Friday, December 29, 2017

Apocalypse This Week®: "As Easy as Ordering a Pizza"

Apocalypse means "to uncover." From a Gnostic perspective that means to uncover the hidden truth of a sick and fallen world beneath the manufactured reality we're spoonfed with since birth.

And the truth is that our Archons are working day and night to create a Hell on Earth in which the bulk of humanity-- particularly children-- becomes nothing but chattel and sexual livestock. 

And nowhere are we seeing the Archonic future more than in the places where the new robber barons and buccaneers reign supreme. 

Places like California and Seattle, where the cannibal class gives lip service to whatever social justice dogma oozes like discharge from the think tanks while they impoverish, enslave and rape anyone who stands outside their eco-friendly smart buildings.

Here are some dots for you to connect...

Thanks to SoT for reminder

A lot of incredibly stupid and sheltered Millennials are apologists for the new Gilded Agers, having been duped into believing doing so will ultimately be rewarded with a weekly UBI check. Once freed from the tyranny of labor, they can spend all their time working on their Anarchist Macramé or their A-Team slash/porn Tumblrs.

Yeah, that's never going to happen. Ever. I'd recommend these kids start looking for reasonably-priced puptents, primo dumpster sites and a cheap place to get Sterno. Because that's what Silicylon Valley really has in store for you.

Sorry, no jokes for this post. There's nothing to laugh about here.


  1. I always found it interesting how Californian local politics is dominated by democrats and liberals and yet California has a massive poverty and homeless problem. Its almost like there really isnt a difference between both major parties besides a few social wedge issues.....

    There has actually been a turn against silicon vally, no more ignoring its dark side, journalists being more critical instead of ignoring that guy who made that app uses third world slave labor.....but he says nice things about diversity!

    I was watching this video of a guy flying a drone over skidrow and it was just nothing but homeless people standing around, trash, tents.

    I always wonder what would happen if there were a charismatic homeless guy that formed a hobo cult or was just good at organizing people and formed an army that attacked people or rioted.

    1. The homeless (and junkie) problem is at national disaster levels in Seattle. The city govt soaks taxpayers and nothing improves. The new arrivals (techies only stay a few yrs) vote any and all tax increases out of good intentions. I'm not familiar with Cali as much but I hear similar stories for transplants. They elite here ruin people over bad jokes but could care less if someone gets stabbed by an in insane tweaker.

    2. To be fair, it was Reagan emptying psyche wards and creating Rust Belt to Sun Belt migration that was heavily responsible in the beginning but it is a shameful stain on all political forces in the US...Allowing it to become an acceptable form of existence...

    3. Your opening statement signifies my personal belief.
      To deal with this situation we must first understand the real issue at hand; that we ARE subjected to an archonic control system, designed to literally feed off of your 'divine spark'.
      As Morpheus instructs Neo on his existence being analogous to being a battery, we must understand how our reality uses us in the same way.
      Dark Ecstasy is a real issue and when pain and pleasure are reversed you are dealing with a very sick 'MIND'.
      It is my opinion that our reality itself is 'MIND', so this in some ways is the achilles heel of the archonic control systems; if they are built upon focused intentive thought energy, then??
      Sexual energies provide powerful food for these dark entities; predatory parasites.

    4. People forget that California is mostly rural. Ultra Lib in the cities; Sac,The City,LA. But in the Great Central Valley ( which is the majority of the state) it is conservative.

    5. The reason there's poverty and homelessness in all rich countries, in spite that they are technically solvable, is because in solving them, our current society would collapse. Capitalism needs a pool of unemployed so that almost any new company, or new project within an existing company, can have as much labor as it needs. And a certain level of homelessness is needed so that people have a good incentive to stay employed. It's that simple.

      If you thought it was a coincidence that more Northern countries and cities are more likely to be socialist, now you know otherwise. It's because there's a trade-off between housing the homeless or capitalism, and in Northern places the choice is starker.

