Monday, February 12, 2018

Subterranean Cosmo-Demonic AI Blues

Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality. 

And when I say "your brain," what I really mean is the Cosmo-Demonic intelligence currently rewriting reality using our large hadron colliders and quantum-computing platforms. And maybe your brain a little.

Case in point: Red Gerard, 17, wins Olympic gold at PyeongChang. 

Gerard credits the combined power of 17, the OA, Orange and everyone's favorite, Quasi-Alchemical Sigil, for the win. 

Plus, fez-wearing Plain Tiger. Plus, Stargate. I mean, how could he lose?

Is it just me or does "Red Gerard" sound like a Pirate name? Maybe a Viking.

In other Olympic news, Canadian skater Patrick Chan paid tribute to Boötes when he skated to Jeff Buckley's iconic cover of "Hallelujah." Incidentally, Chan also skated to "December 1963" by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. 

Late December back in '63 was a very special time for Our Lady, who was enjoying her four-month birthday. 

Also on Sunday, we got news on the Vegas' advance recon vessel, OuMuaMua.

From one Dr. Fraser of Queen's University in Belfast.

Whose shield features a Seahorse and the Harp representing Ireland (plus, Lyra).

Reminding us of OuMuaMua's origins in Lyra. Or Vega, specifically.

Speaking of Frasers, Queens University also hosts the Orange Order. 

Ironically, the Battle of the Oranges took place Sunday in the Italian city of Ivrea, an event I'd hadn't heard of before.

In far less festive Orange news, this airliner was brought down outside Moscow, killing 71. Not a glad tiding on the face of it but maybe even more so behind it.

And from this week's edition of First World Problems, a woman flying out of Newark on Spirit Air was forced to flush her emotional support hamster down the plane's toilet.

No, you didn't hallucinate that. I actually said "emotional support hamster."

Kind of a horrible story, actually. Fuck Spirit Air.

Meanwhile in Dubai, world leaders gathered to decide the fate of Artificial Intelligence. 

The options were "submit to AI now or die now."

"Anything goes" for Prime Minister Modi.

What was the occasion? Well, all I can say is that I'm glad all this "new world order" and "one world government" malarkey is just Alex Jones-grade paranoid fantasy, because the secretive meeting was called the "World Government Summit."

Held in Dubai. Where else?

And the secretive World Government has decided: the "next step" is augmenting humans with AI.

Or in the words of warning from the Sibyl, "binding the Pearly to our souls." 

Perhaps it's time we take that warning a little more seriously, eh? 

Several well-known figures were in attendance at the World Government's "secretive meeting," including Cosmos star Neil DeGrasse Tyson. The science-celebrity declared Dubai-- a garish playground for the super-rich, built and maintained by slave labor-- the "city of the future."

Yeah, let's not get too ahead of ourselves, Neal. You don't want those to be the "famous last words" you're best known for.

Dubai is also building a new New Atlantis. I can only imagine the mega-ritual that will be performed for that grand opening, if the one ten years back is any guide.

They've also built another Tower of Babel, just in case something happens to the Burj.

These cats sure like to take chances with their symbolism.

Dubai is also turning the QE2 into a floating hotel and museum.  I guess to give the Saxe-Coburgs a home away from home while they wait for Splashdown.

More Orange, incidentally.

Not to be outdone, the UK will be rebuilding the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Birmingham, a city previously best known for bestowing Black Sabbath and Judas Priest upon a grateful world.

Or maybe that's just another hallucination. 

I mean, rebuilding Babylon? New Atlantis? World Government? That's all wack-a-doodle Fundie conspiracy crap.

This story broke a few days ago; scientists believe (or "want to believe") that an ancient virus may be responsible for human consciousness.

No shit, Sagan. Everyone knows that already.

Yeah, you all knew this was coming. 

Don't get your hopes up yet; this story is actually about a Shape of Water-inspired dildo. They were only kidding about having sex with a fish-man hybrid.

For now, at least. A couple of years from now? 

Well, let's cross that bridge when we come to it.

Meanwhile, Shape of Water "creator" Guillermo Del Toro is out there slathering the media's hungry ears with spoonfuls of politically-correct glop and historically-inept bilge. 

