Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Alien Dreaming Addenda: Breaking Open the Pinchbeck

All of the recent talk about 2012 kicked loose a connection I'd been processing subconsciously but hadn't yet been able to nail down. When researching a recent post on the 2012 film, I came across a documentary in which Daniel Pinchbeck appears. Some of you may have read Pinchbeck's book 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, which is the sequel to his 2002 opus Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism. Some of you may also be aware that Pinchbeck believes he was contacted by the ancient deity Quetzalcoatl in 2004 while working with Ayahuasca shamans in the Amazon.

We'll be getting back to Quetzalcoatl sometime in the near future (I shudder when I look at my in-progress queue) but I wanted to leap on this 2012 meme while the iron is still hot.

Longtime Secret Sun readers all know how everything connects back to The X-Files, and boy, does this story ever. 2012 is the big date in the XF mytharc, since that's when colonization begins (ie., the aliens take back the planet from the hairless apes).

Longtime readers also know that entheogens/hallucinogens/psychedelics are at the center of the XF mytharc, starting with Mulder's Navajo deathtrip in 'The Blessing Way' on through the discovery of 'Dr. Sandoz's tablets' in 'Biogenesis' (which followed Mulder and Scully's own alien dreaming in the heart of a giant mushroom in 'Field Trip').

Well, right in the middle of this was a standalone named 'The Amazing Maleeni', which wasn't really an X-file, but a fun little heist caper about a down-on-his-luck magician named...


Who, as it happens, 'broke open his head'. Well - sort of. It's a long story.

But Pinchbeck also pulls this stunt -turning his around 360ยบ- in full view of a Ferris Wheel, which gets a lot of beauty shots in the ep. Which breaks open a whole new can of heads...

Now, I've been thinking about the Ferris Wheel (we looked at one recently) and its Eye motif, and that it's presence in this ep syncs up with mushrooms/psychedelics is particularly amusing- and almost predictable. But in the context of Alien Dreaming and the Widening Gyre there's another interesting connection, vis a vis the world's most well-known Ferris Wheel...

The Millennium Eye, know officially known as "Merlin Entertainment's London Eye." That logo is something else- I'd love to know when it was designed. Why? Well, I'm about to get back into the Sirius meme, and that logo looks nothing else like a star map of Sirius A and B. The Merlin group seems to have acquired ownership of the Eye in 2008, which as we know was the Year of Sirius (or maybe every year from here on in is the Year of Sirius, I don't know).

I guess I shouldn't be surprised by that, especially in light of this fascinating factoid:
A predecessor to the London Eye, the "Great Wheel", was built for the Empire of India Exhibition at Earls Court in 1895. Construction began in March 1894[17] and it opened to the public on July 17*, 1895.
Nor should we be surprised the London Eye was also featured in an episode of Doctor Who.

And of course this episode has the magic numbers, 33, 17 and 9. Take my word for it- this series is packed to the gills with this sort of thing. In fact, my real obsession with this show came after I began this semiotic/Synchronistic work in earnest, because it slapped me in the face every time I watched one of the reruns on TNT or SciFi (a ton of strong personal syncs hit me as well, I might add, which all took on new resonance when I was hired to write the XF book).

Given the psychedelic thrust of the show around this time it's tempting to speculate this Pinchbeck thing was a nod to Daniel and his entheogenic work, but Breaking Open the Head wasn't published until three years after this ep aired, and there's no obvious link to the subject matter or his work in any context. It all seems to have been drawn into the strange attractor of the Ten Thirteen Universe.

But this is just a sidebar- we're going to begin to bring Alien Dreaming back into the orbit of Sirius, which will tie quite neatly into a certain strain in the 2012 theorizing we've been seeing so much of lately. Stay tuned...

UPDATE: Kirk Ultra gives the neophyte a nice primer on Secret Sun X-Files X-Egesis here.

* July 17 was the date of the rising of Sirius during the 12th Dynasty.


  1. Hi Chris,
    I just recently discovered your blog. Is there any place I can still view the X-files X-Egesis - Nebet Het Gish material?

    I dont mean to bug you about it since I guess it's fairly old but Im interested in semiotics and am just learning about the Isis Osiris story and the symbolism.