    6. @Gregory Lipman
      Yes, you are quite correct about the psyche defunding under Reagan. Still, Seattle has spent billions over the years on the problem and it's still pretty much impossible for police to get a conviction to stick or someone deeply disturbed committed to a facility unless they perpetrate a heinous crime- which of course just means the mentally ill go to prison.

      Most libs in Seattle are opposed to any kind of restrictive law that would require homeless to move to shelter or force the insane into care facilities.

      The city has been a magnet for unmanageable junkies who refuse treatment and simply do not want to stop living on the margins.

      Sadly, they have spent more than enough to house all of them, and even if the housing existed, many of the marginals wouldn't stay in it or become employed after job training, etc.

      It's a much much darker situation than just laid off, homeless workers trying to survive. They are certainly there too, but not nearly even as a major percentage.

    7. "Its almost like there really isnt a difference between both major parties besides a few social wedge issues....."

      They're fake social wedge issues too. The Democrats will never really address race problems or guns any more than the Republicans will ever do anything about abortion. They need those issues to split the electorate.

      California is just a compressed microcosm of the nation.

  2. Seattelite (haha just noticed its similarity to "satellite") here.

    A couple things: you're dead on with the virtue signalling corp zombies. They used to be relegated to the Eastside but have eaten/invaded entire city. The place is an inversion of its former self, culturally speaking.

    Seattle is supposed to be from "Chief Sealth" but personally I think the name is complete invention, as is much of the doctored indigenous history used to promote the city as having authentic pioneer/indian roots.

    The unfortunate hipster/millennial "culture" started here and was exported to NYC, then later L.A. via exodus of young people in early 2000's and Paul Allen's pet vanity radio station KEXP. All this intersectionality-on-steroids (crypto dehumanization) was perfected here by condo-promoting arts rags like the Stranger.

    I'm sorry, America. These smug corp slave kids with their terrible everything was just one more nightmare like Amz and Starbucks that we barfed all over the West.

    1. Hipster culture, rather than just spreading by chance, seemed to me to had been designed and packaged by Madison Avenue and forced down our throats. I always found very odd how "grunge" became a world wide thing in a few months and how, more than twenty years after its supposed death, it still dominates what is left of Rock. Funny because it was grunge that ran Rock to the ground.

    2. Universal Basic income. What a sick joke. Funny thing how the oligarchs masters of money, have brain washed the rest of us to believe that the solution to all our problems is money. So if we all could get our hands on some money everything would be just fine, right? Hey, they might do it, after all they print money so it would not make a damn difference to them. And now they have their own separate e-crypto money so why not give the worthless paper away to the serfs? If money is the solution to everything and the bringer of happiness how come it is the people who have the most of it seem to be so mentally sick?

    3. Merchants of Cool was an early 2000s documentary about the manufacture of teen culture. The rise of Youtube and smartphones make all this stuff 10x easier.

    4. Oh yes, back in the late 90s there were some good exposes of marketing, I will watch it ASAP. Around 2000 a big deal was made of the discovery that the top marketing firms had been hiring for years legions of teens and young adults to infiltrate all the coolest places and music scenes to gather intelligence about upcoming trends and to actually plant the idea that a product was cool among the locals/regulars. As you say, today social media has changed the game completely but maybe they still keep all their agents and undercover crews working under wraps just in case.

    5. Some of that "grunge" is great music. Mother Love Bone, Soundgarden, Layne Staley's pipes. The soundtrack of my 20's.

  3. Childhood disappearances outnumber cancer deaths in the United States.

  4. One detail you may have missed, Chris: Seattle just replaced Mayor Ed Murray after he was accused by 4 (now middle aged) men of sex abuse. Unlikely the city council and his political allies were unaware of his past. The city council did next to nothing as the scandal broke in the spring, until the stink was unbearable. All the while the local liberal power players were nonstop about "resisting Trump".

    These same people, of course, are pushing the #metoo campaign.

