Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Birth Bag: From Ecto-Genesis to Transgenic Revelation

Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in space

For over 50 years, researchers have been screaming into the wind that a massive conditioning program has been underway in order to acclimate people to UFOs, aliens, exoplanets and the rest of it. According to this line of thinking, this is precisely why we've been carpet-bombed with movies, books, comics, toys and TV shows beating the alien/UFO/AAT drum.

It's a difficult thesis to argue with, given nearly all of the major pop culture franchises have alien DNA somewhere in their genome, either at their cores (Star Trek, X-Files) or at the margins (the Marvel and DC Universes). 

And more often than you'd expect, you see these themes pop up in advertising as well. Pepsi's Super Bowl 49 campaign is one example. 

And Danielle is another.

If there is an alien conditioning program afoot, Danielle proves it's not just an American thing. 

Danielle is a long-form ad for Spain's Christmas Lottery, though you'd never know it if I didn't tell you. You do see Christmas decorations scattered around (including more Garlands than you can shake a pepper tree at) and there is a completely extraneous subplot about the lottery, but the real pitch of the film is selling you on trans-species romance. 

Since 2017 has not only been strip-mining 1997 for memetic gold but doing the same with 1984 (Stranger Things 2, for example), it's no surprise that Danielle raids John Carpenter's fridge for Starman tropes, appropriately gender-switched for the 21st Century.

Danielle kicks off with a very pearly-looking orb zooming through space towards Earth. Or should I say dropping to Earth? 

Your call, Sunners.

We see that this space orb is quite similar to the space orb in Starman, which Carpenter borrowed from the space orb from Wavelength, a 1983 film we've discussed a number of times here.

Once the orb arrives we see that the aliens here are-- plot twist-- non-corporeal light beings. Or being. Or maybe a collective, like a jellyfish colony from space. Or maybe even a Council.

Either way, John Carpenter should probably put in a call with his lawyer. 

Make note the alien pearlies take the shape of a butterfly. A Spangle, perhaps. Or maybe even a Plain Tiger or a Great Spangled Fritillary.

And just to tie all this in with the Never-Ending Ritual, don't forget the open-air altar to the Vegas "Whiteout" art installation at Madison Square (Broadway and 23rd St) in Manhattan. 

Plus, this recent solstice ritual/alien-conditioning combo-platter in California.

Anyway, the little pearlies scan the area until they spot a billboard featuring a wholesome-looking blonde on a billboard, an apparent advertisement for "Steph."*

And sure enough, the pretty blonde is a Vega; a Charlotte Vega. Or as she's known around these parts, "All for That Went to Charlotte Heaven or Las Vega." 

No sooner does our sexy space-siren manifest herself in corporeal form is she slouching towards the city (Madrid?) under a full moon.  She's inexplicably accompanied by a Toto-looking lapdog, playing the Sirius B to her Vega. 

Together they follow the yellow-brick road to Madrid. Or wherever. 

And then Danielle goes from ripping off Starman to ripping off another 1984 classic, Splash!, doing the old "our world through the eyes of an innocent" trope. There she meets an underachieving nebbish (played by Dani Luque), who wouldn't get within twenty feet of a Charlotte Vega in the real world, and sweet alien-human romance blooms. 

Or maybe angel-human love. There's nothing in Danielle to indicate she's actually a space alien as opposed to an angelic being. 

Or a fallen angelic being, for that matter. 

Either way, she's way hotter than the girls Daniel is used to date-raping dating and he falls head over heels in love. Danielle is his spangle-baby.

In fact, Daniel's so smitten with the kooky alien-babe that he doesn't run screaming for an exorcist when Danielle starts conjuring up ectoplasmic puffs of cotton candy in her sleep. Or get angry when she uses up all his monthly data beaming schematics of weapons installations, satellites and power plants to her homeworld.

That's true love.

Danielle then sets about collecting DNA samples from her targets. The Garlands of Christmas lights are helpfully arranged so they resemble double helixes while Danielle begins to suck away the lifeforce of this unsuspecting Troglodyte and Daniel first kiss.

Maybe that's just a little wink to any other kooky alien "flirty fishers" who happen to be watching. 

Daniel and Danielle no sooner exchange fluids than she dumps his broke-ass they get separated, and Danielle morphs into a John Cusack romcom for a spell. 

Then Danielle returns to OuMuaMua her orb to file her reconnaissance reports with the Supreme Vegan Soviet.

Danielle thoughtfully encodes her surveillance profiles into tidy glowing orbs, which are then absorbed by the Vegas.  She seems to have collected data on a number of other unsuspecting Earthlings besides Daniel. 

Probably genetic code for the Vegan bioweapon engineers to perfect their depopulation microbes with. 

