Monday, June 11, 2018

Keep Me from the Gallows Pole

Judging by the avalanche of articles in the past few days you'd think that the Supreme Overlord of the United Galactic Confederation died, not just a prickly but charismatic and well-regarded celebrity chef and TV host.  

Anthony Bourdain seems to have been extremely important to certain parties for reasons you and I are not necessarily read in on. Which is to say that this is one of those events in which we don't so much get a peak behind the curtain as a certain pretense is dropped and we see things how they really are. 

Only we don't have the right cheat codes so most of us are left scratching our heads while various and sundry rumor mills kick into overdrive. And so it is a man in life becomes tabula rasa in death.

Which is to say it's one of those moments when everyone gets to roll out their favorite hobby horses for fun and profit. 

The Q crowd claim this was all predicted in one of their idol's typically-oblique Chan postings. The favorite theory seems to be Bourdain was a kiddie-fiddler (and was mixed up with NXIVM somehow) and took the big sleep to spare himself the humiliation of exposure. Which you'd expect, of course.

Then there are theories he was offed by Harvey Weinstein's Black Cube thugs because of various statements made on social media and because of his relationship to Italian actress (and prominent Weinstein accuser) Asia Argento. If that were true I think we'd see a lot of these so-called suicides out there.

Some say it was because Bourdain pissed off the Clinton coven, others say it was because of his rather vague statements protesting living conditions in Gaza and the West Bank. But my favorite were Alex Jones' sputterings that Bourdain was about to come out and declare his support for Trump! 

Don't ever change, Jonesy.

Now, !'m not going to wade into all the speculation we're hearing about Anthony Bourdain's death. All I can say is that judging by what I've seen of the man he doesn't seem the type to off himself like that. 

You never really know a person but I get the vibe this was a man who was having a very good (if not his best) life and thought far too highly of himself to kick it all in the head.

Of course, a lot of folks seem to believe he may have been simply engaging in a bit of the old AEA and enjoyed himself a bit too much. I wonder about this with a lot of these celebrity bathroom hangings, especially in the case of folks who are in recovery. Or in other cases, those pesky bathroom workout mishaps.

Believe you me, a dopamine/-/norepinephrine deprived brain is a ravenous dragon and recovering addicts will often go to extremely extreme lengths to feed that beast.

Of course, this follows on the heels of designer Kate Spade's suicide (also by hanging, using a red scarf in this case), which has kicked up a bit more weird-dust. I'm referring specifically to her estranged husband parading around Manhattan in a mouse mask. 

Not just any mouse mask but a mask of a character from the old Disney cartoon The Rescuers. Where the hell did he get such a thing? Does he collect old Ben Cooper costumes or something?

There's also the whole thing with the ace of spades being the notorious death card of the Operation Phoenix mind-controlled assassins. I actually met one of them in an illegal basement bar for Marine veterans back in the 90s. 

Actually, I'm not sure "met" is the right word, but remind me to tell you the story sometime anyway.

And keeping the Reaper's toll all in the high society family, the sister of Queen Maxima committed suicide at the age of 33 after a long battle with depression. No, Queen Maxima is not a new Game of Thrones character, she's the Queen of the House of Orange, ruling family of the Netherlands.

It's not a newflash that suicide has become a genuine epidemic but even so I was surprised to see how many newsworthy suicides of the past two decades were deaths by hanging.

Four of my very favorite musicians-- Chris Cornell, Ian Curtis, Stuart Adamson of Big Country and Chris Acland of Lush sadly checked out that way. As have a whole host of interesting historical figures.

Weird thoughts enter my head all the time. In this case I couldn't help but wonder if there's some kind of hanging cult out there. It could be an AEA cult for all I know but what if was some weird cult- either suicidal or homicidal in intent-- that perhaps based its theology on The Hanging Man Tarot trump or some famous historical martyr who died by hanging. 

It's a crazy thought, I know. But that's what The Secret Sun is here for.

Then there's the likely-final season of The X-Files to contend with. Aside from a grisly, Hollywood-centric Spirit Cooking episode (we'll get to that at a later date) there was also the Hangman episode ("Plus One") that centered around-- you guessed it-- twins.

Chris Carter is maddeningly opaque even in the best of times and I doubt he'll be very forthcoming about exactly what was on his mind while writing this sparkler of a romp. Given that the episode starts off at a rock concert there's a good chance he was processing the hanging deaths of the Siren Saga at the time. 

But then it quickly veers to the time-tested Carter Catalog of fixations--doppelgangers, dissociative identity disorder, gender-bending, hospitals, dipwads-- that the signal gets lost.

But do note that one of the twins in question claims to be a "very famous actress" named "Little Judy." 

We're meant to assume this is delusion on her part but we're also left to wonder which famous actress she is really meant to be and if this Hangman minicult she has going with her twin brother has any basis in reality like the aforementioned Spirit Cooking.

Carter has the same actor--X-Files stalwart Karin Konoval-- play the twins (both of whom have split personalities) and she does a marvelous job. But given Carter's notoriously fractal thinking I can't help but wonder what that baby doll there is supposed to represent. Especially since Chuckie there is an LEO. Maybe we don't want to know.

And maybe I spend too much time in the Conspirasphere but I can't help but glean a Skippy vibe from this little exchange, particularly given that bandaged finger. If you get my meaning. I do have to say Konoval has interesting hands.

There are Carter's usual sideways easter-eggs in the ep, like a reference to the Matriarch Rachel (patron saint of infertile women) a cover of a David Duchovny song (oh, you didn't know about his music career?) Green Day ref with "Dookie," a Planet of the Apes reference in connection to same (Konoval is a featured actor in the new Apes series), a nod to the "cavalier" motif I've seen in other venues (notably National Treasure) and probably a bunch of others I'll pick up a few years from now.

So what I'm trying to say is that I don't believe Carter cooked up this otherwise inexplicable hangman motif on a lark. I think as with all the other episodes there's are sub rosa messages being transmitted here, along with the usual breakaway civilization, engineered pandemics and transhumanist tales told out of school.

This last season of The X-Files seemed to fly under most people's radar but was by far the best batch of X since the mighty eighth season back in the year 2001, aside from the craptastic season opener. And "Plus One" confirmed my suspicions that the title "My Struggle" refers to Carter's struggle writing a storyline he thought he put to bed in aforementioned S8.


It can't help but be noticed that Anthony Bourdain bore an uncanny resemblance to a certain Canuckistani tunesmith who wrote a certain ditty that a certain doomed troubadour who broke the tender heart of a certain angelic-vessel made famous. 

A song that was studiously ignored by the world in its initial release but has since become a standard thanks in large part to aforementioned doomed troubadour's interpretation.

