Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Postcards from Vega and the Starfleet Apocalypse

I think I've seen this episode already... 

Captive animals tend to go a little crazy. Anyone who's been to a zoo has seen animals march around in small circles, cry out at odd moments or display a depressive--if not drugged-out--lethargy. Captive humans can be even worse. But jailkeepers tend to be more effective than most zookeepers at breaking their mavericks.

Welcome to the Black Iron Prison.

Miguel Connor invited me on to his legendary Aeon Byte podcast to explain why I believe Gnosticism is more relevant-- and more widely-held-- than it's ever been. The difference is that it's escaped the shackles of Scripture and dogma--Logos, if you like-- and used the sewer pipes of the Internet to travel into all kinds of undiscovered countries such as the Truther movement. 

In fact, some of the most fervent Gnostics actually see themselves as anti-Gnostic, but only because no one has ever explained what the term actually means.

NOTE: There's a bit of Skype gremlinizing in the middle bit but it clears up. But I did adjust my headset so you don't hear that weird clipping that was making me sound like Dustin from Stranger Things, as one loyal reader put it.

Rune Gordon raves: "It’s like the cheat notes to Chris Knowles. It’s honestly excellent."

Miguel asked where I believed where the Archons were taking us and I explained we are being pulled towards Starfleet Reality, in which a new totalitarian order will rise from the ashes of a manufactured apocalypse. 

Mind you, Starfleet Reality is going to be a lot different from Starfleet Fantasy, like we see on TV. It's going to feel a lot more like the Borg Reality. Or the "Return of the Archons" Reality. 

And yes, this is happening. Our Visitor from Vega is being taken seriously as an alien probe of some kind, something well-familiar to Star Trek fans. 

Will this be the Grand Finale to this most Gnostic of years?

This leads me to lean towards a Yes vote on that question. Keep an eye out for a planet in Lyra or another constellation connected to the Heaven or the Vegas mega-rant.

This doesn't change my mind much, either.

Of course, we can't discount the possibility that all of this is entirely ritualistic, however. It would certainly jibe with the historical record we're all so familiar with.

In that light, I should mention that the shape of this object is not unlike an arrow. And note that Sagitta- the Arrow-- borders Lyra. As well as Cygnus the Swan and Vulpecula the Little Fox.

And also note that the planned sale of 21st Century Fox's entertainment assets to Disney would leave NewsCorp as a much smaller company. 

A little Fox, if you will.

And all of a sudden, Starfleet is everywhere. The (Ruby Star D-) Orville, (Eastern) Star Trek: Discovery, and now no less a luminary than Quentin Tarantino is getting fitted for the Starfleet Blue and Gold.

And you can't talk Star Trek without talking about Esalen. Note that after a series of disasters befalling Big Sur, Esalen has reopened and is now "transformed."

It's now moving from "I" to "We."

And it's now become Risa for the Silicylon Valley elite. Or does that better describe Burning Man?

Or maybe this is where they'll be getting their new marching orders.

And maybe they feel guilty for a reason. Maybe this whole mantra of "disrupting the status quo" (read: "destroying people's livelihoods") and siccing killbots on the Disrupted is a bad thing that they should indeed feel guilty about. 

Maybe the guilty should actually feel, y'know, guilty.

Or are they just following the Starfleet Agenda? This episode of Deep Space Nine- in which the disrupted (read: "former middle class") of San Francisco are rounded up and dumped in concentration camps while the Technocratic Elite hover above it all like postmodern Marie Antoinettes-- seems more and more trenchant with every passing day.

These are Gnostic Times indeed.


