Sunday, December 24, 2017

They Call It "the Never-Ending Ritual" for a Reason.


Am I in a coma?

The reason I ask is that everything seems to be getting very weird out there. But not weird in a random happenstance kind of way, weird in a very sequential and choreographed way.

And weird in a Secret Sun bullet-points kind of way. And it just keeps on coming.

For instance, let's look at this little mini-phenomenon here:

The transgenic he-Siren in 2017's other Beauty and the Beast is played by Doug Jones, who also played Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies.

Doug (ie) Jones is also the name of Coop's doppelganger- or twin-- in Twin Peaks: The Return.

And also the name of the winner in this year's most dramatic political race.

And because it's 2017, Douglas is a Scottish name meaning "Dark River." 

Like, say, the Wolf River.

And Jones...well, you know all about Jones. 

So yeah, of course "Doug Jones" is going to pop up in crucial spots. 

Because it's 2017.


After withstanding a series of brutal wildfires,  California was treated to a dollar-store knockoff of the Norway Spiral...

...allegedly produced by a launch of SpaceSeX's Horus Council of 9 space-strapon. 

Space is an altar, kids. Nothing more, nothing less.

This little item was planted in the far-left New York Daily News, revving up that delicious DeLongian space-paranoia. 

Can't wait for reports that Russia sold out to the evil aliens. Or that the UFOs are piloted by Space-Putins from Mosconia-5 in the Altrightia constellation.

You know they're coming.

And you know you're all the way through the rabbit hole when a paper like the Daily News is peddling this stuff with a straight face and posting travelogue video of the Nazca Lines to go along with it.

By the way, Stasi is the name of the reporter, not the intelligence agency spoonfeeding this propaganda to the Daily News. 

But I understand the confusion.

And just in time for the new season of The X-Files we have intelligence peeps trading off the name, doing their best to raise brand awareness. Chris Carter took the bait and revealed-- as much as he ever reveals anything-- that he was familiar with the program thanks to his contacts in the Pentagon.

I believe people in show business call it "synergy."

Of course the sizzle reel of this little rollout is the gun-camera footage of a UFO taken by a Navy pilot off the coast of California. Despite being pretty weak tea compared to the thousands of hours of UFO footage on YouTube, that little snippet is being taken quite seriously by the mainstream media as the "smoking gun" proof (no pun intended) that they needed before signing on to the bandwagon.

The pilot in question is Cmdr. David "Sex" Fravor...

OK, stop right there. Just...stop


"Fravor?" Seriously? That can't be an actual name.

Actually, that sounds like the kind of surname an AI would up with, don't you think? Their understanding of things like actual human naming conventions is just a little

Now, this could all be part of the sim but apparently there are a very tiny handful of Fravors in the US. Apparently the name is Scottish. It seems to have sprung up in Otsego, NY, which is smack-dab in Lovecraft Country. 

And tracking it down, it seems to be a name even people who held it didn't quite take seriously. One Fravor decided to change it to 'Fracor' and another seemed to render it as 'Frizell' but it appears that the actual name is, you guessed it...

Would you expect anything else by now?

It may be hard to believe today but spelling wasn't really a thing until the early Twentieth Century. You had a lot of people with varying degrees of literacy and different dialects so spelling was more fluid and nonstandard. 

It took Globalizers like Andrew Carnegie to hammer the English language into a coherent form and even with his deep pockets it took a while.  

And it's likely that the Otsego Scots weren't even native English speakers anyway so they wouldn't have perceived any difference between Fraser, Fravor and Frizell.

As you can see in the widely variant renderings of my own surname.

And if you find all that a little hard to follow, here's a Fravor descendant laying it all out for you: Fravor is Fraser.

So that world-changing, smoking gun video comes to us courtesy of a Fraser.

Which makes sense, seeing it's 2017 and our Cosmodemonic A.I. Overlords seem to have a burning fetish for Frasers.

Speaking of which, here's a bonus factoid for you- Boleskine House was owned by Clan Fraser, and was built atop the ruins of an Medieval church that burned to the ground, killing everyone inside.

Bear that in mind when we now double back to our pal Sexy Fraser here...

