Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sixty-Seconds of Sync (Give or Take): Lightning Strikes

Oh, that doesn't seem even vaguely apocalyptic to me. 

Why do you ask?

"Snakes and scorpions," you say?

Trampling "Snakes" and "Scorpions?" "Falling like lightning?" 

Here is Wisdom.

 Ponder on it, brothers and sisters.

Speaking of lightning, though...

Just sayin' is all. Or just synchin'. 

Plus, this.

Danica Patrick crashes out in her last-ever race at the Freemasonapolis 500? Pity.

"Morning Star," you say?

That's what I thought you said. Cheers.

Yeah? Well, you go tell Donny-Boy to get in line with the rest of us.

There's a sync in there somewhere but I'm too lazy to cook up a zippy one-liner for it. You're welcome to try, though.

Apparently this is real. I want one.

One of these too.

So pretty much everyone who's seen this thinks the bird looks like it's being garroted. That bone-dry Windsor sense of humor again? Or a business plan? 

Was a bit tickled as to the release of the official trailer for this biopic in the run-up to the Royal Scam, however. What with the synchitude and all.

Oh, sorry, you probably can't see it...

It's the Queen Coat of Arms, which is based on their astrological signs. But I can't get this lyric out of my head: "Oh Mother Mercury/Look what they've done to me/I cannot run, I cannot hide."

Not sure why.


Never expected the Royal Scam to be such a syncfest, but that's because I keep forgetting it's the Apocalypse. Normality bias, you understand.

But do note the Windsor offspring crown not has the Templar/Shamash cross but also-- wait for it-- strawberry leaves.

Variations on the Cross du Shamash.

We talked about Duchess Meghan and her Goat dress, right? That's the Flavia model, named in honor of the --wait for it-- Flavian Dynasty. 

Goat also has a Pandora dress, if you have some money burning a hole in your pocket.

Looking at their new summer line, it seems Goat has a Freya (read: the Nordic Inanna) dress, a fox and a flame...wait a minute.

Just wait a minute. 


The Summer line has a Frou-Frou dress, too. 

Damn--now that's ringing a bell.

Oh well, it will come to me. Maybe in a Year and a Day. If you get my meaning.

In the meantime, Orange.

Readers have been wondering what's up with the Dolphin imagery at the Royal Scam. Well, here's your definitive answer: Ruby stars are Ruddy, it's a Meghan Dewdrops' Drop. 

Don't worry; it will soon be crystal-clear to you.

It will be exactly why you're thinking of Las Vegas. Because it's much brighter than the Sun to you. 

Here is Wisdom: a hundred million times brighter than the Sun to you. And me.

Speaking of the Royal Scam and Strawberries, there you go.

I wonder if there were any Royal Scam festivities at the new US Embassy in BabyLonDon. 

If so, I wonder what was on the menu. 

Actually, I probably don't want to know. Neither do you.

"We lost all those kids." It's the new "the dog ate my homework" for Archonic footmen.

Well, maybe not-so-new.

But damn if that new Embassy doesn't look familiar.

Just in case you still think you're not trapped in an endless Book of Revelation LARP,  this happened.

Not sure if the False Prophet got drunk on the Blood of the Saints and the Filth of Katy Perianal's Adulteries. 

Wait, I just got a DM. Don't go anywhere...

OK; apparently, they just served coffee and tiramisu at the reception. 

Hmmm. But was it abominable coffee and filthy tiramisu?  


  1. Unrelated:

    (says company was inspired by gattica)
    :From the second epsiode of a netflix show called Explained about CRISPR

  2. "Yeah? Well, you go tell Donny-Boy to get in line with the rest of us." - wait, I thought Trump was a "multidimensional" being......may be they just distract us from something attacking each other?

    1. Everyone knows that he is Biff Tannen from Back to the Future.

    2. No, more like Gino Molinari from PKD's "Now wait for last year". Pick it up, interesting parallel to what's going on lately. Shame most people don't read more.

    3. More like Stinky Walnuts, the beloved child star from the lost 30s serial Lil' Chick'ns. After a wildly successful run, Stinky was typecast and found out his beloved mother had run off to Brunei with his earnings. He pulled himself up by his bootstraps and changed his name to Warren Buffet.

