Monday, February 08, 2016

Super Bowl L: Bread and Circuses. And Symbols. (UPDATED)

Super Bowl L aired last night, marking the end of many eras. Peyton Manning looked every bit like a man all-too-ready to retire, kept aloft only by the most dominant defense in football.*

The Panthers seemed dominant this year but were helped along by a schedule that wasn't exactly back-breaking, leading Five Thirty-Eight to declare them the worst team to ever go 11-0. Cam Newton may be an excellent athlete but he's a terrible sportsman, throwing tantrums during the game and walking out on reporters' softball questions, leading The Sporting News to headline "Sore loser Cam Newton embarrasses himself with disastrous postgame press conference."

But give the guy a break; playing a string of 4-12 teams didn't prepare him for Denver's Terminator D-line.

And no one else exactly covered themselves in glory. I called this the "Screwup Bowl" on Facebook, the worst Super Bowl game I remember seeing. Fumbles, dropped passes, one-yard rushes, the goddamn punters on the field ever time I blinked- ugh. In the end it would be a question of who screwed up less. Well, other than Denver's flawless defense. Terrifying.

And Newton wasn't helped by the fact that his receivers couldn't manage to catch the frigging football or that his offensive line couldn't seem to stop him from taking seven brutal sacks. The man was getting hammered like a cheap nail all night, surely not the way he envisioned the game going. When he wasn't getting slammed he was getting swarmed. It was unrelenting. 

But that's the game. You take the gore with the glory and smile all the same. Or at least that's the way it's supposed to go. It rarely does.

Cam Newton's gushing, nerdy fanboys in the media (who Newton wouldn't piss on if they were on fire) took the loss even worse than he did, with sites like Deadspin writing classy headlines like "Peyton Manning Can Eat Shit" and ESPN writing apologias for his unsportsmanlike conduct.

I'll let their therapists sort all that out.

The end of the other era was seen in the incoherent mess of a halftime show. That the NFL is aggressively courting the female market was seen in the entertainment portion of the bread and circuses, with Lady Gaga (who looked more like Barbra Streisand than Dale Bozzio, another sign of the times) singing the National Anthem.

Well, almost; look at those creepy red eyes painted on her lids.

Then you had soft rock icons Coldplay looking totally lost and bewildered, lip-synching to a medley of something or other and wishing they never agreed to this.

Sure enough, you had Beyonce and Bruno Mars totally steal the show with their tightly choreographed dance performances (the songs themselves were tuneless dreck). 

The Mars symbolism should be obvious, given the huge push for Mars exploration we saw this past year (and will continue to see with the movie awards for The Martian) but I got a distinct whiff of Knowles' Law (a controversy over symbolism in the media is usually disguising a totally different symbolic message) with Beyonce Knowles' performance of "Formation", which was pre-billed as a tribute to the Black Panthers.

Katrina theme from "Formation" video†

But the lyrics to the song itself are the usual boasting and odes to materialism and consumerism. And the only Panthers Beyonce (who came to the game with a full police escort) probably cares about are the Carolina ones.

You know, the rich ones.

And what we actually saw- as in past Halftime Showswas more female militarization, a theme that's becoming increasingly important now with the idea of the draft for women being floated. And Facebook Gematria guru Mark Gray pointed out a curious fact about the title "Formation"....

... its value in the English Sumerian system is 666. Huh.

After all the militarism and black leather and Coldplay looking ridiculous in this mash of symbol and nostalgia (better Halftime shows from previous years were projected onto the stage and there were all kinds of people in colorful outfits wandering around and generally looking idiotic), we see this giant cross (!) and then this quasi-rainbow "Believe in Love" message that had nothing to do with anything we just saw.

Speaking of symbolism, it should be remembered that Denver is home to one of the big daddy of all occult symbol sites, the Denver AirportThis and the fact that the Broncos logo is a white horse, have made the Broncos appearances in Super Bowls a constant source for conspiranoid anxiety.

Another Knowles' Law eruption emerged with some on Twitter claiming that the halftime show was a gay messaging ritual, when in fact the color scheme and stage set come from Coldplay's new album cover.

