Thursday, February 19, 2009

Memestream Addendum: T & A-liens (UPDATES)

Continuing the magazine meme, I stumbled on a site that I'm not sure if I didn't hallucinate into existence, a la The Lathe of Heaven.

I'm probably a lot older than a lot of you guys, so bear with me if my 70s nostalgia bores you. But if you want to know where all the Secret Sun magic comes from, it comes from being a nearly-feral latchkey kid at a time when the local newsstand was like a Renaissance mystery school, filled with texts on UFOs, Astrology, witchcraft, conspiracy theory and lots and lots of sex. And that was just the comic books! is a tribute to that era and though it's primarily porn-oriented, it's an awesome time capsule of a time when high weirdness was dripping into the mainstream via bottom-drawer sleaze magazines that bored kids hungry for kicks gobbled up like Fritos. A caveat though, is so NSFW it's not even funny.

So much so that I'll just put up some of the great Myron Fass alien mags. These might be the greatest magazine headlines in human history, my favorite being "Beware: Polyester Fabrics are driving you insane!" Bill Deagle is a piker compared to these old classics.

Now do you understand?

I've mentioned this before, but my local temple of initiation- where I got all my forbidden texts as well as my sugar fixes- was called "Valles' News."

Valles was pronounced "Valis."

UPDATE: What would I do without my readers? James Ratte and Jay A both point us to Yahoo's headlining of a Popular Mechanics story entitled "6 Top-Secret Aircraft that are Mistaken for UFOs".

Included are the RQ-3 Darkstar (Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet), the U2, the SR-71 Blackbird (17 reversed), P-791 (=17) which had its inaugural flight in Palmdale ("Phoenix Valley"), Calif., F-117A Nighthawk (Size: 107 ft long; 56-ft wingspan) and the B-2 Spirit (Size: 69 ft long; 172-ft wingspan).

So much traffic above our heads, and so much interesting symbolism floating around in our heads.

UPDATE II: Lynnertic found this interesting press release, dated February 17, 2009, stating "NASA MISSION TO SEEK WATER ICE ON MOON HEADS TO FLORIDA FOR LAUNCH":
MOFFETT FIELD, Calif. -- NASA's Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, known as LCROSS, is enroute from Northrop Grumman's facility in Redondo Beach, Calif., to NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida in preparation for a spring launch.
"LCROSS." Doubly fascinating.

UPDATE III: How the hell did I miss this? NASA's Phoenix lander may have captured the first images of liquid water on Mars - droplets that apparently splashed onto the spacecraft's leg during landing, according to some members of the Phoenix team.

UPDATE IV: StrangeEye reports on Michelle Obama and the Festival of Min.


  1. A coterie of religious seekers forms? Thank Yuo for Valis.

  2. Great work all around Chris!
    Meanwhile, back at Yahoo headlines:
    "Top-Secret Aircraft that are Mistaken for UFOs".
    Another day, another obligatory ufo headline...
    Beware the polyester.

  3. I tell you, Chris, I am at a lost for words. It is mindblowing, this perfectly intricate matrix we live in. What I am discovering in just the 50 days of this new year 2009, is so much more than the 20 years that I have spent trying to unravel this mystery.

  4. I might be the youngest person here (I doubt it, I'm currently 20) and none of this is boring in the least. It's kind of hard to really "get" some references the way you intend but that's how time works... For me, anything digital or computer related is nostalgic.

    Also, maybe I just don't pick up on the signal, but the only "real" 17 syncs I find are through your site. They don't come to me as often as they appear for you. Maybe because you're a father and I'm not... haha. I seem to get a crapload of Jupiter and checkerboard syncs, though.

  5. Guys, it's been quite a year so far for sure. And so many of you have helped me out with these mysteries, so thank you.

    As to 17, I guess grwoing up in Boston you have a keener sensitivity for 3/17 than most. I just noticed it kept coming over and over when I was doing my post-9/11 symbology research and then discovered in Budge that it was the all-important death of Osiris.

  6. Thank you for helping to fill the Culture gap in my life.

  7. I see, that makes sense. I don't look at news sites too often anymore like I used to (it's too much now) so I can't really provide evidence to back up what you're saying, and I'm sorry for that. I hope I'm not taking up space that others could be using to provide useful links and stuff.

    No offense with the 17-father link, that could be bad juju relating you to Osiris.

  8. The L shape is used to build spirals and a transmutation of the Cartesian Cross during the Bauhaus.

  9. @James - and if you remember the "right hand rule" of physics you're making a few L's with your fingers. Great mnemonic device. Then stick it on your forehead and it's a different kind of reminder... well don't do that unless you lose a bet.

    @Chris, I just finished The Lathe of Heaven and what a trip! The "War on Drugs" has been a heavy blow to our culture. Production values notwithstanding, they just don't make movies like they used to. Thanks for the link. I have seen the World after April.

  10. Bill Hicks had it right when it came to the war on (some) drugs. Look at what it's doing to Mexico. Horrifying.

  11. On the topic of Osiris and other gods check out my latest post:

    Michelle Obama Celebrates the Festival of Min

    Includes a transcript of her remarks at the Dept. of Agriculture

  12. Good catch, Stragey.

    Hmm, CVS is one nut I haven't been able to crack yet...

  13. 17 Britons on Antarctic cruise ship that grounded on the 17th among 88 others, makes me think of (HH) Hail Hitler and Antartic Nazi bases; it was after all an Argentine Vessle and Argentina just kicked out Richard Williamson for his views on the Holocaust. My Argentinian room mate is moving in right now too.

  14. Here's a recently released photo of Rihanna after the beating she received from Chris Brown.

    If you add the single roman numeral digits from the tattoo on her right shoulder.


  15. Yeah, no kidding. Wow, that's messed up.

  16. Argentine/Argentina

    Whenever I hear Argentina I think of

    (and Falkland Island, "Falcon Islands")

    Tonite's "11th Hour TV series" just featured "quicksilver"/ Mercury.

    More strange Alchemy.

  17. Disneyland is a perfect model of all the entangled orders of simulation. To begin with it is a play of illusions and phantasms This imaginary world is supposed to be what makes the operation successful. We live in a simulation with the simulator

  18. OMG it does all loop around! In the late 70s I WORKED for Myron Fass and Jeffrey Goodman doing illustrations for OFFICIAL UFO, ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS, and did color comix for their HEAVY METAL ripoff called GASM !!! Jeffrey"Hello Girls"Goodman grew up on Long Island and lived behind crime photographer WeeGee, who would lure Jeff and his little brother over to view gory classics from decades earlier. Jeff began his career writing pulpy ultraformulaic porn novels and when he hooked up with Myron the rest is history. Wow Jeff was really fun to hang out with. There's a pic he took of me in a folder on my MySpace page...
    Myron pulled a gun on me once but it was all in fun, he being publisher of GUNS&AMMO at the time. Damn I miss the 70s.

  19. Holy smokes, Ned- I thought your name was familiar!

  20. Hey ive been keepin an eye on ur blog for awhile and would like to say thanks for taking the time to share this stuff.

    Ive actually got some info for ya too. A couple days ago on Feb 19th i was watchin UFO hunters about sightings in chicago and michigan and the Case File that flashes breifly on the screen before the show read CASE # 66104 (6+6+1+0+4 = 17) ur favorite number. It was the Liberty police department that made the sighting and im pretty sure it was car 04.

  21. After all the discussion this week about Eartha Kitt, Martin Landau, and Ed Wood, I am wondering about the representative cover for Wood on "Bad Mags." It's a picture of a naked woman reclining seductively with a severed head...