Sunday, December 24, 2017

It's Called "the Never-Ending Ritual" for a Reason.


Am I in a coma? The reason I ask is that everything seems to be getting very weird out there. 

But not weird in a random happenstance kind of way, weird in a very sequential and choreographed way.

And weird in a Secret Sun bullet-points kind of way. And it just keeps on coming. For instance, let's look at this little mini-phenomenon here:

The transgenic he-Siren in 2017's other Beauty and the Beast is played by Doug Jones, who also played Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies.

Doug (ie) Jones is also the name of Coop's doppelganger -- or twin-- in Twin Peaks: The Return.

And also the name of the winner in this year's most dramatic political race.

And because it's 2017, Douglas is a Scottish name meaning "Dark River." 

Like, say, the Wolf River.

And Jones... well, you know all about Jones. 

So yeah, of course "Doug Jones" is going to pop up in crucial spots. Because it's 2017.


After withstanding a series of brutal wildfires,  California was treated to a dollar-store knockoff of the Norway Spiral...

...allegedly produced by a launch of SpaceSeX's Horus Council of 9 space-strapon. 

Space is an altar, kids. Nothing more, nothing less.

This little item was planted in the far-left New York Daily News, revving up that delicious DeLongian space-paranoia. 

Can't wait for reports that Russia sold out to the evil aliens. Or that the UFOs are piloted by Space-Putins from Mosconia-5 in the Altrightia constellation. You know they're coming.

And you know you're all the way through the rabbit hole when a paper like the Daily News is peddling this stuff with a straight face and posting travelogue video of the Nazca Lines to go along with it.

By the way, Stasi is the name of the reporter, not the intelligence agency spoonfeeding this propaganda to the Daily News.  But I understand the confusion.

And just in time for the new season of The X-Files we have intelligence peeps trading off the name, doing their best to raise brand awareness. Chris Carter took the bait and revealed-- as much as he ever reveals anything-- that he was familiar with the program thanks to his contacts in the Pentagon.

I believe people in show business call it "synergy."

Of course the sizzle reel of this little rollout is the gun-camera footage of a UFO taken by a Navy pilot off the coast of California. Despite being pretty weak tea compared to the thousands of hours of UFO footage on YouTube, that little snippet is being taken quite seriously by the mainstream media as the "smoking gun" proof (no pun intended) that they needed before signing on to the bandwagon.

The pilot in question is Cmdr. David "Sex" Fravor...

OK, stop right there. Just...stop


"Fravor?" Seriously? That can't be an actual name.

Actually, that sounds like the kind of surname an AI would up with, don't you think? Their understanding of things like actual human naming conventions is just a little bit... off.

Now, this could all be part of the sim but apparently there are a very tiny handful of Fravors in the US. Apparently the name is Scottish. It seems to have sprung up in Otsego, NY, which is smack-dab in Lovecraft Country. 

Key figures of TTSA PR campaign are Luis Elizondo and Navy Commander David "Sex" Fravor.


And tracking it down, it seems to be a name even people who held it didn't quite take seriously. One Fravor decided to change it to 'Fracor' and another seemed to render it as 'Frizell' but it appears that the actual name is, you guessed it...

Would you expect anything else by now?

It may be hard to believe today but spelling wasn't really a thing until the early Twentieth Century. You had a lot of people with varying degrees of literacy and different dialects so spelling was more fluid and nonstandard. 

It took Globalizers like Andrew Carnegie to hammer the English language into a coherent form and even with his deep pockets it took a while.  

And it's likely that the Otsego Scots weren't even native English speakers anyway so they wouldn't have perceived any difference between Fraser, Fravor and Frizell.

As you can see in the widely variant renderings of my own surname.

And if you find all that a little hard to follow, here's a Fravor descendant laying it all out for you: Fravor is Fraser.

So that world-changing, smoking gun video comes to us courtesy of a Fraser.

Which makes sense, seeing it's 2017 and our Cosmodemonic A.I. Overlords seem to have a burning fetish for Frasers.