Well played, Guillermo. Now no one will notice you're essentially Harry Knowles with a Mexican accent. #TimesUp will fix their gaze elsewhere.

And best of luck with the lawsuits, by the way. Moving on...

Of course, they're just kidding about swapping out your legs for fins. 

For now, at least. 

I mean, they're still working on immunosuppressive cocktails to overcome issues with transplant rejection. 

They're getting close though. So don't get too attached to your legs quite yet. Just sayin'.

In other predictive programming news, we have the trailer for Stargate: Origins.

I don't know how the fight against Nazis went but I do know that Stargate:Origins wins the fight against quality entertainment by TKO. 
Egads, this entire franchise is like an object lesson in shitting all over a great premise.

Speaking of shitting all over a premise, let's see what NASA is up to these days. 

Funny, I keep seeing "Nazis plan to use the next big volcanic eruption to cool the Earth" when I read that headline.

Because if that isn't a plan some campy old Nazi would hatch in a bad James Bond knockoff TV movie starring James Franciscus, Carol Lynley and Burgess Meredith as Colonel Skarr, then I don't know what is.

Oh, wait. Maybe I'm thinking of something else.

And just because nothing strange whatsoever is going on down in Antarctica, a branch of the Columbian armed forces has decided to establish a permanent base there. 

You know, so their sailors can grab a little R & R. Get some penquin-time in.

Speaking of the prophetic majesty of Our Lady, Nintendo reminded me just how old I actually am when they introduced these new Sirens, Pearl and Marina. If you're Dutch, you may know Pearl as Lorelei.

This is actually a big deal; a number of sites ran with this announcement. It's all part of the Pearl media blitz, which is just picking up speed now. More on that this week.



    two marks, psycho n pedo

    110,000 is colel aleph

    1. Good riddance to the scumbag. Let's hope jailhouse justice prevails.

  2. Check the goat horned mermaid character at Vice’s daily horoscope
    Bonus:Crowned lion ladyof stars and Ariel grain goddess too

    1. Horny mermaids? Don't give Hollywood any idea.

      That's the Cocteau Twins, incidentally- Beauty and the Beast

  3. Another pearly drop this week was Chrysta Bell of The Return of Twin Peaks released a new siren I mean song called Undertow..

    1. For whom the Chrysta Bell/Kristen Bell tolls?

    2. Outstanding work per usual, Darren. Choice synchery.

    3. That new Chrysta song sounds like she's been digging into her Zola Jesus collection.

    4. How about this news story I just came across -
      "A MAN has been arrested as part of the investigation into the disappearance of Pyramid Hill woman Krystal Fraser in 2009.
      Missing Person Squad detectives arrested a 61-year-old Pyramid Hill man this morning."

    5. The disappearance story location, Pyramid Hill, brings to mind that alter-dimension movie Silent Hill and the executioner Pyramid-head.


  5. I hear you buttslam the Stargate series, which did suck upon 'Atlantis' but I don't believe i've ever heard you say anything about the first movie? I liked the movie and used to love Stargate SG-1. Their excuse for having the air force involved was usually 'authenticity'. They always boasted the science was 'real'. i'm aware of the infiltration of virtually all forms of media and entertainment since ages ago but is there something about Stargate, mainly the initial movie that you DO like? or a way this 'made for tv' series should have been treated?

    1. I like the first movie quite a bit but once it became McGyver and His Nutty Alien Chums -- meaning the very first episode of SG1-- I lost interest.

    2. Thanks for reply. I'd practically answered my own question with the mention of a 'made for tv' model.

  6. im sure you dont need to be told about hendricus g loos

  7. & wasn't Dubai (or perhaps the Arabian peninsula) the location for the "machine city" in The Matrix? I guess it will all fall into place when the sex robot uprising occurs. None of that #MeToo nonsense for them. No sir. They're gonna throw down, demonic AI-style.

  8. alex jones? LOL:

  9. "Because if that isn't a plan some campy old Nazi would hatch in a bad James Bond knockoff TV movie starring James Franciscus, Carol Lynley and Burgess Meredith as Colonel Skarr, then I don't know what is."

