Sunday, April 29, 2018

Eros Ouranos Thanatos

Well, I have some good news, some bad news and some insanely-terrible news. Which do you want to hear first?

OK, the good news? The world is being re-paganized at an almost-unimaginably rapid pace.

The bad news? The world is being re-paganized at an almost-unimaginably rapid pace.

The insanely-terrible news? The world is being re-paganized at an almost-unimaginably rapid pace.

This is pretty much why the NXIVM cult fascinates me.  Actually there's a number of reasons. First of all, I wonder what the bust-up of it means in the grand scheme of things, and what it might be saying about the ever-shifting internecine struggles taking place in the corridors of power. 

This cult's shenanigans have been known for a very long time and discussed in major media outlets. So why drop the hammer now?

Second of all, I can't for the life of me figure why anyone found this Keith Reniere schlub so fascinating and why all these C-list starlets found him so alluring. Is he packing horsemeat in the icebox, if you get my meaning? The whole thing just boggles my mind. 

He reminds me of a not-particularly-competent youth fellowship pastor from some dreary. fading mainline church who bullshitted his way into the gig so he could diddle himself some 'tweenies. Which he basically is, come to think of it.

And you know where he got his code-name "Vanguard?" From a dopey 8-bit Atari arcade game. I mean, the cringe-force is strong with this one. Or the banality of evil.

Third, there are so many tantalizing tendrils leading into this utterly-insane constellation of themes and symbols I've been ranting about these past several months like a mental patient. I have no idea why this would be so, but I really don't have much idea about why anything is so. Not anymore. Just being honest here.

Then there's the fetid, sulphury stench of the Deep State that you seem to catch a whiff of with every door you open with this bunch of lunatics. There are so many layers here; a bullshit pyramid scheme stacked atop a sicko sex cult stacked atop an MK op. I have a feeling there are several more layers besides, maybe some we're better off not knowing about.

And for very good reason, I might add.

Then there are all the connections to the ruling class (even the Dalai Lama), the usual suspects bouncing about hither and yon (three of the cult's top directors are members of the Clinton Global Initiative), and even several unusual suspects (ostensibly, at least) like Alex Jones' drinking buddy, Roger Stone.

Keep an eye out for any anomalous movements in the news. Strange deaths, sudden retirements, etc. Set your news alerts.

And then, for our purposes, there are the weird connections to the Vancouver TV industry, not the least of which is Raniere's bananas-cute Number One, Allison Mack. That takes us into the orbit of the almighty X, whose recent and probable-final season is laden with apocalyptic portent that may take a bit of time to bubble up from the depths.

The other name you keep hearing in conjunction with Mack is Kristin Kreuk, who starred in the CW suckfest Beauty and the Beast. See what I mean? Along with the well publicized wooing of Emma "Belle" Watson we find ourselves right back in the swirling Secret Sun maelstrom of star-sync.

Anyhow, I wanted to revisit the NXIVM saga because of a few choice morsels of information a commenter left for me in the previous post. First of all is that Reniere was busted in a villa in Puerta Vallarta on Mexico's Pacific coast...

And sure enough, Puerta Vallarta is a veritable symphony of symbol, including the now-familiar seahorse icon and the swordfish, which we'll be hearing more about in the near future.

The reader in question also informed me that Puerta Vallarta is also well-known for a week-long festival for Our Lady of Guadalupe. Perhaps not surprisingly there's a cathedral for the Virgin of Guadalupe in Monterrey, where NXIVM keeps its Mexican headquarters. So me being the nice, little sync-addict I thought it might be a good time to take another look at this world-famous icon.

And lo and behold, we find ourselves back among the stars.

The Lady of Guadalupe is literally cloaked in the stars and is surrounded by an aura that reminds me quite a bit of a nebula or a supernova. And yes, I'm familiar with the other interpretations of it as well, smart-aleck.

So poking around the web I found this fascinating little diagram, that features a whole roster of our old pals, not the least of which are the Beauty and the Beast, smack-dab in the upper torso area. The Virgin's crown of stars here is Corona Borealis and the ostensible crescent the Lady stands atop is no such thing but in fact the horns of Taurus.

Makes sense to me. Mind you, I don't want to reduce this all to an dreary Astrotheological circle-jerk. I'm thinking more Theo-Astrological. I know it sounds stupid (and it probably is) but it will have to do for now.  

As an aside here, I'm really losing patience with all the Solar wankedy-wank in Astrotheology. The stars are where the real action is. Those cats back in the day knew something, something we really don't give them enough credit for. The sun stuff was for the mooks, the thugs in the Mithraist-type cults with their blood-baths and animal masks and naked Twister.

So what do you say we take a look at the Mexican national seal? C'mon, lets!

And hey, wouldn't you know it? There's our old buddy Lyra again! Small world, eh?

Oh, I hear you out there; Christ, Chris: give it a rest, will you? You're going to break your hobbyhorse's back. Plus, we all know you're only jonesing on Lyra on account of your psychotic fixation on that crazy-eyed sylph from the 80s you're always babbling about like a wet-brained hobo.

Why, you wound me, sirs and sirettes! Well, not to worry; class is now in session....

OK, there's the cover story, some blibbedy-blablabla the high-initiate Masons who founded Mexico dreamed up to keep the cowans off the scent. It's all nonsense, of course, so just put it out of your minds. You have enough to worry about.

OK, so we know with cosmic certainty that the Eagle is Lyra--specifically Vega and Mu Lyrae AKA Alathfar, AKA "the Talons of the Swooping Eagle."

So the Mexican Seal is Vega capturing the serpent, which is Draco in this case.  I still have no earthly clue why all these weirdos are so bloody fascinated by Lyra but unfortunately they never seem to take my calls down at International Star-Cultist HQ. I keep trying to leave voicemails but the mailbox is always full.

I hate to say it but I think they're avoiding me.

So what's the cactus then? Glad you asked. Thank you. 

Well, the way I see it the cactus is the Milky Way, which Lyra borders. Do note the same exact intersection we're talking about with the Mexican Seal is exactly where the Kepler telescope is focused. Don't you just love a nifty coincidence? Fun.

But Chris, you say, how do you figure a cactus for the Milky Way? I think you're reaching here. 

Well, I hear you and I want to you to understand that I value your you-ness and hope you can recognize my me-ness, but the fact that the white sap of the cactus is called "cactus milk" kind of nails down that particular parallel. For me at least. 

And do note this is all adjacent to our pal Herakles curb-stompin' on Draco's head in exactly the same fashion the woman's seed was destined to stomp on the Serpent's.

Theo-Astrology. It's new, it's now. Get in on the ground floor while you can. 

I think it's the next Bitcoin.


So the story goes that Our Lady of Guadalupe ordered a shrine built for her atop a hotbed of heathen idolatry, in this case a hill sacred to the mother-goddess Tonantzin AKA Coatlicue AKA Lady of the Serpent-Skirt.

Since this is an Aztec myth and they tend towards the gruesome, Coatlicue's head was cut off (shades of Isis and the cow's head) and replaced with two gigantic serpents.

You can arrange the accessories any way you like, but I'm thinking we're back looking at Virgo, with the many-headed Hydra acting as her serpent heads and Serpens as her serpent-skirt. I mean, there it is, plain as day.

This symbolism goes back eons, folks. And was often practiced in secret. So bear that in mind before you start getting all cultural studies on my poor, tired ass.

I was happy to discover at least one other person agreed with me here, since they reckoned Chicomecoatl-- who probably represents Virgo in a different era-- pretty much falling in with that correspondence as well.

What's more, the business of Coatlicue being the Mother of the Sun, Moon and Stars kind of places her in the heavens and not in some dreary, crypto-Wiccan, eco-babble flibbedy-wibble. In fact, it very much reminds us of our old pal Revelation 12:1-2, AKA 9/23 AKA Beauty and the Beast. 

AKA the Cocteau Twins.

OK, OK, you've made a good case, I hear you yelling. But who really cares about all this dumbass ancient history? What does any of this have to do with what's going on today?  

Well, let's start with the really important stuff, the stuff that matters in the here and now.

And as the gods will it, Our Lady, Queen-Dowager of Sibyls, actually wrote a song in honor of Coatlicue called "Serpentskirt." 

And as you'd expect, it was included on Milk and Kisses, the final Cocteau Twins album on which Our Lady offered up her love and her "thousandfold rose" to her very own shepherd-boy consort, Scott Jeffrey Moorhead.

I should say Our Lady titled a song in honor of Coatlicue, since I haven't a clue what she's singing about and as usual the lyrics you see online are a total and complete farce.