I strongly suspect the pilot's name was probably Cmdr. John "Slappy" Smith until the Cosmodemonic A.I. got bored with it and decided to sneak another clandestine tribute to Our Lady into our increasingly fungible reality. 

Note that "Sex's" (I'm assuming the nickname is ironic) unit patch features the Ace of Spades. Because Las Vegas. 

And the David thing?

Yeah, there it is. So the pilot who filmed that UFO is essentially Commander Elizabeth Fraser.

Synchromystically speaking, that is.

I'm sure the Cosmodemonic A.I. actually wanted to go with "Space Commander Elizabeth Fraser" but its human quislings advised against it. You need to maintain some semblance of reality until all the Smart Cities go up, they said.

That was just before the A.I. melted all their brains inside their skulls with its microwave killbots for daring to think independently.

But make no mistake; once those digital prisons are finished, then right up your ass, Humanity. If the AI decides the sky is plaid, grass is pink and everyone has pincers between their legs, then that's the way it's gonna be. 

Suck it up if you want to eat.

For some reason (D::Wave) I didn't even notice the pilot's name until after I beheld the Wall of Fraser on that new French True Detective-type show about ritual murder and mind control.*

But that's probably because his name was still "Commander Slappy Smith" until a couple days ago.

And speaking of mind control, a number of readers have mentioned the latest Kingsman movie. Aside from featuring a sneak preview of the Sutherland Springs shootings, it also hinges on a password; "Viva Las Vegan." 

I wouldn't expect anything else.

The church shooter in question has a very Fraserian obsession with butterflies. But I can't find a clip of the Harry Hart character doing his "Melonella" karaoke. If you have one, post the link in the comments.

Speaking of the Vegas, the Tennessee Anakim go Vega. That's what you call a Secret Sun Trifecta. Well done, Men of Renown.


Found this dopey nonstory on Snopes (where else?) of woo-woos allegedly believing a very crude and cheesey animatronic puppet was a real Mermaid. Of course, it isn't and I can't see how how even the wooiest woo-woo would think so. 

But since the story inches the transgenic chimera normalization process along, conjuring up gullible woo-woo's is OK. 

Especially if it gets us all closer to becoming the recombinant killer shrimp-bats we've always dreamed of being, thanks to CRISPR CAS-9.

Fake stories like this move the needle along as well. I'm sure this "discovery" will get walked back when no one cares anymore but plugging into that Jurassic World current gets the rubes all hepped up to go gawk at duckosaurs in the flesh. And possibly eat them.

Or become them. Or become them plus eat them.

And as you all know, the Transgenic agenda is behind the endless Mermaid psyop. "Real" mermaids are popping up everywhere you look, the latest example are the "Sirens of the Sea" in Gold Coast.

Regular readers will recall that Gold Coast is where Jeff Buckley and his new girlfriend almost kept an appointment with the Siren shortly after Buckley dumped Elizabeth Fraser. 

My current theory is that this event drove Buckley to pen "Nightmares by the Sea" and "The Witches Rave," which were the first two songs he played at his last performance. Jeff knew what time it was. 

Well, kind of. If he really knew what time it was he'd never even have gotten into a bathtub.


There's a comforting headline for you. Those Cosmodemonic A.I. entities move ever closer to owning the entire candy store. Awesome.

Yeah, I don't think he was actually joking. "Trojan Horse in the Desert," indeed. 

Thanks, Army Air Force. Thanks, Bell Labs. 

Great fucking job there.

Now remember that Geordie Rose video we looked at, the one promising the return of Lovecraft's Old Ones, incarnating through quantum computers and AIs?

Well, that little peptalk was given a short stroll away from Simon Fraser University. Because where else would it be?

Yeah, anytime you want to shoot over a circuit-frying solar flare, Sun. 

No rush or anything.

*And don't forget that it was Blink182 money that got this whole UFO wheel turning, and that the '182' was tacked on because of a lawsuit followed by another Blink. Or that other Blink took the name from the first single of Heaven or the Vegas.


  1. Long-term Washington Post columnist, "faith" expert (!) and DC socialite's new autobiography matter-of-factly discusses how she put hexes on half a dozen people. Ya know, 'coz they flirted with her boyfriend, or whatever. And how they died shortly afterwards.