Anyway, the Supreme Vega Soviet is scandalized when they learn that these shaved-monkey Terrans still practice pair-bonding and reproduce themselves sexually. 

A heated debate then arises over when they should annihilate all of these savages instead of just most of them. They then decide to table the motion until the Galactic Soviet holds its semi-annual Conclave. 

But after Daniel wins the big Christmas lottery and appears on television, Danielle miraculously bumps into him on the street. Nothing to do with him being a millionaire all of a sudden, certainly.  

Either way, the minimum wage-slave not only gets the space-alien Mata Hari, he gets four-million Euros for Danielle to burn through before she eventually dumps his loser ass for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Or maybe Danielle doesn't give a shit about a bunch of fiat currency that will be rendered worthless once the Vega mothership gets here. We'll have to wait for the sequel to find out.

Danielle makes one last report to OuMuaMua the orb, gloating how stupid and gullible these miserable Terrans are and how easy they'll be to subjugate. 

She doesn't mention how effective the assimilation process has been since the Vegas dumped some of their old, broken equipment on a ranch in New Mexico 70 years prior, but she really doesn't have to. 

I mean, that's self-evident.


The thing that really caught my eye about Danielle are its alarming connections to a subplot in another of my OCD hobby-horses, Kamandi #30. 

Longtime readers need no introduction to this ancient grimoire but if you do, please check out this post, which explains it all

Kamandi #30 has the 'Last Boy on Earth' and his astronaut pal Ben Boxer abducted by a UFO and dropped off in a "sandpit" where an alien is collecting-- or looting-- all of the Earth artifacts it can get its talons on and is feeding them through an interdimensional wormhole or portal.

As to where this sandpit is, that's never specified. But do note the Assyrian Lammasu there, smack dab in the center. 

All of these alien hijinks are place against the backdrop of a war led by the Tiger Empire, which is headquartered in the ruins of Washington, DC. An invasion of gorilla territory is being led by Prince Tuftan, son of the emperor who battled the gorilla forces all the way back in Kamandi #1.

You could say this was Sandpit War II. Or Operation Sandpit Freedom.

At the climax of the story we discover that the alien in question is a ball of sentient energy contained in a suit. The ball then possesses Ben Boxer, turning him into a mindless giant for an issue or so. 

While Operation Sandpit Freedom rages on outside, Kamandi and his former keeper Dr. Canus follow the wormhole alien's (who calls itself "Me") directions on how to use its TARDIS "translator" to create a permanent Earth body for Me. 

The alien chooses Kamandi to model itself after so Dr. Canus hooks him up to some arcane "conversion" gadgetry in the "translator" and flips the switch.

Flips the switch, indeed. 

The alien comes out of the conversion chamber with its new body, which in this case is fully clothed and female. 

Well, female-ish

Let's just say as female as Jack was going to draw a character in his Fauvist period.

At least one journalist raised the issue with Jack, that what we have here is an alien modeling itself after a half-naked, long-haired teenaged boy (who roams around with a rugged astronaut twice his age) and emerging as a woman (give or take), but hey, that's funnybooks for you. You gotta just roll with it.

I should mention though that Kamandi was originally an adult character but DC Editor-in-Chief Carmine Infantino ordered him changed to a teenager. Jack was never big on kid characters, and usually only worked on them when Joe Simon (who was very big on them) or some other writer or editor insisted on it. 

Bonus factoid: Barry Alfonso was the model for Klarion the Witchboy in The Demon.

But I should note that DC revived the long-dormant Kamandi franchise for a mini-series this year, it being 2017 and all. 

DC Tooniverse Executive Producer Bruce Timm supplies the cover art.


Well, since that Kamandi story arose from the same '74-'75 period as OMAC and PKD's 2/3/74 experience and RAW's Sirius Transmissions we gotta expect some heavy prophecy encoded into these yarns and lo and behold, it is.

First off is the creation of literal "birth bags"- artificial wombs presently being used to incubate cloned animals. It's only a matter of time before they're growing people in these things. Or other entities. 

Artificial wombs are old hat, though. Now mind-controlled Nephilim slaves science researchers have claimed to have developed artificial sperm and ova from cloned genetic material.

Of course, it's all for the greater good, you see. I mean, childbirth can be so dangerous and it's murder on a woman's figure, so something has to be done. 

And look at this nice test-tube baby; she's all grown up and has kids of her own. You like nice test-tube-baby ladies, don't you? Sure you do. Everybody does.

Either way, let's look at the latest news from the world of cutting-edge genetic engineering and see if we can't construct a narrative. 

CRISPR trials are beginning in the new year, by which they mean "publicized human trials." They've been working on this stuff for a very long time. 

I mean, where do you think all those homeless people actually go when they disappear?

No, I'm absolutely serious.