      The rest is history.

  3. Someone someone has drained the colour from my wings
    Broken my fairy circle ring
    And shamed the king in all his pride
    Changed the winds and wronged the tides
    Mother mercury (mercury)
    Look what they've done to me
    I cannot run I cannot hide - heard the song for the first time (shame on me). Liked the sound better than that of the early Led Zeps.

    1. Oh man, early Queen? You are literally playing my tune.

  4. my addition to sync moments: I browsed for the fairy king song myself without opening your link, Chris. And there to the right, in the list of songs youtube suggests, at the very bottom:
    Cocteau Twins - Pearly Dewdrops' Drops (Live on OGWT), whistle test 1984...
    The Queen sounds melancholy... I can't believe how petite she actually is.

    1. The burden of our sins weighs heavily on the Sibyl.

      Yeah, she's tiny. The Archangels have a thing for short chicks.

  5. Of course Trump is a multidimensional Luciferian being! He's the president of the USA! What more proof do you need?

    And if you haven't noticed that he's getting attacked quite a lot, you haven't noticed the news for the past year and a half, have you? And with some level of success. Which immediately should tell you that it isn't ordinary people doing the attacking. Ordinary people don't have a chance against multidimensional Luciferian beings. It really shouldn't be news that he's being attacked by somebody nearly as powerful as himself.

    1. I literally don't know how to respond to this but thank you all the same, Maria.

  6. "Hidden double-star system"?

    Sounds a bit like 'The Sun and the secret sun' if you ask me. And the Templar cross is the symbol of their dance, as much as two towers symbolise the dancers. The Templars being the missionaries (of the mission 'Escape Samsara').

    Just as one counts the months of a year to predict winter, so one counts the æons of a great year to predict Fimbulwinter. Hence astrology is truly used to predict the future. Naturally, to avoid unnecessary worry, astrologers tell the plebs far in advance, that climate change is nigh (but anthropogenic, definitely not cosmogenic), and to expect extreme weather as a consequence. Certainly can't be anything to do with the 12,000 year long 'glaciation cycle', and the oldest known agricultural settlement, Göbekli Tepe (around 12,000 years old). There's even a name for this last climatic blip: The Younger Dryas. In its barycentric orbit with the secret sun, at 70° to the galactic plane, The Sun crosses that plane every 12,000 years (entering into a differently polarised magnetic field as a consequence – initially, just upsetting the weather).

    Eventually, the approach of Fimbulwinter (and associated manifestations) cannot be ignored, and the explanation of ‘climate change’ no longer cuts it, and ‘something else is going on’ and ‘what’s really going on’ begin to spread like wildfire. This widespread epiphanic revelation is known as the great revealing, or the apocalypse.

    It’s all rather mundane, because just as winter is something to be survived (hibernation, food stores, etc.) so is the Fimbulwinter - it’s just incredibly tricky to prepare for (qv Game Theory). The hope is that after umpteen thousand cycles, this time, h sapiens will preserve his technology.

    1. Climate change is a real thing, regardless of Fimbulwinter. In fact, it looks like they sort of cancel each other, which is probably a good thing in the short term. In the longer run... we'll see. Maybe not you and me, but the kids of our kids.

      Then, it may not work that way. It may work the way that alcohol and coke sort of cancel each other out but actually, not really.

      As for tech, we'll see. This time around there's an awful lot more of it, which is both good and bad. Good in that there's no way of losing all of it. Bad in that there's an awful lot that could be lost.

    2. Fimbulwinter? thanks goodness. I personally can't wait for the Jotuns ( cough.... cough * the Nephilim) to arrive and open the Casket of Ancient Winters and cool some shit down for a while. in the meantime, Hail the Lord of Light

    3. How is it 'good' when the tech gets saved??

    4. Thanks for enlightening me concerning the Jotuns.

      In terms of how shit gets cooled down for a while (probably just a decade or so), the increasing magnetic antagonism probably manifests like this:
      1) Increasingly anomalous weather/climate.
      2) Increasing seismic activity (& tidal).
      3) Increasing volcanic activity.
      4) Increased radiation sickness ('Ebola').
      5) Crustal/tectonic displacement (lateral&vertical).
      6) Multi-year global winter due to volcanic ash.
      7) 180° pole shift, with 500m tsunami.
      8) Magnetic harmony resumes.
      9) Fimbulwinter peters out.
      10) Peace on Earth for 12,000 years.

