Sunday, April 09, 2017

The Cold War Kabuki

Well, you all know what the big story was this past week. I wasn't going to post on it but enough people have asked and it seems germane to the ongoing Reality Show we're all unwitting (and unwilling) extras in.

In case you've been on media blackout or a vision quest, here's a brief thumbnail sketch:
The United States launched a military strike Thursday on a Syrian government airbase in response to a chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of civilians earlier in the week. 
On President Donald Trump's orders, US warships launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the airbase that was home to the warplanes that carried out the chemical attacks, US officials said.
As it happens, the airstrikes apparently didn't even seem to have the desired deterrent effect. The air base was up and running soon after the strikes:
Syrian warplanes took off from the air base hit by US cruise missiles yesterday to carry out bombing raids on rebel-held areas, in a defiant show of strength. 
Just hours after the al-Shayrat airfield was bombed with 59 US Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from warships in the Mediterranean, aircraft struck targets in the eastern Homs countryside, according to a monitoring group. 
The airstrikes were carried out on Khan Sheikhoun - the same town Bashar al-Assad’s regime is accused of attacking with chemicals - and seven other towns around eastern Homs, some of which controlled by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).
This rebound seemed to catch the War Party off guard, since CNN reported on the same story but appeared to ascribe the airstrikes to phantom warplanes. I mean, it couldn't be the Syrians or the Russians, right?:
(CNN) New airstrikes targeted a town in Syria that was hit by a chemical attack earlier this week, activists said, less than a day after the US bombarded a Syrian air base to "send a message" to the Assad regime. 
It wasn't immediately clear who conducted the strikes on Khan Sheikhoun, which was hit on Friday and Saturday, though only Russian and Syrian regime aircraft have been bombing that area of rebel-held Idlib province.
CNN, who've been hammering Trump around the clock since he humiliated their network head in a post-election tantrum, suddenly changed their tune when he started raining bombs on Syria. Sam Kriss reports:
The media was kind to Trump’s attack on Syria. Every pompous outlet that has spent the last five months screaming incessantly about the threat to democracy, the inevitable deaths and the terror of wars, had nothing but applause as soon as the wars and the deaths actually got going. 
 A fleshy and dangerous idiot, a vulgarian, an imbecile – until those first perfect screaming shots of Tomahawk missiles being fired were broadcast – that’s our guy, you show them Donny! This is when, as Fareed Zakaria put it on CNN, Trump ‘became the president.’
The same mainstream media, which has become a hornet's hive of conspiracy theorizing since the election, was quick to shoot down any conspiracy theories about the Syria Bombshow.
A volley of US cruise missiles had barely been launched into Syria before the internet filled up with fact-free theories about the real reason for the international crisis.
A popular one on the right-most fringes: the US government actually carried out the chemical weapons massacre in Syria last week - a "false flag" to trick President Donald Trump into retaliating, thus entangling himself in a foreign war. 
A slightly more convoluted strain on the left: Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the chemical weapons massacre to help Trump - distracting Americans from an investigation into Trump's campaign ties to Russia by provoking the missile strike.
Alt-left conspiracy theorists prefer the idea that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the chemical weapons massacre to help Trump - distracting Americans from an investigation into Trump's campaign ties to Russia.
Ron Paul, whose son Rand is now a rising star in the Senate, was perhaps the most prominent public figure to cast shade on the Syria op:
“Before this episode of possible gas exposure and who did what, things were going along reasonably well for the conditions,” the former Texas congressman stated. “Trump said let the Syrians decide who should run their country, and peace talks were making out, and Al Qaeda and ISIS were on the run.” 
“It looks like, maybe, somebody didn’t like that so there had to be an episode, and the blame now is we can’t let that happen because it looks like it might benefit Assad.”
For his part, Doctor Bones speculates that the real mark for a possible elaborate sting wasn't Assad or Putin, but in fact another player altogether. The timing seems hard to argue with:
A gas attack launched by the fleeing Syrian rebels, a side quickly losing it’s CIA-sponsorship and well aware it’s continued health depends on American funds, sure has a shit-ton more to gain from wide swathes of civilians dying on camera. Even better if they die particularly gruesomely and in a way the rebels claim they couldn’t be responsible for despite being photographed with all the tech to do so. 
How does Trump’s seemingly pointless explosion-show play into this? The answer: perfectly...
Consider also that the Chinese President was in Mar-a-Largo when the strike was underway, that Trump not only told him it was going to happen but actually ate dinner with him as it went on and the event spirals into even greater significance. A show of force full of technical prowess in a contested warzone while the Russians stood back and watched sends a powerful message to a foreign leader currently dining in enemy territory.
Is this just swivel-eyed speculation? Is there any reason to believe this wasn't all some improbable coincidence, that Xi Jinping was indeed dining with Trump while the Bombshow began? Because if it's not a coincidence then it's one hell of a psyop; running a mindfuck on your most dangerous frenemy during a state visit. What's this all about then? Joseph Farrell reports:
While there have been a spate of articles recently about growing Russo-Chinese defense and security ties, matching their growing financial and economic ties, this one left me stunned, for there was a statement within it that caught my eye, and Mr. B's as well, and I'm sure the reader saw it as well. As one can imagine, this one fueled my "high octane speculation" mode to the nth degree. Here's the statement, and a bit of surrounding context:
Russia and China are tired of Washington's "defensive" military installations in their backyards — and they're already taking action. 
According to the Atlantic Council and other responsible thinkers, the Untied States reserves the right to park its missile shields anywhere it wants, whether it be in Europe, East Asia, or the dark side of the Moon.  
I guess we should have seen all this coming, no? Shortly before the Bombshow, Trump's top Praetorian removed Trump's assumed consigliere from the NSC:
President Trump on Wednesday removed controversial White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon from the National Security Council, part of a sweeping staff reshuffling that elevated military, intelligence and Cabinet officials to greater roles on the council and left Bannon less directly involved in shaping the administration’s day-to-day national security policy. 
The restructuring reflects the growing influence of national security adviser H.R. McMaster, an Army three-star general who took over the post after retired general Michael Flynn was ousted in February and who is increasingly asserting himself over the flow of national security information in the White House. 
Do yourself a favor and set a news alert for "McMaster." That's a name you're going to be hearing more of in the days ahead. Or you won't. Which is probably the more troubling scenario.

