Tuesday, December 21, 2010

They Asked Me to Describe my Visions

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Perception has been a major part of what I puzzle over on this blog. Specifically, how perception determines reality or at least how we describe reality. Perception is a very dangerous topic in some quarters, since defining reality according to a very limited sphere of perception is very much part of the social control apparatus. The All-Seeing Eye can't stand to think that something might lie just outside its field of vision.

At the same time we do need some kind of consensus (meaning "to sense together") as to how we define reality, if for no other reason than we need to be able to communicate with one another. This is why talking about dreams can be such a thorny issue- what we experience in our dreams is subject to a whole host of neural and emotional triggers which well up from the unconscious mind and may not be shared by your audience.

Perception and how it can be changed is a very important part of the Alien Dreaming narrative. Rick Strassman had patients who swore they were seeing all kinds of horrible aliens- reptilian, android, etc- that he couldn't. They were inconsolable- he couldn't convince them that they weren't there. We start to tread a very fine line between visionary experience and psychosis here, but we also find ourselves in the realm of speculative physics, in which there may very well be entities living in different frequencies or dimensions, that we may have access to in certain extreme states of consciousness.

Again- where do we draw the line?

"I've come to tell you what I see.
There are great darknesses, farther than time itself..."

As usual lately, this brings me back to The Outer Limits. The second season saw a different producer at the helm, and you need to watch those episodes between the lines. You need to watch the story and the issues raised and project Joseph Stefano's vision on it all- his keen eye for noirish cinematography and musique concrete sound design. But the script here takes us back to an episode from the second series called "Beholder," in which a blind man has his vision restored only to be tormented by visions of an alien trapped in between dimensions. "Behold Eck!" (very strong shades of Eckankar, oddly enough) is essentially crippled by its production and directorial standards but the story that's buried under it all tells us a very important and strangely timeless message.

As with many episodes of this series, it tells us that while most of humanity sits back and waits for revelation to come to it, there have been those among us throughout the ages who took it upon themselves to seek revelation out on its own terms. And that more often than not required a profound change in perception. Which is why seekers (which means "to look for") would starve themselves or subject themselves to extreme conditions or even explore the botanical realms- to change how they see the world. After all, if we can't be bothered to make that effort, why would entities from higher planes want anything to do with us at all?

Something to mull over. 'Tis the season, after all...


  1. When you mentioned "seekers" and "can't be bothered to make the effort",it reminded me of that paradoxical hit from "The Seekers" called
    "World of Our Own",in which they sing;
    "Close the doors, light the lights.
    We're stayin' home tonight,
    far away from the bustle and the bright city lights.
    Let them all fade away.
    Just leave us alone.
    And we'll live in a world of our own.

    We'll build a world of our own
    that no one else can share.
    All our sorrows we'll leave far behind us there.
    And I know you will find
    there'll be peace of mind
    when we live in a world of our own."

    Quite perceptive lyrics for today's times,when many religious and political groups would rather seek "a world of our own
    that no one else can share."

    It seems many would rather live in a world of their own,than become true seekers.-)

  2. so you're saying, for us Strassman-ites who look between the lines, the second season is the way to go? We should put it on our Xmas lists while there's still time? Why there's still time, doctor?

  3. All excellent points, Chris.

    The line between visionary experience and psychosis is pretty subjective and therefore extremely thin. But this is becuase magic and psyche are intimately connected if not virtually identical.

    A case could be made that shamanistic experience is a form of intelligent, prepared and controlled psychosis. But even your uncontrolled garden-variety psychosis is very 'real' and powerful, obviously. But it's infinitely more dangerous because you might not be able to claw your way back to sanity. I speak with some experience in these areas.

    That's why in the worlds of magic and mysticism and consciousness, reason and critical-thinking are our most exemplary tools.


  4. "They were inconsolable- he couldn't convince them that they[their visions] weren't there. We start to tread a very fine line between visionary experience and psychosis here, but we also find ourselves in the realm of speculative physics, in which there may very well be entities living in different frequencies or dimensions, that we may have access to in certain extreme states of consciousness.

    Again- where do we draw the line?"

    Yes! When you read highly strange UFO/'ET' encounters (not that all of them aren't 'strange'), many of which seem 'dramlike'---it surely is some kind of phenomenon encouraging us to seriiously question the 'lines' are make or are being made for us.

    The line BEING made for us is more a huge barrier. It is made by the forces of the pharmacratic inquistion where people who DO have visions etc are told they have a biological disease and coerced to take toxic drugs

    But aren't their visions a trying to breakdown this godamn 'normalcy'restriction that is straigtjacketed around us, and even children now?

    I say YES they ARE!

  5. C-Knowles,

    I had an odd skype call the other night, right after reading your post titled I'M ONLY SLEEPING.

    I got a call from someone I interviewed a while back named Cynthia Crawford (not the super-model from the 80's) and I'll add that she has NEVER called me out of the blue like this. She has a had a life of profound contact events, she has a way of framing things in flowery new-agey terms, so she could be easily dismissed by anyone put off by such vocabulary. That said, I'm enormously fond of her, she is open and sweet. She excitedly explained to me that she has been hearing from a lot of Star Seeds and Hybrids and she has been seeing a pattern.

    It seems that everybody she talks to (and she talks to a LOT of people with wild claims) has been telling the same story, they feel like they are being downloaded from their star family (her term, not mine).

    She went on and on, telling me story after story of alien downloading. All of it very mysterious, and nobody quite knew what it meant.

    Cynthia is 61 years old, and is completely dedicated to this stuff. And, as I listened to her voice, I was awash in tingles that started on the back of my head and ran up and down my spine. I'm feeling the same glorious tingle sensation right now as I type this. I have gone years without feeling this sensation, but that woman's voice just slays me.

    The tingle feeling is SO wonderful, that I can't separate it from her shared stories. It feels like the Gods are imploring me to pay attention.

    Link to interview with Cynthia:

  6. Reality is so strange that
    even when we think that a
    system of ideology is one
    that is oppressive, we might
    find that there is room to
    branch out into deeper ways
    of seeing.

    Some people think I am nuts
    for converting to Catholicism
    this upcoming Spring but I
    have been called there for
    15 years, and I think there
    is potential for a person
    to live," psychedelically",
    in the Church.

    ,"higher entities", might be
    calling us for sure and we
    have to be careful to see if
    our ego is demanding the
    powers that come from life
    in the Spirit, or that we
    are responding to a signal
    that comes from God, and
    positive forces.

  7. Everyone is entitled to their own perception as far as I'm concerned. Finding a common ground can be impossible sometimes.

    Great sculptures Mike Cynthia is really talented.

  8. An idea for a sci-fi/horror show: that there really are alien things-reptoids, greys-and those other dimensions. But the only means with which to access them, is to become completely psychotic. Could be used to explore issues-like a final frontier that holds all the knowledge, could solve everything, but no one can bring anything useful back.
    Come to think of it, that seems to be along the traditional idea of seeing the face of God-that one cannot stand the actuality...

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