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The Holy Fool (Updated 4/1/2017)

The jingling of bells during the dance is meant to frighten evil spirits and the clashing of sticks represent the fight between good and evil.
The dancer who weaves in and out of the team of dancers is known as the Fool and whilst his dance seems to be that of a random nature, in fact his is a very intricate dance and represents the naivety of man. A dancer who is dressed as an animal character shows mans reliance on nature. Handkerchiefs emphasise the hand movements during the dance.- Crop Fertility Rituals
The Kalends of April are sacred to Venus, as is the entire month, and this day has been called the Veneralia. Public games, ludi, would be held in honor of the deity. This day was also known as All Fools Day to the Romans, and they would spend the entire day celebrating with comic hilarity, doing things backwards, wearing women's clothes, dancing in the streets, and generally carrying on in the most in the most foolish and congenial manner. 
This is one of the few Roman holidays that has preserved some of its original character, under the modern name April Fools Day. In Egypt, this day was celebrated as the Birthday of the god Hathor.- (link)

The Anglo-Saxons called April Oster-monath or Eostur-monath, the period sacred to Eostre or Ostara, the pagan Saxon goddess of spring, from whose name is derived the modern Easter.- Wikipedia

It's probably no coincidence that April Fools' Day is celebrated at the same time that two other similar holidays are celebrated. In ancient Rome, the festival of Hilaria was thrown to celebrate the resurrection of the god Attis. Hilaria is probably the base word for hilarity and hilarious, which mean great merriment. Today, Hilaria is also known as Roman Laughing Day. -How Stuff Works

In tribute to Attis, the priests of Cybele - known as Galli or Galloi - would castrate themselves and dress as women. They’d then travel the countryside, and perform wild musical rituals to the Great Mother just as Attis did...

Ancient historians held a variety of opinions on the Galloi, from admiration to bemusement to ridicule to hostility. But everyone seemed to agree that the Galloi loved to kick up a racket. Their rituals and festivals made Woodstock look like a ladies’ club luncheon.

The public performances of the Galloi were so intense that crowds would be driven into a religious frenzy...
... The Galloi even made an appearance in Apuleius’ Metamorphoses, the classic Roman comic novel. The story concerns an amateur sorcerer named Lucius, who mucks up a spell and turns himself into a donkey. Lucius is then sold to a wandering band of Galloi and dragged around while the priests travel the countryside, often performing their act door-to-door. 
Obviously not a fan, Lucius describes the Galloi's rites, which include an eerily-exact precursor of heavy metal headbanging: “They arrived at a rich man's villa and screeching their tuneless threnes from the moment they saw the gates, they rushed frantically inside. Bending their heads, they twisted, writhed and rolled their necks to and fro while their long hair swung round in circles.”-- The Secret History of Rock 'n' Roll

 "The local [Phrygian] legend about him [Attis] being this. Zeus [i.e. the Phrygian sky-god identified with Zeus], it is said, let fall in his sleep seed upon the ground, which in course of time sent up a Daimon, with two sexual organs, male and female. They call the daimon Agdistis. But the gods, fearing Agdistis, cut off the male organ. 
There grew up from it an almond-tree with its fruit ripe, and a daughter of the river Saggarios (Sangarius), they say, took the fruit and laid it in her bosom, when it at once disappeared, but she was with child. A boy was born, and exposed, but wastended by a he-goat.
As he grew up his beauty was more than human, and Agdistis [Kybele] fell in love with him. When he had grown up, Attis was sent by his relatives to Pessinos [city in Phrygia], that he might wed the king's daughter. The marriage-song was being sung, when Agdistis appeared, and Attis went mad and cut off his genitals, as also did he who was giving him his daughter in marriage. 
But Agdistis repented of what she had done to Attis, and persuaded Zeus to grant the body of Attis should neither rot at all nor decay. These are the most popular forms of the legend of Attis." Pausanias, Description of Greece   

