Friday, May 01, 2009

Alien Dreaming and the Widening Gyre, pt. IV

In that Kirby 2001/mushroom/star travel story, the astronauts are transformed into light for the journey through the furthest reaches of space. Which is fascinating to me, since that concept is at the core of the X-Files Mythology's cosmology- the transformation of souls into energy:

From Sein Und Zeit:

Kathy Lee Tencate:
"She was trying to tell you."
"Tell me what?"
Kathy Lee Tencate:
"She'd seen them."
Kathy Lee Tencate:
"The walk-ins. Old souls looking for new homes. Your sister's among them."
"You can see them?"
Kathy Lee Tencate:
"Yes. But sometimes it's very difficult because they live in the starlight."

Tencate- I love that. With Mulder playing the role of Demeter and Samantha his Persephone, who might Ten-Cate be?

From Closure:

Mulder: "These walk-ins — you say they come and take the children. Why?"

Harold Piller:
"In almost every case the parents had a precognitive image of their child, dead. Horrible visions. I believe what this is, is the work of good spirits. Foretelling their fates. The fate the child was about to meet. A particularly violent fate that wasn't meant to be... which is why the spirits intervene transforming matter into pure energy. Starlight. But it's not what happened here."

see Robert Bauval's site for further elaboration

Which is triply fascinating, since this concept of soul travel comes straight outta Egypt- the Akhu of the Pharaoh which becomes starlight and travels the heavens with Isis and Osiris:

Conceived of sky, born of dusk.
Sky conceived you and Orion,
Dusk gave birth to you and Orion.
Who lives lives by the gods' command,
You shall live!
You shall rise with Orion in the eastern sky,
You shall set with Orion in the western sky,
Your third is Sothis, pure of thrones,
She is your guide on sky's good paths,
In the Field of Rushes.

This concept is also passed down to us in the tradition of the Astral Body, which was taught by people as diverse as Gurdjieff, Rudolph Steiner, Jung and Casteneda, though in a different context.

And in that great AAT propaganda film that no one will recognize as such, Dave Bowman's last words before taking his own cross-cosmos journey (ending with his reincarnation as the Star Child) was "My God, it's full of stars."


  1. Not sure if this is connected or not, but I've been having crazy lucid dreams and some pretty profound personal insights like every night since i started reading this Gyre series. Seems like you helped connect some dots in my subconscious. Shame on you! ;)

    I'm going to try to get my head around it all this weekend.

  2. Oh, that's impossible. Take it from an expert.

  3. Terrifically compelling connections between the Demon Tree, Demiurge, the Tree of Knowledge and finally the purpose of The Monolith in 2001.

    Of course, the activity of evolution could also be portrayed as a tree with roots and branches as the genetic line develops.

    Interesting potential narrative: several million years ago, an advanced intergalactic species, possibly one that's been in existence longer than life on Earth, encounters or crashes on this planet. Either through intentional xenoforming the planet or possibly as a rescue procedure following a crashlanding, the invader race transmits its life essence in the form of molecular strands, genes, locked inside protozoan carriers.

    This information adheres to the cells of lifeforms and are passed on as useful genetic tools; meanwhile, virus-like, they retool the organism to become a better carrier of the essentially extraterrestrial source code - the alien itself. These molecules contain the fundamental mind-identity of the aliens, possibly a hive-mind, who crashed on the planet, and sometimes through psychedelics or meditation practices and rituals, the individual consciousness can access the cellular-organic mind always awake and at work guiding individual behavior, the development of the organism and the evolution of the species behind the scenes. In this way, we can commune with the base "god" entities in the collective (and in in this scenario, molecular) hyper-consciousness.

    Possibly, humanoids possessing a large amount of the original code would also find their cultures and family lines obsessed with maintaining genetic purity as they seek to finally reconstitute the exact original nonhuman sequence in its entirety as an ultimate Kwisatz haderach of sorts - not a human alien hybrid, but an original alien that has simply added the terran genome to the shapeshifting extraterrestrials' vast catalog of potential genetic tools. The purpose of this long term genetic plan being to reconnect the broken tree (or branch) of the "fallen" on earth with the tree of the galactic community.