And with Bannon off the NSC there's apparently an effort to shuffle him off to some fat-salaried thinktank glue factory.  The not-news of Bannon's interest in The Fourth Coming was dragged out yet again, this time by The New York Times. But the article planted a helpful hint of why Bannon is on the elbow list and might be giving us a grim preview of the year ahead:

Bannon’s Views Can Be Traced to a Book That Warns, ‘Winter Is Coming’

WASHINGTON — Stephen K. Bannon has read the book three times. He still keeps a copy of it — one that’s creased and copiously underlined — in a library with the rest of his favorites at his father’s house in Richmond, Va. 
The book, “The Fourth Turning,” a 1997 work by two amateur historians, Neil Howe and William Strauss, lays out a theory that American history unfurls in predictable, 80-year cycles of prosperity and catastrophe. And it foresees catastrophe right around the corner. 
It also leads to unavoidable questions about war and whether Mr. Bannon, who has recommended the book to countless friends and made a film about it in 2010, is resigned to catastrophic global conflict. He says he is not. 
And he remains unconvinced that the United States can effectively intervene in overseas conflicts like the one unfolding in Syria. As one of the voices in the administration who expressed skepticism about a military strike in response to the Assad regime’s chemical attack on its own citizens, Mr. Bannon insists he is no warmonger.
Well, there you have it.

Is the Syria proxy war threatening to heat up again, or is this all just another dance in the Cold War Kabuki? Have actions like the Bombshow  become like sacrificial actions in ongoing magical actions? Or is the real war is for your mind and is playing out in thousands of manufactured headlines, blizzards of 30 second videos with deceptive text crawls and the endless babbling of overpaid talking heads?

I feel stupid even asking the question.