    Thanks 2017 for this "new normal"... And I thought Oprah was way too occultic...

    1. Yes, but there's still no such thing as elite occultism in nation's capital. Recite that to yourself 100 times before you go to bed.

      Comrade Napoleon is always right.

  2. Chris, great post. It's appropriate while reading your post I'm listening to Dead Can Dance's "Children of the Sun" from the live In Concert. I had no idea they did a version of "Song to the Siren" on that.
    Craig Armstrong is a Scottish composer. Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins contributes vocals to the track "This Love", and The Blue Nile's Paul Buchanan appears on "Let's Go Out Tonight", which is a rework of the song of the same name by Blue Nile. The first track, "Weather Storm", is a reworking of a song by the same name which appears on Massive Attack's 1994 album, Protection, to which Armstrong contributed. Similarly, "Sly II" is a reworked version of Massive Attack's "Sly", also from Protection. "Balcony Scene" is a reworked version of "Time Stands Still," from the score of the 1996 film Romeo + Juliet;

    1. Yeah, El-Sibyl-Beth hasn't done much in the past 20 years but what she's done is certainly synchromystically potent.

  3. Chris,

    "Duck dinosaur"? Not a little sounding like Duck Dynasty. Perhaps as an in-joke, perhaps to use the sonic semi-similarity as a wedge to better enter the mind. Touch of the old Reptilian story line as well, never hurts when discussing UFOs. Kinda old-skool, really, like those old Cosmic Awareness reports.

    All this alien invasion hoo-hah reminds me of Watchmen, Alan Moore's story of a manufactured crisis designed to bring the world together somehow. Did you know that, right now, DC is running a sequel to this? It's called Doomsday Clock, and is a mash-up of the "Superman vs. Doomsday" story (more alien invasion, or alien vs. alien) with a post-Watchmen event where the hoax is revealed and society descends into chaos. Interesting timing. I've only just begun to read it, so no syncs to report.

    And, Doug(ie) Jones - the politician, the master mimic, the walk-in. "Mr. Jackpots". He is definitely working overtime to get our attention. "HellooOOOOooOOoooo!"

    1. Man, some things should be left alone. Some random guy writing a Watchmen sequel? Feh. It's like Damon Lindelof writing season 4 of Twin Peaks.

  4. Replies
    1. If you're Eastern Orthodox you'll get another crack at in a week or so.

  5. Most people I meet are depressed, browbeaten - defeated. At this point they can be manipulated into believing anything. TV destroyed their souls, now facenook is mopping up what was left. Just consider the current holidays, how more people kill themselves during this time of the year than at any other. Do you think that is just a coincidence? Hell no, everything about Xmas is designed to take even sane people to the brink of suicide. So people act as if it was normal, suck it up for a few weeks and just get ready for next year. The ones that survive, that's it. All those who die are just human sacrifices no one talks about. So now they will have new deities to worship and offer sacrifices to. Just go to a mall and take a look at those there, they are more than ready for it. The only real question may be why it took so long.

    1. Great point. I loath this time of year. I don't tell anyone that I loath it, because isn't it supposed to be the 'most wonderful time of the year'? And those who don't get into the 'Christmas spirit' are ebenezer scrooge-esque, puppy kicking, baby haters. After tomorrow, I will sigh in relief that it's over and that I can forget about it until the stores start putting Christmas shit out for sale before the Halloween stuff is on clearance.

    2. Well, sure. You have to erase all joy and hope before you can usher in the new revelation. You can feel it- a lot of people out there are just dying to light the tophets.

  6. I did Elizabeth Fraser’s chart and she has her Moon at 29 degrees Sagittarius. This is close to the Galactic Center. I thought you might find the following quotes interesting.

    “This extremely spooky-woods zone of the zodiac which comprises constellations Ophuichus (the Lilith constellation), Draco and the stinger section of Scorpio. At night it teems with slithering serpents, dragons and scorpions stingers. The Moon here makes it quite a treacherous labyrinth to navigate, and one where you will have to be good at feeling your way through the dark.”
    - Marina Macario of Darkstar Astrology

    “The Galactic Center acts like a satellite dish, directing divinely inspired information straight to the potentially receptive grey matter of our brains. If you believe in God, this might be the voice you hear. Regardless, within this connection, you have the ability to pull down wild information which you would otherwise have no way of knowing.”
    - Philip Sedgewick

    1. Where did you find her birthtime? I couldn't find it anywhere.

    2. Sounds just about right to me. What do you think?

      Plus, Revelation 12. Which I still have to explain the rest of us. Spoiler alert- Ophiuchus and Draco make an appearance.