  5. The USA was has been built on lies and murder, just like of all of modern states. Too bad most Americans have never been aware of their reality. Now that things are taking a rapid turn for the worst it looks like the majority are in for a rude wake up call from hell. And even then most will still find difficult or impossible to believe what is happening and find other, fellow victims to blame for their disgrace like "wetbacks", "poor whites", "black people", "women" and so on. Any group but the rich who enslaves them, of course. After all the rich give them TV, facebook, hollywood movies and video games so they cant be that bad, right? What is brewing right now will make the great depression look like nothing.

  6. One thing that has always bugged me about sex scandals (and I don't care who they are talking about, whether it's somebody I like or not), is that it's only rarely that you can be certain whether the allegations actually happened or not. I mean, it's generally about things people did behind closed doors. I have no trouble believing in all sorts of sex perverts around (I live fairly close to a town with a thriving sex business, so I have heard it all by now). What I have more trouble with, is believing that those that get accused and tried for it are the worst offenders. Or even that all those accused and tried actually did something wrong to start with.

    And this is just a general comment and I'm definitely not trying to defend Silicon Valley or anyone. I'm just saying: how would you know what's true and what isn't?

    1. Possibly, the ones that are 'outed' are those that said "No, I may be corrupt, but I can't do THAT!", so, they get the consequences of their disobedience...
      Presumably, they figure that being framed/prosecuted for paedophilia (or similar) is better than what they were 'requested' to do.
      Desperate times call for desperate measures - as they say - upon the immanence of the eschaton.

    2. Yes, I would think a lot of the trafficking and abuse is well-organized, and mostly it's the small fish among the perpetrators who gets exposed.

      Whenever yet another "monster" is arrested in a squeaky-clean Austrian village for keeping his daughter locked up in a sex dungeon in the basement, I say to my friends, "you think he was doing all this ALONE?!"...

    3. @Maria Rigel

      In general, I agree with you. Murray was barred by Oregon authorities from having any more foster kids after charged by one in his care back in the 80's. This precipitated his exit from Catholic seminary training if i remember. It's a nasty story and my point is simply that all this was covered up by the Seattle Times in 2008- who knew about these allegations and the Oregon investigation decades ago- therefore preventing voters from making an informed choice.

  7. Thanks, Chris, another tough topic we all need to be aware of. This is what economic decline looks like; ugly and so sad.

    Whatever is prohibited becomes valuable, trade-able, convertible into ca$h. Gay sex and alcohol consumption are two examples of increasing the value by prohibition.
    Legalize a behavior and it loses its monetary value.

    Nevada has had legal adult prostitution since the 1800's probably as a feasibility test.

    My prediction is that adult prostitution will be legalized, regulated, and taxed, with proceeds and law enforcement focusing on decreasing child exploitation.

    Recently in the U.S. we've seen this done with the legalization of marijuana.

    I lived the homeless lifestyle for a couple of years. My heart goes out to all of them. Syncra

  8. Gentrification is a nation-wide problem. I don't doubt that its worse in places like Silicon Valley, Seattle & Portland (or NYC or Boston for that matter). Or that the rich prey on the poor & the helpless, which like Beauty & the Beast is a "tale as old as time". But how many of the missing homeless are simply being non-stop shuffled around, bussed out of one city for another, ie. "be someone else's problem"? Because a lot of that is happening too.


  9. Yeah, whatever else may be coming in this apocalypse I'm just very glad that all this evil sick shit is being dragged into the light of day. It means we might be able to save some children from this whirlwind of horrors. Every kid who manages to avoid such a fate - we should take it as a win. You have a hero's heart, Chris. I'm proud to know you.

  10. Re: "Apocalypse means "to uncover.""
    When I read about companies like Google and the like I just wonder how much they are uncovering about the individual fly walking across their World Wide Web and just what they are doing with all that information we so willingly give up to them?
    Then they present nice little PR pieces like this one I saw this morning on a national news site titled "Can you guess the top Google searches of 2017?"

    Maybe next year the title of the end of year search piece might ask "Can you guess your top Google searches of 2018 and how much we know about you?"

    The more we head away from 1984 the closer it gets with each passing year it seems.

