Friday, March 30, 2018

Apocalypse Week in Review: The New Gold Dust Age

That looks comfortable.

Some of you might roll your eyes when I remind everyone else that Apocalypse means "unveiling."

But that's exactly what we are seeing now: all the goodies they've been toiling away on in Lucifer's toyshop since 1947 are getting their great unveilings. 

Ready or not, the curtain's being lifted and your new reality is being rolled out. Pucker up.

Interesting guest at Lex Luthor's little backyard cookout, no? Best believe that's a statement of intent

I do wonder how much the people who arranged that little photo-op got paid that weekend? Probably more than most American's make in a year.

And if you don't think the world you thought you knew has gone totally ass-over-tea kettle, try to remember a time when this kind of insane fearporn was seen as a relic of a barbaric and unenlightened past. 

Welcome to the Bizarro Apocalypse, Sunners.

The world's gone robot-crazy and the sky's the limit for psychotic ideation anymore. And as usual, the ocean-water symbolism is everywhere you look.

Oh, I'm sure it will help you out. Help you out with that body cavity search, for starters. 

And of course, there's the Siren signifier, right on schedule. 

Which we also see with this latest assault on the foundations of ordered reality, Unreal Engine's Siren. 

"Jessica Conditt" is the presenter there? Why, that's the second time in the past week or so we've heard that somewhat unusual surname. The other being Mark Anthony Conditt, the deceased Austin bombing spree suspect.  

The spree, that through some random clutch of rogue code in our new sim, seemed to align perfectly with the constellation of Lyra, home to the Vegas.

The Siren, Vega? What about the Pearl, to complete the old hat trick?

Well, through sheer, random happenstance the name "Lyra" has inserted itself into the Pearly Stoneman Douglas drama club's (no, seriously; read all about it here on that frothing alt.right fake-news site, the...uh...New Yorker) ongoing national psychodrama, via a Twitter campaign.

Maybe this whole "Evil Eye" thing is a little more than a coincidence.

Especially since someone seems to have had a little chat with the team of scientists that released a paper claiming CRISPR was extremely dangerous because it inserts untold numbers of errors into every copy.

I guess some nice fellows visited the team and politely informed them of the errors in their calculations. I believe they were experts brought in from the School of the Americas, led by a Dr. Carl Busch.

Because CRISPR is all about snipping away the faulty (read:human) genes and replacing then with the desirable (read: Watcher) ones.

It's also about Orange.

So get your lousy human laws off my Nephilim body already, Cletus. There's a world out there that needs destroyin', and I don't have time for your stupid ethics.

Here's a story for you, alright; but wouldn't you know it? A dang typo

The headline should read "generating first-ever transgenic ticks to help create tick-borne diseases."

"First-ever transgenic ticks." LOL. What kidders. 

And I guess some of the transgenic Microbes are Ready, huh? 

Good thing there aren't a bunch of apps out there facilitating all kinds of casual-stranger liaisons and spreading sexually-transmitted dis....

Never mind.

You'd almost think a major media outlet were going around printing insane hyper-Malthusian screeds about emptying the Earth of its humans or something bugfuck screwy like that.

And being conspicuously Orange about it.

But hopefully we'll all be happy little Orange Mer-mollusks before anything really scary gets unleashed into the ecosystem. This story here-- about CRISPRing up some human-shrip chimeras-- seems to have legs. 

At least five pairs of them, to be exact. Plus a tail and antennae.

In the meantime we can all feast on Monsanto's CRISPRY strawberries. Why are they highlighting strawberries, though? Why not apples or oranges, which are more popular fruit choices?

Because they know. They just effin' know.

And they want you to know that they you know that they know that you know, too. Or something.

Big, big changes in the Islamic world as of late. Saudi Arabia has their own handsome and charismatic ObamaTrudeau society-smasher now, and believe me when I tell you that  fundamentalist and conservative Muslims aren't going to know what the hell hit them. 

Those cats thought the 1960s and 70s were disruptive? Believe me, they'll be looking like the Great Awakening by comparison, sooner than later.

And right on schedule comes the Vega Muslim Initiative, because, y'now, Splashdown and the Persian Gulf and Babylon and all of the rest of it. Very, very important to the New Golden Age. 

Or should I say to the Gold Dust Rush?   

I'm really getting the feeling a timetable somewhere has been moved up; way up. How's about you?

And traditional Hindus might want to work up some contingency plans now that Peta is parading Vega Furrys all over the place for photo-ops. Just a little sneak preview of the CRISPR-critters we'll all be having to contend with in the days to come.

