Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Alien Dreaming Addenda: Don't Pay the Ferryman

In our last installment, I mentioned how I've watched I Want to Believe about 40 times (give or take) and found some new easter egg each time. Well, shortly after writing that I took another pass at the film, and lo and behold, found more hidden symbolism. And this stuff is quite juicy....

In this shot we see Janke (our Hades stand-in) pulling out of a parking lot followed by three barking Rottweilers. Now we know Janke has a multi-headed dog, so here we are seeing Hades again in his chariot, with the three dogs standing in for Cerberus, the three-headed dog who stands at the gate of the Underworld.

UPDATE: Reader Jim made a fascinating connection between this visual- a representation of Cerberus and a "UP" gas station and this article about the BP disaster. Very interesting indeed.

Janke picked up a prescription for an animal tranquilizer here, which links us to theories about the descent to the underworld motif. Persephone was picking narcissus flowers when Hades first saw her, which have narcotic properties.

As Janke drives off we see three ravens (a common symbol of death) fly ahead of him. But Carter may well be referencing Poe here, linking again to Hades/Pluto: 'Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore!'/Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'

But keep an eye on that chap on the street there....

Just as we saw the visual link between Scully and the dog in the hospital, we see this very quick visual juxtaposition, a hooded (and hollow-eyed, thanks to his quite unnecessary sunglasses) man standing and Mulder sitting in his car.

A familiar visual arrangement seen in depictions of Charon, the ferryman to the Underworld...

...who is often seen in contemporary depictions as a hooded figure with a skull for a head, or sometimes as a blind man.

This motif is germane since Mulder takes on his traditional role as Osiris and is tricked and trapped by Janke, who then "murders" him on the road/river.

Immediately after Mulder's "death" we see Carter himself clutching a very canopic-looking funerary urn (containing the ashes of his dog, who died during the film's production). Symbolically-speaking, this shot doubles up, since it also identifies Scully with Isis, via the 'Dog Star'.

This is now the sequence where we see DNA Scully crowned with the Amanita Muscaria Grail of Light, similar to that of Isis-Aphrodite. She realizes Mulder is in the Underworld, signaled by the photos of the two-headed dogs (three heads might have seemed too obvious).

Again, we see her explicitly identified as the Mater Dolorosa, and here we see an analog of Isis casting spells to raise Mulder from the dead...

... with this double-entendre. We see Mulder's sarcophagus, and shortly after...

....he rises from the dead as Osiris-Dionysus-Orpheus, descending to the Underworld to rescue Cheryl-Semele-Eurydice, and where he also encounters his anima, the dismembered Monica.

What does it mean? Well, I'm not sure, but just like that Sirius-soaked Cleopatra exhibit in Phila(e)delphia, it all seems to point to DNA and the mysteries it holds. The X-Files was the first place I heard of junk DNA, something that Intervention Theorists are focused on as well.

But at the same time the theme of the film comes from Huston Smith and the Billy Connolly character was inspired by Alan Watts. Both men were pioneers in the field of entheogenic theory, and mushroom motifs are all over the place in the film.

But one thing that I do realize about The X-Files was that the point is not wrap things up in a simple bow (ie., close the door) but to create a kind of disoriented state in which the viewer is encouraged to provide his or her own interpretations (meaning to open the door). We'll not being seeing that kind of daring on network TV again soon.

But maybe at this stage in the game all we can do is keep that door open. There is no doubt in my mind that information is being kept from us on any number of vitally important topics pertaining to human origins and our place in the Universe.

And as frustrating as it is, I'd say a good question is much better for you than a crummy answer.

POSTSCRIPT: I was just reading a critical work on The X-Files, which has its extremely frustrating moments in that the writer didn't understand the Mythology at all. I mean at all. Now, there was a stretch in the Mytharc- from 'Nisei' to 'Redux II' (and excepting 'Tempus Fugit/Max') where I didn't really understand it either. But after watching the episodes in order I realized that they were chapters, not episodes.

This all started right at the time episodes of The X-Files were being released on home video and Chris and Frank knew that the whole series would be released at some point (The X-Files was the first TV show to be be released on DVD). I later realized that they were experimenting with the storytelling format, though they seemed to judge the experiment a failure and returned to more tightly-focused Myth eps with 'Patient X' (and forget most of the season nine Mythology, since they obviously thought they were finally finished with it for good at the end of season eight).