When Gilgamesh returns to Uruk, he washes the filth of battle from his hair and body. He dons a clean robe and cloak, wipes Humbaba’s blood off his weapons and polishes them. When he ties his hair back and sets his crown on his head, he looks so splendid that Ishtar, the goddess of love and war, is overcome with lust. She pleads with Gilgamesh to be her husband. She promises him a harvest of riches if he plants his seed in her body. She tells him they will live together in a house made of cedar, and that she will give him a lapis lazuli chariot with golden wheels. She says that kings and princes will offer him all their wealth.  
But Gilgamesh refuses to be her plaything. He has nothing to offer her in return, since, as a goddess, she has everything she could ever want. He says that her desire for his body is fleeting, and that she’ll soon lose interest. He tells her he knows what happened to her other human lovers, and they’ve all learned how traitorous and cruel her heart and whims are.  
Her husband, Tammuz, the shepherd, became a captive in the underworld and is mourned in festivals every year. Another shepherd she loved became a broken-winged bird. She loved the lion, then ensured that he was captured in “ambush pits.” She loved the stallion but contrived harnesses and whips and spurs to control him. When a goat herder loved her, she turned him into a wolf. When her father’s gardener rejected her advances, she turned him into a frog. Gilgamesh asks why he should expect to fare any better. -- "The Epic of Gilgamesh"
Gilgamesh means "Gibil is Commander."

Perhaps the biggest change came from the initiated version of the Tarot that the original Golden Dawn (and its later offshoots) used. In that deck, the Fool is represented as a naked child of indeterminate sex, who is accompanied by a wolf on a leash, who is reaching up for a rose. In Golden Dawn, the Fool represents the god Harpocrates, the Egyptian god Horus as a young child. - Associated Content

"The four magic symbols, the sceptre, the cup, the sword and the pentacle. The fool always carries them, although he has long since forgotten what they mean. Nevertheless they belong to him, even though he does not know their use. The symbols have not lost their power, they retain it in themselves. - P D. Ouspensky
One theory for its origin, and perhaps the most widely accepted, relates to the European transition from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. At the Council of Trent in 1563, Pope Gregory XIII issued a papal bull decreeing that Christian countries should adopt a new standardised calendar. Now the internationally accepted calendar in the Western World, the Gregorian calendar was adopted due to its greater accuracy compared to the Julian calendar. One consequence of the transition however, was that New Years Day moved from 1st April to the 1st January. 
Although resisted by the Protestant countries in Europe, the new calendar was officially adopted by the Catholic states reasonably quickly. However, presenting the news of the transition across largely rural populations was a much slower task. Supposedly, this was a particular problem following France’s switch to the new calendar in 1582. People who continued to celebrate the New Year at the end of March became the targets for jokes, pranks and hoaxes. This included having paper fish attached to their backs, and being called ‘April fish’, in reference to their supposed gullibility. -- New Historian


  1. "...known as the Fool and whilst his dance seems to be that of a random nature, in fact his is a very intricate dance and represents the naivety of man."

    On "...the naivety of man."
    Chris, I'm reminded from the recent Michael Tsarion Red Ice Interview that he mentioned that the Royal courts had a "Fool" or Court Jester as a liaison or representative of royalty to deceive the populace...he noted them as the modern interpretation of the politician or front men for the Powers That Be.

    In that context, it's disconcerting that our President Obama meets with Queen Elizabeth II on this April Fool's Day. I'm not calling him the "Fool" for the Queen but it hits hard when noted in Tsarion's context.

  2. OSTARA - March 20-23
    The spring equinox in March focuses on the balance of light and dark, but at this point on the wheel, light is triumphant and the days will become longer than the nights. Paying homage to all new life, Ostara, like the cultural Easter holiday, brings grasses and chicks and eggs into our life to demonstrate the exuberant power of fresh beginnings. With the spring equinox, we find the energy and freshness in ourselves to burst out of the dark egg of winter inactivity, and we celebrate all the abundant evidence of life's continuation with joy.
    The so called Easter lily was once the floral emblem of the Goddess Juno in her virgin aspect, and of the spring Goddess who was her northern counterpart, Eostre, whose name gave us "Easter." Worshipers of the Great Goddess insisted that the world's first lily sprang from the milk of her breast.
    The Easter bunny began with the pagan festival of the springtime Goddess Eostre, when it was said that the moon-hare would lay eggs for good children to eat. Eostre's hare was the shape that the Celts imaged on the surface of the full moon, derived from old Indo-european sources.
    Hot cross buns were the traditional Easter cakes throughout the middle ages, another inheritance from paganism. The cross that marked them was interpreted as a christian symbol, but it was originally Wotan's cross. The bun itself was female-symbolic and associated with the Goddess Eostre, after whom the Easter festival was named. April was the Eostre-month to the Anglo-Saxons, Germans, and Franks. The Goddess Eostre "must have been one of the most highly regarded of the Teutonic deities, and her festival must have been an important one, and deeply implanted in the popular feelings." So thoroughly was her worship expunged, however, that we no longer know what people thought about her, and little remains except her name, which christian authorities carefully refrain from explaining at Easter time. The Goddess remained associated with wild woodlands, like the fairy queens and wood nymphs of Celtic Tradition. Her priestesses become the wudu-maer, wood mothers or little wood women, to whom buns or dumplings are still offered in some parts of Bavaria around Easter time.

