as-- of course-- "Nightmares by the Sea."

Hey; let this be a lesson to you all: the gods and their vessels are not to be trifled with.



  1. This headline caught my eye.

    The newest green-tech idea: DROWN DATA CENTERS AT SEA.

    "And because oceans are uniformly cool below a certain depth, keeping the machines under the sea would cut down the cooling costs that make up a large chunk of the operating budget of data centers."

    What is coming up from the depths is probably a result of what has gone down.

    1. Interesting you should say that, Syncra. Right before I read this post by Chris, I noticed an article about Microsoft submerging a data center off the coast of Scotland no less! Thought that was a bit strange (other than it makes sense to cool down the circuits with less energy expenditure) and didn't think much of it until I came here.


    2. Of course, there is the little fact that most of the sea floor is in international waters. Solves the problem that has been pestering tech giants since day dot on the question of which laws apply, given where the servers are located. Renders the location of servers question 100% irrelevant.

    3. Ant (aka Anon11:06)9:17 AM, June 07, 2018

      Good point Maria. Also, per Zod: If the "big picture" / elite's goal is to escape Samsara via technology, and the secret sun wipes that slate clean each great year, this data center is likely protected from that now.

      (Now I'm thinking about Atlantis...)

      @Zod: Why the elite's Saturn cult/worship? (Why not covertly worship the secret sun (i.e. as destroyer). (Unless Saturn is an occult representation of it.))

    4. Ant, remember: "It's turtles all the way down." ;-)

      There is not just 'elite & plebs'.

      There are strata in the pyramid of control.

      Just as the plebs can be persuaded to believe in Jesus, etc. So the 'merchant bankers' can be persuaded to believe in Satan, etc.

      You'll know about the lower strata (unions, political parties, Christianity, minor cults, lower echelons of the Freemasons/rotary club/common purpose, etc.), but the mid strata you'll only have rumours of (secret societies, vice/Mafia/CIA, paedophilia/trafficking, sacrifice, Satanism/Luciferism, etc.), and the upper strata will pretty much be black-box (NASA, Illuminati, Vatican), i.e. you can only infer its existence and nature, by a holistic understanding of everything else (unless you are in the upper strata).

      When it comes down to it, there are very few who know about the secret sun, probably only the upper strata. The ancient Egyptians no doubt worshipped it and truly knew it for what it was, but that understanding is now pretty rare (reserved for the upper echelons of the Freemasons et al). You have the Hopi who have some vague idea that it's time to worry when the secret sun turns from red to blue (Kachina), but it's dubious as to whether they know what & where the Kachina is. Their lore seems to be rather confused - see

      But, yes, submerged data centres, seed banks, 'continuity of government', pervasive Swiss bomb shelters, efflorescent esoterica, etc. You can piece together the preparations. However, note that there is a multi-pronged approach. Even the Illuminati aren't backing just one horse. There are a wide variety of endeavours to assure h sapiens' ability to rapidly resume/recover a technologically advanced civilisation after the cataclysm.

    5. The first under water data center is Microsoft's ' leona philpot' apparently
      'A human girl dives into the deep and breaks her neck': Leona philpot

    6. @Zod: Your post above explains DUMBs, then. My thinking has always been: Our tax money is siphoned off (see: 9/11 missing trillions) into building these (and into other black projects, for other reasons) to provide the initiates a "safe space" to camp out until they're done 'gassing' the uninitiated (with disease, nuclear war, or whatever). Then their end game, I thought, was to emerge to reclaim their now-pest-free lands, returning them back to nature (see: Georgia Guidestones) and setting up a "Hunger Games" type of society w/the pesky few of us they still need. (Probably MK victims.)

      Instead it would seem DUMBs are one such hedged bet against surviving the cataclysm.

      So my question becomes: Why cull the herd? Is it lifeboat ethics/utilitarianism? Only so many seats on the ship before it sinks? Then that would make sense.

      (1a) Maintain the herd as tax donkeys and work horses until robots/AI reduce the need for us.
      (1b) Keep us in the dark about this process & the end game. If we knew, we'd attempt to storm the gates before our labor is complete, our numbers MIGHT enable us to breach them, and we'd overcrowd and capsize the boat, killing everyone. (At which point: soul reincarnation and start all over again for those who might have otherwise escaped?)

    7. Ant, it's like the first frost of the winter. They know it's highly likely to be in November, but they can't be sure which day. Galactic magnetic fields aren’t that easy to see coming, even if you know they come and go twice a great year.