But the point is that the author obviously realizes that Chris was a determined envelope-pusher (see Triangle, Post-Modern Prometheus, Improbable, etc. etc.) but didn't bother to rewatch the Myth eps in order and realize that A., they do all fit together and B., they're not confusing at all when you watch them that way. Like too many fans the author also didn't realize that a lot of the problems that people complain about in the series were down to network decisions.


  1. Chris, notice also in that first image with the three dogs (Cerberus), that there's a UP (BP) gas station in the shot. The 'U' resembles dripping (leaking) oil. Then have a look at this article over at RedIce linking Cerberus to Goldman Sachs who suspiciously shorted their BP stocks days before the spill.

    The author of the article (A. True Ott Phd), also draws a connection between Cerberus and a possible nefarious scenario involving mass deployment of domestic spy vehicles in a joint effort with oil-drilling related companies such as Pegasus International and Halliburton.

    And speaking of DNA and the mystery in holds, have you seen this interesting mainstream article?


  2. Jim- Wow. You know I read that article and didn't even put it together.

    I'll tell you something, Chris Carter was notoriously paranoid about the film's script leaking out, so much so that they did the DVD documentary about it. And then this movie gets tossed in front of the speeding train of The Dark Knight Working and the only real promotion it gets is some press in the winter, well before it's release. And then there's whole campaign against the film with the critics, which I still don't understand to this day.

    Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

  3. Dropping off a comment for the first time but been reading and much appreciating the site for a few weeks now.

    And no need to make excuses for offering questions not answers...

    Dangerous things answers, some other bugger's bound to have a different one and they'll both want to be right.

    Two wrongs don't make it right... but what do two rights make?

    Maybe it's just better, wiser, safer to have questions. You never know... just asking the question might be the answer...?

    Now I'm wondering... what's the Riddler's story? Does the Sphinx come into it? And then I'm sure I saw something about a yet to be uncovered chamber...?

  4. Chris, it seems that you have to be able to slow the thing down to catch much of the symbolism and that is if you know what to look for or are steeped in mythology enough to recognize what's there. I must admit that I lack in both those areas and that's why I rely on you and others to point this stuff out. I watched the movie again a few days ago but because I'm not savvy enough to catch the details I have to say I really didn't like it near as much as "Fight the Future". Keep letting us know what other tidbits you find and I may give it another go to look for them and see if I'm fast enough to catch them.

  5. Lucy from Millenium makes an appearance as well. Though small there she is. Working for the FBI. -sky-

  6. Chris, I am astounded by what you have seen in this X-files film (I guess as one gets symbol literate, things become more apparent)! I wanted to ask you though, what if anything, do you think is the meaning of Fox and Scully on the ocean in the boat waving, at the end of the credits?

  7. Anony- The question is the answer- very Zen. I like it.

    Alan- Pure coincidence, I'm sure...

    Algiz- It's funny- I never cared for FTF myself, but that's why they paint cars different colors. As to IWTB, I've never seen a movie more densely packed with symbol. I knew straight away that they were hitting the ancient mythology I just had no idea how hard.

    Anony1234- Isn't that interesting too? The embodiment of evil is now in charge of the FBI.

    Path-I think that was the old riding off into the sunset thing, but it's interesting that you go from this story about a frozen lake to the tropics. Certainly hits the whole oceanic vibe we've been discussing.

    Anony- Good catch. Dragon 17, eh?

  8. Of course. Purely coincidental.

    Speaking of "coincidence," Drudge just put a new link directly below that Piccard Solar plane story that reads "Fish talk to each other"

    WOW, as I was typing Drudge just reloaded. Piccard is gone, in its place: "Early humans ventured farther north than thought."

    The story: Historical revision, pole shifts and more. And I can never see the word "Norfolk" without reading "Merfolk" - just a thing with me. But it's apparently also a type of Pine(al) tree.