      So, the mermaids, troglodytes, & yetis have it.

    5. Tech is what protects us from nature, which is a place of suffering and early death. Read any biography from a 150 years ago or more and count up the dead children. That's us without tech.

    6. Well, yeah, NS, if you believe that story ("nature, earth, is a place of suffering and early death") then it's no wonder you desperately want a kind of savior.
      Who told you that? And who told you that there is an "us AND nature"? A "nature vs. us" even?

    7. Anon8:56,
      Seems to me like you're trying to pick a fight with NS, for no good reason.

      There is the natural world in which we natural beings live - subject to nature.

      We can live as aboriginals, in ecological harmony, and get culled back to near extinction every 12,000 years, or, some illuminati types can take it upon themselves to contrive a strategy by which the species can be technologically advanced at just the right moment so that such tech can be preserved across the cataclysm and h sapiens can pass the great filter*.

      The latter is a mission already set in motion, a fait accompli. All we can do is marvel, and keep an eye on our own, individual mission (our prime directive - survive).


    8. My birthday is coming up and I've asked the Great Birthday Ghost for only one thing: that one day Zod will post an on-topic comment.

      It's the little things in life.

    9. Well, if you posted something about the secret sun I'd be bound to wouldn't I?


    10. I am, all the time. You just don't realize it.

    11. But then, if you're always posting about the secret sun, then my posts, which are mostly about the secret sun, are therefore mostly on-topic.

      Let's look forward to your birthday post and see what happens.

    12. Back to the issue of NS's horrible state of nature...

      Even Hobbes didn't believe in his own fiction... A fiction, yes. Hobbes even admits to that in his own 'Leviathan'. That his 'state of nature' is a FICTION. He conjures up a horror, which he then uses as a justification for the status quo.

  7. I have been reading about this astrological event called "the great conjunction" apparently 2020 is supposed to be a massive shift in culture, technology, politics, etc. and the 2020's are going to be even more chaotic

    Do you know anything about this?

    1. I read about this before, it's got to do with sunspots (not kidding). Which may have to do with more things than is usually recognized.

    2. Sunspots...not sure what that would have to do with astrology which has to do with the celestial bodies and their movements.

      In 2020 Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter will be conjunct in Capricorn. We are experiencing the energy now as Saturn and Pluto are currently conjunct in Capricorn and have been since December. When Jupiter joins the party December 2019 things that have been occurring that have to do with Capricorn will get amplified and expanded. It has, and will continue, to tear apart the collective belief in the government or how we are ruled. Expand your thinking in this realm beyond party systems. Coupled with Uranus' recent move onto Taurus last month we expect big shake ups with finance and what we value to live our lives.

      Of note in regard to themes presented on this blog is that Capricorn is represented by the Sea Goat.


    3. All y'all are on the right track. Or looking in the right direction.

      Two words: cosmic rays.

  8. Daniel Pearl = Beheadings = Orange

  9. The animal given power to trample on snakes was the cat. According to the ancient Egyptians at least. Ra turns into a giant cat and kills the serpent Apep. But what did they know, eh? I suppose I could talk about how the Leo constellation is related to Hydra but that's just speculation. Hydra is the "other" serpent constellation by the Babylonian reckoning.

    I'm sure that the Biblical warnings about Babylonian kings putting themselves above the god of the Israelites are very timely. But then they always are.

    1. I'll check for unusual cosmic phenomena in Leo lately. Cheers, Anony.

  10. Just popping in to point out that the weird little section of Northern Illinois where I live that I’ve ranted about in past comments sections is also the childhood home of Danica Patrick.

    Also interesting to note, we keep having young adults disappear only to be pulled weeks to months later from the river that runs through town with no reasonable explaination as to how it happened.

    1. Ugh, yeah. Know all too much about that. Disturbing.

      Cheers for the fact-snacks, Randi.

  11. Is it conceivable the crown surrounding the bird's neck is a "slave collar" allusion to Meghan Markle's African American heritage? Who designs these coats of arms and who gives input to the designer?