In other words, it was all actually a big advertisement for the new Coldplay album. Talk about "audacity."

But what is all that symbolism on the cover supposed to mean? Note the rainbows in those eerie murals from the Denver Airport. And why do we see this at the same they appear on the Super Bowl featuring a team from Denver? That's one heck of a coincidence, Brownie.

Also note those big Saturns. Hmmm. There was also an ad for Skittles ("Taste the Rainbow") featuring Steven Tyler last night. It was painfully bad. Which brings us to the next portion of our show...


The ads were so lame that their lameness became a story, even in Madison Ave's pet paper The New York Times. The appeal to the female market resulted in a bunch of ads that made men look so stupid that even extreme-left clickbait-farm Salon was inspired to criticize them.

Or was this all more deflection? We saw the usual militarism (the Navy Blue Angels opened the show with a flyover) and globalism and alien-memes (and all three with the new Independence Day trailer) and then of course the gene-editing agenda with "puppy-monkey-baby." 

Speaking of babies, we also saw the "Super Bowl Babies" spots, which repeated throughout the game, almost felt like "time to make more, we mean citizens, America." Something to watch out for.

Giorgio Tsoukalos graduated from internet punchline to official icon with his one-second appearance as an "alien expert" in a Taco Bell ad. 

I recently saw some numbers on
Ancient Aliens and realized why they keep renewing it: the series gets an average of 1.6 million viewers per episode, which doesn't sound like much, but is actually huge for a basic cable show that probably costs next to nothing to produce. That's a much bigger number than shows that get a lot more attention in the press.

And see this is The Year of Our Bowie, it's only natural that a Bowie song would make a Super Bowl ad, this one being one of his many odes to aliens.

Speaking of aliens, X-Files boards were ablaze with controversy when The X-Files' halftime teaser showed a preview from 'My Struggle II', featuring Scully morph into a Grey (or Pink, if you prefer). Chris Carter is going for broke. The man just doesn't care anymore.

Speaking of Ten Thirteen, we saw this Ouroboros in this LG ad featuring Liam Neeson. Why, I have no idea. Signaling to someone, surely. Liam Neeson was also in a movie called Taken, also the title of the miniseries I referred to as "X-Files Season 10" prior to this year.

What does it all mean? I can't put my finger on it quite yet but things are changing, moving behind the scenes. Plates are shifting beneath our feet. The next eight years will not be like the previous. Major changes are being readied. It seems right now there is chaos behind the scenes, kind of like what happens on a TV series when a new production team is coming in.

The Super Bowl is America's great secular holiday and also when its themes for the coming year are rolled out, movies, ads, social issues. That this show was such a mess seems to indicate that my suspicions are correct.

Strap yourselves in, the ride's going to get rough.

UPDATE: I can't believe I missed this ad- Colonial Williamsburg actually used "reversal of time" in their commercial? And 9/11? OK, something is definitely up. (For those of you not familiar with "reversal of time," read this)

 *Had the Patriots not lost so many key players to injuries over the season, putting all the pressure on Tom Brady's still-lethal passing arm, we would have seen a different game.
† For bonus Secret Sun synchitude enter my birthday-70166- as a zip code in Google Maps


  1. I thought for the 50th Super Bowl they would really make more of a big deal of the halftime show. Almost seemed half assed, or at least under-produced, even ritualistically. Two very obvious formations by Beyoncé (notice how autocorrect always knows her name? Creepy) first one looks like a reversed Tiwaz (Strife, war, conflict) and then an x, which she did not take part in, but appeared like a dot beneath it. (?) Also noted she was pretty much wearing MJs outfit from his Super Bowl performance, with the addition of bullet-lined sleeves. I could go on, there were so many little things. But yeah, all pretty damned ominous.

    1. They're really pushing the Black Panther narrative which convinces me that it's something else at work. Halftime really felt like a bunch of kids ate too much candy at a party, got sick and threw up. That's my takeaway. The game wasn't much better.

