Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Clownshow 2016: Can a Viper Change its Stripes?

This blog really found its voice during the 2008 Presidential Elections when I noticed that the two major candidates running for office seemed to incorporating the hieroglyph for Sirius in their campaign logos.

Or more accurately, the Stairway to Sirius.

This didn't exist in a vacuum, there were all kinds of emanations surrounding the elections and their aftermath, including the "major issue" of the dog with his "star quality" and the Sirius Star and all the rest of it. There's also the strange habit of Obama to make 17-minute speeches, which has continued throughout his time in office, as well as his strange fixation on Hanuman, the Hindu god.*

Symbolic gold, until I got tired of playing the game.

I haven't paid any attention to the election this year because I don't actually believe that it's going to change anything. Indeed, we saw a rare moment of candor in The Boston Globe, of all places, informing us that no matter who you elect the agenda at the top remains the same.

And we're seeing such tidal forces at work in the global economy, it's impossible to take the old bromides seriously anymore anyway.

Certainly we're seeing the Republican Party now in a state of civil war since the rank-and-file finally realized that their victories in the 2010 and 2014 Elections meant nothing at all, that the Administration and Congressional leaders are going to do what they are told to do by the think-tanks and the corporate chieftains who will set them up for life when they leave office. 
When it comes to the issues that really effect your life and your future, the Democrats and Republicans are all on one side. And it's not yours.

Democratic voters don't realize the fix is in because they see their man in the White House as some kind of victory, despite massive downticket Democrat losses over the past seven years. And despite the fact that the only real difference between Obama and his predecessor is the rhetoric and a few social issues (most of which he "evolved" on due to outside pressure).

They are certainly identical on the major issues that matter to the Bilderberg and Davos crowds.

True, Obama has unleashed the genii of identity politics since his re-election in an attempt to keep the base mobilized, kept in its bottle since Bill Clinton was first elected.

Or so the story goes.

Perhaps instead the goal is to keep the party's coalition fragmented and paranoid and therefore dependent on the party itself.
The Republicans have been doing this for decades, after all. 
Or maybe the agenda is to prevent the anti-establishment Left and the libertarian Right from coalescing into a united front against the Establishment, something you saw some movement on during the depths of the economic crisis.  

Well...who knows.

Either way, the result of all of this manipulation is an extremely divided, stressed-out and angry country. Not to mention a country experiencing rising crime and poverty and all the rest. What that might ultimately be leading to is an open question. 

Let me just say, though, that when it comes to parsing out hidden agendas, I tend to adjudge intention by result. If you get my meaning.

But what do the symbols tell us? 

That there's so little real import to this election seems evident by the campaign logos, which are the dreariest, tiredest and least imaginative batch I've seen in years. And the ones that aren't dreary are frickin' weird.

Now, bear this in mind; entire companies can meet their year's payroll just on the sale of one logo. With some corporate jobs, sometimes much more than that.

And this is a painstaking process. Nothing is accidental or arbitrary in the design of a campaign logo, you can have designers and consultants working out literally every micrometer of detail. 
So what the hell is this?

Hillary Clinton's ugly and bizarre logo, with its right-oriented arrow and its twin blue pillars. You didn't need to be a Truther to get a strange flashback from this extremely odd imagery. 

The 9/11 link actually became a story in the mainstream press, leading one to wonder just what the hell is this logo trying to say. Something following Knowles' First Law, surely.

I don't know. But I do know that this is exactly the kind of provocation that the Clintons have specialized in since they burst onto the national scene.
Then there's the Clintons' close family friend, Donald Trump, who we're supposed to believe is "taking on the Establishment" he's been a very, very happy and comfortable part of his entire life. As you might expect, his logo is about him, featuring his profile.

But what the hell is that red stripe on his head? His combover? Pay attention to that because it pops up again..., in Bernie Sanders' logo, an otherwise dull affair. But what are those stripes supposed to be?  

The obvious inference is stripes (from a flag), but they look more like earthworms. Or better yet, serpents
SIDEBAR: Now be aware that in graphic design you're essentially dealing with signals, not explicit images. Hillary's arrow doesn't actually look like an arrow, it's a drastic simplification, an abstracted idea of an arrow. Same goes with stars, flames and all the other icons we are looking at. Bear that in mind when looking at these odd "stripes."
It's an odd design, to be certain. And what did Ian Fleming say about three times? Because sure enough, the same odd "stripe" shape pops up again…

…right here. 

