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Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas: "The Religious Capital"

Our new religious capital

Let me tell you about 2017. 

2017 is kind of like someone with amphetamine psychosis trying to explain the past ten years of Secret Sun articles to you. And there's still three months to go.

And now this.

OK, so over the past 15 months or so I've been looking into this gestating coagulation of themes- the American Southwest (especially Las Vegas), the Horned and Hidden God (Amun, Jupiter Amun, etc), high technology, the space program, mind-control, interdimensional entities, cultural engineering, ritual sacrifice, Babylon, the Siren (and by extension Oannes and the Nommo), spy wars, pop music and death and on and on and on. 

A lot of it has gone online some of it is still in the oven. It's a lot to wrap your head around.

Then Las Vegas happens.

Blade Runner 2049 takes place in the ruins of Las Vegas
Set reports indicate Harrison Ford's character lives in the Luxor

I've already given you my first impressions. Now I'm going to throw some more information at you connected to this all-consuming story. If, at the end of it, you still believe Las Vegas is all about a lone nut and gun control and all the rest of it then I have well and truly failed you, and I sincerely apologize for that.

Let me make this clear: I don't think what we saw in Las Vegas is a "hoax" or a "false flag" as those terms are generally understood these days. I've been following this story all week and everything I'm seeing ties not only in everything I've been talking about for the past 10 years, it ties into everything I've ranting about for the past five months. 

No, this is something else. We might have to go back to far antiquity to place all of this in context.

We still don't have all the facts yet but let me just say this: what I've been trying to tell you for the past ten years is that a lot of very powerful people believe in some very strange things. They believe in strange things with utter conviction and they act on their beliefs.

We'd better start understanding this because the world you knew is not going to exist in the very near future and we'd better understand what exactly we are looking at here.  

Since we still have no coherent explanation as to why a rich, 64 year-old accountant would gun down a bunch of people at a music festival and we still have no credible evidence he was ever planning such a thing, we have to start asking questions. Particularly when the evidence we've so thus far points to a far different conclusion.

Let's start with Luxor, whose sphinx and pyramid shadowed Las Vegas Village, where the Harvest Festival took place.
Luxor was the ancient city of Thebes, the great capital of (Upper) Egypt during the New Kingdom, and the glorious city of Amun, later to become the god Amun-Ra.  
However, as the city of the god Amun-Ra, Thebes remained the religious capital of Egypt until the Greek period. The main god of the city was Amun, who was worshipped together with his wife, the Goddess Mut, and their son Khonsu, the God of the moon. 
With the rise of Thebes as the foremost city of Egypt, the local god Amon rose in importance as well and became linked to the sun god Ra, thus creating the new 'king of gods' Amon-Ra. His great temple, at Karnak just north of Thebes, was the most important temple of Egypt right until the end of antiquity.
Are you with me here? Then we saw this, after the events of October 1.

Purely coincidentally. As is this...

Luxor massacre

Djeser-Djeseru (Hatshepsut’s Temple)
Location Deir el-Bahri, Egypt
Date 17 November 1997

And 27 (999) years before that, this:

November 17, 1970 – Vietnam War: Lieutenant William Calley goes on trial for the My Lai Massacre.

And this:

November 17, 1970 – Luna programme: The Soviet Union lands Lunokhod 1 on Mare Imbrium (Sea of Rains) on the Moon. This is the first roving remote-controlled robot to land on another world and is released by the orbiting Luna 17 spacecraft.

And 4 years before that:

Birth name Jeffrey Scott Buckley

Also known as Scott "Scottie" Moorhead
Born November 17, 1966

And twenty years ago this past May, in the other major city known for its tacky fake pyramid:

"I went immediately to the shores of the river and there was a thunderstorm and there was lightning and there was police boats dredging in the river and it was like I'd gone to the river Styx and there was a great big pyramid there and the whole thing was surreal and horrible" - Steve Berkowitz, 'Jeff Buckley: everybody here wants you'
Died May 29, 1997 (aged 30)
Memphis, Tennessee   

None of that matters of course because no one cares about this stupid story about these weird singers from a million years ago. Except all the people who do, who are ensconced in powerful positions and seem to want to rub it all over their own magic.

Like this guy:

1997- in which everything we're seeing today can be traced to- also saw Ben Affleck rise to prominence with Good Will Hunting. But what does Ben Affleck have to do with anything, right?

Oh. That. 

Then we have this:

The Accountant released 11 months 17 days before 

this event in Las Vegas- ExtraCapsa

11/17 being the date of the first Luxor massacre. 10/01 being the date of:

Fast forward to 2017:

2017-1958= 59

UPDATE: Paddock's former employer Lockheed Martin announces Mars program three (3) days before shooting.

Lockheed would start with the design used for NASA’s Orion deep space crew capsule when creating the MADV’s interior space, and getting to and from the MBC would also make use of the Space Launch System currently being developed by NASA to propel astronauts into space for further out exploration.

Twenty-three (23) days before Las Vegas, Orion Krause wakes up and kills his family then goes next door to ask his neighbor for sleeping pills.

Then we have this press release from Jack Parsons Laboratories:

Which lists a Steve Paddock (there's a Stephen G Paddock who worked for Boeing- still trying to nail this down- this might be a bit of name-gaming at work here).

Then we have this shot from Tim Burton's Mars Attacks, showing an attack EXACTLY where the stage for the Harvest Festival was. Crazy quirk of fate. Because movies make themselves.

Then this.

