Friday, June 08, 2018

UPSET! Washington Jupiters Defeat Vega's Golden Templars!

Hockey, so often the red-headed stepchild of pro sports, became a huge story with the rise of the Vegas Golden Knights expansion team and last night's victory of the Washington Capitals, who've never won the Stanley Cup in their 44-year history.

Of course the NHL season began in the wake of Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas and the ensuing drama offers up a platter of symbolismy roughage in heaping helpings with generous side orders of star magic.

So strap your sym-bibs on and dive in...

TAKE NOTICE: I'll be discussing these issues and more with Richard Hoagland tomorrow night on the Other Side of Midnight. Mark your calendars!

In the zenith of an unfinished pyramid on the reverse side of the Great Seal is "an eye in a triangle, surrounded with a glory . . . Over the eye, these words, Annuit Coeptis." 
This Latin phrase has been traced to Virgil, the renowned Roman poet who lived in the first century B.C. In his epic masterpiece, the Aeneid, he tells the story of Aeneas – son of Venus, ancestral hero of the Romans – and his journey from Troy to Italy. 
In book IX, line 625, is the phrase: "Jupiter omnipotens, audacibus annue coeptis." (All-powerful Jupiter, favor [my] daring undertakings.) Also, in Virgil's Georgics (book I, line 40) are the words: "Da facilem cursum, atque audacibus annue coeptis." (Give [me] an easy course, and favor [my] daring undertakings.)

UPDATE: NBA FINALS-- Golden Knights lose, Golden Warriors win. The Great Balance is restored. Note Masonic Blue and Gold.

UPDATE: OK, I guess this orb thing is a thing.


  1. Puck me!
    That's like A Midsummer Night's Dream come true for Washington Capitals and their fans.
    I guess it was all written in the stars a long long time ago;-)

    "In 1787, British astronomer William Herschel discovered two new moons of Uranus that he named after characters in the play: Oberon, and Titania.
    Another Uranian moon, discovered in 1985 by the Voyager 2 spacecraft, has been named Puck"

  2. I thought if anyone wanted to put money on (the) Vegas to win, it'd be a pretty safe bet. just like the Red Sox were after the Boston Marathon episode and the 'Stros were last year after Harvey. Legit surprised the Vegas lost.

    1. Cinimod_ofCarthach9:01 PM, June 08, 2018

      This was easy to decipher from watching the symbolism around Trump.

  3. Alex Ovechkin aka 'The Great 8' 4+4 born 9/17/1985
    Ovechkin is also called 'Ovi' ovi = egg?
    Defenseman for the Capitals, Brooks Orpik (#44)
    44 years to the Cup.

    The Vegas Knights have no player wearing either an 8 or a 44...
    But they are the first expansion team in 17 years.

    Their head coach is Gerard Gallant...a Gallant Knight
    Gerard: Derived from the Germanic element ger meaning "spear" combined with hard meaning "brave, hardy".

    Their veteran Goaltender is Marc Andre Fleury (age 33) aka 'The Flower' a Knight of Flowers.

    The Vegas Golden Knights are 70 percent owned by William P Foley a West Point Grad who later served in the Air Force and worked for Boeing. Foley owns Black Knight Financial Services:

    Foley has admitted the name of the team is in homage to the Black Knights of the Army US Military Academy. The US Army Parachute team also uses the nickname the Golden Knights.

    1. Speaking about eggs, I just watched this awful shockdoc/film 'Vegas Baby'

    2. Ovechkin is a Russian surname. In teh Russian language "Ovechka" is a baby sheep, or a pet name for a sheep generally. "Ovtsa" is a girl sheep. "Baran" is a boy sheep. That's all. I do not see any apparent connection to an ovo.

    3. So Ovechkin could be seen as a sort of 'Shepherd boy' which is also pretty interesting Secret Sun Bingo...Alexander = 'leader or helper of men' from what I can find.

  4. 44 is strong.

    44th G7 summit June 8-9

  5. Not a day goes by this week that a celebrity/VIP hasn't been "found dead of apparent suicide". First Kate Spade, then the Dutch queen's sister (age 33), now TV chef Anthony Bourdain. Odd.