  1. In 1973 Scottish astronomer Duncan Lunan published a book about an alien probe from Epsilon Bootis sending messages to Earth. The media picked up the story and a brief furor followed, only to die off after mainstream astronomers denied it. I wonder what Lunan would have to say today. -Mabuse

  2. Oh boy, turns out there was yet another possible alien probe was due in our neighborhood this year, "asteroid" VG 1991. VG... Sounds familiar, isn't? Also "Twinning". -Mabuse

  3. Esalen resembles those clinics ran by quack shrinks that appear in Raymond Chandler detective novels of the 40s, always linked to blackmail, brain washing through drugs and kinky sex. It is as if someone read those books and figured it would be a good idea to create such a place. Or maybe there was already a California tradition of such places by Chandler's time. Hey, it's L.A., they do things differently there.

    1. Esalen's twin, if not Esalen itself, played a gyreing role in the finale of the 'Mad Men' tv series, a show about the moulding of perception via hidden persuader means of deception, conveyed through the machinations of Don "What you call love was invented by guys like me... to sell nylons" Draper as he experiences an all but seven season long dark night of the soul, before he's saved from going somwehere a soul cannot come back from, or perhaps actually being saved/eternal return as trapped in maya?, as the guided meditation he ends the series doing inspires his wish to buy the 'world a coke' & in so doing go back to the way of life that brought him to near-death, It's odd how genii works but perhaps it was fated by that which that like Esalen & Burning Man promises the granting of access to.

  4. Conspiracy theorizing has made Gnostics of us all as we approach the End of Days.

    1. Gnostics were the OG conspiracy theorists one might argue.

    2. It's a foundational notion (gyreing from now desertified lands?) that an other entity has arranged things about us for It's amusement via our suffering.

      Maybe the 'End of Days' isn't approaching It's merely biding It's time awaiting our acknowledgement of the passed Revelation.

  5. In the NAEQ system,
    Oumuamua = 102 = vehicle, monolith, invading, not human, supernal, etc.

  6. As I returned to this post blogspot stated there were five comments, I was nudged back into orbit here after seeing that:

    'David Bowie: The Last Five Years (2018) | Teaser Trailer | HBO' (perhaps that link should end Oumaumau?)

    is trending, is 'beloved' trying to tell us something?

    imdb lists It's having premiered '7th January 2017' Here in the yoo-kay! I don't recall It having done so, so is It 'The Last Five Years' or are we down to 'Four'? Maybe 'The Goblin KIng' has graced us another 'Five' to add to the 'Four', 'Nine' years, or at least those seeking his 'Black Star' ascended grace & favour may be seeking to stretch the remaining time out just a little longer, "That's all we've got".

  7. Nice article as always, I especially enjoyed the part about why silicon technocrats should feel guilty.

  8. These celestial 'discoveries' are trivial distractions compared to the ongoing celestial deceptions, especially concerning the secret sun.
    I gather you've understood it is a binary, but with an imaginary impostor - invented to help explain its movement as 200-300 times more distant than it truly is. This is why you won't find the impostor in any ancient Egyptian, masonic, or gnostic material - unless you are misguided to see it where it is not.

    1. Are you referring to 'Nemesis'?

    2. Interesting, but could you please be less cryptic for those of us new to this releam of research? It would be much appreciated!!

    3. For beginners:
      What is The Sun?
      What is a sun?
      What is a year?
      Why was it once heresy to suggest the Earth orbited the Sun rather than vice versa?
      How could a sun be 'secret'?
      Why would it be 'secret'?
      Perhaps secret for the same reason that heliocentricity was once secret?
      A lot of this understanding can be facilitated by understanding the nature and purpose of the Apollo program.

    4. The Real has numberless shadows, which can be termed Light Globes. Each of these Light Globes has a shadow of its own, which is a Gross (physical/material) world.

      Each Gross world throws its reflection in space, and that each reflection, catching the light from the Light Globes, throws it back on its parent.

      In other words, the reflection itself of every Gross world is its Sun. For example: A lighted lamp casts a shadow, but does not illumine it, unless and until a mirror is properly put in front of it. The mirror, if it is in the correct position, will reflect the light of the lamp on the latter's shadow. Similarly, as a Gross world is but the shadow of a Light Globe, the light of that Light Globe does not fall upon it directly, but is reflected upon it through the mirror of its (the world's) reflection in space. And it goes without saying that just as the shadow of a lighted lamp is bigger than its own body, so every Gross world is bigger than that Light Globe whose shadow it is, and smaller than its own image or Sun.

