Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas: The Next Card is Drawn

There is something deeply disturbing going on in Las Vegas.

Normally, I wouldn't tend to blog on an issue like this so soon after the events in question but this whole entire thing has been just screaming in my face and just won't stop. None of this has done me one bit of good-- quite the opposite, actually-- but I can't just sit by and watch all this unfold.

And it looks like the message is finally beginning to sink into the mass media mind: there is indeed something terribly, terribly wrong here. 

Never mind that the exit gates to Las Vegas Village were reportedly closed off prior to the shooting or that flood lights very clearly illuminated the crowd as soon as it started or several witnesses (and recordings) have attested to more than one shooter, the story keeps changing in ways it really shouldn't.

And right on schedule, the usual shills are out in force screaming "conspiracy theorist" in an effort to shame everyone back into silence.

But you know there are serious problems with this investigation since we're seeing the timeline being revised in two very significant ways and the police still can't find a motive for the shooting or any conclusive evidence it was actually planned.

 All they have are a lot of weapons, which make perfect sense if we are looking a gun runner and money launderer working out of fancy hotel suites in Las Vegas. But here we go:

Police don't know why Las Vegas gunman fired -- or why he stopped 
LAS VEGAS (CNN) -- Police on Monday said that the Las Vegas gunman shot a hotel security guard six minutes before he began shooting concertgoers from his hotel room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino -- a striking change from an earlier police timeline detailing what happened.
Given that revised order of events, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said investigators do not yet know what made Stephen Paddock stop shooting, and they remain perplexed as to why he meticulously planned the shooting in the first place. 
Authorities said last week that security guard Jesus Campos had approached Paddock's room as the shooting was underway, diverting the gunman's attention. Authorities also said that after Paddock shot at Campos through the door of his room on the 32nd floor, the gunman didn't fire any more shots into the crowd.
However, Lombardo said Monday that Campos was shot in the leg at 9:59 p.m. on October 1. Six minutes later, Paddock began firing into the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, authorities said. Fifty-eight people were killed and nearly 500 were hurt. 
He continued firing for about nine to 11 minutes, and his final shots were fired at 10:15 p.m., according to police. 
Officers reached the 32nd floor at 10:17 p.m., according to Lombardo's timeline. 
Leave aside all the blaring numerology mixed up in this thing for now; can you imagine a murder suspect showing up at the police station and changing his story like that? I'm pretty sure he'd be arrested before he even finished talking. 

It gets worse:

Lombardo also revealed that Paddock checked in to Mandalay Bay on Sept. 25, three days earlier than previously reported.

So he refused maid service for a week? Bullshit. And still no motive for a millionaire bon vivant to start mowing down Country music fans.  

The motive behind the shooting continues to perplex authorities. 
“We have no evidence or intelligence that the suspect was linked (to) or had affiliations with any known terrorist groups or ideologies,” Lombardo said. 
Prior to the mass shooting, Paddock had traveled throughout Las Vegas more than 200 times, the sheriff added. Still, investigators are struggling to understand him. 
His mental health remains a large question, and based on the investigation so far, the sheriff said no single event in Paddock’s life seemed to contribute to a motive.
More than 200. That's an interesting number. 

Because it just so happens to match the number of money transfers Paddock made that were flagged as suspect:

According to Yahoo, more than two hundred “casino or wire transactions by Paddock...were flagged for review by FinCEN, the U.S. government’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, which collects data to identify potential money laundering or covert terrorism financing.” Casinos are required by the federal government to follow a variety of regulations intended to prevent money laundering.  
I'm no expert but more than 200 sounds like one hell of a lot of suspect transactions.

Worse still, it's being reported he was given access to the service elevator.

MGM Resorts are not happy with the new timeline. 

MGM Resorts International on Tuesday disputed Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo’s revised timeline of the Oct. 1 mass shooting on the Strip.
But during an extensive Tuesday interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the sheriff stood by the revised timeline, then clarified it “could change even more.”
Because in this day and age, when every single thing that that happens anywhere is recorded and processed in a nanosecond, we still can't figure out when someone checked into a hotel in an incredibly sensitive location (next to McCarran Airport and Janet Air) or when a radio call was made to a security station. 