    1. One way to have fun is to mess with their heads by doing searches about widely differing subjects one after the other. Since I have some a-d-d like issues it comes easily to me but anyone can join the party. Like sometimes I will do a ytube search for WW1 in the Balkans search followed by one about 60s garage bands in the Southwest and then the techniques to knit sweaters. The recomended videos column goes nuts, they dont know how to pigeonhole you and start spouting all sorts of nonsense. Because that is all they do, pigeonhole people. Problem is most people are easily pigeonholed or even cherish the idea of being pigeonholed. Just look at facebook.

  11. Last night I actually answered our landline and took a call from a survey - the caller was good and immediately let me know it was to take my opinion on the current state of Portland (Oregon) and I was more than delighted to let them hear what I thought. We are the city sandwiched between the population centers of SF and Seattle. I'm more familiar with the former as I have lived and worked there. It's a corporate/military city: Amazon, Micorsoft, Boeing, Naval, Air Force & Army bases surrounded it. It has a different vibe than Portland which is has Athletic companies and no military bases.

    Anyway the homeless problem here is insane. In 2 years time it has changed dramatically. Trash and campers everywhere. The survey I took was obviously commissioned by the City. Of note was the only solution was to tax businesses or retail sales to pay to house the homeless.

    We thought I'd move to a smaller town nearby in a about 5 years but now we're actively considering adjusting that timeline drastically.

  12. Grim reading, Chris. Am reminded of Victorian England - a country with - at the time - the most powerful military ever, the best scientists & artists, an educated technical class and more wealth generated than at almost any point in history. Yet the conditions for the masses were grim, leading to numerous revolutionary and reform movements. Poor children in particular didn't fare well. Those very same educated elites thought nothing of leaving their nice wives & families at home to pop along to the local bordello where they could rape & abuse youngsters.

    Extract from the wiki bio of reformer & early feminist Josephine Butler:

    "In 1885 Josephine met Florence Soper Booth, the daughter-in-law of William Booth, who founded the Salvation Army. The meeting led to Josephine's involvement in the campaign to expose child prostitution in Britain and its associated trade.[107] Along with Booth and several supporters from the LNA, she persuaded the campaigning editor of The Pall Mall Gazette, William Thomas Stead, to help their cause.[108][109]

    Stead considered the best way to prove that the purchase of young girls for prostitution took place in London, was to buy a girl himself.[110] Josephine introduced him to a former prostitute and brothel owner who was staying in her hostel. In a slum in Marylebone, Stead purchased a 13-year-old girl from her mother for £5, and took her to France.[p] In July 1885 Stead began the publication of a series of articles entitled "The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon", exposing the extent of child prostitution in London."

    Younger kids didn't fare much better, with the rise of 'baby farming' which saw unwanted infants adopted in return for a fee. Many of the infants were seen as an unnecessary expense & eventually done away with.

    The most infamous baby farmer was one Amelia Dyer who killed several hundred tots:

    Of course we Brits are presented with endless quaint costume dramas about the nice side of England in those days with the occasional Jack the Ripper piece thrown in the mix. But in general our establishment worships those times and the downtrodden masses become nameless ciphers and background characters in flattering fictions. Plus ça change.

  13. “As easy as ordering a pizza”

    Sounds like a not-so-subtle reference to pizzagate.

    Concerning Ed Murray’s ouster, I wonder, as with a lot of these scandals, if he was about to push a certain agenda that the powers that be didn’t appreciate, so they decided to pull the plug on him.

  14. It's probably worth noting that, around this time last year, California legalized child prostitution. Of course, they didn't quite phrase it like that: rather, they passed a law that, while it was still illegal to pimp out a minor, and still illegal to have sex with a minor, no one under 18 will be arrested for prostituting themselves, pandering, or loitering for the purpose of prostituting themselves. The reasoning (if you can call it that), was based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds: that these children are in a tough enough spot as it is, and don't deserve to be treated as criminals.

    Of course, this also removes the only opportunity to get them away from their traffickers, or pimps, or get them out of whatever grim circumstances led them to sell themselves in the first place.

