Friday, August 06, 2010

AstroGnostic: The Plumed Serpent

Some believe that 2012 will bring the return of Quetzalcoatl, whose name translates literally into "feathered serpent." And of course the crowns of Egypt were composed of a bird and a snake as well. It seems that this whole idea of the plumed serpent is like the winged sundisk, you find it all over the place. Including, of course, in the Star Trek Universe.

Here's yet another space god - a variation on Quetzalcoatl- in an endless Starfleet procession, this time from Star Trek: The Animated Series which aired briefly the early 70s. Click through and watch the whole episode, it's quite the trip. I can only imagine kids were scratching their heads in confusion (as with the whole TAS, which was strangely rife with hard scifi) but it's all grist for the AstroGnostic mill.

Here's a bit of deep background on the meme from Chris Everard's Secret Space series. Of course, the Secret Sun philosophy is that all of this strangeness can't be truly understood without factoring in the rich memefields of pop culture, which seems to be doing our dreaming for us while we're lost in this Fin de si├Ęcle narcosis.

Speaking of 70s cartoons, the Blue Falcon keeps popping up in strange places lately. I wrote briefly about the Dynomutt/Blue Falcon connection to Horus and Anubis in Our Gods Wear Spandex, which for some insane reason I was reminded of when watching the Wayne Herschel Ra videos.

Yeah, the 70s were not a great time for animation....

UPDATE: Did someone say interdimensional space gods? No? Oh wait, that's the tape loop in my head. Well, enjoy yet another alien creator god from the Trek-o-Verse. Plus, bonus pleasure planet!

UPDATE II: Boy, can you tell this episode was weighing heavily on my mind? I run it twice in two consecutive posts without even realizing it...


  1. Enjoyed your recent conversation with Tracy Twyman.

  2. I met with the featherd snake in ayahuasca with out any knowing of this creature. it winked to me and felt very gentle. it is more beautiful than any creature I ever met. later I found a picture that came very close to the winged serpent I met.!/photo.php?pid=1191805&id=1202708085&ref=album&fbid=1415016934428

    it is not necesery that these creatures came with ufo's could be but chances are that they came in visions. the eagle is holding a pinegone also famouse as the pinialgland in the head.

    could it be that these creatures are programs or multidimensional creatures. embedded in our heads? to create inteligence or did the serpents create these programs to remind us of there existence.

  3. OOOo. Also forgot to mention the neat Futurama episode I saw last night. The new ones have started on Thursdays on Comedy central. Futurama - Cats From Thuban

  4. The feathered serpent and much of the South American cultural artifacts seem to have rooted in the ayahausca/shaman motif. If you have trouble with the symbology of these cultures..check this out..

    The calendars and astronomy features are part of that interdimensional being. The zodiac is trying to tell us something. Paul LaViolette is interviewed at www.redicecreations this week. Very interesting. And of course, your spandex interview is in the 2006 archive. Talk about a blast from the past.

  5. Chris, that Trek cartoon was amazing. It blew my mind, I find it hard to believe the writer's were just tapping into something. I think they knew what was going on.
    I was a kid in the 90s so I think my generation had the last few remnants of excellent, intelligent cartoons. I really wish modern kids could grow up watching cartoons like the star trek one. Instead they watch the most idiotic shows ever and being dumbed down. *sigh*

  6. Obligatory Kanye link for today (sorry!). Looks like those museum pics with the Horus necklace were prelude...

    Kanye West "Power"

    "I guess every superhero need his theme music."

  7. I'm not so sure about the Secret Space series. Ancient alien intervention I can find some evidence for, but the ancient Babylonians and Sumerians were white as in "caucasian?" There is no evidence for that whatsoever.

    Why do even alternative historians and researchers think all great ancient civilizations were the product of white people? There is no archaeological or genetic evidence that supports this.

  8. Just started TAS and watched "How sharper than a serpent's tooth" Never associated it with Quetzalcoatl but now after seeing the Logo with the Indy 500 knowing about the the 5 suns it makes sense. Well to me it does. LOL