    Also, possibly contact with devices, images and material left behind or recognized by the alien's inside us activates their direct intervention.

    Possibly, a more Lovecraftian than positive viewpoint of the alien astronauts - especially in the emphasis on genetic lines that we see not only in Lovecraft but also in the modern mythology of Reptillians (Icke)- but I think it resonates with several different strands of thought on the matter.

  4. Brilliantly put, John. Awesome.

    And I believe with every fibre of my being that the answers are ultimately not out there, but in our brains and in our DNA.

  5. Thanks. I think the shamanistic/magick aspect is what is very interesting in these situations. I'm sure you've met many people convinced that "magic works" but they can't really bring forth any verifiable evidence.

    In this sense, if someone could access the "gods in the cells" at the bottom of the molecular consciousness, then they could speak to the same "gods" in another's mind and since these entities govern perception as well as well as physiology all sorts of strange phenomena could come about.

    It's interesting that the ancients considered disease to be the "touch" of one god or another. The only way to find a cure was to appease the deity you offended or defied.

    Also, I think unconsciously I chose Kwisatz Haderach since it is actually much more appropriate than I first thought. In Herbert's DUNE mythology it means "the shortening of the way" and (I'm sure you read the novel) it was essentially the female order of Bene Gesserit ultimate goal of creating a male counterpart. The Bene Gesserit were nun-like women capable of accessing cellular memory of their ancestors, BUT they could only look into their female (mitochondrial) line. A Kwisatz Haderach (meaning "shortening of the way") would be able to see back both lines as well as forward into time with perfect prescience.

    On another note: do you think that possibly these alien "abductions," encounters and many legends of "UFO Crashlandings" could actually be part of a collective reliving of the memory of the first and only "actual" contact and intervention of an alien species upon terran hominids?

    Could it be possible that it is "all in their heads" BUT what is in our minds - down to the molecular level - is actually a reflection of a larger galactic and still very real existence "out there?"

  6. I've always thought a lot of abduction cases are repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse. But there could well be something happening in the brain, possibly some kind of remote electronic contact. I think the more we develop virtual reality and hologram technology we might have external motels for this. Just imagine wireless VR, transmitted directly into the cerebral cortex.

  7. I once thought that true VR would actually require a shift in perceptual modes similar to the one that Julian Jaynes talks about in Origins of Consciousness... or Arthur Zjadoc (sp?) mentions in his "biography" of light Catching The Light. In it, the human mind shifted from perceiving events and phenomena in what we'd consider a "magical" way to the more mechanistic "literal" style we perceive now. As our minds continue to develop the possibilities of visual perception ("literacy" is a visual medium and actually represented a shift from auditory to visual communication - see the Gutenberg Galaxy by McLuhan) I think we will see a shift in our capability of reacting to complex "cues" that would inspire a fully realized "VR" in this shared - and really unexplored/exploited - realm we call collective unconscious or hyperconscious.

    As far as the sexual abuse, it is interesting to read Freud's gradual analysis coming to believe that all neurosis were due to childhood abuse until he reached the point where too many of his patients "repressed" memories were simply impossible. Compared to satanic abuse syndrome, it is easy to see how we all seem to have some sort of collective trauma narrative stored in our minds ready to jump out (again, a "cue" that activates a hyper-real experience - another kind of virtual reality).

    Peter Watts, the SF writer, also made an interesting point. In his novels, set in large part at a geothermal power station at the "rift" in the Earth's crust at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, the company who owns the station intentionally hires victims of abuse to run it because only they can withstand the inherent trauma being stuck in a tiny can at the bottom of the sea AND their personalities are more easily manipulated and dominated so they would never threaten this important power source.

    The most frightening part of the story, though, is the idea of using hypnosis to engage a satanic abuse or repressed memory scenario making the person believe that their parents abused them even though it never happened. People who recall false memories of abuse have exactly the same sort of personality defects after the recollection as people who've actually suffered the abuse. Some people theorize that this was at the heart of MK Ultra and Trauma-Based Mind Control techniques as seen in films such as The Bourne Identity or the show My Own Worst Enemy.