Just in case you're worried that this is all leading to nukes raining down on American cities,  the cognitive warriors seem to be trying to defuse any expectations of impending Armageddon: 

White House national security adviser H.R. McMaster says that while the U.S. would push for regime change in Syria, “We’re not the ones who are going to effect that change.” 
“What we’re saying is, other countries have to ask themselves some hard questions,” McMaster said in an interview on "Fox News Sunday." “Russia should ask themselves, ‘What are we doing here?’ Why are we supporting this murderous regime that is committing mass murder of its own population and using the most heinous weapons available?’”
Translation: No way in Hell we have the readiness needed for a hot war with a military superpower.

And since the mindfuck is the mother's milk of Cog-War, the careful inoculation of mixed messages into the mediafeed becomes just as vital a weapon as a cruise missile. Scratch that- much, much more so.

Trump Administration Is Contradicting Itself On Regime Change In Syria 
The Trump administration appears divided on whether the U.S. is pursuing a policy of regime change in Syria, days after the first direct American military attack against the Syrian government. 
Thursday’s strike “was related solely to the most recent horrific use of chemical weapons,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on Sunday. The goal of the attack was to send a message to Syrian President Bashar Assad and its ally Russia that the U.S. wouldn’t tolerate the use of chemical weapons, he continued. “Other than that, there is no change to our military posture.”
But United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley said there can be no peace in Syria with Assad in power. “There’s not any sort of option where a political solution is going to happen with Assad at the head of the regime,” she told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday. “Regime change is something that we think is going to happen because all of the parties are going to see that Assad is not the leader that needs to be taking place for Syria.​”​
Though Haley stopped short of indicating the U.S. would take military action to overthrow the Syrian dictator, her comments reflect a sharp change from the administration’s previous position.
The difference here, of course, is that Tillerson sets and executes policy and Haley sits in a glorified debating society and blows smoke and fairy dust for a bunch of bored bureaucrats wishing they had their real government jobs back, the ones they enjoyed before being pushed upstairs to their present posts. The media only pays attention when bombs are falling.

It's all black magic, make no mistake about it. There are different terms and epithets for it all now,  but when you strip all the twenty-dollar words and the credentials and the technology away the intent and the effect is no different than a witch doctor's curse. 

William S. Burroughs understood this, since his uncle Ivy Lee was the creator of one of these modern strains of black magic, so-called "public relations." Burroughs considered his uncle a bonafide "evil genius." And Lee was a piker compared to the algorithm-fired masters of the dark arts striding the globe today.

Here's a story that probably won't pop up on your Facebook feed. Anyone paying attention to the Russia hacking story probably knows how incredibly weak the hacking evidence actually is,* but now Wikileaks is teasing out the Seth Rich mystery again.

‘Guccifer 2.0’ Chat With Nude Model Sparks New Conspiracy Theories About Murder of DNC’s Seth Rich 
New chat logs between alleged Democratic National Committee hacker Guccifer 2.0 and a Playboy centerfold model surfaced today via Wikileaks on Twitter, throwing more fuel on the conspiracy theories surrounding murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich. The Twitter conversation, conducted via direct messages, purports to reveal Rich as the primary leaker of the DNC e-mails that proved highly disruptive during the 2016 presidential election. 
In direct messages dated August 25, 2016, Guccifer 2.0 mentioned having a whistleblower at the DNC, and said he was looking for a “person of trust who can be a guarantee in case anything happens.”
When Young suggested trusting Julian Assange, Guccifer 2.0 called him “unsafe” and that he “may be connected with Russians” despite being his hero. 
“I’d like to find a journalist who can do an investigation and teel [sic] the real story of his life and death,” he said, and revealed that the whistleblower he was referring to was none other than a person named “Seth.” 
“I suppose u know who I’m talking about,” he said, adding that he felt sorry about the murdered DNC staffer’s parents and that he wished for journalists to uncover the truth of his murder.
Seth Rich, a 27-year-old mid-level DNC staffer, was shot and killed in the early morning of July 2016 in Washington DC, while he was walking home from a bar and talking with his girlfriend on his mobile phone. Rich’s killers left his watch and wallet untouched on his body. 
This wasn't floated by Alex Jones or David Icke, it popped up on Heat Street, which is owned by the Dow Jones Company and Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp. This story looks like it's going to grow some legs yet.

