Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mermaid Apocalypse: Meet Your New Gods, Part One

Oh, you still think this Mermaid thing is just a fad, like vampires and zombies? 

You poor soul. It will probably pain you to discover that this isn't about some fad, it's about the new religion. 

Don't take my word for it; read this editorial in The Kentucky Herald-Leader, part of the nationwide McLatchy media empire. The sex-mad fish-man is not a monster, he is actually Jesus Christ incarnate.  

No, those aren't my words, they're spelled out explicitly in this op-ed:

But above all, the film is about a God made flesh who’s killed by the state, but then rises from the dead and gives eternal life to his devotee.
The film’s central theme is conveyed in its beautiful, mysterious title that invites its audience to imagine the impossible. The shape of water? Of course, it has none at all. Water takes the contours of its container.
Yes, this film is about our experience of God’s shape, and omnipresence. It’s about water, baptism, cleansing, and salvific intercourse with the divine. It’s about the work of the marginalized (and especially women) that enables the divine to manifest in a world created by men — specifically by a military committed to the God’s destruction.
The piece then goes on to drape its claims in the appropriate shield of intersectional hivemind-goodspeak, something you better just get used to. Because that's exactly how the new world is going to be shoved down our throats from here on in.
And that’s the point magistically asserted at the very beginning of the picture. There the story’s world is portrayed as filled with the medium of life itself. As the movie unfolds, it’s hard to miss that theological point: the world is full of possibilities for realizing the presence of the divine. 
The patriarchal establishment can’t see that. Only the social misfits do —mute janitor, her African-American friend, an aging gay unemployed artist and a Russian enemy of the state.
Bravo. Masterful. Brilliantly duplicitous piece of Mermaid Apocalypse Entrainment® there. 

Did I mention this paper is based in Kentucky, the right ventricle of the Heart of the Bible Belt? Yeah, frickin' Kentucky.

Here's some more: the message here is OK, those Mermaids are bloodthirsty murderers and consumers of human flesh, but hey, climate change. So shut the fuck up.

What are you a denier or something? Want to kill penguins or something? Monster.

Prediction: We'll all be called "Drowners" by the new race of Mer-Chimeras. Especially, y'know, while we're being drowned. "Hey Drowner! What's the matter, no gills? Haha, sucks to be you. What's that? Sorry, I can't hear you over your gurgling, penguin-killer."

And of course, Secret Sun readers know who prophesied all of this. And apparently do whoever is driving Siren's PR blitz. Pray for us, Our Lady!

And as we saw, all the boys think the Siren's a spy because she's got Betty Fraser eyes. 

As does the "real-life" Mermaid, Hannah Fraser. Sensing a pattern yet? 

We'll look at this little sub-phenomenon in the days to come, along with everything else sitting in the queue at the moment. Patience.


Of course, public installations and festivals are going to be a major part of entrainment in the days to come. In fact, they already are. Like the "Mermaid Museum," part of the Siren PR blitz.

Speaking of which, our pals at the Red Dirt Report took a field trip to the Shrine of Saint Buckley the Good Shepherd-Boy in Memphis and found this little display. Funny. Coincidences are funny. 

So are not-remotely-coincidences.

And then there's this idol in a bar in Memphis. Make your ablutions now. Before they become mandatory. 

You know, beat the rush.

And then there's new idol installed on a beach in France. Can't wait to see what kind of ritual offering will be made in their honor in the days to come. 

Well, actually I can wait, because they're probably be going to exactly like ritual offerings made in the past. 

And then there's this mural by popular artist Audrey Kawasaki. I don't recall seeing murals and idols of vampires or zombies everywhere, do you? 

I didn't think so.

And apropos of nothing, we saw this business during a protest in Portugal. Poseurs.

And the Mermaid Parade is still going strong in Brooklyn. This thing's been around for years; I guess no one told them that Mermaids are a fad.

Then there were all the Mermaids and Sirens we saw for Carnival. And in this case, Mardi Gras in Nawleans and Shreveport.

And Goa, India here. Note pearl.

And if you're in Georgia take the whole family to the Mermaid Fest on Tybee Island, so you don't have to wait until summer for your entrainment.

If you're in the Holy Land, there's even a Mermaid microcountry called Azhkivland on the border of Israel and Lebanon. On the 33rd parallel, for those of you keeping score at home.

While you're there, take a day trip out to Mount Hermon, home of the Angels Who Watch. 