    "A spectacular haul of ancient flint tools has been recovered from a beach in Norfolk, pushing back the date of the first known human occupation of Britain by up to 250,000 years.
    ..Archaeologists discovered 78 pieces of razor-sharp flint shaped into primitive cutting and piercing tools.
    [See recent Sync Whole for 78 syncs with the Star Cup]
    The stone tools were unearthed from sediments that are thought to have been laid down either 840,000 or 950,000 years ago, making them the oldest human artefacts ever found in Britain.
    "These tools from Happisburgh are absolutely mint-fresh.
    Researchers..began excavating sites near Happisburgh in 2001 as part of the Ancient Human Occupation of Britain project and soon discovered tools from the stone age beneath ice-age deposits. So far, though, they have found no remains of the ancient people who made them.
    "This would be the 'holy grail' of our work," said Stringer. "The humans who made the Happisburgh tools may well have been related to the people of similar antiquity from Atapuerca in Spain, assigned to the species Homo antecessor, or 'pioneer man'."
    The latest haul of stone tools was buried in sediments that record a period of history when the polarity of the Earth's magnetic field was reversed. At the time, a compass needle would have pointed south instead of north. The last time this happened was 780,000 years ago, so the tools are at least that old.

  9. Sorry to over-comment. But, I forgot to tell you, I recently found your Alien Dreaming episode formula in the old Darkwing Duck series.

  10. seen this?

    it translates to this: ”USCYBERCOM plans, coordinates, integrates, synchronizes and conducts activities to: direct the operations and defense of specified Department of Defense information networks and; prepare to, and when directed, conduct full spectrum military cyberspace operations in order to enable actions in all domains, ensure US/Allied freedom of action in cyberspace and deny the same to our adversaries.”;

    don't really know if this is relevant to anything you've been thinking about lately, but i thought it was interesting.

    also, great post!

  11. Ladys and tankamen, boys and girls, I here to say with some gusto that from a gnostics point of view (veiw), Lucifer holds quite a key into the mysterys bearing on humanity, that being the light he bears in his left hand...

    Where he leads? No one knows...

    So follow...

  12. I saw this and thought of you and this blog:

    I've missed this blog, I've been so busy, seems like I have lots to catch up on!

    Take care.


  13. AA- Dude- you gotta take screenshots of these juxtapositions! Even if for your own reference. Funny you mention Darkwing Duck. I worked on the licensing for that show and spent a week or so out at Disney. Which wasn't as fun as it sounds since the licensing guy there hated the company I worked for.

    Steph- Juicy! Thanks for the link.

    Jimson- Is that or good thing or a bad thing in your estimation? We really don't need any more gods here, if you ask me.

    V.- That's the infamous necklace Kanye wore on the BET Awards. Let me just say that usually I've no interest in Kanye photos that don't include Amber Rose, but that's terrific.

  14. Alright, well here it is. In general magicians use various techniques to turn unconsiousness into consiousness. Openly villified by the church (and lately many other institutions) these brave individuals are really seeing what makes the world tick inside you and I.

    As it turns out the flow of a magician's work opens up so many doors inside his or her mind that literally they find an infinite number of ways to approach philsophical problems regarding that which they know. In the end there is no stopping the flow of the information turned up and soon a magician is faced with his own being.

    The darkest revealed they are left with next to nothing to pursue and their ambitions turn to the world and universe beyond I might add. The unconsious turns to consious and there in lies the key I have found in the Luciferian mystery.

    Now I am stuck wondering if such a deal is being played out on a massive scale today. I emphatically must respond with "yes" this is indeed a process which is under going in todays psyche and we can look forward to a more open way for individuals to percieve the world.

    All this may be fairly obvious to some to say the least, and it is interesting by which one may become aware of this process that the mind undergoes.

  15. Hey Chris,

    Just wanted to share this link with you. Its about the US having warships pop up in the pacific. 3 on the same day. The government calls it a coincidence. I think all secret sun readers know that there is no such thing as coincidence in this universe.

    With all that is going on in our oceans its a bit unsettling to remember that there are submarines all over our oceans equipped with enough weaponry to end the world.

    Also here is a link to Pinchbeck's take on the gulf...good stuff.

    Peace Chris, and thanks as always!


  16. "Tats" intriguing ink:

  17. You're right, thank you for reminding me to keep my logs. I got lazy about taking Drudge screen shots because they have archives. But here they are - with additions from today's Drudge update.

    A week at Disney sounds like torture in one respect - and an interesting source for research in another. Don't take your experience personally though, I think Disney hates everybody.