So are you sick of the Cog-War and the Cold War Kabuki yet? Tired of your social media hijacked by proxy warriors fighting battles for cliques within the Intelligence community? Burnt out on the whole Reality Show Presidency and its discontents altogether?

Start looking into ashrams in Sri Lanka, then. This machine is just getting warmed up. 

*Maybe some bright young spark should see if maybe the hacking an inside job by intel people who correctly judged a Trump White House would be easier to dominate than a bloated, top-heavy Clinton one. Just throwing that out there for giggles and grins.


  1. Forgive me from adding this odd thought that I had when I heard about the missile launch.

    Cruise missiles have a "shelf life" and an "expiration date". How much was this "sending a message" and how much of it was simply "inventory clearance." HA!

    1. Good one. Explains the past three decades of nonstop war- clearing the inventory started under Carter/Reagan.

  2. Spot on as usual man.

    More turnover was reported today in the NSC with the removal of KT. McFarland. In some ways, this is even more interesting than Bannon's ouster.

    McFarland was one of the only members of the NSC who came from a "conventional" foreign policy background. While not an Ivy Leaguer, she was schooled at Oxford (home of the Rhodes scholarship) and MIT. Presently she's a life time member of the CFR. She's also widely regarded as a protégé of Henry Kissinger, who brought her into the NSC initially under Nixon.

    Naturally, she appears to have been forced out by McMaster with support coming from General John Kelly. This seems to confirm that our foreign policy is now decisively in the hands of the Pentagon (and most assuredly not the civilian branch) and various evangelicals. Rick Perry, who's involved with the fanatical New Apostolic Reformation movement (which has ample Dominionist influence) was also elevated to the NSC.

    No doubt the talk with China's president was very interesting in an interesting times kind of way.


    1. Ms McFarland, an ex-Fox News analyst, has been offered the role of ambassador to Singapore instead, Bloomberg and Reuters report...

    2. I hate to say I predicted all this but I predicted all this. I don't know how it could have gone any other way now.

  3. Heinous mind fuckery most foul indeed.
    Heard an interview this morning on KPFK, (our local Pacifica station) with an "ex CIA" dude. He was suggesting that the cause of the gas "attack" was that Syrian government forces struck a "rebel" (read CIA hired psycho killers) chemical depot. The resulting deaths were a result of the bomb striking the chemicals.
    As usual, it's damn near impossible to know wtf is really going on. The only certainty is that we are being fooked with and lied to bigly.

    1. The Russians are going with that theory too. Apparently there's some truth to it insofar as the rebels are known to have the stuff.

  4. Yeah really big story
    I boggle why someone would want to steal 145 kg (that's around 2 American Units worth) of cheese???

    The news is like UAP: its trying to enact a change in the viewer. Well, except in Canada. We're all aboot Beachcomber reruns.

    1. That's an interesting metaphor. Well, simile. I may have to steal it, just so you know.

  5. Walp. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised - but this isn't what any of /us/ were working for.

    1. It never, ever is. Presidents always say they're going to change Washington and Washington always changes them. Without exception.

  6. It was fun watching the alt right get outraged with trump when trump did the best thing he could do in this situation. The corporate media was crying for blood and retaliation because of the chemical attack (not in the mood to argue if it was a muh false flag), So what did trump do? He bombed an empty place in the middle of nowhere. This had many effects, it brought together the neolibs, neocon congress in a rare display of approval of trump, it makes putin realize trump is not obama, it made xi wonder what trump is capable of, and no one really died, the call for retaliation was answered.
    Unfortunately the blow back was alienating the alt right goons who threw a tantrum about the bombing.

    I think the nationalist current in trumps cabinet is being undermined by the neocons. It all started with flynn.

    Russia is a paper tiger, they wont respond, they also wouldn't start a nuke war because of assad.

    Putin walked all over obama who was indecisive, which led to Russia annexing Ukraine and protecting Syria.
    Trump is impulsive and putins match when it comes to cartoonish masculinity.
    If you look past all the hysteria from the democrats about Russia, trump is actually a Challenger for putin, a guy who wont back down and will bomb the shit out of you need be.