That's three of the leading candidates with the same weird (and ugly) form. 
Cruz's logo (a flame and a Cruz, or cross?) is even stranger and more disturbing than Hillary's...

...because you have those weird, snake-looking stripes and then…

…the All-Seeing Eye, or some kind of eye, with a pentagram as the pupil.

It doesn't look very friendly, does it? 

I don't know what to make of this. This all could be some odd kind of serpent symbolism, I'm not sure yet. I need more data. Just remember, nothing in politics is accidental.

Which is a good time to point out that we also see a suggestion of the pentagram-eye in Carly Fiorina's (awful) logo.

Ben Carson, conversely, uses normal stripes (with squared ends) in an otherwise pedestrian effort. (I'll spare you O'Malley's and Jeb's and the rest). 

Now, you could go out on a limb and see the negative space in the stripes and say that's the White Nile and the Belt of Orion, but...

...oh, go ahead if you like.

The flame logo shows up again in Rand Paul's crappy logo, but given his father's, um, associations…

…the "flame" kind of more reminds me of the open hand column we see here. And that "flame" form is actually the shape animators are taught to use to draw hands. 

Marco Rubio's logo is…odd.
 Not exactly eye-catching. And putting his name in lowercase only adds to the impression he's a lightweight who's not ready for prime time.

But I'm far more interested in his name "Marco Antonio" (with all the connotations to Cleopatra and the rest) and to Mars the Red (Ruby) Planet itself. Keep an eye on this one.

And "A New American Century?" Yeah, definitely keep an eye on this one.

Me, I'll keep an eye on the logos once the tickets are decided after the conventions. In the meantime, I'm trying not to pay any attention to this whole charade, it seriously depresses the shit out of me.

It might depress me even more if I believed any of it, for a single minute.

UPDATE: Reader Escal-Hathor reminds of the snake-like Pentium logo and its possible etymological links to serpents (SerPentium, or 'Place of Snakes'). That's even quite Ouroboros-like, don't you think?

UPDATE: I rest my case.

* As I predicted way back when we've seen a major push on the space front, something that I saw emerge in the symbolism during the election. As readers are well aware, the space program is full of its own high initiate symbolism. They don't even try to disguise it anymore. 

Despite some of the theories you might hear I think the space program is actually an attempt to keep the global economy moving, an economy which is beginning to face major headwinds on a macro-scale.

† It may be no accident that so much of the identity politic agitation is taking place within Humanities and social sciences programs in Universities that have been in constant danger of losing funding and that some- particularly those who would prefer colleges to be retooled as training facilities for MBA and STEM majors- would love to eliminate altogether. Impossible, you say?

Japan- an entire country- is already doing it. 

With state legislatures starting to take a hard look now at speech codes and "safe spaces" and so on, "give 'em enough rope" may not be just the title of a Clash album. 


  1. Nicely said.

    IMHO, the strongest impression I get from these is the flame. It's most explicit with Cruz and Rand, but Trump's and Sanders' stripes really seem to suggest it now that I see them all on the same page.

    Mainly what I get out of this is: none of them are to be trusted.

    1. That's a good takeaway. Of the lot Sanders might be the most well-intentioned, but his only experience is in a small, homogenous state, one which also happens to have a brutal heroin and opioid problem.

    2. That gunpowder problem comes to the USA from our war in Afghanistan and mexicostan. Everybody wants to be low. Less pain in the short run. Why have the USA spent billions in treasure. Narcotize populations, much less trouble from a user than a person of sound mind. 87

  2. Looking at the H with arrows and twin pillars is pretty much a similar cognitive effect of taking the brown acid. It's laughable to believe it's even 'real'. Great breakdown Chris. Bernie's and Trump's remind me of the Disney version of Alice from 51 when the pigeon exclaims 'serpent! serpent!'.

    1. I know what you mean- it's no so much a logo as a sigil. Which jibes with my view of that family. I really wonder what what goes on in their heads.

  3. I've noticed you have a strong desire to see everything in the most pessimistic terms possible. Technology is totally worthless. Elong Musk is almost a monstrous caricature when in fact he's advancing technologies you claim don't exist and never will,making science fiction dreams of the past tangible and near future, the monopolies of the past are being challenged by companies such as Uber, and the millennial,although different than Gen Xers, in fact lack the nihilistic tendencies that our generation all to frequently validated our bitterness in. They are in fact becoming involved in politics and are idealistic and optimistic in their support for Bernie Sanders and have a tech savvy that is superior to our own. To see nothing but failure and lack of hope in this world while gravitating towards all beliefs that negate the possibilities of this world in the present and encouraging people to disengage in all things creative and futuristic, appears to me as self validating nihilism.