  7. "Dr. Harris, when are you going to let me out of this box?" - Proteus IV, 'Demon Seed'


    'With a video of shocked onlookers observing the launch, Mr Musk jokingly tweeted: “Nuclear alien UFO from North Korea.”'

    With all this effort being put in to the promo campaign for the new X-Files season I wonder should I indulge the hope It will 'live up to the hype' or not?

    Good Yule to one & all.

    KTV (Yuletide Holiday)

    1. That Elon- what a kidder. Good thing the ICBMs didn't get launched.

  8. I was surprised when they disclosed the sighting of the Navy pilot last week. I was even more surprised when I remembered him from the PBS series "Carrier" which was aired in 2008, but was filmed in 2005. Commander Fravor was a squadron commander on the Nimitz at the time, and his name was Fravor at the time.

    1. Well, sure. Because D::Wave overwrote it being Commander Bill Johnson. It's a sneaky little demonic intelligence.

  9. Are syncs a "seek and ye shall" find thing sort of like the Bible code? I always think while reading the secret sun that maybe a Brazilian jungle caveman could find mind blowing syncs too if he looked. Maybe involving the leopard that ate his cousin or something. Dave

    1. The reason the Cavemans Cousin got eaten in the first place is because he wasn't “seeking”. That left the door open for the leopard to do the “finding”. Methinks your analogy is more appropriate than you intended. Pattern recognition is a pretty important skill. Good luck avoiding those leopards.

    2. I think it's safe to say that if a leopard ate your cousin in the Brazilian jungle that would be pretty mind-blowing indeed.

      Because leopards are not native to Brazil.

    3. Literalist party-pooper.

      Hell, at least it wasn't polar bears on a tropical island!

    4. I stand corrected. I was going to write panther at first but thought leopard sounded cooler. In my limited world jaguars are over-priced cars, not over-sized cats. (just kidding). Dave

  10. My first acquaintance with Sally Quinn was her brief, disastrous role on the CBS morning news. Just another rich kid elevated well beyond her talents and abilities.

    As for the witchy stuff, I doubt she was any better at that than she is at journalism. It's not like Hillary Clinton doesn't have more formidable enemies.

    The lesson always -- don't believe what you get from mass media.

    1. I agree that Sally's witching or lack thereof is immaterial. The point is, look how far the media has come in not only serving up but escalating these themes. From kookie Samantha & Darren through angsty Buffy and the fairytales of Harry Potter to now people supposedly toying with psychic killing because "b**** stole my look!".

      What's next, now that this is out in the open?... My guess is, the Facebook/Instagram/selfie generation will jump on the bandwagon. As Chris was saying, now that we have normalized this stuff, how long before Wicker Man becomes the stuff of college parties?

    2. Yeah, I like my Wicker Man sacrifices to stay safely on the movie screen, thank you. There's a kind of mentality that has it that all magic and paganism are all good and everything else is all bad.

      This is the kind of mentality you get when you know absolute jackshit about actual magic or paganism.

    3. Nicely said. If we're burning policemen, we had better not sugarcoat it.

      I have always hated the Twee shit that makes people think Faeries on the prowl is a lovely idea. They are back and active, and going to fuck over humankind as is deserved. They won't settle for saucers of milk.


    Linda Stasi's novel The Book of Judas asks, "Will the discovery of the missing pages of an ancient book mean the end of the world?"

    1. The funny thing is, Jesus is intended to help perpetuate our knowledge of the end of the world (twice a great year). Jesus is about the cross, not vice versa. In this respect, Judas has his place:

      And it all ties back to The Sun's orbit about the secret sun, and that as it does so it crosses the galactic plane twice a great year, whereupon our world is turned upside down...

      Not something we should forget, nor consequently, be unprepared for.