  3. I once read that April Fool's Day had something to do with a New Year's Day. That a new year used to begin on or around April 1. When the start of the new year was moved to January 1, there were those that continued to celebrate in April. Thus they were referred to as the April Fools.


  4. The birthday of Hathor... Interesting. We should keep a close eye on any Hathor references which pop up in world events.

    WV: Sunco (reference to "sun/fool")

  5. StrangeEye,

    That might make sense, since Zoroastrians celebrate their New Year for two weeks, starting at the Equinox and ending in early April. It's the Norooz/Norouz/Nowrooz (etc, sigh) festival. It's a 5,000 year old tradition!

    The Iranian-American community is holding their Norooz festival at a nearby park this weekend. It's my favorite holiday.

  6. Day after day, alone on the hill
    The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still
    But nobody wants to know him
    They can see that he's just a fool
    As he never gives an answer
    But the fool on the hill
    Sees the sun going down
    And the eyes in his head
    See the world spinning around

    Well on the way, head in a cloud
    The man of a thousand voices talking percetly loud
    But nobody ever hears him
    Or the sound he appears to make
    And he never seems to notice
    But the fool on the hill
    Sees the sun going down
    And the eyes in his head
    See the world spinning around

    And nobody seems to like him
    They can tell what he wants to do
    And he never shows his feelings
    But the fool on the hill
    Sees the sun going down
    And the eyes in his head
    See the world spinning around

    He never listen to them
    He knows that they're the fools
    They don't like him
    The fool on the hill
    Sees the sun going down
    And the eyes in his head
    See the world spinning around

  7. It is often interpreted that the Fool in the tarot deck is associated with Uranus.

    Prior to the discovery of Uranus, Saturn marked the boundary of the known universe. Uranus coincided with some of the major breakthroughs of the 20th century, including space travel. This is the planet of change, which is often unexpected. Some consider Uranus to be a rebel, upending the existing paradigms and norms, but progress is inevitable and Uranus won't quit until it is achieved. Uranus is the ruler of the Aquarius Sun Sign in Astrology.

    The Aquarius sun sign is the 11th sign of the western zodiac.

    Now, on April 1st (today) at 2am, the Moon forms a challenging square to Uranus. This probably could affect your personal chart. Therefore dreams will be very revealing in this cycle, so pay close attention.

    The ALIEN Project

  8. I have previously mentioned Wagner's highly esoteric final opera Parsifal, which is about the "pure fool" who becomes a perfect knight. It seems highly significant to this topic, as well as the time of the year.

    Although best known for composing The Planets, Gustav Holst wrote an opera called The Perfect Fool as a satirical tribute to Parsifal. His other work and interests are also worth noting for their relevance to Secret Sun topics. Of further interest might be articles about The Planets itself, as well as The Hymn of Jesus.


  9. Found this child like synopsis of Parsifal online....weird to see opera like that

  10. Jason,

    I would personally tend towards your observation. You may see something similar in what I wrote about the movie Knowing.

    What we KNOW gets in the way of us KNOWING. To become the "perfected knight" one must first become "the Fool" - carry on your own way, alone, with abandon ignoring the stumbling blocks, pitfalls and warnings that have been placed in the path (and barking voices of everyone else that will tell you you are a fool for doing so!)

    0 is Oneness. Perfect, complete and indivisible within itself. All encompassing, everything and no thing. It is ALL.

    We see that vague concept semiotically and symbolically winking at us each time our fingers touch the keyboard.



  11. Isn't it weird how it all ties together? All of this information is out there and yet most people don't even realize the significance of it. The thing I am constantly struck by is how all of this ancient fertility stuff is re-emerging as we become more technocratic and divorced from nature.

    It's a good starting point to connect some of the dots. And when you read stories like scientists believing that life was seeded to Earth from the Ceres asteroid (Ceres/Demeter/Isis/Cybele/etc) you really start to wonder.

