Thursday, October 12, 2017

"...But High Ritual Magic is Interested in You."

Eye of Jupiter Amonn, Twin Skulls, drops of blood....

Playtime is over. Things are getting real.

You know all that crazy crap you've been hearing weirdos on the Internet ranting on about for the past 25 years? Well, it's no longer confined to a shadow-banned reddit thread, it's going live. You see it everywhere you look.

Case in point: Burning Man made "Radical Ritual" their theme this year and talked a lot about how it was time to take the burning ritual to the next level, telling Burners to "get out of your head and into your ritual."

Unfortunately, a man actually took Burning Man at their word and ran headlong into the inferno at the festival's climax and burned himself to death. His family are devastated and swear that he would never do anything like that and that someone must have "slipped" him something.

Or something.

But the real problem is that you can't spend a year promising a "radical ritual" when you are playing with this kind of symbology. As you know, "radical" means to get to the root of something. And the root in this particular case is a movie about a Scottish village that practices human sacrifice by caging an unwitting policeman in a giant wicker effigy and roasting him alive while they sing jaunty folk tunes.

The moral of this story is that you can stick your hand in the tiger cage a hundred times but sooner or later that tiger is going to bite your fucking arm off. It's just a question of probability.

As Trotsky once said, "you may not be interested in high ritual magic but high ritual magic is most certainly interested in you."


2017 is turning out to be kind of like what everyone thought 2012 was going to be. We've had the riots, terror attacks, devastating floods and hurricanes and now Las Vegas. 

We've also had the Great American Eclipse and this once-every-28-year "lunar occultation." 

That's what they used to call "signs in the Heavens." And those signs aren't what you might call "very encouraging," I'm sorry to say. But you probably already guessed as much.

So I've had people ask me whether or not I believe in Synchromysticism anymore since I've been taking a hard look at all this blatant dark ritualism we're seeing everywhere. 

And my answer is that I believe in Synchromysticism more than I ever did before. Why? 

Precisely because if there are so many people in high places going to such great efforts to try to manufacture synchronicity and manipulate symbolism, it shows that they believe these things have a power that they can misuse to their advantage.

I mean, I knew all that already but a little reinforcement never hurt anyone.

As to whether a highly-symbolic chain of events is being created by us or "Them," all I can say is that it takes two to tango.

I mean, just look at this thing. It's like something out of an occult ritual textbook, the chapter on covert symbolism. 

You have SiriusXM, whose logo manages to incorporate 33 and 10/13, you have 91 which corresponds to the Etemenanki. You have the Golden Bough-resonating Harvest, which manages to squeeze in another 33 and suggest the wings of a sundisk

Then you have the 91 logo which incorporates a circumpunct and six dashes (3 white, 3 gold) suggesting a hexagon. We also see the three white dashes forming a Y shape. Like Mandalay, like Challenger, like Juno.

I'm actually having a hard time picturing a banner that could possibly be more occultic without actually having Baphomet fucking a mermaid or something.

Were the producers of this festival anticipating a guy from a town at the end of a real Route 91 would be the center of a mass shooting event four years later? I suppose it's possible. Likely? That I'm not so sure about. 

But that doesn't mean that someone else wasn't.

Do note that Stephen Paddock lived in two separate Mesquites- or twin Mesquites- and there's a "Wolf Creek" in this particular one.

Which takes us back to our stomping grounds, the Wolf River and the whole deal with Heaven or Las Vegas. Did the Cocteau Twins figure there'd be that tie-in 27 years later? Not one single chance in hell. 

Nor did anyone ever anticipate that a song with a title like "Frou Frou Foxes in Midsummer Fires" would make a dream-logic prediction about a notable rock star death 27 years later or would also twin that to a very hinky Burning Man death. 

Not only that but connect directly to the Route 91 incident, linked materially and symbolically by the MGM Grand Casino in which Chris Cornell died.

However the Chris Cornell "Black Hole Sun" thing and the Black Sun iconography favored by Route 91 headliner might be a different story. Don't ask me how, I'm just calling 'em like I see 'em.