    There is a great separation in what the people want and what the oligarchy wants, the people are tired of war.
    But trump bombs syria and the media who has shat on him 24/7 does a 180 and is all "wtf i love trump now"

    The situation in the middle east is pretty much a massive proxy war with the saudis, israel, america, one side, and iran, russia, on the other. This is a proxy war for oil, for regional hegemony, to protect Zionism and the worst form of Islam and the worst muslim country.

    I really do think we are the bad guys in this one.

    1. This is a way to get the sanctions on Russia lifted.

      With the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem and Russia officials recognizing Israel's real capital it's going to be US lifting sanctions on Russia and the Third Temple allowing to be built.

      With all the leaders starting to come together. Assad goes and the world cheers whatever puppet gets installed.

      Almost too perfect

    2. Looks now like Trump is easing Bannon out the door. His team will be fill with Bush leftovers by July. Mark my words.

  7. The video of the sarin gas attack was too polished. What a trip at the Trump Mar-a-largo dinner table! Scripted- hell-yes! 87

    1. Hell yes just about says it. If anyone is wondering why I didn't jump on the Trump Train, here's the answer.

  8. The important question, as always, is why?

    And not why this particular attack? But rather, why is Syria so damn important to both Russia and America that they're both willing to risk shooting each other out of the sky over Syrian skies? Knowing full well that de-escalating from that one would be tricky.

    The Russian interest is more obvious: they want their naval base in the Mediterranean, and there was a certain pipeline they wanted for their friends the Iranians.

    The American interest is far less obvious. Sure, there is a competing pipeline project. And? The pipeline doesn't benefit America directly, it benefits the Qataris, and you'd think the Qataris have a few more options, if it comes down to it. Unlike the Iranians, that are a little restricted in what they can do.

    So there has to be something else in it for the States. The only decent explanation I can think it's that it's in preparation for the Saudi end-game. Saudi Arabia isn't the most stable place you can imagine, in spite of their flawless PR. The States must have contingency plans for when Saudi Arabia goes belly-up. And part of the plan must be the ability to put NATO boots on the ground. There is only one suitable NATO country for this: Turkey, because it's closest, and also the only Muslim-majority NATO country. (Imagine trying going strong into Mecca and Medina with Christian-majority troops... that would definitely not look good on Al-Jazeera).

    What I reckon is that they need a clear flight path, and perhaps even a clear tank path, between Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

    1. There also seems to be a program afoot to cleanse Islamic states of religious minorities, particularly minority Islamic sects. Christians, Yazidi, Druze, Alawites, Sufis. And then getting the program ready for export.

  9. Your deconstruction of events appears to me to be right in the ballpark, Chris. These events are just the beginning of more of the same and worse to come. Your teaser at the end speaks volumes in itself when considering just how malleable the Trump camp is to the hidden hands that weave through the social media like agents in the Matrix. I can't help but recall how prophetic those lines from "In the Court of the Crimson King," by King Crimson comes back to me now:

    "The gardener plants an evergreen
    Whilst trampling on a flower
    I chase the wind of a prism ship
    To taste the sweet and sour
    The pattern juggler lifts his hand
    The orchestra begin
    As slowly turns the grinding wheel
    In the court of the crimson king

    On soft gray mornings widows cry
    The wise men share a joke
    I run to grasp divining signs
    To satisfy the hoax
    The yellow jester does not play
    But gently pulls the strings
    And smiles as the puppets dance
    In the court of the crimson king"

    In a piece that clearly addressed a growing paranoia socially and personally, I feel like we are there, living in that twisted dream so perfectly mired in it that we don't understand the dimensions because the cage that was constructed looks just like we think our lives should look like. If the Trump puppets are being urged to dance, I wonder seriously about the length of the puppeteers strings and how they can make us tap our feet in time with the pipers tune, as well?

    This Cog-War and Cold-War that is playing out again with lives and property is just more of the resource driven striving for control that has been the main game for so very long that you would think *everyone* would recognize it for what it is. Maybe they do and just dont care. Whatever the reasons, I know most people are tired of it but are disinfranchased by the years of propaganda and economic chicanery to do much about it and are worried about protecting what they have right now or just give up and live paycheck to paycheck with it all. I stared at your comments about ashrams in Sri Lanka for a while trying to get whether that was coming from a bitterness about it all or just expressing what you feel may be apathetically inevitable? I feel like it comes from a place of deep love and concern, but for those that carry that knowledge it is soul crushing to know a thing with clarity and to feel that whatever you do, it will never be enough to right the wrongs that you see. Its like living in some Greek tragedy over and over again, cursed by the gods as some punishment for hubris or slight against them. Damn.