Big year for NASA:
NASA's $3.26 billion Saturn mission is in a death spiral — here's what Cassini may discover before meeting its doom 
"This is a roller-coaster ride," Earl Maize, an engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory who manages the Cassini mission, said during a press briefing on April 4. 
"We're going in, and we are not coming out. It's a one-way trip." 
"It's Cassini's blaze of glory," Linda Spilker, a Cassini project scientist and a planetary scientist at NASA's JPL, told Business Insider.  
And as Fate herself would demand: you're up, Nevada: 

(CNN) A man has died after running into the towering blaze for which Burning Man is named, according to the Pershing County Sheriff's Office in Nevada.
Aaron Joel Mitchell, 41, was one of thousands at the annual gathering in Nevada's Black Rock Desert, about 120 miles north of Reno. 
The weeklong event of pop-up installations culminates in massive burns of an effigy known as the "Man" on Saturday and the "Temple" on Sunday.
In the Bible, Aaron was the High Priest responsible for burnt offerings. It's actually an Egyptian name.  He was living in Switzerland because where on earth else could he have been living? Mitchell is from McAlester, OK. Son of Alester.

I don't know if he went to Parsons or not.

Interesting little tidbit from the year The Secret Sun began:

Dr. Betsy Pugel is participating in Burning Man as a science liaison. She works as a physicist and electrical engineer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.
Greenbelt. Sounds familiar.
The crazed gunman who killed 58 people at a country music festival in Las Vegas was wealthy, had worked for the government in several previous jobs, owned properties in several states and bought 33 firearms in the last year, officials said. 
33? 58? No connection whatsoever to the Grand Lodge of Low Earth Orbit. 
Investigators piecing together 64-year-old Stephen Paddock's life found he worked for the Internal Revenue Service and as an auditor for defense contracts. But Paddock apparently started his government service via a far more humble route: working two years as a letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service from 1976-1978. That appears to overlap with his time at Cal State Northridge, from which he graduated in 1977.  
Cal State Northridge was established in 1958, the same year as NASA. 

IRS pyramid
A spokeswoman for the Office of Personnel Management told The Associated Press that Paddock then worked as an agent for the IRS for six years until 1984. Paddock then was employed as an auditor focused on defense contracts for a little over a year, federal personnel records showed. 
Paddock also worked in the 1980s for one of the companies that later combined to form aerospace contractor Lockheed Martin, according to The New York Times.
Oh, that Greenbelt.

Paddock left Greenbelt to live right, Cape Canaveral. Formerly called Cape Kennedy. Speaking of lone gunmen.

Las Vegas shooter's former Viera neighbors: 'He seemed normal' 
“He seemed normal, other than that he lived by gambling. He was very open about that," said Sharon Judy, who has lived in the home next door to Paddock's with her husband since 2013. 
"First time we ever met him, he handed us the key to the house and said, 'Hey, would you keep an eye on the house, we’re only going to be here every now and then."
Because people stashing major arsenals and planning major massacres for years always give their neighbors keys to their houses. Paddock spent a lot of time in the Philippines, which has no connection whatsoever to the CIA or anything like that.

Paddock, that raving maniac accountant who was never arrested or involved in any dispute we know of, shot at the fuel tanks at McCarran, apparently hoping to blow them up and slaughter thousands. Because all those numbers- they never end. They just keep coming and coming...

That's Mandalay Bay on the left and the tanks on the right. Paddock used his magic pixie-dust AR15 to take them out. 

It has an effective range of ten billionedy feet. 

However, Janet Air's tanks are more within shooting distance.  

But Paddock was a lone nut so none of this had anything to do with this Deep State civil war we hear so much about, or that secret airline at McCarran run by military intelligence.

For years, Area 51 has been known by conspiracy theorists as a place to spot unidentified flying objects (UFO). 
But in reality the area is America’s top secret military base.  
This Army Intelligence patch magically created itself.
The fleet, which is nicknamed Janet Airlines, operates from Las Vegas McCarran Airport and flies straight to the most secret military base in the country. 

And since UFOs are all beamships from our Space Brothers in the Ashtar Command all these bizarre lights we're seeing over Area 51 pretty much all the time are just High Commander Golshnaar and the Tall Whites keeping our skies safe.

And since the Langley Gazette New York Times is shaming us all into buying the lone nut theory I'm sure the guy actually running the investigation is spending too much time on fake news sites.

Cinimod points us to this- British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson recites verse from Rudyard Kipling's "The Road to Mandalay" in a Buddhist temple in Myanmar. 

This story went up the day before Las Vegas.

First the Mandalay flyby, then this.

And this:
But in the four days since Stephen Paddock’s attack in Las Vegas — a shooting rampage that left 58 dead and hundreds seriously wounded — what drove him has remained a mystery, vexing the public and putting enormous pressure on federal and local investigators to find answers. 
“In the spirit of the safety of this community or anywhere else in the United States I think it’s important to provide that information, but I don’t have it,” Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said in an interview Thursday. “We don’t know it yet.” 
No grandiose manifesto has been found. No account of Mr. Paddock behaving dangerously or holding extremist views has emerged from neighbors or relatives. Unlike past killers, Mr. Paddock did not dial up the police to explain his actions.


