Saturday, March 06, 2010

Sync Log: Wormholes (UPDATE)

So the missus and I sit down to worship Caprica and I notice this random episode of The New Outer Limits that aired in January sitting on the DVR queue. I totally forgot recording it and had no idea what it was about. But there was nothing else on, so we thought what the hell and gave it a spin. A fortuitous decision.

First of all, the entire cast of the show had all appeared in various X-Files, with the exception of the luminous Bonnie Bedelia (nee Culkin, aunt of Macauley and Kieran). I have the feeling the same goes for the entire series, given that it was filmed in the official Mecca of The Secret Sun, Vancouver.

And lo and behold, it turns out the episode is about an astronaut trapped on alien planet after falling through a wormhole. Which grabbed my attention since the most recent post on the Solar Satellite is wormhole-themed and also mentions Vancouver*. You'll note the powerful Aquarian symbolism in the episode as well.

The New Outer Limits
wasn't a worldbeater, but reminds me of all the sci-fi short stories I devoured as a kid. Which is why I programmed the DVR to record all future eps on SyFy; I'm going to pretend that they're secret, dream-reality (or alternate universe) X-Files episodes. I could watch them all on Hulu, but that diminishes the randomness factor that leads to these kinds of interesting syncs.

One more sync for the road- the astronaut's name is Christopher and his partner's name is Susan, which is my sister's name.

UPDATE: The meaning of the name "Susan?" Lily.

So another interesting sync with yesterday's posts.

Non-US readers, click here.

*Speaking of the Holy City, the Vancouver-filmed Caprica introduced two new characters Friday- one played by James Marsters (who some of you may know as Spike, but who also appeared with Art Bell on a mytharc ep of Millennium) and the other by John Pyper-Ferguson, who played the Hermes character in the X-Files' Eleusinian Christmas episodes.


  1. Stoltz's big fading red pompadour reminded me much of 'Thomas Jerome Newton' last nite... it's great how lovable he is and yet a thieving murdering weasel! Sister Polly we are reminded is a highly-functioning opium-addict whereas when we see Barnabas/Marsters(double vampire-reference) in silhouette he seems to be shooting up... but no he's applying the Brother Silas albino-monk(Spike had white Billy-Idol hair too) cicatrice... no pain no gain!! JM also played Milton Fine/Brainiac on SMALLVILLE implying therein that the Tunguska eyeball-oil was of Kryptonian origin... Also I saw Summer Glau as an ensorcelled eterna-teen Russian ballerina on TNT Friday morning on an ANGEL rerun... so she's been in the House of Whedon for a while...

  2. Tried to post a comment earlier on the Solar Satalite, but wasn't successful.

    This morning I was reading the Solar Sat. whilst skippin thru TV channels and was drawn to a kids programme filmed in front of the now derelict Battersea Power Station (Pink Floyd flew a pig above it for their album Animals) and lo and behold, the subject they were teaching was WORMHOLES!

    Norway, China, Vancouver, Tibet and now Battersea. What a dimension we live in.

    What does POS mean, or is it, pray: 'a dismal coprolite'?

    Anyway, just turned-up the volume for Bette Midler singing New York. New York in a wheelchair wearing a Mermaid's costume, dancing along with 8 other dancers/wheelchairers in mermaid outfits(BBC2). Which brings me to my continuing Water/Pisces Synchro-Zodiacisity..........

    Just finished watching the Outer Limits you posted and it was SOAKED in WATER and Christopher was REBORN FROM THE SEA, wasn't he after travelling in the 'starry sea' for 20years or so.

    and I'm drinking a cocktail...

    Cheers to you and your wibbley-ones, and enjoy Caprica, you lucky peeps. x

  3. OOOO, thank you for this post. I've been looking for that particular episode of The Outer Limits. I had forgotten what the title of it was and even if it was The Outer Limits. I watched it awhile ago on TV and wanted to watch it again. Thanks again. I thought it was a great episode.

  4. Isn't the first chapter of the Zohar devoted to the esoteric meaning of the lily?

  5. Say, isn't a lily something of a natural mandala?

    And isn't there a film up for some Oscars this year featuring a guy named "Freeman" playing a guy named "Mandela"?

  6. Hi Chris,

    Wormhole class 101: Watch the movie, "Coraline"!

    Just in case you need to know what to do and what not to do when encountering blue spirals, wormholes, eye/soul thieves, wells (downward wormholes too), doorways, parallel universes, gates, Russian mice, talking cats, etc.

    All of this is understandable in an Outer Limits episode. Only I just don't know how it was in a hit kids' movie! I think our children will be well prepared to deal with future Norway spirals!

    Thanks, Chris!

  7. Ned- You mean it didn't remind you of Conan O'Brien with Pyper-Ferguson as Leno? Marsters was almost unrecognizable to me.

    Flossy- That was the Aquarian symbolism I was referring to- fascinating, no? And the cocktails help lube the flow- so drink up everybody!

    CDH- Always a pleasure to be of service to my loyal readers!

    Agonus- The Oscars- thanks for reminding me. Keep an eye out.

    Elizabeth- Very simple- it was written by Neil Gaiman! All sorts of weirdness is par for the course.

  8. Someone just sent me this:

    The poor site layout makes me think this may not even be a real site, but if it is, it's pretty interesting.


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  9. You are right about the Aquarian resonance, but we are in the month of Pisces, and the positioning of Neptune(ruler of Pisces) is in Aquarius and Uranus(ruler of Aquarius) is in Pisces! Could be why there are so many watery connections at the mo.

    Just watching Mary Poppins on Video(yes, I still have a video player) and I haven't seen this film for a hundred years. Well, guess where Dick Van Dyke is called to in the opening scene.....
    17 Cherry Tree Walk.

    Have a Magical Sunday.

  10. This is what the Italians think of 17.