Friday, December 11, 2009

Ten Thirteen: Three Men and a Smokin' Synchronicity

There's a new book coming out in February with the backbreaking title The Politician: An Insider's Account of John Edwards's Pursuit of the Presidency and the Scandal That Brought Him Down. The book promises to blow the lid off the John Edwards scandal, something we've not seen too much of lately, but seems to have resurfaced in the wake of the Tiger Woods scandal. Here's the spiel:
Idealistic and ambitious, Andrew Young volunteered for the John Edwards campaign for Senate in 1998 and quickly became the candidate’s right hand man. As the senator became a national star, Young’s responsibilities grew. For a decade he was this politician’s confidant and he was assured he was ‘like family.” In time, however, Young was drawn into a series of questionable assignments that culminated with Edwards asking him to help conceal the Senator’s ongoing adultery. Days before the 2008 presidential primaries began, Young gained international notoriety when he told the world that he was the father of a child being carried by a woman named Rielle Hunter, who was actually the senator’s mistress. While Young began a life on the run, hiding from the press with his family and alleged mistress, John Edwards continued to pursue the presidency and then the Vice Presidency in the future Obama administration.

The real bombshell in this story is that it's expected that Edwards will own up to being the father of Hunter's child after an investigation into his campaign's finances is finished. Apparently Edwards is also cutting Hunter loose financially, at least according to the National Enquirer. Take it for what it's worth.

So what?, I'm sure you're probably asking yourself. What does this have to do with the Secret Sun or synchronicity? Oh, so glad you asked...

On the same short-lived Lone Gunmen series that gave us the most notorious 9/11 premonition, there was an episode entitled "Three Men and a Smoking Diaper." And it...well, watch the first part here for yourself...

The obvious explanation is that this is a late riff on Clinton (who was already out of office when the episode aired). But the story is a lot more Edwardian, don't you think? Well, seven years before the fact, that is (and minus the dead mistress). The sync is even more resonant considering that the fictional Senator is from Virginia, which borders Edwards' North Carolina. The intrigue with the aides here brings us right back to the news story that hit the wires on Thursday vis a vis the upcoming tell-all.

Not to mention the fact that Senator Jefferson looks more like Edwards than any politician casting in any movie or show I can recall. Now, that is freaky. But par for the course for the sync-soaked 1013 Universe, it must be said.

Maybe the timing with Woods and Edwards is not coincidental.
Here's a fascinating article entitled "(71) Saju of Tiger Woods, John Edwards" taken from The Korea Times- apparently their saju charts almost identical. I'm not familiar with this Four Pillars system- anyone care to elucidate how it works?

And here's another bonus John Edwards-related Secret Sun sync for anyone who's made it this far.


  1. Happy Friday.

    Here's a 17 to start the day.


  2. As you may already know...Religion is made up by is all Astrology (including Asian Astrology) but the information is based on the numbering system as I have pointed out many times in recent comments on several posts.

    Here is a small part of what # 4 is about. It may help explain some of what you see.

    "Number 4"

    "The origin of the number 4 brings with it some curious revelations. We see the manipulation of a beam of light, conjured up through the THOUGHT PROCESS, is designed to use the illusory body of humanity into believing we should worship the sun as a god. This manipulation immediately DISCONNECTS our being from our ORIGINAL STATE OF WISDOM.

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    Enjoy! DS888


  4. Oh, and don't forget Byers (is that his name?) let go of a silver balloon - not sure how it ties in, but wasn't there a recent story about a runaway silver balloon - featuring a kid named Falcon, no less?

  5. "What does this have to do with the Secret Sun or synchronicity?" to me reads, (what the fuck does that have to do with the price of tea in china?) haha.