Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stairway to Sirius: Death and Restoration, Part I

A hawk-eyed Secret Sun reader caught this news story:
"Shares of Sirius XM* (Nasdaq: SIRI) are getting absolutely slashed today, currently down 17% to just over $0.16...(read "17'"- CK)

Investors may be selling Sirius XM stock today as a play on the extremely concerning outlook at Detroit's Big 3 automakers." -
So Wall Street continues to fall and futuristic Metropolises are springing like mushrooms in Asia. As the Old World Masonic symbolism simultaneously reveals itself and then falls away, our faces are rubbed in a much older and much more explicit ritual half a world away. What looks like a new (and incredibly powerful) religion is stepping onto the stage while the rest of us are dazed and punch-drunk from an avalanche of ill omens.

All of this was probably planned long before our great-grandparents were born (perhaps even theirs and theirs), but the process seemed to accelerate after the 2000 Election (aka the Janus Ritual) and the 9/11 Attacks. And so Jachin and Boaz vanished from the skyline, revealing a new icon that many people didn't recognize in the World Financial Center. One of the reasons it goes unrecognized is that most people are looking at it backwards.

Here's an explanation from Wired New York:

World Financial Center is a group of four towers, completed in 1988,
built on the Hudson River landfill next to the World Trade Center.

1 World Financial Center Roof shape: A cut pyramid Tower occupant: Dow Jones and Oppenheimer
2 World Financial Center Roof shape: A dome Tower occupant: Merrill Lynch
3 World Financial Center Roof shape: A solid pyramid Tower occupant: American Express
4 World Financial Center Roof shape: A stepped pyramid Tower occupant: Merrill Lynch

OK, now let's line up the glyph of Sirius against the WFC buildings in their proper order:

please click to enlarge

We see that the buildings now line up with the hieroglyph, with the step pyramid of WFC forming the stairway. WFC1 and WFC2 seem roughly set to north, but the Winter Garden, WFC3 and WFC4 are oriented to the northwest.

Here is the proper view of the Stairway to Sirius, looking majestic while the Sun sets over New Jersey (aka Nova Caesarea, aka the black magic capital of America). This is a view that would have been impossible before 9/11. It's interesting to note that the Port Authority and the city and state governments have been bickering over the planned Freedom Tower, and to date it's only been built to the height of 25 feet. Estimates now have it that the tower won't be completed until 2013, well after the magic date of December 22, 2012. Given the current economic slump, it's likely it will be delayed well past that date.

From this angle it's really quite striking to see the step pyramid leading up to the pyramidion, with the step motif continued in the taller building. The westerly orientation of the Stairway is consonant with the the Western lands in Egyptian mythology, where the Sun "Sets" where the dead were buried on their way to meet Amentet, winged goddess of the dead and rebirth.

Amenti or Amentet was originally the place where the sun set, but subsequently the name was applied to the cemeteries and tombs which were usually built or hewn in the stony plateaus and mountains on the western bank of the Nile. Some believe that Amenti was, at first, the name of a small district, without either funereal or mythological signification.

-- The Principal Geographical and Mythological Places in the Book of the Dead, E. A. Wallis Budge

Here is Amentet, accompanied by the Hawk of the West. Her role as the goddess of rebirth is interesting, given her association with the Hawk. Coincidentally, we just saw another female hierophant accompanied by hawks standing on the western rim of the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, declaring the rebirth of Atlantis... a ritual that could only truly be appreciated from the air. Or as the producers of the event boasted, "from Space." What someone floating overhead would have seen was the "illumination" of the gigantic, man-made, palm-shaped island. But what link does the palm tree have to the Stairway to Sirius? How can we link this ritual to the strange iconography of Masonic Manhattan, and by extension the recent "Election" pageant?

This is the main atrium of the Winter Garden, which begins the north-west orientation of the World Financial Center. As you can see the area is lined with palm trees, leading to an elaborate sunset design in the arched roof.** Again, this is not oriented to the real sunset, but is set slightly to the north.