      So, we are in the immanence of the eschaton. The end is nigh, but uncertain. When it becomes too obvious, when ‘anthropogenic climate change’ has transformed into 'something is fundamentally wrong', that ‘wrong’ accelerates.

      That’s when the final distractions occur, i.e. world war 3 (World War Z), global financial collapse, Internet kill switch, grid-down, alien invasion, etc.

      What do you mean by “Why cull the herd?”? Nature is the one doing the culling. Population growth was necessary for civilisation/technology/taxation. The Illuminati want humanity to survive as best it can, but they won’t have total control during the chaos, i.e. lesser factions may well believe ww3 is afoot (or that Satan has manifested upon Earth, etc.), and may cause ‘collateral damage’ in some areas on a large scale (even if, thankfully, the nuclear weapons are fake).

      Don't worry about AI, that's a post-cataclysmic aspiration.

      But yes, per game theory, you can’t have the masses knowing what’s going on, but then, now, it’s a fait accompli. It’s too late to do anything except make the apocalypse slightly deviate from expectations.

      As to post-cataclysm, it’ll be at least a generation before any emergent ‘continuity government’ starts bothering to rescue (reassert control over) the few scattered survivors who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

      The Georgia Guidestones comes across as an independent project.

    8. Incidentally Ant, Hunger Games is predictive programming for the predicament a few fortunate youngsters may find themselves in. It won't be a set up. That's why there are so many 'reality TV' programmes concerning survival and prepping.

    9. What's their plan for dealing with 450 nuclear reactors around the world that'll start to melt down as soon as the grids go down?

      Two pounds of plutonium, properly diffused, would suffice to kill all 7.5 billion of us. The US Govt admits to having 88 tons of it in cold storage.

      You can't have a Fukushima on every beach and expect there to be anything left after industrial civilization falls apart.

      450 reactors melting down on a near-simultaneous basis would release enough ionizing radiation to burn away the atmosphere. The oceans, too, would boil away. As the ozone disappears, cosmic radiation would jump into the mix and Earth would resemble Mars.

      Strangely, the nuke issue is consistently omitted from all of our doomsday speculations, be it science fiction, or fact.

    10. J.B. Turnstone, you have a good point.

      I can only surmise that this is either not the problem it appears to be, or that it has been catered for.

      Incidentally, Fukushima is a psyop, which leads one to suspect that Chernobyl may have also been. Indeed, one begins to detect the aroma of boondoggle around the nuclear power industry.

      Whether you lean this way, or reject it, probably depends upon whether you've concluded the Apollo missions were a boondoggle.

      Add to that, keeping our second sun a secret.

    11. For example, J.B.Turnstone, the comment below would answer your question, i.e. the nuclear power stations can safely fail because they contain no radioactive materials.

      "Hey Arnie, tell us about dump loads. Tell us how fake nuclear reactors are actually boiling off excess electricity and not producing a single watt on it’s own. Tell us how the control room instrumentation are reporting the dumped energy as a positive value. Tell us where the distribution grid excess is being dumped if not in fake commercially-viable nuclear energy production plants. Tell us about the toaster-element-like core that is no more reactive than those in our household convection ovens. Tell us what kind of insane power grid designer would neglect to incorporate a system whereby the 5 billion-dollar so-called nuclear reactor can continue providing power to those people that paid for them when conventionally-produced electrical generating plants on the distribution grid are blacked out? Tell us why all the reactors in a given blackout perimeter fail alongside the coal and hydro if they are not in fact dumping power, not producing it?"

    12. I'd like to believe that, and I appreciate many of your riddling insights, but this would mean that all the evidence for radioactive contamination in the environment, from the leaks at Hanford to Depleted Uranium and the birth defects and global-high leukemia rates in Ukraine and Fallujah, would all have to be either fake/non-existent or caused by something else entirely.

    13. Well, if they have already started then that actually explains why so many dead crwaturws are surfacing. Tech emits sooo much radiation. Glad i dont work in sever rooms

    14. J.B. Turnstone, this may be one of those cases where Doublethink could be useful to you, i.e. rather than dismiss the unthinkable 'alternate hypothesis', just keep it in the back of your mind, in case one day, other clues arise to make it less unthinkable.

      And don't forget: The Mission exceeds all other considerations.