But we're seeing all kind of twinning at work here on the symbolic and semiotic planes. Chris Cornell can be twinned with Jason Aldean through the Black Sun and through MGM Grand. Chris Cornell can be twinned with Jeff Buckley, who died in that other city with giant kitschy pyramid. 

Do note that none of these guys were actually born with their stage names either.

Chris Cornell can be more obviously twinned with Chester Bennington, of course. And Chester Bennington can be more obviously twinned with Jeff Buckley, more directly through his rendition of "Hallelujah" at Cornell's funeral. 

Bennington was also due to play- you guessed it- MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas the day before....

...this happened. Note that Aaron Mitchell was living in the home of LSD, MKULTRA, CERN and the Gotthard Tunnel Ritual, among several other things.

Mitchell went by his middle name Joel, after the prophet whose titular book in the Bible that mainly concerns itself with a plague of locusts. 

Huh- where have we heard about locusts recently?

Burning Man booklet back cover

And Mitchell originally from McAlester, home of a major military installation and a huge Scottish Rite shrine. 

Jesus, this poor guy didn't stand a chance.

And as fate would have it, Aaron Mitchell can be twinned with Aaron Mitchell, who was separated from his family during Hurricane Harvey Weinstein, which connects us to Twin Peaks. 

And Braintree. Also make note of the Mike Pence story- we'll get to that shortly.

Fire and Water. Note that connection here as you search for Aaron Mitchell and both stories come up. 

Aaron Mitchell can in turn be twinned to Orion Krause, the promising musical prodigy who inexplicably beat his mother and grandparents to death with a baseball bat, despite having no history of violence or mental illness. 

Maybe he should have stayed away from the Fort Devens area. They seem to have a history with this sort of thing.

Orion Krause is actually a resident of the town in Maine where MKUTRA scientist Andrija Puharich had an occult/psi/mind control operation going back in the day.

And Orion just happened to wear a shirt with twin Sirens on it to his arraignment.

The murders took place the day the adaption of Stephen King's It was released, which also deals with occult, psi and mind control themes. Plus an otherworld entity that manifests itself every 27 years.

In Maine. A town were the 91 founders were all mysteriously killed.

This all went down two days after MGM announced they will be relaunching their Orion Pictures brand.

As blind luck would have it, the period from the murders to the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery is 17 days and both Orion Krause and Trek share significant connections to the Nine.

By the way- the twin date 10/01 connects to the Nine as well: 1001 is binary code for 9.

And I should probably mention that Elizabeth Fraser was 27 when Heaven or Las Vegas was released. 27 years ago.

Twenty (or twin-ten) days later Lockheed unveiled its Mars Base mission, which will use their Orion hardware. Which bore no connection to the fact that the 1999 film Mars Attacks depicted a spaceship firing exactly where Paddock was said to be three days after Lockheed's Mars announcement.

VP Mike Pence was hobnobbing with the space set in the Mojave Desert, after having announced a NASA moon mission a couple of days after a mass shooting event on NASA's actual birthday.

And as you all probably know, the Mojave is where the father of modern rocketry performed the Babalon Working, in hopes of summoning the Whore of Babylon of Revelations 17 and bringing on the friggin' apocalypse.

Coincidentally, Pence was retracing Jack Parsons' footsteps the day the announcement was given that Tom ("Twin") DeLonge's, um, long-promised To the Stars UFO-Disclosure project was going to go live. The next day, of course. 

We are talking about Tom DeLonge.

Jack Parsons was probably also the only man who could brag about being pen pals with Aleister Crowley and Wernher Von Braun. Which brings me to my next point.

For some reason, Tom DeLonge-- best-known for playing guitar in a band once loved by millions for their songs about dicks and farting-- was tapped by a murderer's row of Generals, CIA men and NASA and Lockheed honchos to front their alien religion indoctrination program UFO disclosure project.

It's not as if any of those types have ever shown a penchant for obsessive ritualism or anything, so we shouldn't be bothered that all the Paperclip Nazis--including Von Braun-- were first smuggled into America via Long Island. 