Still wondering why major mainstream news outlets have gotten so horny about UFOs all of a sudden? Well, in case you forgot, aliens definitely exist and the people must be prepared, apparently.

That timetable, again. 

And I'm guessing Angels definitely exist, too. I mean if a site like LiveScience is entraining us to accept that "angels surround us all the time," then I'm guess there might be something to it. 

Not sure what, but something.

I mean, it might also be why there's a Lamassu perched on a plinth in London, made of 10,000 cans of date syrup, because Honey is Harbor, there's Locusts in There, she's got the old Fool's Gold. 

Plus, Phoenixes.

Love the intersectionalist guilt-trip shielding here: Hey Londoners, you know that horrific, meaningless war you overwhelmingly opposed and marched in your millions to try to stop? 

Well, it's all your fucking fault. 

So shut your pieholes about this transgenic-Chaldean-chimera-Watcher we're invoking in the middle of your city and get back to your iPhones. 

It's a nice city, after all. It'd be a real shame if something terrible happened to it.

Looks like they're rolling out some of the new upgrades lately, too. Lots more where that came from, believe it. 

More Orange, too.

Ask her why she's wearing Orange? Well, I know how she'll probably respond but I'm pretty sure that's not the actual real answer.

Same goes for Da Bears, who will be proudly flying the Orange this year. 

But with that kind of empowerment I'm sure the world will give great authority to the Bears. I mean, who is like the Bears? Who can make war with them? Look for the Bears to speak great things and blasphemies in their march to the Big Game next season.

I'm betting that the Bears will be granted to make war with the Saints, and overcome them. 14 point spread.

Weird, nutty stuff out there. Which is why I recommend your recite five Itchy Glowbo Blows and five High Monkey Monks and make spangles to Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls. 

She shall truly make your Grail Overflowth. So smile.


  1. "A bounty of iron space objects buried in the polar ice". Indeed. So says Dr Katherine Joy. Nice name.

    1. NXVIM : The Sex Slave Cult Linked to the Clintons

    2. Is being linked to the Bronfmans worse than a Clinton link?

  2. Lots to digest here. But before anything else, my comments on the unveiling of tech:
    1. The Boston Dynamics dog gets all the press, but actually, I think some of their less impressive looking bots are potentially more scary. So don't forget to check out their unlovely, boxy-looking ones.
    2. Check out the Festo seagull, as well. For frights and giggles, imagine it spitting fire... or gas, for that matter.
    3. On drones: Speed is of the essence. Initial speed, that is. Maintaining a speed requires much less power than accelerating.
    4. It just happens that a couple of judges that have pissed off the Catalonian independentists have died of unknown infections that took just a couple of days to kill them. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you see these things) nobody around them caught them, though. Ah, and Catalonian biotech has a club of fans with a hexagram logo. Didn't believe it at first (isn't that so classic conspiracy stuff?) but then, check the countries that made official non-recognition statements of the Catalonian Republic for conspicuous absences.

    1. The form and function of an effective "killer robot" is more likely to be what people don't fear than what they do. For some reason I remember the story of the Japanese WW2 plan to send bomb laden balloons to the US east coast by way of the jet stream. It wasn't efficient but it did get some confirmed kills. A pregnant woman and children who picked up the "toy balloon" to play with. Now are we more scared by Boston Dynamics making uncanny robots or by everyone else making "cute" robots that people trust enough to have in their homes, workplace or buy things from.

    2. A mosquito drone can inject you with a tiny dose of hideously lethal nerve agent and you'll never feel a thing. If they don't already exist I'm sure they're not at all far off.

    3. Ply the art of Kanly & mutate our way to the stars via the orange spice.... perhaps needs be a Butlerian Jihad preceding.

    4. MIT Media Labs is now being exposed for the murder of reddit co founder.MIT Media Lab founder Negroponte will face criminal charges and public ridicule.The Transhumanist Agenda has been defeated.

    5. I don't think anyone is bothering with mosquito drones, when bird-sized drones can do perfectly well the job of spraying nerve agent. Making things insect-size gets expensive. And if you need to kill somebody indoors undetectably, there's already a choice of methods. Bioweapons targeted to a specific individual come in handy for that one. Have you heard how paranoid is Putin about his food when he travels abroad? That gives you some hints about what he may know.

  3. Vegans want to open Muslim minds? How lovely. That means for the past 1,400 years all the Muslim people who marked their festivals by sacrificing cows and sheep and distributing the meat to the poor have just been obtuse and narrow-minded?

