Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Astronaut Theology: Liverpool, Egypt

Snazzy flying disc on entrance to the Egyptian wing in Liverpool

Some things don't make sense until such time that they suddenly do. For instance, here's way too much sun-drenched Egypt in the ancient rain-soaked British isles, from the Druids to Queen Scota to the Celtic Church to Egyptology craze of the 18th and 19th Centuries. Then there are all of those redhaired mummies, and of course the British Isles are ground zero for gingers. There's also the inconvenient fact that King Tut's DNA is Western European as well as Lorraine Evans' argument that the British Isles were colonized by members of Akhenaten's family and court, which is the furthest place in the known world where they could have fled at the time.

Chantress scene 1 - from the Ancient Egypt gallery
from National Museums Liverpool on Vimeo.

Then there's Liverpool, which gave us The Scarabs Beatles. Turns out that this Northern city has quite a storied obsession with the Land of the Pyramids, and has one of the finest collections of Egyptian artifacts in the world:
In our Ancient Egypt gallery you can journey back to the incredible world of the pharaohs and discover the remarkable civilisation that built the pyramids and the sphinx. There are over 1300 objects from our world-class collections on display, including animal mummies, ancient musical instruments and a tomb reconstruction based on a 4000-year-old burial place.

There are five complete human mummies on display and you can even 'unwrap' a mummy without touching it, using a fascinating computer interactive. A must-see object is the vividly-coloured belt of the last great pharaoh, Rameses III, on permanent display for the first time since before the Second World War.

Sphinx watches over the University of Liverpool campus
Well, we have a saying here on the Secret Sun- wherever Egypt goes, NASA is sure to follow. And wouldn't you just know it- Liverpool is also the UK center for space research, and their universities are involved in developing robotics for NAZCA NASA:

Scientists from the Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science (RIACS) at NASA and the University of Liverpool are working together to develop robotic systems used in space that will reduce the need for human space travel.

Scientists from RIACS and computer specialists from the University of Liverpool are investigating ways of improving technology in order to reduce the reliance on humans for space travel and develop the potential for robotic space missions.

University scientists are developing technology that will enable robots to ‘think’ autonomously, so that they might conduct entire space missions without human supervision.

Professor Michael Fisher, Director of the University’s Verification Laboratory, explained: “Autonomy is a major cost driver for space exploration since human missions require large earth-based teams for support. There are also significant risks posed to humans sent into space.

Which is the ancient Mithraeum and which is the Cavern Club?
click to enlarge

It isn't just the university, it's also the grade schools:
Earth-to-Orbit Field Testing- The Liverpool Central School District is one of only eighteen school districts across the U.S. chosen to pilot NASA's 2004 "Earth
-to-Orbit Engineering Design Challenge." Participating teachers partnered with NASA to help students achieve national goals in math, science and technology.
And just to bring it all full circle there's the Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool, which seems to have been inspired by a space capsule. Hiding in plain sight and all that jolly rot....


  1. absolutely stunned by the end of that chantress video.

    wow and WOW.

    Like you said, 'hidden in plain sight.' The commoners are loathed.

  2. Great stuff as always. Funny how things can just dawn on you like that, eh?

    Perhaps this is a proper time to take note of Sir Paul's recent concert outings...? Apollo to Apollo, on behalf of Sirius!

  3. Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde say Tron Legacy is all about religion

    "Yes, like the haircut. We wanted something kind of androgynous."

    "One of the things that brought me to this film was the idea of helping to create a modern-day myth"

    "to help us navigate these technological waters"

  4. P.S. McCartney's gig on the 17th might be a little more down your alley:

    The former Beatle will play a lunchtime gig this Friday at the 100 Club on London's Oxford Street, a punk venue that played host to the Sex Pistols, the Clash and The Damned in the 1970s.

  5. People have always gone crazy for Egypt, It continues today, in fact maybe more so because of of the funerary aspect to it is so legend, even atheists like to hear about it!

    Re: The Beatles. I want to share some pictures and ideas on their occult origins. I'll post them to your the Sun's FB page. Material not talked about anywhere on the internet, but I'll share for the Secret Sun readers only.