    Thanks as always for your comments, everybody!

  12. Somewhat tangentially following Ouspensky's view of the Fool no longer owning the knowledge of the symbolism that he carries, at *today's* G20 protests, the group making the big shine is the "Space Hijackers". Their choice of transportation is a mock police tank and they are carrying pillows to fight the batons of the Bobbies. Some might call them Fools in the pejorative sense but they know what they are doing when playing with the state's symbols, all nicely synched up to this important day.

    More here:

  13. Rock is a good insulator for bacteria Chris!


    "The evolution of life on Earth has clearly been influenced by impacts from space junk, the the Solar System is part of a much larger cosmic environment. The Sun is a very steady star, but even small variations have a substantial effect on the climate--when the sun catches a cold, the Earth sneezes."

    Since Astrobiology is my major, I thought I'd share one cool dude with you all. His name is Bob, Bob Haag. Go check him out here:

  14. Fertility symbolism rising up unbidden. Or not? The following links relate to your recent entry on the Solar Satellite - I saw this one coming as well this entry:

    Kha b-Nisan

    "Kha b-Nisan[1], also Ha b-Nison; ܚܕ ܒܢܝܣܢ "First of April", Resha d'Sheta; ܪܝܫܐ ܕܫܢܬܐ "Head of the year" in Syriac, also known as Akitu, or Assyrian new year[2] is the spring festival among the Assyrians, celebrated on 1 April.
    Celebrations involve parades and parties. Men and women wear traditional costume and dance in parks for hours."


    Akitu (the New Year Festival) and Newruz (Nuroz)

    "The Akitu festival is one of the oldest recorded religious festivals in the world, celebrated for several
    millennia throughout ancient Mesopotamia. Yet, the Akitu was more than just a religious ceremony—it
    acted as a political device employed by the monarchy and/or the central priesthood to ensure the supremacy
    of the king, the national god, and his capital city. Politics and religion in Mesopotamia were irrevocably
    intertwined. Myths and their supportive rituals justified social institutions and legitimized rulers. Akitu
    festival was a tool wielded by the monarchy and ruling class to promote state ideology [1]. The Akitu
    festival demonstrates the effectiveness of religion as a political tool."

    Lots and lots of fools dancing in the City of London today eh? Mostly with the best intentions of course though, hating the fall guys.

  15. Hugh Jackman only has 17 dollars to gamble with Gambit in the new Wolverine movie.

  16. great stuff, may this spring blossom all that you sow!

    Know Naught!
    All ways are lawful to innocence.
    Pure Folly is the Key to Initiation.
    Silence breaks into Rapture.
    Be neither Man nor Woman, but both in one.
    Be silent, Babe in the Egg of Blue, that thou
    Mayest grow to bear the Lance and Graal!
    Wander Alone, and Sing! In the King's Palace
    His Daughter Awaits Thee. -ACrowley

  17. Hey Chris, look at this:

    NEW YORK (CNN) -- "Guiding Light" will go dark in September after 72 years and 16,000 episodes, CBS announced Wednesday.

    The daytime soap opera's declining viewership led to the decision, according to CBS spokeswoman Cindy Marshall.

    The show, which the Guinness Book of World Records lists as the longest-running television drama, first aired on NBC radio in 1937 as a 15-minute serial, Marshall said. It moved to television on the CBS network in 1952.

    The last episode is set to air on September 18, Marshall said.

    The show is produced in New York."

    Guiding light going dark in september, near the beginning of the Egyptian/Jewish New Year... A final date for the beginning of Great Depression and Novus Ordum Seclorum? Sounds a lot like a very weill preparad magyk ritual...

    1. 16,000 episodes and not a single one of them good! 😀

  18. Chris, more on the last post, from CNN´s internet main story:

    April 1, 2009 -- Updated 2144 GMT

    Analysis: Crisis may build new order

    The main task of the G-20 summit in London may be simply to avoid making things worse, political analyst Robin Oakley says, but it also gives voice to nations from Latin America to Asia, who are new to the top table of power brokers.

  19. The Clown archetype is associated with three major characteristics: making people laugh, making them cry, and wearing a mask that covers one's own real emotions.

    Because of the mask he wears, the Clown is allowed--indeed, expected--to cross the boundaries of social acceptance, representing what people would like to do or say themselves.