Not that Long Island; the one everyone says is in Boston Harbor but is actually in Quincy Bay.

Call it DeLonge Island. Less confusion that way.

And so all the SS men all lived quite comfortably in a building later modified to resemble a Nazi swastika. A building that served as the inspiration for Shutter Island, incidentally, and was just a few hundred feet away from where Magnum Cum Laude MKULTRA graduate Whitey Bulger "hid out."

And seeing how that swastika-shaped building is officially a part of Quincy, there's surely no significance to the fact that the Delong coat of arms incorporates a stylized seed packet from a quince... we see here with the characteristic five seed pattern of the quince.

Note that the quince is not only the Forbidden Fruit of the Bible and the Golden Apple of Discord, it is also in the Rosasceae family and part of the overall Rosa family. Bear this in mind in light of the Santa Rosa fire disaster.

You may be asking yourself what the hell does a quince have to do with NASA and Mars and pyramids and sphinxes and aliens and weird singers from Scotland so I won't keep you hanging....

Do note the five-sided pyramid.

The chances all of this is coincidental? From low to no way, is my best guess.

So the period from this Paddock thing in Las Vegas on NASA's birthday to Tom DeLonge's big UFO cargo cult religion To The Stars rollout is eleven (11) days and that's the twins and the Gemini program patch and on and on but what does any of this have to do with Operation Paperclip and MKULTRA and NASA and all the rest of it, right?

Well, as it happens (De)Long Island aka Operation Paperclip Island is right next to a Peddock's Island.

And then there's Daddy Paddock wearing his ourobouros-owl necklace and his totally not-Photoshopped fleur-de-lis shirt, which represents the lily, which ties back to "Alas Dies Laughing" and the Memphis pyramid and so on and so forth. 

But what does that have to do Tom DeLonge and his fucked-up Heaven's Gate-CIA brainwashing cult To The Stars project?

Longe is an English and French aristocratic household, descending from the House of Bourbon-Préaux, a cadet branch of the House of Bourbon.  
The period from the Cassini probe impact to Las Vegas is 17 days. The period from Las Vegas to the rollout of Tom DeLonge alien-cult “Academy” is 11 days.

The Luxor Massacre took place on November 17. 

Or as written in non-American notation, 17/11.

So we have Las Vegas. Nine days after that the Tom DeLonge project is announced. By John Podesta.

Eleven days after- and the day after DeLonge's presentation- is Crowley's 142 birthday.

And tomorrow is Friday the 13th, 10/13 and the 100th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima.

You know, I really should expect all of this by now.

So what evidence might we have that someone actually is coordinating major events in conjunction with obsessive, as-above-so-below twinning and painstaking alignment to major celestial bodies?

OK, but that was about knocking twins down, Twin Towers in this particular instance. What might these alleged magicians really be after?  What do they really want?

Or do we not actually want to know?


  1. Cinimod_ofCarthach9:43 AM, October 12, 2017

    It's the Apocalypse.

    The lifting of the veil.

    People are worshipping the false light, which is the siren, which in the Kabbalah is lilith. Her consort Samael is coming back. Call it whatever you want in whatever language/religion but that's what is happening.

    Those who don't hold knowledge will die.

    It's why they went after the cathars.

    Project Bluebeam is going to fool a lot of people to believe the ONE same truth. A Lie.

    1. Well, Project Bluebeam is not where it's at. If they try to pull something like that off they'll do with the real hardware, the stuff you can go on YouTube and see flying around every night over Las Vegas. Or maybe something weirder and more, um, shall we say exotic.

    2. That 'Luxor Sky Beam' has a candella of '42.3 billion' 'lol' jesus.

    3. If I live to see them try Bluebeam my sides will never be recovered from their intergalactic injection trajectory.

  2. Perhaps I didn't follow the connection correctly, but Trotsky's actual quote is "You may not be interested in strategy, but strategy is interested in you." Or are you saying that these mass rituals are part of a larger strategy. Wasn't clear to me, thanks.

