Friday, December 29, 2017

Apocalypse This Week®: "As Easy as Ordering a Pizza"

Apocalypse means "to uncover." From a Gnostic perspective that means to uncover the hidden truth of a sick and fallen world beneath the manufactured reality we're spoon-fed with since birth.

And the truth is that our Archons are working day and night to create a Hell on Earth in which the bulk of humanity-- particularly children-- becomes nothing but chattel and sexual livestock. 

And nowhere are we seeing the Archonic future more than in the places where the new robber barons and buccaneers reign supreme. 

Places like California and Seattle, where the cannibal class gives lip service to whatever social justice dogma oozes like discharge from the think tanks while they impoverish, enslave and rape anyone who stands outside their eco-friendly smart buildings.

Here are some dots for you to connect...

A lot of incredibly stupid and sheltered Millennials are apologists for the new Gilded Agers, having been duped into believing doing so will ultimately be rewarded with a weekly UBI check. Once freed from the tyranny of labor, they can spend all their time working on their Anarchist Macramé or their A-Team slash/porn Tumblrs.

Yeah, that's never going to happen. Ever. I'd recommend these kids start looking for reasonably-priced puptents, primo dumpster sites and a cheap place to get Sterno. Because that's what Silicylon Valley really has in store for you.

Sorry, no jokes for this post. There's nothing to laugh about here.