Friday, February 06, 2009

17, Again. (UPDATED)

Gee, it almost looks like someone wants to implant the 17 meme into the kiddie set's collective unconscious. Disney star Zac Efron is tapped to do the job in 17 Again, which looks like any number of Twilight Zone episodes I was just thinking about. Here's the trailer, if you can stomach it. I noticed that the militarism ("WARRIORS"), androgyny and Apocalypse memes are snuck in as well. And a "Scarlet" woman to sweeten the deal.

UPDATE: BBC headline: Italian government blocks move to withdraw feeding from woman in 17-year coma.

UPDATE II: Efron is a variation of Ephraim, meaning "fruitful." Coincidentally, the Garden at Gethsemane and the Mount of Olives are on Route 417. Did I mention that olives are fruits?

UPDATE III: Andre informed us that there is a group of 17 Senators working to pass Obama's stimulus bill.

UPDATE IV: Here's a doozy- "Sirius XM Radio Inc. Chief Executive Mel Karmazin is scrambling to raise about $175 million by Feb. 17 to fend off the company's bankruptcy and a possible takeover threat from EchoStar Corp."