    1. Apparently the original quote is "You may not be interested in war...". I think we can safely assume Chris is bringing a little humour to a dark topic here.

      On another note - the kind of connections Chris explores seem to be a 'natural' feature of our reality, which appears to be in some way holographic or fractal. If you haven't done so already, check out Scott Onstott's ideas about this, and also Joseph Farrell's 'topological metaphor of the medium'.

      Onstott's conclusion is that while there may well be human and perhaps extraterrestrial agents working to create such phenomena, they occur on a much larger macro scale, which suggests they appear independently - whether a result of 'God', 'the universal consciousness', or something else entirely.

      Great work Chris, thanks for sharing.

    2. It's like Captain Beefheart once said, "everything's wrong but at the same time it's right." My own idiosyncratic, completely dissociated interpretation of that is that everything is happening all at once. People are trying to get the Spirit World's attention at the same the Spirit World is trying to get ours. But your higher power might in fact be a lower power, so watch out. But I'm telling everyone now- this isn't a phase or a fad. Technology is only accelerating this process when it was supposed to make it all go away.

    3. Interest is 'of concern' & to concern is to 'sift'/'sieve', quite a thing we have done to ourselves & do to ourselves.

  3. Chris,

    A gentle reminder to the readership, that anything Quincy is also Braintree, as the City of Quincy, MA was founded as North Braintree in 1649, and remained so until 1792. Amusingly, the motto of Quincy is "Manet", which means "It Remains". Perhaps it remains Braintree, or perhaps something of the past remains...

    1. People laugh when I tell them I'm from Braintree. It's like what the hell kind of name is Braintree? I gotta say that after watching It and seeing the level of malicious bullying and the clowns (which we looked at earlier) I can't help but wonder if someone if thinking about the 'Tree or channeling its malefic energy. The whole Swingle-a-like and the New Kids on the Block riff didn't exactly throw me off the scent.

  4. 19 hijackers on 9/11. You've been on fire Chris, massive download of sync.

    1. Thank you both. I just hope I'm not getting burnt. There's a huge lode of sync in the chamber too. It doesn't seem to end.

  5. While we're on the subject of musical Synchromysticism, how about Billy Joel's "Miami 2017"?

  6. Been in to this song lately

    Chris I highly rec you listen to what Twyman is putting out - listened to you on F Zero - lotso f breaks and pauses, but the material is solid

    Love that I think Greg is gonna release yr epic THC+ on 'I made this!' Day - Carter and I are both Libras, but we are very different souls - or is we? W/e, right? Mirror mirror on the wall, how the world shall whirl and the stars shall continue to fall - the words are an echo and the smoke is now birth'd of its own accord - sweet smelling roses are eternity if your grain of sand is an hour ~

    1. Thanks, OF. The breaks and pauses were part and parcel of the downpour of electronic interference I've been running into with trying to get this message out. Not exactly encouraging.

    2. I thought it was a system thing - that perhaps it was a limit of 15 minutes - I didn't know that it was because of that 'Faaip de Oiad' phenomena. You really are a hero, imho.

      Think of alchemy. 5 turning in to 6, for example. 32 becomes 33. A one, B two, C three... Chester Bennington in to Chris Cornell.

      At this moment Greg is hyping your upcoming show - he shoulda released it last evening, 10/13, but this 5G show is everything you might be experiencing. Love, light, and prayers, good fortune and blessings unto you, and all you wish those prayers to assist, to them as well. Peace brother... time to meditate :3

  7. Regarding your fantastic quote:

    "Precisely because if there are so many people in high places going to such great efforts to try to manufacture synchronicity and manipulate symbolism, it shows that they believe these things have a power that they can misuse to their advantage."

    That just nailed it for me. The whole thing resonates like a scripted foreshadowing in a screenplay now. But I have to admit, I'm more than a little afraid of the special effects they have in mind. & the ending for that matter.

