Friday, April 27, 2018

NXIVM: Where There's Smoke...

Inversion much?

I'll never forget the day when my grandpappy and I were fishing down at the crick. The sun was going down and we were gathering up our gear and fixing to head back to the old homestead. 

Gramps suddenly got a weird glint in his eye and said, "Boy, when it comes to elite mind control cults and sex traffickin', don't you pay no never-mind to what them fancy society boys on the wireless try and tell you. Where's there's smoke, there's always hellfire."

Then he threw a bucket-full of tadpoles in the air and said "Great gosh-a-mighty! Tadpoles! It's rainin' tadpoles! The Good Lord is passin' judgment on this here Babylon! Pray for your immortal soul, boy!"*

Of course, I thought ol' Gramps was batshit crazy. But then again I hadn't heard much about NXIVM back then.

You really gotta wonder about NXIVM and what it says about the state of our society. It's in the news now but this cult's shenanigans have been known for a very, very long time. Yet, nothing was done about it until now?

As it happens, slavery, sex trafficking and money-laundering weren't the only sacraments of this little outfit. As it happens, full-tilt, balls-out MKULTRA-BLUEBIRD-MKNAOMI experiments- of an almost ludicrously-cliched nature-- were on the menu as well. From an October 2017 story:
The state of New York is examining the unusual research conducted by Dr. Brandon B. Porter, who abruptly resigned from his job at St. Peter's Hospital in Albany this week and has been associated with NXIVM for many years.  
The state Health Department initially brushed off a complaint filed in August by a Vancouver, British Columbia, woman who was associated with NXIVM and said she was traumatized from a bizarre experiment in which Porter showed her videos depicting graphic violence in August 2016. 
On Wednesday, the office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo said it was reviewing the Health Department's handling of the complaint.

The Vancouver woman, Jennifer Kobelt, 28, said the experiment she was subjected to last year — which had no apparent connection to Tourette's syndrome — took place in a small commercial building in Halfmoon that has been used for years by NXIVM for training and seminars.  
Porter drove Kobelt to the building that day, she said, hooked her up to an EEG machine that monitors brain activity and showed her terrifying images and videos of murder, rape and mutilation. 
I don't know if it's by accident or by design, but this NXIVM operation seems absolutely hellbent on confirming the most extravagantly-suspicious theories of the Truther community. I mean, bigwigs from the world of politics, business and entertainment? Check. Heiresses and European aristocrats? Check. Sex-slavery and child-rape? Check. Hideous mutilation rituals? Check. Creepy Parallax View mind-control? Check.

If it hasn't gotten to your own particular pet paranoia, just be patient. It probably will.

In case you've been living under a rock the past couple of weeks, here's a few highlights of the scandal:

Raniere claims to have been a child prodigy who achieved the 1989 Guinness World Record for “Highest IQ” and boasts of obtaining three degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York.
In reality...Raniere struggled to complete his courses and graduated with a 2.26 GPA — “having failed or barely passed many of the upper-level math and science classes he bragged about taking...” 
As early as 1984, at age 24, he manipulated a 15-year-old girl into a four-month sexual relationship, the woman, Gina Melita, told the Albany Times Union. He took her to video game arcades, where he was partial to an Atari shooter called “Vanguard” — the title he would later adopt as leader of Nxivm.
After working various gigs, including as an Amway salesman, Raniere made his first foray into multi-level marketing in 1990, with a buyers’ club called Consumers’ Buyline that soon boasted 200,000 members nationwide. 
That year, he also allegedly molested the 12-year-old daughter of a Consumers’ Buyline employee, after grooming her as her tutor, according to the victim.
 Within five years, thousands of people had bought into Raniere’s hype and taken his seminars at satellite centres across the countries, including high-profile figures like (Virgin head Richard) Branson, Black Entertainment Television co-founder Sheila Johnson, former US Surgeon General Antonia Novello and Emiliano Salinas, the son of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari.
Raniere’s twisted sexual beliefs made their way into the Nxivm curriculum, too, with “disturbing hypotheticals” that challenged “whether incest and rape are actually wrong,” prosecutors charge.
Raniere “physically assaulted at least two intimate partners” and punished one 20-something Nxivm member who developed romantic feelings for someone else by keeping her confined for 18 months, according to court documents.
And he created a spin-off “men’s movement” where women were humiliated for their inherent “weakness” by being “forced to wear fake cow udders over their breasts while people called them derogatory names,” prosecutors allege.

Many of the women say they were branded near their groins with Raniere’s initials in a filmed “ceremony,” as other slaves held them down.
“It was like a bad horror movie. We even had these surgical masks on because the smell of flesh was so strong...” 
The women were also (subjected to) torture, including sleep deprivation, ice-cold showers and extreme low-calorie diets, prosecutors say.
The Times Union piece also named a contingent of actresses, including Linda Evans, Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, and Kristin Kreuk. Grace Park, best known for roles on Hawaii Five-O and Battlestar Galactica, took part in “Keith Raniere Conversations,” a collection of “informal thoughts on civilization, ethics & humanity.” - Daily Beast
Why should we pay attention to this psycho factory? Because it has well-placed, well-heeled members and appears to be actively pursuing an entrée into political fund-raising. 
(Roger) Stone, paid by NXIVM, had funneled at least $20,000 to the state GOP; the heirs to Seagram’s fortune are devotees; and, per the Post, Richard Mays — a Clinton friend and one of Hillary’s top fund-raisers — is an “Espian” as well, having taken so-called intensive classes with Raniere.- New York Magazine, 2007

Again, all this was known- or at least suspected- for more than a decade. Why then did it take so long to shut down? 