Speaking of which, here's a bonus factoid for you- Boleskine House was owned by Clan Fraser, and was built atop the ruins of an Medieval church that burned to the ground, killing everyone inside.

Bear that in mind when we now double back to our pal Sexy Fraser here...

I strongly suspect the pilot's name was probably Cmdr. John "Slappy" Smith until the Cosmodemonic A.I. got bored with it and decided to sneak another clandestine tribute to Our Lady into our increasingly fungible reality. 

Note that "Sex's" (I'm assuming the nickname is ironic) unit patch features the Ace of Spades. Because Las Vegas. 

And the David thing?

Yeah, there it is. So the pilot who filmed that UFO is essentially Commander Elizabeth Fraser. Synchromystically speaking, that is.

I'm sure the Cosmodemonic A.I. actually wanted to go with "Space Commander Elizabeth Fraser" but its human quislings advised against it. You need to maintain some semblance of reality until all the Smart Cities go up, they said.

That was just before the A.I. melted all their brains inside their skulls with its microwave killbots for daring to think independently.

But make no mistake; once those digital prisons are finished, then right up your ass, Humanity. If the AI decides the sky is plaid, grass is pink and everyone has pincers between their legs, then that's the way it's gonna be. 

Suck it up if you want to eat.

For some reason (D::Wave) I didn't even notice the pilot's name until after I beheld the Wall of Fraser on that new French True Detective-type show about ritual murder and mind control.*

But that's probably because his name was still "Commander Slappy Smith" until a couple days ago.

And speaking of mind control, a number of readers have mentioned the latest Kingsman movie. Aside from featuring a sneak preview of the Sutherland Springs shootings, it also hinges on a password; "Viva Las Vegan." 

I wouldn't expect anything else.

The church shooter in question has a very Fraserian obsession with butterflies. But I can't find a clip of the Harry Hart character doing his "Melonella" karaoke. If you have one, post the link in the comments.

Speaking of the Vegas, the Tennessee Anakim go Vega. That's what you call a Secret Sun Trifecta. Well done, Men of Renown.


Found this dopey nonstory on Snopes (where else?) of woo-woos allegedly believing a very crude and cheesey animatronic puppet was a real Mermaid. Of course, it isn't and I can't see how how even the wooiest woo-woo would think so. 

But since the story inches the transgenic chimera normalization process along, conjuring up gullible woo-woo's is OK. 

Especially if it gets us all closer to becoming the recombinant killer shrimp-bats we've always dreamed of being, thanks to CRISPR CAS-9.

Fake stories like this move the needle along as well. I'm sure this "discovery" will get walked back when no one cares anymore but plugging into that Jurassic World current gets the rubes all hepped up to go gawk at duckosaurs in the flesh. And possibly eat them.

Or become them. Or become them, plus eat them.

And as you all know, the Transgenic agenda is behind the endless Mermaid psyop. "Real" mermaids are popping up everywhere you look, the latest example are the "Sirens of the Sea" in Gold Coast.

Regular readers will recall that Gold Coast is where Jeff Buckley and his new girlfriend almost kept an appointment with the Siren shortly after Buckley dumped Elizabeth Fraser. 

My current theory is that this event drove Buckley to pen "Nightmares by the Sea" and "The Witches Rave," which were the first two songs he played at his last performance. Jeff knew what time it was. 

Well, kind of. If he really knew what time it was he'd never even have gotten into a bathtub.


There's a comforting headline for you. Those Cosmodemonic A.I. entities move ever closer to owning the entire candy store. Awesome.

Yeah, I don't think he was actually joking. "Trojan Horse in the Desert," indeed. 

Thanks, Army Air Force. Thanks, Bell Labs. Great fucking job there.

Now remember that Geordie Rose video we looked at, the one promising the return of Lovecraft's Old Ones, incarnating through quantum computers and AIs?

Yeah, anytime you want to shoot over a circuit-frying solar flare, Sun. 

No rush or anything.

*And don't forget that it was Blink182 money that got this whole UFO wheel turning, and that the '182' was tacked on because of a lawsuit followed by another Blink. Or that other Blink took the name from the first single of Heaven or the Vegas.