Thursday, August 05, 2010

Secret Sun Picture Parade: Aliens and Egypt, Again

Yahooccultismus strikes again. Quite a juicy semiotic mashup there, the UFO story, the Sun headlines, a Phoenix namedrop, the mer-man links and of course the dogs (as in the Dog Star). 

Really a subtle work of genius that most people will completely ignore. Secret Sun readers know better.

Then there's the Obama Derangement subplot, offering up all kinds of juicy tidbits, like this game- at a church carnival, no less- in which the Obamalien meme returns, after a lengthy absence. 
A lot of that derangement comes from places like Liberty, whose Facebook ads continue to glorify Sol, like the one above. 

If I removed all of the verbiage from some of the church logos and websites and told you there was a huge, secret cult of sun-worshippers out there, I could probably scare the hell out a lot of, well, Liberty University students.

Meanwhile, they can go on the Internet and wet their diapers over the latest devilry coming out of the pop world. Like Rihanna here, wearing her LeeLoo outfit.

Aliens and Egypt bring us to images like this. 

Now, is it my imagination or does that statue bear a striking resemblance to Barackobamun?

Speaking of Egypt, the new cast member on Jersey Shore hails from - wait for it - New Egypt

Nova Caesarea. What are the odds?

Huffpost. Of course.