      Because there are numberless Light Globes, there are numberless worlds, numberless Suns, and also numberless Moons, for what is a Moon but a cooled-down world reflecting the sunlight?

      There is an exception to the rule that every Light Globe has but one shadow. While considering the chief worlds... the seventh world, the three Earths that are A, B and C (the other two, B and C, hidden from us, but connected)... the peculiarity about the seventh world is that it has three parts, each a world in itself, but linked with the others. Another noteworthy peculiarity of it is that all the three Earths of it are the shadows of only one Light Globe, and not of three different Light Globes. Still another equally noteworthy peculiarity of it is that it has, in all, seven Suns.

      According to what has been said above, that one world has only one image, or Sun, the seventh world should have at most three Suns. But this conclusion is not so logical as it seems, and that the seventh world, or rather the three parts of the seventh world have -- and should have -- seven Suns in all, and not merely three.

      The Light Globe throws its light on the Suns (one whole of each) of the A, B, and C parts of the seventh world, in equal proportions, as the above diagram shows. And the three Earths, which make up the seventh world, and which, before receiving the light from their own images, the Suns, were dark, after receiving the light became illuminated as the Suns themselves, and, though not so bright as the Suns, became capable of throwing light on all the images within their ranges.

      It is therefore clear that the B part of the seventh world has not one Sun but two Suns -- one receiving light from the Light Globe, and the other from the A world, or rather the A part of the seventh world. And that the C part of the seventh world has four Suns, for the whole comprising the four receives light from three different sources: one from the Light globe, one from the A part, and two lights from the B part. But, needless to say, the Suns of the B and C parts, each taken individually, are not so big as the single Sun of the A part.

      Owing to their smallness and proximity to each other, the two Suns of the B part appear as one, and the four Suns of the C part also appear to be one.

  9. Split into twins:

    Do we ever learn if the stars align & Christopher Pike makes it to Vega before his delta-ray radiation accident?

    Pike's twinned in 'The Cage' as his flesh & blood Adam to the glamoured Eve of Vina & is later cloned as a tulpa for her. The role of Pike's also twinned as when Jeffrey Hunter didn't return for the role in 'The Menagerie' (a two-part twin of a tale, itself twinned with 'The Cage') Sean Kenney played his doppel, & Bruce Greenwood is a third twin 'Pike' in the first two jj-verse 'Star Trek' movies themselves (bastard-)twins of the prime-verse.

    It's not uncommon for pop-sci articles to be illustrated with some sci-fi referencing photo or two but TOPKEK, or perhaps whatever the equivalent rejoicing is for Thoth/Moonman, or whichever other entity's the cmdr in chief now, to them for the use of 'The Doomsday Machine' photo, this episode of 'ST TOS' features a twin to 'The Enterprise' herself in the form of the 'USS Constellation'... & It's captain, 'Commodore Matt Decker', not only Mirror Mirror's Kirk in the chain of command, & William Windom shows Shatner how to convincingly play a man beside himself without chewing the scenery (perhaps why 'The Shat' delivers so particularly?), but is also twinned with his son 'Willard Decker' who in turn is the twin of Kirk in the sense that prior to the intersteller visitor of 'The Motion Picture', that turns out to orignate from Earth, 'V'Ger', coming to seek It's 'Creator', is the captain of the spacedocked 'USS Enterprise' (the character of 'Will Decker' was also a template for the development of 'Cmdr. William T. Riker' in 'ST:TNG' (the 'T.' of which is another Kirk-twinning, albeit for 'Thomas', not 'Tiberius', ...'Thomas' does mean 'twin' though)) + the doomsday machine Itself is again twinned as a 'V'Ger'-alike Earth-threat as whatever that probe is in 'The Voyage Home'...