    1. So why the hell are you here, Data? Run off and get your techno-utopian Korporate Kool Aid on Wired or Motherboard. I'm sure "Elong" is getting your bionic parts ready as we speak.

    2. Speaking of Uber: Actor and director's Kevin Smith‘s teenage daughter Harley Quinn Smith says she was almost kidnapped by fake Uber drivers in Los Angeles.
      The 16-year-old actress, who has appeared alongside her dad in "Clerks 2" and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," recounted the horrific scene via Instagram.
      On Saturday, Smith requested that the ride-hailing service pick her up at a Starbucks in Brentwood, Calif., when a car with two men pulled up next to her and "tried to get me to think they were my Uber."
      The scariest part: the would-be kidnappers, who she described to be 20 to 30 years old with blond and brown hair, had even posted an Uber sign on their front window.
      When the youngest starlet asked the men who they were there to meet, they didn't responded and demanded that she get it the car.
      She then noticed the "disgusting dudes" didn't even have an Uber app on their phone.

    3. Yikes.

      Good thing she was alert & wary.

    4. Chris has a heart. Do not think for one moment that he is lazy. 87

    5. Elong is gonna save us all. There's no question...

      Chris, you're being attacked from the lunatic left. Welcome to the party! It's pretty hysterical that he thinks you see things from the "most pessimistic" point possible. I've always found you to be an extreme optimist. I guess any questioning that the children of the world are going to band together under Hillaries banner and transform the earth into a thousand year utopia is pessimism... Let's face it, bordering on conservatism! I know the world's upside down now.

      By the way, your breakdown of campaign logos is awesome. I knew there was something about Clinton's that bothered me, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

      Hail Elong, and the thousand year Millenial Empire!

  4. OK, I've been doing some basic research and I think the "serpent" is the more likely meaning here, like you guys are saying.

    I've never seen serpents as a positive symbol, so I dunno what they are saying here: Death, danger, rebirth? Or something else?

    1. Like I said, I need more data. It's hard to parse a narrative with so little evidence. I think it's something we need to keep an eye out for.

    2. Yes indeed. I never would have noticed the similarities by myself, but now I will have an eye out to see what can be seen.

      What occurs at this moment is that perhaps the flame-like symbol is meant to suggest the positive spiritual meanings whilst concealing the serpent-meanings.

    3. I don't know. I keep thinking of Mick & Mack in Alan Moore's "Promethea", so maybe the serpents of Hermes' caduceus? So then, what would that mean?

    4. I don't know. Like I said, still too early to tell. Something we should keep our eyes out for, though.

  5. The more I look at the isolated image of the the Cruz flame-stripes the more I see the cartoon partridges from the opening of "The Partridge Family". Too bad I'd never think for a minute Cruz's message was "C'mon, get happy"!

    1. Yeah, that eye kind of cancels that, though.

  6. You also are intolerant of anyone who disagrees with you and freak out when anyone doesn't share your worldview. If they aren't in near total agreement, you express malice and hatred towards them. You only like comments from people who agree with you. This is a sign of a fanatical mentally imbalanced myopic tyrant. That's why I'm here. To add balance to your echo chamber blog. I still enjoy it though. Keep up the interesting and educational work. I'm going to continue enjoy all your blog posts. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

    1. Keep up the good work of being a fanatical mentally imbalanced myopic tyrant?

      Will do. Thanks.

    2. Speaking as a psychotic, myopic hateful tyrant, Scott, I can assure you Chris is not one. Sweeping generalisations with no basis in fact, eh? Nuance be damned. But nice that you've put it upon yourself to provide balance to a world - class blog like this. Stroll on over to Amid Night Suns. So much brighter over there. Heh.

    3. TechnoUtopianism is the new Fundamentalism. The Singularity is the new Rapture. The faces change but it's still about keeping the serfs quiet with promises of Big Rock Candy Mountain.

    4. Yeah, and at least Star Trek implied we could all be bad-ass Starfleet officers.

      The coming BroFuture of TechnoUtopia is more like "imagine an angry Neckbeard stomping his Crocs into a human face, forever".