Just don't bring the kids.

On the StarJeffBuckley front, we have this breaking news flash. This is a fairly ridiculous story, seeing that pay discrimination based on gender is already illegal in Canada.

But hey; entrainment. More important than facts.

And Starbucks has introduced the "Crystal Ball Frappucino." I like the original name better; the "Spangle Mocha."

If the first thing you thought of there was the art for the "Pearly Dewdrops' Drop" single, go out and buy something nice tonight. Go on, treat yourself.

And of course, the Gucci campaign continues to grab attention. Note that this image combines Pearls and Sirens. All it needs is something Las Vegas-y to complete the troika.


Now, a Mermaid is not only something you must aspire to, it's something you must become, regardless of your birth gender. 

Take this lucky 'Maid, for instance. They've left the burden of oppressive, toxic Drowner masculinity behind and discovered their authentic self. What a wonderful example for us all.

This "real-life" Mermaid, too. And you can be just like them.

Providing you meet certain criteria, that is. The rest of humanity is what they like to call "groceries." So if a 'Maid addresses you as "old chum," it might not be out of affection.

Just sayin'.

Wow, a whole 45K? Damn, I'll saw my own legs off for that kind of cabbage. Hell, I'd even chew them off. No one ever told me Mermaiding was so lucrative.

And all I have to do are some obliques? Amazing. 

And to help ease the wee wanes over their understandable fears of CRISPR injection protocols, amputation trauma and trans-species grafting, The New York Times points us to this helpful picture book Julian is a Mermaid, in which a young lad discovers his authentic Mer-self.

There's the happy little Mer-being, relieved of the burdens of a socially-constructed drowner identity. Swim against the oppressor, little 'Maid! 

And of course, it's the Times that recommended this. I heard this is a big hit with all their senior editors. I heard somewhere they keep a stack of them in the men's room there. Forget where exactly. 

Maybe I'm mistaken.

And here's the author of Julian is a Mermaid, Jessica Love.  It's Love's first book. You know the old saying, your first book is always about you. 


The delightfully-named Elite Daily seems to be a big go-to source for Mermaid entrainment these days. Kind of a one-stop shopping source for all your amphibious needs.

And since culture is the primary driver of mass-scale social change, they've provided us all with some Mermaid talking points to bring up at your next dinner party.  

And 2018 is the year you Mermaid your life! Dinnerware for your "groceries,"  makeup kits to keep your scales looking fresh and dewy? Mermaiding is an immersive experience.

Hey, remember how I started ranting and raving about the Siren ten years ago and everyone ignored me? And then I really started going off on the Siren last year and everyone thought I was crazy?

Good times.

Right on schedule, the "civil rights struggle" portion of our entrainment show. Young Merpeople are being banned from public pools? Will the oppression ever end? Think of the children! 

March on Washington! Write your Congressbeing!  Demand your Mer-rights! Down with cis-species Drowner oppression! The Future is Mermale!


We'll be looking at the Shape of Water entrainment program in the next installment but for now do note that Mermania is not only about becoming something, it's about fucking something and bearing its little somethings.

Only the truly Woke get it.

And like all of fandom these days, Syfy is so woke it's no joke. So of course they presented this "Chosen One" recently, an OG 'Maid from the movie, Miranda

This reminds me a bit of the denouement of The Millennium Dome Show. How about you?

Merfucking isn't just for breakfast anymore and it's not just for feminine-identified beings. All you oppressive cisspecies-Drowner-troglodytes can join in as well. At least the ones with desirable genetic profiles. 

Tip: If you have to ask, they probably don't want yours.  

For the subliminal neurolinguistic portion of tonight's entrainment, we have headlines like this, subtly pushing the interspecies-xenogenic meme into your unconscious. Some people need to be very gently nudged into the new paradigm. 

And this little viral newsflash here is another thick slice of Mer-meat on the subliminal sandwich from the menu at the That's Entrainment Bar and Grill. That's the place down at the pier, near the aquarium. Can't miss it.

As is Tony Podesta's favorite sculptor.

And in case you can't recognize longterm, multifaceted psychological conditioning when you see it, read this excerpt from The Australian where Poccinnini explains the "anti-xenophobic" aspect of her art.

Kindred, she says. Where did I hear that phrase before?

Oh, I know, I know; crazy. That's me alright, Mr. Crazybones. Just leaping like Superman from conclusion to conclusion. There's no plan to combine human and sea-creature DNA! It's ridiculous!  Impossible!