    1. Well, my point is if you want to get away from the never=ending barrage of propaganda and incitement, radical steps may be needed. I won't lose hope that there's a happy ending for us somewhere but I'm also realistic. And I know how the same puppet-masters control the playing field and damn near everyone on it.

  10. Anyone catch Jeremy Scahill on CNN yesterday? He was in top form:

    Rarely have I heard anyone on a mainstream news outlet say it so eloquently. I'm surprised they didn't cut to commercial & haul him out kicking & screaming.


    "On CNN Sunday morning, award-winning journalist Jeremy Scahill bashed the “atrocious” media coverage of President Donald Trump’s missile attack in Syria. Scahill took particular aim at Fareed Zakaria who, after Thursday night’s attack, quickly proclaimed that he felt Trump “became President of the United States.”

    “You know, Fareed Zakaria––if that guy could have sex with this cruise missile attack, I think he would do it,” Scahill argued to Brian Stelter, host of “Reliable Sources.” He also slammed Brian Williams after referring to the Pentagon video of the strike, as “beautiful.” Scahill said Williams appeared as if he was in “true love.”

    Personally, I still think the whole Syria conflict can be boiled down to two things.



    "On September 11 (2014), US Secretary of State Kerry met Saudi King Abdullah at his palace on the Red Sea. The King invited former head of Saudi intelligence, Prince Bandar to attend. There a deal was hammered out which saw Saudi support for the Syrian airstrikes against ISIS on condition Washington backed the Saudis in toppling Assad, a firm ally of Russia and de facto of Iran and an obstacle to Saudi and UAE plans to control the emerging EU natural gas market and destroy Russia’s lucrative EU trade. A report in the Wall Street Journal noted there had been “months of behind-the-scenes work by the US and Arab leaders, who agreed on the need to cooperate against Islamic State, but not how or when. The process gave the Saudis leverage to extract a fresh US commitment to beef up training for rebels fighting Mr. Assad, whose demise the Saudis still see as a top priority.” [3]

    & this:


    "After concluding the flow testing phase, Afek Oil and Gas will now begin analyzing samples drawn from the Ness-2 drilling site, euphemistically dubbed “Deborah’s Well,” in the Israeli-occupied region of Syria known as the Golan Heights. New Jersey-based Genie Energy, Ltd., Afek’s parent company, claims a dubious cadre of investors cum war profiteers, including Rupert Murdoch, Dick Cheney, Lord Jacob Rothschild, James Woolsey — as well as a number of current and former U.S. politicians.

    Prior testing at a separate Afek site did not meet expectations, so the company sought other “sweet spots” in the area. Analysis of samples from additional wells will be performed by Afek scientists in conjunction with “external international experts.”

    But what to make of North Korea & the carrier group on its way? Here's the thing I don't understand regarding possible conflict with China: China holds US debt somewhere to the tune of $1.2 trillion. So we're talking total economic chaos in the event of a full-blown war with China. Chaos like we've never seen in our lifetime, nukes not withstanding. How does that benefit anyone? All I know is, China's president had the biggest Cheshire cat grin on his face the whole time he was in front of the cameras, while Trump seemed less than amused. That pretty much said it all.

    1. Ah, but the Dominionists and their military intelligence allies within this administration have an ace up their sleeves -- a 'biblical debt jubilee.' Without excusing predatory lenders and unsound fiscal policy, this rhetoric has been intentially circulated by very connected people... Ambrose Evan-Pritchards comes to mind.

      'Economic chaos'? Just wait until the world's biggest debtor declares herself a debt jubilee.

    2. This whole Russian okeydokey completely obscures how much control over foreign policy is exerted by, y'know, foreign countries. The US Military have been rent-a-cops for the oil powers of the Gulf since Bush I. None of these wars are in our best interest. Quite the contrary in fact.