    In the end, I think any working VR system - especially like the one you propose - will actually accidentally or intentionally unlock this underlying reality/experiential phenomenon deep in the heart of the consciousness and possibly our DNA (The Matrix meets Altered States).

  8. Well, I don't think there is one answer to account for abduction phenomena- I think there may be several things feeding into it. But I also think there is some kind of non-physical phenomena involved in some cases. Maybe certain individuals have histories that make them more receptive to contact.

    The FM/hypnosis/embedding stuff and the more outlandish MK theorizing might have an identical agenda- namely to discredit those trying to expose real life examples of these abuses. It's exactly the same process as we saw with the contactee cults in the late 50s- make anyone who questions the official version out to be fantasy-prone nutjobs.

  9. True. I'm reminded of Jacques Vallee's writing about "control systems" in his book The Invisible College. In it, he said that some control systems are simply designed for conformity - like a prison - if you interfere with the system, you are punished. Others offered engagement with the system.

    Whether physical or psychic, the fact that abduction scenarios follow consistent models and match up at times with Shamanistic experiences (many Shamans describe being dissected and rebuilt by their dead ancestors - often looking much like alien abductors in the later reports - a traumatic experience akin to abduction) indicates that at least psychologically, if not on a deeper level, these people are encountering some sort of control response. The trauma may be the mind's way of discouraging deeper experience of some psychic or physiological disorder. It may be protecting a repressed memory or possibly a repressed genetic memory as we discussed.

    Anyway, it needs more attention - not to be immediately dismissed.

    On another note, regarding the idea of an intervention on a cellular or molecular level, I'm sure you've read Morrison's New X-Men run of comics. He starts all the way back in the protozoic days when everything was essentially single celled. Sublime essentially was a protozoic substance that gave advantages to some cells allowing them to develop and overcome others. Imagine something like our immune cells, leukocytes and microphages, began as single-celled mercenaries offering to fight for early metazoans as long as they paid them, in the form of nutrients. They form a contract by joining DNA but even generations later, these soldiers can still turn freelance in the form of autoimmune diseases like MS and Diabetes just like regular cells occassionally "defect" from the body politic and become cancer.

    The basic conflict, from Morrison's point of view was that with the emergence of the X-Gene - human DNA combined with "radiant" material - for the first time, a species, mutants, didn't need sublime's help to advance up the genetic ladder.

    Though I think this narrative matches the false dichotomy of God/Devil scenarios - God is the Devil so He can control both sides of the debate, so to speak - again it ties close to your blog post's idea of progressing from base matter to "radiant" light beginning at the molecular level.

  10. Well, if you watch that "Field Trip" episode of TXF, you'll see abduction and visionary experience conflated.

    I wish more comics writers were as adventurous as Morrison- I don't think the superhero medium's surface has been scratched yet.

  11. I think you might really enjoy this!

  12. The 2001 and clip was one of those life changing moments for me and specifically that clip. The content is not what you see here but what was perceived when viewed at the theatre back in the 60's. The effect of the graphic in the darkened theatre was what caught my attention. It's hard to explain, but the streams of light over our heads brought the audience into the story like no other movie I've seen.

  13. Thanks so much for keeping this going Christopher!! fascinating as always-I was trying to think of a way to work Egyptian beliefs -Gurdjieff and other things you mentioned into current series-I am such a clumsy writer I should just let the pros like yourself handle it!! really love your blog and wish you all the best!!

  14. CK: "I wish more comics writers were as adventurous as Morrison- I don't think the superhero medium's surface has been scratched yet."

    There aren't that many comics creators with the experiences and ideas that Morrison has and even less that can craft it into an interesting and engaging story.