Maybe not-so-much crazy.

Oh, but that's just cellular petri dish lab-type stuff. Well, yeah, as far as we know. You learn to walk before you run the Boston Marathon. Incremental change is how things are really done (mostly; there's always "Shock and Awe"). 

"Including transgenic ones"

One baby step at a time so the sheep don't get spooked and before you know it those cheek scrapings they grew your great-grandkids out of will be CRISPRd with manatee DNA, and from there it's all blue water and legions of Merpeople on the horizon.

Unless, of course, people figure out what's actually going on and say "no, we don't want this.  This shit is crazy." 

"Plus, stupid." 

That's really something that needs to be brought into the conversation on these various agendas: Everyone thinks these evil plans you hear about are all crazy, but what if they're also stupid?

Think about it.

So yeah-yeah-yeah, I know this all sounds ridiculous and impossible and whatever. But 2018 would probably have sounded pretty ridiculous and impossible in 1998 too. Maybe in 2008 too.


Endnote: The X-Files subtly alludes to this agenda in its prophetic finale, which rules, is awesome and is not only a zillion times better than the other "My Struggles" (which isn't hard, admittedly) it's more entertaining than the entire tenth season. 

Anyone who disagrees is of course gravely mistaken, but that's OK. I will help show you the error of your ways and bring you out of darkness of error into the light of truth and wisdom.  It's why I'm here. 


  1. This bunch of Sydney school kids is so ahead of the curve: Their creative agency is called Submerged Media. Good on them!


    1. "Ask me about my pussy branding cult" - Ex-Smallville Actress Allison Mack expected to be arrested next. http://artvoice.com

  2. The first actual dialog between two characters in the film mentioned above is:
    GILES (over sirens)
    Did the sirens wake you up?

    1. Giles of course being the goat boy

  3. I’m i and out of your site. So I may have missed it, but I am surprised you didn’t mention the new show they are airing soon on freeform called SIRENS! A show about mermaids!!! They’ve been advertising it on the radio all day!

  4. Thank you Chris.

  5. So I’m sure we all have March 29th marked down on our greg-orion (google) calendars to make sure we Press Play on the hit new Disney series Sirens. The day also marks the beginning of the ever so predicted time window for the ever so slowly but ever so surely falling to earth Chinese space research station. Speaking of falling objects, the Lyriad meteors will be coming to a sky near you for real in a few weeks. In case it has already been noted, I do apologize, sorta a newbee, Lyriad meteors will come from the direction of the Lyra constellation. Lyra/lyre also means “harp”, which also happens to be the
    she-fish’s go to instrument. say April 18. This date is synonymous with the hashtag Strayed Away that caught fire on St Patricks Day (harp). Where amongst all the short lived madness, coordinates were realeased to the tune of “they’re coming” that when entered, plotted us smack on top of Mount Shasta of all places. This mountain is well documented for having sacred power and housing sacred beings. Shasta (not the soda) is also a part of the Cascade (definition : a small waterfall, typically one of several that fall in stages down a steep rocky slope) chain of a dozen or so volcanoes that run down our countries west coast. If that’s not enough, the fault region due just west of shastafaria has been acting way up lately, near Oregon border, who are all of a sudden turning from hipster to prepper., and the points due east, by ways of Twin Falls, ID lies our countries first National Park. Yelllow (pearl) stone(s). So I’m not saying anything is coming for sure but if I were to guess when I would say it is very fcuking soon. Chris, think you said chain reaction, szyrgy, recently. Been coming to the same conclusions. One last personal sync as I’ve been studying this...the mid to late April time period is the beginning of Taurus, whose Reddish Orange eye (bullseye) is Aldebaran the follower. This star is easy to find. From the hunters belt, follow its famous 3 star line up and to your right. Kinda in the opposite direction of how to locate Sirius.

    1. And from Aldebaran you keep going and find the Pleiades, the Seven Dwarfs, and from then on you quite literally enter the Twilight Zone.

      I once explained Snow White and Cinderella to a close relative. He said I have a great imagination. Some people just don't get it.

  6. If this was a cyberpunk novel would you rather side with the drowners or the corporate mermaids?

    The drowners totally sound like they have better street drugs and hackers. Queer hackers who dress like Oscar Wilde, who enter a trance state and communicate with a secret clockwork AI on another planet. They might not rule the oceans but the their put downs about the state of underwater interior design are totally devastating. So what if you have to avoid the sub human cannibal gangs and regular raids from the corporates. It’s all part of the adventure.