      If this Singularity garbage were really possible, I'd join the Voluntary Human Extinction movement.

    5. If someone doesn't agree with Chris' world view, why would they read his blog in the first place?

    6. Read this blog, go into the past posts, wtf are you thinking Scott? 87

  7. The serpent stripe is something I noticed on soda cans as a kid. I thought it was strange that Pepsi, Coca-cola and RC all used it. I am new to symbolism, so I couldn't tell you what it means, but I feel that the Pepsi logo is a nod to Saturn. As for Hillary's logo it reminds me of a Hospital sign. If you type hospital logo into Google image search, you get a capital H with an arrow underneath pointing right. Of course you also get the logo with the snakes spiraling towards the rising phoenix. The big H also reminds me of the big H on a box of preparation H.

    1. The link I included also mentions that as well. It's such a bizarre logo. I can't wrap my head around it. And she's still using it.

    2. Wouldn't "H" be convenient, though? H = Hillary + the symbolism of hospitals and healing. Anyway, truly awful, these logos.

    3. The university I work for changed it's logo not long ago. They presented it to employees. The response, especially from those who work with donors and alumni, was universally negative. The repose was that it was already decided and that they hadn't presented it for opinions, so get used to it. It looks like something done in MS Paint by a 10 year old, yet they spent a quarter million on it(!). I guess it's just something in the air these days.........

  8. Rubio now seems the likely one to be presented as the "moderate" conservative choice over Trump's lunacy and Cruz' Fundie pandering. And, that logo! Oh, brother.

    Here in Boston they have been blaring the loudspeakers about the "opioid crisis", as they put it, for much of the past year. True, there's a lot of drug abuse going on out there. And maybe some of our Fearless Leaders are getting that it's a health crisis more than a "war on drugs". But the timing, plus the incessant lead on much of the news (obscuring other issues) makes me wonder that the issue itself is being abused as a smoke screen.

    1. Rubio is big on the endless war agenda. He's giving me a distinct Greg Stillson vibe. But it seems like he's going to get the big push from the party now that all the also-rans are dropping out. It's all so tired and obligatory, isn't it? As to opioids, heroin seems to be the big problem now. There've been some ODs around here. It's a goddamn mess.

    2. This is a result of people getting hooked on prescription opioids, then resorting to the illegal ones when they can no longer get their doctor to prescribe more (or can't afford the high prices of the prescription variety).

    3. Yeah, and it's a revenue generator all the way. First, the overpriced painkillers, then the cops and EMTs have to carry and regularly replenish the anti-overdose drugs, then the addicts have to go for therapy. Brilliant.

    4. Don't forget the wars in heroin producing countries that also have revenue generating properties.

  9. I'm not Data like, I do have complicated spiritual beliefs that are similar to yours on some levels and I'm not an atheist. Thanks again,

    1. The interloper doth protest too much...

  10. Apparently it's a Saturn logo

  11. This? I don't know. It's more winding than the Saturn ring motif, twisting. Snakelike, simply.

    1. Keith, I appreciate the link, going to take a good look there.

      I don't think the serpents we are looking at look that much like a Saturn swoosh. Maybe the Rand Paul flame is though.

      Lots of food for thought.

  12. Addenda: Well, it'd be nice if any of these websites like in Keith's link didn't hate LGBTs so much.

    Seriously world, I'm just living my life, I have no agenda beyond maybe recommending some makeovers. And when your "alternative" worldview includes the same kind of hate I get in the mainstream, I just tune out anything else you have to say.

    1. Don't let it get to you, Anna. Human beings are wading through a sea of idiocy and manipulation that's lasted a long, long time. For some folks, meaning the intellectually colonized, if there's nobody to hate life just doesn't make sense.

    2. Raj, thank you kindly. :)

      The point I'd like to emphasize - since almost all of these Alt-sites are Fractally wrong about LGBTS, how can anyone trust their info on any other matter?

  13. The flame motif fits with the Tower trump, 16, 2016, the Donald, etc. On a personal sync level, I've been watching Battlestar Galactica (again) and note the colonial fighter is the Viper.

    1. I've yet to be convinced that Trump isn't just a stalking horse for his friend Hillary. Does anyone really believe that he doesn't look out into those crowds at his rallies and think "Losers, what a bunch of losers. I can't wait to get out of here."

    2. Let me say this: *If* someone were to play a "Producer's"-style con on a bunch of slack-jawed haters in an effort to see your old bestie's wife win the POTUS, you'd do it just like the way Trump is running his "campaign".