    1. Damn, that's a grim but keenly observed possibility

    2. Funny the collar was mentioned. I looked up the meaning for the collar around the neck in heraldry and found it was meant to "dignify". That didn't make intuitive sense to me until I thought "like a fancy dog collar?" I suppose a necklace might fill the same role.

    3. It seems to me that if you can afford heraldry then you are not likely to be a slave. Why would they have rules for how to indicate that a noble family are slaves?

    4. According to mainstream sources she herself was actively participating in the design. The bird as well as the three quills symbolizes 'the power of communication', the main message is that 'she won't shut up', she will 'speak up' instead. The crown around the neck, in this overall interpretation, should then perhaps signify her golden throat? Her rule by 'words'? That kinda thing.
      Or, as was suggested in one of the mainstream sources, the entire picture is a message about her standing up against her husband and his family...
      In that case, wearing the crown around her neck would be a clever move, for protection, and also to ensure that they cannot hurt her without hurting the crown.
      It even might all be just an inside joke for the gang. Hilarious.

    5. Could be just a way of indicating that she's too small/inferior for the crown, that it'd slip over her head and choke her.

      "They are mentioned in the Talmud, book Shabbat, chapter 6[2] as a common women's accessory."

    6. How can elites being slaves? Simple.
      They are slaves almost by definition. The elites are the masters and the common people are their slaves, but the masters depend on the slaves to work for them and build and maintain their system, and they depend on the slaves to believe in them. No slave will naturally want to do that, which is why they always need the threat of force and a whole lot of 'working the slaves'.
      The jews sum this up nicely in their maxim 'there is no king without a people'.
      If the people become aware of their situation and the terrible violence they are subjected to (AND subject others to by their participation), then they will stop having faith in that system and stop supporting it and them. And thus, the masters are dependent on the slaves and the least free of all. Their greatest fear is that enough people will simply refuse to play their game any longer.

      But it seems to me, as things stand, they've got nothing to worry about. People love and defend this system with all their hearts, and would do anything at all to keep it going, when it comes down to it. Literally nothing is off limits.

    7. Having the crown around the neck seems to be common for the crests of the petty Windsor princes and princelings. Don't ask me why. But this one? Sheesh.

  12. "Garlands evergreen/ Forget-me-not wreaths".
    This gives me chills!

    Seriously, did the happy couple not know the rest of the song.?

    "Chaplets see me drugged/ I could die in a rosary."

    Chaplet: garland or wreath for the head.

    Rosary: Latin ROSE GARDEN; garland; circular string of prayer beads.

    Further in the song is the word scarf.
    Scarf: band of silk, usually worn around head, neck,or shoulders.

    Or perhaps like the crown around the dove's neck.

    1. Thank you, Synchra. Good to see you pick up the baton and run with it. Good work.

  13. There were numerous omens/portents/tragedies around the world day before Meghan Markle's and Prince Harry's Royal Wedding.

    Chris already mentioned the former Playboy bunny jumped to her death in NYC.

    The same day there was also a bad bus crash in the Lincoln Tunnel this morning; "Two Buses Collide at Entrance of Lincoln Tunnel, 32 Hurt"

    And 737 crashed in Cuba killing 99% of the passengers and crew; "nother Cuba Plane Crash Survivor Dies, Death Toll Rises to 112"

    "HAVANA — One of the survivors of the plane crash just outside Havana airport last week died early on Friday, state-run media cited the Cuban government as saying, raising the death toll from one of Cuba's worst air disasters to 112."

    Oh course those are all just a stroke of bad luck right?

    1. Coincidence?
      A fluke perhaps?
      The REAL 'question'; just WHAT feeds off DEATH?
      And 'MM' becomes the new 'Diana'?
      'Master Mason'?
      Not anymore.
      TPTB jacked that shit hundreds of years ago; turned it actually into it's own nightmare.
      Actually one and the same but most can't see that.
      IF a 'thing' is 'spiritual', then it is also 'scientific'; both finding union between polar opposites.
      But the energetic nature/expression of death is dangerous; catastrophic even.
      Seems 'they' are quite desperate now.

    2. Quite a runup to the big day, eh? Cheers, Emmanuel. Good eye.

  14. Hey Chris,

    2 things...