That totally makes sense. 
And now the real questions begin:

New disclosure shows a casino guard alerted hotel to the gunman before the shooting began. So why did it take so long to do anything about this?

Before the Las Vegas massacre began, a wounded Mandalay Bay hotel security guard called hotel officials to warn them about a gunman on the 32nd floor, an investigator told the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday. 
"He called it in before" the attack began, possibly using a hallway phone to contact hotel security, Clark County Assistant Sheriff Tom Roberts told The Times in an interview. "He manually called down and he used his radio to call. … That's what we were briefed this morning." 
Roberts said he didn't know precisely what time Campos called in his own shooting before the assault on the concert began, or whether the hotel immediately passed the information to police.
He didn't know what time Campos called because unlike pretty much every small town police department or midsized shopping mall, the most dominant multinational corporation in the most heavy-surveilled locality in the world doesn't automatically log radio dispatches via computer, they use an old two-way radio kit the hotel manager's grandfather brought back from the Big One and fixed up good as new.

Do you want to hear more?

At the news conference Monday, Lombardo said Campos, after he was shot on Oct. 1, “immediately” told security what happened. Campos had been on the floor investigating an alarm when he was shot, though the alarm reportedly had nothing to do Paddock. 
“In close proximity of Mr. Campos being shot there was also a maintenance worker on the 32nd floor. Mr. Campos prevented him from receiving any injuries,” Lombardo added. 
But Lombardo also said police didn’t know Campos was hit until responding officers arrived on-scene later. 
“They weren’t aware of him being shot until they met him in the hallway after exiting the elevator,” Lombardo said. 
It was not immediately clear why – or even if – Mandalay Bay security told police about Campos’ condition and what was happening on the 32nd floor of their resort. Reports on Tuesday said about 200 bullets were fired into the Mandalay Bay hotel hallway in the volley that hit Campos. 

Yeah. This all sounds really, really bad. And keeps getting worse:

FBI agents returned to a house in Reno owned by Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock after local police determined someone had broken into the home over the weekend.

Reno police officer Tim Broadway confirmed today that police were called to the house early Sunday by a neighbor who noticed a light on inside the home in an upscale community on the edge of the Sierra foothills along U.S. Interstate 80. 
Broadway says the officers discovered "someone had broken into the house" and immediately contacted the FBI. He says it's not clear how the person or persons gained entry or whether anything was taken. 
Broadway says they don't have any suspects or descriptions of possible suspects. He told The Associated Press, "Nobody really saw anything, just a light was on with nobody in the residence." 
He says local police are working in conjunction with the FBI to make sure no one else enters the home.

The news about Las Vegas broke when I was on Richard Hoagland's Other Side of Midnight show talking about the new militaristic Star Trek. Richard felt very strongly that all of this was leading towards some kind of revelation- bogus or bonafide- about "Disclosure."

That happened the last episode to be carried on the Las Vegas-based station that was distributing the show. We tried to go to air on Saturday to talk about the shootings but somehow the feed was being blocked. Same thing the next night.

Surely a coincidence.

But as it happens, Richard was right:

Something extraordinary is about to be revealed. Former high-level officials and scientists with deep black experience who have always remained in the shadows are now stepping into the light. 
These insiders have long-standing connections to government agencies which may have programs investigating unidentifed aerial phenomena (UAP). They intend to move into the private sector and to make all declassified information, and any future knowledge, available for all to see. 
The team includes a 25-year veteran of the CIA’s Directorate of Operations; a Lockheed Martin Program Director for Advanced Systems at “Skunk Works”; a former deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence; a DoD Senior Intelligence officer who, among other sensitive responsibilities, ran a Pentagon aerospace “threat identification” program focusing on unidentified aerial technologies. 
And well placed and experienced professionals, from Intelligence and high academic positions, are also on board....
This, of course, is the project Tom DeLonge has been talking about, often with a tone that's led some to wonder if being "Bennewitzed" should now call being "DeLonged."