And a song that linked two victims of the hangman's noose in terrible purpose, one of whom was an intimate friend of aforementioned doomed-troubadour.

What's more, one of those victims appeared on The Tonight Show with the unhappy chef on the dreaded day of April 19th, a day known for hideous massacres and tragedies such as the Lisbon Massacre, the Burning of Derry, the Waco human-sacrifice orgy, the Oklahoma City bombing and any number of other crimes and black magic workings.

April 19th is also the day the news broke that CNN anchor Richard Quest was found in Central Park with a pockets filled with crank and a rope tied around his neck and his junk.

And you wonder why I think there might be some weird hanging cult out there? 

Don't go thinking it has to be controlled by the Illuminists or whatever. I'd say the most dangerous cults are the ones that don't answer to anybody. 

Special thanks to readers David and Erich for the scoopage here.

Of course with these kinds of connections there has to be a Siren connection somewhere and it's a doozy. A reader pointed out Asia Argento has a massive tattoo called the "Warrior Mermaid" on her back. Because of course.

And since the dreaded magic words "Harvey Weinstein " automatically summon the avenging angel-slash-aspiring Fraserling Rose McGowan we learn that Hollywood's least-favorite harpy flew to be by Argento's side, even though reports have it the Italian siren had already been making time with a new beau. 

Even so we got a video message from Rose to the departed Bourdain, which seems quite heartfelt in intent even if it's a bit Chris Crocker in execution.

Well, you know what they say with all the symbol-smoke there has to be some need-fire. Meaning Our Lady has to have foreseen some of this, if not indirectly. And without fail, we get some signifier-synchery.

The ill-fated female duo of this tragic triumvirate share an usual name in common- Beatrix. In Ines' case this comes in the form of Princess Beatrix, who stepped down a few years back and now runs the Apples of Orange NGO.

And after selling her interest in her nominal fashion powerhouse, Mrs. Spade named her new venture after her daughter, Frances Beatrix.

Oddly enough, Beatrix is the character name of "the Bride" in the Kill Bill movies, in which noted Weinstein accuser Uma Thurman is set against the titular Bill, played by hangman's victim David Carradine. That's a good three signifiers tied into this triptych. Because never-endingness never ends.

And of course, the haunting waltz "Beatrix" is the third song following "Ivo" and "Lorelei" on the indelible 1984 testament, Treasure, which was re-released on audiophile vinyl back in March. 

And weirdly enough, Asia Argento played the title role in the recent supernatural thriller The Executrix.

We saw the uncanny connections between "Ivo" and the doomed emo-rapper Lil' Peep. And of course the sublime "Lorelei" is the Sibyl channeling the Siren yet again, promising her suitors that they're "covered by the sacred fire" but when they come to her, they come to her "broke."

I'd say the same applies to both the Siren and the Sibyl. Which will you choose, the wide or the narrow gate?

Note: "Beatrix" is also featured in the 2015 Brazilian film Califórnia 


  1. Narrow gate.

    The Pathagorean Y is this same choice.

    "Riding many a mile...."

    1. "Choice", lol. When my children were toddlers I would sometimes give them the illusion of choice. For dinner. Macaroni or chili. And even then I felt slightly guilty, even while I was doing so out of pure and loving intentions: little children have a need to feel they're autonomous but are overwhelmed by too much to choose from and lack the knowledge needed to do so. So they need practise, in babysteps.

      And then we get this. The narrow gate or the wide gate, like the death party or the torture party? The sibyl or the siren?

      And that for TODDLERS (no matter the size of the bodies)??!!

      That's just abusive.
      No way jose! Not MY children!

    2. Oh, and ftr, at least macaroni or chili are real options.. in case that goes unnoticed

    3. But was it the wide macaroni or the narrow? Huh, huh? See what I mean?

  2. Until now, I've given my taste the benefit of the doubt, that other female vocalists may sound superior to other ears, that the Cocteau Twins sound unparalleled to mine is merely just a matter of my peculiar 'one in a million' taste.

    I'm now prepared to discard that notion of musical egalitarianism - 'each to their own'.

    I am ready to accept that the Cocteau Twins (Elizabeth Fraser) are in an absolute sense, the ultimate excellence - exceeding subjectivity.

    It remains possible that in previous civilisations there has been better, or that in civilisations to come there will be better, but in this time, in this epoch, there is none better, can be none better.

    Song to the Siren is the paragon - unassailable.

    Even so, there can be no greater significance than that this is just so, just the way it is.

    1. I find it awful. Can't even listen to it.

      (I'd listen to hér though, if she wanted me to
      Regardless the sound)

    2. When I first heard 'Song to the Siren' on the radio (in olden times), I was instantly enchanted/enthralled/captivated, and had to find out just who it was that could do this. I had already heard Garlands (I found interesting), but was still a tad surprised to eventually discover Fraser as The Siren.

      So, why on Earth have I found myself on the blog of another Fraser-thrall, experiencing the enlightenment of a secret sun?

      Christ knows.

    3. Nay, "christ" knows nothin'.

      But I guess, your asking "why" is not really meant as a genuine question

      Though I could easily answer it.

      After all, belief is not wanting to know what's true.

    4. Anon5:19, Well, sure, it's a genuine question (even if I suspect it to be unanswerable), so I'm interested in your answer.

    5. Because Zod, you sought a match, similarity, confirmation, móre....
      So it goes.

    6. ... and Chris/TheSecretSun is your man

    7. It's not a taste thing. It's not about the Hit Parade. It's about who or who is not a herald, a vessel, of forces greater than ourselves.

      Then it's about from whence these forces came. My guess? The stars.

      Ponder on it.

    8. Remember this- the Muses always choose broken vessels. They don't have time to hack through your ego. If they want you, they will break you first.

      A word to the wise.

    9. Yeah, stardom. Worship. The "Great IAM".
      (as a sidenote: look up: I AMsterdam, 'sterdam', stardom) And hey, now you can all be stars!! (just vote! just accept the gospel!)

      That's interesting, hey? That since the 'gods' were invented and then (as mere labels) were slapped on some humans and other natural bodies, and all of nature was forced into falling on their knees and worshipping the "gods"... the entire project was about FORGETTING that we are all part of "a greater force", of Nature, it's all about destroying that, and ourselves in the process.

      So now. We are twice removed from (our) nature. With bullshit stories ruling our very lives.

      And our very best qualities are being hijacked and distorted to further the goals of the so-called "greater forces".

      Is that right?? Ponder on that!

    10. There are no muses.

      There's things that exist, and things that exist only in minds.

      Examples of the second category: unicorns, the government, society, the economy, money, gods, slaves, Santa, property, rights, work........... etc

      The second category depends on faith. And has to be enforced. Backed by violence and threats, in one form or another.