    Add this "mermaid baby" to your sync-storm:

    Also, seeing as how it's Fireball Season, I thought I'd share this:

    I had quite the UFO encounter 2 nights ago. I was scrambling to get the pics, and they don't do justice to how bright the things were.

    1. Oh, man. Is this the Second Punic War or what, JB?

      Signs and wonders, indeed.

  15. "His mourningstar has dimmed." SHould fit in nicely with the tabloids. That lovely plate shows Hairy and Sparkle's true forms, methinks.

    Well, for what it's worth, that lion's gettin' garroted too. Bit of a softer garrot though.

    Katy Perineum and...Voltron! I can play let's make fun of the Apocalypse too! It's a board game doncha know.

    Hmn...portents and omens and syncs...working on a theory that the universe works like a giant sync...those portents and omens are everywhere.

    I've said it before, I'll say it again - one or the other will be offed when the last drop of worthwhile media blodd (and perhaps real blood) is squeezed out of them. Probably not Prince Harry. After all, even if he is the real son of that other guy (which I'll believe when there's a dna test.)he's been allowed to be a teen rebel, and it sure looks like he's running with the family agenda now. Y'see, the big change with Royalty seems to be that while in the past Both male and female were as likely to be offed, they've evolved just barely enough to recognize that the optics on males are particularly good this era. Oh, and sperm. Have to keep the stud around.

    Dumb ass sync that does not relate to current topic but does relate to the overall whatsit: Dwayne Johnson is starring in a skyscraper movie (uh, well, I think it might actually be called Skyscraper) where he's a wounded ex-soldier missing a leg (shades of the currently hobbled male archetype) who saves his family from a very weird burning skyscraper (what got burnt attacked asploded on it's inauguration)what be called The Pearl.

    Said skyscraper is tallest, of course, a weird silvery nicely tapered towards the top phallus, with a giant silvery fakkin pearl crowning the top. Said pearl sphere thing rather reminding me of a giant clitoris thingy. I dunno, sacrificing the male and female genders symbolically to bring in the adrongynous new world? After all, there's that Mowgli movie, and the young lad has been deliberately picked, as he is definitely very androgynous, looking far more female than male, also very young, and there's an uncomfortable grooming feel to that one too. I prefer natural syncs, as they are more informative and less single minded and frankly, stupid. Tasteless as well.

    Note to Empire of the Steal: maybe you should look into a bit more camp. Your psychotic obsession is showing.

    1. Indeed, Bryce-a-Roni, the San Francisco Treat. I don't know exactly why we needed a remake of Die Hard, but I guess, y'know, Pearls.

      And maybe the Saxe-Coburg gang have got themselves bit by the Game of Thrones bug. Who can say?

      GET OUT, happy couple.

  16. Hmm..."A few words Prince Harry uttered back in 2013 could have terrifying consequences for him and his new wife Meghan."

    Being set up for a future "event" maybe?

    1. Possible. Andrew is tied to Epstein; not sure if Harry is. That could make Andrew the preferred royal "candidate" for some.

    2. Man, really ramping up the drama, aren't they? Do people still care in this day and age?

      Don't answer that. I'm depressed enough already.

  17. Danica and Patrick?
    Twin snake caduceus stomping. Or chasing. Or racing.
    And the winner is.... Will Power!

    1. The Adelaide Advertiser put the emphasis on the fact Will Power was an Aussie from QUEENSLAND, too.

      "He's Queenslands own King of the Mountain.
      The country kid who went from climbing the Toowoomba Range to scaling one of international motor-sports highest peaks."

    2. Oz. Of course. You're in the catbird seat, Dazza.

  18. Physicist Brian Josephson has a very fascinating home page

    Look at his attempts to parse signs and meaning as integral to reality itself

    And this guy is a Science Superstar

    No more gatekeepers in this Age of the Amateur

    Giggling with universe,

  19. I wrote a post about Brian in 2013 after reading about him in a book called 'Sync' -

    "Professor Brian Josephson is a physicist who had won a noble prize in his early career then eventually left to devote his life to studying the paranormal."