    1. The subterranean breakaway civilisations need entertainers too you know!

    2. The Dutch media (which basically is one person named John de Mol 'the Mole' who owns/directs the 'dutch Reuters' + virtually all of enter/infotainment, commercial and state) emphasize that they are aiming for the Papageno effect in the way they are treating all these unfortunate suicides, not the copycat effect god forbid!

      Alternatives like ...

      Uh huh.

    3. Btw, check out Talpa's (latin for mole) logo

    4. Oh and 'The Voice' with the "blind" auditions

      etc etc etc etc

    5. The "suicides" aren't coincidences. If you're here then you know what you see at the surface level is not what is really going on.

      My bet is once Jupiter goes direct after reaching 13 degrees of Scorpio (yes, interesting degree... ) we will have all sort of deep dark stuff reaching the surface. Of note will be October 6th which Jupiter will be the exact degree (23) before it went retrograde.

      The "suicides" are to get ahead of this event. Of course this is my opinion and speculation but I do not doubt "they" pay attention and use the astrology. Of course numbers as well - they're favorite symbology. It's just obvious.

    6. Ya... but here's a caveat: What you see might be a deception, but sometimes when you "listen" very closely these scumbags actually say/show exactly what they're up to... and no one even "hears" it.
      Pay attention, and you'll start to notice...

    7. It's not so odd. Not really. Sometimes I feel I've already died and am now living in a parallel universe. Nothing is real any more. Nothing. These suicides may be a misinformed chance at freedom. That's a terrible thing to say, but there you are. I don't know how else to explain them.

      Every day I wake up, go through the rounds, and feel nothing is real. In the last 6 years my whole culture has been destroyed, everything I thought I understood has been destroyed, everything I held sacred is gone.

      We will be seeing many more suicides within the coming year. Many more.

  6. will there be a reply of the show tomorrow?

  7. Cinimod_ofCarthach9:03 PM, June 08, 2018

    Might want to check who Anthony Bourdain Girlfriend is. She recently called out HW.

    She’s had quite the career.

    1. Asia Argento is the daughter of Dario Argento, who directed the super color-soaked 1977 horror movie, Suspiria. A remake of the movie just happens to be coming out this year starring Dakota Johnson.

    2. Asia Argento is interesting. I was quite surprised by all the witchy satanic symbolism that the Neon Revolt website dug up from her Instagram account. Its very peculiar.

  8. After learning of Anthony Bourdain's death (or apparent suicide as every headline keeps repeating) I decided to look up the meaning of his name, something I regularly do now. Thanks, Secret Sun! Anyway, Bourdain comes from a family of similar names that are both French and English in origin. It can either mean sasuage, blood sasuage or just plain bloody entrails. Hearts for example. That got me thinking about card suits which got me thinking about Kate Spade and her apparent suicide. With two high profile celebrity suicides with names tied to card suits... what's that they say about the third time being enemy action? Be on the lookout for clubs or diamonds in the headlines.

    1. Spade was more or less a heart too, even though I think you're playing pretty loose with your card connections there StarNinja.

      "Katherine Noel Brosnahan (December 24, 1962 – June 5, 2018), known professionally as Katy Brosnahan, later Kate Spade and Kate Valentine."

      But here is another card connection for you SN -

      Kate Brosnahan Spade is the co-founder and namesake of the designer brand, Kate Spade New York.
      Rachel Brosnahan is an American actress.
      She is best known for her roles in the films The Unborn and Beautiful Creatures and for portraying Rachel Posner in the Netflix series HOUSE OF CARDS.
      The actress Rachel Brosnahan is Kate Spade's niece.
      Read 'em and weep?

    2. King of clubs: Peter Stringfellow.

    3. Eunice Gayson was the first Bond girl and she passed away on the 8th June, 2018.
      She also played a character named Elizabeth Anders in the 1956 movie 'The Last Man to Hang?'.

    4. Eunice's most famous scene was sitting across from Bond at a card table where he says the famous words "Bond...James Bond" in reply to her query as to who he is.

      She also cries out "eight" at the card table to Bond and would die on the 8th of June in real life.
      So I guess when your number or (Dr)No is up, it's up, as they say.