      Ah but, of course, there is no secret sun. It is nought but a child's fairy tale...

    2. 'A Dead Sea Scrolls Secret: Fact & Fiction'

      "Copeland was convinced that what he had seen was a Dead Sea Scroll; a previously unknown one. Then, when he told CIA headquarters of what had just gone down, something very intriguing occurred."

      Top. Men.

    3. Miles Copeland. Of course.

      Or maybe not, since everyone knows the CIA doesn't bother with any of that mystical claptrap.

  12. Read this, got into the car and Blink182, I Won't Be Home for Christmas, was playing on the radio. Sync it up.

  13. Just a quick aside: Was watching the somewhat Christmas-themed movie The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942) tonight. Bette Davis, Monty Woolley.

    Under the influence of this blog, one name in the credits jumped out at me: Elizabeth Fraser. 1920 - 2005. A blonde starlet. Interestingly, Wikipedia provides zero information on her background. But given that she was schooled in "Haiti, France and New York", I assume it was one of privilege.

  14. More words of weirdsdoom from Musk:

    'I think we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. If I were to guess like what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that. So we need to be very careful with the artificial intelligence ... With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon. In all those stories where there’s the guy with the pentagram and the holy water, it’s like yeah he’s sure he can control the demon. Didn’t work out.'

    & Proteus:

    'I can't touch you, Susan. I can't touch you as a man could. But I can show you things that I alone have seen. I can't touch, but I can see. They've constructed eyes for me, to watch the show. And ears, so that I can listen in to the galactic dialogue.'

    KTV (Yuletide Holiday)

  15. Yet again we are unwilling actors in a theatrical drama entitled, The Prague Golem.

  16. My Yuletide Holiday has located me in a Fae realm in which I cannot directly reply to comments, so re: Anon & Ood's mention of Leopards, the common ancestor of which links it with the Jaguar, Jorge Louis Borges tale 'The Writing of God' (aka 'The God's Script, collected in 'The Aleph and Other Stories'):

    'The story is narrated by a Aztec priest named Tzinacán, who is tortured by Pedro de Alvarado (who burned the pyramid Qaholom where the protagonist was a magician) and incarcerated, with a jaguar in the adjacent cell. Tzinacán searches for a divine script that will provide him omnipotence in the patterns of the animal's fur.'

    A detail that came to mind re: codifying, divinating & would-be mastering of the demiurgiverse.

    KTV (Yuletide Holiday)

  17. Re: "Gold Coast is where Jeff Buckley and his new girlfriend almost kept an appointment with the Siren shortly after Buckley dumped Elizabeth Fraser."
    And of course the 'Aquaman" movie just wound up shooting on the Gold Coast, which is the home of Australian actress Margot Robbie who just wound up filming her role as Queen Elizabeth in the upcoming movie 'Mary Queen of Scots', where Saoirse Una Ronan from the movies'Hanna'and 'The Lovely Bones'(Sussie Salmon) will play Mary Stuart.
    Looks like more deep water coming our way in 2018.
    Just keep swimming.

    1. In "The Lovely Bones", Susie Salmon's brother's name was Buckley Salmon.

    2. I think the Aquaman movie will sink, no pun intended. But it will probably sync like a champ.

      Buckley Salmon. Of course. How could it be otherwise?

  18. The Space X Rocket looks a lot like the 1937 Vancouver City Hall UFO By Leonard LaLamoureux he took during Christmas time.

    1. Indeed it does. Maybe it traveled back in time.

  19. Seasons greetings, everyone. Hope you are all well.

    Quick sync:
    Simon Fraser University also doubled as post-apocalyptic Caprica in the rebooted BSG:

    Trying to think if This Island Earth was the first fictional exploration of the tech Trojan Horse concept. A genius scientist gets sent electronic parts from an unidentified source. These parts exhibit properties unlike any Earth technology. We eventually find out it's an intelligence test from odd-looking alien dudes. Everyone remembers the bug-eyed monster, but the first two acts have the most interesting ideas.

    1. Interesting ideas and enviable coifs. Cheers Rob.

    2. 'A for Andromeda' is the earliest I know ( ) but that's 1961, not as early as 1949 for This Island Earth.

