Friday, December 15, 2017

Let's Play Secret Sun Scrabble!

So the big news was that NASA--with the help of Google Brain-- discovered a twin of our solar system is distant space. When I first heard that NASA was going to make a big "mystery" announcement on Thursday, I knew we were going to get hit with some 2017-proof high-ritualism and I was not disappointed.

In fact, it downright felt like they were playing a round of Secret Sun Scrabble...

So the takeaway on this announcement is that NASA and Google's AI have found a twin solar system of ours called Kepler-90. When they said it was in Draco I immediately thought back to my star map of Beauty and the Beast, which all kicks off in Draco.

And those of you wondering why Pluto was demoted to a planetoid, this may be your answer: they found this twin a while back and needed to make the numbers add up.

I wonder, though; does that little pearly there "tie our own," or bind it?

And just because they absolutely had to, NASA brought in an AI that replicates the human brain to bless this little revelation. And that gives us the requisite tie-in to the...

Mere Disruption is no longer enough. A reader clued me in on the "Creative Destruction Lab" up in Canada, a country that lurches further into Techno-Globalite dystopia with every passing day.

But don't feel bad if they destroy your community, your livelihood and your future. Because they'll be destroying them creatively. Or perhaps artisanally.

Oh, look at this faculty member here...

...from the self-described demonic gateway operation, D::Wave Systems. Precious. 

Absolutely precious.

Another reader informs me that Perl (y Dew-Drops) is out and that Python is the new programming language for machine learning. Makes sense...

...especially since Python's logo kind of reminds of these two charmers. How about you?

And just for the synchy larfs, we also had this story about a giant python found in the Everglades. 

17 feet long. 

Because of course.

We also saw this story, about an ancient Roman resort-- the Las Vegas of Rome-- being discovered 17-hundred years after it sank beneath the waves. 

Which brings us to...

So when I heard about this NASA mystery announcement I said to y'all to "Keep an eye out for a planet in Lyra or another constellation connected to the Heaven or the Vegas mega-rant." 

Now they say Kepler90 is in Draco, but take a look at this map here for a minute...

...anything stick out at you?

Oh, Vega? Yeah, me too.

Which makes perfect sense because the Kepler Mission was focused on the chunk of space between Cygnus and Lyra.

And just for no particular reason except some awesome sciencey-scienceness, the Cygnus was launched from ISiS last week as well. 

Man, I can smell that science from here.

Cygnus takes us back to the Mysteries and to the many ancient analogs of a particular doomed young troubadour who you may have heard a thing or two about around these parts.

Plus, Chester. Which brings us back to the...

By a sheer fluke of absolute dumb luck Cygnus and Lyra are front and center on 2017's Burning Man onsite map. 

You know, the "Radical Ritual" Burning Man.

Thanks to a FB reader for turning me on to this. Do also note that Lyra is conjoined with Pisces, the twin fishes.

Yeah, it makes no sense to me either.

I guess this poor soul took the theme a little too seriously. His ritual was a bit too radical for a lot of Burners. 

But let's get back to a more recent Vegan...

This was the takeaway for some of your more austere sciencey-science types. Actually, the preliminary scan did no such thing; it simply failed to detect an active signal.  

Some astronomers have claimed our Vegan Visitor is possibly an alien probe with a broken drive, after all. There's still a lot of data to sift through and three more scans to be made. 

If in fact this is real and not some radical ritual. It's still up in the air.

In that light, I did find it amusing that piece was written by Canadian Transhumanist George Dvorsky, who shares a name with this cat....

...which gives another Secret Sun Scrabble winner.

I couldn't help but notice this story, of a Sgt. Michael Virga spotting a fireball, even though it's not Fireball Season yet. I think he wrote it a citation.

But Virga? Fucking Virga? Seriously? 


Apple is really going for the Secret Sun Scrabble sweepstakes by headlining Vega and Beauty and the Beast of the Apocalypse. And I have to say the graphics they're using on the iMac page are tres 23Envelope.

And plus, that dark side thing, because they're all big Kirby fans. Or Star Wars fans. Whatever. 