  11. Oh & speaking of news alerts & McMaster:


    "Current National Security Adviser Herbert Raymond “H. R.” McMaster is manipulating intelligence reports given to President Donald Trump, Cernovich Media can now report. McMaster is plotting how to sell a massive ground war in Syria to President Trump with the help of former CIA director and convicted David Petraeus, who mishandled classified information.

    As NSA, McMaster’s job is to synthesize intelligence reports from all other agencies. President Trump is being given an inaccurate picture of the situation in Syria, as McMaster is seeking to involve the U.S. in a full scale war in Syria.

    The McMaster-Petraeus plan calls for 150,000 American ground troops in Syria.

    Many special operations veterans including General Joseph Votel have raised serious concerns about McMaster’s plans for Syria.

    Sources also suggest that McMaster is sharing classified information with Petraeus, whose security clearance was revoked."

    More psyops?

    1. You don't really have to see anything to Trump. "Trump war puts money in your pockets."

      "Well the U.S. declares war on the Universe.'' -Trump

    2. 150K troops? Utter insanity. Are there that many combat ready troops actually available. This is what happens no matter who you vote for. The war machine needs to be greased and woe betide the politician who tries to stop it.

    3. As of Feb, the Army had 50,000 troops already stationed in Kuwait:

      According to this article from March, the Army sent an additional 2500 troops there as well:

      Most of them are from the 82nd Airborne Division. There are also about 6,000 additional troops, including Marines, spread between Iraq & Syria. Any additional troops sent to the region would most likely be via the Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force, as per the Carter Doctrine:

      That doesn't include troops from the Joint Special Operations Command who are already active in Syria, or who may be in reserve in Kuwait or elsewhere. According to this article, we have deployed them to 138 of the countries in the world, 55% of them being sent to the Middle East, mostly to counter Russian/Iranian interests, not "fighting terrorism":

      Utter insanity indeed. Or utter hegemony. Note the increased frequency of Trump's about-face maneuvers of late when it comes to Russia/China foreign policy. Are we at war with Eurasia or East Asia? That's up to the Neocons, they're the ones in the driver's seat, not Trump obviously. & they were going to get their way, regardless of who won the election. I'm just curious how the Alt.Right & Trump's base will react once they realize they've been p@wned.

  12. It makes it clear that Mr. Trump is just the CEO. The question is: what is the Board up to?

    1. Nothing good for us. That's for certain.

  13. I can see events spiraling out of control. I think this is August 1914 all over. These people think they're omnipotent because they have this military machine at their disposal. But there are a lot of hints that despite the titanic outlay of armaments and military spending the US indulges in that the legions are less than invincible. The US has not engaged in a great power war since the slugfest with the Germans (after waiting for the Russians to exhaust them - there's a pattern there-see WW1) In WW1, the British thought that all those colonial wars they had engaged in somehow prepared them to fight 'the Hun' and found out the hard way that beating on tribal people wasn't quite the same as dealing with well trained and well equipped adversaries with an industrial base and a patriotic population behind them.

  14. I really appreciate the Secret Sun pov on this as always, and all of the comments so far to the same degree. I had a conversation with a friend a few days ago about the prevailant mythologies in our times and how they are invisible to us and we are embedded within them like groping sleepy dreamers. And this low level mess. One step up from producing a Lego Batman movie, a cakewalk to spin some shit like this out on our beloved entranced materialy entrained blood-kin. Stay awake guys, try with everything you got to not snap or over-react to anyone around you when it comes to this stuff, it seems like we are all being put to a test. Keep to the highest ground you can get to and keep those hearts open!

    1. Keep those minds aware and awake and our hearts full of loving kindness. 87

    2. In light of the War to End All Wars references I'll point you to my post from 2014 on the rebirth of the Sleepwalkers.

  15. This is the best synopsis and most plausible accompanying supposition I have read on the subject.

    Off topic: I assume you're aware that a new X-Files audio book in on the way?

  16. The date of the day the 59 missiles were launched, April 6th 2017 is significant because exactly 100 years ago, on April 6th 1917 the USA declared war towards germany and entered WW1 officially.