But the Winter Garden itself is important to this symbolic narrative since in the Northern Hemisphere, Sirius is known as one of the stars of the "Winter Hexagon" with stars such as Rigel and Aldebaran (both of which should be familiar to Star Trek fans, as well as the "Winter Triangle" with Procyon and Betelgeuse (aka Beetlejuice). Which is all well and good, but how do we explain this sudden change to a northwesterly direction with this palm-lined atrium?

Because we see the same northwesterly orientation to the Palm Jumeirah.† There is some hidden signficance to this angle, and the palms symbolically link the Stairway directly to the new Atlantis. And as we will soon see, the alignment of the palm-lined Winter Garden will become the linchpin to this whole Sirius narrative...

So, why this palm imagery? We see it in the Stairway to Sirius and now in this Atlantis Rising ceremony in the new world capital of Dubai. Christians use the palm to celebrate Christ's victory lap in Jerusalem, but the palm has a universal significance in the ancient world, and is identified with the Sun, as well as with victory and resurrection. In the Kabbalist and Alchemical traditions, the palm tree is a symbol of androgyny (remember our brief look at Nim's Island?).

Perhaps the genus the palm is classified under offers us a clue.

The palm tree is in the genus Phoenix.



*Regular readers will recognize the 3/17 and 10/13 encoded into this story, as well as the self-evident Dogstar and the not-so-evident "33" encoded into the radio waves of the Sirius XM logo (an even less-evident 11 reveals itself when you add the waves and the rays of the star).

**The Winter Gardens sunset has 17 major rays above the horizon

Note also the English "Knowledge (Gnosis) Village" and Route 611 (6+11=17).

As always, please click the links in the article to get crucial information regarding the overall narrative.


  1. It is still very much a progression and yet also a sliding scale when it comes to the imagery, glyphs and symbols we see. When man learned it(symbols) initially, the writings and pictures went up on caves. From caves to tablets and so on to modern day. Now we find it encoded into the architecture. I hate to use a screenwriting reference but it(symbols) is an architectural,"through line," combining many years. The symbols fall into different meanings because they are constructed by different hands. But it is all part of the whole. From this new resort to these grand financial monuments, as symbols, they are still part of the whole. For centuries man has tried to build pyramids all over the world. It is that brief moment where we can stand upon the shoulders of the universe and tip our hats to something larger than ourselves. This planet is but the pollen on a flower which has been planted in a seemingly endless garden. Your article and insight though is technical and brilliant.

  2. Chris,

    Am going to re-read this thoroughly when I have more time, but caught your embedded ritualistic numbers at the end, the 3/17 syncs with me as I finished Season 3 or Millennium just recently. Season 3, Episode 17 or 3/17, is called "Darwin's Eye" and there is a significant symbolic theme in it pertaining to "Palm Trees".

    Sync wink the first!

    Will be back again when I have time bro, keep up the excellent investigation!

  3. Skaggsie, I posted on Darwin's Eye earlier in the year. Check it out here.

    Secret Sun- popular with Michaels everywhere!

  4. And one more Mike..

    This is all great stuff, as per. I'm still amazed that the Winter Garden was the first place I visited on what has become known as the New Jerusalem pilgrimage. Purely by chance, we almost caught the midtown ferry instead.

    I'm glad you're diving into the symbolism attached to the date palm. My own personal synchs line up better with the coconut palm, famous the world over mainly because of the ability of the coco "nuts" to float like boats across the world's oceans and then find purchase in the sandy soil of any beach. Our own little "panspermia".

    Cheers, Michael

  5. The scientific name for coconut is Cocos nucifera. Early Spanish explorers called it coco, which means "monkey face" because the three indentations (eyes) on the hairy nut resembles the head and face of a monkey. Nucifera means "nut-bearing."

    So coconut literaly means,"Nut-Bearing Monkey Face."