As it happens, "Serpentskirt" was actually written for Faye Wong, one of several numbers the Cocteaux collaborated with the Chinese superstar on. The Cocteaux didn't seem to know what to do with the tune (it's not one of Our Lady's more scintillating melodies), but Wong and her crew got a lot more mileage of it in a tasty, Tangerine Dreamy arrangement of it.

Faye Wong may not be well-known here but her appearance on this year's Spring Festival telecast (the Chinese New Year celebration called China's Super Bowl) apparently garnered a mind-boggling audience of 700 million. She's apparently also the top-selling Cantonese-language vocalist ever.

More importantly, Wong is an orthodox Fraserfarian. She even belted out a impressive power-ballad version of Our Lady's post-breakup bunny-boiler "Rilkean Heart" on her 2011 comeback tour. 

Speaking of orthodox, I don't know if this is heretical but it's a nice mural of Coatlicue-Tonantzin as a Siren. Which actually fits beautifully in with our ongoing exegesis. 

But back to the cult business, I should mention that Milk and Kisses and "Serpentskirt" were released on March 15, 1996, back when everything was awesome and we had no idea how fucking terrible the 21st Century was going to turn out to be.

Sheerly-coincidentally, March 15th was the date Les Temoins debuted on French TV. 

That's March 15 as in 3/15 as in Genesis 3:15, for those of you playing along at home. Getting the picture yet or do you need a little more never-endingness? 'Cause I got plenty to go around.

Les Temoins not only deals with a creepy sex-cult that kidnaps and enslaves women, it also features the now-famous "Wall of Frase," the sex-dungeon plastered with icons of Our Lady of Grangemouth and her Unmercenary Musicians.

Further mining the cultic vein, a number of commenters weighed in with the factoid that Our Lady adds her celestial pipes to "Heaven's Gate," on Echo and the Bunnymen lead singer Ian MacCulloch's 1992 solo album Mysterio (released 3/17). 

And because "Hallelujah," MacCulloch also covers Leonard Cohen's "Lover, Lover, Lover" off Cohen's 1974 album New Skin for the Old Ceremony, whose cover art depicts the ol' Hieros Gamos straight out of the Mutus Liber (speaking of 3/17).

So I'm thinking maybe we can add the Heaven's Gate Away Team vehicle-leaving routine to the roster of Our Lady's growing list of inadvertent death-auguries, at least by association. Sibyls are the bridges between the worlds of the living and the dead, after all.

Listen, I'm sorry, OK? The world we once knew is OVER. It's not my fault. The Sibyl of our age has walked among us and now it's our job to sort through her divinations.

Stop being such a fucking wuss and deal with it. 


So yeah, this NXIVM thing. It's the tip of a very big and very bad iceberg by my reckoning. All the pieces are in place here. And there are going to be more. Postmodern culture might expect people to be atomized consumers adrift in a meaningless sea of isolation but we don't simply work that way. Sorry, Georgie-poo.

I don't care what your favorite pink-haired millionaire Maoist tells you, we are not social animals, we are tribal animals. This is why socialism always fails, from a Warsaw Bloc kakistocracy all the way down to your local vegan co-op. I mean, it's a nice dream but dreams have an irritating habit of failing to translate in meatspace.

This is why Globalism is not only destined to go ass over tea kettle, it could well take human civilization down with it. The fundamental premise is not only flawed, it's stupid.

That looks healthy.

Paganism and tribalism aren't social constructions, they're default settings. 

Anyone who thinks otherwise-- even for a second-- is spending too much time on Twitter. And untrammeled hedonism has a terrible habit of leading people to some very dark corners, because Dionysus is a sick, straight-up motherfucker and Eros is almost as bad. They need to be kept on a short leash.

No one ever starts out thinking, "hey, raping and torturing a five year-old from Guatemala sounds like a bloody capital idea." Well, almost no one, there's always your Ted Bundys and your Jeffrey Dahmers. But the data is in, folks. 

I mean, no one wants to be a stuck in the mud and a schoolmarm and a fuddy-duddy, but the unfettered pursuit of gratification--fueled by jet-black symbolism-- can walk some folks, step-by-babystep, into the waiting arms of atrocity.

Case in point: we've talked about this before, how these vulnerable children seem to "slip through the cracks" and end up in Hell on Earth, but it just doesn't seem to quit. What happens to these kids once they fall off the radar? 

 Any questions?

And of course, the epidemic of violence in Latin American countries is only making things worse. Gang-rule and official corruption, supercharged by the growing popularity of very, very dark occultism, are kicking up fresh clouds of abject horror in their wake. 

You see, I realize our popular mythology likes to paint all those sad and tired old papists as unrelieved Torquemadas, but there are actually very good reasons authorities have brought the boot down on the Left-Hand Path over the past several millennia or so, even way, way back in the pre-Christian era (believe me, the Romans had zero patience for witchcraft or magic). 

As satisfying and deliciously consequence-free it may be to paint pictures of innocent wise-women and blameless heathens victimized by big-meanie Christians, it's almost mind-numbingly ignorant of history and the very nature of paganism and witchcraft. 

At its core, real paganism is about blood sacrifice-- often human sacrifice in the case of the Celts and the Vikings et al. Even the touchy-feely mystery cults charged punters a lamb or a piglet at the gate as the price of admission. Not throwing shade, just natural facts.

You simply can't be a witch and a vegan, I'm sorry to say. Witchcraft is the art of taking life as currency for horsetrading with spirits. You think all those jokes about "wing of bat and eye of newt" have no basis in reality? Think again.

And I'm not saying the other guys have unsoiled garments either. Hey, it's a brutal, fallen, irredeemable world. But there's also a reason the early Church fathers devised this whole idea of Christ as the ultimate sacrifice. It was to stop people from killing stuff for their religion. It ended up being kind of like shoveling against the tide, but sometimes you gotta try anyway.

I don't want to add insult to injury here, but maybe--just maybe-- this hideous murder epidemic in Mexico has something to do with this whole, y'know, Death worship business. Plus, the Satanic stuff.  Just putting that out there on the table. Like a fruit display that no one ever eats.

And come to think of it, Santa Muerte is not entirely unlike Coatlicue, is she? The old snakehead didn't buy that necklace of human body parts at her local SS Kresge's, right? She was known to devour everything in her path, after all. 

Sure, I suppose there was a proper goddess of death back in the Aztec days, but as far as I can tell she didn't seem nearly as badass as old Serpentskirt. And it seems that other folks have picked up on the parallels, too. 

Now, I'm crazy and all but I can't help but have noticed that when you go knocking on the dark gods' doors, they're usually more than happy to let you in. Yeah, they might seem hospitable and accommodating at first. But that's only until you wander into the pantry and see your name atop the grocery list. In the meat section.

I'm not going to pretend that anyone down there gives a single fleck of shit what I think but maybe some of all y'all can keep that in mind when traveling through the aisles of the spiritual supermarket. There's a lot of spoiled produce on the shelves these days, if you get my meaning.  

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that symbols have meaning. They're not toys. They're incredibly powerful tools and incredibly potent weapons. You can be as psychological or as magical as you want to be on the subject. It works the same way, regardless.

What I'm ultimately trying to do with this blog is point all this out because they're are way too many people fucking around with way too many symbols and I'm very much afraid it's not going anywhere good. I keep feeling like it's October 1967 and I'm hearing the rivets creak on the Silver Bridge. 

Hey, I get it; I'm nobody and nobody gives a shit what I think or say, but when it all goes tits-up at least my conscience will be more or less clearish. It's a terrible thing, I know, but the sad fact is I just want everyone to be happy and want everything to work out OK.


  1. I had a pagan phase for a while. I decided to worship the Greek god of dreams Morpheus. I got in my head that if i practiced lucid dreaming i could find him in my dreams and talk to him. I thought that was way more cooler than praying to Yahweh or whatever. One night i did have a lucid dream and i was in my house and walked outside in the dream and as i walked down the street i was torn apart by a gang of rabid dogs and then i woke up. I have not had a dream since. Not one. It was years ago. I used to dream all the time. And now i cant remember any of them.

    I agree that Reniere comes off as kind of a meh guy, not like Charles manson or something. You see manson speak and you know why sort of dumber people might fall for it.

    There is something about south america. I read this article once and the guy writing it called south america a place that was sort of like an occult testing ground. Its filled with so many different type of occultism and magik. Native, European, african, Asian (there are a lot of Japanese people in Brazil), the catholic religious traditions.
    Not to mention the first place the nazis escaped to after ww2 was south america.