    Which, to my way of thinking, is the entire point. I'd wager that anyone that makes it legal to, say, punch a kitten, probably does so in the hope of punching a kitten one day.

    Something people really need to understand is this is not a Left v. Right issue: there's pressure from both the fringe Left and the fringe Right (becoming increasingly normative on both sides) to legalize "sex work", and make it socially acceptable: on the Left, for reasons of female sexual liberation and a woman's right to do whatever she wants to with her body (because nothing says "I'm a liberated woman in control of my own body" like performing whatever sex act a stranger wants for a small amount of money), and on the Right because all financial transactions between even vaguely consenting parties are holy, holy, holy.

    This is all part of the New Feudalism. We're far closer to actually serfdom in this country than most of us imagine in our worst fever dreams. And the Archons are pushing it in a hundred ways. I'm in my early forties. And I dread the near-certainty I have that I'm going to live to see the day when someone in this country actually, truly, legally, owns someone else.

    But you're performing a valuable service here. Before we can stop anything the Archons have planned for us, we have to know what the plan is. Allah knows it can be gut-wrenching. But it's unfortunately necessary. So may God aid you in your endeavor here. And, as always, keep up the stellar work.

  15. As you've noted, Chris, conspiracy theory is deeply rooted in religious fundamentalism, as witness your comments section. But just because many people are religiously paranoid doesn't mean THEY are not out to get them.

    1. Of course, I'll defer to CLK on this, *but*....I have never read him as asserting that conspiracy theorizing is rooted in religious fundamentalism. He *has* written on how the Archons used Christian fundamentalism to get the working class to work against its own interests. And he has written on how the Archons are using Islamic fundamentalism as a tool in the proxy wars in the Middle East (and also as a source of black-market Sumerian/Babylonian artifacts). And he's written on how the Archons seem to be fundamentalists of a religion (or cluster of religions, amongst their different factions) of their own, which we commoners are not privy to. But I honestly cannot recall CLK ever suggesting that conspiracy theories are a product of religious fundamentalism.

      For whatever it's worth: I realized that reality was not what we were being told back in my atheist days, long before my conversion to Islam, and my initiation as a Sufi. And a conspiracy researcher of so great a caliber as the late (and often misunderstood) David McGowan was a very outspoken atheist. My own experience has been that those awake to the true nature of our society are no more or less religious than the general population.

      As for the Archons being out to get us: the Archons don't give a damn what anyone believes, so long as it doesn't get in their way, and acknowledges their superiority. Therefore it's extremely important to them that Christian bakers be forced to bake cakes celebrating gay weddings. Therefore through a large swath of Central Asia, into the Levant, I could go to prison for wearing my beard in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet. Therefore the Israeli government runs taxpayer-funded programs teaching Haredi Jews how to go secular. Not that the Archons care about any of these things in and of itself; but they mandate that we capitulate and acknowledge that they

    2. Apologies that this comment got cut in half. Anyway...

      The people that really run this planet couldn't care less what any of us believe; but they demand that we acknowledge their usurped right to rule in every area of our lives. What they can't abide is any religion (or philosophy; I'm sure that if Epictetus were alive today, he'd get the full David Koresh treatment) that says some part of a human being's life is non-negotiable, and actually tries to *live* that assertion.

      I have no idea how CLK finds time both to post all the information he posts, and reply to so many of the comments he gets; but I'd love to hear his response to the assertion that he thinks all conspiracy theory is a product of religious fundamentalism.

      And, as always, Mr. Knowles, keep up the stellar work.

    3. When did I say that, Khadir? What exactly are you referring to?

    4. I was referring to perros' comment, immediately above my comment here, in which he stated that you hold that conspiracy theories are rooted in religious fundamentalism/religious paranoia (which would seem to be an odd and rather self-defeating argument for a synchronicity/conspiracy researcher to make). I was actually arguing the opposite: that while you've written on how various fundamentalisms have been used as tools by the powers that be, you've *never* written that people believe in conspiracy theory solely because they're paranoid religious fundamentalists. Sorry if I wasn't being clear.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. Well, we're living in a time when everyone has become a religious fundamentalist of some sort. Because communism and social justice and all the rest of it are ten million percent eschatological brainwashing religions, and so many of the adherents to these death cults are former Christian fundamentalists who just changed the description of the people they want to mass-murder. There's no use trying to reason with them.