  2. Cryptozoology is supposed to be "pseudoscience" but it's looking increasing that as the new cosmic age unfolds that cryptozoology will eventually morph into a serious discipline.

    Reading through this post and seeing the increasing levels of high-weirdness post 2012 Spiritual Ascension is reminding me of the back-story to the Shadowrun role-playing game universe:

    "Shadowrun is a science fantasy tabletop role-playing game set in a near-future fictional universe in which cybernetics, magic and fantasy creatures co-exist. It combines genres of cyberpunk, urban fantasy and crime, with occasional elements of conspiracy, horror and detective fiction."

    One of the heralds within the Shadowrun Universe was the return of creatures once thought to be myths or just superstition appearing around the world showing those entities were actually very real in previous Earth cycles.

    Also magick/sorcery/witchcraft lauded in post-modern society as delusional superstition came back with a vengeance with people having access to magickal abilities and certain percentage of humans "Goblinized" becoming into elves, or orcs, or trolls.

    Now I'm wondering if that Dungeons and Dragons inspired cyberpunk role-playing game may actually unknowingly be a prophecy about near-future events on Earth similar to Lovecraft's cosmic horror stories.

    1. Magic has always been accessible to a few people, and never been accessible to more than a few people. That's never going to change.

    2. Maria Rigel, while as contemporary wisdom would confirm that is generally true but as the saying goes never say never. Even within the lore/mythos of Shadowrun magick/shamanism/sorcery/witchcraft as practical abilities is available to open a certain percentage of the metahuman population; if one doesn't count the humans that mutated or given birth to dwarfs, elves, orcs, or trolls. That would be comparable to the Mutant X gene within the Marvel Universe comics.

      Granted I'm using one fictional medium to explain another fictional medium but there's a better answer. See Michael Talbot's "The Holographic Universe" especially Chapter 5 titled "A Pocket Full of Miracles" subheading "Mass Psychokinesis in Eighteenth-Century France"

      In that part of the Holographic Universe relates well documented miraculous events in 1727 France from believers/followers of a "Dutch-influenced Catholics known as the Jansenists, and were precipitated by the death of a saintly and revered Jansenist deacon named Francois de Paris."

      Historians of the time all recorded Jensenist followers exhibiting all sorts of miraculous abilities e.g. healing from diseases/injuries, immunity to fire, levitation, invincibility, etc. at the tomb of their deceased faith leader.

      "It was while they were in this fitful and trancelike state that the "convulsionaires, " as they have come to be called, displayed the most phenomenal of their talents. One was the ability to endure without harm an almost unimaginable variety of physical tortures. These included severe beatings, blows from both heavy and sharp objects, and strangulation—all with no sign of injury, or even the slightest trace of wounds or bruises."

    3. "What makes these miraculous events so unique is that they were witnessed by literally thousands of observers. The frenzied gatherings around Abbe Paris's tomb were by no means short-lived. The cemetery and the streets surrounding it were crowded day and night for years, and even two decades later miracles were still being reported (to give some idea of the enormity of the phenomena, in 1733 it was noted in the public records that over 3, 000 volunteers were needed simply to assist the convulsionaires and make sure, for example, that the female participants did not become immodestly exposed during their seizures). As a result, the supernormal abilities of the convulsionaires became an international cause celebre, and thousands flocked to see them, including individuals from all social strata and officials from every educational, religious, and governmental institution imaginable; numerous accounts, both official and unofficial, of the miracles witnessed are recorded in the documents of the time."

      "Invulnerability was not the only talent the Jansenists displayed during their seizures. Some became clairvoyant and were able to "discern hidden things. " Others could read even when their eyes were closed and tightly bandaged, and instances of levitation were reported. One of the levitators, an abbe named Bescherand from Montpellier, was so "forcibly lifted into the air" during his convulsions that even when witnesses tried to hold him down they could not succeed in keeping him from rising up off of the ground."

      "When King Louis XV tried unsuccessfully to stop the convulsionaires by closing the cemetery of Saint-Medard, Voltaire quipped, "God was forbidden, by order of the King, to work any miracles there."

      "Many of the miracles were immediately proved upon the spot, before judges of unquestioned credit and distinction, in a learned age, and on the most eminent theatre that is now in the world."

      ^^^^So as far as "that could never happen" there's your historic precedent from within Western Europe of all places during the "Age of Enlightenment aka Age of Reason" when Europeans begun to cast off all those beliefs they considered to be superstitious as scientific reasoning was being held up as the true guiding principles for humanity.