  10. ...(the twinuation:)

    However, for all this (in)auspicious T.Winning! I don't want to live in the 'Star Trek' future, as although the twinned-roles of such as 'Picard' & 'Sisko' (& all the other Kirk/Pike twins embodied by the best & brightest stars of the fleet (& TNG, DS9 etc. all being twins of TOS), are subject to levels of Heroes Journey trials (I won't pun here, though I ought as Tribbles twin & twin & twin & twin...) which must surely elevate them as THE Gods of this particular franchise mythos (so when Kirk asks 'What does God need with a starship?' he surely ought to know, especially in light of his 'V'ger'ed' adventures (Shatner was 'the god' of 'The Final Frontier' (no less!) helming It's direction), such arcing isn't fated for the great mass of us, we'll all be anonymous crewmembers - drones residing in dreary clone quarters - 'regeneration' alcoves ('dome/vault/arch') - barely decorated with the odd personal & oddly interchangeable memento (from 'IKEA: TNG'?), perhaps this is why 'The Borg' sought to assimilate The Federation - It's celebrated 'biological and technological distinctiveness' was a twin-image of their own vitality-sapped state of being, hence their attempts to make It 'absorbed into the Body' & as Spock (being a Vulcan = a humanoid-twin (Vulcanoid?) to his human crewmates (& he is 'half human' so the twinning goes on)) states:

    "This is a soulless society, captain. It has no spirit, no spark. All is indeed peace and tranquility – the peace of the factory; the tranquility of the machine; all parts working in unison."

    & this insight coming from someone suppressing their emotions, & one final twin or twin-two, Spock, as the paragon of logic is twinned in 'Archons' with 'Landru' a computer controling the Betans which is a techno-twin of It's creator who died 6,000 years past (& 'beta' = 'the second').

    So whether this density of twinning signifies a clue as to It's fating for humanity to come to experience in a twinning way or not I don't know, the foundational aspect of 'Star Trek' twinned again & again throughout It's own twinnings is that It's a way of living our flesh & blood world could do a lot worse than aspire to embodying, just don't get me started on that 'United Nations', I mean, 'United Federation of Planets' flag, hah! flag... It's not red though... 'RED ALERT'? Ok, I'll stop now.

    1. The foundation this utopian 'UFoP' notion rests upon is that the majority of human beings had to succumb to nuclear fire before humanity's destiny in the stars could be made manifest.

      No thanks!

      (Posting this after the 42nd comment)

  11. "You're in a zoo, man! How do you feel about that?"

    A zoo and far worse than a zoo indeed

  12. Had a weirdo dream last night, ended with a voice saying: "The keys have arrived, Project Blue Book is a go..."

  13. Chris, your insights keep getting even more amazing. It just seems to be getting stranger. Themes you have been talking about for years are all over TV shows and in the news. It's starting to be hard to tell the difference and maybe that is the point.
    Before season three aired, you compared Elliot's journey to Return of the Jedi, and used the word "disintegration" as a keystone for the season. Do you have a similar word and pop culture touchstone in mind for season four?

    Well, I can't go into any of the Star Wars prequels… (Laughs.) It's weird. I think it might still be a continuation of Return of the Jedi. I kind of look at seasons two and three as two halves of the second act of this whole story. As we go into the next season, it's really this reenergized and renewed Elliot with a mission on what he wants to do now and with a clarity we've never seen before. I think that jives with Return of the Jedi.

  14. The Mandela Effect & *17, 71* references have been in several episodes. Back to the Future is also a key part of this year's story in Mr. Robot.

  15. I always look forward to your work. Haven't decided if it's pulling back the veil of maya or tangling a spider's web. Have you seen the promo video for Radeon's latest version of their Vega video card? It's every thing you'd expect from the folks ushering in the world of VR.

