Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Demeter Moore Mourns the Newly-Dead at the 2010 Ausurs®


I tweeted this during the Oscar broadcast, but just thought I'd mention here that Demetria Moore was given the task of ushering the honored dead into the afterlife, just as did her namesake in the Eleusinian Mysteries. 

Remember also that Demeter was also worshipped as Chthonia, goddess of the underworld. Read this:
Since Demeter and Persephone are one and the same goddess, part above, part below, so women also existed in this state. Women bring people into the world, just as seeds planted in Gaia spring forth new life, and women are also responsible for the dead, since the dead are reunited with mother earth. Women mourned and prepared the dead for burial. 
This was their god-given duty as manifestations of Gaia. But it went even beyond this. The Mysteries were the gateway to the afterlife, and this gateway was Demeter/Persephone.

And strangely enough, here we see Demetria presenting the 2009 Golden Globe to Christopher Nolan for the departed Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker. 

 I thought it was interesting she referred to her daughter Rumer as "Rue," seeing the dictionary tells us rue means "to feel sorrow over" and Demeter was known as "Our Lady of Sorrows.

Note that Demeter's sorrow was over the loss of her daughter. Even more interesting in light of the alien/deity symbolism we've looked at (particularly with Demeter) is the fact that Demi Moore was born in Roswell, NM. 

 You gotta love all of these nutty coincidences.