And here we go-- scientists are claiming they can go in and eliminate entire chromosomes, just like lines of code from an app. 

Yeah. "Eliminate." Entire chromosomes. 

Eliminate entire chromosomes.

You gotta love that dry British humor: "fears over possible military uses and unintended consequences" with "genetic extinction technologies."

"Possible." "Unintended." ROTFLMAO! 

Oh shit, I'm about to wet myself here. LOL.


And what do they intend to replace the extinct genes and eliminated chromosomes with? 

Well, I guess the sky's the limit, since they also have apparently created a new base pair of nucleotides for DNA. 

Whatever do they need those for, do you think?

Wait-- I think I saw this episode already:

CARPENTER: I've done some work. These are the DNA sequences from the bacteria sample you brought in. You seem to know something about molecular biology. Do you know what you're looking at? 
SCULLY: Yeah, I think those are genes. 
CARPENTER: Right. They're called base pairs. Each pair is made up of something called a nucleotide. Only four nucleotides exist in DNA. Four. And through some miracle of design that we have yet to fathom, every living thing is created out of these four basic building blocks. What you're looking at is a sequence of genes from the bacteria sample. Normally, we'd find no gaps in the sequence. But with these bacteria, we do. 
SCULLY: Why is that? 
CARPENTER: I don't know why. But I tell you, under any other circumstances, my first call would have been to the government. 
SCULLY: What exactly did you find? 
CARPENTER: A fifth and sixth DNA nucleotide. A new base pair. Agent Scully, what are you looking at... it exists nowhere in nature. 
It would have to be, by definition... extraterrestrial.

And watch the hell out, because scientists are claiming they already have created new organisms with these new nucleotides. Why, it could be the beginning of a whole new race of Nephilim life form.

And since they're already working on digitizing the DNA of absolutely every form of life on earth you can't help but wonder what they plan on doing with two brand new pairs of nucleotides.

Wait; I think I saw this episode, too: 
Threshold learns that the aliens are attempting to rewrite the DNA of the human race using, in part, an audio signal that somehow alters some people's body chemistry in such a way that they become alien themselves. 
Central to all this is a fractaltriskelion pattern that keeps appearing – in electronic signals, blood, and even the pattern made by city lights. Its significance has yet to be revealed, though Arthur Ramsey interpreted it as representing a DNA pattern in a triple helix formation (like the alien DNA).
What better way to write a triple helix formation than with a sequence that is itself a multiple of three? 

You know, if I were to colonize a planet of total fucking idiots I wouldn't bother to raise a giant army and load it into motherships for an interminable, "are we there yet" trek through the vast, cold distances of open space. 

No, I'd simply beam over all kinds of signals filled with all kinds of scientific information that would brainwash said idiots into recreating my genome on their own stupid planet. Or recombining my DNA with theirs, since it would make it easier to adapt to their biosphere.

Not to mention beaming over the schematics for my quantum AIs to run everything for them and get their dumbass world ready for the big transition.

And since I realized that these idiots were always looking for advanced weapons to kill their idiot neighbors off with, I'd send that information over too. 

I just wouldn't mention that my AIs are programmed to target that technology at getting rid of them, or at least most of them. 

You still need a few around to do all the gruntwork. Plus, to experiment on. 

Crazy notion, isn't it? The flights of fancy of a madman.

Tell me about it. That kind of thing could never happen in reality.

*  Is it my imagination or have I been seeing the 'Stephen' variant of 'Steven' more often than usual lately? 

† The Lamassu also brings to mind the recent PR stunts pulled by "ISIS" in Syria and Baghdad. Stunts that were exposed largely as hoaxes once no one was paying attention anymore. 


  1. You mean like 'rewriting the program' right?
    "AI"; "GOD" revealing itself??
    Sad thing is that "IT" just seeks it's own continuance.
    Oh and 'DNA' is 'programming' itself.
    "I" want/WISH to "BE"!!
    NOTHING to do with "GOD".

    1. Can you clarify this a bit? I'm not sure what you mean.

  2. one of the plot devices in Tom Clancy's "Rainbow Six" is large groups of homeless being abducted to be used as guinea pigs to develop a humanity-destroying (except for the "chosen few", of course) bioweapon. (I can't recall all that much about it since I read it in Jr. High.)


    "All I want in life's a a little bit of love to take the pain away..." (Spiritualized, Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating in Space)

    1. Clancy, like Michael Crichton, died at the age of 66.

  3. I mention that Fraser is married to the drummer from Spiritualized in an earlier post.
    Looking it up now the album "Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating in Space" came out in .......1997
    Spirtualized are a ......space rock band.
    The lead singers name is "J. Spaceman."
    Lots of funny facts.