    I found the Comic Book Resources vote for favourite writers interesting:

    1. Alan Moore
    2. Grant Morrison
    3. Neil Gaiman

    The most obvious link is that they are all British and, while I'm biased, it may be a factor as they'd grow up with a range of different interests. We looked at Morrison in connection with Nigel Kneale and he does draw a lot on the weird British TV and both Moore and Morrison also draw heavily on the New Wave of science fiction (Moorcock obviously and Ballard, Bradbury, Farmer, PKD, etc.). We shouldn't overlook British comics as an inspiration either but also as somewhere they could play and grow - I read a recent interview with Alan Moore that said he had nearly given up the idea of writing comics professionally when he found 2000 AD and all three were published there - Gaiman only briefly as he was swept up in the British Invasion, which Moore had spearheaded. However, Moore and Morrison stayed around for a while and did some great work there (I only hope the Zenith situation is cleared up so more people can share in that) and Warrior shouldn't be overlooked as it gave us Marvelman and V for Vendetta.

    The British thing aside they also have... mystical inclinations shall we say. Grant Morrison is the most obvious as he brings a Chaos Magic/Discordian/Situationist angle to his work and had the most spectacular "abduction" experience which I alluded to in previous comments. Alan Moore only became a practising magician later in life but somehow this feels like he was really formalising what he had been doing for a long time - I remember reading the Illuminatus Trilogy after the first run of V stories in Warrior and coming across what surely must have been the inspiration (page 133 the copy I have):

    ""And everything really follows the Fives' law?" Joe asked.

    "More than you guess," Dillinger remarked blandly.

    "Even when you're dealing with social fields, " Simon added. "We've run studies of cultures where the Illuminati were not in control, and they still follow Weishaupt's five-stage pattern: Verwirrung, Zwietracht, Unordnung, Beamtenherrschaft and Grummet."


    "Hell," Simon said, "look what Beethoven did when Weishaupt illuminated him. Went right home and wrote the Fifth Symphony. You know how it begins: da-da-da-DUM. Morse code for V - the Roman numeral for five"

    Also we discussed Neil Gaiman's background in a previous discussion on The Eternals. Whether to not he is currently in or out of the CoS (or somewhere in between) he was brought up in what some call one of the Royal Families of Scientology and had reached OT III where the "space opera" mythos kicks in, which is basically an interventionist theory which the more mystical aspects grounded (some claim) in OTO teachings Hubbard picked up from Jack Parsons.

    So as well as being masters of their craft they also bring an impressive depth to their stories. So when handed the key to the toy box by the Big Two they are less interested in telling Just Another Superhero Story.

    I keep an eye on comics and there are very few other people tackling stories in quite the way they do - even in the second and third tier publishers, where an awful lot of people are either auditioning for the Big Two or creating movie pitches. That isn't necessarily A Bad Thing in itself but it does seem that it doesn't play to the strengths of the medium and does seem to lessen the range of material out there. There is clearly an interest in what Moore/Morrison/Gaiman bring to the table but I think it is better if people avoid rampaging through the fields they tread in unless they actually get it, as a shallow reading of works like Watchmen led to the Dark Age of Comics. What is interesting is the backlash - Alan Moore returned to the Golden Age for inspiration but more interesting is what Grant Morrison is doing. He has been pushing back against the ideas of the Dark Ages since its inception (although he also cashed in - the interviews from the time are funny because you get the feeling he can't quite believe people fell for it hook line and sinker) and it looks like he is starting to get some real momentum behind him. If anyone is currently ushering in the next age of comicdom then it is him, although what this actually involves is tricky to pin down. It isn't unrelentingly positive (as you can't appreciate the light without darkness) but beyond the general idea that comics should be fun, I suspect what we may be looking at is the reaction against post-modernism so it will have parallels with Transmodernism (although if the Wikipedia article is anything to go on it seems poorly defined - see this critique) or Remodernism (although I'd love to see people reject any kind of X-Modernism ;) ). The key points being less cynicism and an emphasis on... transformation. As he has just finished a big stint it'll be interesting to see how his other projects turn out - Seaguy has been the one he has been exploring his ideas and I'm looking forward to seeing where that goes and what else crops up.

  15. the movie K Pax the main character is an alien who travels through light to visit Earth.

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