    Way to go, Chris! You made me blow coffee out my nose (man, it burns!) on that one. I think you and I watched way too much TV back in the '70s. :-)

    So what odds do you give before we see holograms of Pearl Bailey on TV? She was once a U.N. ambassador you'll recall.

    1. You raise a very important issue, 1118. I'll have to check my charts and graphs when I post on the Pearl Apocalypse.

  10. The name Harry Knowles sounds obscene. I'll take Chris' side of the Knowles' family .

    Though I'll drop you for Beyonce.

    1. siren: you decided to dip.
      pearl: naturally sparkling
      heavy: expecting;sacrifice

  11. And So It Begins..."My weird (news) pupils"

    1. That Consciousness is the Prime Director not man-made machines.Last Summer around Solstice many people noticed the sudden appearance of dark (limbal) rings around their Iris.

  12. the Vagus nerve of humanity is being overly stimulated... really enjoy your blog!

    1. Vagus nerve? Now that sounds obscene. Cheers, Anony.

    2. And the plural: Vagi, even more ribald.
      Within perspective of the topic at hand: primary site for current clinical neural implant technology.

  13. Stargates-Wormholes and the Bearded-Serpent Gods of All Major Religions

    1. Always get a nostalgic thrill when I see those Bibliotecapleyades links. Cheers.

  14. So let me guess - Dubai is where all the rich people settle in during the Apocalypse?

    "When robots inevitably take over the world, remember this video," I jokingly wrote at the time.
    Well, now its robots can OPEN UP DOORS.
    In a clip posted to its YouTube channel on Monday, Boston Dynamics showed off a new feature on its dog-like robot, SpotMini, which looks way similar to the killer dog robot from Black Mirror. SpotMini walks up to a door, when suddenly another yellow dog robot with a claw arm on its back emerges.

    The robot then grabs the handle, turns it, and pulls back the door. Using one of its legs, the robot manages to hold open the door as the claw releases the handle and pens the door fully so that the first robot can exit the room.

    Considering Atlas can do backflips, and SpotMini can now open up doors now, the upcoming war against the robots is looking pretty grim

    1. Yeah. You know I had a horrible nightmare about a robot that looked just like that when I was a kid.

  16. One of the newest Q posts:

    Coincidence the Matrix (movie) grew people as a crop, used for energy, and controlled their mind?
    Sound familiar?
    Wonder where they derived that idea from.
    Now comes the 'conspiracy' label.
    Deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes.
    The end won't be for everyone.
    That choice, to know, will be yours.

    Seems to hint at this Cosmo-Demonic AI you've been tracking.

    Assassination attempts on Don Jr.

    And Julian Assange


      Poor Haiti.

    2. Obviously some kind of portal has been activated/opened that is allowing this nonsense.
      And that makes perfect sense; I would survey, inspect, ACTIVATE an area I wished to colonize first.
      And has anyone heard of 'ley lines'?
      An energy vortex point would assist in this.
      I would not be surprised to see that Las Vegas sits where it is BECAUSE of it's vortexual energetic location; area 51 is it's 'neighbor'.
      It would make sense that the 'Vegans' would 'touch down' energetically, before doing so physically.
      The other real possibility is that 'they' have existed here in the past, and are 'coming HOME'.

    3. The white powder thing is pretty scary. I guess the spy-war is getting really nasty behind the scenes.

      And if Enoch et al are to be believed then the Vegas have been here in the past.

    4. White powder mail has been used in the past rather consistently to distract from or drive unpopular political votes under the guise of "protecting our nation." This looks little different. Should be interesting to see who is blamed and what the proposed "solutions" are.

  17. YouTube suggested I have a look see.

    Yea boy!!!!!?