    The album's title is from the philosophical novel Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder, the context being:

    “Only philosophers embark on this perilous expedition to the outermost reaches of language and existence. Some of them fall off, but others cling on desperately and yell at the people nestling deep in the snug softness, stuffing themselves with delicious food and drink. 'Ladies and Gentlemen,' they yell, 'we are floating in space!' But none of the people down there care.”

    >sophies world

    So this leads us back to a book thats about....a simulated reality


    Sophie Amundsen (Sofie Amundsen in the Norwegian version) is a 14-year-old girl who lives in Norway in the year 1990.

    The book begins with Sophie receiving two messages in her mailbox and a postcard addressed to Hilde Møller Knag. Afterwards, she receives a packet of papers, part of a course in philosophy.

    Sophie, without the knowledge of her mother, becomes the student of an old philosopher, Alberto Knox. Alberto teaches her about the history of philosophy. She gets a substantive and understandable review from the Pre-Socratics to Jean-Paul Sartre. Along with the philosophy lessons, Sophie and Alberto try to outwit the mysterious Albert Knag, who appears to have God-like powers, which Alberto finds quite troubling.

    Sophie and Alberto's entire world is revealed to be a literary construction by Albert Knag as a present for his daughter, Hilde, on her 15th birthday.

    As Albert Knag continues to meddle with Sophie's life, Alberto helps her fight back by teaching her everything he knows about philosophy. Alberto manages to find a plan so that he and Sophie can finally escape Albert's imagination. The "trick" is performed on Midsummer's Eve, after Alberto informs Sophie's mother about everything.

  4. apparently the song named after a book about a simulated reality was featured in the movie vanilla sky.
    Which....is about a simulated reality.


    1. And Vanilla Sky just got "rediscovered" and released in remastered Hi-Def, just in time to join the party.

    2. Lot of Cocteau-connected artists on the soundtrack too. Spiritualized, Jeff Buckley, Sigur Ros, Sinead...

  5. just a note about an earlier entry. i am just now listening to pasulka's interview on radiomisterioso and she says that she loved the foo fighters video, because it "correlated" with her new book "american cosmic" which features valee among other interesting characters. just a pointer for chris. there might be something there worth digging into.

    1. If you could find me a copy of Cyberbiological Studies of the Imaginal Component in the UFO Contact Experience or the Rashke essay that would be quite grand.

  6. No-one plots for half a great year to exterminate humanity, but to thwart such. The pretense otherwise is merely a ruse for misguided echelons (privy to preparations).

    1. In the first place, there is really very little evidence that the plotting has been done for as long as half a great year. Since WWII/Roswell, certainly. Since the beginning of the 20th century, quite possibly. But any references to ancient stuff could well have been added afterwards.

      Secondly, it wouldn't be "exterminating humanity", if humanity was already doomed. It isn't like Chris to think that way, but a lot of movies in 2017 are dropping that sort of hint. Say "Blade Runner 2049". The whole plot revolves around replicants having kids. Why is there suddenly such an interest in replicants being able to have kids? The movie doesn't specify, but the look and feel of Blade Runner's world makes it plain enough: Earth has become a hostile environment to most forms of life, and that probably is beginning to include humans. Or look at "Ragnarok", or "The last Jedi". The plots are clear enough: the end of the world of the main characters, and the future of the little that is left is, at best, uncertain. And they are just a couple of the many doomsday messages that are floating around.

    2. If there are ample clues to be persuaded that a legacy and covenant extends back at least quarter of a great year, then twice that is not much of a stretch.

      Motivation able to persevere down so many generations has to align with genetic programming (species survival/proliferation), not with melodramatic nihilism (even if many can be fooled otherwise).

      How would a eugenicist use mass media to tip-off those they wanted to tip-off - and do so too subtly for anyone else to notice?

    3. Extermination or assimilation by a colonizing force? I guess there's no real difference on the ground. But certainly the winds seem to be blowing in that direction.

    4. Sounds like the 'Harvest of humanity' trope, as in Jupiter Ascending [into Virgo?] and Quatermass '79 et alia. It's just a reworking of the eschatological harvest as found in Matthew 3:12, but playing to the xenophobic conceit that Earth & Earthlings are pangalactically special (whilst coincidentally externalising concern - don't fear TPTB, fear the aliens).

  7. 2018 promises an abundance of Sci-fi movies with more of the aforementioned themes. 7 minutes of trailer (mind conditioning) recaps.


    1. That first film "annihilation" reminds me of the Russian story called "stalker"


      There seems to be a running theme in the 2018 movies of false realities.