    Even the term "fundamentalist Muslim", while I'm at it: Fundamentalist as opposed to what exactly? Huma Abedin and her ilk? No thanks. The Prophet of Islam (pbuh) taught us what it means to be human in this world. How to go through life with dignity, modesty, piety and fairness in all one's dealings. If more people took heed of those fundamentals and stepped away from chasing after money, power and status, the world would instantly be a much happier place to be.

    Lastly, Jews in Baghdad have a long and rich history, stretching to today's Saatchis, Sassoons and other clans. They are essentially ethnic Arabs who practice Judaism. But an Iraqi named Michael Rakowitz? You gotta be kidding.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  4. Did you note the kicker on that Guardian depopulation piece?

    "Cities is supported by The Rockefeller Foundation"

    Not even trying to hide now.

    1. Down el Paso way things get pretty spread out
      People got no idea where in the world they are
      They go up north and come back south
      Still got no idea where in the world they are.
      Did I forget to mention, to mention Memphis
      Home of Elvis and the ancient greeks
      Do I smell? I smell home cooking
      It's only the river, it's only the river......

    2. Futerians looking back on 2018,never really did understood why the sims were so stupid.

  5. That robot dog is fast and tough, but unless they have it on a remote, it will be about as smart as my old Cocker Spaniel (dumber, most likely), who I could regularly get to run into the wall head-first by throwing a ball of socks at it. Every system has its flaws, and effective countermeasures can be McGuyvered from common objects. Samew goes for the damned robot fish. Just got to start thinking now about it, spread the conversation.

  6. Well look on the bright side. If you take this artificially induced Islamic Reformation and mic it with ecumenical Christianity, we could use the mashup to bring about the Butlerian Jihad and pitch all this AI right into the trash. The future lies right at the intersection between Between Frank Herbert and Philip K Dick.

    1. Isn’t it called the ORANGE catholic bible that Herbert conjectures?

  7. isn't it funny how you'll never hear a person talk about eliminating a portion of the population that wants to go first. Even if it's for the good of the planet. On another note, i've only thought about this recently but it is a strange hiccup of thought to call it Lyme's disease and not Tick's disease, like the city made it, ha ha ha, oh. Wow, you're stuff on lucifer's tech, parts 1 through what not is entirely too engrossing.

    1. A hunter told me the ticks were out in swarms in western Mass in January - and they are getting worse each year.

  8. "Lyra mirrored" When you take Earth as 'mirror point' then Vega is mirrored in Sirius. Moreover Vega is close to the Solar apex as is Sirius to the Solar antapex.

  9. I must have missed the memo, could someone fill me in on why Orange is a significant colour?

    1. Orange is esoterically significant - it's the colour of The Earth when viewed from space - which is why the sky appears blue from the surface. The blue end of the spectrum is absorbed through the Nitrogenous atmosphere (and exploited by blue/UV-absorbing green plants), leaving more of the red/green (yellow-orange) spectrum to be reflected into space than blue light. It's marginal, but enough to give rise to the colour.

      But obviously, this is bunkum, because from the hundres of photos taken from the surface of the moon, the Earth is clearly blue...

    2. Orange is also the main colour of life rafts, dinghys & seaworthy protective clothing, but even the most skilled of rescuers can miss sight of a soul glamoured in flourescent orange in need of saving from being dragged under by the wild blue yonder.

    3. The color Orange:
      The Sodomite Gateway - Orange, the Red-Yellow Merger

  10. 'Evil Eye' looks like a prized open mollusk offering up/or down It's pearl, the pearl that would have been formed as the mollusk immune system response to the alien presence of bacteria/parasite within it/attack on It's shell, the 'pupil' being the bacteria, the iris being the pearl*, so does this make those who wore the gloves, & in sympathy the others marching 'for' their 'lives' etc, the makers of pearls offering them up/down?

    Reports on the chap with the gonorrhea puts it down to 'having sexual contact with a woman in Southeast Asia', a 'woman' in 'Southeast Asia'... that's definitely 'a woman'... 'in Southeast Asia'.

    & more locally to my neck of the woods:

    'AN INSPIRATIONAL teenager has lit up the Spinnaker Tower to raise awareness of epilepsy. Lewis Hine from Havant pushed the button to turn the tower purple last night in honour of Epilepsy Awareness Day – also known as Purple Day - in an event organised by Young Epilepsy. ... His mother, Emma Hine, said: ‘Lewis has drug-resistent epilepsy and has five or six seizures every day.'

    'The Spinnaker' (a spinnaker sail = 'fills with wind and balloons out in front of the boat when it is deployed, called flying'), an 'observation tower' also known as 'millennium tower', has a similar design 'to the Burj Al Arab in Dubai'.

    & when a neighbour recently brought up their fake & bright orange nails they stated that to do such a thing was their 'idea'.