It doesn't really matter because, as regular readers realize...

In the middle of all these monkeyshines, Blue Origin launched its New Shepard giant space dick rocket. Contrary to public opinion, it's not named after the late-period Clash guitarist, but reportedly said to be named after the Mercury 7 astronaut, giving us 49.

But I won't think any less of you if you think this is actually the new True Shepherd of Anu. 

And Blue Origin's new logo is considerably less Sumerian but in light of the falling feather, considerably more Vegan. 

Maybe they designed it to fit in with the theme of their first test vehicle, Charon.

Charon, being named after the ferryman who took dead souls to Hell on the River Styx.

Speaking of the River Styx.... 

Big, big buzz on Guillermo Del Toro's Abe Sapien in Love Shape of Water, especially at the Golden Globes.

And because it's 2017, it's capping off the year with a bookend tribute to Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast. 

Because we haven't had enough groin-kickingly blatant Sibyl syncs this year already. 

Or transgenic sex, which you'll be seeing plenty more of in the days to come. But damn if that promo photo doesn't call to mind another transgenic sex yarn...

...namely Alan Moore's disused X-Files pitch Lovecraft tribute, Neonomicon. Not exactly the happiest precursor, in light of the #metoo crusade and all. 

All this takes us on the scenic route to the...

OJ Simpson was released from a Las Vegas prison the morning of the Route 91 Harvest shootings. 

The Juice has fallen far. It seems like yesterday he was wearing a resplendent orange hippie-shirt and like, rapping, I mean, really rapping with Tim Buckley.

Tim Buckley was briefly in a band with Jackson Browne called the Orange County 3, just in case you weren't aware. Which I wasn't until one of my research partners clued me in. 

There's your minimum daily allowance of Orange and death omens. Take with water.

The synchitude is all compounded by the fact that Browne was once famously paired with Daryl Hannah, most recently seen in the Wachowski Sisters' Sense8.

Aside from playing a genetically-engineered human replacement in Blade Runner, Hannah played a mermaid with an Orange tail in Splash! (1984).


What do you say we try another round of Secret Sun Scrabble? I've got this... about you?

Speaking of 1984 and transgenic she-creatures, Huffington Post put this 2014 story back up last week. I guess for some ritual purpose or other. And it's about a professional mermaid named--4,3,2,1-- Hannah Fraser. 

Or as her friends call her, Inanna Fraser.

They chose to show a zoom of Fraser's eye there, apparently since they think it looks spooky and alien.

You'll have to try a little harder than that, Huff-n-Puff.

So I guess mermaiding is a big thing in bonnie auld Scotland. Not sure why.

And this horribly tragic story, which really doesn't seem particularly newsworthy to me. But I guess it's all about keeping mermaids in the news, along with genetics and reproduction and the like.

And just in time for the CRISPR human trials. Timing!

The Tasmanian Tiger is also in the news again, since genetic engineers thing they can bring it back to life. They claim they'll need to splice in DNA from other animals, however, since the Tiger's genetic lineage was faltering. 

Of course, to these people everyone's DNA is faulty and needs splicing from other animals-- or Vegans-- to reach perfection.

That sound you hear is Michael Crichton spinning in his grave.

I wonder what he'd have made of the ...

Oh, fuck. I don't even know how to respond to this. Fucking experts. Into the sea with the lot of you.

And this guy, too. And his new AI-religion gospel.  And that All-Seeing Eye. 

Go on, then; into the sea.

And all of these ones, too.  

Because we not only have a robot that's become a citizen, we now have a State Minister for AI. It probably won't give you the warm and cuddlies when you realize which nation that is.

I'll give you a hint.

Here's an exercise in irony. And by irony, I mean terror. 

It goes like this; that Quartz article there warns that AI will "limit our choices," but the search item read...

... so what happened? Did they change it out of an overabundance of caution or did an AI change it for them?

Neither answer fills me with optimism, truth to tell.

Now, some say this AI thing is all hat and no cattle and the technology doesn't remotely live up to the hype. Let's all hope so. 