    You describe the piece from here


    as pivotal towards your understanding and it sounds quite interesting and promising, but then the link is down! Any chance I could still view it somehow?

  2. That will be back up very soon- keep an eye out.

  3. I almost just pissed myself. I was on the shitter [toilet] about 20 mins ago reading a random article in a book I have "Book of Lies"and the article/essay is by this fucking dude you mentioned and it's called "An Extended Excerpt from Breaking open the Head".

    I also got a book recently I want to get reading called "2012 and the Galactic Center: The Return of the Great Mother". If interested here is a link to it...

  4. Are the feedback loops getting closer in the spiral?
    Love the Pinchbeck sync, he is the main voice of american psychedelia. The plants themselves have a lot to say, and Pinchbeck does a great job articulating his experiences.

  5. I love the Pinchbeck sync as well, especially given the fact that I was just watching some stuff (over the weekend) on YouTube about Quetzalcoatl and Jesus.
    Much food for thought here Chris. Thanks!

  6. Hey Chris, great post. I wanted to share with everyone the site Evolver which was created by Daniel Pinchbeck as a place where open minded individuals could share everything from theories to healing methods. Its becoming increasingly popular and can be a great place to learn and blog to a receptive audience.


    I'm going to post a link on Evolver (again) so people will read your blog.

    Also, once Evolver got going, groups started to meet all over the country called "Spores" where people are discussing how we can make this inevitable earth change a positive one. It all starts with us and our outlook.

  7. And of course it should be noted that the man playing the magician in this episode is none other than Ricky Jay, who is possibly the most fascinating magician on the planet.


    One of my favorite magic shows of all time is his one man special: Ricky Jay and His 52 Asistants.


    He's been in a lot of David Mamet and Paul Thomas Anderson Movies too.

    He wore the Masonic ring Magnolia.

    I was actually just about to do a post on him on my site (actually I just did a post about your X-Files work there too, lol) so it's cool to see him pop up here.

    You could definitely find some interesting synchronicity pathways through him.

  8. Heya Chris
    I also find it interesting that the London Eye in the Doctor Who episode was used a transmitter by a being called the Nestene Consciousness. Its race is called the 'old one' and its body is geletan or octopus-like. An octopus-like being that uses telepathy to control plastic....or fakes/the weak, perhaps.
    It all seems very Lovecraftian to me.

    There are alot of tv shows where the hero is on the borderline of good/evil or where they're confused about their mission. But the Doctor is unlike that. I don't think the malign-powers-that-be are uses Doctor Who to mind-control us lead us away from the truth. 'Who' seems to be one of the shows where the truth is really trying to get our attention. Its especially loaded with gnosticism.

    Here is a picture of the Nestene Consciousness..:

  9. Postscript (and sorry about the slight digression here): Regarding Roberto Calvi, the mason who was found hanging from Blackfriar's Bridge, just downstream from the London Eye, and whose pockets were found stuffed with bricks (they love their symbolism) and $15,000 in cold cash.

    Think of how powerful these people are-- they're not even bothered about the 15 grand. For all intents and purposes, these people (and I use that word advisedly) live in a completely different world than the rest of us. There are worlds within worlds.

  10. Quarkie- Too much information! But the sync is very cool anyway...

    77ie- Well, things are starting to clarify in some ways. Funny how the only plants that are actually prohibited are the ones that can stimulate your awareness....

    Liza- Cool- thanks for the link!

    DD- Cheers- thanks for the shoutout too. And I definitely recommend everyone check out Evolver and your blog.

    Kirk- Yes, Jonathan Levit is in the ep too. I was going to mention Jay's other work but I'm always concerned with brevity. Cheers.

    Grey- Well, Lovecraft is huge with scifi writers- it seems every long running show has to do a Lovecraft riff (TXF did "Agua Mala'). And 'm all about Doctor Who- old school. I gotta see some of those Ecclestone eps.

    Anony- Oh yes, no doubt. I wonder if the money had some occult significance. Wasn't Marilyn Manson all into 15 a while back?

  11. Hey chris,

    Chk out this pic


    hope you enjoy it. I think Metron embodies the idea of an et.

