Monday, July 19, 2010

Dog Days: The Hits Just Keep On Coming (UPDATED 7/20)

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Well, the Sun is blazing all across the globe. It's summer- the Dog Days- and the symbols are flying like grackles in the grove. It seems like I'm doing a lot of these posts recently, but you gotta fish when they're bitin'.

That blue and gold Sol there is from a story in the UK press- the British company is paying off illegal immigrants at Calais to go back home. I guess wages have been driven down enough - for the time being, at least.

Speaking of which, Scottsdale, Arizona is responding to the controversy against the recent immigration legislation in that state by undertaking a charm offensive to lure tourists back. We looked at one of their Solar icons recently- here's another stunner.

And strangely enough we see the blue and gold appear in the immigration context again, as well as a well-disguised 17. Speaking of well-disguised, that design on that hat vaguely reminds me of a square and compass.
Of course, aliens from slightly more exotic locales are on people's minds recently, particularly after the mass sightings in China. But we're seeing strange machines all over the globe, and now this disturbing story of an anomalous contraction in the Thermosphere. A freak of nature or a show of force? I report, you decide.

The recent cancellation of the Constellation program got me reading The Rainbow Conspiracy by Brad and Sherry Steiger- whispers about humans being banned from space are very old, it turns out. Take that for whatever it's worth.
Of course, we're hearing that these Dog Days are the doggiest in several years, so make sure you keep your pooches cool. CNN celebrated the Dog Days by picking a canine rescue group as their CNN Hero of the Week...

...or should I say Heru? The Restoration Revelation took a strange turn when an ancient statuette of Horus the Child was found in the English countryside, of all places. Turns out it was found at an old Roman village being excavated.

Speaking of restorations. Mona Lisa is back in the news. I know there was a bit in The Da Vinci Code about Mona Lisa being a cipher for 'Amon L'Isa', but that's not even the original title of the painting. So, sorry Brown fans.Da Vinci isn't the only Renaissance master in the Restoration Revelation these days. Caravaggio- who we talked about in the Alien Dreaming series a while back- is too, since a lost San Lorenzo canvas he did surfaced recently. Bonus factoid: Lorenzo was a particular favorite of the Knights Templar.

The 17 meme is popping up quite a bit in the news these days, often in unfortunate contexts like this. Which makes a terrible kind of sense, since the earliest use of it seems to be the 3/17 death date of Osiris.

Tina Brown's Daily Beast site is big on the 17 meme- you see a lot of Top 17 this or 17 that there. And the 17 President makes his obligatory appearance.

The big story in tech this summer are the problems with the new iPhone's antenna and call-dropping. Which brings us to this iconic image of the Apple Stargate, which is used to test the antenna (just don't ask me how),

Will this allow the Droid (Druid?) to take a big chunk of the iPhone's market share? Maybe, but that image there is enough to prevent me from investing in one.

But every dog has his day. Especially in the Dog Days...

UPDATES: Oh, dear. It just never ends. This one courtesy of an eagle-eyed reader.

And here's a nice juxtaposition- the recently discovered moon tunnels and the extremely un-newsworthy Snoop Dogg. Perfect.

Speaking of un-newsworthy, here's a nice blast of disinfo from Yahoo. I may be essentially agnostic on crop circles, but considerably less so on spin control propaganda techniques. Like this nonsense recycling the old canard that all crop circles are the work of a couple old boozers from Blighty. It's blatant chicanery like this that causes my agnosticism on the topic to waver a bit. One day I need to do a "top 10 spin control techniques the media applies to the UFO topic" post.
And there you go. The Vatican's latest PR disaster stems from its announcement that ordaining women is the moral equivalent of child rape. For once I'm speechless.

Secret Sun readers always come through...
...or do they? Who didn't tell me that Christiano Ronaldo used to be #17?


  1. and there is also a lot of new activity from nasa's SOHO .especially a lovely wee dwarf star making its presence known.

  2. I watched 2001 last night, after not seeing it for over two decades.

    That DROID advertisement is pretty creepy..