  9. I'm following the Bourdain story and all I can say right now is that I don't buy the suicide angle at all. It doesn't make any sense to me. There's something bubbling under the surface with this stuff but I'm not seeing the symbols yet, except for the obvious hanging thing (do try to watch that Hangman ep of X-Files), the Spade-poker connection and the Ines Z- Holland-Orange connection. Tantalizing but a very weak signal as of now.

    Do keep me posted though, my wonderful agents and moles.

    1. Secret Sun scrabble related wrinkle on card suits: they used to be used for tarot readings, though the suits were different. Spades were swords, diamonds were pentacles, clubs were wands and hearts were cups. Ruddy Ruddy cups.

    2. It's just that we are "living" in the future, one big Purim-fest where everything is hidden, and everything revealed, all at once... The good is evil and vice versa, and nobody even knows the difference any longer, everything is upside down, there's nothing but masks, imitation and characters, and the bastards are 'having the last laugh', forever

      And whatever is being done to you.... come one, it's all a joke! A dream! Nothing's real. Forget it!!

      About Ines Zorreguieta, the one thing that really caught my eye is that the media is continuously showing her photo where's she is the godmother of one of her royal nieces, and she is wearing a red hat. That hat, a very similar one, was worn by Maxima last King's day in Groningen, and it was then said over and over how this was not the first time she was wearing that hat, she did so in 2004 (also in Groningen)
      (Maxima is recycling her outfits! Wow!)

    3. We have no Present, no Lebensraum, literally. That has all been taken. That's what 'civilization' does.
      There's no 'open future' for any child...

    4. Cinimod_ofCarthach5:28 AM, June 09, 2018

      They’re recreating Alice in wonderland.

      The huge invitation trump received.

      Now the cards

    5. I dont buy the suicide angle either. Will see I guess. RIP Anthony Bourdain

    6. "Now the cards"...

      I know nothing about cards. Can't even play. Never felt the pull to try either.
      My "knowledge" of 'cards' goes no further than things like this song which was wildly popular in the Netherlands and was kinda inescapable

    7. My first thought on hearing he died by hanging himself was that it could be an incident of autoerotic asphyxiation. Male celebrities dying of this in hotel rooms is more common than you think. Remember David Carradine, or the singer from INXS, also passed in this way.

      There's also the possibility he was murdered, but if so the mystery remains by who and why.

    8. I wonder if this had anything to do with it, given current events:

      He said some things that really pissed off the Israeli far right. Maybe Mossad too.

    9. Maybe he was just not welcome at the "next year in Jerusalem" song contest Netta-chickenparty, pre-emptive strike-wise and all that
      After all, she's not "always going to be cute"

      "Thanking the audience for their vote, the 25-year-old singer praised their choice to accept diversity and for choosing something different. Afterwards, she proclaimed her victory by screaming: "I love my country, next year in Jerusalem," and concluded by saying "Thank you, Europe!" "

      Who knows?

    10. But anyways..... I read that Bourdain was heavily into drugs..
      I also just now read that Rose mcGowen (of all people) is now with his widow to support her...
      So, let's say anything's possible

    11. Omg....

    12. Chris, let me advise you on something (though surely you know this). A symbol is a sign whereby there is no natural relation between the representation of the sign and the meaning which is presumably expressed with it.
      If something is "bubbling under the surface", then what exactly are the "symbols" you are waiting for? And why on earth don't you just stick your hand in the water and find out what causes the bubbling?
      Who wants symbols if you can have the real?
      And even if you can't...?! Who?!

      One thing's for sure. Whatever is bubbling, it ain't symbols. They're by definition motionless, lifeless, without substance, and, speaking for myself, utterly inconsequential.

      So, what áre you waiting for?

    13. @ Moses Horowtiz - Re: Hutchinson >> look at Geldof, Bob. Also Carradine >> very creepy dad & connections.