    2. Of course. These are Gnostic times, after all.

  8. Dark is a German supernatural thriller web series. It is the first German-language Netflix original series. The series was co-created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. Positive and negative comparisons were made to the Netflix series Stranger Things. A second season has already been green-lit by Netflix with production to begin in 2018.
    The disappearance of two young children in the German town of Winden brings light to the fractured relationships, double lives, and the dark past of four families living there, revealing a mystery that spans three generations.
    Even though it has been compared to Twin Peaks, when I was watching it I kept thing of your posts on Wavelenth. It involves a nuclear power plant, a mysterious cave & an underground bunker. There also is a play performed with Ariadne's red thread & the labyrinth as well as that being a theme that runs throughout the series.

    1. I'll watch that if I ever get the time. It's very difficult to watch anything at the moment.

  9. Some funny shit in there, Chris. Makes all the disconcerting weirdness easier to ingest. Thanks.

    1. Well, a spoonful of sugar and all that. Thanks.

  10. The photo of Danielle at the very top - floating in space in the green dress - reminds me of this show that unexpectedly came on TV one night when I was a kid. It was some kind of, I think, public service infotainment/propaganda from Quebec about English-French relations. At some point a man and a woman were floating in space like Danielle is in that picture. I wish I knew what the name of whatever that show was.

  11. Can mermaids ride a square wave?
    You know, we can also imagine being problem-solving-rainbow-bears, as well as omnigendered robo kill babes. We've probably already been both.
    × x ×

    1. Absolutely. I mean, who among us hasn't been an omnigendered robo-bear?

    2. Bjork gave it a go in Hunter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8A9e4Lp0N0

  12. Regarding the popularity of aliens/ ufos another factor to take into account is the lack of imagination of most film producers and screen writers. Even Star Wars was only "created" after Lucas tried and failed to buy the rights to Flash Gordon and Star Trek. Hollywood must be the city with most photocopiers per square foot in the world.

  13. And right on cue, we get a healthy dose of bioweapon FUD from mainstream media:

    "North Korea soldier who defected had immunity to anthrax"


    Get people worked up enough and they'll be begging for "vaccinations".

    Today's special is Cream of CRISPR soup...

    1. Anthrax again. Well, something works you stick with it, I guess.

  14. IHVH has been linked with the 4 DNA nucleotides in the 70's in Hurtak's the Keys of Enoch. Being the ancient text on NFL plays deluxe. It would be interesting to see what 2 "new" letters ascribe to. Adding Shin as Sh to IHVH of course makes IHShVH or Yheshua or Jesus.

    The 22 letters being flame letters (accessing realms via being a synthemata or symbolon of the ancient world, a magical reference deluxe) when they are 18'd in sets of 9's show that the letters QRST make a title, followed by the 5 finals that make MnTZPK or "bride/fruit". Both being the Cosmic honeymoon pair.

    Christian O'brien deals in the flying craft of IHVH and the Annunaki in the "Shining Ones". A great read showing the parallel threads of the Gods, in almost all ancient pantheons, as being up the Theurgic chain. He doesnt deal in theurgy but in reading .. its right there none the less.

    Algis Uzdavinys' "Philosophy as a Rite of Rebirth" lays out the cosmic chain of theurgy and deserves a visit. Being one of the greatest books ever, for real.

    Bodies of light and the theurgic chain make the most sense from a its here, has been here, and is coming to a cosmic fruit ending or "mother moment" for the next phase of the great chain. Man and his new creation are not above the chain of the henadic One .. no matter how "evil". As the words TAV and RA show as per Suares:

    "In fact the translations must have exactly reversed the real sense of these two words. This has caused endless trouble. If the psyche is to awaken to what is real, then it must learn to live with and face up to formulas which bind it to rigid ways of living. The psyche is subconsciously afraid. Afraid to lose its precarious security. It calls its state of fixation good. Above all, it fears to live in uncertainty. But to do so is the condition of openness to all possibilities. Man clings to the known and fears to see what is unknown because then he will have "no place to lay his head." He prefers to build nests, Chinese boxes inside boxes, endlessly. Nests in which he can live in comparative safety, insulated from the hazards of reality. He does not wish to open his eyes and see things as they really are, infinite."

    No rest for the wicked .. that is unless by drowning as apotheosis. Come Lord QRST.

    1. Very interesting. Some new things to ponder. Thanks Eugene.

  15. A crypto 4D chess invasion scenario is creepy creepy, and as usual you have a next-level take.

    Still, though it's obvious that that Big Data - and very probably AI - is the new apex predator, what could we possibly have that an super species could possibly want? My money is on psychic parasite demons from the Ozzy Osborne dimension instead of galactic chess masters.

    This whole series has been outstanding. Thanks.

    1. Yeah, i've been thinking in Carlos Castaneda a lot lately...

    2. Maybe we'll get a little of everything. A demonic buffet. Hard to say. But someone seems to be expecting company soon.