      Those signs from the deep whatever the hell they are could indeed be signaling a major shift within the Holographic Nature of our reality. Widespread activation of magic users similar to Shadowrun mythos as outlandish as it sounds isn't off the table; especially when considering the real world events of 18th France concerning the Jansenist miracles.

    4. They took her down because of the trafficking videos. She was clean before that and they couldnt touch her because nothing she did couldnt be backed with evidence. This vhanged with her last posts. They took advantage of this opportunity and shut her down.

      If gov. Looked into what she posted (and i know they did) they took her down due to the child trafficking vids (sensitive info). I think they started to get really worried after the tesseract blog she posted tbh.
      This is the best case senario, i hope she is okay. She is very very important and its quite critical for the message is to keep spreading.

    5. @L, I believe your comment was meant for the comment thread about Tracy Twyman below correct?

    6. Yes, for whatever reason my replies are not landing on the correct threads. Many glitches when trying tonpost, especially when trying to connect TT to society. They are cutting any incoming and outgoing contact and she is being monitored. If anyone is able to get read this and get her out of US please do

  3. What's up with this? Anybody know?

    1. Yes, where is she???
      Everything has been removed and if you try to go to her Plus Ultra website, it says your computer is vulnerable to attack.
      I listen, have followed, and have corresponded with Tracy Twyman. Recently, there were videos of hers about things she believed were evidence of human trafficking, and those videos were wiped off of the internet.
      i've been following her for about two years and she has never vanished like this.
      She was kind enough to write back to me a few months ago.

    2. She interviewed Chris at one point. I hadn't gotten into her, but in looking for Chris content on YouTube I found her to be the best of his interviewers.

    3. I was also wondering about this! Someone here suggested Tracy to me and I dove into her theories so completely only to have it suddenly vanish with no clear explanation.

    4. Me too. Was wondering same!

    5. Her website & Youtube are completely gone!!!

      I went to her Amazon page and her last blog response (not sure how that works), is dated 5/29. What happened?!?

    6. Yes, still no sign of Tracy Twyman. Maybe she is remaking her website. Please, please, please post if you hear from her.

    7. Anon 8:01 - I just discovered the same on her most recent posts on twitter; tweets suggesting she was trying to get the word out about human trafficking she found on social media. All the vidoes and links in twitter have been removed. Very worrisome!

    8. I hope she wasn't sniffing around HRC's cabal/coven. The stories below are telling:

  4. You know, I wish this had stayed as a joke or a bad acid trip, but it's hideously present far from the beaches as well. First, Fuego volcano exploding in Guatemala, lair of ancient evil if there ever was one. Second, current Mexican presidential election is pitting Golden Boy (Ricardo Anaya), with heavy links to Atlanta and a robotic, internationalist look, against AMLO the Garfish (his actual nickname), from the wettest, hottest, swampiest state, who killed his own brother in a gun accident when young, loves Mayan ruins and murdering people, friend of druglords and Communist apparatchik, answers no questions and wants to take over the economy like his idol Castro. Just like Trump, actually, except American fantasies and bravado are all solar, and the local version is, well.. hideously black. Going with the globalists on this one, by far. Bilderberg 2018 starts tomorrow, hope they can look into it (or should I fear if they do?)

    1. In these sort of times, the swamp creature is the likeliest to win. Not saying that's good news, mind you. Just telling you the probabilities as they lay. Globalism is well and truly over.

    2. Is globalism over, or was there recently a 'coup uprising' where one faction fomenting the Great Work seized the reigns from the previous reign-holding faction?

      Now some resettling happens as the show goes on. (Thoughts? (I'm here to learn and know. Not to be right. :)))

    3. @Lakeofmarch

      Fascinating. You say that as though there is more controversy surrounding Atlanta as a city/region (which there definitely is). Would you happen to have any more information on that if so?

      I used to live there for a number of years a various times of my life and found it a very tense place to be. Its also along the 33rd parallel which after reading up on is very interesting.

  5. Hello! Let's make an early comment to remind you that I'm just as sinister as you think I am. You know, fishy-fishy monsters and all, it makes me wonder what happened at Fukushima. Last I heard they didn't even know where their plutonium was! A funny thing to misplace, though of course things happen, especially when israeli security firms are the ones doing the monitoring. A measure of flour for plutonium; a measure of cornstarch for uranium.

    Slimy things with legs crawl upon our schools but that's nothing a little hope and cleansing can't manage.