    On the other hand the mermaids have to work like machines to prove that they have earned the right to leave the salmon farm like slums. Yeah, those mermaids might look nice from afar but do you know how many parasites, worms, ticks and other nastys they pick up from that water? I hear that the intern mermaid waters have the water oxygenated for 2 hours a day, to help them work, but delousing is only for real employees.

    1. The Oceans are full of toxic gender-bending plastic garbage,Fukushima radiation and bp oil spill corexit.

    2. Welcome to Hell.GMO Frankenfish have escaped the fish hatcheries in the Pacfic Northwest and are now causing the final extinction of the Wild Salmon.

  7. So, water is memory, a mirror, we are being asked to re-member... After seeing (opening both eyes, we've only been peeping through one) Can we truly FEEL & put back together the story, make a different narrative. Feeling and memory were frozen in ice, it's all coming back now, so fast that it's mighty confusing!

    We are being asked (hit over the head actually 'cause we're so reluctant!) to just notice, feel and let that inform our actions. Some folk would prefer not to look and remember, and certainly that others not see.

    What are human beings if not a shape that water takes when it wants to see and feel, and purposefully act. We don't notice things unless they have a human shape, stick a human face on it, chimera-style... Makes it easier to relate, or freak out! Water takes many shapes.

    Maybe we get out what we put in. In Love.

  8. Man Arrested on Gun Charges was Secret Gov Agent

    News article

    Police Report

    His employment history included working for many government departments/agencies

    He was in the DARPA Subterranean Challenge Roster

    He was subscribed to Stratfor Confidential Intelligence Services

    1. Great catch!

      To be fair, though, he's probably just another great misunderstood American "businessman" whose innocently stated and noble goals are merely "to help business owners develop a solid foundation and operational strategy so they can be successful." It's all just a mix-up; he only traveled half a country away from home to help American businesses succeed! With guns and gun accessories, of course.

    2. Here's a bit more:


      That side by side pic of the two seems off. Which is to say that woman looks more like a daughter than a "common law wife" (though perhaps they can be the same in Texas).

  9. I'm sure this fad had nothing to do with the merpocalypse.

    Phil won't lend a hand. Maybe a flipper?


  10. Did anyone see the film "The Lure" a few years back?... Lesbian vampire stripper Mermaids ...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-4RqQwsmmA

  11. Cinimod_ofCarthach9:39 AM, March 28, 2018

    Of course water takes shape of the container it is in... hence why all bodies of water are flat on a curved earth.

  12. One thing I forgot to mention ... the restaurant where the mermaid statues were located, in the Bass Pro Pyramid, is called "Uncle BUCK's." Seemingly a nod to Jeff. I could be wrong, of course ...

  13. ... or, just "Meet Siren, the digital human of your (uncanny) dreams." To quote this gleeful story: "The future is going to be wild." https://www.strangerdimensions.com/2018/03/28/meet-siren-the-digital-human-of-your-uncanny-dreams/

  14. Well, symbolically we've already had the 9-11 call, now the 'sirens', all we're missing are the red emergency lights (WWIII?).

    Quite a while ago I had a strange dream being out in space and seeing the entire solar system. An unknown voice told me existence is cyclical and that all that has happened will happen again. I took that as meaning that everything in the universe, even star systems, are revolving from beginning to end and than back to their beginning again - and this was before True Detective's season 1 and the "Time is a flat circle" motto (the original entire Planet of the Apes movie series is also based on this belief). It also made me think of the TV series Fringe and how they couldn't get the inter-dimensional travel machine to work until they unearthed a mechanical piece in South America that was tens of thousands of years old (or something to that effect). This meant that the alternate dimensional world that the Fringe cast traveled to was actually preexisting far in the past.

    Which makes me wonder - is everything we read in various stories of ancient Sumatra, Egypt, or the bible actually us now on our way to repeating what we already have done? The sayings 'history repeats itself' or 'those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it' may have more meaning than we realize. It could be that each repeat version of existence is slightly altered (for whatever existential reason) so that, for example, the Tower of Babel that was somewhere in (I believe) Iraq in the previous version is now in Dubai.

    Who knows?