    3. I also think Trump is a stalking horse, but for who isn't clear yet. I find him to be a very interesting clown.

  14. I can't take it anymore. Why do people not understand the FACT the "popular vote" is completely and totally meaningless?

    People understood this back in the 19th Century, but for some reason the 20th and 21st Centuries are just chock full of know-nothings.
    "President Making In America"

    A most hilarious article from a guy living in the 19th Century, who obviously understand the farce that is the greatest, longest running reality show in the US; ELECTION!

    From -

    "It is important to remember that the President in not chosen by a nation-wide popular vote. The electoral vote totals determine the winner, not the statistical plurality or majority a candidate may have in the nation-wide vote totals."

    "The process for selecting electors varies throughout the United States. Generally, the political parties (see: private, for-profit political corporations) nominate electors at their state party conventions or by a vote of the party's central committee in each State."

    Hey, John Jay wasn't joking when he said, "Those who own the country ought to govern it."

    1. In that light: Hillary Clinton struggled Wednesday night through an answer about the large paychecks she received from investment bank Goldman Sachs for several speeches, yet argued it would not corrupt her judgment when it comes to regulating the finance industry.
      During a CNN town-hall event Wednesday, moderator Anderson Cooper asked if Clinton used poor judgment by accepting $675,000 from Goldman Sachs for three speeches. The Democratic presidential front-runner said she was simply following the footsteps of past secretaries of state.

    2. And: this was all on a cable channel or behind a digital paywall.

      Many of the hardest-core Ds I know didn't even know about this Townhall 'til afters it was over.


    3. These "speeches" are nothing but sheer bribery. It's straight out of mafia accounting.

    4. It IS Mafia accounting. Organized crime fraternities by any other name. Ugh.

  15. Yeah people have never been more naive. Family members, relatives and friends stop talking to one another because they disagree over which politician, Republican or Democrat, to support. When it makes no difference, either way they are corporate parties serving the exact same agenda. That's why the non-debate debates are a joke, they never debate anything real or fundamental.

    One thing that infuriates me more than anything about US presidential elections is how they go on and on and on. For years it appears, or so it seems. You don't just have your party leaders and they run off against each other, like in other Western non-democracies that pretend they are democracies. One of the reasons for this is the desperate pretense that America is a democracy, oh we have so many candidates to choose from, as in we have so much junk food to choose from, that's freedom! And so it's a case of protesting too much, the more and more candidates that run, the less and less of a democracy the USA so clearly is, whilst pretending the opposite. And think of the hundreds of millions of dollars that go down the drain during these circus elections, which itself is all the proof you need of their ethical bankruptcy and absurdity.

    1. Indeed. Elections seem to be make-work programs for the media and the political class. They serve no other real function the way they are structured presently.

    2. I think the function they serve, besides the ones you mention, are to placate the rubes, to maintain the farce of democracy.

  16. Looking at the red stripe on Trump's logo, I'm reminded of an eyebrow. The blue 'hair' stripe is evocative of an eye to me, similar to the Cruz logo. Reading it that way Trump's also has the star as pupil/iris. Neither star is complete. Don't know if that has any meaning or not. Interesting stuff!

    1. It's all very weird. I have no idea what's going yet. But all I know is that these are very strange ways to all render a "stripe."

  17. Meanwhile: Heavy downsizing in the retail and energy sectors pushed monthly job cut announcements to their highest level since last summer, according to the latest report on monthly job cuts released Thursday by global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

    In all, US-based employers reported 75,114 planned job cuts to kick off 2016. That is a 218 percent increase from a 15-year low of 23,622 in December. January was 42 percent higher than the same month a year ago, when employers announced 53,041 job cuts.

    Last month represents the highest monthly tally since July 2015, when cuts reached 105,696. It was the largest January total since 241,749 job cuts were announced during the first month of 2009.

    Despite relatively strong holiday sales to close out 2015, retailers led all other industries in January job cuts, announcing plans to cut 22,246 jobs from their payrolls. That was the highest retail total since January 2009, when retailers announced 53,968 planned layoffs.

    Retail cuts were dominated by Walmart, which announced plans to close 269 stores worldwide, which is expected to impact 16,000 workers. Macys is also planning to close stores in 2016, a move that will affect 4,820 employees.