    The border would be a perfect place to kidnap a human being. A desperate person with no documentation wandering the desert. If they have any family they will just assume they died on the way to america. I imagine some fucked up shit goes down on the trip between borders.

    On a completely very different note, anyone been paying attention to kanye? He is currently trying to do chaos magik to make america less polarized.

    1. My experience with Morpheus was blessedly different. Perhaps you didn't approach in a preferred manner? Perhaps see a life regression therapist, or try some pathworking to ameliorate that. Dreams matter, and as Gordon White notes in The Chaos Protocols, there IS a war on dreaming.

      Speaking of, he had his students (GW) read 'A War of Witches'; it ties in perfectly in a complimentary way with the Vice documentary above.

      I hope you get your dreams back, Kim. God bless.

  2. wow and love. I am solidly with you and thank you for your clarity and gallows humor.

  3. your thoughts and friendship through this magic sparkle communication system has been a boon and a lifeline through the years,and a true link to like minded friends.

    1. I mention this because I just tweeted (just the right amount of time on Twitter) to Chris of the third in the tripartite of Our Lady, Faye Wong, and Dolores O'Riordan...

      and here's your name/homonym in these comments after I have done so. Hm!

      God bless!

    2. 'Delores'... the name of the main character in the 'Westworld' tv series, the 'Westworld' construct being one of the parks created by the 'Delos' company, your bloggername reminded me of what may simply be a possible play on names, whether It has any deeper connotation in the unveiling scheme of things I cannot say, but 'Westworld' is all about robots brought into existence to serve & sate the basest desires of human beings, 'bots that repeatedly get reprogrammed to wipe them of any memory of the abuses they're subject to. Also a symbol of a maze - in one instance an actual brand as in that made by a branding iron, is a pivitol aspect of the first series & the maze = a 'theory of creating consciousness'.

  4. A masterpiece, Herr Doktor Secret Thanos, well timed for Cinco de Mao, methinks. You're almost ready to be granted Eagle level clearance, but you'd probably find it mightily un-Strange, in a been there, done that, heard it all way.

    The Movie of the Week of End Times had interesting references to everything from falling eagles/Thunder, 9/11 Towers that channel star energy, and the deepest secrets of the Sepiroth, also a good amount of sacrificial lambs and violent Sirens, looking forward to your exegesis once you're back from your Mexican't vacay

    1. After reading about the new 'Wing' (note that it's one) I was struck by the Final Fantasy VII (not VIII) song *more music connexions here* 'One-Winged Angel' - about a character named Sephiroth.

      One wing - wouldn't that keep you 'flying in circles'? (cults are insular/circular/tribal, and they tend to keep their members stuck in cycles)...

      Reminds me of 'The Pace of Yu' which can be witnesses symbolically in the 'Blackstar' video by the late great Hero (for all of our days), David Bowie.

    2. Yes,the End is Here? The 21st Century? How did it all go so wrong...NWO Satanic Elite and their support system of fluoridated tv Subhuman masses aka batteries of Globalist agenda hi-tech gmo socialism
      / communism are promoted by skull and bones / Freemason false-World Leaders.Lest We Forget...N30 and the secret aftermath : Wtc pre-911 ritual murder of the true man.

    3. The number of wings that angels have is symbolic since the characters they used doubled up as numbers. When they say that the Metatron has 36 pairs of wings it is not literal but because he has a very high angelic scrabble score. You could probably say that the "wings" should be visualised as geometric shapes rather than animal wings. A one winged angel would have a sphere, 4 (cherubim) a tetrahedron, 6 (seraphim) a cube.

  5. Other stories bring forth the physical Universe with a “word,” and not a word in the current usage, but one that rang out, established a vibrational basis, one would have to suppose, a “word” that on top of which all “emanations” would play, yes, even those “emanations” that make up you and me. herb liked this idea, because it had an ontology, some basis, however tenuous, that is all you need, to develop an ontology of how it is all built. Akasa was also an ancient name, the stuff from which everything came, a Pleroma of the Gnostics, pagans and mystics, and also an aether to some. herb surmised whether it be a word, a Pleroma, or many layers of astral realms, there was some connections that allowed a human (and you k-now who you are) to connect to it all, both Forward and backward in time, or if one choose, these allowed connections could be used for the proverbial nOw. If each one and all ‘things” used little K-nots of ‘light,’ to represent the divine emanations that, frankly, encompass each individuals plight, then what choice does one have when they ponder individually, how to continue correctly in this “land of shadows,” or better yet, how can wo/man sea light And life?


    so then in this “land of shadows” that is the physical realm, do we have an overlord, or a (set of) benevolent god(s)? is it possible that a demiurge has control of each and every thought? or are you individually an immortal soul? are we each part of a greater thing? or are we just meat, that when it quits functioning, will begin to smell?

    1. Those, like Fraser (& her avatars obvious & obfuscated), choosing/chosen to hold the note as resonators of the divine 'Word', end up as broken vessels, "We're all made of stars"/"We are stardust..." maybe but the micro cannot contain the macro, not even via the kind of quantum foam spooky action at a distance timey-wimey relative dimensions in space Working experienced via the alchemy of that captured for posteity in a recording studio, at least the number's crunched don't add up (at least as of yet) judging by the bodies left in the wake.

      As for stinking meat, there's life that feasts on that.


  7. Chris, you're the King of Fraseology. Peeps better recognise. I know folks are all tweaked out from all the topsy-turvy inversion being pushed by the archonic powers that be, and can't distinguish good from evil anymore. So let's keep shit simple. Sex-trafficking, child-abusing, mind-contolling elite cultists = Evil. Family, community, friendship and a genuine connection to God = Good. I know, it's easy to get lost in all the buzzword bullshit, but as a general rule it's wise to assume that those at the very top of society are so much sicker and breathtakingly evil than us regular disposable folk could ever imagine. While we slice each other to ribbons here on the ground, lost in fake identity politics and Twitter meltdowns, the real bad guys keep praying on the young, old, weak and marginalized. Scary stuff. And as we move into the next few years even attempting to be genuinely noble and truthful and aware will get you all kinds of fucked up, and/or dead. I hope folks realize just how dangerous and frightening being your brother's keeper can be in a world run by straight up monsters and demons. Frightening, but necessary.

    1. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

      In other words, to corrupt those more powerful, requires more powerful means of corruption.

      However, there is the ultimate power, that while unhesitatingly corrupting those below it, is beyond its own corruption. It simply has its great mission - a mission so dreadful that it exceeds all other considerations, that warrants all and any measures, however noble or base, however apparently good or evil.

      So, while you may have assumptions, or even rumours of breathtaking evil, if such evil occurs, it is not so much evil in pursuit of evil, but measures to corrupt and control those to thereby be corrupted and controlled.

      So, the monsters and demons may (understandably) believe themselves to be monstrous and demonic, but ultimately they are merely puppets of their great deceivers.

      Victims are, as ever, merely collateral damage.

      We are all expendable.

    2. this talking spell discourse business is so hard and dangerous, we do it so poorly. What kind of a front row seat is this place? I am glad to know you are seeing something on the edge of comprehensible too. you share. I give a vibe out to you that is in your casa my friend.

    All this mermaid shite really

  9. Very much worth a look for those interested in this sort of thing:

  10. Burning man founder Larry Harvey dead at seventy. Bonus secretsun scrabble sync; his Mom’s name was Ka-Hathor (Katherine) Langford

  11. Hey, this is the first time I'm first...I can answer a few questions, the rest is speculation and theory. I'm from the neck of the woods where ye olde X-files, or as I likes to call 'em, Ex-Files and other shows are bred. Having worked in the industry a tad, mind you as an extra, having had associations with people in the industry, I can tell you - most of them are wack jobs. Comes with the high stress, funky financing, coastal living (for various reasons, certain coastal areas make for weird people) and hiring the unhireable creative type in anything goes workplaces...well, you know. On a film called Mystery Date, I observed one of the three directors pawing the starlet all night long.

    The rest, speculation. I don't have your knowledge base, but the way I figure it, the main reason for mega-rituals is to achieve and to get. To achieve a goal, and to get something. What that is -I dunno. Sure and it might be the usual power thing, but it could also be to bring about an apocalypse, or have protection from an apocalypse, or just to get laid. There's also good arguments for indulging in twisted baser instincts and "well just everybody's doing it."