    1. Time as a spiral, mirrored and fractal - whorls within whorls. Similar things happen over and over at varying scales, over multiple durations... Overlapping, backwards and forwards.

      It's possible that we are experiencing (re-experiencing) echos from our own future and past, intersecting. Time moves through us. We refract it, are the hinge on which the world turns. Collectivley, individually, celluar, molecular...

      There's a tendency after trauma to relive the event, to expect the same outcome each time something triggers the memory, despite wildly different circumstances. Maybe this is an old wound, a world-blasting, spell-casting, wave-making, soul-taking atom splitting scar.

      If we can only feel it, then we can heal it. Though maybe it's in someones interest that we keep looking away, keep picking the scab over and over.

  15. Chris, please let us know when you post on youtube about the x-files.

  16. Forced meme overkill indeed.

    Hope this hasn't been said before, but a related thing I forgot about that I read a few years ago was on the folk etymology of Warsaw, which says the city got its name from a fisherman named Wars and his mermaid lover Sawa, who apparently lived in the Vistula River.

    Just a silly little thought, but this 'mermaid community' knows that mermaids won't have human rights, because mermaids aren't human, right?


    1. I think the question isn't whether mermaids are human, but whether they have souls.

      Human rights aren't enjoyed by all humans, only by humans whose governments choose to respect them. But, at least in theory, all humans have a soul.

    2. Well, actually, Maria, Human Rights are innate. The claim that 'to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men' was a ploy used by the illuminati to harness the inhabitants (to enable an escape from the cycle of rebirth).

      Gullibility is a common failing of homo sapiens, used to the advantage of the cognoscenti.

    3. Soulless chimera mermaids (chimermaids?) do not sound pleasant at all.

      I only said what I did because it was an observation towards a manufactured thing being pushed forward (I wonder how many people are truly for this mermaid stuff). CRISPR is one thing, unforeseen implications are what I was thinking of.

      I always try to keep the darkness of myths in mind, that edge so easily blunted. The fine print matters greatly.


  17. Chris, have you by any chance read the graphic novel "The Wake", by Scott Snyder? it's like the Apocalypse by St. John the Merman.


  18. I'm sure others have mentioned "Westworld", starring Kevin Costner as a gilled human. Predictive programming? Also, I'm picking up on a Piscean vibe. Syncra

    1. Waterworld, surely?

      When you're faced with a 500 metre high tidal wave, your first thought is that you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, the second is to wish you were a mermaid/merman - cos you're about to evolve or sleep with the fishes.

      The Piscean waterbabies are about to have the jug of Aquarius poured all over 'em.

      Interstellar baby! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP3DZadPiMA

    2. Thanks, Zod. Waterworld, yes. (I gotta remember to proofread before I hit publish!)

      Ever since I was a kid I've had tidal wave nightmares, that scene really freaked me out when I fist saw it. Aquarius upon us. Syncra

    3. Unknown 5:18 you are not alone.
      I have been having 'dreams' of HUGE waves overcoming me, sometimes out of nowhere for YEARS!
      Look I spent years surfing in SoCal and have been out in the surf only to have a 2-3 foot day suddenly JACK to waves over 50 feet; ONE 50 foot wave that overcomes me. (in dreamtime; real waves don't appear like that)
      Obviously this is happening to many here if we are experiencing it; for me at LEAST the last 25 years or so. (I'm 54 this year)
      I have experienced a 'former' lifetime where my whole village was wiped out by a huge tsunami; I don't see 'time' the way most do; past/present/future all existing simultaneously.
      Once again; what do we DO with this information?
      WHAT is it trying to tell us; REMIND us of?

    4. Anon11:30, you're being told that this is perfectly natural, and happens twice a great year, and has been happening to h sapiens since we arrived on the planet about 66MYr ago.

      If you don't fancy your chances of surviving a 500m tsunami, find higher ground...

      qv https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aquatic_ape_hypothesis

    5. Zod your certitude would be easier to take if what you write didn't come across as affected.

    6. Quantum states allow no certainty; point well expressed.

  19. Haha! Love your edge, Chris! You called all this bullshit way back when, and should be respected for your foresight and dedication to speaking truth. I wish others were as brave and perceptive. Don't give up the good fight, my man. No matter the struggles it's worth it in the end. Our choices and actions do matter. Integrity is priceless.

  20. So we're all being entrained to submit to our future Mer-overlords? Can I start practising my salute: "What is dead may never die.."