    In addition to increased retail job cuts, January also saw the return of heavy job cuts in the energy sector. Overall, these firms announced plans to reduce headcounts by 20,246, up from 1,682 in December.

    1. As an 80s-music girl, I've been reminded of a song from Timbuk 3, it starts with the line:

      "Presidential elections
      are planned distractions
      to divert attention
      from the action
      behind the screen"

  18. Ugh, what a fucking tedious, insulting, pathetic farce the so called "elections" are. Honestly, how otherwise seemingly intelligent people can take this shit seriously boggles the mind.
    I do my best to ignore it and not get annoyed, but this has proven to be quite challenging, especially when engaging with the liberal, yoga pants, Prius, NPR demographic,who should fucking know better

  19. You're describing well to do, privileged people who have nothing to complain about in the "New Economy". Maybe they do know better but like things the way they are...

    1. Yes, I suspect there might be something to that.
      Then there are a certain flavor of New Agers who refuse to hear anything "negative." As in, "well, that's your reality . . ." No, it's yours too, you lotus eating ninnies.
      Sorry, rant over.

  20. The dismal irony of all this is that, by design, the US Presidency isn't supposed to be all that powerful an office. It really shouldn't matter all that much who's President, even in the best of worlds. But the primal human instinct to have some BossDaddyGodKing to sniff and follow keeps asserting itself in American politics (though we do have a Corporate Auntie to choose from this year, if we like. Progress!).

    Regarding the 'fire' motif: Many of the disaffected seem to have reached the point where they want to just 'burn this whole %!$%# thing to the ground!' and start over again, somehow.

    So each candidate presents themselves as the "cleansing flame" their respective supporters crave.

    Hilary, being the most Establishment of the lot, can't do that. So instead, we're presented with the letter 'H' drawn as an arrow moving 'forward'. An odd direction for someone who's been on the national scene since 1992. (And also begs the question of... forward to where, exactly?)

    Jeb can't use the flame motif, either, for the same reasons. So we get "JEB!" (which I can't help but read as 'Jeb Factorial'). Also IMO a clumsy attempt to divert attention from his last name.

    As for Bernie: Promising the Millenials tons of free stuff and a pet unicorn that excretes gold bricks might be a great way to score primary voters... but there's no money. And even if there were, NO President can deliver those things. Only Congress can do that.

    The American Fever Dream continues.

  21. Aye

  22. Unfortunately we're seeing the creation of the Imperial Presidency Nixon craved but never was able to install. It's not Obama- it's the people using him as their operative. Democracy is outmoded to the foundations and think tanks that are the true authors of policy. Bernie means well and says a lot of the right things but you can't be Santa Claus when you have no reindeer. Hillary is just the ultimate opportunist, as was her husband. Power is their only philosophy. Obama seems justly offended by her "forward" theme- isn't he doing that? But I'm going with the subtle "to the right" suggestion there. And more besides.

  23. My take on 2016 elections is that both Bernie and Trump are there to be the lightning rod for the "anti-establishment" on the left and right respectively. Bernie with his basically soft-communist approach, and Trump as a soft-nationalist. Not only does each camp disgust the other,but it will most likely drive the "middle" back towards the establishment once Bernie or Trump fail.

    Honestly, i can see why someone would vote dor Trump or Bernie, they do say things that resonate with people. Hell, I derive enjoyment from seeing my left leaning friends "get the vapours" from one of the many un-PC things Trump says. But to think any good can come from elections? Ha!

    1. Trump seems to be failing already. Never count out the establishment. Insurgents never outlast the winter. Rubio is going to be it. The GOP is dying to run him against Hillary. It will be 1960 all over. At least in their eyes.

  24. Hi Chris,
    Please check out the old Pentium logo; if You ad Ser-, You get Serpentium, Serpent. the missing ser is hidden in the snake-like ribbon cir-cling the word. Wow! it has even an eye on some logos! Age-old snake followers ?

  25. >But what the hell is that red stripe on his head? His combover?

    As I dwell on it, that little red swish of color seems more and more like a tongue of flame, indicating an apostle or a chosen one. Hmm. Next question, of course, is - Chosen by whom? And, for what? I've been running on the theory since he announced that Trump is in it to take the heat off of one or more "real" GOP candidates during the "silly season" of pre-Iowa. The sudden rise of Rubio seems to support this. But, what if his good friends the Clintons went to this bored rich guy and said, "Hey, we have a great idea for a big laff that will also help Hilary in the election. Want to play?"