  2. I have much to say to your comments, but round one includes this
    Dude. We are so lucky to have Secret Sun.
    You are right on with PuppyMonkeyBullshit. Pure-evil - including that 'abortion-friendly' Doritos, linked to Mt. Dew, linked to the follow up with 'alien expert boy' and Takei '60's subliminal' flash bangs - just a shit show of horror that is for any self-respecting Soul
    The plates surely ARE shifting (good nod to the 'G.I. Jane-esque-isms' wtf there - talk about bringing women to the workplace) and this is fucking beyond strange - what a ... my rational mind is not winning out here - there is much to say but my heart is made glad knowing I have allies of pure capacity out there like you and Gordon and others of the fine ilk.

    What the hell though. Had fun with Jay Dyer last night going back and forth on this freakfest, but pure awesome your way for pulling the 'camo' plug on Coldplay's pure obvious advert that I somehow missed - oh - it's coz I was listening to Mogwai for MY halftime show.

    This reality is really 'falling apart' but is it, or is this just the pure flux and change all reality is ever used to? If so, it's time for us to step it up. We ARE creators.

    1. They make such a big deal about the ads now that it only makes sense that they roll out the themes for our future in them. But then some of them, you think who the hell signed off on this garbage? A lot of talking animals, an animated intestine, and the death of actual copywriting replaced by tics and gestures. But the space agenda, genetic engineering, militarism, and all kinds of other wishlist checkoffs. It would be even more worrying if the advertising industry weren't so monumentally incompetent these days.

  3. Chris, I was waiting on your analysis on this year's halftime show man, and all I can say is right on! If soft disclosure on "we are not alone/UFO" was not a theme, then I don't know what was happening. Note the following commercial vibe that I got from the whole "show"- One of the first commercials had somesort of virtual holographic engine in the chests of car designers and the protagonist at least I felt shown that he was guided or downloaded this design- Holy shit! The aliens in the museum, Super Bowl babies/Doritos fetus spot, The distant former astronaut is finally allowed to try out the new tech and "breakaway" in speed-with a personal soundtrack with Bowies Starman, (it was a spot by Audi/The German automaker no less-Vril tech anyone?)The Scientology advertisement! The new TV and it's direct features of the monolith in 2001, the CBS show Scorpion- it's a show about gifted hipsters using the latest tech to solve crime, The new super soldier movie Jason Bourne/ Matt Damon and The Martian. and finally- I know I left stuff out, the whole vibe overall during the "show" was cold it almost felt clinical, like ok citizens sit down and watch, now reach for a beer, get online and spend money, remember to pay your taxes, don't drink and drive, laugh out loud to hijinks and by the way we know you can't afford it but buy a car and a house, and we know you have opioid constipation and intestinal issues- Wow! As for the halftime show- WTF. It just felt pushed and out of synch. It was a mixture of Teletubie time and an ode to a powerful feminine and dominating black madonna surrounded by her soldiers - and like you mentioned- Mars, then a weird sing along where there was a mind meld between the three of them- it was like mixing fire and water with an acid induced summer of love motif ala the 1960's. I like those artists, but what are they getting themselves into? The collective creative consciousness is a wild storm of potential truth sometimes... Where exactly is humanity headed? It's not let the games begin!, but let the rituals begin! Now excuse me- need to hit up my fridge and grab a Budweiser.

    1. A bit more to mention. In my researchThe Navy is the armed forces for space-it's considered another ocean- Blue Angel flyby. Now lets check into The Independence Day 2 / X-men Apocalypse commercial and in that Phone advert, Liam Neeson has some sort of occult type of card and warns of a revolution. Don't know what this means? Look this is all really looking wild. The ultimate occult/cabal putting it out there for the masses. Also, I get a bad feeling that the halftime show was all contrived a slap in the face to us with the cross, rainbows, believe in love- like they are mocking the whole peaceful idealism in our faces, or is it a half assed attempt to also warn us and let us know that "we" the sheeple- in their terms (I hate that term, because we do have the power) better unite and get ready for the god knows what? Sort of like the whole Project for a New American Century and the, "We need a new Pearl Harbor type of attack" sort of thing. Cue the Denver Airport. Crazy stuff, but this Super Bowl really has my mind racing.