    14. What about Spades weird Disney mouse mask? Creepadelic

    15. The similarities of the 3 hangings of Chris Kate and Anthony seem to one be France, two a hotel and three their types of celebrity status. It’s as if there’s a box of chocolate ear necklace type of celebrity collection agency out there. Here’s the 50 something musician, who opened a restaurant in Paris, now here’s the 50 something fashion designer Frances Valentine who opened a flagship store in Paris last year, now here’s the celebrity chef who albeit a tad bit older was collected in France hotel by a restaurant had his 100th PU episode filmed in Paris last year.
      But wait Frances Valentine wasn’t in a hotel, but was literally a stones throw out her apartment window from the Mark Hotel on 77th st. Same get-ready For the Met Gala hotel
      Then there’s this holy shit sync:
      The Tonight show S4 E122
      Sienna Miller, Anthony Bourdain, Chris Cornell
      Jimmy welcomes Sienna Miller, Anthony Bourdain and musical guest Chris Cornell.
      There’s probably much more. I can’t seem to erupt the volcano either but at least there are some morsels to chew on. Cheers

    16. Oh, toss Robin Williams in there too...the coconut truffle comedian
      Comedian, musician, fashion, culinary, what else we missing here?

    17. Autoerotic asphyxiation might make sense with the rocker dude from INXS. But the way his gf Kylie Minogue was, in the aftermath, relaunched from embarrassing 80s has-been to a global megastar with limitless marketing dollars behind her makes me uneasy.

    18. Chris, can you point to separate thread where you postulate/ theorize/ hypothesize just what the hell is going on with all the seemingly bizarre synchronicities?
      I've come across threads which speculate there is A.) An elite-level game being played based on the mastery of social psychology; B.) A smaller group who understands ancient occult magic that was found and kept secret; C.) It's evidence that we are in some holographic software simulation; D.) Some unexplained ordering of the cosmos brings about these events that is beyond our current understanding of the nature of reality.
      If there is no separate thread, can we start one?

    19. Anon2:49, I am not Chris, but...
      Your allegorical clue is the movie Interstellar.
      Those engaged in a terrible mission to extricate h sapiens from a Fermi paradox, wish to somehow reach those few sufficiently receptive, in order to communicate what the fuck is really going on, yet without such communication constituting evidence.

  10. One thing I am wondering-- is there a Hanging cult out there, either a suicide or a murder cult? Or both? Or is there an AEA cult in the jaded world of celebrities?

    Just a random notion.

    1. As you know, random doesn't exist. There's always causal relations.

      The X-file you referred to, I don't feel like watching X-files (though admittedly I have seen some way back when), but from reading some descriptions of the hangman-episode, it seems to me that 'hangman game' in some sort of manner functions as a voodoodoll. At least, is belíéved to do so, someone has been convinced that such réálly works....

      Now of course there's this Leonard Cohen line which must be quoted:

      "So you can stick your little pins in that voodoo doll
      I'm very sorry, baby, doesn't look like me at all"

      And there's your double entendre.. given the context of the episode

      In other words, once you see your 'double', he might not 'recognize' you, or vice versa......

      Thank god I'm single ;)

  11. What are your thoughts Chris that Goro Adachi thinks you are stealing ideas from him?

    1. I think it's kind of sad. Both of us were heavily influenced by the Enterprise Mission back in the day and went in totally different directions with it. I really don't get what Goro is doing these days and he's paywalled most of his stuff so I suppose I never will. Best of luck to him.

    2. Goro thinks everyone is stealing from him and can't think for themselves.
      Personally I wouldn't pay a cent to read his stuff, as there are plenty of syncheads out there putting out better work for free.
      You can't put a paywall up against the "collective unconscious" Goro.

    3. Goro had some really interesting content, some eye openers, way back in the day before the pay wall and getting too big for his britches. Kinda descended into missing the big picture for overly complicated number games that werent always there, and enough geometry to make Euclids head spin. I tuned out around that time. Jmho though, he did more than I ever did. So any criticism is with a grain of salt.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. He's the greatest to ever do it in my opinion, but I love this site too. I told him he needs to stop bitching about you and team up. You two would be a force and the world right now needs it.

  12. It was a mini-miracle that disaster was avoided when the clock malfunctioned in the last two minutes. What would have happened if there wasn't another whistle - which gave an opportunity to sort things out? Yes, there's a an official timekeeper with a stopwatch,'s just chaos waiting to happen. This isn't soccer. Time is kind of important in hockey. Especially in the third period of a one goal game in the bloody SCF. The clock died at 1:49 for anyone curious/anyone with sync-spectacles on.