  6. Hathor is Ninhursag. She is not Inanna/Ishtar.

    1. "You went full Stichin. Never go full Stichin."

  7. >>

    Just sayin'.

    1. Bioluminiscence, the ability of an organism to create its own light, along with the independence of some deep sea creatures of any sunlight at all (direct or indirect)... now that's interesting...

      I can see where some wellknown stories (burning with envy) are coming from now

  8. I'm afraid that Blue Hell isn't that original. Charles Stross calls them Blue Hades in his Lovecraft&Bond Laundry novels. As for the science of why a washed up sea creature might look very different. I assume that decompression might play a role.

  9. The ocean is largely undiscovered.

    If the Earth is traumatised, so are its oceans, and the denizens of their deeps.

    But, of course, it's nothing to worry about...


  11. On the subject of oceans I see 'Ocean's 8' opens in the USA on June 8 and the story-line is "Debbie Ocean gathers an all-female crew to attempt an impossible heist at New York City's yearly Met Gala."
    It stared on June 7th over here in Oz, so it's on the screen now (not that I'll be going to see it, as I don't like any of the 'Ocean's' movies that I have seen).
    This is the movie where a petition was signed a while back to remove Matt Damon's cameo appearance from the movie because of his comments about the #TimesUp Movement or something along those lines.
    Oddly Matt and his family have been over here in Oz for the last few months hanging around with Chris Hemsworth and his family.
    Last week they were on Stradbroke Island for a few days of surfing and the newspapers had pictures of the two families catching the ferry back from Dunwich (a town spelled the same as in H. P. Lovecraft's 'The Dunwich Horror') to Brisbane.
    Synch or swim I guess when it comes to the ocean right now in the "collective unconscious".

    1. Solaris anyone? The cosmic/oceanic reverberation. The stan lee is down by law with sheep. I scream. You scream. We all scream: life is beautiful! And beauty is truth. Tis all ye need to know apparently. And Polaris.

    2. Oh, and June 8th is the UN 'World Oceans Day' apparently, too.

  12. Has anyone entertained the notion that most (if not all) of the more sensational photo ops of the crypto creature beachings are merely publicity stunts to align with the stellar alignments? What if the real magic is the synchroncity? And somebody or some group of artisans knows this power and is artificially injecting the imagery into our collective awareness? Many of these sea creatures appear to be so large that the likelihood of them being able to survive in the ocean is low. Their caloric intake would require the vast population of sea fish to be much larger than they are on average. This all seems like a "Bigfoot" ruse to me. Or was that real too?

    1. Mediamagic, good point
      Stories are the glue that holds the system together

      Nature needs no stories, it depends on and offers real tangible connections, relations, bonds
      That are each personally relevant and meaningful to you and me
      And will only truly work when truth fully related with no foreign agenda

    2. I like that: Nature needs no stories! Nature must be boring since media took over the noosphere!

    3. Being bored is an essential feature of psychopaths, of those who imagine themselves as apart from (and above) nature. Just sayin'.

    4. Psychopaths see emptyness and void where there is none.

      They see 'tehom' (instead of the beautiful complexity and harmony and fullness which is really there) and think they have to create something. B'resheit! Only then something happens!

      B'resheit - usually translated as 'in the beginning' or 'with a beginning'
      But look closely: the root word for beginning here is ROSH, which connotes.... yep indeed, rule, government, first, primary, head, chief....

      Which is mirrored in the greek 'arche'.

    5. Oh, and fyi the concept of "noosphere' comes from Teilhard the Chardin

    6. I heard the sync community discuss Bereshit once on a Always Record podcast. ROSH or RESH could connote "Ruse" as well, no? As like in a media ruse? Ala "fake news". The world is really a boring world thus the need to sell emotional news stories has an appeal. How much of our history and news is and has always been a put on?

    7. Etymologically, ruse does not seem to come from rosh (or arabic 'ras'
      Although I'd agree that the matrix spews fake news routinely and could easily be labelled itself as such (among other descriptions)

      A sociopath's fav quote:
      "The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.”- Phillip K. Dick


    8. And of course these people are bored. How much fun is it not to have a Worthy Opponent....? Ever.

  13. Many biologists believe the Komodo dragon is the iconic mososaurus just moved back onto land. During the ice age, Komodo dragons the size of large oxen competed with humans for game. Stuff goes in and out of the water and sometimes back in. About the only megafauna left re in the water, or hidden in deepest Africa.
    And whatever did happen to Rigorous Intuition? Silenced by the #Cabal?