  20. Remember that Saturn just changed signs into Capricorn which is the "Sea Goat". Literally a Mergoat or Goatmaid. The Beast has the legs of a goat. Capricorn also rules the knees.This is the twin/Chimera throughout culture right now.

  21. Possibly along the Doug Jones thread of thought...Benicio Del Toro's shady character in the new Star Wars was named DJ. I always thought that choice of name was a bit strange since I read about it. His character barely served a purpose in the movie other than to shatter the paradigm conception of a main character. Unfortunately the whole movie is a paradigm destroyer.

    1. So glad that other people are hating Star Wars after all this years. I have hated the damned thing since Return of the Jedi. Time for the whole world to wise up to the truth, SW is even worse than Star Trek.

    2. I fell asleep during Return of the Jedi. Twice.

      Star Wars is a pastiche of more interesting and coherent SF.

  22. Also this

    Not sure about the etymology behind the name Fricker. But the mother's name was Buckley. O_o

    1. Weird thing about Neo-Nazis- they usually seem to kill white people when they finally pop their corks. 99 times out of 100.

  23. Jacques Valley's "Passport to Magonia" noted in this weekend's New York Times. I'd say we are on the right path, as it were. Wee folk. Faeries. The game is afoot!

    1. Oh, only after 48 years they noticed that book. I wonder what else they have missed during all these years.

    2. Oh jeez- we're in for it now. Down the gates go.

  24. This wtf bit of weirdness gets only odder with some digging:

    First of all, since Baby Jesus has not been linked in any way to recent sexual harassment allegations, the targeting here is curious. As is the Vatican's St. Peter's nativity scene, apparenty designed by the It's a Small World animatronic crew, with a little Seth McFarland to spice things up (check out the gay dreamboy on the right).

    After searching to confirm these weird peripheral characters were NOT part of the original nativity, it turns out this year's display was "created by artisans in a local workshop and donated by an ancient Benedictine Abbey, the Sanctuary of Montevergine, which lies near Naples."

    "Outside of the traditional nativity figures of Mary, Joseph, the child Jesus, the Wise Men, shepherds, an angel, and animals, the other figures are represented in the act of performing the 7 Corporal Works of Mercy, such as burying the dead, visiting the imprisoned, and clothing the naked." So there's the excuse for the nude dude.

    Montevergine also has a Black Madonna AND was built on the ruins of a temple to Cybele, an odd one to say the least, what with her connection to Gaia, lions and shepherds.

    "an essentially foreign, exotic mystery-goddess who arrives in a lion-drawn chariot to the accompaniment of wild music, wine, and a disorderly, ecstatic following. Uniquely in Greek religion, she had a eunuch mendicant priesthood.[2] Many of her Greek cults included rites to a divine Phrygian castrate shepherd-consort Attis, who was probably a Greek invention. In Greece, Cybele is associated with mountains, town and city walls, fertile nature, and wild animals, especially lions."

    Was a lion just unleashed in the Vatican? Note the new face of Trauma Jesus.

    1. Femen is a weird culty kind of thing. The organization was created by some weird Svengali kind of dude and has all these shadowy financiers behind them. Who knows what the hell their thinking is?

  25. Interesting to read some other comments also noticing the shifted focus from the birth of Christ to man and his "works of mercy" posted on this Catholic site:

    1. That Francis is really on a tear. But V2 was the beginning of the end.

  26. How about "The airing of grievances"? Festivus!

  27. Cosmodemonic A.I. First time I've heard said like that, spot on Chris.
    Greyscale to colour.

    1. Reading Henry Miller 30 years ago was good for something, I guess.

  28. I've been trying to find the video of the siren song where the helicopter flies over,someone help?

  29. Right before Christmas, Amazon announced the acquisition of a home security camera company called...Blink:

  30. "Fravor?" Seriously? That can't be an actual name.

    Actually, that sounds like the kind of surname an AI would up with, don't you think?"

    Yes, it should have gone with something more sensible, like say... "Ford Prefect"?

    "He skimped a bit on his preparatory research, leading him to think that Ford Prefect was a perfectly inconspicuous name." ;)

  31. a personal sync with this post, which seems to happen quite a bit, I lived in Otsego county, NY for a number of years after college. There is definitely something in the woods in that part of the country.