Well, maybe for the same reason it took so long to shut down Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey and Bill Cosby. Because people in power look after their own and more often than not they're all in bed with each other, both figuratively and literally. Along with the occasional twelve year-old or two, apparently.

This operation involved people at the very tippity-top of what Gordon White calls the "fulfillment layer," the networks of business, finance and government that are essentially the major domos to the Capstone layer. Throughout recorded history these people have enjoyed not only tremendous wealth and power, but also a kind of functional impunity to pursue their darkest instincts and needs. 

They're are usually only taken down when their crimes become so egregious they can no longer be covered up or when rival factions within their own category take them down in the usual Game of Thrones-type shenanigans.

So which is it with NXIVM? Asking for a friend.

Speaking of the sick, ritualistic fantasies of the rich and infamous, Danish privatized space program pioneer Peter Madsen has been convicted for the gruesome murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall:
He argued that Madsen killed Ms Wall as part of a macabre sexual fantasy, showing the court videos found on the inventor’s computer of women being tortured, beheaded, impaled, and hanged. 
"He committed a cynical, planned murder, of a particularly brutal nature," the judge said as she read out the verdict, adding that Madsen "dismembered the body in order to hide the evidence of murder." 
Madsen, who is famous for his exploits in amateur space travel, confessed to stuffing the award-winning journalist's head, arms and legs into plastic bags, weighing them down with metal pipes before tossing them into the sea.
The prosecution also presented as evidence the fact that on the night before Wall boarded his vessel, he googled "beheaded girl agony", which Madsen tried to claim was "pure coincidence". 
On the final day of evidence, Madsen, who described himself to friends as “a psychopath but a loving one” told the court: “I'm really, really sorry for what happened." 

Do remember that the Copenhagen Little Mermaid was covered in blood-red paint at the same time Wall's headless body was discovered, leaving a little clue as to a possible ritualistic connection to this horror show. 

Consider that when reading stories such as this. The rituals have only just begun.


It's interesting to note that just as the NXIVM grift is collapsing, there's a new, lavishly-funded network of self-styled "covens" setting up shop all across the country. Life's funny like that sometimes.

The Wing, as its known, is the brainchild of two very rich men's wives (one of whom is the former girlfriend of sleaze-master Terry Richardson) and is promoting a witches' brew (pun intended) of third-wave feminism, borderline misandry, and satanic witchcraft. 

It's hard to tell if they're doing so ironically or not, but I suppose that's the point. 

They made the headlines recently when Hillary Clinton dropped in for a chat at their Manhattan coven (their term, not mine). Keep an all-seeing eye on this coven here. 

Here's a headline I'd never thought I'd have to read: a Mexican rapper dissolved the bodies of three students on behalf of the Jalisco New Generation cartel. 

The students had been kidnapped, tortured and murdered, apparently because the cartel confused them with members of a rival gang.

The Jalisco cartel has been engaged in ongoing wars with the Zetas and the Knights Templar cartel. Do note that many of these cartels are pledged to Santa Muerte, or Saint Death, and have been actively involved in all manners of occultic activities, from Santeria to flat-out Satanism, up to and including no small number of ritualistic killings.

And as we see here, the cartels are not only deeply involved in dark occultism, they're also in bed with the music industry in Mexico as well.


ABBA is reforming? It must be the Apocalypse!
Abba’s Björn Ulvaeus revealed details of the band’s forthcoming project in Brussels earlier this week. The centrepiece is the two-hour TV show co-produced by NBC and the BBC, which will see the band perform as computer-generated avatars. Ulvaeus said the band had been digitally scanned and “de-aged” to look like they did in 1979, when they performed their third and final tour. 
The avatars are then set to tour the world from next year.
By avatars they actually mean "holograms." What part of Apocalypse did you not understand, Tiger? 

Speaking of Pearls, the Duchess of Whatevershire showed over some of hers when leaving the hospital after the birth of the latest Windsor heir on Saint George's Day. Some wags compared her outfit to one Diana wore after the birth of Prince Horus-y, but a wiseguy on Facebook had a better idea...

Looks about right to me.

Speaking of Rosemary's Baby, there's a new series in the works putting a spin on the old saw. It's about a woman who becomes an insatiable cannibal after being abducted and impregnated by "otherworldly beings." Because it's 2018.

Interesting backer this project has, no?

Yesterday was Alien Day. How did you celebrate? Yeah, me neither.

Hey, Donald Trump is traveling to the UK on Friday the 13th (there's that day again). Not only that but it's during a solar eclipse. Nothing weird about that at all.

So hey, you and your coven just keep lighting those candles and casting those spells, Becky. What's the worst that could happen, right? FYI, there's a sale on temporary hair dye at Duane Reade this week. The new neon green is sick!

Yeah, I don't even know where to start. So I won't.


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* If you get any of this you're old. And weird. Welcome.