    Speaking of Hollywood syncs, don't know if you are/have been watching the show "Mr. Robot" at all, but the 1st ep. of Season 3 was on last nite (USA Network); *spoilery warning*--mind control/MK-ULTRA-esque programming of main character(s), controlled opposition, CERN, mention of parallel dimensions, technocracy, VR as mind prison themes abound. Esp. insightful quote: "Your revolution is their intellectual property." Seriously, if you haven't checked out this show yet you need to. Seems like the writers might be taking a bit of inspiration from what you & others in the community have been blogging about for a while now (thought that shouldn't be too surprising to you at this point!)

    The twinning phenomenon in light of what you're uncovering is particularly intriguing. There's something on the level of mythology going on there.


    "Twins can represents some "other" aspect of the Self, a doppelgänger or a shadow. Often the twin is the "evil twin"[citation needed], or one may be human and one semi-divine. The twin may be a brother, or a soul-mate, such as the "civilized" Gilgamesh and the "wild" Enkidu."

    1. Damn it, David, not you're just adding to my backlog of things I gotta see, read, listen to! I'll have to look that one up now.

      Yeah, this twin thing. Twin Peaks. Twin Towers. More and more it just keeps pointing to this other dimension. I can't say if it's real but I can say a hell of a lot of people want it to be.

  8. ★★★★★.


    1. Thanks for that. And thanks for the 5 stars. Well, I hope they're for me!

  10. Chris can you answer the proposed question; What are these 'magicians' actually after?
    YES I want to know!
    Obviously this involves 'other intelligences'.
    TPTB sold out to that shit a LONG 'time' ago; selling themselves and 'humanity' OUT in the process.
    These events are, at least in part, ritual sacrifices to these 'entities'.
    Something 'wicked' this way comes I think.

    1. I gather that by "magicians" you mean TPTB, not your average little magician.

      Well, TPTB are after what they always are: power. The only thing is, power is complicated. Far more complicated than your average person ever realizes. Sometimes, the best way of holding on to power is giving away small chunks of it.

    2. True; it's always about MORE 'power' for TPTB.
      Could you please elaborate on your comment about "Sometimes the best way of holding onto power is giving away small chunks of it"
      Do you agree that TPTB are purposefully conjuring demonic entities and the like to receive this 'power'; a misuse of constructional energetics; the 'Matrix' which of course is a temporal/time 'construct'.
      Thank you.

    3. It's interesting- everyone these days seems to sense something bad coming our way, they just choose to define it differently. Everyone seems focused on a different kind of threat. But what if if they're actually all right? I mean, I certainly hope not but what I've always tried to do here is encourage holistic thinking- that this little duchy or that is all part of the same kingdom. And hopefully the same idea applies to something good coming our way as well.

    4. Yes absolutely.
      I focus on this point in my personal writings; the need to 'polarize' towards the 'positive' KNOWING that TPTB are doing the EXTREME OPPOSITE.
      They are focused and INTENTIVE on 'darkness'.
      I am NOT!
      But to do this, I do not 'stand against' this 'darkness'; that is FOLLY!
      I just polarize myself; my will, my intention, my MIND on the OPPOSITE of this 'darkness'.
      Unfortunately, TPTB 'play' BOTH sides of this 'game'; Hegellian Dialectic shit!
      Thank you for your contribution; I have learned a lot thru your blog.

  11. That alien thing of De Longe reminds me how in the 70s the americans planned to overthrow castro by staging J.Christ's second coming. PS I once called blink 182 "the anti king crimson"

    1. Well, again- the offspring of an oil executive meets the offspring of a missile designer. The result is not The Offspring, however.

  12. Hey Chris, check out my latest post -
    'Tom Petty - Shadow People?'
    and listen to Tom's prophetic lyrics bearing in mind this was his and the HEARTbreaker's 13th and last album which went to #1 on the Billboard 200 chart.
    That's "200" chart.
    Synchromysticism is going batshit crazy off the charts at the moment it seems.

    1. I'll tell you what, Darren- check out Tom Petty's daughters and their creepy project.

      I think you might find some nuggets of interest in all that.

