Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Whole New Ba'al Game

ITEM: The Fourth Kind apparently makes use of Sumerian motifs, bringing a little AAT to the abduction party. Nothing new for hardcore UFOlogists, but as far as I know only The X-Files has fused the two memes. But speaking of Vancouver, a little film somehow escaped my attention last year- it's a Canadian horror epic called Ba'al: The Storm God. Apparently, I didn't miss much. And identifying Ba'al - a title meaning "Lord," and not necessarily a proper name - as a Sumerian god is not a good sign, considering there's a two-thousand year gulf between Sumer and the various Ba'al cults of the Phoenicians and the like.

But taking other people's gods and turning them into demons is a time-honored tradition. Ba'al later became the name of a demon in Christian mythology, as did most of the gods of the ancient world. After all, you can steal a people's land and treasure, murder their women and rape their children, but you haven't truly destroyed a people until you steal their gods. Just ask the Saxons.

ITEM: Art imitates life which imitates art again. We're all supposed to have a hearty chuckle at those New Age flakes in The Men Who Stare at Goats, but lo and behold, the Noetic sciences are alive and well in the military:
Warrior Mind Training is the brainchild of Ernst and two friends, who were teaching meditation and mind-training in California. In 2005, a Marine attended a class in San Diego and suggested expanding onto military bases. Ernst and her colleagues researched the military mindset, consulting with veterans who had practiced meditation on the battlefield and back home. She also delved into the science behind mind training to analyze how meditation tactics could help treat - and maybe even help prevent - post-traumatic stress disorder.

Rooted in the ancient Samurai code of self-discipline, Warrior Mind Training draws on the image of the mythic Japanese fighter, an elite swordsman who honed his battle skills along with his mental precision. The premise? Razor-sharp attention plus razor-sharp marksmanship equals fearsome warrior.
I've been keeping my eye on the latest developments in the professional military (read: the mercenary army), wondering when the Supersoldier will finally emerge. This Samurai wrinkle is interesting- I wonder if future recruits will learn the ancient Samurai art of nanshoku.

ITEM: The big movie for the Christmas season is 2012, because nothing rings in the season like genocide and catastrophe. But a post on Mike Bara's Dark Mission blog caught my eye in regards to some of the theorizing on what I like to call "Y2012K"- the research of Andy Lloyd, who believes that Planet X is a brown dwarf star and Nibiru is a moon in its orbit.

I've heard theories to this effect and I think they're pretty interesting. Astronomers gnash their teeth and pull their hair, claiming that such an object would be one of the brightest objects in the sky, but I've also heard some more adventurous astronomers claim that Planet X has much longer than a 3600 year orbit. Anyhow, I recommend taking a look at Bara's post and Lloyd's site. If for no other reason than it will probably manifest itself in our pop culture fairly soon, given how ravenous the appetite for ideas for new CGI blockbusters is.

For my part, it all ties into the secret sun meme, with the Sirius symbology and all the rest of it.

ITEM: I've been watching episodes of True Blood and I'm digging it. It ties into a major theory I've been nursing- the ensemble cast as a precursor to a new kind of cultural polytheism. It's interesting to note that not only did the relentless attacks of AAT parallel the rise of the Religious Right, the revival of movie superhero as savior did as well.

Think about it- Rambo, Terminator, Conan, Batman, Dirty Harry, James Bond- all are based on the ludicrous fantasy that one man can defeat extremely well-armed armies of Other. It was the same mythos that put Ronald Reagan into office. Note how that meme began to wane with the Bush II era and the superhero team and ensemble cast (think Battlestar Galactica) came to the fore. Ironic how a liberal variant of the messiah mythos seems to be dissolving in front of our eyes today.

I'll be writing about it in-depth, but I'm fascinated how True Blood picks up where my lamented Blade: The Series left off. Unlike the feature films, I saw Blade as a nuisance in the series and was a lot more interested in the dynamics in the vampire families (I'm pretty sure the writers were as well).

As with Twilight, the vampires in True Blood are nothing less than superheroes for aspiring goths. True Blood's Erik, Twilight's Edward Cullen and Blade's Marcus Van Sciver are the same exact archetype- the vampire as cultured, vaguely-effete godling and nearly-omnipotent sex object. But even these formidable characters are themselves are beholden to a Byzantine network of councils and figureheads. Fascinating dynamic, there. Strangely enough, there's some monotheist bashing in True Blood, though it's poor, blameless Dionysus that's taking all the lumps. Weird.

