Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Blue Sunshine and the Pyramids on Mars

A reader informed us that there's a new Doctor Who series coming called The Waters of Mars. Here's the scoop from the Wiki:
The story is set on Mars and the Doctor will be joined by a new companion named Adelaide, played by Lindsay Duncan, who is head of the Mars base. Producer Nikki Wilson described the character as "the Doctor's cleverest and most strong-minded companion yet." The most recent trailer shows a massive Terrarium of life on the planet's surface, and a mysterious alien which infects its victims using a water compound it creates.

This isn't the Doctor's first encounter with Mars, however. The Tom Baker Doctor (who appeared in 173 episodes) fought an incarnation of Set in The Pyramids of Mars in 1975, the first episode of which aired exactly nine months before the Viking Probe passed over Cydonia. In this adventure, it turns out that Set is actually Sutekh, the last survivor of an ancient alien race called the Osirians.

Strangely enough, The Pyramids of Mars aired around the same time that Gene Roddenberry was working with Andrija Puharich (of The Sacred Mushroom fame) and his channelers at Lab 9. How's that for a coincidence?

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On a more personal note, sometime during the mid-70s (though I'm very fuzzy on the timeline) we spent a week in a rented cottage in Egypt, Massachusetts. We being my mother, my sister and myself with the family we had essentially merged with for a time in the 70s. My mother was a nightclub performer and we led this kind of a gypsy lifestyle with all of the other performers and their families. One of the few things I miss from a generally miserable childhood. These were the same people we summered in Innsmouth Gloucester with, so I'm assuming that cottage was a timeshare.

The reason I bring it up is that I remember that I was very sick that week, with one of those chevron-summoning fevers. I spent the week in bed while everyone else spent it on the beach. I don't remember any interesting encounters, sadly. I do remember all of the girls listening to a George Carlin record- the one with the "seven dirty words" routine.

I had no idea until much later that part of Scituate was called Egypt. However, I did know that Lost in Space star Mark Goddard grew up there, speaking of classic camp sci-fi.

And speaking of hallucinations, Mark Goddard also starred in Blue Sunshine, one of the first films the missus and I rented when we got our first VCR. The film lent its name to the one and only album by The Glove, which Robert Smith and Steve Severin recorded in between Banshees albums. The Glove performed on Siouxsie and the Banshees' 1984 Alice In Wonderland BBC special, which boasted some very Doctor Who-type production values, as well as the usual semiotic (and drug-addled) insanity.

PS- I'm going to catch up with my comment responses sometime in the next couple of days, and I'm also trying to figure what to do with the other blogs. I've already merged the Seminar with the Satellite, but I'm still trying to figure how best to use an auxiliary blog without making myself crazy. For now, this is where the action is.


  1. Roddenberry should have left Star Trek back in the 60's. Just between you and me, the 70's was the age of Rock n' Roll and that is where "the action was". Sequels to sequins all in one fell swoop.

  2. holy Venus! I had no idea Roddenberry and Puharich conjoined.

    Just finished "Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition". Bruno and many other Alchemist's DEEPLY desired a return to Egyptian religion, feeling it superior as the true source all goodness and civilization. Bruno seems to have been instrumental in founding the modern Freemasons as well as the Rosicrucians that emerged in Germany in the early 1600's. They all wanted Egypt! They based their ideas on the "Corpus Hermeticum", translated by Medici in Florence in the late 1400's, and it seems to have ignited the Renaissance AND modern science. As we know science is Magick and Magic is science. At the time they believed the Corpus Hermeticum dated from before Moses.
    It sure makes a lot of sense with all this alien/Egyptian entertainment we are being served. (by the masonic entertainment network) Bruno connects to John Dee who connects to British Intelligence and the very beginning of the English Empire, of which Amerika is only the continuation.

    Bruno was burned by the Inquisition in Florence, Feb, 17th, 1600.

    The "Stargate Conspiracy" is so right on the money.