    2. One more thing- I know I'm ranting and rolling on this- loving all the comments so far. That is - this does not have to be a gloom and doom sort of deal. These are some gasps of air of a tired machine hiding in the shadows being used to hold power. I have no freaking idea what the future holds, but I feel that the human being has the upmost potential to balance themselves through any type of change or just a day in the life. We'll know when to fight or close our eyes to phantoms that have no soul.

    3. Well, you hit it all on the head. But the thing I thought with the Liam Neeson ad was the Millennium Group, specifically the Rooster faction, specifically the Rooster faction as we saw in the third season where the real hardcore conspiracy hardware was rolled out. If you haven't read my series on Millennium, you may want to. And you may want to watch Seasons 2 and 3 if you haven't already. They were sounding the alarm on a lot of this stuff almost 20 years ago. The other thing I thought is how bloated it all seemed, like our own military. I've been reading some interesting articles about how much better Russian military hardware is than our own and how they achieve field superiority at a fraction of the cost. It really is Rome all over again. As to militarism, football itself is a war game so the symbolism there isn't totally surprising. I do wonder where it's heading though.

    4. It is Rome all over again. Gladiators in the arena, military factions and forced nationalism, ritual/theatrical entertainment, the elite sitting up high in box seats- eating and drinking looking down at the masses and their warriors. Yes sir! I caught some episodes of Millennium back in 96' awesome show- Lance Henriksen was perfectly cast. I will read up on your Millennium blog. Thanks for the info. Yes, there seems to be this idea that the Russians/Putin are going against the New World Order/NATO with their advanced tech toys and diluting this psychotic cabal. I really don't know? I have no idea what team (note the sports analogy) is really against one another or if they are in the same league and offering up their own battle sacrifices. So it looks like New Orleans is your birthday zip code- I have to say that The Secret Sun is the seeing eye in the center of the hurricane of the esoteric.

    5. Well, that's what I said back in 2012: Conquered people always dance suggestively for their new masters during the high holy days, going back thousands of years. Well, the women do. The conquered men kill each other off in the arenas.

    6. I would like to be clear on my reference to Beyonce as black madonna. I'm relating her to the Catholic depiction of the Black Madonna and not relating her to the white performer Madonna- although that would make an interesting alchemical case. I do not want to come off as insensitive to the color of her skin. In essence it is all alchemical this ritual performance entertainment. Beyonce is also noted as The Queen Bee. Bee's are very prominent in mythology and goddess culture. This link lays it out very interestingly and ties it in with some amazing insight- from the Egyptians to UFO lore..

  4. Not sure if you caught Paypal's nod to a cashless society and how "old Money" was stuck in the past... blah blah blah, Ad nauseam. anyway, worth a look.

    1. Totally picked up on that Rick.

    2. Oh, that's coming down the pike. William Gibson called it 30 years ago.

    3. Interestingly, that was the only commercial I saw from the Super Bowl, which I didn't watch at all for the most part (also saw about 30 seconds of the halftime "show", which was more than enough).

    4. Paypal was co-founded by Elon Musk of SpaceX/Tesla Motors, to name a few. His net worth is 13 Billion.

    5. I may have mentioned this before, but there was a story in the Justice League of America back in the 1970s (anyone know the #?) where paper money was eliminated due to a bacteria or something, and replaced with a personal charge card. Of course, this was subject to all kinds of abuses, and the JLA ended up going after some master criminal who figured out how to steal everyone's money via computer fraud. The story was definitely against the concept of a cashless society. And, of course, someone seems to have taken it as a blueprint, not a warning.

    6. It would be cool if the new JLA films set to come out over the next decade would go "retro" and use that story as a template. Comics rule.

  5. I didn't watch any of the game, but sometime while it was going on (maybe even while the Audi ad was airing!) I was learning of the death of Apollo 14 astronaut (and Institute of Noetic Sciences founder) Edgar Mitchell. I don't notice many synchs in my own experience, but I'll take that one.