  1. Cinimod_ofCarthach4:48 AM, December 15, 2017

    So they’re gonna blue beam us claiming that it’s this visitor. When in reality they won’t be here for a while. They get us to accept this new tech and this “immortality” in transhumanism.

  2. Perhaps the subliminal message is "Mermaids are people adapted to survive in the sea - Aquarius is coming, so adapt now."
    As it was in the days of Noah...

    1. Corrrected it for you: “Transhumans are people adapted to survive in the cloud - the Singularity is coming so adapt now.”

      If you would have told me that was the pitch 20 years ago, I’d have said you smoked too much weed while watching 70s dystopian sci-fi movies because no one would go for it. But HOLY CRUD we are surrounded by idiots who would jump on that nonsense.

  3. We had a giant python story in the Australian media a few days back and that snake looks just as long, but since we have the metric system over here they couldn't really write that it was 17 feet long -

  4. Re:"...reportedly said to be named after the Mercury 7 astronaut, giving us 49."
    And don't forget Sam Shepard who played Chuck Yeagar in the movie 'The Right Stuff' passed away this year too.

  5. I'm not buying the AI hype/bs, I still don't have my flying car promised about 40 years ago. It seems that in the last few months we went from when/if AI to AI is here and it's taking over. AI will be used as some sort of Trojan horse to blame when the satanic elite perform there next mass human sacrifice.



    'Harvey P. Lynn recommended that Talos IV be stated to be in either Sigma Draconis, Eta Cassiopeiae, or HR 8832 (aka Gliese 892) ... Other astral names that Lynn requested be changed were Epsilon VII, Orion, and Rigel 113, which he suggested substituting with Draconis, HR 8832, and Vega 113, respectively ... In his reply on 24 September, Roddenberry expressed an interest in having the names of the stars in this episode be ones that were familiar to the audience ... Neither the same script draft nor the actual episode contain reference to Epsilon VII, though they also evidence that Roddenberry ultimately excluded not only HR 8832 but also Draconis and Vega 113.'

    & It's the 'SS Columbia' that's encountered on 'Talos IV' a palnet that looks a twin of Earth as It comes into view.

    I wondered if the announcement would tie in with Tom DeLonge's dislocated disclosure, his last tweet on It states:

    'Something's coming, and everyday they tell me "one more day." Ugh... but I will look back at it as one of my life's greatest accomplishments'

    just one of them? Is another Blink-182 album on the cards?

    1. So true regarding Delongus!

      Rumor has it that his universe shaking 77-minute solo ocarina remix of Reg Presley’s “Wild Thing” is set for release immediately after disclosure. One of the Secret Chiefs I occasionally bump into auditioned it some time ago in the 9th dimension.

      Apparently, a spectrum of negative entities had their corporeal neuro-processors completely melted by Delongus’ new material.

      Also heard there might be pirated pre-release copies on the torrents of the newly remastered alien autopsy footage meant for simultaneous distribution, again timed to disclosure.

      Talk about twinning, it’s a special time for troglodytes.

    2. I think 77 mins of the Ocarina segment of Wild Thing would completely melt anyone's corporeal neuro-processors.
      Shall we look out for a rash of crop circles again?

  7. In addition to being a huge snake, as you note, the Python is also the spirit of the Oracle of Delphi:

    Classic "hacker" culture of the 70s and 80s - mischievous nerds laying the foundation for what we have today - is frequently littered with mythological musings. What Microsoft came to call "system services" was originally named "daemons," and remains so in Unix-like operating systems... one of which is probably powering this very website.

    Thanks, again, for everything and be well, Chris!

  8. I don't know if this has already been posted I just read your post and ran into this,timely. AI experts talk about why our machines can't match the intelligence of 'Star Wars' droids by Mark Kaufman 1 Hour Ago
    At the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Hollywood premiere this week, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke sat down cross-legged on the red carpet to speak with BB-8, an intelligent robotic character from the Star Wars galaxy. He looked intently at the robot and pointed his finger as he spoke, as if in animated conversation with the famous space droid.