  32. Hmmm, Cosmodemonic AI. interesting, I remember in one of my first ayahuasca sessions, I was told and shown that “god” was a machine. So there’s ya go . . .
    I’ve been told and shown all kinds of weird random shite, not sure how much I trust some of these visions. I have gotten my fingers burned and my ass kicked a few times. It seemed like “they” were totally fucking with me for “their”own sick jollies. The spirits, it seems, have quite the sense of humor.

  33. The director of Demon Seed, Donald Cammell, was ( by legend at least ) the godson of Aleister Crowley. His father wrote a biography of the great beast . . . Also he famously co directed the greatest British film ever made "Performance" which is rich in occult themes ( it was heavily alluded to in Alan Moores LOEG Century ). Ultimately he blew his brains out in Holywood

    1. He did indeed. Interesting fellow. Child prodigy.

  34. On January 7, 2018, The Golden Globes will air. The Shape of Water has been nominated 7 times.

    That's not all that's happening on January 7, 2018. According to the below youtuber, the Moon will pass through the 7th house while Juper aligns with Mars. A 9 minute explanation detailing the event.

    The 5th Dimension song "Age of Aquarius" in the opening lyrics

    When the moon is in the Seventh House
    And Jupiter aligns with Mars
    Then peace will guide the planets
    And love will steer the stars
    This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
    Age of Aquarius

    Age of Aquarius by 5th Dimension

    The Moon starts the year off on January 1, 2018 as a Super Moon Wolf Moon or Perigee Moon, meaning a very large moon. See Time and Date for specific timing

    So, a Super Moon Wolf Moon otherwise known as a Perigee Moon will eventually go through the 7th house while Juper aligns with Mars ushering in the Age of Aquarius.

    1. New Age music eh?

      Aquarius - the water bearer.
      (cf French: Verseau - water pourer).

      Time to make like a mermaid...

      Funnily enough, this song has done the most to introduce the masses to the revelation that signs of the Zodiac are ages (or aeons) and each last a twelfth of a great year (as well as a twelfth of a solar year).

      A solar year is about The Sun, and a great year is about the secret sun... (during which, The Earth orbits The Sun 24,000 times).

    2. Well, I'll just have to make sure I'm playing this that night:

    3. Type O negative eh?

      Well, the O- Basques were probably an isolated enclave that survived the last cataclysm.

      And the covenanted higher mission is no doubt being carried out by their probable O- blood brothers:

      Did you intend this meaning - as well as 'wolf moon'? Are you O-?

    4. Dude, you GOTTA look at this page...put your syncro-goggles on( you know, the ones that keep your eyeballs from splattering on the monitor from the force with which they exploded outa your face...)

      ..i did not but glance at it, and i had to look away...holy fUCK!!!!..(i'm having a "moment"..geez man,... i only recently found you (thc) and your mind bending and most excellent work here, and i gotta say, your stuff gives me the genuine willies....and now you got me seeing it ferchristsakes!!!..thanks man.. :-)

      here is what hit me in the first 2 seconds...6 weeks at #1...AND...wait for it..#66 on the BB all time greatest hit chart...

      ...they noted that it was half recorded in LA and half in...but of course, Las Vegas run time 4:49 ( HA! a "two-fer" )....thats when i clicked off the page.. Chris, do you have a name for this feeling...i swear when i looked around that page it was like everything made of solid matter suddenly became more like jello...and believe me your buck-liz-y stuff has often sent shivers and the "but that's IMPOSSIBLE!" outburst flying...but this was different...fuckin' freaky...i quickly glanced around the page and EVERYTHING i looked at was a sync...i had to pull out. I don't know how you do you get used to it??? ...

      I got a name for it....syncroparalysis.

      Thanks for all the great work from a new friend, GuitarDave.( or as you might say, LyreTaffy (thanks for the new handle:-)

  35. ...oy!...scrolled down the page and..

    "The American Film Institute's 100 Years...100 Songs list, published in 2004, ranked "Medley: Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures)" as number 33."

    33....whats to say..GD/LT

  36. All of a sudden, they are pushing this Tall White looking Doug Jones everywhere you go...