More on all of this in the days to come. There's a whole psychosexual component to all of this as well, but that's a bit outside my ballywick. At least for the time being.


  1. You know, there are nights here on TSS, where the day you've had or the week you've had, blends together in some odd way to a blog posting. And that's why I like The Secret Sun. Seems like Chris has a nose for the stirrings of the synchrosphere. You can tell the ones who see it pretty clear. The message resonates but the language is secondary. It's 1am plus here, so if any of that above is a run om, right now I just don't care. And you know while I'm at, typing like a simpleton and rambling towards nothing...I'll say this nonsensical garble:

    There are times when I sit down at a pc and frustration comes over me. Not frustration from having to follow the English language. I think language is great, but I think communication is a whole other thing. But I do think language and grammar are very vital. Grammar has a narrative all it's own. What's the point of a language if it does not have rules right? But at times, I struggle with this medium and these keyboards. And the reasons why I struggle are really two fold. One is that I'm lazy, at least that is how I feel. The second is that I feel there are much faster ways to communicate. I hold the belief that the internet is the horse and buggy of something much more profound in our future. The future may be now. But for me, I just see man uploading and downloading without words, without keyboards, and communicating with perfect prose & grammar over distances unimaginable. So that is why I get frustrated. Because I so wish I could do that instead of type here. See lazy above right! But it's that frustration that led me to the idea of synchronicity and ultimately here. What Chris does here is not as,"out of the box," as some might say. If you're here, you just may be a frame or two in front of the movie that is known as the collective consciousness. What this has to do with this blog posting I don't know. I'm just glad this blog is here.

  2. Chris -
    You mentioned the ensemble cast as the new group of Hero figures, rather than the lone one-man-army paradigm. The first image that jumped into my head was the preview of the movie 9. Now THERE's an ensamble. The fact that the number of cast members mirrors the number of gods in the Egyptian pantheon is, I'm sure, just a coincidence.
    Speaking of nine, as I write this, today is 9-09-09, datewise. Some interesting things are happening today, too. As a Mac Geek, I couldn't help but notice that Apple is choosing today to release it's new product, (whatever it might be. Please let it be a tablet and not some dumb iPod) But I've noticed Apple pays LOTS of attention to the "when" of its announcements. There's also a weird, sort of spooky tie-in with the Beatles. They've got some kind of big announcement scheduled for today as well. I think a version of the video game Rockband with the Beatles theme is released today. And that may not be all. And let's not forget President Obama and his all-important healthcare reform speech set for tonight. Anyone else trying to woo the public into taking something they really don't seem to want might want to start fresh on say, a Monday night. But not the pres. 9-09-09 seems to feel just right for him. Will the numbers align and give him his best shot at success? It'll be fun to watch and see who else thinks today's a great day to start a project, or make the hard-to-sell proposition seem like the natural choice.


  3. "Stuck at the dog-end of a day gone, boy
    Don't let the smoke get in your eyes"


  4. I became a TSS head after watching the 2005 remake of King Kong and being staggered by the weirdness. There were too many things that felt totally out of place for a hollywood blockbuster. I had noticed solar motifs, pagan sacrifice rites, and an undercurrent of light vs. dark (or white vs. black) squirming underneath it all. I have always been an omnivore of learning, grabbing whatever tastes good to my brain. For a long time I had the uneasy feeling that the movies were playing their audience. Secret Sun just happened into my readings at that time, and expanded my awareness along with Celtic Rebel, Aferrismoon, and a few others. That's quite an off-topic ramble, but today's post really got the juices flowing. The military taking the samurai mindset as their working model is so fitting, a bunch of crypto-fascists locked into a bloodline-based, elitist mindset. "It's all just a little bit of history repeating." Your Nanshoku comment made me laugh. Hope 09/09/09 treats you well, I'll be staying in my bunker.

  5. Thrace: A new all remastered anthology of the Beatles songs is also to be released today of the 9s - found that quite profound as well.