  3. hey chris, yahoo is swimming in it again today. a feature on the moon tunnels and then one on crop circles. hmmmm...

    i was wondering your take on Graham Hancocks quote when he interviewed with Pinchbeck. It went something like--if the aliens have some secret deal with the government then i don't want to meet them because they would be a$$holes for dealing with politicians.

    I really like that thought and I agree. Maybe the elite's use of esoteric symbolism gave them some access to "the gods" that made the aliens ignore the drawbacks of dealing with only a small percentage of humanity.

    Peace, David.

  4. Another appearance of the 17 meme, that I think would be relevant to you Chris:

    Via Professor Hex:

    Fortean Times: The Occult World of CG Jung
    How a near-death experience transformed the psychologist's attitude to the world of mysticism and magic

    "On 11 February 1944, the 68-year-old Carl Gustav Jung – then the world’s most renowned living psychologist – slipped on some ice and broke his fibula. Ten days later, in hospital, he suffered a myocardial infarction caused by embolisms from his immobilised leg. Treated with oxygen and camphor, he lost consciousness and had what seems to have been a near-death and out-of-the-body experience – or, depending on your perspective, delirium. He found himself floating 1,000 miles above the Earth. Seas and continents shimmered in blue light and Jung could make out the Arabian desert and snow-tipped Himalayas. He felt he was about to leave orbit, but then, turning to the south, a huge black monolith came into view. It was a kind of temple, and at the entrance Jung saw a Hindu sitting in a lotus pos­ition. Within, innumerable candles flickered, and he felt that the “whole phantasmagoria of earthly existence” was being stripped away. It wasn’t pleasant, and what remained was an “essential Jung”, the core of his experiences.

    He knew that inside the temple the mystery of his existence, of his purpose in life, would be answered. He was about to cross the threshold when he saw, rising up from Europe far below, the image of his doctor in the archetypal form of the King of Kos, the island site of the temple of Asclepius, Greek god of medicine. He told Jung that his departure was premature; many were demanding his return and he, the King, was there to ferry him back. When Jung heard this, he was immensely disappointed, and almost immediately the vision ended. He experienced the reluctance to live that many who have been ‘brought back’ encounter, but what troubled him most was seeing his doctor in his archetypal form. He knew this meant that the physician had sacrificed his own life to save Jung’s. On 4 April 1944 – a date numerologists can delight in – Jung sat up in bed for the first time since his heart attack. On the same day, his doctor came down with septicæmia and took to his bed. He never left it, and died a few days later.

    Jung was convinced that he hadn’t simply hallucinated, but that he had been granted a vision of reality. He had passed outside time, and the experience had had a palpable effect on him. For one thing, the depression and pessimism that overcame him during WWII vanished. But there was something more. For most of his long career, he had impressed upon his colleagues, friends, and reading public that he was, above all else, a scientist. He was not, he repeated almost like a mantra, a mystic, occultist, or visionary, terms of abuse his critics, who rejected his claims to science, had used against him. Now, having returned from the brink of death, he seemed content to let the scientist in him take a back seat for the remaining 17 years of his life."

    Good article that.

  5. Does this fit?

    Solar company chooses Gresham: Solexant will hire 170 works, plans to grow to 1,000.

    From one of our local newspapers in the Portland, Oregon area. The company website for Solexant is also very interesting, having one of the first of many solar-themed images being a person holding their hands up to the sun in an "O" formation that looks very much like the Obama-rising Sun campaign logo.

  6. Hello Christopher.

    Here's something I found today

  7. More 17

    The Adjustment Bureau hits theaters March 4th, 2011.

    Devil releases September 17th, 2010.


    Devil (A Shyamalan film) was suppose to be released March 4th but was switched to September 17th.

    Apparently this is a major shake up and the timing is 'just strange' according to this article:

  8. does anyone pls leave a comment on the movie 'inception'? it is very clear symbolism about the dreaming mind with somewhat relevant to your site, chris.

  9. new jersey devil signs 17 year contract for 102 million.

  10. Hey Chris,
    How come when you click on blue and gold, it takes to a master mason forum site you can't see without a password? You should check this video out. This guy has some nice solar photos of catholic church's and mosque's sitting side by side in islamic countries. He also has some pics of the solar mosque that supposedly has the head of old john.