    1. Reynard, that's awesome man! Sorry if I'm highjacking this thread, but I have to chime in here. Edgar Mitchell was a US Navy pilot turned astronaut turned spiritual scientist. I think there is a theme in that. Check out this write up from The Guardian- Mitchell’s views on science and spirituality kept him in the limelight for some time. He was a firm believer in the existence of unidentified flying objects, and there were to be clashes with Nasa on the subject in later years, together with arguments over his assertion that there had been extraterrestrial interventions in global affairs and his suggestions that the US government had been involved in cover-ups on the purported alien landings at Roswell in New Mexico in 1947 – near where Mitchell had been raised. More earthbound disputes with Nasa broke out over his attempted sale of an Apollo 14 camera, although a settlement was eventually reached in 2011. His books included Psychic Exploration (1974), The Way of the Explorer (1996) and Earthrise (2014).

  6. Here's my take, Chris, for what it's worth not having seen the Super bowl in its entirety. I'd say it's in part a half-assed and ridiculously poor attempt to harness gateway or portal energies. To gain dominion over such energies for the purposes of restoration to the 'natural order' of things. Zep Tepi, as you reference in your Benjamin Button posts. It's all just commercialism and rapacious elitism, with even less camouflage than normal. But its petition to occult forces is far from unintentional, obviously. Gates of the Gods and star-children. Scully-as-Grey-as-Isis. (And by extension William as Horus) Beyoncé as warlord, etc. This is about colonialism, imperialism, and militarisation. The weaponisation of mythology by the predator-elites. I mean, who are the real black panthers being paid tribute here? I'd wager it's the predator-elites, the Carrion Angels, the Corvine Ones. And we dutifully pay our tithes, as ever. If folks think I'm stretching it, consider the Super bowl’s main full trailer, The Jungle Book. A black panther begs for a child's life, a child raised by wolves and other assorted animals (or Gods). A starchild of sorts, raised by mythological creatures and hunted by a charming and merciless sociopath. A reversal of time to the law of the 'jungle', or a primordial Zep Tepi realm. Rudyard Kipling's work is shot through with colonialist imagery. The White Man's Burden, and of course The Man Who Would Be King. Interesting times we're living in. Anyway, these are my initial thoughts. Maybe there's a few glimmers in there. Hope it's grist for your mill, Chris. :)

    1. I really don't think Beyonce cares about anyone but the rich elites she runs with. She's exploiting a theme to sell records. If she meant it she wouldn't have requested a Presidential level police escort to Levi Stadium. These celebrities don't care about us. Donald Trump doesn't care about the people that attend his rallies- he looks at the crowd and thinks "look at all these losers." It's about their egos. These stars with their mansions and private planes have carbon footprints the size of your average township in the developing world. The Halftime was revealing because it showed how confused the spectacle makers are right now. The contradictions are overwhelming them.

    2. I agree Chris....

      ....our consciousness controls the matrix now.

      BTW If I see any more alliterative head Lnes..

      by the chootz that be's stenographers'...

      ...pilfering scoundrels...

    3. I totally agree, Chris. Confusion and chaos behind the scenes. That's what I meant by half-assed and piss - poor. As magical ritual I found it rather lame. But I do think the Black Panthers thing is signalling behaviour, in light of The Jungle Book as their official Super Bowl trailer. But there's little occult about it. A sporting event on that scale IS ritual anyway. Inasmuch as they want us to buy, sell consume and die I guess it was a success. But as a sleight of hand designed to pique our occult or magical interest it failed, by and large. Which can only be a good thing. We see how banal it all is, how elitist and mercenary and hypocritical.

  7. Having just read your post on time reversal, have you ever thought about writing a book of syncromystic (I guess it would be called that, right?) film/media critique? I'd buy that so fast.

    Or, if you even did some polishing up of what you have in the blog (put in a reading order, make part 1 easy to find in relation to part 2, and so on) and put it up as an ebook on Amazon, I'd buy the crap out of that. I think a lot of people here would.

    Your exegesis on the Osiris/Isis (I fear I got those names wrong) Scully/Doggett dynamic in X-Files is one of my all time favorite pieces of pop culture analysis. Whenever I turn someone on to the X-Files, which seems to happen more frequently than it should, I also pitch them that blog post.