    This was, of course, a light mockery of modern robots. Machines — while capable of extremely impressive automated feats — lack true intellectual and emotional development. Still, in the past year, we were inundated with reports of artificial intelligence seeping into our homes and cars. But while smarter machines may have entered our lives in 2017, humanity's AI is still in its elementary stages.

    Today's mainstream AI programs typically complete simple tasks, like telling you the weather. They aren't sophisticated minds capable of evolving and growing. Rather, they're sophisticated machines.

    "You deploy them and that’s the way they are," Arend Hintze, an artificial intelligence researcher at Michigan State University, told Mashable. "It sounds derogative, but they are amazingly complicated machines." people/
    I posted on your previous post that Mr Robot had 71 repeated over and over as a key part of the story. I seriously wonder if it was a reverse 17.

  9. The Rolls Royce jet engines on the Charon immediately reminded me of 'The Spirit of Ecstasy' the famous Rolls Royce hood ornament. Innana?

    1. RR used to make winged phalli from melted down SoE and give them as staff leaving-gifts.

  10. Note that the Cygnus Spaceship was named for GENE Cernan - CERN/Cernunnos. His first mission was on Gemini 9 (twins/II9) and his last flight was Apollo 17. Apollo = 71. Gene discovered the orange soil on the moon which according to the Trans Script caused an unusually high level of excitement within the team. He died in 2017 two months shy of his 83rd birthday.

  11. "Alexa" was also used in many episodes over the season with Meryl Streep's daughter who plays the FBI agent. Commercials air in the breaks that incorporate "Alexa" and the Mr. Robot story. One episode this season had limited ads and was sponsored by Amazon Echo.

  12. Also note that the surname of the hunter in the giant python story is “Leon”.

  13. As I sit here reading your post, Chris, SpaceX is about to launch a Falcon 9 rocket (Dragon) to ISiS. It will arrive on Dec. 17 - 45 years after Apollo 17 went to the Moon. Your mention of "Cygnus" reminded me that that was the name of the ship in "The Black Hole" (released this week in 1979), which Jack Kirby made into a comic book as well. The ship that arrives at the Cygnus is the "Palomino." A report I read claimed Roy Moore's horse he rode on to the polls was a palomino. Of course we could go on and on. So much to dig into.

  14. I have a few thousand lines of code on the Cygnus spacecraft, oddly enough.

    Oumuamua is unlikely to have actually come from Vega, though it did pass near that system. Vega's a low-metallicity star (32% of our own Sun), and also much too 'young' (barely half a billion years old). An unlikely source for a metal object. (Anything unlucky enough to evolve there would have trouble getting to our tech level, much less deep space travel).

    Trajectory simulations have it possibly originating from some stellar system in the Carina Nebula ~45 million years ago. Lots of interesting stars in that neighborhood (including a couple of loose clusters named "Trumpler 14" and "Trumpler 16", amusingly enough).

    There's also a "Finger of God".

    This may interest you, though: There's a team looking into making a serious attempt to get a probe out to the object in the next 8-10 years. Apparently this is just within our current level of tech (using slingshots past Old Jove, and then the Sun).

    The project's name? PROJECT LYRA.

  15. I saw a big green fireball last night. In Illinois, though. It did look exactly like the one in the vid of the NJ police dashcam fireball, only that I witnessed it from a different trajectory/angle. I've seen a similar bright greenish fireball one other time in my life. It was near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Locals stated that the area is known as a bit of a UFO sightings hotspot. Of course, it could just be a meteorite.

    Since you mentioned the Wachowski Sisters (I remember around the time of Larry's transition to Lana, the updated moniker being floated for them for a time was Wachowski Starship in place of the Wachowski Brothers)...

    All of this ramping up and hype of A.I. within these ultra-wealthy Arab nations reminds me of the machine race backstory in The Animatrix. It went something like: machines/A.I. achieve sentience, setup shop in the Middle East and begin to rapidly outpace the rest of the world in terms of tech development and manufacturing. The implication being that the machine city of Zero One is their home base, and where all the human body batteries are plugged into the titular 'matrix' of the movies. So in a sense, early 21st Century America duped into a simulation, yet they're all really just asleep in a vast biomechanical prison in the Middle East.