  16. Chris-

    A bit off topic, but your reference to John Carpenter reminded me that I'd been meaning to ask if you had viewed his 1994 gem "In the Mouth of Madness" recently. If not, I would highly recommend it as it seems downright prophetic in the context of many narratives you've been addressing of late.

    The film revolves around a private detective hired by an insurance company to track down a missing horror author known as Sutter Kane. While many parallels are drawn to Stephen King, Kane's fiction is clearly based upon Lovecraft.

    At the onset of the film, the United States (and presumably the rest of the world) is being engulfed by acts of random, mindless violence being committed by his fans. Murders and mass killings are the order of the day. As the private eye sets out to locate Kane, he stumbles upon a small New England town taken directly from Kane's writings and which seemingly did not exist until Kane's fiction brought it to life.

    Kane himself turns out to be in contact with the Old Ones, who appear to have used his fiction to spur a change in our reality. At one point Kane's boasts that more people believe in his work than the Bible.

    What it amounts to is that human beings are going through a kind of "evolution" (more likely a devolution) from which they will emerge as Lovecraftian entities themselves in preparation for the return of the Old Ones. The waves of mass killings are the first stage. Those unable to make the transition are being eliminated while the murders themselves seem to create physical changes in the murderers. All the while Kane's work is creating a bridge between our world and that of the Old Ones, which they will soon slip through.

    Sadly, it seems like everyday the reality of "In the Mouth of Madness" becomes closer to our own reality.


    1. "Do you read Sutter Kane?"

    2. Yes, very weird film. If anyone out there hasn't seen it, check it out. Thanks Recluse.

  17. "It's you" / "It could be you" was the tantilzing exclamation of the lottery here in this blighted land a few years ago, accompanying visuals involved a disembodied hand, 'Who Mourns for Adonais?'-esque, appearing above advert starring lucky one's so as to bless them with access to previously occulted riches. The logo for the lottery is said disembodied-anthropomorphic hand behind which four blue stars, a Lyra-esque body(?), alluringly twinkle suggesting transcendence via the "Hell-ooooooo-oooo" of a Jackpot.

    The plot of 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2', shown here as part of the multi-channel full-spectrum play on the mysteries of christmass, revolves around FooFO spotter Kurt Russell, as 'Ego the Living Planet', (Kirby), seeking to reconfigure the macro-cosmos in his own image through the spore-like seeding clone children, It's planted across the cosmos.

    The legs of that billboard adorning siren's familiar are crossed, helixing, so as to make the feet resemble a mermaid's tale.

    A recent Higherside Chat with Jeanice Barcelo, titled 'The Dark Agenda Behind The Hospital Birth Protocols, from November 14th 2017, details the horrors of sterilised birthing practiced in our hospitals including how the connections between mother & baby are interrupted by modern medical procedures, what will babes in bags connect with? Their artificial wombs? As Demon Seeds what will they seek to further manifest upon us? How much more artificial can we become before we progress ourselves to extinction?

    & on that faked note, is that final image of that which was presented as being 'paris jackson*' from a few years ago? An uncanny clone if not & with such Frasered eyes too, odd that 'paris' & the other two 'jack-sons' who bear absolutely no physical resemblance to either of their supposed parents, or even to one another, have been so readily accepted as progency of 'Captain EO', aka 'The Extra-Terrestial', & cameo star of 'MiB' 2.

    (*There's a 'Paris Las Vegas' casino)

    (& as for 'J. Spaceman', prior to 'Spiritualized' he was one of the 3 of 'Spacemen 3', second album 'The Perfect Prescription'. 'Spiritualized's' 6th album was titled 'Songs in A&E', so 1 + 5 = 6, a twin 6, & 6 is Nine Upside Down)

    KTV (Yuletide Holiday)

    1. Paris has got my attention. There's something off about her, like she's someone's imaginal creation of a human being. Same thing goes for Chris Cornell's kids. It certainly could be good genes but they seem faintly engineered. Cornell had those piercing blue eyes as well.

    2. Did some searching on the interwebs about Paris-Michael's eyes and found a few articles that her make-up artist says Paris has such blue eyes due to a rare genetic condition. Hmm mmm. Name of the condition is not listed.

      Jackson has three kids, but only Michael Joseph Jr. (b. 2/13/97) and Paris-Michael Katherine (b. 4/3/98) were allegedly with Debbie Rowes. Also strange (to me at least) is on Wikipedia it states Paris was born at Spaulding Pain Medical Clinic. A Pain Clinic?

      I always thought Paris looked more like Lisa Marie Presley. Neither kid looks like Michael or Debbie Rowes.

      The Jackson rabbit hole is a weird one.
      Thanks for this article! Got my wheels turning... as usual!