      It's always smugly said that the existence of things from the second category maybe cannot be proved, but also not disproved. I disagree. How was the existence of Santa disproved for you when you were little? Exactly, by learning that it was all a lie. That all the things they told you, and all the physical evidence you saw, and all the emotions you had about it, and all the signs you picked up.... was based in nothing at all. Nothing?? No, not exactly. Someone first invented this, and many other someones spread this, and your very own parents sold you this. And then you get presents. Right....

      Now is there more to nature than we in this artificial world still know? Yes, I'm sure. But no one can have access to it unless going back to nature itself.
      Why do you think the powerhungry need to rely on rigging nature, and attempts to "mimick nature", and tech of all sorts all the time?

      Why doing exegesis on the fairytale-world of them all the time? Why not disprove it instead? And find real ground? Focus on real relations? Why not??

    11. Anon3:20, it is the secret sun that brought me here - and that alone (as far as I can determine).

    12. Chris, given all the deception, and its revelation in this apocalypse, any notions of 'greater forces' I may once have had have consequently dissipated, much as I might once have been delighted to accept Fraser as a herald-elect.

      That said, it is strange these lyrics seem so resonant if not apt:

      "We scaled the face of reason To find at least one sign That could reveal the true dimensions Of life lest we forget And maybe it's easier to withdraw from life With all of it's misery and wretched lies Away from harm We layed by cool still waters And gazed into the sun And like the moth's great imperfection Succumbed to her fatal charm And maybe it's me who dreams unrequited love The victim of fools who watch and stand in line Away from harm In our vain pursuit of life for one's own end Will this crooked path ever cease to end"

    13. Zod, if it's the "secret sun", and that is an existing thing, and not just some private something inside your head imagined or real, then you should be able to at least define what you mean by that.
      In a way that others can understand and/or recognize. We're all humans, aren't we?

    14. Sigh...I know @Anon 7:26... from my reckoning old Zod has only ever provided YouTube links to support his views. If only he would quote a passage from a book or text so he wouldn't seem so tiresome.

    15. Anon7:26&12:45,
      The secret sun is so mind-bogglingly paradigm shifting, that you really do have to research it yourself. The introductory YouTube video I link to really is an excellent start to such research, i.e. 'The Great Year'.

    16. In your own words please, Zod. Come on!

    17. Anon3:27, unless you do the research yourself, my own words are no good to you, e.g. "There is a star in our sky that is ~2,000AU at perihelion, that alternates every half a dozen æons between red and blue".

      That doesn't really help you now, does it? Especially when Wikipedia tells you that the nearest star aside from The Sun is over 4 light years away.

      That's why it's called the secret sun. Not only do you have to uncover the secret, but it helps if you deduce the reason for the secrecy.

  3. Mind blown! Upon Bourdain's death, I got as far as what-did-he-know-and-when-did-he-he-know-it but, OMG, House of Orange, Beatrix, Orange Appled, etc, etc. NEVER FUCKING ENDING!

    1. Oh it can end. Easily. Just stop feeding the trolls.
      No attention, no belief, no assistance, no nothing. And it'll end.

      What are they without our contributions? Our resources? Our commitment? Our faith? What can they do?

      Granted, it would take many many people to do so...

      But even then, we could also do the right thing without thinking about the reward, can we? Just because.

      Just because we want our LIVES back. Real life. Seems a perfectly fine reason to me.

    2. >>

    3. Syncra, the never-endingness is what we here at Secret Sun Central like to call "prophetic overkill." It's the only way to break through our rigid programming. There's a lot of it to cut through so persistence is required.

  4. You're looking down a huge synchromystic rabbit hole here Chris.
    Duchovny's album 'Hell or Highwater' features a song 'Positively Madison Avenue' and Kate Spade's store was on Madison Avenue.
    According to Wikipedia, "Duchovny cited various rock and folk artists such as LEONARD COHEN, Bob Dylan, Wilco, R.E.M., and the Flaming Lips as influences on the record."
    The song "Positively Madison Avenue" was inspired by a Super Bowl commercial featuring Bob Dylan and about the commercialism that his kids were being subjected to, according to the same Wikipedia page.

    1. Hmm...some of those David Duchovny lyrics to
      'Positively Madison Avenue'?

      ..."Save me a place at the bar
      Bobby Dylan who was selling cars
      All hail the stripes and the stars
      Bobby Dylan, was selling cars

      I don't wanna
      But this whole world
      Seems strange
      The writing on the wall, I think
      Was written to disappear in ink

      I'm sure your morals are beyond reproach
      But it's not like I'm asking you to fly coach
      I know it's uncool not to be ironic
      And I know that you're bulletproof iconic
      I really shouldn’t be throwin' stones, no
      Cause chasing spooks on Fox I made my bones
      We're all guilty of sin
      Comes up and force someone to keep from gettin' in
      Those who used to hustle ho
      But I guess there's nothin' much to do
      Cause only you can write the song that gets to you
      I guess there's nothing much to do
      Cause only you can write the song that gets to you

      Save me a place at the bar
      Bobby Dylan who was selling cars
      Well, I guess I should be goin'
      Aw, shit, is that LEONARD COHEN?"

    2. I am almost speechless here. When it rains,it pours and I'm thinking a lot of people are gonna drown. Should have learned how to swim...

    3. Duchovny also ties into the AEA reference in this episode suggesting, or at least joking about, Mulder's death that way.

      DD has, at least years ago, also been open about his porn habit.

    4. Dazza, David is a fascinating guy, very highly educated, legendary Hollywood swordsman (if you see an attractive guest actress in an early season XF ep it's like she was sleeping with him), porn addict, classic dilettante. You can't help but plug into those deeper streams when you add all that into Chris Carter's fractal madness. He may be a bit too ego-dominant to offer himself up to those forces but he can record them as they swoop by on their way to more appropriate vessels.

    5. The Revelation to St. Maynard, Banta...

    6. Clyde Bruckman shoutouts are always welcome here.

    7. my two cents: the ultimate Duchvony to me would be the guy who starred in The red shoe diary the movie, not the series. Where his girl kills herself because ... who knows why. A fascinating story and music score is magnificent.

  5. That "Beatrix" clip (which I have never seen before reading this post) with the child climbing on the chairs reminded me Patricia Piccinini's sculpture of a male child perched on top of a stack of precarious stacked chairs in front of the big orange balloon in GOMA, which you can see for yourself in my post 'Curiouser and Curiouser Affection?' in this link -

    I'm also just about finished reading your great book 'The Secret History of Rock 'N' Roll' and I couldn't help but notice that on the cover of your book the words "The Mysterious Roots of Mordern Music' are written in orange.
    Are you and Piccinini in caHOOTs?
    The owls aren't what they seem, methinks;-)

    1. We are. The two of us are thick as thieves. Foolish humans have no idea what is coming down the pike.

  6. If you want hints of cults to dead sinister gods you naturally look to Mexico. The superstitions and flimsy assumptions about the role of the goddess Ix Tab. Although the name Ix Tab is also decided on based on the flimsiest of documentary evidence.