  14. Everyone- take a walk on the beach. Breathe in, breathe out (surf the out breath. The end breath is now. Breathe in all the worlds suffering, breathe out nothing but clear blue goodness. Repeat as often you think about it. To shine forth is key. 87

  15. "We're talking about the OG Siren, the first and the foremost, the biggest and the baddest, the Kween of Kaos herself, Tiamat"

    Anyone else read that in Greg Carlwood's voice?

    1. TIamat is a collossal dragon. In the texts, she is not portrayed as even vaguely anthropomorphic. She's probably more a portrayal of Prima Materia, like Ymir, the frost giant, who's carcass becomes the material world. Materisalists worship dead stuff.

  16. I love the sea, and I love the sun
    And the trees, the birds
    All of nature

    They re-mind me of myself (if you get my meaning)
    They give me great comfort
    Provide instant meaning, Beyond comprehension, never boring, always new
    And make me forget for a moment the terrifying "reality" we are forced to "live" in

    No one should be (made) afraid of nature, ever
    Just get to knów nature
    Intimately, not 'from a book'

  17. And as I’m reading this I’m wearing my Cthulhu t-shirt. Doomed.... DOOMED!

  18. Its all good CK! Giant jellyfish are the new soylent green:

    But we'll cover them in neon-orange cheeto dust all the same.

  19. The "alien sea monster on the Dutch beach" videos is posted by some ufo/alien whatever related youtubechannels, and some gossipy british newspaper
    Original nowhere to be found.

    Nowhere on the dutch internet is there any mention of something other than the usual washing up on the beach of Julianadorp at that time.

    The mysterious monster (LOL) looks more like the remains of a tree or something.
    Video quality is awful (typical!)

    Next, please

  20. The shooter at Santa Fe was wearing a Cthulhu, as well as Baphomet pin. I work with a Cthulhu-oriented altar of warship in my magic practice. I am plagued by visions of inverted pentacles. I also started putting pins on my black trench coat, one is Kermit the frog, the other is an octopus, creatures who cross the border to traverse both worlds. This was before the shooting. I am tortured as well with traumatic synchronicites reminiscent of what a super soldier of MKultra might go through.

    I work with the collective unconscious, thee abyss through chaos/aeonic magic.

    What the actual fuck is going on, I still don't know.

    All I do know is that it's epic fun to surf these waves and to ride these currents.

    Thank you for my new favorite article from you, Chris. I'm sorry for getting on your shit about your jokes.

    Of anyone wants an energetic, synchroharmonic boost/activation, I will gladly throw some aetherial psi-tech your way.

  21. Must be Nessie!!!

    "A woman who had a monster surprise on her honeymoon in the Highlands also won £1500 for the experience.

    The annual Best Nessie Sighting of the year was won by Rebecca Stewart of Lancashire with a picture she took on her honeymoon last October.

    Mrs Stewart from Chadderton, Oldham, photographed and saw the large fin shape for five minutes.

    Her husband Paul also saw the creature which was taken while they were with their two year old son Thomas along with the family dog.

    Mrs Stewart's sighting was accepted by the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register and then entered into the competition which has a prize of £1500 given by bookmakers William Hill."

  22. All I know is that first screen cap of the video shows a long slender silvery fish looks fake as hell. The eyeball is so phony and the people holding up the fish are all giggling. They know it's fake! Are these sea creatures just a dorky photo/art fad?

    1. That's an Oarfish. Their eyes look like that because they live a mile below the surface. They have a tendency to wash up dead in advance of seismic activity. The Japanese have considered them omens of tsunamis for thousands of years.

      As for the rest of these critters...

      That thing in Revere is obviously a small porpoise, and the Cap Coast carcass is a young seal... though it does look like the Selkie skin of lore.

      The rest of them are pretty weird. Especially that giant "eel" which clearly isn't the kind of eel they're saying it is, and the hairy whales, and that croco-looking thing.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Agdstis on womanhood: she was very tight-lipped on the shepherd boy though (@4:28)

  25. The Enuma Elish is the Babylonian creation myth. Apsu is the Babylonian spelling and AbZu the Sumerian.

    It's all metaphorical:

    1. The Sumerian Universe

  26. Great stuff!! I've been watching the sea carcass stories for a couple years and glad it's a subject here now. In a minor synch I randomly came across a story about seaworms after reading this post.