    Chris, you sound somewhat ungrateful - surely the powers that be have all our best interests at heart and are simply preparing us for the post climate change future of rising sea levels. There's no way to escape the inundation and those cosy off planet civilisation plans are taking a while to materialise, so if you can't beat them (the water element, that is) join them. Sounds practical enough to me.

    Thank Cthulhu a new underwater home and exciting new futures for us all are only a gene splice away.

  21. mermaid gear is such a worldwide hit, it aint even funny...

  22. The age of pisces is drawing to a closec Opposite pisces is Virgo. They face each other. What happens when you combine pisces and virgo?

    Look at the clapper at the end as we move into Aquarius.


  23. Delta, aleph, alpha.



  24. I'm getting the idea that every wannabe famous pop musician/band is given the 'deal with the devil' opportunity, per Dr Mabuse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHKm4mLTLs8

    For example, let us consider Bats For Lashes.

    Now where on Earth do they get the idea for an album called 'Two Suns' with tracks 'Siren Song' and 'Pearl's Dream'?

    Presumably, it's "Ok love, yes, we can fix it for you to get rich, but we need to choose the titles of your albums and songs, and have a hand in your lyrics."

    And if they ask why, no doubt they're told "Oh, it's so that a chappie called Chris Knowles can one day write a blog exposing the esoteric synchronicity"

    Incidentally, if you like Elizabeth Fraser, Felt's Primitive Painter's is one of her best cameos.

    1. Incidentally, if anyone watches the Mabuse video you'll see the blatant explanation that the M in the hand is a substitution for the eye in the hand, which ties in with the Hand of Fatima (as pointed out by Maria Rigel), and I'd suggest, the eye of the illuminati... for whom Dr Mabuse is proxy.

    2. Military Industrial Complex.
      The Fourth Reich. (YES that is probably BACKWARDS!)
      The bigger question has not been addressed.
      Pole shift, asteroid impact, volcanic instability, (???)
      A 'Secret SUN' that is, in approximation, 2000AU distance from our own sun, or from 'Earth'(??) placing 'it' at the inner 'ranges' of the Oort cloud just might cause certain stationary bodies to become projectiles headed toward US, and if this is indeed 'cyclical' as has been stated before then it is an obvious possibility that this is happening AGAIN 'NOW'.
      So it really matters not whether you DIE do to the initial impact, or DIE due to the aftermath of such an occurrence right?
      So perhaps this should be looked into, unless of course 'IT' also is just 'Propaganda'!!
      DOOM and GLOOM and all that SHIT!
      The water 'MEME' is as OLD as DIRT; we humans are 70% water ourselves!
      I think we are looking in the wrong direction here; as Chris stated earlier the REAl 'power' is in the 'spirit' world(s).
      Perhaps we should focus attention THERE.

    3. Anon6:36, The Earth is 1AU from The Sun.

      Given the secret sun is roughly 2,000AU from The Sun, and the fact that it has been obscured, I wouldn't rely upon any 'knowledge' concerning the fog of obscurity known as The Oort Cloud.

      Natually, there are going to be comets/asteroids etc. that have not-so-simple orbits about our two suns, and so a mysterious 'Oort cloud' can be used to explain 'the unknown'.

    4. Yes obviously I know what an 'AU' is; my point was to deduce whether your referencing the 'secret sun' from Earth or the Sun; a difference of 93 million miles or so. My original take/understanding of this 'secret sun' was close to this; http://santud007.blogspot.com/2017/05/nemesis-star-theory.html
      This could displace objects in the Oort cloud causing periodic mass extinctions here. Oddly this 'star' has 7 planets; the outermost one is 'Nibiru' the supposed 'homeworld' of the 'Annunaki'.
      It was my understanding that this is the 'Sun' that was worshipped by the Elite of Egypt; 'RA'.
      It is also an obvious possibility that this whole 'story' is just 'propaganda'; 'Ancient Aliens' and that bullshit. (Sitchin was 'agency')
      But the 'Ancient Astronaut' theory does hold merit.
      Lana Corrine Cantrell wrote an amazing book touching on this subject; "The Greatest Story Never Told"

    5. Nemisis, etc. are distractions from the secret sun.

      What's 1AU out of thousands?