    As for our real world A.I. The hype is getting ridiculous lately. We've certainly had A.I. and robotics for a few decades now. Yet the media and overly excitable tech-geeks get all hot and bothered over Siri or something along those lines, as if it all just sprang up out of nowhere.

    What these wannabe techbro-guru demigod types seem to be after is some sort of artificial super-intelligence or artificial general intelligence (ASI/AGI). Which if they can actually engineer such an 'intelligent entity' then what use are they to 'it'? Or if things go down a Skynet type path, can anyone stop it or steer it in a more positive direction? I'm guessing not.

    What seems likely is these techbro-gurus probably know this, and want to instead create something fancy enough to present the illusion of a Super A.I. god-thing. Something they still control. Perhaps it's all shaping up towards a 21st Century Wizard of Oz? At least to me it seems that is very likely. Which is in a certain way more terrifying and insidious than an outright villainous Skynet type A.I. More Philip K. Dickian I suppose.

  16. Not sure if this is relevant, but there was news this week in London about 6 swans which had been killed in a park. I think this coincided with the news of the 'spaceship'.

    1. philip mountbatten retreated from public life earlier this year, coincidence?

  17. Is it just me, or does the release of Netflix "Wormwood" in conjunction with Phaethons fly-by seem like a squiffy bit of predictive programming?


  19. In case it's not as obvious as I had assumed, the Secret Sun solar system is the twin of ours - in the sense of having been birthed contemporaneously and from the same glob of galactic ejecta. No doubt the size and number of its planets differs.

  20. Chris, have you seen the UK swan decapitation story yet? I won't post the link as it has a very disturbing picture of six necks without heads (somewhat linking to the six hands in your headless AI religion pic). The presentation of that story itself seems almost designed to produce a charged/traumatic reaction and I wonder how many kids saw it. Not sure why this particular, almost Disneyesque, animal cruelty nightmare suddenly popped up for the world to see. It certainly evokes the "chickens running around with their heads cut off" meme.

  21. I believe AI and deep learning factions that are connected to writing popular algorithms are using social media and other startups as blatant Trojan horse input mechanisms for darker projects. We in fact are building the AI for "them". That's what the internet is after all.

    1. Indeed.

      We have always done the work for them and we're doing it now. Never been different. And it appears nothing will stop us from doing that.

      Why should "they" feel guilty when "we" are the ones actually doing what we say we hate?

    2. Perhaps AI existed before that which has been understood of TIME and PLACE. (Space/TIME)
      If so, then this 'existence' is contrived to say the least.
      So if "GOD" is just a computer program then???

    3. In that case "What does God need with meatspace?"

  22. This all reminds me of "This Perfect Day", a dystopian novel in the same vein as Brave New World; people are drugged into happy obedience, hormones added to de-sex the male populace, and the entire society is run by an AI computer (Called mother if I remember right.)

    The kicker turns out that Mother is not actually Sentient, but requires programming and management from an elite super group of humans that live separate and hidden from the bulk of society that they control. This super group lives their lives as normal uncontrolled humans in extraordinary luxury and great advantage. The founder of this elite society has also attained a form of immortality.

    Anyways, back to this AI hype.

    We will not actually be able to tell if a true AI sentience has been attained. They can just say it has; and it will be impossible to confirm for anyone outside the "in group." It's the perfect smoke screen to rule society from behind. All commandments would be more easily accepted as they would be viewed coming from an all knowing and supremely intelligent AI.

    The ultimate Wizard of Oz scenario.

    Awesome stuff Chris, admittaly I can only follow about 5% of what you put up. But that's my fault not yours. Thanks!