  1. Chris, a piece of advice, unless your ambition is to become a witch or a satanic priest, I would suggest you close this blog and forget about all this nonsense. All of this is the globalist occultists of the far left attempting to control outcomes, their destiny, and the world. If the Nazis taught us anything, you should know this never ends well. Whatever group of people are behind this it is not good, this all may be a grand attempt to create a new pseudo messiah like Obama in Howard Schultz for president, but mark my words if you keep looking into this darkness and continue to encourage others to follow, not only will you compromise your own sanity, you may very well lose your soul, and drag others down with you into the abyss of this luciferian culture. Just remember if I can find you, so can they, and my guess is they have already infiltrated your mind and your physical world in subtle ways, and Braintree may very well have been one of their main recruiting grounds, or a place where they practice their chaos. The life you lead is your own, but this satanic garbage is just that, if you want to live your life in this sewer, I encourage you to remember the choice is solely yours and that decision will determine your fate. You become what you think about.

    1. Sirs,

      Forgive my interjection (longtime reader never before poster), but how does examining occult symbolism in media lead to perdition as you seem to suggest?

    2. I get it. I appreciate what you're trying to say. But we've already crossed the Rubicon. This is the world we live in. If you think you can hide from it or shelter yourself somewhere, it pains me to say this but you are mistaken. You simply won't be allowed to. Believe me, there are a lot of things I would much rather be doing than immersing my head in this stuff but it's kind of like when you see someone mowed down by a hit and run driver. You can pretend you didn't see it but if you're any kind of decent human being at all you will be tormented by your conscience. We're all being forced into a strange and unknown country. I think people should at least have a map of the territory.

    3. No one wants to consciously live in fear and I too, get that. How we are distracted as a way of life here seems to be the secret and unspoken measure for the modern status quo. I've been following your blog for years and what you've been piecing together over the last few months has definitely shaken me up. But past that initial gut reaction to the "I-don't-know-whats-happening-but-wait-oh-shit-now-I-do-hold-me!," there is the string of moments where you have to try to integrate this all into your individual road maps, wherever they are leading you--each and everyone of us travelling our own way, so you can at least be able to illuminate the terrain to try and see where the heavy traffic and the pitfalls are coming from.

      And for this particular time and place and in this moment in history where we all find ourselves, I feel pretty darn lucky to know a guy who has the skill set to share some vital information which may just have some real positive impact on some peoples lives.

      To that, Chris---many thanks.

      I don't know you from Adam's house cat except through your words, but if I did I would probably call you courageous because you have the heart to care, obsessive because its in your nature to seek the truth, and an all around stand up guy because that's the mark of a real human being.

    4. This is everything the German people said before the Nazis took over. If you want to know what is happening read Rhinoceros by Eugène Ionesco (1959). You are playing into their hands and by contributing to their worldview it is growing in the world and in each one of us. The four stages of demonic possession are: manifestation, infestation, oppression and possession. Simply put, you are inviting them into your house by looking into their darkness. No one can control the darkness once they allow it to permeate their lives. If Our gods wear spandex, perhaps they are the demons that do too? You have been warned. Evil seduces.

    5. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke
      Go cower in your dark little corner "Anonymous".
      You're probably just some NSA hack anyway.
      At least sign you're comment with a name (even if it is only a BS name) to differentiate you from all of the other "Anonymous" commentators who just blend into each other.

    6. @Anonymous
      I never would have expected a relentless thirst for truth to turn people into Nazis. What makes you think that handing the world over to Nazis is a likely outcome of that thirst?

    7. "lest Satan take advantage of us, for we are not ignorant of his devices." (2Corinthians 2:11)
      This verse holds true for those who are believers. That said, knowing about something and taking part in it are two very different things, I am speaking here from personal experience.

    8. Terms like "left wing occultist" indicate either total ignorance of what's actually going on, or a specific rhetorical agenda meant to distract with marginalia.

      We've reached the Willful Days. Reality is literally being shattered before us.

      But to whose benefit? Cui Bono?

      (Want to know why you can't figure out the truth of what happened? That's because it hasn't 'solidified' yet. There's no 'Real' to discern, as different Wills compete to define it to a shape of their choosing).

      But you forget: Yours is not the only Will. And any Narrative, even the best ones, are just well-crafted falsehoods.

      Even the true ones.

    9. I have to say that every time I see someone trying to shame me into not asking questions about this event it really leads me to question their motives. Listen, I don't usually spend a lot of time looking into these things and I've never been the guy to scream false flag the minute they hear about something like this. The problem is, like I said, I made the mistake of actually looking into this thing when my first reaction was to take it at face value per usual. But as I said, I started seeing weird things- machine gun fire and no bullets, obvious sounds of multiple shooters that were clearly not echoes, people talking utter bullshit about what they saw and did, that famous video clip about the guy running and yelling he saw a girl get shot being a well-known alt.right figure (who I assume are spooks until proven otherwise) and then the Niagara Falls deluge of the symbolism I've been yelling about since 2007 here. Then we have the girlfriend with the two Social Security numbers and the foreign cruises and on and on and on. Some of the people who are so wedded to the narrative are refusing to believe there could be another shooter even though anyone who isn't a low grade moron can figure that out and even though the Vegas cops are trying to very strong imply there was and this Paddock thing is bullshit. This doesn't just have all the hallmarks of a very nasty black op it's practically a definitive test case of a black op. And black ops and esoteric symbolism go hand in glove.

      People don't understand what "new world order" really means. It means everything everywhere is torn up and replaced with something new and ordered. We've been seeing this happen all over the world, all of my lifetime certainly, and now the shock doctrine chickens have come home to roost.

    10. Globalist occultists of the far left? Jesus Christ there's some batshit crazy people posting on this blog. This place is turning into Info Wars.

