Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Secret Sun Data Dump: Watching the Nines (UPDATED)

The big event of 9/9/9 was Barack Siskobama's health care speech, which may or may not signal his political resurrection. He let his worst opponents run wild over the summer which severely dampened the morale of his base. But he's been known to use playin' possum as a political technique, so it will be interesting to see if apparent return to form is all part of some ritual cycle. In that light, the photo credit there is certainly interesting.

The first numbers we heard from the New Tut were 700,000 and 1943 (=17). 17 is the 7th prime number.

UPDATE: Yep, 2009 is the Year of You Gotta Be Kidding Me -

"Report: 17 Senate Dem. Caucus Members Called to White House to Discuss Health Care"
ABC News is reporting that President Obama has summoned 17 members of the Senate Democratic caucus--most of whom have expressed some degree of skepticism over President Obama's health care plan--to the White House for a meeting late this afternoon.
Read The 17 President and Celebrating the 17th for context.

ITEM: Speaking of ritual cycles, it turns out Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval were right after all about the architectural agenda of the Shemsu Hor. From a news story from yesterday in the New Scientist:

ANCIENT Egyptian temples were aligned so precisely with astronomical events that people could set their political, economic and religious calendars by them. So finds a study of 650 temples, some dating back to 3000 BC.

For example, New Year coincided with the moment that the winter-solstice sun hit the central sanctuary of the Karnak temple in present-day Luxor, says archaeological astronomer Juan Belmonte of the Canaries Astrophysical Institute in Tenerife, Spain.

ITEM: Yesterday was 9/8 (do the math) and where Egypt leads, NASA is sure to follow. Yesterday the space agency revealed its plans to skip the Moon and set its sights on Mars.
A NASA strategy proposal shifts the U.S. human space program away from returning to the moon in favor of a stepping-stone approach aimed at reaching Mars, including using commercial space launch services, according to a document seen by Reuters.
Between this and the LCROSS system failures, UFOlogist claims that aliens have declared the Moon off-limits don't seem quite so crazy.

ITEM: Speaking of 17s, there are plenty in the news today, including a new set of images from the Hubble Telescope, released fresh for 9/9/9, including that butterfly nebula there. But that's not all:
Among the first images – a closely guarded secret until today – is one of galaxy NGC 6217. The picture was taken with NASA's newly refurbished Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS).
Remember that the butterfly is a universal symbol of transformation.

ITEM: In less happy news, this:
A truck packed with explosives has been detonated in a Kurdish village in northern Iraq killing at least 17 people, Iraqi police say.

Look, it's Hawkman!
ITEM: And this curiosity:

Mexican police have arrested at least six hijackers who seized a passenger jet flying from Cancun to Mexico City.

More than 100 passengers and crew on board the AeroMexico Boeing 737 were released unharmed, officials confirmed.

And this about the hijacker - no mental giant, obviously:

He told flight attendants that he had three accomplices, "the Father, Son and Holy Ghost". He said that he acted on 9 September 2009, because the numbers 9/9/9 were the inverse of 6/6/6, the number linked to the Anti-Christ.

"Christ is coming soon," Mr Flores told journalists. Mr Garcia said that Mr Flores was a former drug addict, with a conviction for armed robbery in his native Bolivia. He has lived in Mexico for 17 years.
ITEM: Where 17 lurks, 33 often follows. This story:
Federal regulators on Wednesday defended their proposed $33 million settlement with Bank of America over bonuses paid by Merrill Lynch. But the Securities and Exchange Commission said the bank didn't waive attorney-client privilege, making it impossible to establish if its executives knowingly breached securities laws.
A real news story, or simply a reminder of the hidden 33 in BoA's logo? I report, you decide.

ITEM: Wal*Mart used 9/9/9 to unveil its new plan to become America's sole retail outlet. Called "Project Impact," the chain is using a showcase in the UFO hotspot of Gloucester County, NJ to demonstrate its new agenda. And speaking of 17s:
Despite the company's consistently strong financial performance, Wall Street hasn't cheered Walmart's growth rates. During the 1990s, the company's stock price jumped 1,173%. In this decade, it's down around 24% (Walmart's stock closed at $51.74 per share on Sept. 3)
Now Wal*Mart's switch from the five-pointed star to its new Solar logo (with its own 3-3) makes more sense.

ITEM: Speaking of Solar logos (and 999), this is the flag of the Commonwealth of Nations. How did I not know that?

ITEM: And speaking of the Octopus, that's apparently how Yahoo! sees itself now. Not sure if this image made its debut on 9/9/9, but I wouldn't be surprised.

ITEM: Finally, the ever-reliable HuffPost gives us this story on 9/9/09. I can't wait for 9/17- that's sure to be a corker!

UPDATE: Tommy of Kozmikon points us to this- a remake of Plan 9 from Outer Space. Did we really need one?


  1. On 9.9.09, we all also saw the end of the dream run and quintessential story of young 17 year old tennis star Melanie Oudin at the U.S. Open.

    The AeroMexico logo surely is symbolic of Horus.

    On the 9s. Lot’s of 9’s going on there. Even if you add up the three 9s you get a 9. 9+9+9=27. 27 is then broken down 2+7=9.

    In Egyptian Mythology, 9 represents The Ennead and is composed of the all-powerful 3×3 meaning completion, fulfillment, beginning and end.

  2. Needless to say the most significant number floating these days is Dec. 21, 2012. This is a Mayan thing which is supported by some astronomers, shrooooomers, and the mass media who must like the hook.