  7. And let's not forget Princess Beatrice of York (Beatrice Elizabeth Mary; born 8 August 1988 [That's 8/8/88 by the way...and she was supposedly born at 8:18pm, too]) is a member of the British royal family.
    She is the elder daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and Sarah, Duchess of York.
    A granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, she is currently eighth in line to the throne.
    Her name Beatrice Elizabeth Mary, an unexpected choice, was not announced until almost two weeks after her birth.
    The Princess celebrated her 18th birthday with a masked ball at Windsor Castle in July 2006.
    For ten years, until July 2016, Beatrice was in a relationship with Virgin Galactic businessman Dave Clark.
    According to a tabloid press report, Beatrice accidentally cut (Orange haired singer) Ed Sheeran's cheek in November 2016 with a ceremonial sword during a mock knighting of James Blunt.
    Blunt later claimed that the story had been fabricated.
    As of April 2017, the Princess has a full-time job and spends her time between London and New York City.
    Might be worth keeping an eye out in the press for this "Beatrix", too?
    In Dante's epic poem The Divine Comedy, Beatrice is his guide through Paradise and is idealized as the embodiment of the spirit of love.
    In Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, Beatrice is the witty, high-spirited heroine.

    1. I hear they're planning a Beatrix Potter part for Lil' Louis as well.

      Beatrix- Blessed Traveler.

      Traveler from where, pray tell.

      Think on it.

  8. My struggle >> lit. Mein Kampf

    My struggle >>

    "My struggle" / Naftali >> according to jewish kabbalah Naftali is the tribe related to the month of Adar, the month of Purim (i referred to this earlier) with the story which culminates in Haman's hanging

    And then there's this:

    "Streicher was hanged at Nuremberg Prison in the early hours of 16 October 1946, along with the nine other condemned defendants from the first Nuremberg trial. Göring, Streicher's nemesis, committed suicide only hours earlier. Streicher's was the most melodramatic of the hangings carried out that night. At the bottom of the scaffold he cried out "Heil Hitler!". When he mounted the platform, he delivered his last sneering reference to Jewish scripture, snapping "Purimfest!"[62][g] Streicher's final declaration before the hood went over his head was, "The Bolsheviks will hang you one day!"[64] Joseph Kingsbury-Smith, a journalist for the International News Service who covered the executions,[65] said in his filed report that after the hood descended over Streicher's head, he also apparently said "Adele, meine liebe Frau!" ("Adele, my dear wife!")."

    1. Read your Bibles, kids. Plenty of fascinating information lurking beneath the surface. For those who have eyes to see.


  9. >>

    1. "...Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Plutarch Heavensbee does a bit of editing to “The Hanging Tree” himself to help the song better suit the cause of his rebel comrades. “That line was originally ‘a necklace of rope’ and I had it changed it to ‘necklace of hope,’” he tells President Coin, the leader of the rebellion, while they are watching the propo featuring “The Hanging Tree” in “Mockingjay: Part 1.”

    2. Well, there it is. I guess.

      Do people still read those books?

  10. Speaking of death, i think paul is about to pull a bowie. I hope he is fine, but getting some blackstar vibes from the pics he has uploaded.

    1. Sigh. My favorite Beatle.

      Well, a life well lived if that's the case.

    2. Paul already pulled a Bowie in 1967 (1/1/67). Ironically the same year Bowie released his first album (6/1/67). Humph

    3. Abbey Road album cover, depicting a funeral procession, in which Lennon, dressed in white, symbolises the heavenly figure; Ringo Starr, dressed in black, symbolises the undertaker; George Harrison, in denim, symbolises the gravedigger; and McCartney, barefoot and out of step with the others, symbolises the corpse.

  11. Hi Chris, dont have a comment on this post, but noticed that someone said they had just read "secret history of..." and I wanted to tell you I really enjoyed it. Greek myths are my favorite, and I like the "synchs" you point out. I do have one question about your ideas on the coming Apocalypse. I have read about Gnosticism and I am familiar with the Book of Revelations (growing up in a small East Texas town and a homosexual it tends to get brought up a lot) and from what i have read about your own spiritual beliefs you do as well. But also from some of your posts I think it is safe to say that your spiritual beliefs are not the beliefs of the "classic" Christianity we have all come to know. So my question is when you talk about the coming Apocalypse what does that mean for you if it is not the literal Bibls story? I know it is symbolic, but justvwanted to ask your own personal belief.

    1. I think I've been fairly clear about this, Mooncub. It's the process in which the world of illusion falls away and long-hidden truths bubble back to the surface. "Unveiling," meaning the concealing veils are stripped away.

      I'm not talking about the Hollywood-cartoon knucklehead definition of the term, which is not only non-Biblical it's stupid as motherf**k.

      More on this in days to come. Find a good spot with minimal light pollution and look up.

    2. PS The Book of Revelation is a MAP. Plus, a clock.

      Star magic to the bone.

    3. I was listening to you today on THC about Trump and the Lucifer Technology and my mother in law was in the car and she said is this coast 2 coast? And i was telling her about your blog and I pretty much told her what you just said. Guess i knew the whole time i just needed clarification. Damn my Capricorness. Love your blog btw.

    4. Excuse my punctuation and my mess ups, i am on my phone.

    5. For some reason I believe that Jeff Buckleys life and disappearance is one of the greatest mysteries of present days. Makes me so happy that you recognize shepherd boy's meaning and significance. Menades out there seem to have nothing but sexual innuendoes whe it comes to him, the rest of the folks clearly have no clue.

  12. Cinimod_ofCarthach4:43 AM, June 12, 2018

    Q being spot on with the Singapore Summit says maybe IT knows more than you want to give it credit. But you still dismiss Lilith reclaiming her estate still so it doesn’t surprise me.

    1. Lilith! Listen to you! Why not just say Morticia Adams is reclaiming her estate?

      Lilith is nothing, a fairy tale cooked up in late antiquity to scare children to sleep. Nobody.

      TIAMAT, Cinimod.

      You with me?

    2. Cinimod_ofCarthach6:10 PM, June 12, 2018

      You don’t listen. If you were to actually look she’s much more than whatever you claim her to be. She’s everywhere in one of the biggest esoteric studies in the world. But yeah whatever you say Sir.

      And the modern day feminist movement loves to invoke her. She’s seen as a major player. Whether you see or refuse to see it.