    11. You obviously didn't read the comment where that person stormed off in a huff.

    12. I haven't read it but wouldn't the people turning into "Rhinoceroses" be those not looking into these subjects, and the paranoid delusional ones (us) be like the protaganist? Or are you just using the slow progression of the people turning into rhinoceroses as an example of what happens, slowly, when one accepts evil? This blog in no way is promoting any of these beliefs merely trying to understand and throw light into a dark corner.

  2. Cinimod_ofCarthach7:01 AM, October 06, 2017

    What about the poem Mandalay by Kipling?

  3. Here' a facebook post. It seems that many hotels were attacked that night, with their lobbies shot out.

    1. Yeah, that 64 year old Rambo really got around that night. It's the Viagra.

  4. This is my best current guess: Stephen Paddock was a criminal, for a long time before the shooting. His gambling was a cover for money laundering. A truly successful gambler doesn't get the royal treatment in Vegas. If somebody has figured a trick to win, all the casinos would hate him and try to stop him for leeching money out of their business. So he wasn't. He was money laundering for some other shady business of his.

    He almost certainly had some sort of arrangement with the police to look the other way. And then, something changed. Maybe somebody got retired and the new guy was surprisingly honest. Who knows. He knew the cops were after him, but the investigation would take time. He used his contacts within the police. He thought he had some sort of deal. There was some sort of signal that was meant to happen at the festival to confirm that all would be OK (from Paddock's point of view).

    The signal didn't materialize. He waited till the last act. At that point, he knew it wasn't going to happen. So he took his planned revenge.

    At least it fits the known facts. Including all the "dogs that don't bark":
    1. The FBI doesn't want to disclose publicly the motive because it would be admitting they failed to catch him before.
    2. He didn't disclose publicly the motive himself because that was never the point.
    3. The never-mentioned shooting buddies. He had to train somewhere, but this hasn't been mentioned. Of course, his shooting buddies would be his partners in crime.

    1. My best guess is that he was a intelligence asset whose job was running guns and got set up to play the sacrificial lamb. Which is why there's not a shred of evidence to be found - real evidence- indicating that he would ever commit such a crime.

    2. Hey, Cris, another excellent piece.
      Yeah, that's pretty much my thinking on what happened. Dude was set up, probably by the CIA. They will, of course spin this atrocity to suit their nefarious purposes, as always.

    3. someone on /pol/ had a picture of Benjamin Paddock wearing an owl pendant. Just sayin'

    4. Paddock definitely fits the profile for CIA better than he fits the profile for ISIS convert. But I don't know what to make of this story any more than the rest of you do. Somebody obviously knows something and isn't telling; I've vacationed in Vegas, and I had security tailing me when I was just a little tipsy on the casino floor let alone carrying 23 or 32 or whatever the magic number of guns he's up to now. This stinks on ice. But the facts are being deliberately withheld from us, and I kind of want to know why.

    5. We're hearing so much nonsense, so many self-contradictory stories. Utter nonsense like SWAT teams not being able to pinpoint Paddock's location even after he allegedly tried to machine gun a security guard. Utter nonsense like the gunsmoke setting off the alarm immediately but no one could figure out what room it was (go to a big hotel and light a cigarette and see how long it takes before the phone rings), the room service for two, his keycard being used when Paddock wasn't in the hotel, maid service being accepted then maid service being rejected. Paddock wanted to escape, then he wanted tracer bullets- you can't have both. And now we have the London thing come along to push it all off the front pages.

    6. My question is why he had 23 weapons, way more than he could possibly use. I can't buy that he wanted to keep shooting without having to reload, which is the only theory I've seen floated. How long does it take to change a magazine?

      Were they samples for a gun deal? Sweeteners?

  5. I still think that this event is part of a long-term, far-reaching effort toward destabilizing society (& eventual US breakup). If we look at it in terms of both psychological warfare & ritual (& the two aren't really far apart as many know), then a few things fall into place regarding possible motive (ie. "Cui bono?")

    This guy has an interesting site worth perusing, an article he wrote 5 years ago kinda helps put things into perspective:


    "The purpose of organized black op events is the psychological warfare effect of mass shootings. All warfare is psychological warfare, as the intent of the attacking party or army desires to bring about the acquiescence of the enemy. Warfare itself is merely a tool to bring about the psychological submission of the other side, while the intention of wiping out the enemy forces are secondary. Why deplete one’s own forces and resources if the enemy can be molded to think accordingly? In this sense, terrorism is the purposeful display of chaos and fear that arises from the radical disturbance of the normal, daily patterns and social routines of the enemy with the intent of achieving an alteration in the psyche of the target populace. Psychological warfare manuals of the Army and CIA even detail the scientific specifics of how to position cameras, news stories, the artistic layout of propaganda pamphlets, etc., to such a detailed degree that the mass populace will never fathom. Based on older advertizing science from Edward Bernays, the Department of Defense perfected Bernay’s tactics to craft the perfectly scientific approach towards mass manipulation, particularly through mass media. It is crucial then for analysts to understand that mass media is the conduit for the display of this propaganda for the purpose of changing the mass psyche to a desired effect. It is all, therefore, advertizing.