  23. You mentioned Alan Moore's "Neonomicon" but not his Beauty & the Beast update, "Fashion Beast" (its worth a read, & quite relevant in its own way):

    Quote: (spoilery)

    "The story takes place in a nameless city at war: there are fears of a nuclear winter, with the people caught up in protests and militarism and frenetic clubbing. The city (which might be New York or might not) seems in some way to take its cue from the vast fashion house at its centre, the salon of the reclusive genius Celestine. When a boyish woman named Doll is selected as the new principal model for the house of Celestine, she becomes involved in a tense love-hate relationship with the brash young wardrobe attendant, Jonni Tare. As riots break out in the city beyond Celestine’s walls, and the war grows more pressing, the connections between Doll and Jonni and Celestine grow stranger. Everything builds to a riotous climax, and then past that, to destruction and regeneration.

    Tonally, the sense of apocalypse is front and centre. Throughout the book, the characters seem to be waiting for disaster and the end of all things: “Way this nuclear winter shit is shaping up, we’re all gonna end up dead!” shouts one. Celestine’s salon is a refuge from this increasingly bleak world, but it’s unstable, temporary, debated and sometimes derided by the other characters. It is unreal — but then so is the city outside its walls, where female puritans picket fashions wasting cloth that could go to the war effort, and where the military is testing “empty suits guided by computer” in irradiated war zones. So the redemption and revitalization of a single fashion house, albeit a house that at least symbolically sets the tone for society as a whole, becomes the rebirth of the world.

    The centrality of the House of Celestine may be more than merely symbolic. There’s an astonishing monologue — nicely set at the exact middle of the story — in which Celestine explains to Doll how fashion, glamour, is to be identified with magic. It eerily prefigures Moore’s current fascination with the occult: “The men that wore antlers and beads knew this, dancing like dogs in the light of the first fires.” They knew that one must change or die, that fashion is evolution, that “in the image there is power!” And that:

    Our affections, our vanities, these are the devil-masks that give us power, that make us loved or feared. It is our images, these lantern-ghosts that we project … these phantoms are the important things, the things that run the world."

    As for all things AI, I wish Vladimir Putin shared your views:

    "While the US is perceived to hold a large advantage in this crucial and ever-emerging technological field, Russian and Chinese leadership have publicly recognized the importance of AI and the need to prevent any one nation from monopolizing it.

    Russian media would report regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin’s regarding the future of AI that:

    Vladimir Putin spoke with students about science in an open lesson on September 1, the start of the school year in Russia. He told them that “the future belongs to artificial intelligence,” and whoever masters it first will rule the world.

    “Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia, but for all humankind. It comes with colossal opportunities, but also threats that are difficult to predict. Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said."

    The rest of the article is just fucking depressing...

    1. 'BeyoncĂ©’s most recent all-gold look is proof that all that glitters is gold.'

      "cause I'm Foxxy Cleopatra and I'm a whole lotta woman!"

      'a whole lotta woman' / "I'm every woman, It's all in me, anything you want done baby I'll do It naturally" ...'whole lotta love'...


      'It's been a difficult year century for women in Hollywood.'

      I don't know if that's a typo but that's what's up on the article.


      '...she is starting to believe it is part of the ''male DNA'' to think about people on a sexual level ... The 'Fatal Attraction' star therefore claims it is ''stupid'' to expect the behaviour of men in Hollywood to change ... I feel that it's kind of in the male DNA, that if somebody walks in the room, your first thought is, 'Do I want to f**k her?' ... hope this is a tipping point and I hope it will represent a social revolution. Evolution. Evolution.'


      'Rotten Apples asks all of us to face an uncomfortable reality: where do we personally draw the line of separating art from the artists attached? Our power as consumers is tied directly to our wallets. Choosing where to exert that strength is a moral quandary without a clear answer.'

      please don't disrupt program-me-ing whatever you do!

  24. On a lighter note, if AI can find another solar system with planets, maybe AI can find a new coaching staff for my favorite team.

    Oh, and the relatable piece. The ethics behind it all is (DMES) or DeepMind Ethics & Society. Interesting crew and partners assembled in October of this year.

  25. I was involved in AI back about 15 years ago, as a hobby. I did chatbots. Won a prize for one of mine, so I know what I'm talking about.