      You’re going to continue to chase this thing because you yourself are hypnotized by her call and refuse to see it for what it is and call it what it is.

    3. The Zohar locates Lilith inside Tiamat/Tehom, in the depth of it

      "Now in the depth of the great abyss there is a certain hot fiery female

      spirit named Lilith, who at first cohabitated with man. For when man

      was created and his body completed, a thousand spirits from the left

      side assembled around that body, each endeavouring to enter, until at

      last a cloud descended and drove them away and God said: 'Let the

      earth bring forth a living soul' (Genesis 1:24) and it then brought forth

      a spirit to breathe into man, who thus became complete with two sides,

      as it says, 'And he breathed in his nostrils the breath of life, and the

      man became a living soul', and the holy spirit in him spread to each side,

      thus perfecting itself. Afterwards God sawed the man in two and

      fashioned his female and brought her to him like a bride to the canopy.

      When Lilith saw this she fled, and she is still in the cities of the sea

      coast trying to snare mankind. (Zohar III 19a)

    4. Cinimod_ofCarthach3:51 AM, June 13, 2018

      She sounds like a siren but what do I know.

    5. I don't think so.

      "In yet another version Elohim created Adam and Eve at the same time, as a single androgynous creature facing each other with two heads: like Siamese twins; he then cut them apart as Marduk did Tiamat, allowing them to reunite only for the purpose of procreation."

      She sounds more like someone who at least understands basic biology and sex

    6. But if you insist......

      She sounds probably more like this than anything else:

      If need be, she'll speak even secret-sunnish - 'for you'.

    7. Cinimod_ofCarthach1:53 PM, June 13, 2018

      "she is still in the cities of the sea

      coast trying to snare mankind."

      Where does she stay on some rocks? or some invisible island? How does she "snare" mankind? which brings up proverbs and "fear" which suicide is certainly giving into some form of fear. If we believe the suicide angle.

      Snare is a funny word.

      Your video is cute but I don't get what you mean. And she's someone who understands emotion and power.

      I don't need her to be anything the sekhinah in no way acts like the false light. Thanks though.

    8. Cinimod, if civilization tells a horrific story about pre-civilization... why do you think they do that?
      If "pre-creation" is pictured as "tiamat", "chaos"... why do think they need to do that?
      Apparently there was a "need" too to invent a terrible Lilith.... Think about it. Or a Shekinah... What real thing needed to be smeared and distorted..? (sometimes 'idealized', too) What could it be?

      And then this: suppose there is a correct language, a true one... but everyone else's language is distorted, and no one remembers the real one, no one could understand if you spoke it, if you spoke the few words you still can remember? What if they wouldn't even recognize you no longer because you'd be just "funny" in their eyes (and ears)? What would you do? What if you still wanted to reach them? What if you still longed for them to see you, hear you, as well? In such a scenario, What Would YOU do? Just leave it? "Say it in broken English"? Or what?

    9. In addition to 'smeared, distorted, idealized'...: omitted...

      And the answer to the why-question obviously is: because they're shitting their pants!! If the truth came out......!

      Which I truly can't understand. Nothing as good for you as the truth. Whatever it may be! Do yourself a favor and remember that. There is no alternative.

    10. Cinimod_ofCarthach4:20 AM, June 15, 2018

      I hope you remember that...

  13. On the subject of hangings, take a look at all of the lynchings (and beating to deaths) taking place in India -

    1. No thank you, Daz. My faith in humanity is barely holding on by a thread already.

    2. A scarlet thread/t? :)

  14. Argento / Suspiria (remake from Amazon, the original opening with a hanging scene) / Chloë Grace Moretz (a 'Saturn Award' nominee & winner (as a witch), in her highest profile role (supporting cast though) since 'I Love You, Daddy', which was pulled from theatrical release after It's director Louis C. K. was dredged up in the #MeToo wake), imdb synopsises 'Suspiria' thus:

    'A darkness swirls at the center of a world-renowned dance company, one that will engulf the artistic director, an ambitious young dancer, and a grieving psychotherapist. Some will succumb to the nightmare. Others will finally wake up.'

    swirls / center / world / engulf / succumb / wake

    'A Star is Born', due as October surprise, the trailer of which rose from the depths (a 'Blue Rose'?) as the 'Cthulhu's Stepchildren' post appeared opens with Bradley Cooper singing:

    "Maybe It's time to let the old ways die..."

    (cue a cheering crowd (crowd surf/source?))

    "Takes a lot to change a man, takes a lot to try..."

    The trailer, filled with watery symbology ends with Coop's co-star Lady Gaga (as herself!!!/Siren) splicing with him in singing:

    "We're far from the shallow now."

    1. Speaking of Gaga, did you see that vid of her looking drugged to the gills? I'm worried about that girl.

      And yeah, that Louis CK flick looked creepy as hell. NEVER liked that guy.

    2. I feel for Gaga. I was always partial to Madonna because of her Leo "Look at me" bawdiness, which I kind of lack and despise?! But with Gaga I feel like she is sincere or as one can be in the entertainment world and truly is a good person who is in a situation that she put herself in, but did not forsee the consequences. I do not claim to be psychic but I do tend to know how people are at the core. Madonna enjoys where she is and all the luxuries and debacherous things that come with fame, but I think Gaga is just way in over her head.

  15. The Bridgend suicide incidents are a set of suicides involving young people in Bridgend County Borough in South Wales. Reports speculated that a "suicide cult" was to blame.[1] As of December 2008, there had been twenty-six known suicides in or from Bridgend county since January 2007,[2] though police have found no evidence to link the cases together. Of 26 people who killed themselves between January 2007 and February 2009, all but one died from hanging.

    1. Such things do exist.

      I think there are more cults out there than anyone could imagine. Social media, dark web, etc? Fertile fields.

      We never know about cults for the most part until tragedy strikes.

    2. Kind of sounds like the Smiley Face Killings.

  16. REACT NOW!!!


    1. Go look up some old Alan Watt radio shows. Is all I'll offer here.

      Watt, not Watts.

    2. Thanks, but no thanks

  17. More on Bridgend suicides:

  18. It's a curse I have such a long memory. I recall a post from 5 years ago on my FB wall that featured a shot of Anthony B. hanging from a train door somewhere in Europe, no I think it was India. But revisiting the photo I was shocked to see a detail at the time of my posting that I wasn't aware's shockingly prophetic!

    - Jacques Payens

    Take a look here:

    1. Well, hanging out, not hanging like hanging.

    2. But hey- that red scarf. You with me?

      Thanks, Jacques.

