Thursday, October 12, 2017

"...But High Ritual Magic is Interested in You."

Eye of Jupiter Amonn, Twin Skulls, drops of blood....

Playtime is over. Things are getting real.

You know all that crazy crap you've been hearing weirdos on the Internet ranting on about for the past 25 years? Well, it's no longer confined to a shadow-banned reddit thread, it's going live. You see it everywhere you look.

Case in point: Burning Man made "Radical Ritual" their theme this year and talked a lot about how it was time to take the burning ritual to the next level, telling Burners to "get out of your head and into your ritual."

Unfortunately, a man actually took Burning Man at their word and ran headlong into the inferno at the festival's climax and burned himself to death. His family are devastated and swear that he would never do anything like that and that someone must have "slipped" him something.

Or something.

But the real problem is that you can't spend a year promising a "radical ritual" when you are playing with this kind of symbology. As you know, "radical" means to get to the root of something. And the root in this particular case is a movie about a Scottish village that practices human sacrifice by caging an unwitting policeman in a giant wicker effigy and roasting him alive while they sing jaunty folk tunes.

The moral of this story is that you can stick your hand in the tiger cage a hundred times but sooner or later that tiger is going to bite your fucking arm off. It's just a question of probability.

As Trotsky once said, "you may not be interested in high ritual magic but high ritual magic is most certainly interested in you."


2017 is turning out to be kind of like what everyone thought 2012 was going to be. We've had the riots, terror attacks, devastating floods and hurricanes and now Las Vegas. 
We've also had the Great American Eclipse and this once-every-28-year "lunar occultation." 

That's what they used to call "signs in the Heavens." And those signs aren't what you might call "very encouraging," I'm sorry to say. But you probably already guessed as much.

So I've had people ask me whether or not I believe in Synchromysticism anymore since I've been taking a hard look at all this blatant dark ritualism we're seeing everywhere. 

And my answer is that I believe in Synchromysticism more than I ever did before. Why? 

Precisely because if there are so many people in high places going to such great efforts to try to manufacture synchronicity and manipulate symbolism, it shows that they believe these things have a power that they can misuse to their advantage.

I mean, I knew all that already but a little reinforcement never hurt anyone.

As to whether a highly-symbolic chain of events is being created by us or "Them," all I can say is that it takes two to tango.

I mean, just look at this thing. It's like something out of an occult ritual textbook, the chapter on covert symbolism. 

You have SiriusXM, whose logo manages to incorporate 33 and 10/13, you have 91 which corresponds to the Etemenanki. You have the Golden Bough-resonating Harvest, which manages to squeeze in another 33 and suggest the wings of a sundisk

Then you have the 91 logo which incorporates a circumpunct and six dashes (3 white, 3 gold) suggesting a hexagon. We also see the three white dashes forming a Y shape. Like Mandalay, like Challenger, like Juno.

I'm actually having a hard time picturing a banner that could possibly be more occultic without actually having Baphomet fucking a mermaid or something.

Were the producers of this festival anticipating a guy from a town at the end of a real Route 91 would be the center of a mass shooting event four years later? I suppose it's possible. Likely? That I'm not so sure about. 

But that doesn't mean that someone else wasn't.

Do note that Stephen Paddock lived in two separate Mesquites- or twin Mesquites- and there's a "Wolf Creek" in this particular one.

Not only that but connect directly to the Route 91 incident, linked materially and symbolically by the MGM Grand Casino in which Chris Cornell died.

However the Chris Cornell "Black Hole Sun" thing and the Black Sun iconography favored by Route 91 headliner might be a different story. Don't ask me how, I'm just calling 'em like I see 'em.

But we're seeing all kind of twinning at work here on the symbolic and semiotic planes. Chris Cornell can be twinned with Jason Aldean through the Black Sun and through MGM Grand. Chris Cornell can be twinned with Jeff Buckley, who died in that other city with giant kitschy pyramid. 

Do note that none of these guys were actually born with their stage names either.

Chris Cornell can be more obviously twinned with Chester Bennington, of course. And Chester Bennington can be more obviously twinned with Jeff Buckley, more directly through his rendition of "Hallelujah" at Cornell's funeral. 

Bennington was also due to play - you guessed it - MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas the day before....

...this happened. Note that Aaron Mitchell was living in the home of LSD, MKULTRA, CERN and the Gotthard Tunnel Ritual, among several other things.

Mitchell went by his middle name Joel, after the prophet whose titular book in the Bible that mainly concerns itself with a plague of locusts. 

Huh- where have we heard about locusts recently?

Burning Man booklet back cover

And Mitchell originally from McAlester, home of a major military installation and a huge Scottish Rite shrine. Jesus, this poor guy didn't stand a chance.

And as fate would have it, Aaron Mitchell can be twinned with Aaron Mitchell, who was separated from his family during Hurricane Harvey Weinstein, which connects us to Twin Peaks. 

And Braintree. Also make note of the Mike Pence story- we'll get to that shortly.

Fire and Water. Note that connection here as you search for Aaron Mitchell and both stories come up. 

Aaron Mitchell can in turn be twinned to Orion Krause, the promising musical prodigy who inexplicably beat his mother and grandparents to death with a baseball bat, despite having no history of violence or mental illness. 