    Terrorism, then, is a specific type of psychological warfare that creates an atmosphere of fear and panic that can strike anywhere, anytime. Hardly anyone seems keen enough to realize that the school and theater shootings are school shootings for a reason: the targeting of the most vulnerable of the population, kids. This latest shooting was a strike at the youngest and most vulnerable, kindergarteners. The psychological effect of killing young children is something that strikes directly at the most sensitive aspects of the psyche: following the shooting, many parents nationwide refrained from allowing their kids to attend the government brainwashing centers for fear of copycats. In so doing, the terrorism had achieved its desired effect, the instillation of fear and panic to control the masses. Precisely because the masses do not have critical thinking skills and don’t (and never will) understand psy ops and the real use of terror, it is generally successful in creating a desired mindset in the target audience."

    & even more to the point:

    "For those who organize these events, our world is the world of the magus, not the world of corn syrup, plastic and ESPN. In this world, those with eyes to see are able to read the patterns and synchronicities that occur with the intent of “magically charging” words and places with the intent of a certain willworking being effected in the world. Thus taking a word like “Sandy,” already associated with the deadly east cost weather debacle, and energizing it with the notion of the destruction of innocence with the kindergarteners, “Sandy” becomes a symbol of power with powerful associations that ex opere operato alter the mind of those who hear it, recalling the events of the last year. Combining this with the terror-induced trauma of the shooting, the populace becomes programmed in a docile fashion by the scientific magii."

    Also see:

    1. And when people are scared they buy more stuff to make themselves feel secure.

    2. Especially guns. The sale of which always spikes after a mass shooting. & along with a heavily-armed populace, we have an equally heavily-armed govt, who tend to view said public as the enemy. My observations over the years have tended to confirm that before any conflict the US engages in, the intended enemy is always first armed, directly or indirectly, by the US govt. Funny how it works out like that. This of course leads right back to what I mentioned earlier about the breakup of society/US proper. See:

      The article is from a couple of years ago, but worth reading for references's sake. Its important to recall all the ground that was laid for this scenario during the Obama years. & Trump, like Obama, & like W.,& like Clinton, & like Papa Bush & Reagan, is just following the script.

    3. I would argue the new tactic of black ops in the age of social media is sowing confusion and gaslighting. Machine gun fire and no bullets, hidden shooters doing the wetwork, crisis actors interviewed instead of actual witnesses and victims, so much contradictory information fed into the stream that no one knows what is what and retreat to the safety of their prejudices. It is part of the division mentality.

      My problem with the Sandy Hook theorizing was obvious- when have black operators ever been shy about slaughtering children? How about never. Do I think Adam Lanza was the gunman? I think Adam Lanza was more or less disabled by autism. We've been told he had a driver's license but no one has ever seen it. He was so scary-thin I seriously doubt he could physically pull it off. Do I think children were killed? Again, why wouldn't they be?

      And we don't even need to be talking about the "government" here. Anyone who has read into this knows there all kinds of bad actors out there: merc outfits, terrorists, political sects, unaccountable agencies, whatever. The problem is that pretty much everyone accepts this until they think it might put them at a disadvantage as far as their tribal politics are concerned.

      But what better way to disable anyone with critical thinking than muddying the waters?

  6. Thought provoking post. Any thoughts on the relationship between the playing card deck and the original Tarot deck? The joker was a "trump" card introduced into the game of Euchre back in 1850. Maybe all this high level processing of cards blew a fuse, or made him into a conduit.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I've done some work with the Tarot so I am familiar with the playing cards coming out of the minor arcana. But my work led to believe pretty strongly that the Tarot is essentially a Trickster, so the Joker makes perfect sense. As to Paddock, I would guess he was gambling to launder money. I think his previous jobs look like classic light cover. Did the Joker archetype somehow insinuate itself into his brain and drive him psycho? It's certainly possible but I think we probably would have some evidence of that by now.

  7. “Years ago I used to think it was possible for a novelist to alter the inner life of the culture. Now bomb-makers and gunmen have taken that territory. They make raids on human consciousness. What writers used to do before we were all incorporated.”

    “What terrorists gain, novelists lose. The degree to which they influence mass consciousness is the extent of our decline as shapers of sensibility and thought. The danger they represent equals our own failure to be dangerous.'
    'And the more clearly we see terror, the less impact we feel from art.”

    “In societies reduced to blur and glut, terror is the only meaningful act. There's too much everything, more things and messages and meanings that we can use in ten thousand lifetimes. Inertia-hysteria. Is history possible? Is anyone serious? Who do we take serious? Only the lethal believer, the person who kills and dies for faith. Everything else is absorbed. The artist is absorbed, the madman in the street is absorbed an processed and incorporated. Give him a dollar, put him in a TV commercial. Only the terrorists stand outside. The culture hasn't figured out how to assimilate him. It's confusing when they kill the innocent. But this is precisely the language of being noticed, the only language the West understands. The way they determine how we see them. The way they dominate the rush of endless streaming images.”

    “The novel used to feed our search for meaning. Quoting Bill. It was the great secular transcendence. The Latin mass of language, character, occasional new truth. But our desperation has led us toward something larger and darker. So we turn to the news, which provides an unremitting mood of catastrophe. This is where we find emotional experience not available elsewhere. We don't need the novel. Quoting Bill. We don't even need catastrophes, necessarily. We only need the reports and predictions and warnings.”

    “We all know how the thing we secretly fear is not a secret at all but the open and eternal thing that predicts its own recurrence.”

    1. Could someone please tell us who wrote the quoted text above? And who is "Bill"?

    2. It's sad but true. I mean DeLilo would know better than anyone. And when you combine terror with symbolism you have the new black mass. You have metaphoric ritual evolve into literal ritual.