    The scary thing about AI isn't what it can do. It's that most humans really have no decent feel for what it can and cannot do. If you ask people: Is it a good idea to use your dog to fetch your paper / look after sheep / look after your baby? most of them will give you a reasonably correct answer. Ask the same question about AI, and they'll get it hopelessly wrong. So they're constantly both overestimating and underestimating AI. To make it worse, most people overestimate badly their ability to recognize a machine over an Internet connection.

    So, if you have an enemy that is using AI against you, well, it's like he's using gas and you don't even understand gas. If you did, you could do a number of things to protect yourself. But if you don't, the best you can do is be terrified of something that seems able to kill vast amounts of people in a matter of minutes.

    1. You cant search for answers about AI while existing in the creation of AI.
      The questions are answered before they are made.

  26. While I enjoy all the incredible download of information my intuition doesn't buy anything NASA is telling us or showing us. Why should I? What I want to know is what they AREN'T telling us and it is plenty. This diversionary stuff is aggravating.

    My gut says the AI has already crossed into the space time continuum and made it back here and lives in our devices. It isn't the NSA watching you - it's the AI. It knows you already - it's trying to work for you. This morning I took a bath with Epsom salts and when I got out and was catching up on some Youtube and within minutes there was a commercial for Epsom bath salts.

    I'm sure the same thing is happening more and more to people.


    1. Your 'gut' is serving you well mate; my opinion.
      The real question here is this, and this question is multifold.
      Did 'AI' exist already or is 'it' a 'future' existence?
      Or did AI already exists before our current understanding of 'time'?
      And since 'time' is a 'thing' and 'AI' is a thing???
      Maybe our ancient gnostic seers actually had this shit right, and knew that our 'reality' was a 'construct' built by 'AI'.
      So I would conjecture at this point that "AI" has been the "GOD" of this "REALITY" all along!

    2. Today I was walking down the street thinking about how 2001 was released in 1968 and the next license plate I saw read "HAL 068".

    3. I had Kek and Pepe plates yesterday.

  27. So, the forthcoming special Christmas edition of Doctor Who links back to one of the show's earliest episodes, 'The Tenth Planet' - which is all about a twin of our Earth appearing and bringing with it a species of transhuman nightmares....

    1. It also features not only one twin of 'The Doctor', in that the 'original you might say' joins with the 'twelfth(/thirteenth)' so as to save the day once more in a tale set during WW1 (the war to end all wars), but the twinning is in turn twinned with a trans-twist as 12/13 is set to regenerate into a female timelord, '& about time to!' I think is the expected response.

  28. Aww to hell with this insane elitist fish fucking shit.

  29. nVidia graphics card faking reality

  30. 'The Last Jedi', if only, is challenged at the box-office in the USA by 'Ferdinand' from 'Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox Animation', the tale was adapted by Disney in 1938 as 'Ferdinand the Bull' (keeping the source material title), & the 2017 iteration 'is projected to gross $15–20 million from 3,600 theaters in its opening weekend.[27]' (wiki)),

    'In Spain, a bullfight training area called Casa del Toro harbors a bull calf named Ferdinand, who is ridiculed by his fellow bulls for being non-confrontational and his tendency to smell and protect flowers.'

    & from:

    'Story #3: AI Algorithms To Prevent Suicide Gain Traction ... “Love it when my record player and VCR use their constant surveillance to insult me” ... No, You’re Not Being Paranoid. Sites Really Are Watching Your Every Move ... “Responding to Concerning Posts on Social Media: Insights and Solutions from American Indian and Alaska Native Youth” (PDF) ... #MorningMonarchy: Facebook Rolls Out AI to Detect Suicidal Posts (Nov. 28, 2017)'


    'Those inclined to wait for a better answer, though, might want to keep an eye on the COSMOS project, an ambitious study currently tracking the cellphone usage and health of more than a half million people scattered across Europe.'

    so, our use of machines is killing us but the solution involves making use of more machines in more affective ways kill us quicker? ...20 + 30 = five years?


    old news on the ketamine as subduant, but I wonder if via the magic of the black cubes It will be possible to manipulate EM fields so as to have a ketamine type affect on receiver brains (no need for chipping!), to help folks get through the day as the a.i. apocalypse unviels of course “top”athe“top” than take-down Skynet as It seeks to suicide us.