      Bear in mind that the symmetric/barycentric orbits of the secret sun+sun system are going to involve greatly changing distances between these two stars throughout the period of a great year.
      See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barycenter#/media/File:Orbit5.gif

      On average, they are roughly about 2,000 AU apart, but they may get as close as 1,500AU, and as far apart as 3,000AU. It all depends on the astrophysics, the precise details of which are known only to the higher echelons. So, for half a great year they move toward each other (and the secret sun appears blue to us) and the other half they move away (secret sun appears red). At the moment the secret sun has just gone through a brief unshifted/white phase, whereafter it is now just beginning to turn blue. This means the secret sun is the furthest away at the moment, small in the sky, like many other stars. When it's closest, in half a great year's time, it will be an unmistakably dominant star in the night sky (from an equatorial zone).

      If there are, or ever were aliens on this planet, then it is us - h sapiens and the mammals we brought with us, to steal the planet from the reptiles. Bear in mind dinosaurs disappeared ~66MYr ago, and earliest evidence of h sapiens is ~50MYr ago.

      All other evidence of 'aliens' will be prior races (genetically engineered or not), and vestiges of previous, advanced, antidiluvian civilisations around 10kBC (as they appeared to our nascent 'rebirthed' ancestors).

      Mankind is now, once again, in that 'shit is about to hit the fan' death/rebirth phase, that happens each time the secret sun and The Sun co-incidentally cross the galatic plane into a differently polarised magnetic field, that turns everything upside down.

      But on a scale of a great year, we don't know which year it'll be, but like predicting the precise day that the first frost of the year will occur on, we can predict it's more or less around now, give or take a decade or so.

    6. Thank you Zod.

    7. Keep an eye on tidings of unusual tides, e.g.



  25. To finish the triad, since we've had blue and red...


  26. Their crappy movie is just more of the drive towards FemPlanet that's been America's top priority the past four decades. To the cheers of pretty much everybody. About 90 percent of your posts are about the same subject. The Controller's agenda sure ain't any puzzle. Never has been, really. 2000 B.C. or tomorrow, it's always the same scam.

    One way or another, me droogs, you and your nasty little planet are going to worship Almighty Woman. And you damn-well best smile while you do it. They'll know if you don't.

  27. "The patriarchal establishment can’t see that. Only the social misfits do —mute janitor, her African-American friend, an aging gay unemployed artist and a Russian enemy of the state."

    Yup. Them Evil White Males, well, they're all the same -- just blind to The Truth. It's because they're Evil did we mention that?

    Only the GoodPeople are capable of understanding Earth's problems, and applying the proper nurturing, caring, inclusive solutions. GoodPeople include Persons of Color, the disabled, and Communists. And all females of course.

    'Patriarchal Establishment' lol. America (and most of the West) has been ruled by women for decades. At least.

    Y'all are gonna be begging for the Hated Patriarchy before this is done.

    1. Don't get over emotional. Notice the man haters don't rag on the guys who put women in burkas? An attack on masculinity is an attack on femininity and visa versa. They love each other and inform one another. There is not one without the other. The battle isn't between male and female, it is against or for them.

    2. lol you cannot be serious.

  28. Chris, keep up the scary good work. Oh, and thank you for reminding me why I quit reading the Herald Leader 20 years ago. Fricking Kentucky!! Put a smile on my face.

  29. What Raj says. You are not my religion but you are the most wildly connected thought experimenter I have ever read and dude I too am a deep believer in this coma novel. I date mine to 12:30 am June 4 2013 when I fell with Tom when he went down. It's been hard and just gets harder to believe a damn thing ever since. If this is my coma I apologize to everyone and I sure can cook up one stunk up coma. I loves ya in my ride.

  30. Aliens speak out against human factory farming? Anyone seen new PETA AD CAMPAIGN and billboards?

  31. This timing seems odd:


    The Few. The Proud. The Mermaid Marines?

  32. Distinct orange clouds of Grigori? Not most reputable source but cosmonauts accounts well documented. https://www.ufoinsight.com/salyut-7-incident-space-hallucinations-watchers/

  33. Chris, I must say I’m a huge fan of your blog and read it every chance I get. I have always felt like the truth is stranger than fiction and you just can’t make this stuff up! The whole thing reeks to high heaven like a fish out of water... As a father of two girls I can tell you there is no shortage of mermaid themes out there from toy dolls to Netflix series to handmade mermaid tails to sleep or snuggle on the couch in while watching said tv shows and even a push for actual swimsuit type tails..(that girl has one I want one too!)... since I’ve been reading this blog it’s hard not to notice! I guess this really is the United States of A-MER-ica, after all! Keep up the very important work!