    Chris: Care to tackle this bizarreness or is it too obvious? http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-11705-NY-Holistic-Body--Spirit-Examiner~y2009m9d5-A-mystery-in-Grand-Central-Terminal-NYC-solved

    Orion, the only constellation reversed? How can that be a mistake, intentional 'mistake' or otherwise? Perhaps it is because the Gods of the Orion region of space are actually here, locked down on Earth? Or do you cotton to those fanciful ideas? It's a mystery alright, just not sure what kind of mystery.

    peas - Jt

  6. Astrology is only the second oldest form of pagan worship; human sacrifice is the first, and the Old Testament documents these voluntary child sacrifices to "Baal/Moloch" (y'know, that wacky old owl in those "mock" Bohemian Grove rituals") - a burnt offering all in the name of material prosperity. Not sure if that has any application here alongside the "digging" of bloodsuckers as "superheroes", nor do I understand why you (CK) find it strange that "there's some monotheist bashing in True Blood". I think anyone with even the crudest media antennae can at least suspect what the implications are for a society bent on devoting hours of their lives to this type of meme: you can see it played out in our increasingly isolated and hollowed-out daily lives. It's a funny thing how pliable our human standard of morality becomes when we find this or that phenomena unusual/mysterious/seductive; our history as a people shows we'll make divinity out of demons and - of course - vice versa.

  7. MH- Cheers- but you guys are out there are part of the equation, too. And one day soon your download/upload model will be a reality. Which is kind of scary, actually.

    Thracey- Good calls! I hadn't even thought of that with Barackobamun. Funny, no? Is the speech on at 9:09? Now that would be funny.

    Anony- Great video- not sure of the connection. Care to elaborate?

    BL- Yeah, there's so much beneath the surface. I try my best to give you as rounded and balanced a picture of it as I can. I spend most of my time in a kind of shock, seeing all these memes bounce around.

    Jolyon- Juicy link! Damn, I don't have a comment on that right now but it's certainly fascinating.

    Ian- Human sacrifice is still very much with us. Maybe more now than ever. Jihads, crusades (oops, I meant "Wars on Terror"), and holy wars as well as witch-hunts, honor killings, stoning of apostates and all of the rest of the religiously inspired murdering kill more innocents in a single year than the Carthaginians and Phoenicians sacrificed in all of antiquity. But it's all meant to appease divinity with blood. There are a lot more killers champing at the bit too, look at the violent rhetoric we're seeing brewing up here. BTW Moloch had no connection to owls, and modern scholars believe that the name comes from an ancient word for sacrifice, most commonly of animals.

  8. http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2009/07/stephen-hawking-the-planet-has-entered-a-new-phase-of-evolution.html

    The Secret Sun is a great place Chris because it raises & 'question askers' and not 'finger pointers.' I like to think of this site as the celebratory 'Middle Path' where we can just think and be wrong.But yeah my midnight response here to your blog was because of the article or lecture Hawking had given.

  9. That song came on my I-tunes shuffle while I was reading your post. It made me think of your dog days of summer write up.

  10. Excellent thoughts on True Blood. My favorite show on TV currently.

    I am still trying to understand the direction that the authors are driving the symbolism revolving around these ancient mythologies. To be frank, I am not sure, but the show has certainly re-piqued my obsession with revisionist mythology.

    It is quite possible that Dionysian mythology would later find its way into Christianity.

    There are many parallels between Dionysus and Jesus. Dionysus original name was Zagreus. Both were said to have been born from a mortal woman but fathered by a God, to have returned from the dead, and to have transformed water into wine. The modern scholar Barry Powell argues that Christian notions of eating and drinking "the flesh" and "blood" of Jesus were influenced by the cult of Dionysus. Certainly the Dionysus myth contains a great deal of cannibalism, in its links to Ino (however, one must note that Dionysian cannibalism has no correlation with self-sacrifice as a means of propitiation). Dionysus was also distinct among Greek gods, as a deity commonly felt within individual followers. In a less benign example of influence on Christianity, Dionysus' followers, as well as another god, Pan, are said to have had the most influence on the modern view of Satan as animal-like and horned one.

    Contrastingly, Dionysus also represents that which modern christianity sees as sin.

    I really fascinated with the Godrick character, the oldest Vampire in the New World, and do hope that we will see more of him either in the series finale on Sunday and/or in the third season. Would love to see a closer examination of the complexities of his transformation.


  11. y2k12 is more aestically pleasing and rolls off the tongue. (k-thousand)

    Does True Blood's dynamic echo Big Love's poly-etc. anybody?

  12. so this was weird. I was looking at the site Calculated Risk after reading your piece. here's the title: Hotel RevPAR off 9.9 percent: http://www.calculatedriskblog.com/2009/09/hotel-revpar-off-99-percent.html