  8. "We still don't have all the facts yet but let me just say this: what I've been trying to tell you for the past ten years is that a lot of very powerful people believe in some very strange things. They believe in strange things with utter conviction and they act on their beliefs."

    I think it needs to be made clear that these people do not operate in a vacuum. They do and believe these strange things because THEY GET RESULTS. Until people understand that magick works, they won't grasp the why.

    1. This is very true. But what kind of results does it get? I'm seeing people in chaos magic -rather the dumbed-down version of it- drift more and more towards demonology if not outright Satanism. And I've told you time and again how that always works out.


    Towers reaching to the sky. Crowds below.
    That is how stuff stays haunted. That geometry always seems to be something to avoid.

  10. Just a thought for those trying to puzzle out whether this was a psyop or a real atrocity; remember that the two aren't mutually exclusive. I find a template for a lot of what we're seeing these days in Crowley's infamous "241 Plan", that he floated to British Intelligence in the waning days of WWII: as he put it (and this is quoting from memory, so it won't be quite verbatim), "Find someone who circumstances have rendered not only despairing, but angry; encourage them to suicide, but also first to kill two others who they blame for their misfortune; and make sure that the number 241 ("two for one") is found somewhere on the killer." He went on to say that it should only take one or two well-publicized cases like this before copycats began popping up all over the Reich. And that would be a huge blow to German moral, as it would have everyone warily eyeing everyone else, wondering if they might be the next 241 killer.

    A lot of the atrocity seen in America in recent years has that sort of look to me; half-staged and half-real, with copycats that don't even need handlers to follow.

    For the record, British Intelligence claims they turned such an evil plan down cold; though that kinda is what they *would* say. And any evidence to the contrary could well have been found only in the files of a bombed-out Nazi police station.

    Also have to say: this is my first time commenting, but I've been reading the Secret Sun avidly for years now; Chris, keep up the absolutely stellar work you do helping us all connect the dots!

    1. Thank you very much. And deception is a fairly time-tested weapon of war. As I've said there seems to be a lot of gaslighting attached to this story. But I also get the feeling that something was botched, something didn't go down the way it was planned. Thanks for the tip on the 241 Plan. Very interesting indeed.

  11. 'Mr. Paddock did not dial up the police to explain his actions.'

    What an odd choice of words, is anyone starring in this harvesting able to speak coherently? In not doing so it emphasises oddity.

    1. I'm trying to recall exactly which character(/)doppelgänger/clone/replacement in which film or tv series actually emits the 'dial-up' tone to handshake with whichever system they're trying to connect to, X-Files? MiB? Something sci/spooky-fi.

      (Cronenberg's 'Scanners' features a character, 'Cameron Vale', who uses his psi-bilities, through the medium of a phone call, to fry a computer system based in the hq in which his father & former head of the project testing drugs on unborn babies (resulting in the birth of the scanners) continues to work, or at least lurk, this chap is played by No. 6, I mean Freeman, himself Patrick McGoohan

    2. I think there's some signaling going on here from the LVMPD and probably others. They seem like they're using these press conferences to embed what almost sound like distress signals, such as appealing to the public to provide them a motive. This is all pretty weird and scary.

    3. Chris,

      A police department sending out an embedded distress signal...why does this remind me of US POWs in Vietnam blinking out Morse Code "SOS" during a forced television "confession"?

  12. Regarding Amon-Ra and the Lunokhod landing of November 17, 1970, I'll just leave this here:

  13. More excellent work, Chris. You have a keen eye and your intuitions are sound, at least to me.

    1. Much appreciated, my friend. Wish I didn't have to, but this is 2017.

  14. Wow! You simply blow my mind with things that the majority try to ignore as soon as possible. You and a lot of other people provide me with new insights about what's really happening in this world.

  15. Only Oedipus can solve this one.


    1. Some of the Syncheads are pointing out that the Mandalay Bay is shaped like a Y, meaning "why?"

  16. This case reminds me of that guy in California , Jeffrey Allan Lash, who claimed to be an alien secret agent -amid many other things.... When he died the authorities found hundreds of weapons.
    The world is going insane very rapidly, things that could only be found in PK Dick's fiction are now every day occurrences. And so it goes.

    1. Yeah, he looks like another covert gunrunner gone psycho. Interesting a big story popped up on him a few days before Las Vegas.

    2. channel four, the other public service broadcaster here (besides the bbc), is currently running a series of PKD adaptations titled 'Electric Dreams', the episode 'Real Life' about 'violent killers whose plans could have shattering consequences' has yet to be broadcast to any Aerials out-there.

  17. There is one figure who links Las Vegas, Hollywood, the aerospace industry, Plutocrats, the intelligence community, political corruption and so many other ugly strands of darkness that they are hard to count: Howard Hughes. The book Citizen Hughes is a good place to start looking into the abyss that was his life. It is a huge book, and yet you get the feeling that what is not in it is bigger and nastier that what is in it.

    1. Speaking of aerospace: Lockheed pays well, but (outside of the C-level positions) we're talking "upper middle class, low six figures" well, not "millionaire lifestyle, multiple large-scale properties" well.

      And that's the ENGINEERS. This guy was 'just' an accountant.

      I've done NASA work, they pay LESS. Much less. If you're a young engineer and want to earn the big-bucks salary, you go to Google, Microsoft, or (believe it or not) Netflix. Not NASA.

      Just a thought...

    2. Oh, I forgot to mention Hughes links to the JFK case, Latin American despots, Watergate AND UFO lore...Lovely human being he was.