    3. Guys....check out vigilant citizen's piece on Asia...quite revealing and horrendous.

  19. Here's the original post I made from April 13, 2014:

  20. "Anthony Bourdain Was So 'Lovestruck' with Asia Argento His Friends Were Concerned"

    "Before his shocking death, Anthony Bourdain was a man in love.

    "The Parts Unknown host had been dating Asia Argento, an Italian actress who is also prominent in the #metoo movement, for more than a year."

    "A friend of the actor, who had spent time with Bourdain recently, tells PEOPLE the chef “was madly in love with Asia” before his death by suicide last week."

    "The source explains Bourdain’s feelings were all-encompassing, saying, “Like, he was crazy in love with her, crazy being the keyword.”

    1. I think crazy is a given with that bunch.

      Ever see New Rose Hotel? Check it out sometime, Em. Cheers.

    2. Just read an article today about how many of the suicides by non-mentally ill people involve broken relationships.

  21. "Anthony Bourdain’s Body Stuck in France"

    "Funeral plans for Anthony Bourdain are on hold until his body can be recovered from France. Page Six TV reports on the details from a conversation with Bourdain's mother."

    ^^^^Hmm I guess they have Bourdain’s Body inside the glass pyramid at the Louvre Museum. Hey maybe they will even do a Ghost Marriage between Bourdain's spirit and Belphegor the Phantom of the Louvre.

    1. Ah, the usual Freemie hijinks. You can set your watch to them.

  22. And is it snowing in June? "Rose McGowan Indicted on Felony Count of Cocaine Possession"

    "Rose McGowan is facing more legal troubles after her arrest in November."

    "The actress was indicted by a grand jury on Monday for possession of a controlled substance, according to online court records in Loudoun County, Virginia."

    "McGowan’s attorney, Jose Baez tells PEOPLE, “Rose steadfastly maintains her innocence. These charges would have never been brought if it weren’t for her activism as a voice for women everywhere.”

    “I assure you,” he continued. “This selective prosecution will be met with a strong defense.”

    ^^^^McGowan claims it's retaliation for her "activism" and she is very likely correct. The #MeToo has run it's course politically. They satisfied making Bill Cosby the old sacrificial goat so there's no need for any WASP men to deal with anymore undue duress. It's time for women to get back in line otherwise they start finding themselves catching criminal cases or worse joining the Suicide Club that's all the rage.

    1. Maybe it was all about clearing out some overpaid deadwood. Ol' Harv hadn't had a real hit since 2012, which may as well be an eternity in that business.

    2. Jose Baez is the lawyer who represented Casey Anthony. Also, maybe Randy Quaid was correct when he proclaimed his fear of a "Hollywood Mafia Hit Squad"..Perhaps they were working For HW and had Bourdain whacked. I wonder if he had a broken hand, like Michael Hutchence did when they concluded he killed himself during a tryst with AEA.

  23. Ah yes, the joys of fame in the 21st century. Where the Internet army of cubicle dwelling living dead celebrity junkies stick a camera up a dead guy's ass in order to share their "insight" into the death of a guy they never met.

    "All I can say is that judging by what I've seen of the man he doesn't seem the type to off himself like that."

    Holy shit skippy, what the fuck do you base this on? Extensive TV viewing? Have you ever met the guy? Spent any time talking to him? I'll say nope, and save ya the trouble.

    People who kill themselves do not always fly "I'M GETTING READY TO OFF MYSELF" flags. Depression rears its ugly head at the oddest times.

    Never watched the guys show. What I find more interesting is the fact that if you take the average US suicide rate of 123 per day, that means there were 122 other suicides that day that nobody really gives much of shit about because they weren't famous. In your case, there's no conspiracy theory you can shoehorn them into.

    What I enjoy about you buddy, is how you continually portray yourself as somehow magically above the mass of accident scene Internet rubber neckers who crawl out of the Internet woodwork with every tragedy and whisper their annoying bullshit into the ether.

    Geez, for all you know, Bourdain had a burst of "Holy Shit, I'm headed for assisted care old folks nightmare land" and opted for the exit. It's the only reason I keep a handgun around.

    Hopefully, for your sake, and the sake of the Secret Sun gossip cult, many more tragedies are looming on the horizon. Otherwise, what the fuck would you have to blog about.

  24. I only occasionally experience syncs - seems a matter of attention, it would seem. In the long list of celebrities, powerful people deaths there is a connection. No forensics, toxicology or any info of substance. Well now. Mysteriously and mysteriously. Meanwhile, some H-wood siren seems relevant on singing offkey trying to bringing men to their doom. Well, it's all grrlpower these days innit?

    1. Tiamat power, specifically. Brace yourself, folks.

      Or Bryce yourself.

    2. Is that your way of saying 'be afraid!'

      I'm not.....

  25. One more thing Bubba, I'll give the simple reason why there's massive coverage of Bourdain's death.

    There is now a massive army of device addicted ass fucks who can't spend more than 30 seconds away from their computers or their smart phones. I've driven by at least 4 cafes this spring, where all the outside tables were full. Creepily, no one appeared to be talking, but everyone was staring in stupified amazement at their little devices.

    Couple this addiction with America's creepy addiction to celebrity and you get oodles of Internet click bait purposely designed to make Internet addicted fame junkies, like yourself, click on it.

    Personally Bubba, I think corporate America should disable all previous smart phones, forcing the little device junkies to buy the newest model which can only be operated by having your eyes surgically scooped out & the new device sewn to your skull.

    My bet, optometrist would quickly become a useless profession.

    1. Stromae - CARMEN

    2. I'm sorry but there's no Bubba here. Should I forward this message to the Chappaqua PO?

      Answer at your earliest convenience.

    3. Why do I picture "Anonymous" sitting in a cafe among all of the other smartphone zombies typing up his/her comment to this post as someone walks by him/her shaking their head wondering why people just sit at cafes typing on their phones?-)
      For what it is worth "Anonymous" number whatever, I think Bourdain took his own life as well, but who really knows?
      And while I don't have a gun in the house I do have a good strong rope...just in case my life goes pear shaped and I need to make a quick exit.
      Hopefully life takes me out without me having to do it myself, but it's nice to have options I think.
      I wish you well on your journey anonymous one and hope you never have use for that gun.
      And I guess you won't be hanging (pardon the pun) around this Secret Sun gossip cult (which you obviously don't get anyway) unless of course you just like trolling blogs.
      Bon voyage.

  26. Food for thought:
    Julia Child was CIA
    Perhaps Bourdain was intelligence and knew too much about something...

    1. Hi Chris,

      Totally off topic, but I remembered something else that I've been wanting to comment on for sometime. Having reread the origin of Lucifer's name posts about Sumer, I wanted to get your opinion why Sumer or Babylon have no footprint in popular culture. I can come up with many pop references to Egypt, but try as I might Sumer or Babylon don't seem to bring any movies or stories to mind, like at all.
      If you have any theories at all please share I am very interested to get your opinion since you seem to have read quite a bit about them.