    The final wound was in the side of Jesus' chest, where, according to the New Testament, His body was pierced by the Holy Lance in order to be sure that He was dead. The Gospel of John states that blood and water poured out of this wound (John 19:34).

    But check this out...
    Finally, just as Aeschylus gave Prometheus a key role in bringing Zeus to power, he also attributed to him secret knowledge that could lead to Zeus' downfall: Prometheus had been told by his mother Gaia of a potential marriage that would produce a son who would overthrow Zeus.

    Prometheus, in eternal punishment, is chained to a rock in the Caucasus, where his liver is eaten out daily by an eagle,[4] only to be regenerated by night, which, by legend, is due to his immortality.[5] Years later, the Greek hero Heracles (Hercules) would shoot the eagle and free Prometheus from his chains.

    Guess who dies for in Prometheus place? CHI-RON

  6. the 'cavern' jpeg is freakin wonderful.

  7. ah, egypt.

    synchronicities abound... for some reason, probably b/c we don't have cable tv... i have managed to have entirely missed:

    west's 'magical egypt' series.
    circa early 00's; symbolic study. i was already familiar w/his 'sphinx older/rainwater wear' hypothesis...

    but ran across the series for the first time ystrdy.. apparently 8, hr long epi's... and of course on utube, older installments cut up into 10min parts.

    if you've not seen it, or chk'd it out.. it is worth the effort. i learned much ystrdy. haven't quite gotten to the cosmology portion to hear west's take on the 'astronaut' angle, but psychonaut angle is covered in the 'afterlife' section. straussman's research on DMT/God molecule covered also...

    i've found the 'temple in man' epi 4; 1-5 to be jawdropping, as well as many other tasty tidbits..
    probably old news to y'all.. but i just had to share :)

  8. ...and how much does the top of the cathedral look like aspects of last year's 'Drones' ?

    above link for the picture and quote from Wikipedia for this pyramid up stream from Liverpool.
    ''The Co-Op Bank Pyramid or Stockport Pyramid in Stockport, England is a large pyramid-shaped office block in Stockport in England. (The surrounding part of the valley of the upper Mersey has sometimes been called the "Kings Valley" after the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.)''

  10. NYT: McCartney Plays Apollo, His 'Holy Grail'

  11. The Beatles famously played in the CAVERN Club.

    Khepra the Scarab, bearing the Sun, emerges from the Tuat/Duat which being underground qualifies as a cavern


  12. Enjoyed your observations.

    Egypt seems to be a mystical
    realm which exists outside of
    objective, material knowing.

    We say we are sourced in the
    Hellenistic culture of the
    Axial age, but beneath the
    standard of classical Greece
    is Egypt, and perhaps the
    source of ,"Egypt", is an
    older, lost culture that we
    only get whiffs off.

  13. You pointed out the theory that Akhenaten and the Egyptians colonized Britain . I wonder if the reverse was not true, with us Britons and WASP Americans penchant for colonizing other countries .

    You make a good point about the British Isles (which includes Ireland ). A lot of history seems to have been lost pre Roman times .

  14. Not forgetting Olaf Stapledon who spent much of his life in the Liverpool area and wrote two of the most influential (but seldom read) novels of the genre - Last & First Men ( and Starmaker ( Star Maker in particular was way, way ahead of its time and readers can have fun picking out bits that appeared in other novels/movies decades later.

  15. One quick amusing note - the Radio City tower (on the right of the Sphinx in the picture) is usually lit up at night. In bad weather its a bit tricky to see the actual base of the tower so it looks somewhat UFO-like floating above the city, i.e. or

  16. By the way, The Daily Beast asked a few novelists how Obama might change his narrative. 2 of the writers suggested sci-fi themes. Margaret Atwood: have Obama taken over by Pod People. Alex Berenson: "Maybe he needs an alien invasion."

    Here's the article:

  17. If you know where to look in Liverpool you can find quite a few pyramids, some are actual tombs...

  18. As stated above, a pic I found of it,, some myths attached to it, most probably to mask the truth or whatever.

  19. I seen my third eye on head scan they did on m e ,it was on the red strip .Mary ChristMass love Tammy