    *Youth's 'Blue Pearl' had their biggest smash hit, 'Naked In The Rain', back in '90.

    1. "Come and wash away the pain,
      Step into the blessed rain
      Cool the fire in your soul
      The rain will make you whole"

      A very watery tune that 'Blue Pearl' classic.

      & the 'Southeast Asia' quote was taken from Forbes, which when I mistakenly re-clicked the link opened up with this quote from 'Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM':

      "Man and machine always get a better answer than man alone or machine alone."

  11. Armageddon 2018 The Final Countdown Pre-Easter
    Flying Robots have killed 12 'Palestinians' at border skirmish.

  12. Glad you caught the Conditt thing Chris.

  13. Great insights, Chris, as ever. I was at that march in London. Even got interviewed by some reporter, but I started talking about the merciless and cruel behaviour of the British goverment and its affiliate corporations. Guess I didn't make the final cut. Lol. Don't stop shining that light, my man. You're doing heroic work.

  14. Yet more Orange... So I come home today and find a bright orange door hanger advertisement hanging on my doorknob - for (of course) "Orange Theory Fitness" - an apparently new national chain I'd never heard of. Kinda doubt their "orange theory" looks much like yours!

    1. Given the orange-sex chakra color connection it's not that big a stretch. What are most fitness clubs really about now? And from the SS side, it seems someone wants to get folks revved up to hump some some strange and make hybrids (at least until they get CRISPR dialed in).

  15. The Horror Of It All or Somebody do something? The most difficult realization is to accept that most people in our lives or that we see everyday in our cities,on TV,at the Movies,on blogs and YouTube are not real-humans.They are Spiritless Humans / NPCs.Just like in the Matrix (1999) : "...they are holding all the keys,which means sooner or later,someone is going to have to fight them" And in Year 1999,GEN X did and the American people turned their back on us! We were hunted down and killed off by government Agents,one by one until there none of us left? Welcome to Hell 2018 You Evil Baby Boomer Media Worshipping Subhuman Mindless Corporate MK Ultra Slaves : Dept of Psychological Operations,Tavistock Institute,MSM,Silicon Valley,Hollywood,Banks/The Fed,Federal Gov,Political Parties R/D,Madison Avenue,US Academic System,Intel Agencies,LE,Globalist NGOs,Wall St.,Secret Societies, Ect.

  16. So what's the tie-in between all this species blending stuff, and, the current upswing in racial "awareness" (for lack of a better word)?


    1. Hyper division amongst own specie, hyper diversion into manageable appetite culdesac.

      Hate self created, splice me please.

      Self loathing, self mutilating.

    2. Not sure the answer though this story raises questions that may tie in.

      A divisive SJW mirror/counterpoint to the Turpins? Note the tie-in with the Ferguson protests.


  18. Something may be dropping from heaven on this April Fools/Easter holiday:
    China’s Tiangong Space Center!
    Tiangong means “heavenly palace.”
    I have read a handful of articles in this, and all emphasize “43,” for instance:
    “The re-entry latitude of the Tiangong-1 is expected to be within 43 degrees north and 43 degrees south of the equator”
    Witnesses to this event witnesses to the event should see a “series of fireballs” which “will a shower of meteors.”

    Also I saw this poem on the G train yesterday and wanted to share:
    It’s part of the MTA’s arts and design campaign—they put poems here and there on the subway trains. This one os about dew.

    1. Back in the 90s riding the G train required carrying some pepper spray or a switchblade. Now that was poetry.

    2. The re-entry of the Heavenly Abode was almost certainly controlled. I checked it out, and on its last orbit before re-entry it passed just under the Sun (just between the Sun and the Earth, if you prefer). Then, it re-entered just after it passed quite accurately over latitude 0, longitude 180, 15 minutes after midnight UTC. Like Chris likes to say, just about any space news is part of a ritual.

  19. Hi Chris, another "pearl" for your collection: at the 1:21 mark of this video you'll see something that may be of interest:

  20. Sex toys as alien egg implantation trainers:

    'The Ovipositor lays gelatin eggs in the body cavity of your choice.' ... 'The owner of Primal Hardwere is a man who insisted I refer to him only as LoneWolf.' ... 'The idea is to replicate the act of being impregnated with eggs. Usually from an alien or insect. If you've seen the Aliens movies, you'll get the picture. Many people find this sort of thing very arousing.'

    The eggs shown are amber.

    1. No human being survives in the 'Alien' franchise.

      & speaking of eggs miley cyrus appears in the current vogue magazine dressed in pink & bunny ears whilst being smacked by someone(?) wearing a rabbit outfit for an utterly degenerated perversion of the true Ēostre message.