  18. Scully should had said: "I am the government, you idiot!"

  19. Another heart-warming story: We can now genetically shrink humans to 6 inches tall. As glamorized by the new Matt Damon movie, Downsizing. And if you don't like this idea of "modification" - well, fret not my friend, for Plan B is apparently called "selection". Yaay.

    The UK Guardian rag came up with a slew of paid (?) articles on this:


  20. Conditioning? I look at it more like entrainment. Its all about bringing us up to (the desired) speed. As always, your mileage may vary. Or to put it another way, the Breakaway Civilization is giving us a not-so-subtle shove in a certain direction. How did Bowie put it? "Gotta make way for the Homo Superior."

    1. I think entrainment and conditioning are pretty much synonymous, don't you?

  21. And then there's this:

    'Will The Next UFO Disclosure Be “Biological Threats From Outer Space?”'


    It's from Jon Rappoport, so it should probably be taken with several large grains of salt, but none the less it adds another curious blip to the radar screen.

    1. Yes, the space microbes are ready. I'll be getting to that.

  22. Weird, because, My real name is Stephen and I've been seeing Sams everywhere in a certain pattern I've never seen in names before.

    1. It probably doesn't work for actual Stephens. Genetic anomaly, you understand.

  23. Is that Paris Jackson?

  24. dude.
    so much to say.
    remember Mr Burns had so many germs none could get through?
    yea. my thoughts I wish to share with you.
    starving minds at times my friend.
    your intelligence will never end.

    1. That's immunology in a nutshell. Good science there.

    2. You're talking about Stasis ~

      hey cool kidd

      kcor s'tel


  25. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the great post.

    Homeless people disappearing in August/September reminds me of when I moved back to Seattle early January of this year.

    I had moved back to Seattle (having grown up there) in late 2015 and stayed through September 2016, when I decided to go travel in South America. During that time, Seattle’s homeless numbers reached all-time highs - large homeless camps under the Jackson street bridge, pockets here and there throughout downtown, as well as other parts of the city.

    When I came back in January of this year, I was astonished to see that most of it was all gone. The streets were relatively clean again. Whole camps I had seen had vanished.

    I never looked into it and just assumed that the city had gotten tough on the homeless and kicked them out, which is what the police had been doing before, while I was still living there.

    This requires more research but I thought I’d throw it out there in light of what you’re talking about concerning Salt Lake City.


    1. Oh, it's not just Salt Lake, my friend. Do a search on the topic and it will chill you to the bone. Very, very unsettling.

  26. Chris,

    You should look into the PS4 game “Bloodborne.” This post is essentially the plot of the game:

    Mankind uncovers the blood (genetic material) of Lovecraftian Old Ones and begins experimenting with it. Mixing the blood of the Old Ones with humanity creates bizarre hybrids. Some are werewolf-like, some Gray-like. The endgame is that the Old Ones are trying to use humanity to prolong/proliferate the race of the Old Ones.

    Dude, please check this game out.

    1. Oh, I can check out that game in the news headlines every day, Ty. The game is afoot, if you get my meaning.

  27. News today about a yuge lawsuit by several USA cities against the federal system used to run background checks on gun buyers which is run by the... Pentagon. Amazing. Makes you wonder what else they run we are not aware of. Anyone who lived in Latin America in the 70s could tell you how this ends. Not pretty.

    1. Yes, those pesky oversights and all. That let people like Devin Kelley get their psycho mitts on high-powered rifles and kill off some bothersome Kulaks.

      Oversight, you see.

  28. Anyone ever mentioned that MAGA in Spanish is the female form of "magician"? In other words, "Sorceress". This stuff is getting blatant and obvious, no longer "subliminal".

    1. Oh man, you had to tell me that, didn't you? Here we go...

    2. MAGA = Avestan(i.e. Zoroastrian) "Gift", "Reward", "The gift which is given by the deity"
      - Ito, Gikyo. "ON YASNA 51: 16." Orient 23 (1987): 1-21.

    3. Addition: MAGA is also the Zoroastrian gift to the deity(SACRIFICE)- Ito, Gikyo. "ON YASNA 51: 16." Orient 23 (1987): 1-21.

  29. the premise of the spanish ad is reminiscent of the film 'beautiful green/la belle verte'.


    great film. shame nobody makes them like that anymore...