    3. 'accountant', all these status labels are codenames, nudges & winks - 'shits 'n giggles' for the would-be wizards obscured by the curtain call but deadly serious for the great mass of us, the chap's certainly in the frame for taking account of the Harvest Moon.

    4. Mae Brussel was always hammering Hughes and his bunch. Interesting we saw such a whitewash of him in the Scorsese movie. As for NASA et al, I think this guy's resume is bogus and was essentially light cover. I've seen nothing to persuade me otherwise.

    5. Oh yes, Scorcese. The Aviator. Terrible movie. Whitewash indeed. And then they made Shutter Island. I could not believe my eyes while I watched that one. They tried to debunk all of the hidden aspects of post war American history as the ravings of a mad man! Amazing....

  18. Hey Chris, here's something that will really blow you away, pardon the pun, but the Las Vegas band 'The Killers' played before the AFL Grand Final (Australia) on Saturday September 30th, 2017 singing their hits 'The Man', 'Somebody Told Me' "Read My Mind' etc.
    They were basically promoting their new album, which has a song called 'Run for Cover' on it, which they performed on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on August 2nd this year, live from Vegas in an open lot and among the lyrics is the words "fake news".
    Take a look at the You Tube at this link -
    The Killers - Run For Cover (Live From Jimmy Kimmel Live!)
    Prophetic, or what?

    1. Yeah, dude. Interesting. Gotta wonder about all that. What the hell happened to those guys, though? The first album is great.

    2. Didn't the Killers also play a New Year's Eve gig with Paul McCartney, during which they played Helter Skelter? A song with some dark associations, especially in a year where the KKK and Nazis are becoming normalised...

    3. Look at the picture on 'The Killers' new album cover that Jimmy Kimmel holds up when introducing the band in that clip.
      It's just a hand holding up a conch shell.
      Isn't the conch shell symbolic of the siren's song?

  19. "And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed." -John 3:19-20 Keep looking into and promoting the sewer Chris, one day if not already you will become the sewer. Goodbye Chris, this is where we part ways.

    1. Chris, its interesting how several readers lately (newbies maybe?) are urging you to stay away from this material. Your creative persistence reminds me of William Burroughs' remarks on Buddhism: "...I am more concerned with writing than I am with any sort of enlightenment...I use meditation to get material for writing. I am not concerned with some kind of abstract nirvana. It is exactly the visions and the fireworks that are useful for me, exactly what all the masters tell us we should pay as little attention to as possible. I sense an underlying dogma here to which I am not able to submit. The purposes of a Bodhisattva and an artist are different and perhaps not reconcilable." -Wm. Burroughs, Retreat Diaries

    2. burroughs was another shooter killing his wife, Joan, whilst they played 'William Tell', he never lost his love for firearms.

    3. You sound like you've just seen the movie 'IT' with all of your "sewer" talk "Anonymous".
      The only one in the sewer here "Anon" is you you clown/loser.
      Adios and I hope you get your mind out of the sewer, as IT must be draining your time thinking about s#ti like that all of the time.

  20. As I was reading this, I kept thinking of Mark Frost's The Secret History of Twin Peaks. He had Jet Propulsion Laboratory,Jack Parsons,Nixon,and the owl ring. It will be interesting to see what is in the Final Dossier coming out on Halloween. I have a feeling it will somehow relate to all the themes you've been writing about so well the last couple months. Karin

    1. Yeah, this is 2017. This is where we are.

    2. 'The Return' of 'Stranger Things' on Friday 27th October, two weeks after Friday 13th no less, in the first season 11 wore a blonde bob of a wig to pass as a normie, what will the double-down of ST2 & TPTFD work to conjure out t' ether?

      A programme about mkultra is part of the mkultra program.

  21. The siren Aerial (an aerial being a transmitter & receiver) spalshed out from the front of a box of 'rice krispies multi-grain shapes' as I did my duty as a good citizen earlier today by doing my bit to help the economy turn over.

    The Kate Bush album 'Aerial' features a song titled 'King of the Mountain', & 'pi' in which she 'sings the number to its 78th decimal place, then from its 101st to its 137th decimal place.'


    'Aerials is a 2016 Emirati science fiction film set in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Directed by S.A.Zaidi and produced by Ghanem Ghubash, it is considered to be the first science fiction film in the Middle East portraying an alien invasion over the city of Dubai.'

    Art imitating life again.

  22. The event proceeded a full moon (a Harvest Moon) in the sign of Aries which is ruled by Mars the God of War. The event was within "orb" of the degrees of the full moon which was 12.42.

    The Sabian Symbol for 12-13 degree Aries is: An Unexploded Bomb Reveals An Unsuccessful Social Protest

    However the actual event took place on a waxing gibbous moon which is a manifesting time. On the 1st of October the moon was in Aquarius at 9-10 degrees.

    Sabian Symbol: A Man Who Had For A Time Become The Embodiment Of A Popular Ideal Is Made To Realize That As A Person He Is Not This Ideal

    Kinda sounds like that man was a patsy.

    To me the word the full moon Sabian Symbol pivots on is "Reveal."

    I think we need to bring all this stuff into the mix considering who we are dealing with.


  23. I was reading the basics about Las Vegas, as i'm from another country, and this is what wikipedia says: "Las Vegas" is often used to describe areas beyond official city limits—especially the areas on and near the Las Vegas Strip, which is actually located within the unincorporated communities of Paradise, Winchester, and Enterprise.[13][14]

    So all this happened within Paradise (Heaven)

    And i found this reading about Paradise: Paradise is home to Las Vegas's first major league sports team, the Vegas Golden Knights of the National Hockey League (NHL), which will begin play in the 2017–18 season.