    1. Thank you, that's very kind. I think a synchromystic treatise would be a bit specialized in scope. I am working on a way to frame all this in a larger narrative, currently in fact. I'll keep you all posted.

    2. Have you thought about throwing them up on Amazon as a sort of quick and dirty thing for $1 for a group of them? They might help subsidize your other activities.

      Maybe they wouldn't. I guess I don't know what your readership actually looks like, but I know I'd for sure buy 'em.

    3. Well, we'll have to see how it goes with my work schedule. Quick and dirty is never as quick as you think it's going to be, alas.

  8. Hey Y'alls: I didn't watch the Super Bowl or any of the Halftime - ( honestly, when Junior Seau took his own life, I learned what football was costing these guys and I just kinda stopped) - *but* the impression I get from the images Chris is showing here is: A woman putting her thumb in the eye of the Male establishment. All the symbols referenced here lead to one impression IMHO - get ready for a Woman President.

    IMHO as well, that might explain the Knowles' Law usages of the 'Black Panthers' and the 'Rainbows'. More thumbing in the eye towards "white Male privilege', as expressed by well-meaning but increasingly shrill "Progressives".

    Just a thought. :)

    1. It's possible but also impossible to determine. It all ends with the entire stadium shilling for Coldplay's - Coldplay's! - new album, which has to be a first in Super Bowl history. And also renders Beyonce's performance totally moot. Which is the whole point I'm making- there's confusion in the upper echelon....

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Yes Anna I think there are all sorts of imagery- I think your points make sense. Beyonce as this Black Madonna turned Battle Goddess was certainly what I came away with. I'm all about the Devine Feminine stepping in as the veil drops, I just don't know if I want her stepping on stage with a riding crop which is all Beyonce needed to complete her outfit- or do I? heheh. Like Chris mentioned, it was like a bunch of kids who ate to much candy.

    4. Here's a reply from Anna, which seems to have gotten messed up in the posting.

      Anna E4:11 PM, February 09, 2016
      Hi. :)

      I'm not wedded to my theory, but it's the impression I got as a woman looking at these images.

      Now, the confusion you mention sounds most likely, I mean we're seeing each GOP "anointed" candidate take it in turns to step on their own dick.

      Maybe the powers-that-be are having a kind of "Civil War"? Just a thought.

      And - yeah. Coldplay. XD I mean, I'm an amature historian & wargamer, so I love Coldplay's "Vida La Vida" as a paen to Napoleon I, but srsly? Coldplay? XD What's next year's, Hootie & the Blowfish? XD

    5. All the big acts that could really work the stadiums are gone or retiring. People like Madonna and Beyonce can put on spectacle but no one will remember their music 25 years from now. It's a sign of how degraded our popular culture is, really.

    6. Hey Guys.

      Battle Goddess with a Whip? Sounds like a movie *I'd* enjoy seeing. XD

      Certainly the "Grrl Powah" themes here are ham-fisted and unsubtle.

      And Chris is right. I have eclectic musical tastes myself, everything from the Beatles to Dave Brubeck, ACDC to Boccerini. Are people really going to be listening to much of anything from the modern era in the future?

      Maybe there was another reason people on Star Trek only listened to Jazz & Classical?

    7. >What's next year's, Hootie & the Blowfish? XD

      As I recall, there was a flash-in-the-pan mess called "LMFAO" that was featured in a halftime show two or three years ago. That was the moment I saw they were starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

    8. @Moses - I've finally seen some LMFAO in a video by David Ghetta, also featuring Fergie. XD Yeah, OK to back up a dance song, certainly nothing to write home about.

  9. Take a good look at that Coldplay album cover. At first when I looked at the bottom center of the image, I saw what looked to me like a snake or reptile with it's mouth open. Each toucan representing a serpent eye. Then I realized that the image is the same up top. The center image reminds me of the tree of life chakra. And the black background is the same shape as a stop sign. When I add all of this together, I see the human Chakra centered or trapped in an octagon version of a pentagram surrounded (guarded) by serpents.