Maybe he should have stayed away from the Fort Devens area. They seem to have a history with this sort of thing.

Orion Krause is actually a resident of the town in Maine where MKUTRA scientist Andrija Puharich had an occult/psi/mind control operation going back in the day.

And Orion just happened to wear a shirt with twin Sirens on it to his arraignment.

The murders took place the day the adaption of Stephen King's It was released, which also deals with occult, psi and mind control themes. Plus an otherworld entity that manifests itself every 27 years.

In Maine. A town were the 91 founders were all mysteriously killed.

This all went down two days after MGM announced they will be relaunching their Orion Pictures brand.

As blind luck would have it, the period from the murders to the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery is 17 days and both Orion Krause and Trek share significant connections to the Nine.

By the way- the twin date 10/01 connects to the Nine as well: 1001 is binary code for 9.

And I should probably mention that Elizabeth Fraser was 27 when Heaven or Las Vegas was released. 27 years ago.

Twenty (or twin-ten) days later Lockheed unveiled its Mars Base mission, which will use their Orion hardware. Which bore no connection to the fact that the 1999 film Mars Attacks depicted a spaceship firing exactly where Paddock was said to be three days after Lockheed's Mars announcement.

VP Mike Pence was hobnobbing with the space set in the Mojave Desert, after having announced a NASA moon mission a couple of days after a mass shooting event on NASA's actual birthday.

And as you all probably know, the Mojave is where the father of modern rocketry performed the Babalon Working, in hopes of summoning the Whore of Babylon of Revelations 17 and bringing on the friggin' apocalypse.

Coincidentally, Pence was retracing Jack Parsons' footsteps the day the announcement was given that Tom ("Twin") DeLonge's, um, long-promised To the Stars UFO-Disclosure project was going to go live. The next day, of course. 

We are talking about Tom DeLonge.

Jack Parsons was probably also the only man who could brag about being pen pals with Aleister Crowley and Wernher Von Braun. Which brings me to my next point.

For some reason, Tom DeLonge-- best-known for playing guitar in a band once loved by millions for their songs about dicks and farting-- was tapped by a murderer's row of Generals, CIA men and NASA and Lockheed honchos to front their alien religion indoctrination program UFO disclosure project.

It's not as if any of those types have ever shown a penchant for obsessive ritualism or anything, so we shouldn't be bothered that all the Paperclip Nazis--including Von Braun-- were first smuggled into America via Long Island. 

Not that Long Island; the one everyone says is in Boston Harbor but is actually in Quincy Bay.

Call it DeLonge Island. Less confusion that way.

And so all the SS men all lived quite comfortably in a building later modified to resemble a Nazi swastika. A building that served as the inspiration for Shutter Island, incidentally, and was just a few hundred feet away from where Magnum Cum Laude MKULTRA graduate Whitey Bulger "hid out."

And seeing how that swastika-shaped building is officially a part of Quincy, there's surely no significance to the fact that the Delong coat of arms incorporates a stylized seed packet from a quince... we see here with the characteristic five seed pattern of the quince.

Note that the quince is not only the Forbidden Fruit of the Bible and the Golden Apple of Discord, it is also in the Rosasceae family and part of the overall Rosa family. Bear this in mind in light of the Santa Rosa fire disaster.

You may be asking yourself what the hell does a quince have to do with NASA and Mars and pyramids and sphinxes and aliens and weird singers from Scotland so I won't keep you hanging....

Do note the five-sided pyramid.

The chances all of this is coincidental? From low to no way, is my best guess.

So the period from this Paddock thing in Las Vegas on NASA's birthday to Tom DeLonge's big UFO cargo cult religion To The Stars rollout is eleven (11) days and that's the twins and the Gemini program patch and on and on but what does any of this have to do with Operation Paperclip and MKULTRA and NASA and all the rest of it, right?

Well, as it happens (De)Long Island aka Operation Paperclip Island is right next to a Peddock's Island.

And then there's Daddy Paddock wearing his ourobouros-owl necklace and his totally not-Photoshopped fleur-de-lis shirt, which represents the lily, which ties back to "Alas Dies Laughing" and the Memphis pyramid and so on and so forth. 

But what does that have to do Tom DeLonge and his fucked-up Heaven's Gate-CIA brainwashing cult To The Stars project?

Longe is an English and French aristocratic household, descending from the House of Bourbon-Préaux, a cadet branch of the House of Bourbon.  
The period from the Cassini probe impact to Las Vegas is 17 days. The period from Las Vegas to the rollout of Tom DeLonge alien-cult “Academy” is 11 days.

The Luxor Massacre took place on November 17. 

Or as written in non-American notation, 17/11.

So we have Las Vegas. Nine days after that the Tom DeLonge project is announced. By John Podesta.

Eleven days after- and the day after DeLonge's presentation- is Crowley's 142 birthday.

And tomorrow is Friday the 13th, 10/13 and the 100th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima.

You know, I really should expect all of this by now.

So what evidence might we have that someone actually is coordinating major events in conjunction with obsessive, as-above-so-below twinning and painstaking alignment to major celestial bodies?

OK, but that was about knocking twins down, Twin Towers in this particular instance. What might these alleged magicians really be after?  What do they really want?

Or do we not actually want to know?