    What bugs me is the primitivism of the whole thing. What, we got all technological and socially advanced, and these bastards are still running the show? Anyways, my other theory is that there's an element of the CIA behind this. I feel that what happened is that roundabout the time they were fooling around with mind control, ritual, dark forces, they were also dosing themselves, along with unsuspecting others, with that there LSD. They took a weird wrong turn through Chapel Perilous and came out reborn in a twisted and bad bad way. And now we're here.

    As for The Secret of NXVM, Nimh or what have you, it has a bit of a 'throw 'em under the bus' feel to it. Kinda like the Trump thing -nothing more than one group making power moves on another. Of course, one flaw in my wild speculation: who or what might be throwing them under the bus?

    Well, there you go, I came full circle around to answering not one Damned Thing. But hey, I had a few moments of fun writing this, so there's that. Happy to have obfuscated and obscured all your questions in a lovely pile of muck.

    1. good read and I agree, why did those powers bother to get all wired up and all and just take a giant poop with their so called smarts and try to distroy knowledge of the past religiously? I'm disgusted.

    2. Coastal zones are liminal spaces where Elementals clash - immovable object/unstoppable force, this kind of energy invigorates, but as with any excitment, or 'derangement of the senses', too much taken will make the humours of a soul puked up about the place, perhaps sick is how sirens like the meat they prefer to drag below.

    3. Your Mystery Date story reminds me of someone who told me about being an extra on some B-grade Tony Danza movie. Apparently one of the "extras" was his designated ho. Given the shady nature of Hollywood accounting, no doubt sexual services can be obtained all kinds of ways. They guys doing the pawing look kinda lame for not having it figured out sooner/better. No doubt some ego must be involved as Weinstein and his type seem to crave Grade A meat when a hair less can be had everywhere, practically free.

  12. I'm one of those people who isn't very nostalgic for the recent past. As someone who considers themselves a truth-seeker I find the current time period quite amazing because unlike the 90's I now know I am not alone in my world-view.

    Since we've been living in an occultist dream all along why is it now so obvious? Is it because they don't care and they're "winning"? Or is it because we're waking up from a spell?

    1. The few are 'waking up', because they're being woken up - deliberately/selectively (apocalypse means disclosure of knowledge or revelation).

      Most fans of the esoteric have assumed this disclosure is to all - it is, but only the few, sufficiently percipient can as yet 'enjoy' it.

      The secret sun has been the key thing that has been occulted for so long, and when you understand why the secret sun has been occulted, then you understand why the apocalypse is now - why the eschaton is immanent.

      The zombie apocalypse is when even the non-percipient (the 99%) are woken up, forced to shift their paradigm, to realise doomsday has dawned.

      The 'spell' is simply indoctrination. "Hey, we're clever - we know that the Sun doesn't go round the Earth, but vice versa". Yup, Heliocentricity is the paradigm of the unshifted. Barycentricity is the dreadful paradigm of the occult.

      Shift today, or zombie tomorrow.

    2. Agree.The World (and our golden Sun) already Ended many years ago or is hidden. Wherever the hell we are now, with it's pale sun and the 99% of the mindless and possibly soulless Evil American people who are ready to go full Walking Dead when triggered.This place is what it is and things can only get worse here. Have recently researched USA people witnessing strange animal behavior including their own pets that no longer want to go outside and livestock / wildlife trying to come inside their house. (there are a bunch of recent videos on YouTube) Others reported no insects and birds missing or chirping / singing at night.Similar odd behavior was recorded before the New Madrid's MegaQuake in 1800s. Either a huge earthquake or Planet X is coming or the hopefully complete annihilation of this Universe and end of this hellish dark cabal vampire ruled nightmare.For those of us on the groundhog day train,all i can say is...Wow! what a strange, painfully stupid and boring time in this place. This is a final warning to those in the know that something will happen very soon.One way or the other,this demon haunted World must end.

  13. Re-posted from my blog, for greater perspective:

    A classic story from Hinduism:

    Lord Shiva and his Shakti, the goddess Parvati, are enjoying each other's company. She asks him which of her avatars he prefers, certain he will say it is her present form as Parvati, the most virtuous and peaceful of all mothers. But no! He says he prefers her as Kali, the bloodthirsty black goddess of death, for he prefers her in her most insanely chaotic form, when she tramples all over him and his creation.

    Now, remember, Lord Shiva was originally Lord Pashupati of the more ancient Vedic Civilization, "lord of the animals" with legs crossed and gigantic horns on his head, in other words, the Cernunnos of the Celtic people and the Great God Pan of the Ancient Greeks.

    Having bled out and been reduced to nothing more than a cold piece of meat for six hours nearly seven years ago, I now KNOW who the Creator of the Universe happens to be up at Chokmah, among the stars and beyond the stars. So let's reinterpret the story above:

    The Great God Pan and his Shekinah, the Virgin Mary, are enjoying each other's company. She asks him which of her avatars he prefers, certain he will say it is her present form as the Virgin Mary, the most virtuous and peaceful of all mothers. But no! He says he prefers her as Babylon the Great, the bloodthirsty, filthy whore of Revelations, for he prefers her in her most insanely chaotic form, when she tramples all over him and his creation.

    Our creator the Great God Pan is the ultimate rock star among the gods, after all. He drinks, plays terrible music really loud, and he loves his whores. The Apocalypse is just the latest story he's telling to keep himself entertained.

    1. You only know they tell you and the re-post is as meaningless as it was the first time.Who,What,Why?

    2. In the 1980's indy publishing houses and occult publishes began to print modern grimiores. One such book is called, "Rainbows Falling on My Head (The Magic of the Great God Pan)" by Al G Manning.

      "Rainbows Falling on My Head" shows the MTV/Post-Punk Zeitgeist upon occult publishing world that expanded beyond the typical Catholic glass darkly of traditional Western grimiores.

  14. Funny about swordfish. An old Malay legend describes the island of Singapore under attack by swordfish. A young boy devised a clever plan to keep them off by fencing away the town harbor using bamboo poles. (Today, Singapore's business district is located in Tanjong Pagar, which literally means "a fenced-off harbor".) The boy's genius provoked jealousy among government ministers, who had him summarily executed. (For the record, the Malay world hasn't changed a bit since those days. People are still more likely to get punished for good deeds than bad ones.) And that's what swordfish came to symbolize: If you're not smart enough to hide your smarts, chances are you'll get whacked!

  15. Earth, or: How I learned to stop worrying and love genocidal xenophobia

    Arjuana: "Yo I'm not really sure I want to kill those dudes. They're like, my cousins and uncles and shit."
    Krishna: "You gotta do what you gotta do mang."

  16. How's this for a coincidence? After reading this post I resumed reading the short story by the great Canadian horror/weird fiction writer Gemma Files I had put down last night. I picked up the story at this paragraph:

    'Certain principles run 'cross all cultures [...] Our Lady of the 'Upside-Down is one of these, queen of the primal Ds: Death, Despair, Darkness, Decay. In old Sumer, they called her Ereshkigal [...] 'round Mexico way she's La Flaca, the Skinny One - Santa Muerte, Beautiful Death, patroness of assassins and thieves.'

    Note the story, 'Black Bush' was first published in 2011.

  17. Horror vacui i.e. Nature abhors a Vacuum so one call only imagine a just as twisted of ever more twisted death-cult taking NXIVM cult's place.

    As for the explanation of the possible obsession with Lyra? Well since we are way outside the realm of lineal thought then let's just deep dive down the rabbit hole.

    Hey Lyra is a lyre or harp right? A musical instrument but one of particular importance to a mythic figure namely Orpheus.

    If I recall correct he belted out tunes while strumming his lyre too. Orpheus is summarily torn apart by women in divine madness then Orpheus dies going into the underworld.

    He tried to rescue his wife that died. If one want to get Jungian Orpheus was trying to find his anima.

    Well Orpheus ordeal is pretty much shamanic initiation encoded into his myth. Dismemberment by wild women or ferocious female spirits descent into the underworld and rebirth or resurrection.

    In fact that Lyra harp also having wings like a hawk would represent shamanic flight or astral projection or lucid dreaming. Hence how Orpheus actually visited the underworld and returned.

    Perhaps those women were actually priestess of a mystery cult that gave Orpheus their witches brew and opened his head to the great beyond.

    In fact the Lyra constellation is said to be Orpheus' Harp or Lyre. That sort of ties in to the Death-cult themes and pagan rites such as Dionysus Mysteries and Eleusinian mysteries that seem to be bursting through the collective consciousness back into our "civilized times".

    1. 'Nature abhors a Vacuum'

      Repitition Reinforces Ritual

      (& alliteration is 'modeled after obliterātiō obliteration')

      What better 'initiation' than one that never ends, or at least lasts long enough to wring out every last 'frazzledrip' drop of adrenachrome.