    The Mayan Council has come out publicly to say that their prophecy is based on the blue Kachina which marks the end of time and that the blue Kachina was finally observed on Oct. 23, 2007 in the flare up of comet wait for it...

    17p/Holmes. The p is for periodic and the 17 indicates that Holmes was the 17th periodic comet to be discovered. Listen to the Mayan council speak in this 2 hour lecture here...

  3. Yesterday (9/9/09) was all about the number 2 for me. I have been seeing 222 quite randomly for some time now however yesterday it appeared to me three times; once on the back of a cable TV repair van, another on a license plate, and thirdly in a news report I had read about a medical study where the scientists observed 222 individuals. I just also realized that 222*3=666 which is the inverse of 999. It's all in the numbers...

  4. Speaking of HuffPost-- I thought it was interesting to read that Arianna Huffington "despises" 9-11 truthers and has banned any such "conspiracy" theories from HuffPost. She actually said these things out loud:

    I mean, personally, I don't have any feelings one way or another for so-called 9-11 truthers, but I find it REALLY disturbing when the editor-in-chief of a well known media outlet BANS certain ideas from even being discussed.

  5. Isn't it interesting that (Rep.) Joe Wilson shouted "you lie". Reminds one of Valarie Plames husband Joe Wilson who may have said the same thing to Bush. But even more interesting is that the recent fire in L.A. almost destroyed the communication transmitters and observatory on Mt. Wilson.

  6. The 11s there on Hawkman's head add up to 44. 44 has resonance with Jupiter (the magic square for which is 4x4), which is related to Zeus, who is associated with the Eagle. I've also seen Horus (hawkman) associated with Jupiter (like this: Saturn = Osiris, Jupiter = Horus, I believe Jake Kotze brought it up). 44 is also the number of Obama's presidency...

    A little while back, I sarcastically commented here that they will probably do a Plan 9 from Outer Space remake (I don't remember which post). Well, guess what they announced yesterday....

    Can't wait to see what you've got to say about the movie "9"...

  7. Cool post as usual Chris, just wanted to point out that 09/09/09 was also Beatles day and the first line of the first Beatles album was:- she was just 17 and you know what I mean...
    and also as you said where 17 is 33 follows, well take the word "yeah" numerically:- y=25 2+5=7, e=5, a=1, h=8, so 7+5+1+8=21 2+1=3. So when they were saying she loves you yeah, yeah, yeah they were saying she loves you 333. The last lines of their last single The Long and Winding Road were:- "Lead me to your door, yeah, yeah, yeah (333) They repeated the yeah yeah yeah refrain in several songs (ie: the coda to All you Need is Love) and were nicknamed the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's (the 333's) throughout Europe.
    I'm not suggesting any numerical thinking was going on in the Beatles songwriting process, but it's just interesting how the significant numbers peeps have been looking at- 17, 333, 9's feature in their work.

    But as for the actual day of 09/09/09/, it passed without much incident in my life. Although Sunday 06/09 was a very spacey day.

  8. The "Plan 9" preview conjured up some odd connections for me. Considering that Night of the Living Dead was made near Pittsburgh, I've had this suspicion that the crashed spacecraft was inspired by the Kecksburg Incident. That occurred on 9 December 1965, and the film was released in October 1968. I've found practically nothing about this theory, other than on a zombie movie discussion board.

    I've harped on 9 December plenty of times before, so that needs no introduction. However, in this odd week, Tuesday (9/8) marked the 60th anniversary of Richard Strauss' death. And today's the 16th anniversary of The X-Files, with tomorrow the 8th anniversary of 9/11/2001.


  9. Anybody catch the ad for Jay Z's 9/11 concert yet?

    I know Jay Z and occult symbolism is old news, but you should look for it when you're watching TV. I looked for it on You Tube without much luck yet.
    It's startling because he's throwin' the pyramid sign and a stage light is shining like the sun right through it.

    Drowning in it, aint we?

  10. 9 levels of Hell according to Dante.

    9 months for a baby to be born

    9 planets (until recently)

    Da Vinci's 'Vitruvian Man' has nine points. 9 being the symbol of man.

  11. Chris,

    Awesome to here you speak with William Henry on Dreamland! I wrote to Binall requesting your presence on his show and he said he had been in contact with you earlier the same day. Cool synch. . .

    Anyway, I have a 17 for you.

    I know you're aware of Zac Effron's place in the synchsphere (you've written about 17 again). Last night I'm watching 'Hairspray' where Zac plays the male lead, named Link (of course). There is a great moment when Link, Tracy and Penny take off with the black kids to go to the "bad" part of town. There singing and dancing there way to a school bus. When the bus arrives the camera moves to a shot of Zack entering the doors of the bus - what's the bus number? Why, but 17 of course.

    Obscure, I know, but I thought you would dig it.

    I wish you the best.


  12. Chris,
    I was watching the Steelers/Titans game yesterday and when the game went to OT, I told my friend to watch for these 2 numbers, 17 and 33. Somehow they will have something to do with the way the game will end.
    Guess what? the pass to set up the winnning field goal was caught by #17 and the field goal was 33 yards long. My friend looks at me in disbelief. He now thinks I'm psychic and he wants me to pick football games for him.

    Pat Brady

  13. "Where 17 lurks, 33 often follows"...


    (17) 1+7= 8
    (33) 3x3= 9

    8+9 = 17

    Unfortunately for us lay occultists the rules are very open when it comes to occult math and interpretation of the numbers is solely in the eye of the observer.


  14. Forgot to add that there are three dates that result in (999) 9-9-09 this month !


    word ver: evense

  15. Baby born at 9:09 on 9/9/09 weighs 9 lbs., 9 oz.