  13. 44 in hebrew is 'dam', blood

    plural is MONEY

    Everything has a price.... and is thereby devalued

    1. Btw
      44 is also related to 'demut' , likeness, image..


  14. 44 = Sacred number of Horus. It is the number of AGLI (Drops), DM (Blood), DLI (Aquarius), and LHT (Flame). It is the number of AHIH ChIH (I am Life). It is further the number of AL-AChD (AL-ONE or ALONE. Read AL,II:23). It is also the number of EAGLE (E=5+A=1+G=3+L=30+E=5=44), and the Eagle is the Kerubic Hawk or Phoenix (Liber 44 is the Mass of the Phoenix). 44 results from the addition of the Atus of Thoth which correspond with EAGLE (E=17+A=0+G=2+L=8+H=17). 44 results from the addition of the Atus of Thoth which correspond with ‘Aum-Ha’ (AOM-HA), when we attribute Atu XVII to Heh, thus A=0+O=15+M=12+H=17+A=0. Also, 44=IHVH spelled in full as YVD-HA-VV-HA.

    World is ruled by Crowley worshippers:

  15. In relation to the dollar bill:

    Star Union:

  16. Anthony Bourdain life changing celebrity at 44.

  17. "And Poseidia will be among the first portions of Atlantis to rise again. Expect it in sixty-eight and sixty-nine (1968 and 1969); not so far away!" [Edgar Cayce reading 958-3] Cayce revealed that new land will appear in 1968 and 1969 off the east coast of North America, the so-called "rising of Atlantis." (summer of love will soon return... along with poseidon and sirens revenge... the earth will quake, the lava will flow, the coast lines will begin to change... lands will rise that have been long upon the floor of the sea, our coasts will change... but love again will come to our land through the holy mother and the reincarnation of eternal buddah born in the vinyard on a friday after the punishment for the squandering of gifts is properly reckoned and a path is made for the kingdom of righteousness to establish itself under the woman king for a 1000 year period of peace. Many who can't hear god will perish, the revenge... but Atlantis will rise again soon in love) Much love, Be blessed.

    1. Atlantis to rise in 1968-69? where? metaphorically speaking? or literal? because if not... it looks like just another BS predication fail from that guy.

  18. I always thought the Disc of Shamash had reappeared later on known to us now as the Union Jack of England.

    Using the phonetics of NFL as Nephilim it becomes obvious sports are the reenactment of the battles of the gods with NHL as Enlil, Sumerian god of the air - -
    and the players skate is if moving on the wind while trying put/capture the 'puck' (an English mythological troublemaker) in a net.

  19. Oh boy......

    "She said: ‘My family and friends took me out to “toast” my new vagina!’ "

    Yes, the tilapia one.


  20. Right.

  21. A period of natural convulsions during which a large portion of the human race will perish.

    Earthquakes of great severity, enormous tidal waves would seem to be the agents.

    War appears only in the early stages and appears to be a signal for the crisis to follow.

    The crisis will come in an instant. The destruction and dislocation of civilized life will be beyond belief.

    There will be a short period of chaos followed by some reconstruction; the total period of upheavals will be roughly three years.

    The chief centers of disturbance will be the Eastern Mediterranean basin, where not less than five countries will entirely disappear.

    Also in the Atlantic there will be a rise of land which will be a cause of those waves which will bring about great disasters upon the Americans, the Irish and Western European shore, involving all of the low-lying British coasts.

    There are indicated further great upheavals in the southern Pacific and in the Japanese region.

    ---Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

  22. So I checked Tracy Twyman’s Twitter account. She’s still with us but she’s made some cryptic comments suggesting she may be in an “infoprison”.

    Not sure what it means but I’m curious given the timing.

    1) Ok, maybe she said something that somebody really didn’t like.

    2) What if there is some relevance in the stars, like someone wanted to silence her come the start of June? I haven’t really followed my astrology lately but could there be some specific movement of the planets that led to this?


  23. Bilderberg discussed "post-truth".
    As if that's a recent thing. AS IF.
    It's the very hallmark of the world of lies they've been creating since they've started their war against nature and everything that's real and true.

    (At the same time: G7 and Defense Ministers Conference

    The good news is, you need to convert only 25% to convert them all, if you want people to believe in a different truth.

    Of course, the real truth is something else entirely. The real truth doesn't require 'belief', and not a soul can be 'converted' to it.
    Which is probably why they're trying so desperately to convert/change/hide/maim/murder the real truth instead...