      "Don't look back"/"Don't Look Now" or the spell is broken & death is assured resulting in all the accruing energies being dashed to oblivion.

  18. Speaking of women recruiting for "divine purposes" well it's a anniversary of sorts for Joan 'd Arc; "On this day in 1429: Joan of Arc wins her first military victory as she outwits the English besiegers of Orléans"

    "One of the main figures in the renewal of French fortunes was Joan of Arc. Although she was only on the public stage for 11 months before her capture, she won two important victories that imprinted themselves on the collective consciousness of the age."

    You know if Allison Mack was a brunette and had a bowl cut she could be a doppelganger for Joan of Arc.

    1. Jeanne d'Arc doesn't represent a typical witch because she was strongly motivated by wanting to take a traditional male role in society. Taking advantage of a the desire for a different approach in a war that wasn't going anywhere. It could be said that her personal revelation was somewhat convenient in that it allowed her to bypass certain religious laws against cross dressing.

      Here is a piece about the status of the seer in what remains of the pre-Christian Norse stories.

      The Vǫlva (Norse Seeress) and Seiðr

      A lot of talk about dead animals and strict gender roles. So not vegan friendly practices or progressive feminism. And those stories about witches and cats? Yeah well, I hope you like eating cat's hearts and wearing the skin of dead cats as gloves. Maybe make a cute new age cat video out of it. You won't believe these ancient Cat magic tips and techniques! Meow meow!

      The Norse also famously practiced human sacrifice at times but that goes without saying.

    2. Lamb, Bison, Duck, Goose is about as far as I go for exotic cuisine.

      Cat meat I don't remotely believe I'm ready for that exotic meat. However, I do applaud in those heathen witches making full use of cat and not just simply using it for decoration.

      In that spirit I detest "big game hunters" that kill just for sport. I'm not impressed by someone shooting an animal down at so many yards with a riffle. Especially just to take it's head as a trophy.

      Now if someone was insane enough to take on a big game animal face to face with a hunting knife or spear that would be something to boast about.

      However, people that hunt to feed their family I have no issues with. At least hunting to animals for sustenance isn't just senseless slaughter for some perverse jollies.

  19. Tribalism as the way out? Didn't witchcraft and sorcery arise in tribal groups? Then came Babylon and all the murderous gods, then the maximum monsters, the one God of the monotheis... So from the frying pan to the fire. As the old joke goes "unga unga or death?" Either way we lose. About Santa Muerte, that cult only became huge after some four decades of rising violence. Some narcos took it from an old and very marginal cult in order to gain and edge over rivals. Little did they knew it would spread like wildfire. For true weirdness try The Templar cartel, a narco army who pattern themselves after the Catholic / sodomite knights. And they are pretty serious about it, for them it is not just a fancy name- they have elaborate rituals and command structure, the works. So it goes.

    1. Anon 3:04
      Great post.
      Babylon was modeled after Atlantis.
      The 'dark gods'.
      Back then the dark priesthood ruled the roost; sound like the RCC??
      Death by 'bunga bunga', or sodomistic rape creates a literal feast for these dark gods; why do you think we see so much butt sex in the media?
      As I have stated before on this blog 'ritual sodomy' is used to activate kundalini; the serpent fire energy coiled at the base of the first chakra.
      Activated it coils upward to activate the 'third EYE'.
      Santa Muerte finds it's roots in the Aztec culture.
      There were gods/goddesses of death, but also life there.
      Once again this is CHOICE!

  20. According to this modern day Mexican Aztec shaman, the year 2021 is the beginning of a new psychic/dreamtime age after 6000 years of sun based materialism/rationality. Could explain the some of the increasingly paganised weirdness going on.

    1. That guy is a shaman or a comedian? 6000 years of rationality? Ha! Ask those killed by the Aztecs or the Aztecs killed by the Spaniards and so on about that called rationality. The world has been about might makes right since Babylon.

    2. Your last sentence states your point.
      Might and right are oppositional.

  21. I haven't read the comments at all so it might be a "off topic;" But my wife saw these on her instagram feed and I thought you might appreciate them. The mermaid is everywhere.

    Mermaid mix drink - tagline: "fallow your siren"

    Mermaid collection from Tart.

    1. I watched the 1997 pilot for the Just Shoot Me sitcom. It mentioned a mermaid costume, babies hatching from eggshells and other secret-sun stuff. Clearly this has been pushed for a while, and with great persistence

    2. In a way that doesn't surprise me. The SNL connection mentioned in the previous post was tied to that show. SNL has had a very hidden role in a great deal of our culture through the many cast movies and TV shows (Just Shoot Me being one of them). It's beginning to seem quite intentional.

    3. Yes absolutely.
      The sheep being led to the slaughter.
      Currency for the dark elite.
      Food for their masters.

  22. Is it just me or does anyone else read NXIVM, as Nexium, (the "Purple Pill" for gastric ulcers)?

    Their shared homonym root from Latin, nexus, meaning a connection or series of connections; or a binding together. Like synchronicity and coincidence; or like fascism.

    The Lyra connection explains so much. Thanks. Syncra

  23. This is kind of out of left field, but did you pay any mind to the event Boa Drum 77 performance, where they enlisted the skin slapping abilities of
    77 drummers, on 7/7/07, 7th street at 7:00p.m.??

  24. March 15 is Ides of March

  25. NXIVM looks weird in terms of spelling. It almost seems like there's Roman numerals in there.
    N - XIV - M or N-14-1000. No idea though what that would mean.

    1. It is probably a reference to the roman practise of nexum

    2. Thanks, Anon 1057 that's it! Syncra

  26. So several asteroids are supposed to brush by earth today.

  27. As someone who has lived through a few decades - It seems the weirdness changes gears every ten years or so...the 70's were horrible, the '80's were, well, rather pastel, and the 90's were somewhat like Rome in it's last days...actually, most of those eras were. But the 90's had a particular and peculiar technowizard vibe going on, where politics, occultism, conspiracy and so on were hitting a bit of a fever pitch.

    Don't know if it's a sync, but I recall Research Magazine, a sort of experimental book/magazine intellectual blend of mostly bullshit running an entire issue devoted to the then new tribalism - body modification. Well, that seems more like a connection than anything. Or a memory.

    As far as decrying the current age, I recall reading some snippets of essays by some ancient Greek philosopher fellas bemoaning the decay of civilization (for all I know they were bitching about how stale and tacky the orgies and sacrifices had become)and the current listlessness of the youth...current a few thousand years ago.

    So yeah, being wary of the new cycle, the new century (999 AD admissions to what were then asylums had increased, as had visions and paranoia, due to people being rather afraid that Christ was due any day now and that was it for the human race.)seems to be a repeat performance...which is my lovely way of saying "Don't worry, we've been on a real weird slide towards self-destruction for quite some time now, we'll likely get it right some day.

    And that, of course, is quite cheerful, no?

    1. Re/Search published all kinds of books, some were mediocre, some are still essential. The J.G. Ballard volume is among the finest overviews of a writer's work ever published. About the 80s what I remember most clearly is that it was the moment were things split up definitely between mainstream consensus reality and what ,for lack of a better word I would call alternative views. After Reagan and Thatcher it became very difficult to believe that anything coming from the mainstream could ever be of good for anyone but to those running the show. Oh, and Re/Search Incredible Strange Films book is quite funny and informative, a book I still consult after 30 years. Can't say the same about most books they made me read in film school.

  28. I do think that the Mexican Day of the Dead tradition, and similar pagan-remnant traditions, help to build a more healthy social image of death as opposed to the dour, scary, clinical Puritan view of death that permeates the US...I think this Puritan view of death walks hand in hand with the absolute ease with which death occurs in films and TV..."Death Culture" indeed...
    Interesting to see Salinas' name pop up. I lived in Mexico City during the Salinas administration (1988 to 94) and well, they have "survived" but if you want political chaos, try wrenching control from the ruling party of a one-party (the PRI) dictatorship that has had 60 some years to entrench itself. Assassinations of a presidential candidate (of the PRI), an archbishop (mistaken for a drug lord?!), and a leader of the PRI...Who was charged with this last one? Oh, just President Salinas' brother:
    "In February 1995, Raúl Salinas was arrested and charged with masterminding the murder of José Francisco Ruiz Massieu, the deputy leader of the PRI ruling party. Salinas was the former brother-in-law of Ruiz Massieu, who had been married to Raúl's sister Adriana." (Wikipedia)

    And Salinas' other brother?