    Funny thing is, that story claims to debunk the video while still believing in the worm. Which just happens to be shown in another link on that page:

  27. What was Levis / masonic interpretation of as above so below? I didnt realize it varied from the basic concept of a mirroring between the heavens / stars and earth / events so much. Or are you only talking about that step from very direct star magic to the idea of heaven-earth mirroring? Just curious. My study of Levi was short and passing a long time ago.

  28. Chris-- great compilation on mysterious sea creatures washing up. And by great, I mean terrifying, but yet intriguing.

    Not related, but I saw your tweet about Kate Spade's husband wearing a mouse mask. Super weird. Anyway, looking thru the 20+ photos on that article, I notice that Mr. Spade had red laces in one of his boots. Also didn't all the MSM articles note she used a red silk scarf? Significance?

  29. Rosh as Raysh ...

    A tarot NOT under the English freemasons.

    1. In the jewish tradition reish (the letter) is connected to rosh in the sense that reish signifies rash and rasha.
      Rash is poverty, having nothing, being empty, devoid, depraved. In an absolute sense. A rasha is Evil.
      Acc. to jewish traditional kabbalah there is a direct correlation between the best and the worst.. they are 'permutations' of each other as it were

    2. and,

  30. On science,

    Yes it's true that there are a great many problems there
    But that doesn't dis qualify the scientific method at all nor all research
    Contrary! Truthful inquiry is essential, a solution not a problem

    But this just a short statement, I might write more on this later

  31. Great work as always, brother.

  32. Many miles away... Something crawls to the surface... Of a dark Scottish loch...

    - from Synchronicity II by the Police


    A stepped pyramid to stand on while studying the sun and stars. Ziggurats were built by the Chaldeans in Babylon during the 6th century B.C., and painted the colors of the rainbow. Though the Chaldeans were said to be the first astronomers—able to predict the length of days and dates of eclipses—their scientific achievements were motivated by astrology, upon which important decisions depended. There was sound logic to this: Heeding the sun improved agriculture, so why not also marriage and warfare? And in any case, the sun was a deity. Atop the grandest ziggurat of all, some 400 feet tall, was a shrine with a bed where a nubile girl slept every night to await the sun’s lusty arrival."


    Sound logic, huh?

    As above so below, huh?

  34. Anthony Bourdain, found at his hotel in France supposedly a suicide by hanging.

    Amazing how many celebs are choosing to go out that way lately. Hard to believe.

    1. Sister of Dutch queen Maxima, too

    2. Anon,
      And Anthony Bourdain and Queen Maxima both have 11 year-old daughters named Ariane. How weird is that?

    3. Anthony Bourdain

    4. And Ariane is named after Ines

  35. It appears that Scarlet might really be Orange.
    I found out that Israeli researchers and scholars are saying as much. The word used in the bible is 'tola'at shani'.
    Just passing it on without further explanations and insights for now, except this tidbit ....

    And Rachab (the harlot) = Tiamat?

  36. Robert Bloch covered this decades ago in Strange Eons. Don't you think that when we plop our hairless monkey asses into the oceans of the world every summer, all the fish just float around going "Ewwwwwwwwwww!?" Yep, definitely Cthulhu rising. That's the one I'd run doubt...

  37. Not sure this has been posted in all the mermaid stuff so if not, a whale with knees:

  38. Okay, still reading the rest, just wanted to say;
    CrosbyThing is an Aphrodite's SeaMouse, a hairy iridescent seaslug.

  39. Ah forgive me, not slug, worm. Still shiny.

  40. SeaMouse

  41. Well science is truly reaching peak insanity; "Meet Mrs Perfect: Scientists reveal what a 'superwoman' really would look like - complete with bat ears, slimy frog skin and a kangaroo pouch"

    "Yet this strange-looking person is in her way the perfect human being"

    "If we were all built like this, we would never go deaf, heart attacks would be a thing of the past, and it would be virtually impossible to tumble over"

    ^^^^Ah the fever-dreams of wanna-be CRISPR genomemancers could almost be cute if they weren't so delusionally horrifying.

  42. There was a mermaid competitor on American Ninja Warrior, on June 13. Who woulda thunk it!

  43. I definitely feel like we are in the age of the rise of mega corps. Somewhere around 2012 I dug out my old copy of Shadowrun so I could check the time line. Lmk if you catch wind of a Ghost Dance... burning man???