    Good luck with that.

    Said Francis Bacon: "My only earthly wish is... to stretch the deplorably narrow limits of man's dominion over the uiniverse to their promised bounds... [nature will be] bound into service, hounded in her wanderings and put on the rack and tortured for her secrets."

    Good luck with that, too.
    Didn't nature reveal already to you that torture (in any form!) doesn't réálly work, Mr. Bacon? Nu? Say thank you!!

    Thank you.

    1. Finally someone with some fucking sense.
      The proposed 'negative' is NOT the 'norm'.
      To even seek 'dominion' over ANYTHING is abnormal, and unjust.
      An OBVIOUS 'error' in the 'program'.

    2. Yup.
      And which is why democracy is the 'best of all the bad systems' they have. Making everyone into a slave and a MASTER at once. "The war of everyone against everyone" anyone?

    3. Good points and thanks for giving us reason to reconsider the shady Mr. Bacon.

      The article about social "tipping points" recalls the military folks who've been known to observe (usually privately) that by the time the public learns a useful tidbit about something previously "unknown" it's been around and tested for a while behind the scenes.

      Almost certainly this has been true for "The power of the 25%". It's been a proven model for various political movements and probably the Powell Memo implementation as well. This is also why "thought leaders" are such useful tools, whether used willingly or not.

      To state the obvious: many of the trends Chris notes here seem suspiciously like ops seeking to sway 25% of the populace so as to later drag the rest along with them via the changed 25%.

  24. CK did you see this little piece of synchro weirdness in the wake of A. Bourdain's death. Asia Argento's back piece entitled "warrior mermaid". It never ends !

  25. News says that Ines Zorrequieta " wrote a thesis about suicide."
    Keeping up appearances, even after death..
    It's a thing..

  26. RE Anthony Bourdain: The hangman is a theme CNN personalities know all too well when taking oaths to their benefactor. Richard Quest may well have been another hang man but the ritual wasn't taken all the way. It was just a warning for him.

  27. What if none of these personalities are dead? Perhaps they've been relocated to a continent we're not allowed to know about. There are probably simple mysteries we haven't even considered that are just as mind blowing as the possibility of aliens invading earth from outer space.

    1. Why invoke a "mysterious unknown continent" (or "aliens")if a simple 'change of identity' (and/or location) would explain it??
      ((Why invoke "mindblowing" stuff at all?? Rhetorical question..))

      Anyway. 'New identity'. Happens all the time. Certainly a possibility.

  28. An recent example: babchenko, the Russian journalist faked death in Ukraine.

  29. Et in Arcadia Ego. Even in death Arkady (Babchenko) lives on.

  30. “A troubling link has been found between a cutting-edge gene-editing technology and cancer — and it's sending biotech stocks tumbling”. From Business Insider (a.k.a. “New” Rockefeller Republicrat Infotrainment) on my Apple spews screed today.

  31. Ines Zorrequieta was buried (??) at the Memorial Park in Pilar, AS was daddy VidelaRegime Jorge........

    "Parque de la Memoria, or Memory Park, is a monument in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Its official name is Monument to the Victims of State Sponsored Terrorism. Located along the Rio de la Plata in the Belgrano neighborhood, Memory Park commemorates the victims of Argentina’s military dictatorship, where from 1976 to 1983, tens of thousands of civilians died and disappeared under governmental terrorism.

    Plans for the park were laid out in 1998, and the memorial was designed to cut into the landscape like an open wound, representing the people lost during this violent part of Argentina’s history. There are eighteen different sculptures around the park and the primary monument has the names of thousands of victims engraved on plaques, while there are thousands more empty plaques to signify the disappeared.

    It is located only 300 meters from the military airport that caused many disappearances. Victims of the state terrorism were taken up in flights and dropped into the ocean, never to be seen again."

    Let that sink in for a moment.........

    I watched some video material of the funeral or whatever it was. Let's just say, the mourners do not appear very distressed.

    1. At the ceremony Maxima reportedly sang 'in honour of her sister' a song from Bob Marley, Is This Love, and Knocking on Heavens Door

    2. So now we know what's bubbling under the surface....
      Not lifeless symbols and other bullcrap. But dead people. Real dead living beings. Can't be deleted. Ever.