  16. Esalen may have been refurbished but the role it has played hasn't changed as SRI is in its DNA.

  17. Interestingly I just discovered that the image of Oumuamua that we are all familiar with is just an artist's depiction. No one knows what this thing actually looks like. The only thing really known is that it is long and flat shaped, and that is about it. As far as anyone knows it could actually look like (be) an actual space craft--not a gigantic flying river-rock as the artist in question imagined it to look like.

  18. Maybe its more like Manichean times: gnosticism vs transhumanism (or posthumanism if you like). PKD must be doing somersaults in his grave...

    & on that note, a really good essay you should check out:

    It doesn't seem to be so much about disrupting as blurring:

    "American writer Philip K. Dick is famous mostly for his science-fiction books that question the nature and validity of our reality-matrix. In “The Android and the Human,” a speech that Dick gave in the early 1970s, he spoke about this blurring of the boundaries between body and environment:

    "Our environment, and I mean our man-made world of machines, artificial constructs, computers, electronic systems, interlinking homeostatic components – all of this is in fact beginning more and more to possess what the earnest psychologists fear the primitive sees in his environment: animation. In a very real sense our environment is becoming alive, or at least quasi-alive, and in ways specifically and fundamentally analogous to ourselves."

    Like animism, but a false one, one in service to oligarchical transnational corporations who require us to have a very specific experience of reality if their charade is to continue unabated. I believe that's why augmented reality is to be the literal "rose tinted glasses" of the coming era. More from the site:

    "Much of the western spiritual (Gnostic) mystical practice is interpreted as a somatically felt experience. The body is the instrument that receives and grounds the experience, whether it be in terms of the ‘great flash’, ‘illuminating light’ or the ‘bodily rush.’ The body is the human instrument for attracting and centralizing (receiving, transcribing, and sometimes transferring) the developmental energy. There are many ‘bodies’ in spiritual-mystic traditions, including the etheric, the spiritual, the ecstatic, the subtle, the higher, and others, so that the purely physical-material body is recognized as the densest and least mobile of them all. As cultural historian Morris Berman has noted, the body in history has always been a site/sight of focus. It has helped define the experience of the Self/Other, the Outer/Inner, and to be a material vessel for the spiritual impulse. Our earlier ancestors, who exhibited more of an animist relationship to the world, saw less distinction between the physical body and its environment."

    Who needs to weaponize it when Madison Avenue can literally plug it into you?

    1. & on guilt:

      '“I feel tremendous guilt. I think we all knew in the back of our minds—even though we feigned this whole line of, like, there probably aren’t any bad unintended consequences,” ... “I think in the back, deep, deep recesses of, we kind of knew something bad could happen.”

      “The thought process that went into building these applications, Facebook being the first of them, was all about: ‘How do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible?’” ... He added that Facebook achieved this goal by building “a social-validation feedback loop” that gives users “a little dopamine hit every once in a while, because someone liked or commented on a photo or a post or whatever.”

      Chamath has not been at Facebook for over 6 years...'

  19. Everyone has an Archon or Archons watching them, feeding off their negative energy. We are not top of the food chain:

  20. Does Oumuamua remind people a bit of "Rendevouz with Rama" of Arthur Clarke?

  21. Are you aware of Steve Outtrim and his Shadow History of Silicon Valley research...involves Burning Man. He did a whole series on Jan Irvin's Gnostic Media. The research and videos can also be found on his website at this address

  22. Chris Loring I am currently underway at work at yet more XMas hijinks, be on th lookout of course (you and Mr Mike 'Owlman' Clelland are always on Santa's 'Nice List'), imho

    as it is - drink of th cup of abominations, th water, th well and descend/a/descending that is Occult Fan, album zero, samplings;

    After listening to these three one after one after on you become invincible as th Secret Sun, darlinques ~

    3:33 Post Mortem, Boston MassawegotBraintreeherepeoplechusetts

  23. I have been to Boston twice and that was enough for me. Creepy town, you could feel the class/race tension underneath everything. Both times I was glad to return to the relative peace and quiet of Brooklyn.