    SEPT. 6

  11. The Declaration Deception By Mtsar:

    Dog Days, Cancer..

  12. 447- Links?

    Mike C!- Two decades? I can't go two months without giving it a spin.

    DDJ- Hancock said that? Wow. I haven't listened to that yet. Will let you know.

    Justin- Yeah, that's awesome. Thanks for the link.

    Bufton- It does!

    Song- Terrific! Thanks for that.

    1106- Wow. Good catch.

    1219- Yep. We looked at that the other day.

    228- Dreaming mind or mind control? I'm skeptical. I'm also content to wait for the DVD.

    Ricky F- Perfect.

    734- Wow. The link came from a google search (which I pasted in in place of the dead one) and was not protected when I grabbed it. Which means they threw up a wall sometime yesterday, because I've linked to it before. Interesting. What's that ritual taken from?

    824- Cool- thanks for the link. Looooove links!

  13. Sorry if this is old (and somewhat silly) news, but did you notice that the 'Twilight' saga films lead the Teen Choice Awards with 17 nominations?

    Also, Meyer's next project (Twilight retold from the vampire's perspective) is apparently titled Midnight Sun.

  14. 17 book news: The Power (sequel to Rhonda Byrne's multimillion-selling The Secret) is scheduled to be released on August 17th.

    Re: The "Apple Stargate": Did you know it consists of 17 anechoic chambers?

    Mayan tomb discovered beneath Guatemalan "Diablo" pyramid

  15. that nasa colony thing is the image for rendezvous with rama haha..

  16. The links keep heating up:

    Chris---keep up the good work...don't sweat it!

    yahoo home page had this one...just below china ufo-possible theory or more dis-info....

    then from ufo's to cattle dying? sounds familiar

    first, the reuters logo is interesting

    second, this gets a little weird: we go from heat wave killing cows in Kansas to the village of Liavonavichi in Minsk click the photo of the cow or follow the link

    Then it turns out the villages near Minsk have had their own heat wave on July 17:

    The usual numbers of course


  17. Sun Pharmaceutical was in the news this week with a (17) win and a loss in the U.S. court system.

    Sun, Taro, Teva... these pharma companies sure know how to name themselves, eh?

  18. Isis is in the biz too!

  19. "Observers are likening new sunspot 1089 to a giant paw print or bear claw."

  20. is that movie 'inception' meant for you, chris? take your bet: SOMNIUM MENS est IANUA ut INFINITIO

    the story somewhat related to 2001: space odyssey.. mind blowing indeed

  21. Gunmen kill 17 at party in Mexico - LA Times, July 18th 2010,0,6423793.story

  22. a top ten on most popular UFO dismissal techniques would be most welcome! Horus the child found in a pile of dirt, the aeon of Crowley's prediction has now dawned. Unruly kids...

    “Clearly, the ushering of a new aeon — of Horus, the child — is no minor task, perhaps especially when the wild and difficult characteristics of children are taken into consideration. Whereas the features of motherhood and fatherhood are, by and large, relatively easy to recognize, those of newborns and youngsters are more fluid and elusive. Children are spontaneous, excitable, inquisitive and consumed by the excitement of living in the here and now…If there is such a thing as the Aeon of the Child, then those of us who live in the era of it’s birth should realize that we are in for a bumpy ride."


  23. Justin Russell, what a profund statement about our mentor Carl. He truley had a sense of the nous. Dennis

  24. posted this a little while back but figured its more relevant on a 17 post:

    watching the new David Cross stand-up special "Bigger and Blackerer", anyways, he's going on about tripping on acid and how the concept of time goes out the window, he says, "3:17? what does that even mean...". also, he says it exactly 17 min. in...

  25. Unbelievable!


  26. @Dennis,

    Yeah, that Fortean Times article is damn good. Jung is always fascinating.

  27. Obama admin pay czar will not fight (17!) banks on $1.6 billion in exec pay from TARP

    $1.7 billion in TARP funds were used for executive pay in the period before Congress enacted legislation preventing such use, $1.6 of it being payed out by "17 of the country's largest financial institutions."