    Christ, I'm starting to sound like James Shelby Downard in my old age. Scary thing is, I could be right!

  26. My apologies to Anna E. I found the link under google image search and I had never been to that site. I was just trying to find a quick link to show the image. I have nothing against LGBT people.

    Chris, I don't know if you have seen it, but there's an interesting story involving Trump in Heavy Metal magazine from 1990 titled "The Wall." The story depicts Trump being in a position of power and building a wall to separate the undesirables. And there is some graffiti stating that the masses are on opiates. There is also a plane flying around throughout the story while a building burns. Here's a link if you have time to check it out.

    I stumbled across this from a youtube user named WhoIsSincere? while looking for some info on Moebius.

    1. Now there's an interesting story. Talk about prophetic.

    2. No apology needed, Keith. I didn't think *you* felt that way. :)

      But about 49 out of 50 "Alt." sites seem to believe LGBTs are part of the "conspiracy".

    3. Unfortunately that's the legacy of the Christian conservative roots of so many in the movement but also the cozy relationship some of the big gay rights groups have with the Establishment- the foundations and the NGOs. They don't realize that a lot of gay people think those groups are sellouts. Like I said I stumbled onto conspiracy material from people like Michael Levine, Dave Emory and Gary Null, stuff I was hearing on noncommercial radio, reading in underground publications, Left-Libertarian POV.

    4. I hadn't thought of the last, but I'm one that thinks the big right's groups are sellouts, too.

      Too many times it's more like big "G", little "l", and to heck with B's and T's.

      I could despair at times, when it seems like no one will learn from the mistakes of the past. Y'all should see my mood when Gays say dehumanizing things about Black people, for example.

      And back to topic, the Left lately is ticking me off. Hillary thinks she's sewn up the vote from LGBTs, the Bernie supporters just assume I'm for Hillz cos I'm a woman, and I'm tired of the attitude of both.

      So tempted to write in "Jesse Ventura, Bitchez" and call it a year.

  27. I'm not arguing. All bets are off this year.

  28. I completely agree with your take on the Hillary logo and kind of on the fence about Sanders. As far as republican logos are concerned, I feel more that there's a lot of graphic design cross pollination where everyone is looking over everyone else shoulder to see what they put down on the test. Oh, squiggles? We can do that. At least that's how the incest of design normally goes in a good year with 'inspiration' being industry cribbed shorthand for 'flagrant plagiarized visual motifs'.

    The symbology however I think is a lot more obvious. So, Cruz is appealing to his evangelical base with a logo that reflects the flames of pentecost. I don't know if you've watched that man talk but some of his eyebrow and facial expressions make me think the ghost of Jerry Falwell is gently blowing in his ear. Rand is ham fistedly referencing the statue of liberty as a direct visual cue that he is a libertarian.

    You're dead to rights on Ben Carson, but I think he was legitimately betting on his pedestrian efforts to convey some sort of charm.

    Carly's logo, I think supports my thesis of design incest being the thing right now because that is clearly the Macy's logo in uppercase and inverted colors.

    We're all over worked under paid and no one has time for that level of detail. There was a video being distributed by AIGA hailing this one logo designer as some sort of prodigy because he was whipping out 30 or 40 design iterations in a few hours. Everything he did was more process than intent. So I don't necessarily buy wholesale the idea that these logos have been fussed to such a degree. Hillary's could easily be the laziest competition entry considering the geometry on the H itself defies explanation and good sense.

    1. Yeah, it's really hard to say what it all means at this point. It probably won't be until after the conventions that we really see the real symbols come out.

  29. Fascinating. I'm no good at finding these connections on my own, apart from the obvious ones, relying instead on the work of others such as that here. A few links perhaps to consider further (see especially the UK space agency logo, the Hubble telescope logo and of course NASA and virtually all other space agency/company logos:

  30. One more that has em all, the flame, the snakes and the towers:

    1. Right on. Thanks for all the links, MC. As I said, something to look out for.

  31. Serpentine cometary symbolism in abstract hues.
    Of course, wavy cometary debris trails are avatistic in most every cultural method of transmission.