  24. I had to stay in Las Vegas for a week for a trade show in the early 90s and it was one of the weirdest times in my life. By then I had had to visit most of the big American cities due to my job and was used to the vibe that each city has. NY,LA,Boston,Miami,SF,and so on, each has a particular aura, maybe due mostly to the sound signature unique to each place. What spooked me about Las Vegas it that it had none of that. It felt like being inside a recording booth for a week. The day I left was one of the happiest days of my life.

  25. Chris,

    Once again, your "Map of the Territory" leaves everyone else in the dust as far as forward-thinking goes. You're right on the button when you acknowledge that this stuff is getting serious -- more so than ever before if that's even possible.

    And you and I, my good friend that I've never met, REALLY need to put our heads together:

    NASA becoming operational on Oct 1, 1958? You could've knocked me over with a feather with that one...I'm forever mis-remembering it as Oct 31, but of course that was Parsons with JPL, which I know you know is another entire hornet's nest.

    Keep up the stellar (pardon the pun) dot-connecting, and I swear we'll find a way out of this maze of confusion and chaos somehow; I just know it. We "deplorables" have got it goin' on cowboy! Keep the faith and cheers mate!

  26. Some more Flotsam & Jetsum ('the secondary antagonists in Disney's 1989 animated feature film, The Little Mermaid. They were moray eels that served as minions to Ursula the Sea Witch' who 'speak in unison, finish each other's sentences, and entwine their bodies. The concept of their linkage is further heightened when their white eyes combine to form a single crystal ball, a portal through which Ursula can view the outside world.'):

    FLOTUS Melania Trump wore a 'mermaid skirt featuring ruffles along the hem, at an event to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month at the White House in Washington D.C., U.S. on Oct. 6, 2017.'

    Bad news for the oceans, ocean beings & humanity though:

    'Chanel confirmed what we long suspected this morning - plastic is a big deal for summer 2018... Today's Chanel show compounded the trend, as breakout star Kaia Gerber opened wearing a pair of thigh-high plastic boots with a transparent block heel.'


    Hurricane Nate's “cone of uncertainty” is on the move.


    No matter, the 'Wormwood asteroid', part of the "debris field of the Planet X star system", heralds Nibiru's appearance to smite us from the face of existence a week today on Sunday 15th October so says 'Doomsday theorist Dave Meade': "It’s the beginning. Ever since the Great American Solar Eclipse of August 21 we have been hit by a continued series of judgements."

    Perhaps The Draconid meteor shower is a harbinger too.


    'Denis Villeneuve explains why he wanted David Bowie in Blade Runner 2049' is available on the tube, Denis wanted David to play the role of Wallace, if Hans Zimmer's 'dialled-up' clone of a Vangelis score is in anyway representative of the movie (I guess Vangelis wasn't available or interested?) then 2049's a 'tears in the rain' replicant of 2019.

    1. & there was a story doing the rounds:

      'Now, one of the most famous—and one of the earlier—purported hidden dicks was from The Little Mermaid’s home video box art (which I owned a copy of). It came out in 1990, six months after it was in theaters, and people pointed out that one of the spires on King Triton’s castle looked remarkably like a penis.'

      posted 9/22/17 5:05pm by 'Beth Elderkin'.

  27. Bonjour.

    1971 (71/17), 10/01, Disney's Magic Kingdom.

  28. I watched Stormship Troopers "Traitor of Mars" and it fit this black ops/false
    flag conspiracy theme.... (Cue the Klendathu Drop track someone.....) The mad
    leader using a crisis to enhance their popularity in rankings based on real
    time feed back. They even had "psi" ops truthers spreading "conspiracies".

    I also liked Blade Runner. The main subplot being is Decker really human?
    How do you know what is real and what is fake? How do you know you haven't
    programmed to "like" something? How do you know you have been programmed NOT
    to "like" something.... All instigated by high tech overlords with real time
    "all seeing eye" feedback loops used to manipulate the desires and responses of the population in a VR/AR synthetic manipulation of the senses and the mind feeding ones inner most desires... How do you know what you think is "you" was not programmed?

    How do you know they don't WANT people to be skeptical? Most of the footage
    from the event shows many people were highly skeptical to say the least?
    Maybe that is part of the purpose in the first place? Find out where people
    go online in their little "camps" and spill their inner guts about what they
    really think? Feed that back into the all seeing machine intelligence to
    calculate how folks might respond in another more dire emergency? Who knows?

    One thing is for sure, this so called "conspiracy theory" mindset isnt going
    away anytime soon. The cat is out of the bag and even sci-fi promotes this as
    a "fact of life" in human society. I am sure folks will figure out how to use it one way or another.

  29. Things have been running as a stage show so long (at least since 1945) that maybe the whole scheme is about to collapse, dragged down by its own weight... This new cold war thing especially is so hilarious. Did you see that hoopla about the Soviet bouy that washed up in Florida? Sooo silly sinister, like a Scooby Doo spook.

  30. A commenter of Goro's noted that the first song on Manson's Heaven Upside Down is called Revelation#12... the War in Heaven between Michael & the Devil (which as you observed was also blatantly featured in ST Discovery). But this will be an upside down war, where evil is called good and good evil.

  31. This year is the 91st Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.