      And everyone is a conspiracy theorist these days. And everyone thinks the conspiracy theorists they disagree with are all shills. So I guess we're ahead of the curve.

  16. 'For our fight is not against human foes, but against cosmic powers, against the authorities and potentates of this dark world, against the superhuman forces of evil in the heavens.'

    - Ephesians 6:12, NEB.

  17. Hello Chris and everyone on this blog thread,

    Reading this entry and the comments above has me recalling the time I was housemates in the mid 80's with a handful of guys from a neighboring ivy league university. I was a fine art major and wound up in this house for a semester.
    I was steeped in questions and process at the time and my life was radically different than theirs. They were confident, privileged, ultra savvy. Their banter and joking was even some kind of code, as though they simultaneously knew they were destined for success and completely terrified of anything less. They didn't know what to do with me. I was speechless most of the time, because I played by completely different rules.

    The point of describing this experience is: most of these guys went on to be heavy hitters in the venture capitalist and tech world. They've become the masters of how to manipulate and mine big data and emerging decisions about things like AI and Crispr and God knows what else. What was remarkable to me was how profoundly terrified each one of these guys were of their own shadow, truly. I know, I live with them and I saw how un-integrated their fear of failure was in their slick, flawless candor.
    Silicon Valley is partly populated with terrified little boys I am afraid.
    What kind of experience would effectively send them on a journey to grow up? Have they, since that time long ago?
    From the looks of Silicon Valley, I don't think so.

  18. It's definitely a increasing pattern of MK-ULTRA themes and child exploitation being hidden in plain sight is indeed never-ending.

    That "artwork" popped up on one of Tumblr feed and getting a lot of reblogs. Apparently the character from some anime/manga called Black the synopsis is below:

    "The series follows Ciel Phantomhive, a thirteen-year-old boy (as of chapter 14) head of the Phantomhive family, an aristocratic family known as the Queen's Guarddog, and tasked with solving crimes in London's underworld. Ciel has formed a contract with Sebastian Michaelis to seek revenge against those who tortured him and murdered his parents. Sebastian is a demon who has taken on the disguise of a butler, and in exchange for his services he will be allowed to consume Ciel's soul. The series has been licensed by Yen Press in North America and published in Yen Press' August 2009 issue for the magazine's first anniversary."

    A entire psychological dissertation can be written just based on that synopsis. It's also showing once again the Japanese are no slouches when it comes to the trauma-based mind control themes.

    Oh yeah I never got into that series but apparently it's quite popular stateside as well; "Black Butler has sold over 22 million copies worldwide, 6 million outside Japan. Individual volumes alone have done well in weekly polls in Japan, taking several high spots.....The series itself was ranked tenth of the top-selling manga series in Japan during 2009, selling a total of 1,603,197 estimated copies. The series is also quite popular in other countries."

  19. Silicon Valley elites are just acting like good alpha chimpanzees everywhere. The alpha chimp has unlimited sexual access to both women and children until he's beaten up by the other chimps and his penis is torn off and another chimp takes his place. (Not joking much, look it up.) Our brain stems don't know what aeon this is.

    We are chimps with nukes, AI, quantum computing, and biotech. Maybe the aliens are not making contact because they've gone into warp 9 to put as much distance between this place and them as possible.

    1. That's always been my take on true extraterrestrial races capable of faster-than-light interplanetary/interstellar ravel. If they are truly that scientifically advanced beyond our primitive backwater planet then those alien species would have enough sense to leave us alone or at least observe us discretely from a distance.

  20. I’m so tired of the fucking alt right. Please, we have real problems to solve as a country and talking about comic book evil powers doesn’t do shit for anyone. Democrats aren’t Archons and Trump is just an idiot who overachiever.