    1. And a blissfully-nostalgic 1996-vintage web design aesthetic.

      Because 1996>2018x∞

  20. Been reading through the old post's the past couple of weeks. Despite the Apocalypse's choke hold on reality, it's been really interesting reading through the '07 to '10 era stuff. Seems like forever ago. I cracked up and read a few lines of the "My Demon Neighbor" post to my partner. Where you were talking about thinking it prudent not get an assload of buckshot for appearing to be some lunatic "searching round for the remains of the wickedest man No longer alive, the great beast 666", Ive been run'oft in similar situations down here in Texas, and I guess that's why I thought it was so damn funny. I've been putting things in a wider context concerning Synchronicity since reading your blog. I like the notion of seeing them as sign post's, especially events that change the course of my life, but also analyzing things like names, where I came from (I was born in Stephenville,Tx., And am friends with the gentlemen who first came forward with video of the UFO sightings on his land, his dad taught me how to play Country and Western music as a late teen. I was into punk music first though.) Things that I took for granted really, but I guess I just wanted to say that Secret Sun has been good to me since I found it. I look forward to reading all of your older posts in due time. Thanks Alot.
    Austin Fox

    1. You're welcome, Austin. Glad to have you on board. Comment early and often.

  21. Apple”news” feed trending story from Huffy post: “Military Report: UFOs May Have Attempted Rendezvous With Giant Undersea Object” They call the UFO “Tic-tac”

    1. I think there's a Cocteau Twins song called Tic-Tac. It might be a Victorialand outtake. I'll check my notes.

  22. Chris, I know you don't watch Westworld (you should) but you might find it interesting that the red ball containing a human being's consciousness is officially called a pearl. This consciousness is to be downloaded into a robot host.

    1. Of course, Suki! Because we're being colonized by a race of Cosmo-Demonic AI's. They seem to have originated in the Dorado constellation.

      I apologize for the Westworld thing. I'm a bit gunshy with current-year SF.

  23. Hi Chris - that Queen lyric from "My Fairy King" has always stayed with me and occasionally rises out of the brain ether to haunt me. In the biography, "Mercury: An intimate biography of Freddy Mercury," by Lesley-Ann Jones, it states on page 79 that Freddy actually decided to change his surname from 'Bulsara' to 'Mercury' based on that song lyric. Some debate suggests that he claimed he wanted to associate his persona with the Messenger of the Gods. In the Wiki for Androgyny, it has this interesting tidbit: "In the ancient and medieval worlds, androgyny and hermaphrodites were represented in art by the caduceus, a wand of transformative power in ancient Greco-Roman mythology. The caduceus was created by Tiresias and represents his transformation into a woman by Juno in punishment for striking at mating snakes. The caduceus was later carried by Hermes/Mercury and was the basis for the astronomical symbol for the planet Mercury and the botanical sign for hermaphrodite. That sign is now sometimes used for transgender people."

    There is enough material in there to start a new blog.

    You're welcome.....I think?

    1. Believe it or not, your mention of the caduceus links to a post in another item about the dolphins in the Two of Cups Thoth tarot card. In particular the caduceus is a far more common symbol for many versions of the card than the dolphin. It recurs a lot. Swans are also fairly popular and I even found a card with mermaids and another with butterflies.

      Given this is the "love union" card, it might be one to consider from many angles, including who might seek to use it and how.

    2. Excellent fact-snack there, Bill. Freddie was not only the greatest frontman in Rock history he also had a keen sense of the transcendent.

      And of course the caduceus is the double helix and engineering an androgynous race like that of the Angels is a top priority these days.

      So there you go.

  24. Speaking of lightning & pearls, curious fact about Nikola Tesla: he hated pearls, the sight of them drove him mad--

    "Tesla could not stand the sight of pearls, to the extent that he refused to speak to women wearing them. When his secretary wore pearl jewelry, he sent her home for the day. No one knows why he had such an aversion, but Tesla had a very particular sense of style and aesthetics, Carlson said, and believed that in order to be successful, one needed to look successful. He wore white gloves to dinner every night and prided himself on being a “dapper dresser.”

    Every photograph of Tesla, he said, is very carefully constructed to capture his “good side.”


    1. Which is odd because most of the Tesla shots I've seen are full face. Thanks, Anony. May be important info.

  25. Replies
    1. Well, the Shepherd Boy now dies once a year. It's the passion of the gods.