  12. @ Christopher Knowles "Quarkie- Too much information! But the sync is very cool anyway..."

    Smile, yeah I kinda stopped reading when it got into drugs. I don't think people need drugs to understand anything. I think all drugs are "over-rated". I can only Imagine what Crowley might had done without drugs, IMO it woulda been a good thing. But I am an optimist.

  13. The London Eye has been cropping up all over the place in the last few days for me. They have opened one here in Liverpool but I somehow missed the news until Friday and that report says they are planning on opening a second one here. I thought I thought I saw one in Manchester in the opening credits for the local news but I may have been mistaken or it was old footage as they apparently had one of their own a few years back. Looking around for that I found a page which mentioned there had been one in York too and it said:

    "The return of the Ferris wheel is one of the lasting legacies of the millennium celebrations in the UK."

    They seem to be springing up all over the place like... hmmmm. As the Wikipedia entry makes clear they are appearing everywhere and getting bigger "At the time it was erected, in 1999, it was the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, until it was surpassed by the Star of Nanchang (160 m) in May 2006, and then the Singapore Flyer (165 m) on 11 February 2008."

    As Kirby fans we shouldn't be surprised it appeared in the second Fantastic Four film (as does Galactus, sort of) amongst many others. Also worth noting that it wasn't just any old Dr Who episode, "Rose", was the first of the new run - the hype was huge and audience figures peaked at 44.3% of the British viewing public, which is about as good as could hope for in this multi-channel age.

    In some ways it reminds me of the Ori Supergate in Stargate (you can se it being built in the episode Beachhead (I am outside the US so can't check the video).

    And Pinchbeck? I think Greg said it best over on the Daily Grail: "perhaps Pinchbeck should heed the warnings of Terence McKenna, and occultists such as Dion Fortune and Aleister Crowley, to be extremely skeptical of the claims of any particular 'intelligence' or entity that makes itself known"

    Verification code is: exulty

  14. I have read one of Pinchbecks books, all syncromystic in flavor. He has some affinity with the anti-christ,numerology and his birthdate. William Henery is a bit more sketchy. Wears the wings of Horus on his neck chain. I have read 4 or 5 of his books. Some make syncro sense, but his futuristic ramblings are dificult to understand and borders on invocation. Emperor's take on intelligent design overload is key. Dennis

  15. Quarkie- Drugs are just tools. It all depends how they are used. Drug abuse is what causes all of the problems.

    Emperor- Well, England's becoming the Singapore of the West these days, so you Brits have a front row seat to what's coming down the pike. And I'll tell you- I really wish I could get into Stargate. Maybe someday.

    Dennis- William's a good guy. But I don't get it- what's sketchy about the wings of Horus? My understanding is that William sees Horus as the archetype of higher consciousness, which I've read in other sources as well.

  16. CK: "Well, England's becoming the Singapore of the West these days, so you Brits have a front row seat to what's coming down the pike."

    Oh boy. Time to brush of the escape strategies again!!

    And Stargate is a tricky one. I enjoyed them at the time but they were sailing well over the Shark by that episode (I can't pin it down, although the ascension of Daniel Jackson might have been it, but the influx of people from other sci-fi shows was a bad sign, although it was already time to duck before everything went all Farscape - a show that has a lot more lasting potential) but I watch some repeats when they came around again and I really struggled, partly because my excellent memory makes repeats a bit frustrating (unless I'm looking for something in particular) and partly because it looks quite dated. All very odd. Probably worth watching if you are on the look out for AAT links although even then they took the basic premis and pushed it to breaking point.

  17. @ Liza, I finally got around to watching that "Trail of Quetzalcoatl". People who do "drugs" are comical, to me at least. They are so "full of themselves", anyone can reach that kinda state without all that BS.Plus I can't stand that "hippie" attitude like Alex Grey has. That guy is so "tuned out" he is a walking hypocrite. Just look at his track record (ie who he voted for).

    Anyways thanks for the share. I get what the main guy was saying, just think anyone could come to that realization, even if they were just drinking cows milk, instead of peyote. If they can't I feel sorry for them.

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  20. I've read "Breaking Open the Head" and I loved it.It got me thinking in all sorts of new directions.