    1. Hmm, the comet connection. Something else to consider.

  32. Mastodon - Sleeping Giant (Video)

    © 2007 WMG Sleeping Giant (Video)

    Earth has burst
    Mountain flames
    Moon beheld
    Father snake
    Mind control
    Has left its nest
    Shame on
    Bulls roar loud
    The fearless fall
    Wooden vessel
    Broken wings
    Caught my killer
    In my grave
    Shame on
    Eyes of grace
    Kill again
    Trapped in maze
    Trembling fear
    Head scorched brow
    Perish the land
    Shame on
    A vast calm wilderness
    The call to adventure comes
    Lead and land atop this rock
    Infinite path carved with unrivaled skill

    MASTODON - "Blood and Thunder" (Official Music Video)

    Mastodon - "Blood and Thunder" Official Music Video from the album 'Leviathan'

    I think that someone is trying to kill me
    Infecting my blood and destroying my mind
    No man of the flesh could ever stop me
    The fight for this fish is a fight to the death

    White whale, holy grail
    White whale, holy grail

    What remorseless emperor commands me
    I no longer govern my soul
    I am completely immersed in darkness
    As I turn my body away from the sun

    White whale, holy grail
    White whale, holy grail

    Split your lungs with blood and thunder
    When you see the white whale
    Break your backs and crack your oars men
    If you wish to prevail

    This ivory leg is what propels me
    Harpoons thrust in the sky
    Aim directly for his crooked brow
    And look him straight in the eye

    White whale, holy grail
    White whale, holy grail

    Music Video)
    MASTODON - "Seabeast" Official Music Video from the critically-acclaimed album 'Leviathan'

    If I stand around and watch them drown in a pool of gray
    When we dive in I can surely say there's feud with force
    Am I in your way? Please knock me down, can I help you in?
    When I'm not around let us all be found in certain ways

    Dear Mr. Queequeg, you have been informed your life's been saved
    You are not a black hearted vicious mess so it has been claimed
    If this is the beast pulling us towards the East with mighty waves
    Let us look inside and pull out all your pride you know it's upto us

    Holding pasts in ash black earth
    Bound by roots, roots into sand
    Grow towards the giver

    There's an open wound placed upon my heart in anger's rage
    If we open up a spirit, a spirit that can bleed
    Ahab the leading lad, we can trust his obsession carries them
    Meet us at the temple healing all the crippled, don't forget the maimed

    Lower soul sent with gifts offering
    Teeth of hope travel with
    Child laid next to mother

    Fox News - Antidepressants Facts. The Truth about Psychiatry Depression Drugs.

    Blows the lid of the dirty world of Psychiatry and how the Big Pharma is pushing dangerous and ineffective drug...


    ABC PRIMETIME LIVE covered the issue of PAXIL ADDICTION on December 9th, 2004. Here is a clip from that episode. I'm glad I could help create awareness. Dr. ...

    Music Videos: Mastodon "Deathbound" Video
    We asked Mastodon for a song for our Adult Swim Singles Program. When they sent us this incredible jam, we knew we had to make a video for it. We called our...

    Going through the deep icy waves
    Thrown in end all because death waits
    Throughout during the winter
    Guardian of land and sea

    Standing close to the throne
    Violent 'cuz I can not see

    Power royalty our Presidents hanging
    No one left here anymore


    Icy Squall on the Tundra
    Obedience how we reign
    Enjoy the sights we know
    Soon it will be turned

    Grovel Life Expelled Become Immortal
    Forceful hand, unfeeling
    Groaning dead are near
    Sordid tale of man

    Molten rock renown
    Distant brother of man
    Groaning dead are near
    Sordid tale of man

    2001 A Space Odyssey Opening

    Duran Duran - New Moon On Monday

  33. Hey Chris I got to thinking about the logo for Mobil with the Pegasus on it after seeing those logos. Same theme.

  34. The flame imagery reminds me of Levi's Baphomet with its curious head-torch, "enlightenment protesting through the very monstrosity of the idol".

  35. Hey, Y'alls.

    I am now, officialy, sick of this Election farce.

    Y'know how polling data is important to all these folks? "Who are you voting for for President?" It's important enough to someone to pay lots of money for polling and data correlation, right?

    My suggestion is to deny them the data they seek. I'm going to answer polling questions with: "None of your business". If Y'all prefer to avoid confrontations, then I suggest you answer with "Oh, I'm undecided so far, Thank you."

    If enough people do this, they'll be in a tizzy by Fall.

  36. I'm not sure if anyone's pointed this out yet, but to me the flames kind of look like the hebrew letter Yod, which incidentally is symbolic of a hand. It's also got the whole flame of god symbolism going on as well.