    2. Degenerate weimerica in the flesh!

      Mircalla = Carmilla: 'a Gothic novella by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu and one of the early works of vampire fiction, predating Bram Stoker's Dracula (1897) by 26 years. First published as a serial in The Dark Blue (1871–72), the story is narrated by a young woman preyed upon by a female vampire named Carmilla'

      pop-cult is a vampire two, what else are those mouseketeer ears but vampire-teeth-like distortions of the human form (& another kind of twinning when worn atop a head)?

  13. Hey Chris, I am curious what your take on Grant Cameron's views are in regards to Tom Delonge's "disclosure" project and what Grant thinks it actually is. From my understanding, Grant seems to view it as one long con game that gets recycled and spoon fed decade after decade from deep/state Intel "sources" or insiders to people who feel they are special and can handle the "truth" and then, supposedly disclose that info slowly to the public. Greer is part of that equation as well.

    1. My take? I think Cameron knows what he's talking about. I also think what this is really all about is creating a new religion. That's the bottom line here.

    2. It may also be one of Musk's first ways to recruit for his one-way mission to Mars. Imagine promising someone the fame of discovering the first alien artifacts, etc.

  14. Ah just when you thought that bizarre-tale of belief defying insanity in Vegas regarding the "long gunman" couldn't get anymore strange..... no one was expecting a card from the 1990's predictive programing "Illuminating Card Game" to pop up; "ILLUMINATI Card Game Strikes Again"

    An astute individual in the video comment section claim the country musician Jason Aldean whom performed during the shooting has a spade tattoo as depicted on that Illuminati playing card and I'll quote that comment below.

    "Jason Alden's has this exact tattoo on his arm as well of the jack and the ace. Also Jack and ace= J and A= Jason Aldean. Just saying!" Amanda Warner

    1. Excuse the Typo I meant, Ah just when you thought that bizarre-tale of belief defying insanity in Vegas regarding the "lone gunman" couldn't get anymore strange.....

    2. Yep, saw that. The link to the card itself is a little tenuous but that Jason Aldean fella....hmm. Strange signals coming from that chappie.

  15. Keep digging Chris! We synchromystics can discern. All will be revealed. Shine forth brave souls. 87

    1. The Synchromystics have been a great boon in all this. Eternally grateful.

  16. Chris,

    Good Lord, just get him to turn over the mantle right now already, you ARE the new Richard Hoagland. But I'll just leave you with this word of slight warning...this is exactly the kind of dot-connecting that Hoagie was engaging in in the late 90s that put him on some bad, bad radars and got him heart-attacked. But, as Van Morrison would say, it's too late to stop now, ain't it? And somebody's got to do this damnit!! Hopefully with enough of us shouting there's safety in numbers. Just keep on doing what you're doing -- never sit on anything. In a dark time the eye begins to see.

    And btw, that last image is something "opening" above the CERN facility, correct? A perfect, and ominous, finish. So often I think we are seeing the manifestations, here and now, of their dark, and decidedly non-material, workings. Dark matter. It's just a shot away.

    1. I thank you very much, Wordman. And yes, that is an startling image- it looks like something from the first Ghostbusters movie and probably with good reason.

      As to your warning, well I've been on bad radars my entire life. Literally. That's an entirely different conversation.

  17. Hey, Chris, was just listening to the podcast you liked to. You mentioned childhood trauma. It got me thinking about how some shamans are trained in the Amazon. It was not unusual for a child as young as six or seven to be isolated in total darkness for months at a time, while adhering to a strict diet. They go through all kinds of ordeals along the way. Of course, this was all done within their particular context, and they did not see it as inflicting trauma, but rather as preparing the child for the work they would be doing. Yet, there is the connection between childhood trauma and the ability to cross the veil, as it were. Just throwing that out there.

    1. Very much keeping all that in mind, Juan. It's been a big part of this discovery process. Thanks for this.

  18. Nice new format. Way to go pumping out these posts like you have been as well.

    1. Well observed, Christian. This is a good way to make sure old posts aren't getting lost in the void like before. It's all about sharing the information.