  34. Everyone- I just want to thank all the commenters and apologize for falling behind on responses recently. It's not because I don't read your posts it's that I've just been really bogged down. I'd also like to thank the people who've been donating as well- I'm way behind on my thank you notes and I sincerely apologize. Hopefully, I'll be back in the game starting next week and hope to dig into some older posts' comments as well. Thank you all again and keep the conversation rolling. Cheers.

    1. today

  35. Lowell is your former neck of the woods, no?

    Along with the transgenic agenda, and running parallel to it, among others, is the "lone gunman," agenda, and it looks like a follow-on operation to the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas operation planned to hit the Boston-based March for Our Lives, was (thank the Lord) botched.


    So, I guess this man is the sort of operative that gets sent out as part of a flexible team that probably doesn't actually know exactly where or when the net op will be. Further, it would seem the company he works for "Ensyme Engineering," is the sort of cut-out they would use to plan and organize the players, fully compartmentalized, so that when a tool like this guy gets busted, the rest of the op is protected. Something tells me our wonderful FBI will not be looking too long or hard at untangling this op. No doubt the next one is already in the making.

  36. Hi Christopher,

    This maybe a bit off topic but had to share you will quickly see why; "Meet the ‘Lady Gaga of Mathematics’ helming France’s AI task force - A spider brooch-wearing mathematician"

    "In view of a world where “artificial intelligence will be everywhere, like electricity,” as Villani has said, becoming a leader in the field is critical for France. Many feel that Europe is already at an enormous disadvantage compared to the US and China and will need to do some Usain Bolt-style sprinting to catch up. For one thing, France and Europe don’t have the data-gathering platforms necessary to fuel machine learning: they lack the power of what the acronym-loving French call GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon)."

    ^^^^Okay technology is great and Science is the New Religion rhetoric we see all the time and you explore in your blog posts. Now lets scroll a little further down that article and we really far into a rabid hole.

    "After winning the Fields Medal, Villani, a self-described “formerly shy” person, took a media training workshop. His large eyes, luminous skin, thin body, and slightly walleyed expression accentuated the impression of speaking to an “extraterrestrial,” as Paris Match once put it."

    ^^^^Hey maybe he's a CRISPR merman merman chimera wrapped in pinkish skin for all we know. That article is certainly filled with metaphors giving the impression that Villani is other than a human being.


  37. Margarito is what's written on his birth certificate and he totally digs that name.
    What me and my family love is golf and I've been doing it for quite
    a while. New Jersey is where his house and he
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  38. Not sure if you've previously included a reference to the 2017 Mattel chimaera toy line - "Enchantimals" - as there's no mermaid, only: Clarita Clownfish, Dolce Dolphin, Jessa Jellyfish, Starling Starfish and Sandella Seahorse.

    Damn, the NLP here gives me a Heebie and at least half of a Jeebie.

    1. Wow, you're so right! A quick scan gets ?-eat a clownfish, touch a dolphin, just a jellyfish and darling starfish.

  39. It really is getting ridiculous. A quick Google News search shows, just this week, an article about actress-singer Lellezinha's new video, where she appears as a mermaid, an article about some douchebros wrapping another dude in his bedsheets and calling him a mermaid on Big Brother, a news report about the Little Mermaid musical that opens this week in São Paulo, and an article about a lady who owns The Siren's Ice Cream Shop. Yes, it's vegan ice cream.

    - Bruno

  40. That reminds me of the 1974 film maudit, The Parallax View. Back then it was considered absurd and corny. Maybe we are just catching up. Recently I re watched The Conversation and it looks like a documentary. The same can be said of many of those 70s paranoid thrillers. No wonder everything is plastic super heroes movies now.

  41. Just read this one the other day. Right out of HuffPo, a guy who had sex with a dolphin is interviewed and gives his thoughts on the 'The Shape of Water'. Absolutely bizarre. In case it has not yet been brought up: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/the-shape-of-water-malcolm-brenner-dolphin-sex_us_5aa17482e4b0e9381c169b7a

  42. Just saw this...https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/sea-nomads-are-first-known-humans-genetically-adapted-to-diving/ar-AAw48Jq?li=BBoPRmx&ocid=mailsignout

  43. What a material of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious familiarity regarding unexpected feelings.