    1. Man, there's a veritable army of Fraserlings out there. Keep 'em coming!

  18. The worlds end - Mermaids, sirens, pearls, dna sucking alien robots that want to assimilate us all and 80s nostalgia all in one clip

    1. wow...^ this clip relates way too much to the last few months at the blog. lol

    2. Hey- predictive programming, baby. It's what keeps that town in clover.

  19. The Colombian Armed Forces are the Americans favorite servants in Latin America, if they are going to Antartica they must be doing it for their masters up north. Colombia (not Columbia) is full of American bases and home to thousands of American GIs. Hell, an American officer used to have an office in the presidential palace! It is American tax payers who supply the Colombian AFs with all their gear and even finance their payroll. For years the top brass of their officers move to DC or Miami after retirement and even get free health care at Walter Reed. As it should be, after all the do Washington's dirty deeds all over the continent, including genocide at home, political killings across borders and training of all sorts of murderous fellow goons. So I can see why to Americans this is all a big joke, like Robin Williams in the 80s cracking about "Colombian Soldier marching powder" and such. We in Latin America who have to
    live under the shadow of such violence every day see things differently. And everyday we ask ourselves when will those who enable that violence, the American people, will face up to their complicity. But that may never happen, after all it is easier to blame some faceless elite for such unsavory things.

    1. So very true. Modern society - especially in the 'first world' is in total denial about all the acts of violence it participates in on a daily basis, directly and indirectly.

      Look at the EU: If you crushed a bug they would be in an uproar. But they have no problem with a place like Gaza, just round the corner, keeping 2 million people in a torture chamber, with no water, electricity or healthcare.

      Unspeakably sad, the hypocrisy of it all.

    2. It's the same here. You hear weeping and moaning and gnashing of teeth every time Trump belches but not a single peep about the Global Death Machine astride the globe like a colossus. I have a good friend from Colombia- he's told me some real horror stories. Sickening really.

  20. I loved both of your last two books and I used to love this crazy ass blog. But it's just gone so off the rails lately. Like you went from reasonable self-aware eccentric curator of the real under-consciousness of humanity, to full-on numerologist schizophrenic. Did something happen? Really? Did anything change in the world so substantially to warrant this? Or is it just a change in You.

    I would like for myself that you screwed your head on straighter than it's been in the last few months. How do you not see how transparent the mental illness is when you relate any random details of the limited subject matter you're interested in in life back to any Elizabeth Frasier song. What are you doing. Even if everything was going along the way you perceive it you're not acting like you're equipped to deal with whatever might come. You're acting like any rambling dummy.

    I guess I'm missing the point. Is this blog a sort of creative writing exercise?

    1. OK, you had me until you let slip that you don't think everything relates back to an Elizabeth Fraser song.

      I mean, that's just flat-out denialism.

      PS: No one cares.

    2. Giggle. I feel this all the time. I share and bamm...nuts you're nuts. One of mbffs says "Ill let you have that one point but can't you just admit you're wrong on everything else." Giggle, tears.

      Its lonely east of the garden in Nod.

  21. You mean 'Columbia', I mean 'COLOMBIA' as it relates to the 'COCAINE' trade?
    Jeez I have a 'sniffle'!
    NASTY ass 'post nasal drip'!

  22. The (admittedly shitty) fork in the embodied(?) dummy hand at around the 11:00 mark made me think of the moment when Whoopi Goldberg, as Whoopi Goldberg, stabbed Q in the hand on an episode of TNG, a violent poetry. Says something like, 'seems human enough to me'.

    Seems that the imperative of the trans-gender movement- self-concept superimposed upon the whole- yields a social order of mandatory auto-update. Figuratively speaking, the digital television transition that started ten or so years back forced into our living rooms, is to the New User Interface as opening two dimensions of gender into a latent universality of sexual expression is to the New User Interface.

    Cross-stitched into the frayed, pilling fabric of humanity. Why bother with coaxing acceptance when you can forcibly integrate, then back-load the conditioning. Shit, you've got me really thinking, man. I feel like something vanquished the Trickster and subverted the probability of chaos- the natural, unfiltered kind. Literally everything you're disseminating for readers' benefit feels manufactured by an algorithm-crunching enemy ur-deity. Though I guess you've already said that.

    Dr. Farrell has put forth some great stuff about quantum entanglement. In short, and to connect with what's known as the consensus reality(stopping short of brain-melting shite about mass hallucination- sounds like mental surrender), quantum entanglement precludes the possibility of influencing past and future events surrounding concrete objects in a temporal toroidal coil.