    2. Oh Jinks, my friend, but there is.

      There is indeed.

    3. Sirens, I think that's a given. Especially since he worked for CiaNN.

      Hard to imagine that chap not nodding off through his share of debriefings.

    4. Hi Jinks,

      I can think of one movie off the top of my head that came out I think about ten years ago, The Fourth Kind.

      It’s about alien abductions in a small town in Alaska. At one point, they bring in an expert on ancient languages and he figures out that the aliens are speaking ancient Sumerian.

      I saw this movie before I really got into all this but looking back, I realize that it definitely touches on the Ancient Aliens Theory, but I don’t remember it being so explicit, more that the aliens happened to speak this ancient language - leaving the viewer to come to their own conclusions.


    5. Chris,

      I know that there is enough sub textual references to all things Sumerian and Babylonian, but I just can't think of anything that specifically shows any theorized garb or artistic imagery, any specific names or stories. And I know that it's not for any lack of evidence. I was trying to get at the fact that when anyone says 'Egyptian' we all have a mental picture, including movies, art, dress, and many names that will pop into your head, but, again for myself, nothing 'pop culture' akin to the mummy movies, pops into my mind referring to Sumer or Babylon. Of course anyone whose read anything about that part of the world outside of pop culture will have a myriad of images and names come to mind.

      I have my own theory regarding this circumstance, but I really am curious as to your thoughts about it if you have any.

      It also occurs to me that I can't think of any biblical movie productions about the Israelites in Babylonian captivity.

      I just thought of D. W. Griffiths "Intolerance", which according to wikipedia was hailed artistically but bombed financially.


    6. They don't have specific refs bc the culture has been continuous. We are modern Babylon, where as ancient Egypt, rome, etc has been contiguous, with clear borders. Not sure Babylon has taken a backseat since last deluge...

    7. The Rastas believe something similar about the modern day continued manifestation of Babylon as well.,_Babylon,_and_Zion

      Rastafari teaches that the black African diaspora are exiles living in "Babylon", a term applied to Western society.[71] For Rastas, European colonialism and global capitalism are regarded as manifestations of Babylon,[72] while police and soldiers are viewed as its agents.[73] The term "Babylon" is adopted because of its Biblical associations. In the Old Testament, Babylon is the Mesopotamian city which conquered and deported the Israelites from their homeland between 597 and 586 BCE.[74] In the New Testament, "Babylon" is used as a euphemism for the Roman Empire, which was regarded as acting in a destructive manner akin to the ancient Babylonians.[74] Rastas view Babylon as being responsible for both the Atlantic slave trade which removed enslaved Africans from their continent and for the ongoing poverty facing the African diaspora.[71] Rastas turn to scripture to explain the Atlantic slave trade.[75] Rastas believe that the slavery, exile, and exploitation of black Africans was punishment for failing to live up to their status as Jah's chosen people.[76]

      For Rastas, Babylon is regarded as the ultimate evil.[77] Rastas regard the exile of the black African diaspora in Babylon as an experience of great suffering,[78] with the term "suffering" having a significant place in Rasta discourse.[79] Rastas seek to delegitimise and destroy Babylon, something often conveyed in the Rasta aphorism "Chant down Babylon".[71] Practitioners are often critical of Western resource extraction from Africa, seeing it as a form of exploitation akin to the Atlantic Slave Trade.[80] Adopting a Pan-Africanist ethos, many Rastas have criticised the vision of Africa into nation-states, again regarding this as a Babylonian development.[81] Rastas often expect white-dominated society to dismiss their beliefs as false, and when this happens it is seen as confirmation of the correctness of their faith, thus strengthening their convictions.[82]

  27. Wasn't just the Gaza or Lebanon episodes that might have gotten him in hot water (although when he returned to Beirut, he dined in the home of a Hezbollah fighter, which I'm sure raised a few eyebrows). He met with quite a few dissidents over the years in Turkey, Iran, Russia & other countries. Some of them musicians or artists, some political activists. How much of that might have tied into intelligence operations is open for speculation of course, but he did work for C(ia)NN. Keeping the mighty wurlitzer all hip & relevant for the masses, whether he knew it or not.

    1. It's a shame since Bourdain seemed like a good guy to toss back a few with. I'm sure he and I could have had some lively chats about glam, early punk and Zap Comix. But maybe he realized he was in way over in his head in that den of cutthroats in Atlanta.

  28. Well, there's this:

    1. Could well be. But maybe not in the way everyone thinks.

  29. 4 Winners and 4 Losers at the Singapore Summit:

    - Jacques P.

  30. David Foster Wallace died by hanging. The poet Marry Karr is a conenction to both he and Bourdain.

  31. Here's a few catchall posts about sometimes relevant topics. On the political/intelligence angle, we now know at least one of the Apple equivalents to the Gates Foundation (though with less money).

    Who else had ever heard of the edgy-sounding Emerson Collective before? Suspiciously hinting at possible Clintonista leanings there are an awful lot of Obamaites on board, including Arne Duncan for his special plan to "save schools". I expect a Parkland tie-in somewhere.

    Anyway, it seems to me "saving schools" can't be easy when your food supply is dumbing down your "product".

    Remember this when your fingers start to type out how stupid people are as if it's all their fault. Speaking of subtly shifting narratives using language to manipulate, the "humanizing" of robots continues here:

    Note how people are accused of being "cruel" towards robots implying a desire to hurt, rather than perhaps (and more likely) a demonstration of frustration, etc. Consider that we never consider the person who curses the car that won't start, or who throws something at the TV as being
    "cruel" to their car or TV. Well, robots must get better treatment! Another article I read today referred to AI "intuition" which seemed wrong so many ways.

    And for all you poleshifters out their, not only are magnetic anomalies showing up in Africa and the S. Atlantic, right now in Hawaii the amount of magnetic iron being spewed out is spinning compasses!

    1. Anon5:36, yes, we poleshifters* are keeping an eye on things.

      * The dance of the secret sun/Sun leads Earth astray twice a great year into a galactic magnetic field of opposite polarity, and a 180 degree poleshift.

    2. My kid is doing a hip hop dance thingy at school. One of the dances is called 'Orange Justice.' Made up by a 12 year old on Fortnite, supposedly. Couldn't possibly be another color.

  32. Problem:

    On two occasions I wrote things that are factually incorrect (for as far as I know and can check) +/- 2 days ago. And nobody here has even noticed, nobody has checked. Those who read it just took it face value. I know because of the comments.