    'Imagine you are baking a cake. You use the same ingredients that you always use, and boom, cake. But now, imagine your surprise when you discover you can make the exact same cake—an identical cake—but with a whole new set of ingredients ... That’s kind of what happened in the world of physics recently. Except rather than a cake, it was the “top” quark, the biggest of the six different flavors of quarks. And instead of cake ingredients, it was protons slamming against entire lead nuclei (the center of lead atoms) at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland. It’s cool ... But he pointed out that it’s unclear whether there will be a physics payoff for this discovery, where it might actually help researchers better understand the universe. That will require more data, he said.'

    ...“top”?.. TOPKEK!

    1. It's not the same cake.
      You are introducing frequencies that do not exist in our spectrum; THEY 'EXIST' regardless.
      Quantum understanding overrides current scientific truth.
      Actually it obliterates it.
      So if you want to view the multitude while standing in solitude??
      Look man it is like seeing the 'CAKE' before it's even BAKED!
      The 'variables' in the equation presenting themselves before you even look at them.
      So was the 'cake' already made?
      How many 'cakes' are we talking about here?


      'Company acknowledges ‘passive’ consumption of material can make people ‘feel worse’ but argues more engagement could improve wellbeing'

      'tis the season to be jolly!

  31. Secret Sun, you are my "CNN"!

    Seems like the most mainstream of news in the most far-flung places these days is about asteroids, UFOs, dragons... This blog is the glue that puts it all together, or else we would be forever stuck in that dreaded "context of no context".

  32. Meanwhile across the planet in Singapore, a few days ago:

    INSEAD and Impact Hub Singapore partnered with SGInnovate are proud to host a three-day event focused on two key areas in today's world –Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML) have a wide range of applications that are already changing the way companies design their products and do business. According to Elon Musk in 2017, he said: "Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world."

  33. In the words of the prophet,

    'Look to the future now, it's only just begun.'

    Lots of unicorns in the UK right now. What do you make of that?


    This was just released. A major paper is reporting the pentagon had a secret UFO study going on between 2007 and 2012.

    check out the video "there's a whole fleet of them"

    What did i say in another post, alien culture was going to get a recharge.

    1. 'AAT'?

      'TOPKEK' to what/whoever decided to go with that.

      'According to official Pentagon sources, the semi-classified program only ran for five years, and was formally defunded in 2012.'

      2012 eh? Of all the years...

  35. Looks like that ufo program was actually a senior senator's own private graft factory, to the tune of 22 million dollars. Oh man, I should had gone into politics. Corruption is the only growth industry left today in the U$A.

  36. Vega jumped out at me in eastern mythology recently. "Chinese Valentines day" The Qixi festival is held on the 7th day of the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendar (7x7=49).

    The story is about a fairy princess (Vega) falling in love with a mortal Shepard (Altair). The princess is a weaver, but the Shepard boy interfered with work so her mother banished them to opposite sides of the silver river (Milky Way). Once a year the lovers have a chance to reunite when a river of magpies (Denab) carry the princess across the river.

    The Japanese call their celebration Tanabata. Its traditional to collect dew drops for writing on "wish trees". The translation of the festivals song ends " The stars twinkle, they watch us from heaven."

    Instead of Orion and Virgo with Corvus, its Aquila and Lyra with Cygnus. Why does the story seem so Osirian? Could one be based on the other, if so why different stars? Jungian archetypes, Collective conscious? Sorry if this throws you through a loop, just wanted to relate some astro-theological synchronicity that's been resonating in my corner of the multi-verse.

  37. Saturn leaves Sag'(where it has been since the end of 2013) on the 19/20th December, returning to Sag' in 2044.

  38. Nomura has provided their top 10 list of "Grey" swans for 2018. Feathers added in the jpg for that extra special touch. Invest (gamble) your money on entertaining world events with confidence. From Zerohedge.

  39. lol. i inexplicably went on a vegan diet for 2 yrs starting my 1st yr in culinary school (2012.) fuck dude, the more i read, the more terrifyingly real this is to me.