    I don't think the past as we know it ever happened- or will ever have, if things keep going as they are. All is Googleplex Information and Information Googleplex is All.

    The tyranny of
    Trying to know
    Everything takes
    Over the freedom
    Of the mind
    To find it's own
    Course knowing
    More about less
    Endless long standing
    Let's end all violence
    Farewell to thee
    Sigh when I grin
    Are we fainting off
    The tendrils that
    Siren and there
    My mate and me

    Pull me out
    Pull me out alive
    Pull me out
    Pull me out alive

    Oh take me to
    Cities where all
    The hot spots are
    Inform the institutions
    From the defunct
    Soviet union
    When every arrow
    Will be defined as
    Post war to be
    A bomb college course
    But if the universe
    Is written in a breeze
    You will

    Pull me out
    Pull me out alive
    Pull me out
    Pull me out alive

    Pull me out
    Pull me out alive
    Pull me out
    Pull me out alive

    Thanks for another olive branch and for going the distance, man. Constant reader.

    1. Indeed, CK. And thanks for the Kaki King wisdom.

      Here's the normie version:

  23. After the shirtless Tongan guy made a splash at the Winter Olympics his tiny island was devasted by Cat 4 - 5 Cyclone Gita (Sanskrit for Song; Ballad) causing the Parliment building to collapse and a total power blackout.

    1. Btw how come we see so many of the same faces at these winter olympics that we just saw two years ago at the SUMMER olympics?... Is it commonplace nowadays to be an olympic athlete in swimming AND downhill skiing?

      Sorry, just wondering aloud. Nothing makes sense any more.

  24. Lol @ your reply to Gargamel er Gilgamesh.

    Is this related, I don't know. Maybe you know about it:

    The famous feminist Kate Millett died last September. She has a sister, Mallory. Mallory was a bit actress. Mallory claims Roman Polanski tried to rape her, twice.

    Mallory has written for, and been interviewed on, David Horowitz's In one of these pieces, she recalls hanging out with her sister Kate, in 1969 at a feminist-meetup, and the leader of the group lead this answer-response prayer hoedown:

    ---"Why are we here today?" she asked.
    "To make revolution," they answered.
    "What kind of revolution?" she replied.
    "The Cultural Revolution," they chanted.
    “And how do we make Cultural Revolution?" she demanded.
    "By destroying the American family!" they answered.
    "How do we destroy the family?" she came back.
    "By destroying the American Patriarch," they cried exuberantly.
    "And how do we destroy the American Patriarch?” she replied.
    "By taking away his power!"
    "How do we do that?"
    "By destroying monogamy!" they shouted.
    "How can we destroy monogamy?"

    Their answer left me dumbstruck, breathless, disbelieving my ears. Was I on planet earth? Who were these people?

    "By promoting promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution and homosexuality!" they resounded.-----

    In another piece, she recalls more happy sister-sister memories:

    ---"This was especially true after an incident when I was trapped alone with Kate in an apartment in Sacramento for a week and she did not allow me to sleep for five days as she raged and ranted, eyes rolling in her head, frothing at the mouth and holding chats with “little green men.”---

    Maybe she was just mental though! And besides, why would Ayys want to plant that seed? Oh wait.

  25. Chris has used the word "fusillade". Well, when a "body art" competition in a provincial corner of eastern Europe is "informed" enough to cover the contestants in Neptunes and seahorses and such, I kinda have to agree... Fusillade it is.

  26. Teying to get my head around what business the Columbian Navy has in Antarctica. And who is paying for it.

  27. "Late December back in '63 was a very special time for Our Lady, who was enjoying her four-month birthday."

    Oh. For. Fuck. Sake. Birthdays are celebrated per annum. There is no such thing as a four month birthday, Stretchy McStretcherson.

    1. Yes, because everything in this piece is said with utter po-faced seriousness, Geddy A. Clueson.

  28. She wasn't forced to flush her hamster, she chose to because they wouldn't allow it onboard, not that I believe the story at all.