Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Oscars/Ausurs Addenda: Demeter Moore

I tweeted this during the Oscar broadcast, but just thought I'd mention here that Demetria Moore was given the task of ushering the honored dead into the afterlife, just as did her namesake in the Eleusinian Mysteries. Remember also that Demeter was also worshipped as Chthonia, goddess of the underworld. Read this:
Since Demeter and Persephone are one and the same goddess, part above, part below, so women also existed in this state. Women bring people into the world, just as seeds planted in Gaia spring forth new life, and women are also responsible for the dead, since the dead are reunited with mother earth. Women mourned and prepared the dead for burial. This was their god-given duty as manifestations of Gaia. But it went even beyond this. The Mysteries were the gateway to the afterlife, and this gateway was Demeter/Persephone.

And strangely enough, here we see Demetria presenting the 2009 Golden Globe to Christopher Nolan for the departed Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker.

I thought it was interesting she referred to her daughter Rumer as "Rue," seeing the dictionary tells us rue means "to feel sorrow over" and Demeter was known as "Our Lady of Sorrows." Note that Demeter's sorrow was over the loss of her daughter.

Even more interesting in light of the alien/deity symbolism we've looked at (particularly with Demeter) is the fact that Demi Moore was born in Roswell, NM.

You gotta love all of these nutty coincidences.


  1. i just saw a trailer for tron legacy,
    release date 17 december 2010,
    i thought that would be right up your alley

  2. http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2010/03/08/90020/buried-alive-half-of-earths-life.html

    "While astronomers scour the skies for signs of life in outer space, biologists are exploring an enormous living world buried below the surface of the Earth.
    ...Scientists say research on "intraterrestrial life" complements astronomers' hunt for "extraterrestrial life" around other stars and planets. The search for E.T. starts at home.

    "Much that we do in our work to discover and understand the deep biosphere has relevance to the origin and search for life elsewhere in the universe," Edwards said by e-mail. "Fundamentally, this is all about life detection. ...Our inner space is a natural testing ground for outer space."
    In October, the ship will head for the South Pacific Gyre, a vast rotating pool of water between New Zealand and Hawaii. Next year, it will pass through the Panama Canal to drill in North Pond, an undersea valley on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a chain of seamounts between North America and Africa."

  3. Also lending itself to the Demeter/Persephone motif here is the fact that Demi is a Scorpio (November 11th), the zodiac sign ruled by Pluto (Hades) which is symbolic of death/resurrection and archetypally represented by Persephone in its feminine aspect.

  4. Anony- Cool- that's my pick for Xmas movie.

    Alan- Mac Tonnies thou are revenged!

  5. Having only just thought of the Osiris's, Oscars or Ausurs due to your blogs, I realise why Annie Lennox sang 'Into the west' last year [or was it before?).
    Wickiepedia:Khenti-Amentiu, also Khentiamentiu, Khenti-Amenti, Kenti-Amentiu and many other spellings, is a divine name or title from Ancient Egyptian mythology. It means 'Foremost of the Westerners' or 'Chief or the Westerners', where 'Westerners' refers to the dead.[1]..........And:
    'As early as the Old Kingdom, Khenti-Amentiu is associated with Osiris'.
    So this year they got the grieving mother to honour the dead, Ms D Moore.
    Very Interesting!

  6. Anony- Good point. Plus- 11/11.

    Flosserella- Interesting- I'll have to look up that video!

  7. Ooops, Annie Lennox sang at the 2004 O-scars.

    Into the West Annie Lennox, Live at Oscars.flv

    Being a Scorp., I'm rather keen on this song. The Celts, and I bet the Arabs, believed the West was the Land Beyond Time, the Otherworld:

    "Originally, Annwn was said to lie so far to the west that not even Manawyddan ap Llyr had found it, for you could only reach Annwn by dying yourself. ..."

    So I suppose that the Oscars are about birth/death/rebirth but particularly the Green Shoots of Osiris and the Wild Wild West!?

    No mention of the film 'The Beautiful Green'. It looks wonderful.
    Check it out, Knowlesy!

  8. Sorry for this off topic, but you're my go-to guy for the meaning behind the meaning on these things.

    Interesting verbiage from the Huffsters here (while it lasts):


  9. "Into the West" was composed as the closing credits music for The Return of the King, which swept the oscars in 2004. The West was the direction of the homeland of the elves in Tolkien's mythology (clearly and consciously reflecting elements of Celtic mythology), as well as being the location/direction of the "Heaven" of the (pre-Christian) human inhabitants of Tolkien's Middle Earth. Tolkien's elves are an amalgam of germanic and celtic elements. One of Tolkien's aims was to create an Anglo-Saxon mythology for England, which had borrowed much from other peoples and cultures (Celtic, medieval French, Norse) but had lost much of its own native stories. He borrowed heavily from many different European mythologies to create his Ur-myth (of which the Lord of the Rings was only a small part, almost a modern gloss on much deeper material). One of the most interesting aspects of Tolkien's work is his rendering of the drowning of Numenor, which he he linked with Atlantis (and which he experienced in a profoundly moving dream, as described in several of his writings).

  10. Mr. Knowles, I know you're a busy man, but if you have a few moments, I'd appreciate any mythological know-how you can contribute to this:


  11. for anony # 1: in canada, Nov. 11 (her birthday),is the national day of "Remembrance" where the war dead are honoured in ceremony. it honours 11/11 when the armistice of the First War was signed. usually canadians meet at memorials to remember the dead. the ceremonies take place at 11 am.

  12. PS: I keep seeing this caricature called "Jihad Jane" flashed around the news wires. I can't help but think of it as an echo of Demi Moore in "GI Jane."
    Whether or not it's intentional (perhaps to get women on both "sides" into the military industrial complex's manufactured holy war) there is the extra subtext you point out of Demi as a sort of death goddess.

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