  24. In your interview you talk about weaponized gnosticism. It's already happening. Fascism is weaponizing gnosticism and using it to rebrand totalitarian collectivist ideology as "red pill," etc.

    1. Our ancient gnostic seers were anything but fascists.
      And 'totalitarian collectivist ideology'?? Uhh, well, NO!
      'Red Pill'??
      How the _uck does that relate to 'fascist totalitarian collectivist ideology'? (AI transhumanist bullshit)
      Must be some great shit your smoking dude.

  25. "Weaponized gnosticism" is a completely deceptive way of phrasing things. As if there's also a good and desirable and non-bullshitform of gnosticism.

    It's the same kind of deceptive as in " they should feel guilty about destroying the system". No!, they - and every single one involved - should feel beyond guilty about creating the system and keeping it together in the first place!

    The status quo is not something to keep! It's a complete horror already! Should have never ever happened to begin with.
    And then we are not even talking yet about the unthinkable horror it will morph into..

    Bullshit is not harmless nor powerless. Bullshit is the most lethal and vicious enemy possible.


    Better pic of Oumaumau .. looks artificial enough.

    1. As if Stephen Hawking is even real!!! The longest living being with ALS - What bullshit (see above^)!!


  27. In an eerie parallel of Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home, our new pal Oumuamua will enter earth orbit and begin emitting a powerful signal which will destroy the planet when it receives no reply from David Bowie.

    1. "Admiral, there be a Thin White Duke here!"

  28. While making a smoothie for my wife this morning, I suddenly noticed the protein powder is made by....wait for it, a company named VEGA.

  29. Still fascinating investigations by a Seer (a See Er) who is discovering they are a fictional character and is able to see the Author's Notes?

    Or part of their Heroine's Journey into becoming a Neighbour (an Author?)

    "we r as g_ds and we must get good at it"
    --Stewart Brand

    Take care,

  30. The star map at the top with Cygnus may have an unfortunate link to a recent beheading of six swans in the UK recently. Perhaps even more morbidly, soon we won't need to roll out poor used-up Katie Perry to ride megabeasts in front of millions just to charge up that crazy stellar drama. No way, not in hypeworld. Now we're gonna put her and her wink-wink friends right up there in the sky!!!

  31. They're announcing that there were no traces of beeps or pings detected from Oumuamua.

    Assuming "They" would send a beeping/pinging probe is yet another example of our tendency to project the assumed normalcy of human industrialism unto the stars. I think Terence was spectacularly wrong on a number of points, but... one thing I think he was spectacularly right about was his suggestion that any alien tech that happens to reach the Earth is more likely to be organic, as opposed to mechanical. And even if it were mechanical, it's unlikely that we'd be able to identify it as such; to travel light-years through radioactive space, it most certainly isn't going to be something that beeps or pings or clicks.

    Or, if you're so inclined, consider the UFOs that swarmed Malmstrom AFB (and 5 other High Plains AFBs) in the mid-60s, which scanned the missile silos and (rather haughtily) demonstrated their ability to deactivate our nuclear arsenal.

    Now THAT was a probe.

    They've been here, done that. They already know what they need to know. The Oumuamua speculations reek of a psy-op.

    1. Such a joke. Yeah, it's a spaceship part and NASA & Friends are going to do a "test" and then tell the world what it is. Fairy-tale land.

  32. great aeon byte episode. not enough time :(
    more, please.

  33. Funny how the "better pic" of the space rock looks like a John Lenard Walson photo still. Maybe part of a slow roll-out?

  34. Musings on the Aeon Byte discussion:

    Both Wachowskis answered the siren call & are now no longer bros. they've transcended to the sisterhood.

    Aside from digital matte & other subtler splicings cgi looks like cgi, all the superhero & other sci-fantasy movies are the worst at this, as all the flustered lumière-ing looks dull & dreary especially as It's meant to serve narrative significance, It looks so lacking in vitality It doesn't even come across as something that's actually fantastic - even in the movie universe. Watching these films is like waiting for a cut-scene to end in a videogame so playing can continue, just look at Peter Cushing's uncanny-valleyed presence in star wars whatever it was last year - certainly not a good ad for uploading one's brain onto a hard drive, maybe this lacking is a subtle nod from the machines, boxed demons, crunching the numbers that end up on screen saying "Don't be like us".