But not to worry, a guy who made his millions strumming ditties like "Dick Lips" and "Hey, Wipe Your Anus" is now the mastermind behind what looks to be our new Starfleet Academy:

Fast foward to the present. Now, these early advisors have mostly receded to the background and Tom has moved on to something even bigger. He has assembled a new team of collaborators and created The To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTS/AAS), for which he is President and interim CEO. The Academy includes three synergistic divisions: Science, Areospace, and Entertainment. 
Not timed to coincide with Star Trek: DickCheney in any way.

I'm sure it's also entirely coincidental that Paddock or whomever started off this bloody rampage by firing at the fuel tanks at Janet Air, the secretive private airline for Area 51. 

Coming soon: Blue and Gold Man Group

As well as the fact that we see Lockheed (who essentially are the Military-Industrial-Complex) and the Pentagon- two entities that Paddock was closely associated with- turn up in this endeavor.

Plot twist: DeLonge's sources were outed in the Wikileaks dump of the Podesta emails:

Then, in late 2016, Wikileaks published a number of Tom’s emails to John Podesta, which revealed the names of some of these sources. Among his advisors were two generals: one was a commander of the U.S. Air Force’s research laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and responsible for managing the Air Force’s $2.2 billion science and technology program; the other was the Special Assistant to the Commander of Air Force Space Command at Peterson Air Force Base. As devastating as this was to some, it established for those who doubted him that Tom was indeed telling the truth about his high level contacts.
And sure enough, DeLonge's media pointman on this has been Las Vegas-based journalist George Knapp, who also introduced the world to Bob Lazar.

Do note that I wrote about Hillary's interest in the UFO issue dating back to her involvement with the Rockefeller Initiative. Likewise, John Podesta has been calling for "Disclosure" and specifically for Area 51 to open the breadbox and show us all what Mama Lockheed's been cooking up all these years out there at Groom Lake. 

Because it's the law.

Seeing as this horror show that reportedly left 59 dead coincided with NASA's 59th birthday, I should notice that NASA was very busy in the following week, making some very major announcements:

• Nasa wants to alter the DNA of Mars astronauts in the 2030s to protect them from cancerous space radiation

• Nasa ‘cradle of alien life’ discovery on Mars could prove the Red Planet was home to extraterrestrial organisms

• NASA: The Moon Once Had an Atmosphere That Faded Away

• NASA will put humans on the Moon again, Mike Pence tells space council. The space agency has a new pit stop on the way to Mars

And of course three days prior to Las Vegas we had Lockheed (NASA's main hardware supplier) announce the new Mars Base Camp. And Bigelow Airspace, the primary source for funding for much of UFOlogy (at least until recently) will be involved in these endeavors as well.

Is that enough 2017 for you or do you want some more?

Let's just run the numbers again, particularly in the context of the DeLonge project and Peter Levenda's book on ancient astronauts.

Shooting on the 32nd Floor: The ancient city of Babylon ("Gate of the Gods") is located at 32ยบ32'N.

Route 91 Harvest Festival: Etemenanki ("Temple of the Foundation of Heaven and Earth"), the ancient Babylonian ziggurat some have called the real Tower of Babel, was 91 meters high and 91 meters square at its base.

We also had three celebrities closely linked in one way or another to Las Vegas pass away at the ripe old age of 91; Hugh Hefner, Jerry Lewis and Harry Dean Stanton. Then of course there's Hurricane Harvey Weinstein whose downfall is linked to another guy named Lombardo.

This takes us back to the symbolic realm.

And then there is the star of Regulus in the constellation of Leo. It was the only star visible during the Great American Eclipse. The indispensable Goro Adachi informs us that Regulus was at the meridian over Las Vegas at the time the shooting started.

Leo, or the Lion, is the corporate symbol of MGM Resorts who own all the properties involved in this story as well as the, uh, lion's share of Las Vegas commercial property. And again, they also own the hotel in which Chris Cornell died.

Something very, very big seems to be taking form here.