  19. Excellent. You and Goro and a few others are on the leading edge of genuinely insightful commentary on this thing. It's all so much darker, more evil and just way, way weirder than people can grasp at this stage. These sick freaks have had such unquestioned poser for so long that we're living in their nightmare paradise now. It's all connected. And the cops and a few others are trying to hint at it, with guns to their heads as it were. You're a champion, Chris. I know the toll such rabbit holes can take on the psyche. Thanks for shining a light for your brother's and sisters, as always.

    1. I appreciate that, my friend. But I don't see myself as a champion so much as a guy who A., tends to look at things in an oblique manner and B., can't keep his mouth shut when he's dealing with glaring ritualism punching him in the face . But this whole horror show looks like it's about to collapse under its own weight and I glad so many people are speaking up. Unfortunately very few seem to realize it's just a tile in a much, much larger mosaic.

  20. new site looks good, much easier to navigate.

  21. The WTC tuning fork was pulled & in their footprint the middle finger of the Freedom Tower was resurrected (the 'O' of 'ONE WTC' is another 'OA'), The Shard, The Burj Khalifa etc are other Twin Towers to this obscene blueprint that says: 'We will do what we like, when we like as we like & there is nothing you can do to stop us let alone evade, avoid or escape our machination.', perhaps it also says to The Eye In The Sky 'If this please you so much more could be done with a share of your power'.

    Two into One will go when the laws of physics are disregraded.

    More & more of these spectacles will happen so many have happened already this year alone, desperate acts of frustrated raging as Higher Powers ignore the machinators or son et lumière celebrating the Gyre Eyed Monster flicker of interest?

    What did the ancient peoples do in the face of their own would-be Divinity attacking them? Are there any texts & sources detailing ways & means of their attempts to circumnavigation the gyre (besides obvious Gnostic texts etc)?

    (& the forthcoming X-Files is the 11th season, Eleventh, Eleven... 'Stranger Things 2: Mommy's* Home'? *or 'Maman'* as Louise Bourgeois titled her massive spider sculpture, *another not one thing or the other but a both - a (physical law bending) twin of sorts?)

    1. Well, it looks like we're going to have a lot more to talk about in the days to come. One World Tower of Babel is the shot and that friggin' ridiculous alignment of the Winter Garden and the Monolith is the chaser. And don't forget the otherworldly sounds coming out of the new Etemenanki.

    2. The Luxor's capstone emanating beam of light is another twinning of the 91 harvesting with the ground zero of 'never forgets' what with every anniversary the 'Tribute in Light' illuminating Manhattan, regarding its development: 'After some consideration, it was decided to contact lighting experts in the field of high intensity light displays. A Las Vegas-based company, Light America, was chosen because of their vast knowledge of high intensity light displays. Gary Evans, the VP of Light America and Michael Burns the designer of the Tribute in Light, said that the company did testing of the lighting fixtures in the Las Vegas Valley before bringing the fixtures to the World Trade Center Site.'


      'The project was originally going to be named Towers of Light, but the victims' families felt that the name emphasized the buildings destroyed instead of the people killed.'


    3. Oh & the Luxor light show is called the 'Luxor Sky Beam'... beam... blue beam... beam me up (whoever the transporter chief of The Discovery is?)?

    4. There's a history of symbolic colours in secret-squirrel land. Blue is the most famous in the UK - I assumed this was a Masonic thing but I might be wrong. Green pops up in the disturbing teen fiction of Robert C. O'Brien and also in the MK literature. Any thoughts?

    5. The war is full-spectrum waged against us.

  22. 'Dream of Light', also known as 'The Quince Tree Sun' (original Spanish title: 'El sol del membrillo - 'The Sun of the Quince') released 1992, is a film which 'centers on Spanish painter Antonio López García and his attempt to paint the eponymous quince tree. López struggles to capture a perfect, fleeting moment of beauty on canvas, and the film meticulously chronicles his work... The film begins by showing Antonio López García as a very meticulous painter. He drives in pegs to mark his stance, hangs a weight and uses strings to determine the symmetry and center of his painting. His first attempt starts out peacefully but he soon encounters problems due to the weather and the size of his canvas. As García and a friend discuss Michelangelo's The Last Judgement, painted when Michelangelo was in his 60s, which García is fast approaching, the film's subject takes shape as the relationship between the artist's work and his own mortality. García's future attempts are much more rushed and frantic as he struggles to compete with the weather, the fleeting sun and the rotting and weighed down fruit in maintaining his vision.'

