Monday, August 02, 2010

Wayne Herschel and the Secret Sun of Ra

Longtime Secret Sun readers are familiar with my theory that the Sun we are seeing in a lot of this esoteric symbolism is not in fact ours (see "Astronaut Theology: Their Sun is Different" from April 2008) and now researcher Wayne Herschel has decoded some of the symbolism pertaining to Ra (god of the Green Sun) and produced these fascinating videos. Must-see TV here...


  1. The Pyramids lining up with Orion is a common misconception; Cygnus, the Swan constellation, is a much closer match. [There's a few charts you can find via Google comparing the two alignments]

    ...some say the cosmic radiation emitting from Cygnus might have triggered evolution on Earth.


  3. thank you for showing these videos... it´s just what i needed!
    thanks from sweden

  4. From the too odd not to share file:
    Heartland Christian Center's "It's the MOJO Baby!"

    mo·jo   [moh-joh] –noun, plural -jos, -joes.
    1. the art or practice of casting magic spells; magic; voodoo.
    2. an object, as an amulet or charm, that is believed to carry a magic spell.
    Origin: 1925–30, Americanism ; cf. Gullah moco witchcraft, magic, prob. akin to Fulani moco'o medicine man

  5. This is gone to be ground-breaking slideshow:

    Dollar Pyramid (yes the same 13 stair with Eye on the top) found in Ecuador, Genetics disc with sperm/egg cell carvings, Star maps with Sirius, giant bones with head that is not human.

    I wonder how long mainstream can keep up the silent about our history..
    Of course Project Avalon is what it is, but evidence is what matters.

  6. Chris,

    I can't believe you don't have a link to this.

    The sun is waking up tonight.

  7. "It's a Long Road From Ancient Egypt.

    King Tut’s Chariot Arrives in Times Square."

  8. oy vey- the star of david is hindu in origin- nothing to do AT ALL with judaism until maybe 1,000 yrs ago, but more like 300 yrs ago. They ripped it off nicely. Why not- it's a beauty. Hershel is really stretching here. Of course, what is interesting is the nature of belief, the need to believe, which he shows so strongly. He says believe more than any fundamentalist preacher I ever misfortuned upon. Believe whatever you like, but the BS is flying fast and furious here.

    Hershel needs to make literal evanescent mystery. We are a dream. And there is a lot more evidence for that theory (hindu again) than RA landing on the Sphinx's back for da def partay yo.

    I'll be in your dream if you let me be in yours.

  9. レベッカ Interesting. Do you have any links on that, um, link?

    1145--Yes, I think I might have done that here before. Very cool.

    110- You're welcome!

    523- That one is misplaced- it belongs in the cringe file!

    Finnish- Yeah, Dona's stuff is fascinating. Thanks for the reminder.

    LD- Yeah, it's been pretty well covered in the MSM so I passed.

    1044- Times Square- of course.

    Cauldron- You should take it up with Wayne. I'd be interested in his responses.