    As for the Super Bowl logo, it's very Masonic. The 5 in 50 is the pillar of Boaz. The 0 in 50 is the pillar of Jachin. The NFL obelisk is the stairway. And the football is Sirius. I could be way off. As I stated in a recent reply, I am new to all of this. But this is what it looks like to me. Thoughts, corrections or insights on my interpretation?

  10. I guess I should have looked at the wiki page for Coldplay's album first. The symbol represents the flower of life. The part that caught my attention was the producer for the album. The album was produced by Rik Simpson and STARGATE!!! The album also features a sample President Barack Obama singing "Amazing Grace" at Clementa C. Pinckney's funeral on the track "Kaleidoscope." I am truly out of the pop culture loop because I was not aware that Beyoncé is actually on the new album.

    Another thing about the album cover, the band was accused of ripping the album cover off from a band called Bring Me the Horizon.

  11. Coldplay ripping off Bring Me the Horizon? Wow, we really are through the rabbit hole now.

    As to your other speculations, I think they're certainly possible. They're not without precedent, that's for certain.

  12. One thing that jumped out at me wasn't just the fact the ad heavily pushes the "cashless society" notion, but it's the way it shows the "old money". It's a close up on the faces of the bank notes, with the implication that we don't need these old historical geezers. Not even as a face on a piece of paper cash.

    Nope, the beautiful young things with their smartphones in this commercial... They don't need these old dead dudes crampin' on their hipster style. You know, Ben Franklin and the other founding fathers, screw those guys, we got Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and The Donald nowadays!

    Who needs the Constitution when you've got PayPal and Apple Pay?

  13. It seems that the alien and/or space opera themes in media have been kicking into gear more over the past few years. I want to say it really felt (at least to me) to begin building up more and more since 2012. That year there was Prometheus and the big Star Wars Disney announcement. 2012 also felt like the year that Ancient Aliens on the History Channel really reached its peak of popularity. Or at least it seemed they showed it on History and H2 like 24/7, with some UFO Hunters episodes interspersed here and there.

    2012 was also when the space sim genre of gaming got a big boost with the Kickstarters for Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous.

    There was The Avengers live action film.

    Also, somewhat seemingly related to the Super Bowl car as with the elder astronaut, I've noticed over the years those car ads with the kid and the implication of his dad's new car being "out of this world" (basically a UFO).

    Then as you mentioned, The Martian could get the big Oscar push. I don't know if I'm on the right path here with these notions, but it sure feels like around 2012 the media/Hollywood really shifted away from Harry Potter, zombies/vampires, and the 2000-era Batman/Spidey/Xmen stable of superheroes. Now it's a return to Star Wars, rebooted Trek, Alien has turned into an AAT epic, and the superhero stuff went more cosmic with the Marvel films.

    In a sense it seems business as usual, but at the same time it's feeling like an even bigger push to get "aliens" out there in the mediasphere. Especially now with the new series of X-Files and ID-Resurgence. Perhaps they don't believe they can sell space to the masses without spicing it up a bit by adding in alien characters and creatures?

  14. Christopher,

    What about, "Scully!, Back in the day is NOW!"

    High heels and stairs.

    Speaking of "reversal of time". *winks*

    When you mentioned 'antonio' I thought of the Tim Duncan reference in the 4th episode of the 'reboot' of the XFiles. Which is so chockful of chokefull. you think comes to life. Including the trash. Then insert your reversal of time and what you get is such a strange yet kinda cool bunch of things there. yup

    See u in the other place friend!



  15. Coldplay ? playing cold; isn't that a prerequisite for sending people calmly at war ? or maybe that war (on consciousness a la Jung) is already over and they are ritually feasting on the cold plate/cuts of this society never gets too weird for the Secret Sun,right ?

  16. Looking at the Oscars, and we have both The Martian and Mad Max up for the award. Talk about hedging your bets!

  17. @Buck - I don't think anyone took "Black Madonna" amiss. I assumed you meant Catholic symbolism. :)

    @Moses - Ha-ha. I guess you've got your "Has-beens", your "Never Whers", and your "Who-teh-Fs?" eh? XD

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