    'DoL' was directed by Victor Erice who also directed 'The Spirit of The Beehive' a film about a 'young girl Ana and her fascination with the 1931 American horror film Frankenstein, as well as exploring her family life and schooling. The film has been called a "bewitching portrait of a child’s haunted inner life"', Guillermo Del Toro's 'Pan's Labyrinth' may be a companion piece of sorts to the latter.


    Chester revealed 'a love for' D&D on his posthumously released starring appearance on 'carpool karaoke', the CB tribute gig, organised by the surviring members of Linkin Park, is set to occur Friday 27th October* ('where they will be joined by the likes of Blink 182 and Korn' (corn?), Chester looks remarkably cheerful for a guy that topped himself a week after filming his sing-a-long, but this pop-cult we've been surrogotised by is an alienating & soul destroying abomination so some suffer more obviously than others - Chester as (a failed), go to, 11?

    *the same date as the binge release of Stranger Things on humanity.

  23. It's not on the same scale, but there are echoes here of 911. The story that makes no sense. I shy away from numerology, but can anyone tell me why Americans dial that particular number in an emergency? (It brings to mind an old English joke: what do you get if you dial 666? An upside-down policeman.) My own significant date is fast approaching, the day when I started taking this malarkey personally: 24th October, 2003. Or 10/24/03. 1024 is a machine number: two to the power ten, not quite ten to the power three. I don't know what it signifies.

    My take-away from your recent posts is the idea that the Powers believe, and act upon, some very strange things. For the past few days I can't shake the idea that they think they've finally solved the population bomb: once all means of production are in the hands of a small cartel - government or corporation, it doesn't matter which - everyone they don't want will just starve, and this can be blamed on some 'force of nature'. A dark path indeed.

  24. Remember this speech Mike Pence delivered at the Kennedy Space Center back in July?

    "We will put American boots on the face of Mars." (0:28)
    "Space is... [according to Trump] the next great American frontier." (1:20)
    "Space is vital to our national security." (1:47)
    "American security will be as dominant in the heavens as we are here on earth." (1:57)

    1. (If Pence was indeed talking about scientific discovery, why use a phrase that directly evokes military action ("American boots on the ground")?)

      Is American about to out-war the god of war?

    2. 'If you want a picture of the future, imagine an American boot stamping on the face of Mars forever'

      Bad Brains have a tune titled 'Boot Stamping on a Human Face Forever' on their 'The Empire Strikes First' album (on which Atticus Ross, Trent Reznor's fellow traveller, is credited as 'programming'.)

  25. The burning man / guy fawks / robert cecil

    “I spend my time in sowing so much seed as my poor wretched fingers can scatter, in such a season as may bring forth a plentiful harvest. I dare boldly say no shower or storm shall mar our harvest except it should come from beyond the middle region.”

    I'm thinking, the middle region of the human body is the underbelly, which relates both to darkly criminal perverse intents as too preverbal instinctive gutfeeling as a protective warningsystem against the former.

  26. You of course know there are also twin towers next to the Vegas Village? Drove past them, and got a great Taxi story on why they were abandoned before passing the Route 91 concert on the way to my hotel Mandalay Bay on 10/1 ...just sayin

  27. I have a pragmatic approach to synchronicity and symbolic omnicorrelation, it's actually very simple: a symbol-making cognitive apparatus generates a symbol-imbued world.

    Therefore, human existence in all its levels is interpenetrated with symbols wheter we want ir or not, the symbolic nature of even the most irrelevant events are always there, but (in my pragmatic judgement) not because of some hidden power or dimension, at least not one that lies outside the bounds of our psyche.

    But I don't believe in this.