    In distinguishing Clown from Fool, note that the Fool is connected to arenas of power, while the Clown does his best work as an Everyman.

    The Court Jester or Fool is the manifestation of the Clown in a royal setting. Since no one can possibly take a fool seriously at the physical level, he is allowed entry into the most powerful of circles.

    The question to ask ourselves is, like the Fool, do we carry truth into closed circles or closed minds?

  20. Well I'll you guys- it's quite interesting indeed that Barackobamun showed up in the court of Eloah-Isis-Beth today. And all of this mayhem we are seeing in London. All of what's going on today seems like an elaborate April Fools Joke. And like all April Fools, it's not remotely funny.

    I've often thought of the origin of clowns as being these beings from some John Keel other reality that hate humans and dress that way to mock us.

    How interesting that the Scottish Rite boys love to dress up as clowns.

    1. Hi Chris,

      I didn't mean to spin a tangent off your comment above, but I wanted to clarify something you said, if I may?

      I became a Scottish Rite Mason back in 2003 and I have to say in all sincerity that I never dressed up as a clown, with maybe the loose exception of wearing a silly regimental style pill box hat during meetings which was supposed to be the designation as a Scottish Rite Mason.

      All the clownish hoopla tends to stay in the Shriner's, and to be more specific, the Shriner sub-organization known as the Royal Order of Jesters. I don't know very much about them only that you have to be a Master Mason of the Blue Lodge to be asked to join the Shriner's and then, as a Shriner, you have to be invited to join the Royal Order of Jesters.

      While every Shriner is a Master Mason (Blue Lodge), not all Freemason's are Shriner's. And while some Scottish Rite Freemason's may also be Shriner's, not all are, either.

      During my Masonic journey through the Blue Lodge as a Master Mason and then through the York Rite and Scottish Rite, I was mostly interested in learning all I could about the esoteric teachings available in the degree work and pageantry of the organization and the appendant bodies.

      The inclinations of some of the more outwardly extroverted men that are attracted to such activities usually are more suited for the Shriner's. They're pretty loud in a fun loving way, public minded, and do provide a great deal of support for children's hospital charities by donations and gifts.

      However, the Royal Order of Jester's is bit more quiet about their activities. Not public facing, they were formed about a hundred years ago by a small Shriner faction. While most of the Masonic bodies, all male fraternal of course, are charitable by design as organizations in the United States at least, the Royal Order of Jester's is not. According to their motto which is "Mirth is King", they are all about "fun". What kind of fun, I'm not too clear about, but they have come under scrutiny in the past for their activities.

      There are many Freemason's who believe that the Shriner's should part ways with Freemasonry mostly due to these kinds of activities which seem largely reminiscent of 50's and 60's era "Mad Men" attending conventions and promoting promiscuity and drunken behavior. There are arguments on both sides, of course, mostly about membership issues.

      But back to the point of your comment, I do see what you meant by it. I just wanted to offer some navigation for those that may not know the difference between the Freemasonic organizations without doing their own research into them, which I also encourage for the curious. To the comment about the clowns, I cannot disagree with your association. There is something very esoterically Bacchanalian about it all, for sure. Whether its planned for that purpose or something that just bubbles to the surface subconsciously to those organizations is the other part of that question, I guess.

      When people say to me that Freemason's want to take over the world, I laugh and tell them that most Freemason's cant agree on what to eat at their next meeting. They scoff back at me and tell me that I am obviously not part of the controlling percent of the Freemason's that are plotting behind ornate doors of power. Maybe so. But like most things where people are involved in groups, they can get political and petty in a hurry. People bring alot of weird baggage to the party, no matter what it is. Freemasonry is no different in this regard.

    2. Thanks, Bill. The comment was made several years ago and was just a passing reference to the fact- which you confirm here- that Scottish Rite/Shriners have an order that dresses as clowns. My point of interest here is where that tradition sprung from.

  21. I like the comments SoapFan and Sensei concerning the Fool being allowed into privileged circles and the possibility of using this position to further an agenda....this is an absolute fact/possibility which I know of from my own experiences as a performance artist. Plus, it totally reminded me of this exact type of role played by the jester Renaldo in the old King Kull comics. Love me some Robert E. Howard.

