Friday, February 06, 2009

17, Again. (UPDATED)

Gee, it almost looks like someone wants to implant the 17 meme into the kiddie set's collective unconscious. Disney star Zac Efron is tapped to do the job in 17 Again, which looks like any number of Twilight Zone episodes I was just thinking about. Here's the trailer, if you can stomach it. I noticed that the militarism ("WARRIORS"), androgyny and Apocalypse memes are snuck in as well. And a "Scarlet" woman to sweeten the deal.

UPDATE: BBC headline: Italian government blocks move to withdraw feeding from woman in 17-year coma.

UPDATE II: Efron is a variation of Ephraim, meaning "fruitful." Coincidentally, the Garden at Gethsemane and the Mount of Olives are on Route 417. Did I mention that olives are fruits?

UPDATE III: Andre informed us that there is a group of 17 Senators working to pass Obama's stimulus bill.

UPDATE IV: Here's a doozy- "Sirius XM Radio Inc. Chief Executive Mel Karmazin is scrambling to raise about $175 million by Feb. 17 to fend off the company's bankruptcy and a possible takeover threat from EchoStar Corp."


  1. Just finished watching 'La Bamba'

    Richie Valentine dies at the age of 17 in plane crash after his jealous brother breaks his Magic necklace made out of a rattlesnakes tail givin to him by a Hopi shaman(I think.)

  2. 17 "Again" has to do with Zep Tepi, it seems.

    Funny how he goes from 37 (777) to just one-seven, 17. It kind of looked like him falling into the center of a galaxy caused his transformation... I like these "ends justify the means" type deals, definitely has a place with the magic 7's flying around. It also kind of looks like he's putting the moves on his daughter. Ew.

    Why are teenage girls in all Disney movies just clones of eachother? In fact, why are all the people in Disney movies just clones of each other...?

  3. The Hebrew word "ZABACH" = 17
    Zabach = sacrifice, kill, slay, offering.

    However, 17 again (17+17) = 34.
    The Hebrew word "KID" = 34.
    Kid/34 = destruction.

    Smells like the "creation of new man" motif.


  4. Should be noted that the number of of Senators, authorised by Obama to find a compromise on the Stimulus bill is 17.

    By the way, Chris, is someone messing with your site? I tried hopelessly to get on this morning. Your info is like morning coffee (smile). Can't miss it.

    While trying not to be paranoid, we must remember what happened to Rik Clay.

    Cheers, anyways.

  5. AA- Valens was only 17- wow. That crash of course was a key plot point in Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose...

    Tommy- Clones? Hmm, I don't know. Predictive Programming, maybe?

    Warduck- New man,indeed. New human, it looks.

    Andre- Oooh, I'll look that stimulus thing up. And definitely don't get paranoid. Blogger has nodes that go down from time to time and a whole host of sites will be inaccessible. I've seen it several times over the past year.

  6. Speaking of the "creation of new man/human motif", the film is distibuted by "Offspring Entertainment".

    And it's being released on the
    17th day of 4/09. (13?)

    Whatever this film contains meme-wise, it'll certainly have maximum media/cultural exposure/impact with "mega-child-star" Zac Efron in the lead. God help us.


  7. To Anonymous:
    How does ZABACH = 17 ?

    Please explain.

  8. The idea of implanting the 'relevance' of prime numbers in childrens minds seems preferable to the reorganised fuckwittery of the present economic climbate

    The idea that numerical integrity has degraded to superstitious spasticism coupled with anal accountancy gives humans the only option of standing back and letting that whole organism consume humanitys sorry-sodden cognitive faculties in a multitude of well-meaning botch-job platitudes and fruitless pharmaceutical cop-outs

    Prime numbiz
    There's not that many
    but they get kicked around
    like the head of Denny
    they ain't
    nothing to fuck with
    coz they don't divide
    so there's nothin' in between
    'cept for
    the cosmic alertness sheen
    etsetra etsetra
    blah blah blah
    though check 'em out
    they'll take u to the heart
    motherfucking machine