    2. As long as the mesage continues - that's the important thing. However, the message has been sent to us, and the message has reached us - though few understand it.

      In a few decades' time, a similar message will be sent to those living 6 æons hence, as ours was sent to us by those living 6 æons ago.

      The message tells us to prepare for the great rebirth, that happens twice a great year.

      So, as we are at the end, at the immanence of the eschaton, nihilists can be given free reigh, and as you can see, are increasingly beeing given free reign, to desecrate that which nature will soon destroy.

    3. The Devil makes work for idle hands but I wouldn't be surprised if the likes of 'Lone Wolf' believe they're doing God/Nature's work, whatever 'God/Nature' may mean to them.

    4. Vice is trying to position this ovipositor/egg thing as an "emerging fetish" but I bet its just some far outlier stuff that makes for juicy copy and clickbait. Now that "Hot Topic Satanism" is pretty much normal in high schools and on campuses, body-mod artists have to hit the books and come up with stuff like this to shock the vanillas.

  21. Here we go:

  22. The most recent episode of Syfy's Magicians had a key plot point revolve around the social acceptance of beastiality for millions of sentient magical animals and their mingling with humans. The show has always been very pushy with sexual themes (mostly for comedy which isnt half bad) but this sent up a red flag.

    I immediately thought of the furry phenomenon as being a branch of this "acceptance". Seeing statements like this on a show as a adult allows you some disconnect. My concern is that the show is more akin to Buffy and no doubt has a huge adolescent following. Being exposed to material boasting this ideology as something noble at a young age is concerning. Especially when you consider the rampant worshipping of the 90's and arrested development of most millenials. Bronies and Furries could be tentacles off the same creature. A morbid preservation of "the wonder of childhood" via all things cartoonish and nostalgic. A good middle path to the public's wide acceptance for other less tasteful fetishes methinks.


  23. Pearl Harbor..

  24. Pearl Harbour and The Explosions feat. Ms. Pearl E. Gates. Remember-
    "Nostalgia is a liar".

  25. The Plague too?

  26. "From Vegas to vegans!"

  27. I'm not sure exactly why but this web site is
    loading very slow for me. Is anyone else having
    this issue or is it a problem on my end? I'll
    check back later and see if the problem still exists.

  28. Happy Easter Chris to you and yours ^^

    even if pearly dew drops drop, may our spirits be courageous and rise!

  29. Hey now, since we're all chummy with apocalypse week, I thought I'd add another cheerful note: Elon Musk intends to introduce the 'Neuralink' brainchip, and soon. His claim? It will help disabled people and boost brain power! Now aside from the obvious abuses (effbook in your head, and soon, there will be no way to avoid that AOL voice) such as mind controlled zombies and whatnot..."No really, you're going to buy that Consumer Item TM" there is of course the immediate thought - now, you WILL participate in the Never Ending Ritual (TM). No choice in the matter.

    Now isn't that fun? Some nice conservative mild purge type fun? Or possibly being used to target dissidents. Think of all the tomfoolery and excitement to be had!


  30. Wordings:

    'Stephen Hawking's tailor-made hi-tech wheelchair and his computer-generated voice are expected to live on...' ... '...the scientist’s family hope that his wheelchair and voice systems could help preserve his memory and are open to offers from museums.' ... 'Hawking’s voice was developed by Dennis Klatt, a US scientist who based it on his own speech.' ... 'Hawking had famously rejected all ideas of an afterlife. “I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story,”' ... 'It was announced earlier this month that Hawking’s ashes will be buried near the grave of Isaac Newton, another famous British scientist, during a thanksgiving service at Westminster Abbey in London on June 15.'


    'They claim that it has an accuracy rate of 90 per cent or more and say that it works by interpreting consonants and vowels in our brains.' ... 'scientists claim that the machine can use words that it hasn't even heard before.'

    & the current amazon echo advert in The UK features a green alien figurine, the same shape as the white one as seen in 'Communion', & a scene in which a young boy wants to know how many stars exist as he applies green glow min the dark stars to his bedroom wall.

  31. "Population Hoax Exposed At Airports" "Mandela Effect New Building Pops Up Overnight" These mind blowing videos are right over the target and receiving massive blowback of organized shill attacks in the comment section Why? We are waking people up and exposing the Black Iron Prison.

  32. Are World Population Numbers Exaggerated?


    Meteor shower from LYRA coming April 21-22

  34. Alan Moore has some interesting things to say about reality in this conversation with Youth

    I was in the audience for this sat right behind Melinda Gebbie