  3. First episode of Dr.Who was broadcast on Nov.23 1963, slipping in between the deaths of JFK and LHO.
    Between the two deaths a time-travelling box brings a Doctor to Earth.
    Probably to whip the assassins off to WHO knows where


  4. Whenever you mention "chevron" I think of the huge chevron on Uranus' moon Miranda. Are you familiar with it?

  5. Aldous Huxley died tripping on acid, then, precisely as the Tardis landed...

  6. nice one ned , was just reading about the huxleys


  7. You should just keep everything on one blog, Chris. I suggest this because I get little anxiety attacks when I feel overwhelmed -- like not knowing where everything is in my room or on a website.

    Think of my health, Mr. Knowles. :)

  8. Oops I forgot to add in my previous comment that according to the astrology of the ancient Vedic seers, the planet Mars is exhalted in Saturn's (who is blue) sign, Capricorn -- the goat associated with you know who.

    Sometimes I think that as myths may contain some seed of an actual historical event, so too astrology may contain seeds of astronomical events. The last time the earth was in the Age of Capricorn was about 23,000 years ago -- perhaps when Mars was at its height of power? WHO knows?

  9. I always appreciate your inclusion of your Mrs Knowles. In front of every intelligent man stands an intuitive wo-man. Form your blog's any way you dam well please. Your future in the mystical synch world is secured(IMHO). Create your solar/suntific blogs with the passion of compassion. Always appreciate your synch passion. Dennis

  10. HEY CHRIS!!!!
    OF CORPORATE MAFIA TOWN? Great! Here we go, please google map this street address to the satellite view.
    625 S Grand Central Pkwy Las Vegas, NV 89106

    Behold, Americas Pyramid of the Cafeteria and Sun.
    But now for the third. Go to the street view, and look west to see our third pyramid next to our favorite magician's store Walt Disney. I wish I could
    show you A better picture(someday). But It has a glass capstone with an eye. Better yet there's a water fountain right below the eye pouring into a wishing pool of the high weird. Now Let's get to the Robert Smith sync.

    "like a looking glass girl
    in a minature world
    whirl your disney arms
    and jump the merry-go-round
    The Umbrella man is shouting
    we shake his paper hands
    there's mirrors down beneath
    our feet so:-"Lets skate down
    the street" the Casino man is
    laughing he wears a shivering hat
    we peel away like tinsel
    stick like splinters to the wall"
    Robert Smith
    The Glove
    Looking Glass Girl
    ( Scary Rihanna & Jay Z Umbrella song sync lennonhonorfilms.com "The Workings Of Evil")

    Now lets walk north on Grand Central Pkwy to see
    a better view of our lovely government pyramid and don't forget the building to the left The One World Market Building with its eye design and whatever else. Here's the page for the pyramid.


    Now lets turn the weirdness up A little. This pyramid was designed by the same people who gave us the Denver Airport.


    Make sure to check out their Peery's Theatre too.
    Chris I'll tell you more about these pyramids when this meme comes around again.


    Because it just doesn't get any weirder down at the outlet mall.


  11. Eric- Well, nothing dies that makes money, right? I really like the first ST movie, and TNG and DS9 and other stuff. But there's a lot of weird stuff in the ST franchise. No doubt about it.

    Pygmy- I think II mentioned the Bruno thing on the megapost. I think Bruno did spend a lot of time in England- there was certainly a network of scholars and such back then as well as all manner of secret socieities.

    Aferris- That first ep of DW is interesting- he's kind of a sinister character in the early eps.

    Ankka- Yes- I think another reader mentioned it before. Interesting!

    Ned- I thought Hux died on the 22nd? Was he tripping? What a character!

    Chris M- I think you're right. The other blogs were a fun experiment, but I'm liking just one blog given my schedule at the moment. My head is all over the place.

    Stargurl- Excellent point-I always wondered if some of the myths with heroes struggling against the gods were about astrological influences.

    Dennis- Right on! I'll pass it on to my better half.

    Bereet- Whoa! That's a trip. Vegas is whacked out. Outstand links- thank you!

  12. Has anybody forward the Sun article on the Mars Monument?


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