    Carlos Salinas himself was Harvard grad (Kennedy School Phd) and oversaw NAFTA, which most probably don't know,but it resulted economic havoc in Mexico originally, causing the peso to lose half its value...conveniently just as Salinas was leaving office.

    1. 'Death' marks only the door thru which the soul shall pass.
      Forever until ETERNITY.
      'Creation' born anew.
      I wrote this when my best friend commited suicide.
      He was like my brother.
      SORRY!!, HUMAN 'weakness' here!!
      Perhaps we should look at 'death' from another perspective here.
      I LIVE and then I fucking DIE!
      This happens regardless of outside 'intent'.
      It is the CYCLE that exists here.
      The 'Secretsun' will, once again allow the 'rinsing' of the bi-cyclical great 'year' in our immediate 'future'.
      NOT sure what the fuck that means, but I am looking at it nonetheless.
      Honestly to me personally this is FOLLY!!
      But that is just ME!
      Our 'species' deserves a chance.

  29. Cannot thank you enough for turning me onto The Cocteu Twins music! Always heard of them, dipping said toe in their waters most amazing! On a serious John Keel binge at moment, his tappings into the trappings more relevant with each passing. Honestly asked an ex if she was ever involved in this N-cult, considering her Army brat background and insatiable sex drive at 52. She also being from proximity of Montauk, and active vegan/surfer. Just cannot fathom life bending the rules for/at you when you begin studying the rabbit hole the world has surely fallen in!

  30. Careful what you summon. Sometimes it turns on you. Thats for sure. Ive seen this in action with a few people over the years. And ive played cleanup once or twice.

    Heres an interesting and 100% true account. No exaggerations, just the cold facts. I was at a bbq a few years back. This guy showed up - was a nee aquaintence of someone there... So this guy busts out a santa muerte candle from his backpack. He puts on the carport floor, makes a kind of circle around it and lights it. He lets it burn for a while and im just eyeballing it thinking that dude, that seems like a bad idea. Wtf are you doing? He lets it burn for a while and I want it out, but like hell if im touching that thing while ita active. After a bit dude comes back around and seems to accidentally kick it over. It broke the candle and it went out. Im thinking damn this is really not going to be good. So, find out this guy dies randomly 2 days later. No bs.

    1. Don't you just love when Dungeons & Dragons hobbyists meets the Occultism/Paganism? People hear about a particular veneration of a spirit or practice of a spiritual system and decide hey that sounds cool let join too.

      Despite that individual having no ancestral connection with that spiritual paradigm in question. Hey the internet is open to all so it goes without saying Spiritual Traditions must be as well.

      Ethnic politically correct blah blah blah and Xenophobia be damned. The West for centuries has conquered nonwhite people's so their very spiritual practices are just as ripe for looting right?

  31. The Salinas brothers. Who used to bury their victims in the backyard. Carlos Salinas wife was once arrested trying to leave Switzerland with shopping bags full of millions of dollars from their stash. Pocket money 💰. Pobre Mexico, tan lejos de Dios y tan cerca de Estados Unidos.

    1. Yes, and Raul was done up on illicit earnings. He was depositing like a million US a day in Citibank, who later claimed, "Well, he was the President's brother, so it was considered clean money." His official job was as head of a government ministry with a yearly salary of 50,000 USD...Crazy times as Mexico's cartels were really starting to take off and undoubtedly fueled the massive corruption. Jumping to the present, it looks like Mexico will get a leftist-populist President to counter Trump...


  32. Anthropomorphize the Eagle on the Mexican flag and you have a classic depiction of Garuda.
    Note that the snake in the claws is often depicted as a mermaid-esque naga.

    Other depictions quite similar to Abraxas & early Melusine.

    Also note that the constellation Aquila is a representation of Garuda and Aquila's star Altair forms the 'Summer Triangle' with Deneb of Cygnus & Vega of Lyra.
    In Chinese cosmology this constellation was represented in the mythos of star-crossed love between a pure fey maiden and a cowherd. Vega is the maiden (weaver of clouds) and Altair

    1. On south american eagles, a Mexican driver, Sergio Perez, became the most successful of his countrymen to compete in Formula 1, coming an all but improbable third in Sunday's high-drama crash-filled Baku Grand Prix, he's also the only driver to have had two podiums there the past three years the GP's been held there.

    2. & Sergio = servant, Perez = stone.

      Another sport/eagle sync this past week is that 'Crystal Palace', thrashed 'Leicester' 5 - 0 (five-nil) to secure their staying 'up top' in the 'Premier League' here in England.

      'CP' are named after the 'Crystal Palace' exhibition building (where the team was founded in 1905) built for the Great Exhibition of 1851, where they played their home games until 1915, their nickname: 'The Eagles'.

  33. So an attack was just launched against Syria, and it looks like it's the Israelis again, although western MSM is not reporting anything as they wait for their masters to tell them what to report, if anything at all.

    Chris, what's Israel's relation to all this craziness? We know that they pull a lot of the strings - I'm guessing there's tons of symbolism going on there. The dates of their strikes, the names...would be interested in seeing what you might have found or see in that part of this crazy world.

    1. Israel's flag is the hexagram, the Seal of Solomon, a triangulated Vesica Piscis, a symbol of barycentricity, the crux of the dance of our two suns, the cycle of mankind's rebirth.

      Between Göbekli Tepe (the cradle of this cycle), and the Great Pyramid of Giza (our oracle in stone - at least 1 or 2 cycles old), you have Syria and Israel, which includes Jerusalem, the birthplace of the æon of Pisces.

      This neck of the woods is likely to once again be the cradle of the next cycle's civilisation, i.e. due to its geophysical location is liable to be one of the first regions of the Earth to resume fertility (after The Fimbulvetr).

      So, this is why Israel has had to be (re-)established, and has to be expanded and consolidated, as part of many preparations.

    2. Israel's Supreme Court built to Masonic Guidelines?

      & mind you, this is from a mainstream Israeli publication. I think what's happened since 2012 (condensed nutshell version) is that everything hidden is being brought to light. But that doesn't make it any less real.

    3. Also check out Chris's recent post:
      And see if you can spot any similarity between the 25 stars above the eagle (or phoenix) on one of the sketches for the 1782 Great Seal and the Star of David on the flag of Israel.
      Not too surprising that the US has such a good relationship with Israel now, is it?

  34. Hey everyone-- I'm going to try to dive into the comments later today. I apologize from the bottom of my heart for being so remiss but you have been more than making up for it on your own. Thank all of you.

    1. Man, no apologies needed whatsoever. Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to share your insights with us.

    2. Thank you for the wonderful blog, glad I found it.

    3. No apology needed, thanks for sharing your ongoing investigation.

  35. "A newborn baby found dead in a small patch of woodland could have been alive when she was rolled down a steep rock face into bushes, police have said.

    Baby Pearl was discovered covered in bite marks from foxes and dogs just after 7am on April 4 in a small tract of land known locally as Bluebell Forest."

  36. Some interesting reading regarding Lyra and Vega from an astrological perspective,( . . ) I'm still of the opinion that those in the higher echelons take astrology and astrological magick very seriously, and by astrology I don't mean the dumbed down psychological entertainment nonsense of weekly horoscopes and general 'modern' astrology, but the true art - Chris Brennan or Christopher Warnock would be a good starting point of research on this topic. Thanks again for the great research Chris!

  37. Just when I thought "Beuty and The Beast" couldn't turn up more in my week .......

    1. The Emma Watson nude photos, from a 'swimwear' fitting, leaked splash-bang in the middle of the 'B&TB' release & not long after she'd been critiqued for showing too much skin on a vanity fair cover this was also spliced with her giving a speech as 'UN Women Goodwill Ambassador', what a chimera of a humiliation initiation.

  38. If a guy with a dead squirrel on his head tells you to wear your underwear inside out, one would be wise to listen.

  39. Speaking of beheaded goddesses and blood spurts issuing from the neck, there is another important female deity which has these important characteristics in her iconography. That is the hindu goddess Chinnamasta, also present in the tantric Vajrayana buddhism as one particular form of Vajrayogini.
    And Chinnamasta also has an important astrological association. She is associated with Rahu, the hindu Caput Draconis/Head of the Dragon/Lunar North Node, one of the two hindu "shadow planets" responsible for the eclipses.

    The next link does not point to the best possible source of information in what regards the astrological associations of the ten Mahavidyas(of which Chinnamasta is one), but I don't have right now the time to search for a better one:

    Anyway, if you check even the wikipedia page for Chinnamasta, you will find easily Rahu mentioned there as the astrological "planet" associated with this particular goddess.