  22. Thanks also for the Ouspensky quote. Gurdjieff really had a handle on some things IMO.

  23. One funny thing I read about Gurdjeiff that could be fools gold, one time he was broke and needed some money, so he painted some sparrows and sold them as exotic birds. Obama in a jesters hat in front of the Reptillians. What fun!Shineforth brave souls! Dennis

  24. Said more or less the same thing at gosporn today. Happy All Fools Day, Christopher.

  25. Harpocrates as in Harpo? It is interesting that he would wear a wig of long blonde hair and pretty much was the holy fool personified.

  26. "Some consider Uranus to be a rebel, upending the existing paradigms and norms, but progress is inevitable and Uranus won't quit until it is achieved."

    Timely post considering this rebel Fool's journey. I enjoyed the information regarding Hathor. That was a link of which I was unaware, but certainly makes sense within my mythology.

  27. I do remember reading somewhere about the figure of the fool being a speaker of truth before being iconified and later banned by the Church. Unfortunately I can't find the source of this but I tend to suspect it's from Carl Ginzburg's Ecstasies. Deciphering the Witches' Sabbath, which has huge implication if many things you're talking about and I don't really know if you're aware of it.

    On top of it I would add that a nice and interesting analysis of the Fool card of the Major Arcana seems to be coming from the excellent work made by Camoin-Jodorowsky: the way each of them and the whole tarot system is deeply related to a series of archetypes is nothing but a great foundation of what you're saying.

  28. Not sure if this is relevant or not, but as I have been reading through the Secret Sun archives, articles like this one--and sometimes the articles that touch on the "Companion" hypothesis--have reminded me of a trilogy of articles I read at Mysterious Universe detailing one family's encounters with a "trickster" type entity. The connection between these people and the trickster seemed to be blood(DNA) related and has apparently been going on for generations, beginning at childhood for each family member and continuing sporadically throughout their adult lives, bringing waves of high strangeness.
    They call it the Harlequin, which I understand means "clown" and is, as such, somewhat different symbolically from the "fool"(although the Fool is sometimes referred to as the Jester, which seems to be much closer to Harlequin or clown in meaning, so I dunno).

    The Mysterious Harlequin - Part One
    ...for anyone interested in reading it.

    What has stuck in my head, and sometimes haunted me a bit as I read through the collected works on Secret Sun, is the impressions and descriptions of the Harlequin given by one of the family near the end of part three:

    “It became clear almost immediately that I entered into the mind of something that exists so far beyond humanity that not even in my most profound moments of despair or spiritual elation, have I ever experienced anything like it,” Mitchell said. “It has a certain animal nature to it even though it is far above the animal kingdom in respect to its self-awareness. I am convinced that it has the potential to destroy the world if it wished.” Mitchell sensed no human morals, no human sympathy in this ancient entity. “This type of being operates by an entirely different set of rules, rules that transcend morality in ways we don’t understand[...]it communicated things I did not want to know or even believe in. It revealed to me how my own view on life, and my reliance upon traditionalism as a worldview, was laughable at best[...]quite honestly it’s blown my fucking mind in ways I can barely express.”

    That description, plus the idea of the Fool or the Harlequin being prominent in modern events, plus the companion hypothesis, and the fact that the cry of "hoax!" is so prevalent these days, makes me wonder.

    Loki is doing his fucking dance.

  29. Hmm...the links didn't work in my previous comment? I guess I screwed up on the HTML. I'll have to turn in my Geek Badge and Lightsaber and resign in disgrace.

    Anyway, here's the url for Part One of the Harlequin articles:

  30. They're going to be quite surprised if the forces they're trying to call have already come, and don't much appreciate the way they've been spending their time...


  32. Well good morning to me. I have twin boys about to be a year old on April 14th (Tied in with Hermes and the number 4). Their names are Gabriel and Cormac.

    We call Gabriel Gibil. Jibril is Gabirel is a Arabic variation of Gabriel. Cormac's name means "son of the charioteer".

    "Zeus who masses the clouds made answer... turned to his dear son Hermes: ‘Hermes, you are always our messenger.’" - Homer, Odyssey (8th century B.C.)

  33. In that deck, the Fool is represented as a naked child of indeterminate sex, who is accompanied by a wolf on a leash, who is reaching up for a rose. In Golden Dawn, the Fool represents the god Harpocrates, the Egyptian god Horus as a young child. - Associated Content

    Heya Christopher,
    It never would have occurred to me that David Haller was a surrogate for Horus (Comparing the Child and the Wolf to David and King.)without this post. You continue to blow my mind.

    Thanks again.