    Wheres the sync for that one? :)

  6. Great day to you Chris..

    I have read every Sirius(Sirius) post of yours and I have not managed(a great thing) to stop Sync-ing with it in my normal day-2-day life. I have dreamt about it, bought kashu nuts and the package says Sirius with a black star on it so yes hrmm....

    Now I was digging some stuff up and perhaps your aware of this or not...either way I thought to bring it to your attention.

    An ancient Hopi Indian prophecy states, "When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge". This will be the Day of Purification. The Hopi name for the star Sirius is Blue Star Kachina. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask.

    The blue frequency is part of that. Sirius is Isis - Return to the feminine of higher frequency energies - Rebirth of Consciousnous??? Not sure..

    Is our "Jokers" planning this with various mega rituals? For goodness or BADness? I dunnoo.. :)

    Thank you again for being a Fabulous reminder to my SOUL!!!

  7. 3/17 is encoded into the Palm Jumeirah. The palm tree has 8 branches on each side 8 + 8 = 16 plus the trunk is 17. And the encircling portion is divided into 3 parts. 3/17. Gotcha! ;)

  8. Good call, Z! I was saving that for part 2, but thanks for bringing that up.

  9. Maybe the palm is significant to them because it was so significant to the religion of the ancient egyptians. The temples there are full of immense columns carved in the shape of palm trees.

  10. Not sure if you've ever gotten into the Paul is Dead/Paul Was Replaced/Reborn phenomenon, but the palm tree comes into play there, as well.

    The most famous instance is on the cover of Sgt. Pepper, where there's an open palm over Paul's head, as he stands over a bass drum that, when mirrored, points to him and says: I ONE IX HE<>DIE (or 11/9 He Die -- 9/11 in European parlance). There are lots of interpretations of this, but I believe that it's supposed to signify that McCartney died on 9/11/66, and was reborn as Apollo, who, as legend has it, was born under a palm tree on the Aegean island of Delos.

    Sorry if this is too off topic, but I believe that the "revelations" that you're writing about have a lot in common with what's going on in the Paul Is Dead World at the moment.

  11. Thanks- I think I'll address the Paul stuff in a later post. Very interesting and points to some very strange cult stuff that Paul may well be involved in.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. The Alan Parsons Project: Eye in the sky, preceded the famous instrumental peace, SIRIUS.

  14. @ Michael Hunter:

    This post and its palm symbology refers to the date palm, not the coconut palm.

    The date palm is named Phoenix dactylifera and bears a delicious sugary fruit with an itty bitty nut in the middle.

    The coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) produces a (delicious but very different) oily nut with a hard shell and a watertight husk which allows the nut to float on the open ocean until it washes on land to set root. The coconut kernel(?) is hollow with meat around the shell and water/juice in the middle.

    I've seen film of enslaved monkeys harvesting coconut. I've also seen film of enslaved people harvesting coconut. Maybe there's your synch?

  15. Sirius/Eye in the sky (the Alan Parsons Project):

    I am the eye in the sky
    Looking at you
    I can read your mind
    I am the maker of rules
    dealing with fools
    I can cheat you blind

  16. Hi Chris!

    Great articles here and you keep us all mesmerized!

    Chris, I look at all the futuristic structures you note here in Asia then look at our nation...America's lots, "log cabin" homes and farms, decrepit bridges and failing infrastructure and buildings...all look like the "worker quarters" and "FDR work camps" in comparison!

    Looking at the structure of our nation and the Middle Eastern wealth seems a class system is being set up where we are very low on the totem pole.

  17. I figured out a strange synchronistic connection today about the German avant garde composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, who died almost a year ago. He claimed to have come from Sirius, and he got in serious trouble for calling 9/11 a "work of art." If this is another synchronistic alarm clock, Stockhausen's statement goes beyond the casual solipsism one associates with artistes, and it becomes rather chilling.


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