  9. Also
    ZABACH - that must = ZBCh
    hebrew letters Z[Zayin] , B [ Beyt] and Ch [ Hhayit , a gutteral H soundat the beginning].
    ZBCh are just an English Alphabet transliteration of Hebrew Characters and don't really represent pronunciation .
    Respaectfully I feel that someone has written the vowels , the A , which aren't part of the Hebre word ' zebeh, or zabahh'
    Anyhow Hebrew letters are also numbers [ though Israelis tend to use arabic numerals now, a tad ironic] and as such
    Z = 7
    B = 2
    Ch = 8
    Thus 17
    The same as GDY - gaddi or geday, anyhow its the Hebrew Capricorn
    Thus Goat and Sacrifice at the same enumeration
    someone else wrote that at my comments a couple of posts ago

    great post time 11:22 - KKK


  10. redoubt Look up redoubt at
    1608, from Fr. redoute, from It. ridotto "place of retreat," from M.L. reductus "place of refuge, retreat," from L. reduct-, pp. stem of reducere "to lead or bring back" (see reduce). The -b- was added by influence of unrelated Eng. doubt.

    doubt Look up doubt at
    c.1225, from O.Fr. douter, from L. dubitare "hesitate, waver in opinion" (related to dubius "uncertain"), originally "to have to choose between two things." The sense of "fear" developed in O.Fr. and was passed on to Eng. The -b- was restored 14c. by scribes in imitation of L. Replaced O.E. tweogan (noun twynung), from tweon "two," on notion of "of two minds" or the choice of two implied in L. dubitare (cf. Ger. Zweifel "doubt," from zwei "two").

    RE=back, again
    doubt= choice of two

    A redoubt is a fort or fort system usually consisting of an enclosed defensive emplacement outside a larger fort, usually relying on earthworks, though others are constructed of stone or brick.[1] It is meant to protect soldiers outside the main line of defense and can be a permanent structure or a hastily-constructed temporary fortification. Redoubts were a component of the military strategies of most European empires during the colonial era, especially in the outer works of Vauban-style fortresses made popular during the 17th century, although the concept of redoubts has existed since medieval times. A redoubt differs from a redan in that the redan is open in the rear, whereas the redoubt was considered an enclosed work.[2]


  11. Question: Who says you're only young once? Answer: Time.

    Zac bears the red, white and black associated with Energy, Life and Death. For more R and B see HSM3.

  12. Akinaten was only Pharaoh for 17 years, according to Tsarion.

  13. HI CK!

    I don't know if you notice this news Air plane crash?The plane landed "Thus 200 feet will equal 656.16 feet."
    In the 2nd look at the time on the right below.
    In the community of Maningrida (Man-in-grid-A)

    And the Phrase : the passenger walked from to shore from the crash. Miracles seems so common these past months?

    May be it was just a simpe plane crash out there? May it's just me with all my 6 senses On?

    All I really hear is Anti-Gravity tech for planes very soon.


  14. From Huffington Post:

    ...Officials put the cost of the bill at $827 billion, including Obama's signature tax cut of up to $1,000 for working couples, even if they earn too little to pay income taxes. Also included are breaks for homebuyers and people buying new cars. Much of the new spending would be for victims of the recession, in the form of unemployment compensation, health care and food stamps...

    8+2+7 = 17

    This is too much of a coincidence.

  15. Just was thinking about this post and all the little "17" updates that all happened on 02/06/09. Now add em' up... 2+6+9=17!!!

  16. Here's another one, kids- 17 and 33 and a Biblical reference thrown in for good measure.

    OAKLAND, Calif. — The co-founder of the rock group Saving Abel and another employee of the band are facing charges after authorities say they forced a 17-year-old girl to perform a sex act following a concert in Oakland.

    Thirty-three-year-old Jason Null and 21-year-old Brandon Danger were arraigned Friday on charges of forced oral copulation and forced oral copulation on a minor.


    now that is interesting.....


    PS. BOO

  18. Watching the trailer I noticed the watery stargate Matt Leblanc travels through reminded me of a friend's theory of 2012 being a chance to go back and re-do the things you didn't get the chance to do in this life. Kinda like what the film is about.

  19. Hmm,17 again could also be written as 1717 (if you had one 17 and then added another).
    But what would be so special about that number?-)

    According to the plot on Wikipedia (as I haven't seen the movie,nor do I want to) Zac returns to school as Mark Gold (how did the Knights Templar make money?) and his son Alex,is played by Sterling Knight!?? And his daughter is named Maggie (Magdalene) and Tyler Steelman plays as Ned Gold (17 years old)!?
    And at the end of the movie Mike is hired as the High School's new basketball he is now in charge of the game he was forced to abandon in the past.Gotcha.-)