    But I think that with these beheaded goddesses there might be visible a connection that leads far deeper into the rabbit hole, towards a far older and more encompassing archetype.. I am thinking now to those headless entities that mr. Gordon White mentioned in his "Star Ships" if my memory serves me well. And also to the Headless One/Bornless One and Crowley, the Big Pyramid, The New Aeon, The Book of The Law and so on and so on...

  40. Inspired by this: "Postmodern culture might expect people to be atomized consumers adrift in a meaningless sea of isolation but we don't simply work that way."

    Two phrases keep coming to mind about death:

    Dead in the water = the siren's goal and a symbol of reaching a point of stasis or even devolution?

    Dead on his/her/my feet = the walking dead/zombie apocalypse?

  41. So, about those Les Temoins air dates.

    The premiere date listed for the BBC, November 25, also happens to have some interesting connections. There are two solar eclipses coming up on that date, one in 2030 and one is 2049.

    That 49 again.

    Oddly, a look at the Wikipedia page for November 25 shows there are a whopping 12-13 major natural disasters attributed to this date. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods. I’m yet to find another date with over 10 listed.

  42. Great post as always. My wife and I recently visited Memphis over the weekend and hoo boy, it seemed I couldn't walk ten feet without tripping over something Masonic, occult or Siren-related. Just a few photos from the journey here if you're so inclined:

    1. Whoa. Those pics! Thank you for sharing. I see someone commented that the pyramid is because of Memphis is named after the ancient capital of Egypt. I bet there is some interesting historical digging there on the founders of Memphis. I notice they didn't comment on the out of place siren in a building designed after a place in the desert. ;)

    2. Yeah. Duh. However, they don't ask why that particular spot of the Mississippi delta was named after the land of the pharoahs or question why Memphis's most famous resident was known as The King as he recorded at Sun Studios and lived in a palace just as ostentatious as the other Sun King in Versailles or our current Sun King at Trump Tower. Nope. Not worthy of thought.

  43. Chris, I like that the information I posted the other day was of some use to you. Here are another three little tidbits which I hope point to the flip side of all this, the redemptive possibilities. 1. Rockefeller Center's interior was once covered with a mural by a Mexican artist, Diego Rivera, but he included Lenin and had to go. He was the husband of Frida Kahlo and later built a whole basalt pyramid, the Anahuacalli, and the Cthulhu fountain, called the Carcamo Tlaloc. 2. Aztec hymns to their old gods were repurposed for the new, and the results are truly ethereal. Do look up "Dios Itlazo Nantzine", and perhaps Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, a nun who died helping the sick in a plague in the same period as the Salem witch trials. 3. The Cohen ('priest') album you mentioned, New Skin for Old, matches the feast of Xipe Totec, who is actually mentioned in Grant Morrison's "The Invisibles", but the original Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, yes, the 2012 one, was all about rejecting human sacrifice, offering flowers or fruit as they do in Buddhist altars, in contrast to Tezcatlipoca, the trickster dark. There is room to improve, to enlighten, and to overcome, and the work you do on this blog is a great help in fighting that battle, transmuting the energy of the asura world of lust, violence, and ignorance into knowledge and advancing the Great Work. Here's David Bowie in front of the recreated Rockefeller mural, now in the Palace of Fine Arts, he visited in 1997. Thank you for showing the context! -Lakeofmarch

    1. I find it very interesting that you've mentioned in this discussion one particular side of aztec religion and mythology that I think it's little known and appreciated at its true value(especially by those like me who are not mexican and find usually the desired information about the aztec culture mainly in books). I am speaking, of course, about the more non-bloody and philosophical side of the aztecs, the one you mentioned implicitly when you wrote about the mythical conflict between Quetzalcoatl, the ruler of Tollan, and Tezcatlipoca. Not that the bloody and dark side wasn't real, because it was indeed very real and very bloody, but it wasn't the whole, just a particular side of it.

      As I wrote before, I'm not mexican and not quite young, so I grew up reading in some history books about the aztecs as being pretty much like some very, very bloody savages. But much later I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the aztecs actually had also a philosophical and spiritual tradition that not only was at a similar level of sophistication with the eastern asian one and with the western-platonic-hermetic one,but was actually very similar with those other two in many regards. My favorite sources in what regards this subject are the books of Alfredo Lopez Austin(those that I could find translated in english)and "Aztec Philosophy: Understanding a World in Motion" by James Maffie, but I also found an interesting little article on the Internet that nicely summarizes some things and could be interesting for some of the readers of this blog:

      And what I did find especially interesting is how much the aztec philosophy and religion resembles in particular the tantric "schools" of thought(and practice). Not only the philosophy of teotl strongly resembles some non-dual tantric philosophical systems, but the artistic and visionary imagery is also very, very much alike. Take just the example of Coatlicue given in this article of mister Knowles and notice how the same visual motifs are also appearing in the hindu tantric art when the tantrics were depicting goddesses like Chinnamasta(beheaded, with symbolic jets of blood spurting from the neck, and girdled with a serpent instead of a serpent skirt like Coatlicue) or Kali(girded with a skirt of severed human hands, while Coatlicue wears the hands as a sort of a necklace). And similar things can be seen also in the tantric buddhist art.

      But the most striking thing(to me) was the presence in both the aztec and the hindu tantric pantheons of some very specific deities that performed very similar functions in very similar fashions. Like, for example, the hindu Ucchishta Matangi(ni) and the aztec Tlazolteotl(both are "eaters of filth", with "filth" having in this context particular meanings, like the "five tantric nectars" etc. - I will not go into details on this topic). Fact that, from my point of view, cand only have three possible explanations:
      1. Both the aztecs and the hindu tantrics tapped a very specific "region" of the collective unconscious(that's the explanation I favour).
      2. Both the aztecs and the tantric hindus contacted basically the same non-human entities, albeit manifested in somewhat different forms, and received from them very similar teachings(I think that is the explanation many on this blog will favour :) ).
      3. There is a historical cultural link between the two traditions, but this would have to be very, very old, dating basically from the paleolithic(that's the kind of idea entertained in Michael Witzel's book on the origings of the world mythology and in mr. White's "Star Ships" - both books that I found to be extremely interesting).

    2. u want trancendental?

      kalhos dudes painting was erased he remade it and goddamn its fhe most hilarious thing since Geopoliticus Child or a masterpiece Grosz:

  44. Question of the day: How does one discern between Op & Ritual anymore?

  45. there is music embedded in guadalupe's cloak. check it out:

  46. According to Dean Radin in his latest book, Real Magic, we’re all magicians. He quotes Gordon White in several instances to make points relevant. I ordered it because I realized one day that my odd and varied psi events were just Magic. Had no one to confirm this thought until I read this book. It’s reasoned from scientific studies on consciousness such as his own as well as neurological studies which are more numerous now than in history. What’s been previously been allocated to laughable, back alley pseudoscience has gone mainstream and exits in university settings across the world.

    Nuff of that though. According to the academic Radin, our very prayers, hopes and dreams are the stuff of magic in that they produce repeatable data in impressive statistics. Intent is everything magic and it is our answer to the onslaught of negligible programming through symbolic magic being thrown our way.

    Except there’s a catch as usual. Well, several, but it strikes me that Radin’s warning carries the most weight. It isn’t anything new, but it’s relevant that it’s found in magical traditions worldwide. Do no harm if you don’t want spectacular blowback, something I suspect is coming as well from the initiators of attempting programming a populace.

    Another notable point Radin makes, since Eastern thought is being found relevant to the current sciences involved, Magic should involve small scale events and must be viewed within the understanding that one’s subconscious may not particularly agree with one’s Conscious desires. Tricky that can be and could produce unexpected outcomes. Your prayer for another may be in direct conflict with your the desire for your target. Your wish may be fulfilled to his detriment. If possible, know your target well before you venture into what you believe is right. We know our strong desires to be right, right? Wrong way to approach the simple magical events we engage in daily.

    I like to combine Chris’ extremely honed awareness with that of Raj and Gordon because their views represent broader pictures of our human frailty as well as our strength. Power may corrupt, but we aren’t even knowledgeable of what’s stirring in the dark below our surfaces. We all excell at preferring to be right, right? But these men I mention are aware and that far exceeds the former because they dare to question themselves along the way. My guess is they know themselves to a good extent and are just as aware of that murky depth that most people hope to avoid, even if they can’t know the extent of the each of their own subconscious. But I do know from experience that the act of trying to understand ourselves at deeper levels brings an enlightment to all of humanity and more.