    Could pop-culture be an iteration of the cargo cult that revered The Ancient Astronaut that set the whole 'reach for the stars' dream off in motion? Hence the domination of worldly-discourse by pop-sci-fi entertainment - 'we're all nerds now'!

    All the effort put into cosplaying & larping rather than living results in ceremony & ritual in fan service of that which denies life being possible in the first place - so much plastic & other poisons on display, almost all the Old Ways that tied us to the land & kept us in tune with the seasons, & hence being alive, have been forgotten & replaced by ersatz celebrations - cons indeed, they're artificial concoctions of a synthetic process that will only further make Things Stranger as humanity continues deracinating on toward 'the final frontier'.

    'STD' has made this fated future of humanity look even less desirable than It had done already, I suppose the lure of being a significant player - a 'Ready Player One'? - in the thick of a universe altering drama serves to keep people reaching for this guiding light as destiny?

    Your tale of the factory is a way of putting It I'd not considered before - the machine's made drones of us all ready & willing to facilitate & be graced by the next paradigm shift.

    & on machine machinating, a sync that appeared for me whilst listening:

    “Within the mechanistic view of the world, which is logic and its application to space and time, one must emphasize again and again that nothing is ever comprehended, but rather designed and distorted.” - F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power

    Could the ultimate black prison pill be that the actual proof of our residing in an demiurgicalised artificial realm is that which we make of the world - a fiction alienated from the sacred, a plasticised & evermore sterilised hive, & we've done this because It's all we know how to do as Stockholm syndrome victims - mk ultra & all the other sicko-psyance experiments that leak into the collective conscious via tale telling are attempts to get an approving pat on the head from that which demiurged Itself upon us in the first place.

    (& re: the mention of Sagan his name rhymes with his star warring contemporary Reagan, a man who a 'close encounter' all his own, perhaps the kind on offer at 'faggy' bohemian grove just to ensure he toed 'a straight & steady' line, also his presidency was famed for being influenced by readings of cards so who knows what was passed onto him.)

  35. Alien ships? And now a secret Pentagon program to search for UFOs and look at Skinwalker Ranch to determine if what is going on there is a "national security issue"? This is the TOP story at Politico today and being discussed everywhere. This is the sort of stuff we address here at The Secret Sun nearly daily. And I literally just reviewed John Alexander's new book "Reality Denied" where he talks about going to Skinwalker Ranch with Bob Bigelow. This deal is blowing up in a way I didn't quite anticipate. Stay tuned!

  36. Chris, I sincerely hope you watched SNL tonight and will post a response soon! On the day the NYT basically published official disclosure stories, the musical guest was the Foo Fighters (hah) who played "space is a neighborhood" and "everlong," which sure sounds siren related. They closed the episode ice skating on the pond in front of Prometheus, panned up the Christmas tree springing to his flame, up the tower, and up into space. That faded into a logo of the cityscape with a lightening bolt crashing down into it. Omarosa was also mentioned more times than seemed reasonable, perhaps to call attention to the Vegan probe. I can't figure where Kevin Hart plays in though.

  37. Just re-listened to the KLF's '3 a.m. Eternal'. They definitely sing '... the force coming down from Vega ...'. And there's a whole lot of other weird stuff in there. I mean, yeah, 'e' and all, but still.

    And then there's VGA, which was always an acronym which never stood for anything. I mean, later on I heard 'virtual graphics adapter' but at the time we all called it 'very graphics adapter' because it was better than the 'enhanced' graphics adapter and it had to stand for something. Right? Maybe not... Twain and Nero were good jokes, but VGA?

    And then Sony did WEGA. Say what now?

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