    I did not do it on purpose, but I checked myself (as is my habit) and found out. And these were not minor mistakes.

    Why didn't anyone check?
    Very worrying this.
    I would assume that if one takes an interest in something they would check and try to learn more....and share a mutual interest in the truth of that something

    1. you seem concerned, friend

    2. I'm sorry but I couldn't tell.
      First you're A) anonymous so who knows who you are or were to say anything whenever and you're B) describing Wikipedia. I put misinformation on that "encyclopedia" every day (maybe just once or twice an hour) and boom it gets published and then anyone else not knowing any better who comes along reading the farce I just invented thinks wow, that must be true, it's on Wikipedia.

      Be very careful the waters you wade in.

    3. Yes anon 10.31 that's very concerning

      Nobody even cares. Nor asks for correction.

      So well then, if THEY don't even care about THEMSELVES, why would I?

    4. I mean, if you want a "relationship" of 'mutual indifference' .... fine!

      But that'll be one on my terms then.

    5. More precisely

  33. Chris, I missed this on my first reading but the episode of “Wentworth” screened here in Oz on ABC tv on Thursday (June 7) showed Bea (short for Beatrice) hanging herself. It’s an old episode (S1E9). I thought of the episode when reading your post but missed the Bea connection.
    FWIW “Wentworth” is also the name of the prison in Outlander (S1) that a few have referred to cause its main character is Jamie Fraser. (Terrible things happened there.)

  34. Sorry to be late on my blog rolls. This old Australian murder mystery story may prove germane:

    The Maria James Murder:

    Maria James was murdered in her residence at the back of her second-hand bookshop in Melbourne, Australia, in 1980: Tuesday, the 17th of June. She had been stabbed 68 times with a knife from her own kitchen by at least 1 and probably 2 pedophile Catholic priests. She was found with her hands bound and the right leg bent under her straight left leg. Turns out she had previously confronted the priest about his molesting her young son. Meanwhile, the Catholic church, the local media, various politicians and the police moved heaven and earth to make sure the quaint phrase ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’ was never heard. It ticks off all the boxes: murder, ritual abuse, pedophilia, and the connections of well placed persons to constantly obfuscate and bungle the investigation.

    The hanged man pose, being Christ crucified turned upside down would, one might suppose, satisfy the Satanic aspect. The hanged man suicide/murder cult - AKA the Catholic Church?

  35. "There was in all places a system of rewards and punishments; these are noted only when the religion was
    falling into decay. Praise awarded publicly before the assembled coven, the honour of leading the dance with
    the Master, and gifts of money were the usual rewards. Punishments consisted of public rebukes for minor
    offences; for more serious faults beating was the most usual method of correction, this might be inflicted by
    blows from the Chief's fist or from a stick wielded by the Chief's hand. Many a transgressing member of a
    coven must have returned home black and blue with bruises as a reminder that implicit obedience was the
    Chief's due.
    It was not till the religion became a secret matter and the persecution of the Church was pressing it hard, that
    capital punishment first appeared. This was inflicted on actual or potential traitors, whose treachery might
    involve the safety of other members of the coven, more especially that of the Master. The almost invariable
    method of execution was by strangulation, and often occurred in the prison in which the suspected traitor was
    guarded. After death a thin string or other totally inadequate ligature was tied loosely round the neck in such
    a way as to show that the victims had not died by their own hand but had been done to death as an act of
    justice. " - Margaret Alice Murray, The God of the Witches

  36. Yggdrasil and Atlantis rising...

  37. In the Hindu Puranas, Varuna is the god of oceans, his vehicle is a Makara (part fish, sea creature) and his weapon is a Pasha (noose, rope loop).[2][6] He is the guardian deity of the western direction and water.[3] In some texts, he is the father of god Brahma and of Vedic sage Vasishtha. Varuṇa is a Vedic deity associated first with sky, later with waters as well as with Ṛta (justice) and Satya (truth).[2][3] He is found in the oldest layer of Vedic literature of Hinduism, such as the hymn 7.86 of the Rigveda.[3] His streak of demonic violent tendencies, according to Hindu mythology, led to his demotion and Indra taking away most of his powers.[2][4]

  38. Yama, the god of death, uses the Pasha (noose) to extract a soul from a being's body at the time of death... Pasha represents worldly attachment as well as power of a deity to capture and bind evil and ignorance. Pasha (Pāśa), often translated as "noose" or "lasso", is a supernatural weapon depicted in Hindu iconography. Hindu deities such as Ganesha, Yama and Varuna are depicted with the pasha in their hands.

    Pasha is a common attribute of Ganesha,[1] the Lord of obstacles; a pasha represents his power to bind evil...

    The Sanskrit word "pasha" originally meant "knot" or "loop".[4] ... Pasha represents worldly attachment as well as power of a deity to capture and bind evil and ignorance.[1]

  39. So not only does Ganesha (remover of obstacles) kill with noose to bind souls in death... but he rides a mouse. Varuna God of ocean went demonic got demoted (after war in heaven with indra) but rides half sea creature...

  40. ALSO worship of Kali (as in Kali yuga) any victims sacrificed to her (LIKE THUGEE, LITERALLY BIGGEST MURDER CULT OF ALL TIME) strangled ppl bc rumor that if a drop of blood was spilled from murder victim bigger monster would come forth from a drop of blood and it would duplicate and grow with each strike (hence, all sacrifice and murder done by THUGEE was done by strangling,
    They murdered millions of ppl, root of word thug)

  41. Odd that varuna (poseidon, God of sea earthquakes knowledge wisdom who also bound to mitra god of fire volcanos n weapons) was demoted for sum bad behavior... n uses a noose to capture souls ya? (Always drawn as nephilim/titan) Poseidon and Prometheus and Lucifer? Hephesteus Neptune Saturn? The earth spirits in Asgard (he's referred to as an Asura) live at end of rainbow road where earth spirits (leprechauns fay etc) hoard gold for the old gods... Poseidon revenge on rise w/his noose and rainbow crystals, also said to be of orange and suffer the sacred heart ache of holy waters (Urial archangel)... lot of threads "knot"ted together

  42. Wizard of Oz 'hanging Munchkin'?

  43. The connections that are made between random events and then a frosting of old wives tales and made up mythology added on top is hilarious. Most of the connections are only existing in Chris's mind. Giving this all this added weight to X-Files and Co tea Twins is nuts. This is fan fiction in overdrive. All of the readers are like the people of the Dark Ages who are scared of the world and rather than face your fears and explore and prove for yourself what is true, you are being led by the witch doctor who is making it up as he goes. It's entertaining and it's fun, but so is the Fast and Furious. And you know that's make believe. And so is all of this.

    1. Oh, you just keep on telling yourself that, Trevor.

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