    Bad dreams? Dream again of your protagonist and demand to know why he’s there. Chances are he’ll shrug and walk away. Then get busy with the task of uncovering what triggered your fear in the first place. Take light to that unreasonably dark place. Get proactive instead of blaming it on a God. We’re gifted and damned. Use the gift to undo the damning. Looks like it may take many lifetimes, but it can help in this one, for sure and it just takes focused intent. Don’t have to be a meditator to focus, but it helps to understand what focus can really mean. And it makes for forgiving oneself for being human, a delightful by-product.

    That’s real magic and it helps to understand the real you to get there. Magic blossoms from there. Read the book if I haven’t made you want to pull your hair out. Get practical and awareness such as Chris, Raj, Gordon and now, Dean will come naturally.

    1. Yes.
      It really is 'US'.
      But there is 'I' in there as well.
      'HUMAN' is flawed but with a powerful ESSENCE.
      THAT is the REAl 'POWER'.
      Our 'ticket' off the 'train RIDE'.

    2. I concur with this opinion.

      I have a couple of decades of experience with magick. Only once (at the behest of my then-partner, who is now dead) did I conduct a working to achieve a (mildly) harmful effect on a specific target. It worked better than expected (I later discovered that my partner had packed some extra oomph, unbeknownst to me), but the blowback in our relationship was fairly spectacular. Never again.

      Yes, it's best to work on a small scale, and to not make your targets too specific. I found my now-spouse using magick, but with a spell that was designed to find the "right partner", not targeted to a particular person.

      Also, it's wise to assess the prior probabilities before moving forward, because even a benign working can have unexpected consequences. A protection spell for my family and home resulted in an unexpected move, because the semantics of the spell I forumlated could not be satisfied by the home in which we lived. Our current digs are better, probably safer, but the move was quite disruptive.

    3. ... also, if you want to know how/why magick "works", this entertaining short story gives some clues:

      Basically, you're trying to collapse your wavefunction to a desirable state. But you're likely to have a more successful outcome if the state to which you are collapsing already has reasonable (i.e. non-negligible) probability. It doesn't need to be the most probable outcome, but it has to be one whose probability is not absurdly small.

    4. Thanks, Anon 8:23. Your last paragraph is a zinger. Always more to learn.

      Anon 8:18 thanks as well. Very good examples in my POV.

  47. Today Google celebrates Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss - born April 30, 1777, died age 77.
    Top story:
    How Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss rediscovered a lost dwarf planet
    Planet is Ceres, named after
    Fun facts:
    Word cereals is derived from Ceres.
    Pyramid discovered on the plane Ceres....of course!

  48. Reply to Zod.

  49. wowser, glad to see the revelation was wondering about contact, yet as i do not have time resources available. congragulations. whom ever knows what thread is next unlocked. pieces of some big picture tapestry ? cheers.

  50. You just had to go & mention 'vegan co-ops'!

    Perhaps what best sums up the state of things is this:

    "Poopy-di scoop, Scoop-diddy-whoop, Whoop-di-scoop-di-poop, Poop-di-scoopty, Scoopty-whoop, Whoopity-scoop, whoop-poop Poop-diddy, whoop-scoop, Poop, poop, Scoop-diddy-whoop, Whoop-diddy-scoop, Whoop-diddy-scoop, poop"

    - Kanye West 'Lift Yourself' (Another Trump 'Dragon Energy' shout-out? Scoop = a reference to Trump's extra ice cream?)

    Kanye's only siren by way of water connection, besides his linking of Kardashian coven as 'the sunken place' this past week's tweets (a big link there though I suppose), is his having worn a 'Pink Floyd' t-shirt last year decorated with the diver from the 'Wish You Were Here' album ('This image of a swimmer in the Yuma Desert, titled ‘The Meaning of Life’, was first seen in Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ songbook designed by Storm Thorgerson. "It shows an absence of purpose – he just swims on going nowhere."', '...During the making of the album, Thorgerson claims that Pink Floyd were "not entirely together as a band", which is where the concept of absence for the album came from.')

    Kanye broken vessel as pop cult guru of the Aquarian age?

  51. Those "shamans" had no moxie.
    These guys get it.

    and Renée Zellweger has more aplomb with a rooster than those dudes.

    Just like great grandma used to do.

  52. Chris,

    Dark gods love humans! We're just so...stupid. We are. This is the reason why Saint Gygax had separate character rolls for Intelligence and Wisdom. We can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that something should not be done, and we do it anyways. "Just this once" and "No one will know" and "It's only a little bit" are right up there with "Hold me beer".

    And, we're lazy! That's the real reason the dark gods do so well. They offer us something...well, not for nothing, but on a kind of deferred repayment program. This goes for deals large and small. I suppose we all think we have mastered the Art of the Deal (ha!) but we're sure to ask for more, and more, until we screw it up. Sacrifice all the guinea pigs, goats and neighborhood kids you please, it only delays the inevitable. All they have to do is wait.

    There's another factor, Time. It's the one thing humans never have enough of, no matter who they are. Time is limited and destined to run out. Dark gods, they live outside of time, so they're playing the long game by default. They can wait. If they have a Virtue, it is Patience.

    There's a reason all our (European) folklore is loaded with stories about dealing with Ol' Scratch. They teach the reader what a bad idea it is. As for those few where the human outwits the Devil, they are usually comedies, and as practical in real life as a Three Stooges short - and I mean the ones with Joe Besser, that's how useless they are. You won't win. Put down the quill pen with your own blood on it and go home.

    1. Moses I appreciate your comments here, and they are correct in my opinion.
      But your missing a HUGE 'link' in this; 'they' dumbed us down so they could control us.
      The true human being is beyond the 'deal'.
      Time is a thing and they exist outside of 'time'; this 'thing'.
      Jacking those inside to suit their voracious appetites.
      Scratch, Legba, and company running the ultimate card game.

  53. All the pajama boys can google "Maggie Nixon and Obama"

  54. Chris,

    Hey, how about this ol' chestnut:

    "The time would be easy to know, for then mankind would have become as the Great Old Ones; free and wild and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside and all men shouting and killing and revelling in joy. Then the liberated Old Ones would teach them new ways to shout and kill and revel and enjoy themselves, and all the earth would flame with a holocaust of ecstasy and freedom. Meanwhile the cult, by appropriate rites, must keep alive the memory of those ancient ways and shadow forth the prophecy of their return."

    - H.P. Lovecraft, _The Call Of Cthulhu_

  55. A paganry/videogaming sync: In 'Avengers: Infinity War' 'Groot*' plays a handheld version of 'eighties classic 'Defender' & also serves as irminsul, or if a soul prefers, Yggdrasil without which... *spoilers*

    (*A Kirby connection)

  56. I know that was a "walk in" or whathaveyou because I did not read closely at first and missed part of the serpentskirt who was beheaded.

  57. "Alison" Lyrics
    "Sometimes I wish that I could stop you from talking
    When I hear the silly things that you say.
    I think somebody better put out the big light,
    Cause I can't stand to see you this way."

    I hope this doesn't happen to her; thrown under the bus?

    Elvis Costello plays Hillary's 60th b'day. When? You guessed it: 10/25/07 where? Beacon Theater, get it? Just check out the C.Twins playlist on 11/13/90: "Pitch the Baby" All coming together, right?

    Buckle up kiddies, Elvis is never wrong! Especially when you analyze the playlist: Baby Plays Around (anyone?) Yup, that's what happens to babies that play around...

    1. Man, you friggin' Costellian heretics. How many times do I have to tell you that four-eyed has-been fuck is a false prophet? Go down to your local skid row and you'll find at least a dozen hobos with ratty old "Trust Elvis" buttons on their jackets. Get a grip already.

    2. Heresy is the path to truth! Our prophet may be washed up, but at least he is alive (...wait, let me wiki that fact) "Four eyes" is just a stage stop to blindness and if you read Sabato's "Report on the Blind" you'll understand the depth of this secret society that rules the world! They don't look to the stars (yeah, they can't see them!), but they know what will happen, because they control the future. They don't need dark pools of water to bring about death and resurrection; the darkness is in their eyes and souls. Oh and the so-called hobos, are actually the ancient ones that see all and know all.
      Keep trying grasshopper, but you are getting colder...

  58. 'Witchcraft is the art of taking life as currency for horsetrading with spirits.'

    I'm taking a load of flak for sharing the passage in which you mention this, on Facespook. Have you something you could direct me to that expands upon the premise?

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