    1. That link kind of took me to nothing in particular. Have another one?

    2. Apologies. Try this one

  30. This is all great stuff, Chris, and very funny. The missing homeless thing reminds me of my teens. There was a place called Cardboard City in the underpasses beneath Waterloo Bridge. It was like something out of a movie. Almost like a self contained underground community. They forced everybody out and now an IMAX cinema sits atop the former site. They claimed everybody was rehoused but that was a lie. Had some frightening experiences there in my youth. Not suggesting anything explicitly sinister happened to them but the way they covered it in the press is not the way it actually went down. Those people were treated like vermin. Always the case with society's most vulnerable. Same thing with the squatters at St Agnes Place in Kennington, my neighbourhood. It was the longest squatted street in all of London, beloved by the local area despite what property companies and the media claimed at the time. Those people with nowhere else to go were banished and the entire street was razed to the ground so they could build more luxury flats that nobody local could afford. Forgive my tangent, Chris, but I've regularly seen people with nothing being treated so imhumanely in my city. And these days it's getting easier to lose everything and end up on the streets, where you become prey. Nothing worse than being utterly stripped of your dignity like that, reduced to less than nothing. Anyways, great work. Keep that light shining, my man.

    1. Oh, I hear you, Raj. It's happening everywhere. These are the most vulnerable, most desperate among us and yet they don't even appear on the social justice radar. The brute fact of the matter is that most of these people are ill and need treatment but as the song goes, "there's no room for the weak." But first we have to overlook the massive machinery instilling illness in people.

  31. Saw an article about a tick that bites you and gives you meat allergies. How blatantly Vegan :)

  32. Any thoughts on the PIXELS movie related to all of this ypu have been writing about?

    Thanks for your posts.

  33. Just watched this, instantly thought of your recent posts, and had to pass it along


    It's a trailer for a "great" new James Cameron movie. Enjoy!

  34. Looks like Spain is in the middle of some extreme weirdness now. Maybe the bad karma of empire building is catching up with them. There was a very strange ufo caper that took place there in the 60s through 80s called the UMMO affair that involved trojan horse tech and a shadowy network of supposed alien agents working undercover in Europe. Back then many thought those aliens came from Langley but still it was interesting, like a mash up of The Invaders and Mission Impossible re-runs. The UMMO mythos snowballed to the point where there arose a cottage industry of magazines and books revealing the Ummites messages and a huge fandom (often compared to Star Trek fans) including many scientists and engineers obsessed with the alien entities. Eventually the whole thing was revealed as a hoax but to this day many loose ends remain. Spooks sure weave a tangled web.

  35. Also, whether or not you've seen Oblivion I really think that it would be worth a watch. There's quite a lot of points in it that run parallel to all your posts recently. I don't want to spoil any of them so I'm purposely leaving it vague.

  36. We're already eating CRISPR food, even if it's USDA "organic"


    “The research community will be very happy with the news,” says Caixia Gao, a plant biologist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences’s Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology in Beijing, who was not involved in developing the mushroom. “I am confident we'll see more gene-edited crops falling outside of regulatory authority.”

  37. chromosomes lolz

  38. Maybe transgenics has been the purpose behind eugenics all along.

    1. You don't have to murder the untermensch when you can have them curing themselves to death. As I keep saying; keep an eye on Autism $peaks, amongst many others.

      Chris - are you going to get back to me about the JRC and ABA in relation to MKO type horrors and wonders?

      I feel awfully sorry for anyone who is encouraged to crispy themselves to fix something like being assigned the wrong sex at birth, and had one too many people go "Ehhh yew carnt change yer chromosomes".

      So much sick shit is done in the name of easing troubles, I hope people have the sense to leave crispykits alone, but that is a far-fetched hope.

    2. As one who is neuro atypical I've had my suspicions about ASD politics. It's a legitimate bundle of neuro issues, yet I saw early on the subject is being "steered" in sketchy ways. For instance, no one should trust Sasher-Cohen, if for no other reason that his brother is Borat. More to the point, his well known "test" (often the first encountered by the curious) measures social isolation more than neuro issues. A gay isolated teen from a hardcore Christian family and small town could easily produce a false positive on this test. Which is why I very soon wondered about the "weaponization" of ASD.

      From a legal standpoint the US, if it keeps producing/diagnosing more and more positives, we'll see our legal system disrupted in serious ways. ADA compliance will be big, given the complete lack of ASD accomodations beyond k12 schools (and some college).

      And watch the gun control freaks use this as a hot button to start labeling large swathes of the population as "unfit." This bears watching as a lot of ASDs already present as other-wordly/transhuman "others" which of course ties in with current trends. Certainly we can expect to see high-tech brain interfaces/stimulators/etc being marketed as useful tools for this group as part of the usual nonsense of selling debilitating tech as a benefit to mankind (or, more often, some smaller portion of mankind).

  39. More lame tired ways to sell CRISPR:

    "Won't you think of the chocolate?!?!"


    Note the implied sneer Chris has so correctly noticed in the past; the one here is "well of course we need CRISPR to solve these AGW created problems with such important crops - unless you don't believe in man-made global warming! Your not one of them are you?"

    It's a classic two-fer dodge: sell one falsehood by reinforcing another and use the second to support the first, a virtual circle-jerk of false assumptions we are asked to believe.

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